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Ship Arrivals From The New Orleans Picayune 1847

The Picayune copy from which I worked has some missing pages, folds which obliterate some of the text, columns cut out, tears, and some very faded pages. If anyone has access to a better copy and can fill in some of the places where you see a ? please let us know. The paper always dated the ship arrivals on the date of publication. In many cases I believe that the vessels actually arrived the day previous. The Tuesday paper is a little different in that it does give

(Believe the "1st my", "2d my", and "3d my", after the consigned name means 1st, 2d or 3d Municipality, referring to the location or dock at which the vessel was anchored. For example, from an ad - "The bark Orion is now discharging at Post 16, Second Municipality. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods on the Levee.")

Sunday, December 12, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 12 Ship Windsor Castle Patterson 42 days Liverpool 265 steerage to J.W. Giffney-3d my
Dec 12 Ship Indiana Brunett 12 days New York   to J.O. Woodruff & Co- 1st my
Dec 12 Ship Lucas Outerbridge 15 days Philadelphia   to J.H. Ashbridge- 1st my
Dec 12 Ship Sarah & Louisa Barker 18 days Boston   to G.W. Hynson-2d my
Dec 12 Ship Deucalion Baker 26 Oct Liverpool   to master-2d-my
Dec 12 Ship Montreal Dexter 10 days Vera Cruz   to Fosdick & Bro-2d my
Dec 12 Ship Amelia Henderson 22 Oct Bremen  210 steerage to master
Dec 12 Fr Bark Cephalide Renaud 45 days Marseilles   to master-Point
Dec 12 Bark Califoria Robinson 30 ult. Vera Cruz   to Fosdick & Bro- 1st my
Dec 12 Br Bark Jno Broham Ray 14 Oct Liverpool   to A.J. Denistown & Co-2d my
Dec 12 Brig Saldana Pantin 12 days Vera Cruz   to C.J. Necker-2d my
Dec 12 Schr Charran Golding 8 days Tampico   to Fernandez- 1st my
Dec 12 US Schr H.[Henry] Long Gomez 10 days Tampico   -3d my
Dec 12 US Schr Heroine Ryan 1 inst Vera Cruz   -3d my
Dec 12 Br Schr Dream Hennesley 10 days Balize Honduras   to Churchman-Point
Dec 12 Schr J.H. Counce Smalley 20 days Thomaston   to master-3d my
Dec 12 Schr Maria M Riggs Reed 2 days Mobile   -Basin
Dec 12 Schr Sea Hilton 20 days New York   to master
Dec 12 Schr Jno Rocliff Randall 8 days Brazos Santiago   to master-2d my
Dec 12 Schr Gov Anderson Trainer 4 days Galveston   to master-2d my
  Eagle Fire Company No. 7.--
The members are requested to attend the meeting for electing officers for the year 1848, on Monday Evening, the 13th inst, at 7 o'clock.
J. Viosca, Jr., Secretary.

Kendall's Brass Band.--
This band, which is a most splendid one, passed our office yesterday in full blast, under the leadership of the well known Edward Kendall, one of the best buglers that has ever played on the instrument. Under his instruction any band must become a fine one and such is that now in this city. They are connected with Spalding & Stickney's circus and are by no means one of the least attractions of that attractive exhibition.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 11.
St. Charles Hotel...W. Devereaux, North Carolina; G.T. Thomas, Philadelphia; E.F. Hyde, M.C. Edward, New Orleans; G.S. Brown, New York; W.H. Craft, T.R. Williams, J.L. Kelso, Massachusetta; Dr. R.W. Petteway and lady, S. Nelson, Mississippi; J.W. Davenport, J.W. Cutser, R.H. Richardson, R. Peters, R. Hunt, A.B. Montgomery, W.P. Montgomery, Louisiana; S.L'Hommedieu, R.H. Lewis, Cincinnati; J.W. Bain, Ohio; W.G. Allen, Kentucky; H.W. Quailby, Virginia; G.N. Packs, F.E. Magfield.

Verandah Hotel...E.C. Hannon, Alabama; A.B. Ragan, Georgia; R.D. Windes and lady, R.D. Windes, jr, N. Sherman, Louisiana; W. Long and lady, R.W. Worth, William Cooper, S. Cotton, Lt W.R. Sharp, Mississippi; Mrs Yates and child, New York; R. Jones, Indiana; S.S. Webb, Ohio; J.W. Niles, Cincinnati; J. Downing, Massachusetts; E.G. Adams, New Hampshire.

Hewlett's Hotel...E. Wilson, Kentucky; J. Brewer, N.T. Hatchett, New Orleans; Lt J.H. Waller, U S A; W.H. Long, T.J. Hoeys, Tennessee; E. Mortimer, Alabama.

Planters' Hotel...Charles Beglow, South Carolina; J.G. Wright, Indiana; J. Ford, Arkansas; P.H. Ryan, U S Schr Heroine.

Banks's Arcade...E.S. Johnson, J.W. Carter, T.A. Carter, R.T. Henderson, N. Orleans; W.L. Dittoe, Sicily Island; Capt Broughton, St. Louis; J. Jrist, Iowa; B. Forest, J. Brown, S. Durand, Louisville.

Conti Hotel...Miss Dentsch?, France; Mr. Wooster, Bayou Sara; F.A. Fuigado, Europe; M. Hoyt, Franklin; S.M. Hall, Massachusetts; I.M. Kieferlorentz, Louisiana; Mrs Mayer and family.

The Mexican Question.
The Defensive Line Policy.
In reviewing the "line policy," proposed by some distinguished statesmen as the most proper mode of terminating the war, we took occasion in our last number to question the wisdom of a measure which contemplates the withdrawal of our troops from Mexico whilst yet a question of boundary is pending. We attempted to show that none of the embarrassments which cluster round the naked propositions of "annexation" or "total abandonment of conquered territory" would be got rid of by this course of action; for the line must take something or nothing-if something, it matters not how little, it will be enough to arouse the anti-conquest party and stir up the Wilmot proviso men-if nothing, it will be a clean abandonment of all our belligerent rights, an acknowledgement that the war was unjust and the passage of our armies into Mexico an unrighteous and murderous invasion. We cannot bring our minds to believe that the latter branch of this proposition will ever be adopted by the American people; and the former is open to objections of a serious nature, some of which we endeavored to explain when last speaking on this subject....

Washington correspondence.
[Special Correspondence of the Picayune.]
Washington, Dec. 1, 1847.
...The Postmaster-General will actually recommend the introduction of a uniform cheap postage all over the Union. The success of the reduced postage is so great that the deficit of $800,000 has actually come down to $40,000; and this Cave Johnson thinks a sufficient basis to build upon. The revenue from the post-office department during the years from 1st of July, 1845, to 1st July, 1847, has exceeded seven millions three hundred thousand dollars. If the amelioration in the postage was $760,000 in so short a time, the introduction of a uniform rate presents certainly no great obstacle. Mr. Johnson is in fact a man entirely converted to the cheap rate, and makes prosolytes wherever he goes. Full retaliatory measures will be recommended in regard to England; but as these would also tax our own people in common with the British mercantile public, the question is whether our partriotism will stand it.

Tuesday, December 14, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 14 US Steamship Virginia Tucker 7 inst Vera Cruz  80 discharged soldiers to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 14 Bark Turbo Young 23 days Boston   to master-3d my
Dec 14 Bark Thetis Crosby 20 days New York   to Andrews & Dewey
Dec 14 Brig Wm Price Rowland 27 Oct Rio de Janeiro   to master-3d my
Dec 14 Brig Susan Spofford Smith 2 days Mobile   to master-Point
Dec 14 Schr Blanche E. Sayre ________   Brazos Santiago   -Point
Dec 14 Schr Heroine Dennis 7 days Matagorda Bay   to B.G. Shaw- 1st my
  Arrived on Sunday.
Dec 12 Ship Geo Sko'field Skolfield 30 Oct Havre   to C.J. Meeker-3d my
Dec 12 Ship Rob Roy Arnold 14 days Turks Island   to master-Point
Dec 12 Sp Ship Modesta Gelabert 7 inst Havana   to J. Pratt- 1st my
Dec 12 Ship Tremont Taylor 52 days Havre   to J.P. Whitney & Co- 1st my
Dec 12 Ship Clinton Doane Oct 17 Bordeaux   to master-2d my
Dec 12 Ship Newton Howes 14 days Boston   to master-2d my
Dec 12 Ship Francis Depau Mulford 41 days Havre   to master- 1st my
Dec 12 Bark Victory Ryan 1 inst Vera Cruz   to master-Point
Dec 12 Brig Eagle Means 14 days Curacoa   to master-Point
Dec 12 Sp Brig Ioven Dolores 29 ult Havana   to master-Point
Dec 12 Schr Portia Wakeman 1 inst Vera Cruz   to master-River
Dec 12 Schr Visitor Harrison 6 days Rio Grande   -Point
Dec 12 US transport schr Whig Jones 1 inst Vera Cruz   to US Qr M - Point
Dec 12 US transport schr Velasco Decker 14 days Pampico   to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 12 US steamer Gen Bulter Wright 24 ult
26 ult
Vera Cruz
  to US Qr M-3d my
  For Vicksburg, and all intermediate landings-
The fine packet steamer Magnolia, Thomesson, master, will leave as above THIS EVENING, the 14th inst., at 5 o'clock, punctually.
T. Shute, Agent, 19 Canal street Row.

The consignee of 55 packages merchandise, marked Wm. Chrisfield, Cincinnati, O, per bark Gennegee, from New York, will please make himself known to the discharging clerk on the Levee, opposite the Vegetable market, First Municipality, otherwise the goods will be stored at the expense and risk of the owner.
Wm. Creevy, 94 Tchoupitoulas st.

For Pitstsburg--
The new and fast running passenger steamer Silas Wright, Neal, master, will leave for the above and all intermediate ports, THIS DAY, the 14th instant, at 12 o'clock M.
Marsh & Ranlett, 26 Poydras st.

For St. Louis--
The steamer Highlander, Glein, master, having been unavoidably detained, will leave as above THIS MORNIGN, the 14th instant, at 10 o'clock.
Kennett & Dix, 71 Tchoupitoulas st.

Red River Packet steamer Latona, Smoker, master
This fine and light draught steamer will leave on TUESDAY EVENING, the 14th inst, at 5 o'clock, positively, from foot of Conti street, for Shreveport, Natchitoches, Grand Ecore and Alexandria.
T.?. Smith, 96 Magasine st.

From the Rio-Grande.
There have been several arrivals since our last from the Rio Grande, by which we have received the Matamoros Flag of the 4th inst.

Patrick Duffy, a private in the 10th Infantry, was shot recently while attempting to "run the guard," with two other soldiers.

Deaths in the 10th Regiment of U.S. Infantry, from 1st days of June to the 30th of November--
Urel Ros, corporal, company K; Hugh M. Scott, private, company C; Electers A. Gordell, private, company D; Turner, corporal, company B; Robert Beaty, corporal, company E; John Boothe, private, company B; John Moran, private, company I; Edward Jackson, private, company K; Washington Plopper, corporal, company B; Bush, private, company F; Hollrick, private, company B; Charles Casc, private, company K; Daniel Sweetland, private, company C; Turner, private, company G; Jared Hyde, private, company C; Thomas Myers, private, company H; Ezekiel Johnson, private, company H; William Thomas, private, company C; John Wolf, private, company C; George H. Chadwick, private, company A; Robert Day, private, company E; Perker W. Kingsberry, hos. steward, company D; Chas. Coots, private, company I; Egbert Hall, private, company I; John Hunt, private, company E; Michael Murray, private, company E; Zavier Staple, private, company I; Charles Kapple, private, company B; Justus Matthews, private, company B; Edward Collis, private, company I; Thomas Wallace, private, company B; Fayansmidt, private, company I; Edward McGregor, private, company I; Charles Slasher, private, company E; Walter Fortime, private, company C; Patrick Tuilly, private, company C; Campbell, corporal, company A; Francis Kealds, private, company B; Samuel Allen, private, company B; Norman Carr, private, company B; Harlow Hawkins, private, company I; Jacob Blinn, private, company I; George Stryker, private, company C. Total, 44-not including Lieuts. Yard and Lewis-15 of the deaths occurred from yellow fever in October and 5 in November; 81 cases of this disease having been treated in all.

The last two months, in the foregoing report, only show the deaths in the five companies of the 10th Regiment stationed here, viz: Companies A, B, C, E, and I, no report having been received from the companies stationed above.

The French Steamships.
We copy the following communication from the columns of the New York Courier and Enquirer:

To the Editors of the Courier and Enquirer:
The want of success attendant on the French steamers cannot but inspire some fear, that, unless the prospect for the future is better than the experience of the past has been, the line may be entirely abandoned and the benefits resulting from such an intercourse perhaps irretrievably lost. Their inability to compete in speed with the boats now running, is doubtless the main cause of their failing to secure that encouragement which others have obtained, and, as during the ensuing years, we shall have at least six or seven steamers plying between this port and Europe, as well as the Boston line, all of which in speed and other appointments will far surpass the French boats, it can hardly be expected that they will be able to command an extent of patronage sufficient to insure their continuance.

The four Cunard steamers which are to commence their trips about the first of January, are spoken of as superior in every respect to any boats heretofore built. The high rate of freight of which the French steamers charge has caused no little dissatisfaction among the merchants, who are unwilling to pay steamer freight for a ship's passage; these considerations can hardly fail ere long, aside from the complaint of want of proper accommodations, to divert them from this route.

Let these steamers run to New Orleans; there they would find people almost entirely French who would feel a sympathy for them, and give them that encouragement which they would in vain seek for in other places. It would be striking a new vein of ore in this country's wealth; they would have all the passengers from the South and West, for none would care to cross the mountains and make a journey of ten or fifteen days to reach the Atlantic coast, when a line of steamers is running from New Orleans, they would command a high rate of freight and would have plenty of it, without having to contend against that strong competition which they find here. The number of boats to run from the North will be quite as many as can possibly be supported for the present; while the want of a more speedy communication between Europe and our Southern country than is made by ships cannot but insure ample success. They would also there meet the mail steamers from the Pacific, and would thus perfect the most direct communication from that remote country to Europe. If it were necessary that they should have a depot for coals, &c., on the route, the port of Havana offers every inducement in point of locality and importance that could possibly be desired, but let the terminus here be New Orleans, for there they can only meet that support essential to success.
New York, November 27, 1847.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec 13.
St. Charles Hotel...Dr. Bodenhamer, S. Clay, Kentucky, J.E. Boissean, M.S. Wiley, New York; J.H. Ashbridge, D.J. Boatwright, W.H. Pattison, New Orleans; H. Turner, H. Quitman, R.M. Graves, Gen J.A. Quitman and family, M.W. Phillips, Mr. Freeland and daughter, D. Ballour and lady, W.E. Griffith, G. McKinney, B. Roach, Mississippi; J.H. Hands, J.R. Mason, J. Moody, North Carolina; J.S. Riley, England; B.F.? Halsey, Louisiana; ? Whitman, Cincinnati; S.S. Kennedy and lady, T.S. Kennedy, J.M. Franciscus, S.M. Parsons, Missouri; M. Walton, Tennessee; Judge Jones and family, Mobile; Marshall Tyson, Philadelphia; A.C. Morton, O.W.Leonard.

Verandah Hotel...T.Y. McMill, Miss Freeland, T. Freeland, Miss Ford, Dr. Young and son, Miss Young, W. Holmes, Mississippi; J. McMaine, R.Y. Skinner, Louisiana; J.S. Marsh, Mobile; M. ? Chamberlaine, F.W. Hart, New Orleans; J.G. James, Kentucky; H.F. Mayer, Missouri; W.H. Shutbrick, Vermont; C.W. Fo?an.

Hewlett's Hotel...W.J. Robertson, Kentucky; R. Valentine, S. Hubbard, S. Hotchkin, Mississippi; E.E. Woods, S. Waddell, Louisana; R.W. Russell.

Planters' Hotel...Lt Blakely, Capt Hill, Lt Lecust, Lt E.C. Lewis, H.B. Weibling, G.W. Allen, Mexico; J. Reiley, Philadelphia; R. McMarriatt, Maryland; J.L. Woolsey, F. Papponeau, New Orleans; G.W. Horton, Mississippi; Lt J.B. Consart, South Carolina; P.P. and R.C. Turpin, S. Baker, J. Fisher, Cincinnati; J.E. Scott, H.Y. Whaler, Florida; L. Pickering and lady, Missouri; J.A. Suttle and sister, H.M. Neill, J.G. Wright, Capt Augill.

Banks's Arcade...L. Case, Geo Fairchild, V. Whitcombe, New Orleans; Judge Marphree, Louisiana; W. Danley, R.T. Gaines, J.C. Miller, USA; J.B. Stout, Mobile; C.S. Duggan, J.G. Slack, C.G. Christman, New York; Capt Morton, Georgia Volunteers; W.H. Morris, Arkansas; Dr. Wallace, Dr. Quinn, R.C. Mathewson, Vera Cruz; G.C. Harbin, Kentucky; R.R. Johnson, Buffalo; J.C. Reandon, P.P. Oldershaw, England.

Conti Hotel...Mr. Eachard , M. Decon, New Orleans; A. Cournill, France; ?.B. Lorene, Natchitoches; C.Maurence, Donaldsonville; A. Devein, Natchez.

Wednesday, December 15, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 15 Steamship Galveston Haviland 12 inst Galveston   to Harris & Morgan- 1st my
Dec 15 Steamship Ohio Burnes 28 ult
10 inst
Vera Cruz via Brazos Santiago    to US Qr M-in the river
Dec 15 US transport steamer Ann Chase Harrison 28 ult
10 inst
Vera Cruz
Brazos Santiago
  to US Qr M-Lafayette
Dec 15 Ship Massachusetts Simpson 5 inst Brazos Santiago   to master-2d my
Dec 15 Br Ship Venelia Murchu 26 Oct Liverpool   to master-3d my
Dec 15 Ship Timoleon Freeman 44 days Liverpool   to I.H. Gale-2d my
Dec 15 Ship Rowland Nor?ress 12 days Portland, Me   to master-2d my
Dec 15 Ship Danvers Grafton 13 days Boston   to master-2d my
Dec 15 Ship Persia Simpson 52 days Belfast   to master-2d my
Dec 15 Br Ship Elizabeth Geves 9 Oct Liverpool   to Hamilton McKinder & Co-3d my
Dec 15 Ship Timoleon Freman[sic] 26 Oct Liverpool   to J.P. Whitney & Co-2d my (this vessel enter twice with different details)
Dec 15 Bark Alvarado Ames 13 days Boston   to master-2d my
Dec 15 Sp Bark Santos Muniatuque 7 days Havana   to master- 1st my
Dec 15 Bark Franklin Gilchrist 13 days Porland, Me   to master-2d my
Dec 15 Brig G.W. Kendall Pinchham 7 inst Vera Cruz   to US Qr M-2d my
Dec 15 Brig Washington Curtis 10 days Turks Island   to W. Burgess & Co-Point
Dec 15 Brig Aleda _________ 12 days Turks Island   to master-2d my
Dec 15 Brig T. Street McConnell 8 days Havana   to J. Alexander- 1st my
Dec 15 Sp Brig Dos Adelaidos Ugarte 10 days Havana   to J. Prats-2d my
Dec 15 Sp Brig Joven Henreque Cassilla 12 days Havana   to T. Oxnard-2d my
Dec 15 Sp Brig Modesta Clare 9 days Cardenas   to master-2d my
Dec 15 Br Schr Mountaineer McAlpin 10? days Trinidad   to Sam Churchman-2d my
Dec 15 Schr Raritan Herald 30th ult Tampico   to master- 1st my
Dec 15 Schr Washington Saunderson 7 days Rio Grande   to master- 1st my
Dec 15 Schr Athos Worth 30th ult Tampico   to master- 1st my
Dec 15 Schr Mary Allen 8 days Vera Cruz   to master- 1st my
Dec 15 Schr Mississippi Clark 72 hours Vera Cruz to master- 1st my
Dec 15 Schr April Richardson 6 days Havana   to master-Point
Steamer Ann Chase from Vera Cruz-Lieut J. Snyder, J. Morgad, J. Park, Hunter, and 27 discharged soldiers.

Ship Danvers from Boston-Sam Gray, S.H. Higgins, W.H. Stoues, W. Wilkinson, J.G. Grafton, S. Hunt, G. Lowden & lady.

Steamship Galveston from Galveston-Mrs Daniels & 2 children, Mrs Walridge & 2 children, Hancy & lady, D. Noelle, N.B. Smith, Close, Walbridge, T.H. Cratcher, J.P. Keger, Anderson, J.W. Paovam, Bigelow, L. Gibson, H. Wilson, Loyd, Humphreys, Measle, W. Flint, and 15 on deck.

From the Rio Grande.
The steamer Ann Chase, Capt. Harrison, arrived yesterday, last from the Brazos, whence she sailed on the 10th inst. She left Vera Cruz on the 28th ult. and touched at Tampico.

By this arrival we have a copy of the American Flag of the 8th inst. from Matamoros. We find in it the following account of a fight between our troops and the Camanches:

Late accounts from Saltillo represent that the Camanches have made a descent in large force upon the Mexican settlements near Parras and Saltillo, robbing and murdering in every direction. Major Lane, of the Texas Cavalry, with sixty men of his command, had a fight with them, and a larger force has been sent to his assistance, to enable him to drive them back to their homes in the mountains....

The President has recognised Friedrich Honold, of New Orleans, as Consul of Wurttemberg for the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

The Detroit Daily Advertiser states that thirty of the Hollanders on board the propeller Phoenix, destroyed by fire on Lake Michigan, were saved.

A telegraphic despatch to the New York papers states that the Lewistown Bank, Pa., broke on the 6th inst.

Dr. Joseph Moriarty, hospital physician at Boston, died of ship fever on the 4th inst.

The Legislature of the French Guiana colony, have determined to accept the measures of the Home Government for the immediate emancipation of their slaves on certain conditions of indemnification.

A severe shock of an earthquake at Port-au-Prince, on the 26th October, did no damage there, but the interior had not been heard from.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 14.
St. Charles Hotel...J.B. Bailey, Calvin Jones and family, Tennessee; F.G. Turnbull, A. Knox, A. Knox,[sic] Coast; W.C. Young, W.L. Blanchard, D. Cobb, A. Wyckoff, Kentucky; W. Butte, F. Degrea, N.B. Smith, New York; G. Cleveland, J.P. Ensign, R. Collins, J. Case, Mobile; B.T. Moore, North Carolina; Mr. Garcia, W.B. Lloyd, New Orleans; J.L. Myrick, R.A. Myrick, C.S. Perkins, Mississippi; S.B. Grice, Philadelphia; J.A. Tuttle, Louisiana; J. McMillan, W. Green, Mexico; R. Bibb and lady, Alabama; J.L. Stephens, Missouri; J. Grafton, jr, J.G. Grafton, S. Gay, S.H. Higgins, Massachusetts; G. Cunningham, Virginia; S.J. Powell, Maryland.

Verandah Hotel...Dr. O.M. Oliver, S.J. Williams, H. Lone, P.P. Pleasants, New Orleans; E.T. Wilkins, J. Moore, Dr. M.E. Walker, Louisiana; J. Purvis and lady, Mississippi; J.M. Slaughter, Maryland; W.R. Taylor, Coast.

Hewlett's Hotel...J. Jones, Columbus; H. Findall, Aberdeen; E.W. Fuller, Louisiana; J. McMillan, W. Green, M. Anderson, Mexico; W.M. Ward, J.H. Lloyd, Mississippi; W.H. Stone, W.R. Humphreys, New Orleans; W.M. Robertson, W.S. Butler, W. Flint, H. Close, J.N. Parham, H. Wilson, Texas; J.H. Crutcher, Kentucky; W.F. Migill, N. Carolina; R.D. Robertson.

Planters' Hotel...T. Hillyer, Obin; D.H. Knode, J.W. Boyd, Maryland; C. Johnson, Pennsylvania; E. Briley and lady, Carrollton; S.H. Hammond, Virginia; W. Adams, W. Wilson, Louisiana; E. Walbridge, Mrs Walbridge, Cincinnati.

The Steamer Gen. Butler.(written across so some text hard to read)

We have been requested to give place to the following letter from the master of the Gen. Butler, in reference to her recent voyage from Vera Cruz.

Gentlemen-I have noticed in your paper of the 12th December a report about the U.S. steamer General Butler, made by Capt. J.P. Levy, formerly of the U.S. store ship America, lying at Vera Cruz that I wish to correct. He repots that she was spoken by the Saldana a brig of Baltimore, at latitude 25, 8 North, longitude 88 ?5, West; that her boilers were burned out; her engines broken, and not sufficient sail on to steer her, that there were seven horses on board belonging to Gen. ?orth and Capt. Churchill, and that we were in the point of killing one for food when the brig hove in sight and supplied us with provisions; and that there were about one hundred passengers. This, however, is the case as it actual was. The brig Saldana was spotted by the Gen. Butler not in latitude 25, 8, North, longitude 88, ?5, West, but in latitude 25, 55, North, longitude 88, 46, West, her boilers were not turned out, but from a defect in some of the sheets of iron of which they were cob? true??? they drew apart; her engines being of the first quality, were not out of order, and are in as sound a condition as when put in. There were, as reported, seven horses on board, but there was no danger that their throats would be cut for food. We judged it proper on account of our crippled state and the prevalence of north winds to purchase food, that we might not be in want if the weather should be adverse for any length of time. These provisions were obtained by us in distress from the brig Saldana at a very high rate; but as a favorable change on the wind took place, we were able to make our port in safety, without using those provisions. There were on board about seventy persons. In opposing weather and without the full power of her engines, the Butler has proved herself a strong and excellent sea boat.
J.J. Wright.
Commander U.S. steamship Gen. Butler.

Thursday, December 16, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 16 Ship Vistula Moore 12 Oct Bordeaux   to Wyhe & Egana- 1st my
Dec 16 Ship Tiber Brown 18 days Boston   to Darling & Co- 2d my
Dec 16 Ship Ellerslie Fry 10 days Baltimore   to Kelly & Conyngham- 1st my
Dec 16 Br Ship Affghan Copeland 4 days Trinidad de Cuba   to master-3d my
Dec 16 Sp Bark Union? Fate 10 days Havana   to master- 2?d my
Dec 16 ? Mauran Frost 16 ult. Newburyport   to master-? my
Dec 16 US Ship ?riah Gardiner 7 inst Vera Cruz   to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 16 Br Bark Thames Best 13 Sept Liverpool 275 steerage to master-Point
Dec 16 Brig Boston Torrey 18 days Boston   to master-Point
Dec 16 Brig Lucy Watts Watts 6 inst Key West   to master-Point
Dec 16 Schr Alecis Mooner 3 days St. Marks   to master-Basin
Dec 16 US transport schr Arispe Freeborn 1 inst Vera Cruz   to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 16 US transport schr Capt Lincoln Watson 7 inst Vera Cruz   to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 16 US transport schr Capt Cross Rogers 1 inst Vera Cruz   to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 16 Columbian Schr Independence Maggeola 14 days Laguayra   to G.B. Dieter & Co- 1st my
  Information Wanted.
Russell A. Bailey, recently from the State of Ohio, a House Carpenter by trade, aged 22 years, was in this city in March last, since which time he has not been heard from. Any information respecting him will be gratefully acknowledged by his afflicted mother. A line addressed to Messrs. Fisk & Steever, of this city, will reach her. If this should fall under the eye of Mr. Bailey he will receive information much to his advantage by calling at their counting-room. No. 91 Gravier street.

Western Rivers.--
The St. Louis Republican, of the 9th inst., says; "The navigation of the Missouri and of the Mississippi, above the mouth of the Illinois, is now almost entirely suspended on account of low water, and the supplies of produce are now derived chiefly from the Illinois, which continues to be in fair navigable state, though falling fast. The weather for two days past, has been mild and generally fair, though it was cloudy yesterday evening and some rain fell during the night." Opposite St. Louis the river was getting quite low. The steamboat Independence got aground on the bar just below the city, on the evening of the 8th inst., and was not gotten off by the next evening.

The Telegraph and the Press.
The following is from the Union of the 7th inst., received here on Tuesday, by our express:

There is great difficulty in devising any system of charges which will be just to the telegraph companies and at the same time bring the use of the telegraph within the reach of the press on moderate and equal terms. If there be one unchangeable tariff of charges, the numerous presses in large cities combine together and reduce the price very low to them severally, by dividing the cost; while the same tariff is so high to the few or single presses in smaller cities and towns as to exclude them from the use of the telegraph, or render it exceedingly burdensome. Again; the practical effect of the system of charges be heretofore used has been to confine the use of the telegraph in the large cities to the stronger presses, while the weaker have been entirely cut off....

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec 15.
St. Charles Hotel...W. Donnell, D.H. Knode, Y. White, Md.; J.W. Blake, J.T. Rutland, Miss.; S.Y. Butterworth, P.R. Gary, J. Ruth, J.W. Waddell, R.C. Downes, La.; Dr. P.H. Cr?g, C.W. Davis, U.S.A.; J. Erwin jr., W.P. Hill, J.D. Marks, G. Kemp, J.H. Blood, J.S. Chew, H.H. Booker,N.O.; M? Chew?, C.L. Mathens, J.H. Irwin, Pa.; A.B. Bement? and lady, H. D?, La.; S. Smith, Con.; T.B. Jefison, Fa.; G. S?, Dr. ?, M. F?herham, Ala.; W.H. Edmonds, N.C.; D.

Faded--Get rest......

Friday, December 17, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 17 US Steamship Ohio Burnes 28 Nov
Vera Cruz
Brazoa Santiago
  to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 17 Br Ship Chas Chaleron Valpay 49 days London   to master-2d my
Dec 17 Br Ship Chester Maxwell 58 days London   to master-2d my
Dec 17 Ship Louisiana Dewhurst Oct 2 Rio de Janeiro   to master-2d my
Dec 17 Bark Richmond Basset 16 Oct Bremen  125 steerage to master-3d my
Dec 17 Brig Detroit Gilchrist 5 days Ragged Island   to master-2d my
Dec 17 Schr Sarah Baker 2 days Grand Caillou   to master-2d my
Dec 17 Schr Warsaw Burdick 8 inst Tampico   to master- 1st my
  The New Orleans.--
Capt. Davis, of the steamboat Mary Kingsland, reports that the U.S. steamship New Orleans, Capt. Auld, hence for Vera Cruz, afer being at sea thirty-six hours, returned to the Sonthwest Pass short of fuel. It there took in a quantity of wood and put to again on Wednesday, the 15th inst. at 8 A.M.-all well.

Arrival of the Steamship Britannia.
Fifteen Days later from Europe.
The steamship Britannia arrived at Boston on the afternoon of Wednesday, the 8th ult. She thus made the passage in nineteen days, and brings advices fifteen days later. We annex the telegraphic despatch of her news made to the Baltimore Sun. We commence with an account of a most deplorable catastrophe:

Loss of the Packet Ship Stephen Whitney.-This noble, but unfortunate vessel, was totally lost at 10 o'clock, P.M., on the 10th inst., on her voyage from New York to Liverpool, under circumstances the most perfectly appalling that the imagination can possibly conceive. Mistaking the light on Rock Island, near Cape Fear, on the south coast of Ireland, for the old Head of Kinsale, she continued her course to make Cork harbor, but in less than a quarter of an hour, with a suddenness which defied all human effort to avert her fate, she came broadside on a rock called the West Caff, about four miles inside the Cape, and in less than ten minutes after striking, was dashed to atoms, overwhelming no less than ninety-two of her hapless crew and passengers, eighteen only out of 110 surviving, who succeeded in clambering up the face of the rock which forms a wretched island containing three fishermen's huts.

The bill for the relief of the heirs of Paul Jones, which was read three times and passed by the Senate on the 8th inst., is the same bill which passed both houses last session, and was accidentally dropped on the floor of the Senate and did not reach the President in season to be signed.

The N.Y. Express of Monday afternoon, the 6th inst., says "the banks have now on hand about six millions of specie. About half a million was exported by the packet of December 1st. The export of silver to France has ceased entirely."

Thomas Nelson, a Norwegian, found droned in the river at Mobile on Tuesday last.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 16.
St. Charles Hotel...Mrs M. Campbell and family, J.C. Taylor, J.M. Elain, W.H. Crenshaw, G.S. Guion, D. Bailey, E.A. Master, R.J. Barrow, B.H. Barrow, J.D. Powell, J. Buhler, R.M. Sutfield, La.; L. Mead, Mobile; J.S.W. Payne, J.J. Sykes; T. Bayly, Mi; T.F. Jones, R.A. Brodnox, A.E. Woodley, Va.; Col. Hampton, S.C.; Mr. Cullum and lady, P.J. Blunis and lady, Ky.; W.T. Rust, W.R. Dean, H. McCune, N.Y.

Verandah Hotel...J.D. Harrison, S. Sandron, J.J.J. Hankenson, Mi.; J.G. Bowcock, Arks; J.A. Wiggins and lady, Deforest Field, N.O.; W.M. Prescott, jr.

Hewlett's Hotel...A.H. Randolph, S.W. Fullerton, La.; G.W. Ferrand, P.H. Joor, Mi.

Planters' Hotel...W.B. Gill, Texas; J. Johnson, C. Beers, N.O.; W. Rigelow, N.Y.; W.E. Stockdell, Va.; S. Baker, J. Fisher, Cincinnati; J.W. Floyd, Mi.; W. Allen, Tenn.; W.C. Starkey, Ills.; T. Coleman, Ky.; W. Whitfield.

Saturday, December 18, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 18 Ship Alciope Smith 6 days Kingston, Ja   to F.M. Weld & Co-2d my
Dec 18 Ship Wm Gray Crocker 16 days New York   to Andrews & Dewey-2d my
Dec 18 Ship Metoka McGuire 11 days New York  47 steerage to master-2d my
Dec 18 Ship Far West Briard 9 days New York  H.B. Brant, Geo C. Dickerman to Wm Creevy-2d my
Dec 18 Ship Genoa Kelly 22 days Bath, Me   to master-2d my
Dec 18 Br Bark Niereid ________ Oct 17 London   to master-3d my
Dec 18 Bark Mary Broughton Melcher 25 days New York   to Andrews & Dewey-2d my
Dec 18 Sp Brig Rita Thornacino 8 days Havana   to J. Prats-3d my
Dec 18 Brig Maria Freeman 6 days Havana   to master-2d my
Dec 18 Brig Jno Endus Johnson 10 days Savannah   to master- 1st my
Dec 18 Br Brig Hope Harriet 1 inst. St. Vincent, via Turks Island   to Wm Bnrgess & Co-2d my
Dec 18 Schr St Rosa Stevens 9 days Campeachy   to master- 1st my
Dec 18 Schr Merchant Chasteau 22 ult. Tampico   to J.W. Zacharie & Co.- 1st my
Dec 18 Schr Lucy Ann Spear 18 days Wilmington, N.C.   to master-2d my
Dec 18 US Schr Invincible Menson 15 days Vera Cruz via Brazoa Santiago   to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 18 Schr Jno Robert Henry Brown 4 days Key West   to master-2d my
  For Pittsburg.--
The new and fast running passenger steamer Northern Light, Hutchison, master, will leave for the above and all intermediate ports, THIS MORNING, the 18th instant, at 12 o'clock.
March & Ranlett, 26 Poydras st.

Planters' Hotel-Lunch-Lunch
A fine saddle of Venison, roast Pig, Oyster Pie, Chicken, Salad, and sundry other fixens will be served up at half-past 10 o'clock THIS MORNING.

Snow at Natchez.--
There was a slight fall of snow at Natchez on Wednesday last.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 17.
St. Charles Hotel...W.C. Crawford and lady, J.B. Dunlap, Md.; J. Ward, F.F. Folger, California; W. Hamilton, W.E. Wilson, N.O.; D.A. Haldwin, H.F. Stowell, W.A. Banister, N.Y.; Mr. Thorndike, R. Christmas, Mi.; W.C. Griggs, R.P. Pollard, P. McCloskey, Miss C. Huntington, Moble; Dr. Nablett, M.S. Langhorn, Va.; R. Holmes, Mo.; C. Adams jr, La.; A.A. Coleman, Ala.; R.A. Wilkinson, Coast; T.J. Churchill, N. Davis, Ky.; J.W. Sergean, J.A. Barnham, Boston.

Verandah Hotel...Dr. P. Danserean, La.; J. Meeker, J.W. Burke, N.O.; Dr. Kellogg and lady, Mr. Peade, B.A. Bullen, W.W. McCullum, J.H. Pipes, Mi.; S.J. Buford, J. Bell and lady, Ky.; M.F. Jennings, Ireland, A.A. Boydeu, N.Y.

Hewlett's Hotel...A.M. Fettere, W.O. Rodney, A. Leffenguell, J.L. Hutchinson, Mi.; B.B. Simnies?, J. Calhoun, J.S. Reed, E. Smith, F.J. Morgan, W.E. Blackburn, T.R. Patten, J.D. Wright, La.; L.W. Shaw, Phila.; J. West, E. Holliday, Ga.; W.P. Warfield, W.W. Collins, Aras; W. Deal, T.T. Vaughan, W.C. Ralston, Pa.; S.C. Woodlay, Ky.; J.H. Ruehart, N.O.; Mr. Moore, O.P. Robinson, D.H. Cooper, W.H. Dunbar.

Planters' Hotel...S.E. White, Va.; A.M. Gentry, Texas; W.F? Lynd, N.Y.; R.S. Wright, Cincinnati; J. Whelden, N.B.; W.C. Hearn, Pa.; W.T. Nichols and lady, Ky.

Banks's Arcade...C. Haggerty, R.J. Hines, D.J. Boatwright, James Maxwell, H. Owens, N.O.; W.W. Anderson, Mo.; L.G. Stearns, Cincinnati; J.R. Roach, Ala.; Capt J. Walker, Capt D. Walker, Mobile; W. McFarland, Jos Bates, Louisville.

Conti Hotel...A. Clarkson, Coast; Mr. Pifferling, St Louis; A. Worins, N.Y.; F. Schneider, Ala.; F. Humbo, N.O.; Mr. Weber, Natchez; C.A. Seibert, Baton Rouge; F.L. Huff.

Mazatlan and Guaymas.--
Letters have been received in town from Tampico as late as the 7th December from highly respectable houses, conveying the information that the ports of Mazatlan and Guaymas are in the possession of the American naval forces. We trust the occupation of every other considerable port on the Pacific will soon follow....

Sunday, December 19, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 19 Steamship Globe J.W. Wright 11 days New York via Charleston and Key West  38 cabin to Hawthorn & Woods- 1st my
Dec 19 Ship Katahdin Moss 45 days Liverpool  214 steerage to H.C. Cammack & Co-Point
Dec 19 Br Ship Jane McKenzie 20 days Halifax   to master-Point
Dec 19 Ship Southerner Stanton 16 days New York   to J.W. Stanton- 1st my
Dec 19 Ship Silas Holmes Berry 12 days New York   to A. Cohen- 1st my
Dec 19 Ship America         -Point
Dec 19 Bark Kingston Bowen 10 days Turks Island   to S. Churchman-2d my
Dec 19 Bark Laura leach 53 days Rio de Janeiro   to master-2d my
Dec 19 Danish Brig Delphin Brian 50 days Rio de Janeiro   to J.W. Stanton & Co-2d my
Dec 19 Brig Silas Mareau Long 10 days St. Martine, WI   to master- 1st my
Dec 19 Brig Picard Bush 8 inst Vera Cruz   to U.S. Qr M.-3d my
Dec 19 Schr Wm & Mary         -Point
Steamship Globe experienced very heavy weather for the last three days.

Ship Silas Holmes from New York-Mrs Jane Fowler, Miss Catherine E. Troy, Miss Mary Abbott, Miss Mary E. Burdett, Miss Louisa H. Adams, H. Thomas lady 2 children & svt. A.E. Crane & lady, C.T. Pajekan, Capt N.M. Atwater.

Richelieu Diamond Pointed Gold Pen Depot.
Those who find it difficult to get a Pen to suit their hand, are advised to try the "Richelieus." The nibs of the Pens have all the flexibility of a quill, and a durability which pertains to the Gold Pen alone. Purchasers can try them, and select such only as will suit the peculiarity of their hand. The price is fixed at $2.50, so as to bring them into general use. The points are warranted to stand. The proprietor of these pens is confident, from the care taken in getting them up, that they will prove not only the best, but the cheapest ever offered in this market. Also, a large assortment of other brands, wholesale and retail, at prices varying from $1 50, $2 00, and $2 50 each. Also, a lot of fine Gold Pen Holders with Pencils.
E.A. Tyler, 35 Camp st.

Dan Marble.--
Great fears had been entertained that Dan Marble had been swamped in some of the wet districts of Alabama, or was giving performances on the mail stage, and that he wouldn't appear among us again till the next dry season. Happily, however, there is so much goaheadativeness in Dan that he worked his way through and arrived in town yesterday, as smilingly as a basket of chips.

The Ohio River.--
The Louisville Journal of the 11th inst. says the river is rising very fast and filled with ice. A further rise of some ten feet will bring the water into some of the buildings below Sixth street. From present appearances none of the buildings on Water street, above Eighth, will escape the tide of our "inland sea." What makes matters worse is it still continues to rain.

At Pittsburg, on Thursday evening, there were six feet water in the channel and falling. It had been raining all day.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 18.
St. Charles Hotel...R.B. Milliken, T. Van Vechton, P.T. Barnum, Mr. and Mrs. Stratton, Gen. Tom Thumb, P.V. Pomeroy, J.R. Church, W.S. Wiley, S.S. Whitney, S. Whitney Jr., N.Y.; H.D. Leseone?, S.C.; A. Brook, N.O.; W.H. Hull, Mobile; Major Whiting, U.S.A.; Dan Marble, Buffalo; W.S. Price, Ala.; W.B. Hopkins, Va.; H. Craft, Va.; J.P. Dockray, R.I.; W. Hart, Pa.; T.J. Thompson and lady, Ky.; J.R. McCully, Pa.; S. Walker, Miss.; J.Y. Mills, Ky.; T.W. Talliaterro, La.; J.S. Carpenter, Pa..

Verandah Hotel...Capt Liot, London; J. Surgett, Miss.; W.A. Browne; D.L. Ranlett, N.O.; H.B. Brant, Mo.; J.A. Dongherty, N.O.; J.H. Bollins, Miss.; M. Moore, La.; Madame Delaney and family; Mo.; J. Hawes, N.O.

Hewlett's Hotel...S.D. McDermon, Va.; B. Marsh, Ala.; D.F. Caldwell, N.C.; J.M. Melvin, La.; J.C. Allen, U.S.A.; D.M. Douglas, Tenn.; Mr. Fowler, La.; E. Canningham, C. Rayley, Arkansas; D.W. Adams, Miss.; J. Porter, R.M. Sutfield, La.; Judge Porter.

Planters' Hotel...E.S. Lane, N.O.; J.R. Buffington, La.; J.S. Mason, Pa.; J. West and son, Ga.; W.W. Jefferson, J.L. Mott, Ohio; D.S. Chapman, Arks.; J.B. Dunlap, Md.; T.G. Rawlins, Va.; H.Z. Wheeler, Fda.; G.C. McKennell, Miss.; D.E. Crosland, La.; J. Adams and family, N.Y.; W. Gauze, Ark.

Banks's Arcade...A. Wolff, N.O.; B. Phister, Maysville; Davis Carpenter, Maysville; A. Lefebre, La.; H.G. Whiting, Coast?; D. Radden, N.O.; James Short, Lexington, Md.; I. Woodward, Arkansa[sic]; Davis Jones, Indiana; R. Lightfoot, Brasos; J.W. Lawkin, St. Jago de Cuba.

Conti Hotel...Chas Keller, E. Schrader, Pevomet Camille, C. Desir, S. Hartmany, Mexico; A. Petitt, Louisville; X Neil, Mississippi.

Tuesday, December 21, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 20 Steamship Yacht Crane 18 inst Galveston   to Hawthorn & Woods- 1st my
Dec 20 Bark Nehemiah Rich Carlton 8 days Havana   to S. Churchman-2d my
Dec 20 Bark Walter Thompson 2 days Mobile   to master-2d my
Dec 20 Brig Monaca Lewis 7 inst Vera Cruz   to master-Point
Dec 20 Brig Columbus Webster 2 days Mobile   to master-2d my
Dec 20 Brig Damascus Kinsman 2 days Mobile   to master-at McDonoughville
Dec 20 Brig Magullois ________ 2 days Mobile   to master-at McDonoughville
Dec 20 Brig A.G. Washburn Gefford 14 days Bristol, (R I)   to master-Point
Dec 20 Brig Importer Marsh 10 days St. Martins   to S. Churchman-Point
Dec 20 Brig Lewis Walsh Leland 14 days Bonaire   to master-Point
Dec 20 Schr Gen Shields Brown 7 inst Tampico   to master-Point
Dec 20 Schr Oregon Whitney 8 days Brazos Santiago de Cuba   to master
Dec 20 Schr American Maloney 60 hours Port Lavaca   to A.F. Crockran & Co.- 1st my
Dec 20 Schr William & Mary Smith 3 days Mobile   to J.W. Zacharie & Co- 1st my
  Arrived on Sunday
Dec 19 Br Ship Brandon Dron 62 days London   to P. Maxwell-3d my
Dec 19 Ship Cotton Planter 16 days New York   to master-2d my
Dec 19 Schr Elizabeth McNeil   fm the Coast   to Raymond & Co- 1st my
Dec 19 Schr Decatur Morrell 11 inst Brazos   to C.J. Meeker-2d my
Dec 19 Schr John Bell McLaughlin 5 inst Tampico   to master- 1st my
Dec 19 Schr Mexico     fm the Coast    
Dec 19 Schr Louisiana     fm the Coast    
Steamship Yacht from Galveston-J.C. Kid, N.C. Chappell, Wm. King, N. Henderson, S. Rouce, Dr. Bellingabea, B. Eastating, F.W. Scott, D. Weaver, R.D. Sturtevant, J. Belson, P.A. Wallu, S.H. Dardin, Wm Hughes-15 on deck.

An Interesting Procession.--
Yesterday morning the children of the Female Orphan Asylum passed by our office in charge of the Sisters of that admirable institution. They were all dressed in a neat uniform manner, and each wore a badge of mourning upon the left arm. We understand that they were on their way to join in passing the last tribute of respect to the memory of Mrs. Stringer-consort of Mr. G.R. Stringer-a lady who, after a life spent in pious and charitable offices, was called from the cares of this world on Sunday last. The children composing this beautiful escort are, many of them, yet too young to comprehend the ceremonies in which they took part. But if their tender minds could not compass the vastness of that eternal separation which the word death imports, they could at least feel the loss of a benefactor in the charities they had tasted. In after years they will know more how to appreciate the blessings which are vouchsafed to them that have neither father, nor mother, nor home here, by the beneficence which stands in the stead of parents. It was a touching spectacle to see these little ones gathered together to do reverence to the dead, and spoke more directly to the heart of the virtues of the deceased than a pageant got up in gorgeous sheen would have done.

A detachment of troops embarked on the 8th inst. from Fort Columbus, New York, on board the transport ship Ocean, bound for Vera Cruz. It was composed, says the Herald, of one hundred recruits for the 1st Infantry, eighty-nine recruits and two musicians for the 9th Infantry, forty recruits for the 3d Artillery, and one recruit for the 8th Infantry, under the command of Capt. W.S. Henry, 3d Infantry, with Lieut. W.H. Fowler, 1st Artillery, A.C.S., and Lieut. O.B. Griffiths, 16th Infantry.

Flood in the Ohio.--
The Louisville Journal of the 13th inst. has the following paragraph:

As we predicted several days since, the water yesterday had got into most of the buildings on Water street, between Sixth and Eighth. It is up to the curb-stones nearly all the way from Fourth to to Fifth streets, and the bridge over Beargrass at the foot of Third street as well as part of Strader's wharf are covered with water. The river was rising fast last evening. It has been raining almost constantly for the last twenty-four hours.

The mail boat reports the river rising fast at Cincinnati at noon yesterday, and all its tributaries are running out. A telegraphic despatch from Pittsburg, dated at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning, says there were then nineteen feet water in the channel and rising. This is a rise of thirteen feet which has not reached here yet, and, taken in connection with the rains of the last few days that have extended to the headwaters, it will cause a flood, such as we have not had for many years.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 20.
St. Charles Hotel...W.A. Collins, New York; H.H. Dent, D.C.; P.G. McGuire, Mobile; T. Kersan, N.Y.; S.S. Boune?, R.W. J.C. Nash, N.J., H.W. Hill, N.O.; C.W. Jones, Miss.; J. Perkins, La.; N.G. Powell, W. Biggs, J. Dickinson, Mr. Mason and lady, Miss Brown, Mr. Fox, J. Owen, Miss.; W. Donnell, Md.; S.W. Baker, Texas; J.S. Bogart, N.O.; J.S. Hopwood, England; P.H. Millard, Ky.; S.H. Darden, Texas; W.A. Simrall, H. Routh, La.; J.S. Lewis, J.A. Haven and lady, H. Schoonniaker, Miss Haven, N.Y.; Dr. D.F. Blackburn and family; W.H. Hammet and lady, V. Williams, Miss.; L.C. Mason, D.C.; M. Hunt, N.O.; J.A. Miller, La.; Mr. Williams and lady, England.

Verandah Hotel...S. Wolff, N.O.; W.T?t, Cin.; D. Humbert, N.O.; R.B. Robb, Miss.; Lieut P.G. Ring, U.S.A.; J.P. Anderson, U.S.A.; A. Shields, do; W. Barnett, Miss.; J.H. Van Antwerp, N.O.; N.H. Dumphe, Mass.; J. Filtz, W.R. Fosdick, E. Woodruff, N.O.; A. Fuller, Boston.

Hewlett's Hotel...W. Morris, Mass.; C.M. Price, Miss C. Collins, W. Adams, La.; E. White; I.J. Bradley, S.C.; A. Smith.

Planters' Hotel...Mr. Linton, Ky.; W.R. Womack; J.C. Dodd, Va.; J. Johnson, N.O.; J.N. Rasson, La.; D.W. Stone; G.B. Johnson; W. Butts, N.Y.; M. Ferrell, La.; W.P. Legur, La.

Banks's Arcade...E. Dorsey, W. Goulding, La.; C.T. Holmead, steamboat Old Hickory; A. Sherman, N.O.; Mr. James, Ky.; B. Bland, N.O.; Capt Farnham, brig Monico; J.W. Shipman, W.B. Kingsley, Jas McFarland, N.Y.

Conti Hotel...H. Daran, Miss.; Mr. Ge(a?)son, Vicksburg, E. Simonfield, St. Louis; John V. Toulme, Bay St. Louis; P. Kays, N.O.; V. Morehead, N.O.; A Fredericksfield, St. Louis; Capt S.A. harding, Balize.

Wednesday, December 22, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 22 Brig Markland Gracy 5 days Tortugas   to master-Point
Dec 22 Br Brig Wm & Mary Richardson 16 days Trinidad, WI   to master-2d my
Dec 22 Schr Metelia Patterson 14 days St. Martins   to Tracy Bros- 1st my
  Slaves To Hire
Ten, Women, Boys and Girls, to hire by the month or year. Inquire at No. 99 Gravier st., up stairs.

Travelling in Georgia.--
We have a letter from Augusta, Ga., dated the 16th inst. from a gentleman going North in the rail line. He describes the travelling as pitifully uncomfortable and slow just now. He says: "Last night we were out on the railroad between Greensboro' and this place, working ten hours to gain as many miles, for the weather had moderated just enough to let it snow, and this morning the ground was covered, and we were still forty miles from Augusta. The rails were covered with ice and snow, the wheels of the locomotive would not revolve, and of course the mail this way was lost. The same may be said of the mail which left here last night for New Orleans-we met it thawing the ice off the rails about twenty-five miles from here." Pleasant travelling, indeed!

Indians in Mexico.--
Our latest advices from Saltillo told of a conflict between the Texan Rangers and a band of Camanches. Upon looking over some late papers from the city of Mexico we find several letters from San Luis Potosi describing actions between the Indians and Mexican troops. The savages had boldly approached within seventeen leagues of the city of San Luis. In one engagement the Mexicans had fifty infantry and thirty dragoons engaged. The party was completely cut to pieces, only eight of the dragoons escaping with their lives and five of these being wounded. Another engagement took place between the Indians and one hundred dragoons of the 4th Regiment of cavalry, which were marching from Matehuala to join Gen. Avalos. The fight occurred at Mingole, and the dragoons were completely routed, seventy being killed, among whom were Col. Labastida and several other officers. The survivors of this fight at last joined Avalos. In a letter from this general, we have a report of an engagement in which the Mexican arms were more successful. With a force of about 400 cavalry, he writes on the 18th of November, that he that morning attacked a body of from 340 to 370 Indians in the hacienda of San Juan del Salado. The action began at 5 in the morning and terminated at 2 in the afternoon, (the date of the general's letter.) Only thirty or forty Indians were then left in the interior of the hacienda, whom he says it will be necessary to destroy, as they refuse to surrender, and defend themselves savagely. All the rest, he says, perished, the very small number who fled finding escape impossible on account of the difficulty of the country, the hills, &c. The Mexicans recovered two thousand horses, and set at liberty over two hundred women and children who had been captured. The loss of the Mexicans was small, though several officers were wounded and Gen. Avalos had his horse shot under him.

It is calculated that in their incursions into the State of San Luis over four hundred Mexicans have been killed, a great number of captives made, and numberless atrocities have been committed.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 21.
St. Charles Hotel...J.A. Miller, J.M. Waddell, M. Wright, La.; H.W. Moneure, Va.; C. Burr, Pa; A. Stillman, N.Y.; Capt J.W. Pearson, Miss.; Capt Ludrom, ship Pacific; Dr. W.W. Williams, N.C.; J. Sims.

Verandah Hotel...J.A. Anderson, H.C. Forrest, Mi.; R.C. Brent, D.A. Waterston, T.R. Wharton and lady, La.; N.J. Massie, J.Williams, W.W.McLean, N.O.; H. Lazenby, N.Y.; W. Wyche, A.R. Ragan, Ga.; T. McGallio.

Planters' Hotel...J.E. Isaac, England; J. Dunbar, W.W. Wiley, Mi.; C.J. Asbury, Mo.; T.C. Roven, N.O.; A.M. Porter, Ohio; C.O. Daniels, N.Y.; R.P. Cunningham, Phila; W. Fleece, Dr. J. Fleece, Ky.; R. Shepherd, A.M. Lloyd, J. Mitchell, J.N. Greig, Dr. A. Greig, L.T. Murdock.

Thursday, December 23, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 23 Steamship Fashion Morgan 7 inst.
16 inst
18 inst
Vera Cruz
Brazos Santiago
  to US Qr. M.-3d my
Dec 23 Ship Jas Edwards Webster 14 days New York  45 steerage to master-2d my
Dec 23 Bark Alabama Oxnard 2 Nov Bremen  139 steerage to master-2d my
Dec 23 Schr Elizabeth Hull Tuthill 2 days Apalachicola   to master-Basin
Dec 23 Schr P.M. Sears Sears 5 days Matagorda   to O. Wickham-2d my
Dec 23 Schr Native Lewis   Galveston   to master-2d my
Steamship Fashion from Vera Cruz-Maj Forsyth, Lieut Col. Fontleroy, Lieut Col. Randolph, Capt. Barksdale, Lieut Mason, Lieut Ivinley, Capt Collins, Capt Sinclair, Arlop, Herbert, Hart, Hewitt, 60 discharged soldiers and teamsters, crew of US propeller Ashland, and the remains of the late Capt Churchill, USA.

Negroes for Sale
Just Arrived from Baltimore, one hundred and fifty Maryland and Virginia Negroes, consisting of house servants, seamstresses, cooks, washers and ironers, blacksmiths, carpenters, carriage-drivers, barbers, and a superior assortment of field-hands, all of which will be sold low under a full guarantee.

Planters and others will, as heretofore, find it to their advantage to give me a call at No. 10 Esplanade street. J.W. Wilson.

$20 Reward--
Will be paid to whoever will deliver to the subscribers, or lodge in any jail, the mulatto St. Jean, having belonged to Mrs. Tremoulet. He is about 20 years old, with a pretty face, tall and slender, the knees inside, with large feet. He was born and has been brought up by Mrs. Tremoulet, and is probably lurking in the neighborhood.
V. David, St. Peter street,
opposite the Arsenal.

General Tom Thumb at the St. Louis Exchange Ball Room, every Day and Evening, for a short time previous to his departure for Havana.

This distinguished Man in Miniature, weighing only fifteen pounds, who has been received with the highest marks of royal favor by all the principal crowned heads of Europe, and who has performed before more than five millions of persons during the last five years, will hold his Day and Evening. Levees at the above magnificent Hall, until further notice....

On Christmas Day for the accommodation of families and children, the General will hold Four Distinct Levees, viz: from 9 to 11; from 11 to 1; from 4 to 5; and from 7 to 8 o'clock.

Loss of the Steamer St. Mary.--
We learn from the officers of the steamer Rockaway, which arrived yesterday from Shreveport, that on the 19th inst., the steamer St. Mary, Capt. Scott, bound for this port, when about two miles below Grand Ecore, struck a snag and sunk in eight or ten feet of water. Her cargo, consisting of five or six hundred bales of cotton, and her cabin furniture, will be saved. Boat probably a total loss.

Accident to the Galveston.--
The steamship Galveston, Capt. Haviland, which left this port the evening of the 20th inst., ran foul the ship Apollo, by which the Galveston was disabled. The steamer Yacht, Capt. Crane, was despatched yesterday to the bar for the purpose of taking off her passengers and cargo, with which she will proceed immediately to Galveston.

The Mails.--
The transmission of the mail south of Washington City was begun upon the new schedule on the 12th inst. By this arrangement the Washington City mails, instead of coming directly South, are sent first to Baltimore, thence across the Bay to the mouth of James River, thence to Richmond, and thence as before. The mail, on this roundabout schedule, will not only be a day longer in its transmission, but it will be exposed to more interruptions than upon the old route.

A Duel.--
We understand, says the N.Y. Mirror, that a duel was fought on the 9th inst., by Mr. H.W. Herbert, of that city, and Mr. Valentin, a lawyer in Wall street, the parties who lately went to Canada for the same purpose. They met at a retired spot, a short distance from Newark, N.J., accompanied by their seconds and a medical friend, and having been placed at twelve paces apart, the word was given and both fired, but neither of the shots took effect. An effort was then made at a reconciliation, but in vain, and the parties again took their places, and fired with the same result. A third fire was then insisted upon, when Mr. Herbert's shot struck his opponent on the ankle, but without inflicting a serious injury; therefore, Mr. Valentin, (being the challenging party) expressed himself satisfied, and they left the ground.

Holiday Gifts.--
Let us commend to our readers who are purchasing Christmas and New-Year's gifts to visit Mr. Tyler's beautiful store, No. 29 Camp street. It is crowded with rare and elegant articles of jewelry in endless and costly profusion many of which are peculiarly appropriate for presents. Let the ladies suggest to their husbands and brothers to pay mr. Tyler's a visit and see what can be done for them.

The following gentlemen, passengers from Vera Cruz, arrived in this city this morning by the Creole: Dr. Finley, U.S.A., and servant; Capts. Wheat and Shepherd, U.S.A.; Midshipman Scott, U.S.N.; Mr. J.S. Lawyer and Mr. A. Boyle.

The Ohio took to the Teviot the following passengers, all of whom got safely on board: Ant. De Vebézer, José Mira, Carlos Cruzat, D.A. Baldwin, Joseph S. cucullu and Pablo Cucullu, for Havana, and Charles Odier, for Southampton.

The English Ocean Steamers.--
The New Arrangement.-the Liverpool Times of the 19th ult. contains a notice from the British and North American Royal Mail Steamship Company, relative to the future departure of their vessels to and from the United States. Their ships will sail on the following dates:

Departures from England. Departures from America
December 4 Boston January 1 New York
" 18 Boston " 15 Boston
January 1 New York " 29 New York
" 15 Boston February 12 Boston
" 29 New York " 26 New York
February 12 Boston March 11 Boston
" 26 New York " 25 New York
March 11 Boston    
" 25 New York    

After which the departures become weekly from England to America and from America to England.

The St. Louis Union of the 15th inst. has the following upon the rivers and weather:
The last boats from the Upper Mississippi report that stream quite low and full of ice, and the Illinois closed at the mouth. The river opposite is falling, having receded about two feet within the last forty-eight hours. The weather is extremely cold a[sic] freezing.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 22.
St. Charles Hotel... to come.....

Friday, December 24, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 24 Ship Alesto Cook 56 days Havre  153 steerage to Jenkins & Tigler
Dec 24 Ship York Pollard 2 days Mobile   to master-2d my
Dec 24 Ship Austria McManus 20 days Nobleboro, Mo   to master-2d my
Dec 24 Ship Clyde Homer 2 days Mobile   to master - 2d my
Dec 24 Barg J.S. Waln Cole 17 days Philadelphia   to Andrews & Dewey- 1st my
Dec 24 Brig Titi Rodovich 12 inst Havana   to J.M. Anguera- 1st my
Dec 24 Brig Eliza Jane heart 3 days Mobile   to master-Point
  Information Wanted
On Thomas B. Pollard, or Amelia Pollard, his wife, (formerly Amelia Mackey,) who removed from Martin county, North Carolina, about 1832, was ? or heard of at Bayou Sara or New Orleans. He ? profession a Cooper, and has worked at it in ? and on the Coast. Any information in regard to either of them will be thankfully received and freely compensated if left with Mr. John F. Cameron?, at Payne & Henderson's, No. 32 ? street or to William Biggs, Vicksburg, Miss.

Steamboat Accident.--
The steamboat Jewess, from Cincinnati on her way to St. Louis, when a few miles above Cairo, a few days since, struck a snag which passed through her guards and boiler deck, riddling one or two state-rooms, and finally through the hurricane roof, knocking down both chimneys. Previous to this accident, the boat ran into the woods, and had her other guard torn away. In this plight she reached Cairo, where she discharged her freight, and then returned for repairs.

Money Matters.--
The N.Y. Journal of Commerce of the 13th remarks: "Affairs have now a more cheerful countenance since the arrival of the steamer, though there was no very deep gloom before. The banks have discounted most of their receipts, and although money was spoken of as very close on Saturday, yet the strict rate for money was only 1 to 1 per month. Specie continues to be shipped, but on a moderate scale. By the steamer from boston of the 16th inst. 15,000 from Canada and $25,000 from new York will be about all. The amount by sail from the packets of the first to the middle of the month will be about 45,000, making about $400,000 in all. The amount taken from new York has been more than supplied by the receipts; so that the aggregate in the banks and subtreasury is still $8,000,000, and rather more than less than two weeks ago. The coin is now chiefly American gold."

Saturday, December 25, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 25 Ship Middesex Elliotte 42 days Havre 125 steerage to master-2d my
Dec 25 Ship France Marshall 18 days New York   to master-2d my
Dec 25 Bark M H Capin Collier 15 days Baltimore   to master-2d my
Dec 25 Schr Mount Vernon Hoyt 7 days Brazos Santiago   to Edgell, Mulford & Co.
  Army Hospitals, &c.--
Mr. Downs, of Louisiana, called the attention of the Senate, on the 14th inst., to the deficient state of the army accommodations at this point for the soldiers returning from Mexico. Many of these are wounded, many more sick, and when they arrive in the United States find scant preparations for their comfort and ease. Mr. Downs concluded his remarks by offering resolutions looking to the construction of more ample barracks and hospitals in and about the city of New Orleans. This has been all along a great want here, and we trust that it will be remedied with little delay.

Departure of the Teviot.--
On Wednesday last, the 22d inst., at 2 o'clock, P.M., the British mail steamer Teviot, Lieut. P. Hast, R.N., commander, left the anchorage at Ship Island and proceeded on her way to Europe. She took in one hundred tons of coal from the steamer Ohio, furnished by the Mexican Gulf Railroad Company. The Teviot went into the harbor of Ship Island, when Capt. List, the superintendent of the Royal Mail Packet Line, Commander Hast, and other officers of the steamer, went ashore to make an examination of affairs there, and after a careful survey of the harbor they expressed themselves satisfied with their discoveries. Plenty of water was found quite near the island, where the steamers can lie in perfect safety. A coal depot may be easily established at Ship Island, a wharf built, and a house put up for the accommodation of passengers. This we presume the company of the Gulf Railway will have done, and thus permanently establish a stopping point for the Royal mail steamers.

The Teviot takes out $120,000 to Europe. The steamer before her had $600,000.

Taylor Meeting at Montgomery.--
An enthusiastic meeting was held at Montgomery on the 17th inst., at which the following resolutions were adopted:

1. Resolved, That this meeting cordially responds to the nomination of Gen. Z. Taylor for the Presidency, made by the spontaneous movements of the people of the several States of the Union.

2. Resolved, That we approve the contemplated mass meeting proposed to be held in this city on the 8th day of January next, for the purpose of forming an electoral Taylor ticket, for the State of Alabama....

New Orleans Jockey Club Races.
Bingaman Course.
There was as brilliant a race yesterday on the Bingaman Course as one ever need wish to see. The only fault about it was that Ann Watson did not encounter a horse that could "take her measure." Besides her, Misqua and Alaric were the entries. The betting fluctuated a little between the first announcement of the entries and the hour of starting; but in the main, Ann Watson was the favorite against the field. The attendance upon the course was large-much larger than could have been expected, after the overclouded sky once began to rain. So little water fell, however, as to do no harm to the condition of the course, which was in order for making food time, though not exactly in its best state for speed....

New York Gossip.
[Special Correspondence of the Picayune.]
New York, Dec. 11, 1847.
Friends of the Pic.-Suicidal weather much occupation, small inclination, and a spice of idleness, are the only excuses I can offer for my silence last week. The weather has not changed, for it rains in torrents, and mud is four inches deep on the level in Broadway; but having kicked off my boots, I sit down again to talk over things in general.

The duel I told you of in my last, as having been stopped in Canada, came off in good earnest on Thursday last a few miles from this city, "Frank" having his whiskers singed and receiving a ball through the leg-of his pantaloons. Late this evening both parties were arrested for breaking the peace and carried to Hackensack jail, in New Jersey. Heigho! Why can't a fellow give or take satisfaction without being interfered with?

Quite an exciting scene occurred at the Astor House there on Friday evening, on the arrival of Col. Burnett and other officers from Mexico. A multitude of people congregated to greet them, and it is said a public reception will be given them in a day or two.

...It is said that for some time past an exhibition of flying female figures entirely nude! has given privately three or four times in the upper part of this city. This may appear incredible, perhaps, but I know that a somewhat similar exhibition did take place here for or five years ago, by a party of abandoned women, called "The Gladiators," who were dispersed at that time by the police as these will probably be after a time.

The Italian opera up town still goes on. An attempt was made to open the house for extra nights. On the first of these the receipts could not have sufficed to pay gas and printing; on the second the probability being that no one would attend, the doors were not opened. A second and a third prima donna have appeared, and both have partially failed. In brief, the probability is that about three months will wind up the whole affair....

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 24.
St. Charles Hotel...Dr. Cottman and family, J.F. Williams, J. Cluff, Mr. Coleman and lady, C.G. Hunter, V. Brent, J.L. Brent, J.D. Easton, Miss Mery, Miss Howe, D.C. Hardee and lady, Miss Perry, J.G. McCaughey, La.; Dr. McCormick, H.S. Wells, Md.; F. Ray, Major Stuart and lady, R.J. Lockwood, Mo.; J.E. Carver, Mass; L.B. Thornton, J.M. Mott, Col. Savage and family, Miss Kimbail, A. Pattison, Jr., Ala.; Dr. A. Mires and daughter, Cincinnati; H.T. Lee, A. Kelly, Va.; G.W. Hoghton, N.O.; G.J. Williams and lady, La.; L.J. Polk, Tenn.; D.E.W. Cook, Mi; J.J. Caldwell, G. Collier, J.C. Breddl, H.O. Gilbert, F.A. Metcalf, J.B. Mooney.

Verandah Hotel...P.W. Robert, Mr. Carter, Mr. Rae, N.O.; Miss A. Dimier, Mrs Dimier, Capt. P. Carroll, P.S. Marsh, Mobile; L.A. Lacourte, G.W. Nocols and lady, Mrs. N.N. Jones, T. Ashford, A.M. Smith, La.; M.W. Collat, England; J. Johnston, Mo.; M. Bradford, Ala.; P.F. Keary and lady, V. Taylor, Mi.; Mr. Patterson, Carrollton.

Planters' Hotel...G.O. Haskins, Mi.; J. Ennis, R.D. Jordan, La.; W.P. Talbot.

Banks's Arcade...S. McKenney, Mi.; A.N. Richardson, A.J. McFarland, La.; J. Phelan, W.F. Walton, Judge Dunlap, Col. Wagner, J.A. Lane, N.O.; Jas Medley, Ala.; Charles Miflin, Mobile.

Sunday, December 26, 1847.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 26 Steamship Palmetto Smith 22d inst. Galveston   to Harris & Morgan- 1st my
Steamship Palmetto from Galveston-B. Franklin & lady, Mr. Gowin & lady, Mrs. Dickinson & daughter, Mrs. Laine, W.F. Allen, Middleton, Morrisson, Cameron, Durant, Wm. Bird, J.L. Chambers, J.C. Chambers, W.P. Harrieman, J. Harrieman, S.H. Grafler, D.F. White, J.A. Tait, D. Robinson, D.V. Arrington, F.G. Davis, H.A. Cobb, C. Martin, Dr. Ellis, Devine, Wells, Stebbins, Dr. Allen, Rhea, Freullander, and 20 on deck.

Steamer Alhambra from Cinncinati-Mad. J. Weiss and ballet troupe, 48 on number.

(Ad) Holiday Presents.
Just received and for sale-10 cases TOYS assorted, suitable for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Retailers will find a rare chance by applying at Campbell's House Furnishing Store, No. 60 Camp street. Also, a small lot of BABY JUMPERS, at manufacturer's price
P.S. Campbell, 60 Camp street, two doors below the Picayune Office.

Information Wanted.
Of Michael McCoskar, Kirlay, Parish Maghara, County of Londonderry, who arrived in this city about 5 years since from Philadelphia, and left shortly afterwards for Charleston, S.C. His occupation was that of a bar-keeper or waiter. Any communication concerning him addressed to his brother, Daniel McCoskar, in this city, care of Chas. O'Neill, 175 Tchoupitoulas street, will be thankfully received.

River Intelligence.-The following is from the Cincinnati Chronicle of Saturday evening, the 18th inst.:
The river, which came to a stand yesterday, is to-day about six inches below the highest mark here. All the streams above are falling, and it is highly probable the fall once begun will go on very rapidly.

A Liverpool paper of the latest date (19th November) says that within the last week or two the potato rot had appeared again with greater virulence than ever. Some kinds which were never before affected had been attacked. The same letter states that the accounts from Ireland are most frightful, and adds that the starvation will be much worse this year than last.

A postscript to a Dublin letter written on the 18th of November says the deficiency of food in Ireland this year will be equal to the production of one million acres of potatoes.

The Flood.--
The following paragraph from the Louisville Journal of the 18th inst. gives a good idea of the extent of the flood:
There are probably not less than four or five hundred houses within the city limits now under water. These houses consist of extensive foundries, warehouses, flour and saw mills, pork-houses, manufacturing establishments of various kinds, stores and dwellings. Some of these houses are entirely submerged; in others the water is several feet deep on the second floors. It is feared that the water will carry off some of the small buildings on Water street.

Dr. King has offered his services to the British Government to go in search of Sir John Franklin and his gallant crew, forming the Arctic expedition, whom he supposes to have been shipwrecked.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 25.
St. Charles Hotel...D.D. Withers, Mr. S.B. Howe, W. Johnston, Mobile; M.M. Ore, N.O.; J.H. Taylor, Tenn; W. Middleton, S.C.; J.W. Divine, W. Morrison, N.Y.; D. Hardman, W.P. Hardman, Texas; W.C. Wilson, La; T.S. Anderson, H.D. Donkley, Mexico; H.S. Reynolds, Capt. J. Williams, A.M. Cameron.

Verandah Hotel...G. Kemp, C. Britanbucher, W.R. Davis, W.O. Moody, Mrs. Gleason, N.O.; J.T. Jeffers, Mi; Dr. Howell, Ala.; Miss Evans, J.T. Leach, La.; J.S. Rhea, Texas; J.W. Greig, Dr. Greig, Philadelphia; A.B. Rasan, Ga.; H. Griffin, N.Y.; W. Johnston, N.C.

Hewlett's Hotel...E. Smith, N.O.; N.G. Thomas, N. Haughton, A. Van horn, La.; J.P. Rynders, Ky.

Planters' Hotel...A. Grant, J. Wheless, Tenn.; J.D. Hill, W.D. Green, Arks.; P.L. Rogers, N.Y.; N.H. Clark, Mo.; N.C. Miller, Va.; Mr. Turpin, Ohio; S. Carter.

Tuesday, December 28, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 28 Ship Aurelius Crocker 46 days Havre  157 steerage to master-2d my
Dec 28 Bark Valhalla Howes 54 days Liverpool   to J.P. Whitney & Co.-1st my
Dec 28 Ship Rochester Otis 57 days Liverpool   to master- 2d my
Dec 28 Ship Hindostan Cushing 49 days Liverpool  56 steerage to G.W. Hynson-1st my
Dec 28 Brig Garnet returned in distress having sprung a leak at sea-Point
Dec 28 Brig Perfect Gardner 15 inst. Tampico   to master-2d my
Dec 28 Schr O K Swassy 3 days St. Marks, Fa   to master-2d my
Dec 28 U.S. transport schr Louisiana Sewards 15th inst Brazos Santiago   to US Qr M-3d my
Dec 28 Schr Lavinia Mitchell 3 days Port Caballa   to master- 1st my
Dec 28 Schr European Brown 6 days Matagords  Miss Gibson, Miss Howard, Mrs. Allen & 5 children, Rev. C.S. Ives, Judge Allen, Dr. Perry, Allen, Pool, Skinner and Lartoo to A.F. Cochran- 1st my
   Postal War.--
We learn from the Rochester papers, says the N.Y. Commercial of the 17th inst., that more than one hundred letters destined for Canada are detained in the post office at Rochester, and cannot be sent on until the postage is paid.

The Boston Telegraph, in announcing the departure of the steamer Britannia, says that "the expresses which left Montreal on Saturday with packages and specie, to be forwarded by the steamer, were seized at Burlington, Vt., for a violation of the post office and revenue laws."

The violation of the law, we suppose, was in the attempt to convey letters in packages. We do not know of any law that would prevent the transit of specie. The Britannia carried out $100,000 in specie from Canada.

Public Library.--
So quietly and ostentatiously has the work of gathering this valuable library been pursued, that no doubt there are many in the Second Municipality who do not know of its existence. They and the public generally will be surprised to learn, that though the ordanance[sic] establishing the "Public School Lyceum and Library Society" was passed in the winter of 1844-5, and the library opened for the first time in April, 1846, not yet two years, there are on the shelves over 7000 volumes, and on the way from abroad and ordered a large number more. The name of he society has lead many persons to suppose that the library was established for and used by the scholars of the public schools alone. This is a mistake; the books on the shelves are adapted to every capacity and taste. For the sum of five dollars per annum any citizen can take books from the library. Arrangements have been made by which the most popular and valuable new books are received immediately after publication. Our citizens should bear in mind that any new subscriber added to the list serves to add to the library books in value equal to his subscription. The expenses of the library are graduated upon the lowest possible scale, and the addition of hundreds of subscribers would not increase them.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 27.
St. Charles Hotel...

Wednesday, December 29, 1847 (issue very faded)

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 29 US Steamship New Orleans Auld  24?th inst. Vera Cruz   to US Qr M-2d my
Dec 29 US Steamship Edith Couillard 20th inst. Vera Cruz   to US Qr M
Dec 29 Ship Mary Ann? Ademar? Creighton ? days Thomaston?   to master
Dec 29 Ship Th? Clinton? 2 inst New York via M?   to master-2d my
Dec 29 Br Ship Edouard ? Havre  172 steerage to master-1st my
Dec 29 Bark Joseph ? Seavry? 20 days? Thomaston? to master-2d my
Dec 29 Sp Bark Carata? ? ? days Havana   ?-1st my
Dec 29 Br ? Wo? Howe? ? days Thomaston?   to master-1st my
Dec 29 Br B? Penguin Du? ? Kingston, Jamaica   Wm Bursess & ?-? my
Dec 29 B? Segoener? Watts 18 days? W?   to master-? my
Dec 29 Sp Brig Retis? Sanaia? ? days Havana   to master-1st my
Dec 29 Schr Ocean Wave McManus? 8 days Tomaston?   to master-Basin
Dec 29 Schr Fag? H? ? Mar?   to master-Rgs.?
Dec 29 Sp Schr Intrep?ua O? ? days Havana   to master-1st my
Dec 29 Schr Louisiana         on the Coast
  [Special Correspondence of the Picayune]
Vera Cruz, Dec 23, 1847.
The steamer New Orleans will leave in the morning for your city, with a very large number of those wounded at the late battles in the valley of Mexico; and although they present a melancholy picture, with what joy will they place their feet upon Freedom's soil once more, and what a happy return to their friends!

Latest from Washington.--
We extract the following from the telegraphic despatch to the Cincinnati Press:
Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 21.-In the Senate the bill introduced by Mr. Dix, for the repeal of the pilot laws, was referred to the Committee on Commerce.

In the House Mr. Giddings presented a petition praying for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia. Mr. Jones moved to lay the petition on the table. The yeas and nays were called and the Speaker voted in the negative. Richardson's resolutions lie over.

...Three members of the Cabinet, the Secretary of State, of the Treasury and of War, are by their previous course committed to the improvements of the Western rivers and harbors, and among these are two candidates for the Presidency, Mr. Walker and Mr. Buchanan. Gen. Cass is also committed in favor of improvements, having as Secretary of War always recommended them. It is true Gen. Cass has abstained from showing his hand at the Chicago convention, but this he did because he did not wish to oppose the President, or to take a prominent part in a controversy which might injure the Administration. But if a bill come into the Senate making reasonable appropriations in favor of Western river and harbor improvements, Gen. Cass, I can assure you, will vote for it.

The merchants of New York are about to hold a meeting to take into consideration the delays and irregularities of the Southern mail, under existing arrangements. We suppose such a meeting on the part of our merchants would be useless.

The Britannia left Boston on the 16th inst. for Liverpool, with forty-one passengers. She took out $255,448 in specie, of which $100,000 was from Canada.

From Mr. W.C. Raymond, 71 Camp street, with the "compliments of the season," we yesterday received sundry fine things in the way of delicious apples and oranges, highly flavored liquids, &c., a full assortment of which he always has on hand.

Capt. Couillard, of the U.S. steamship Edith, will accept our thanks for his attentions.

The Mails.--
Truly the mails are in a hideous condition. Yesterday the mail was, nominally, through. The newspapers from Boston were through, to the evening of the 18th inst. The papers from Washington were no later than from Boston, instead of being two days later; and the papers from New York were not so late by two days as the Boston papers. Can "confusion" be "worse confounded?"

We have renewed occasion to make our acknowledgments to Capt. Edward Auld, of the U.S. steamship New Orleans, and to Capt. Wilson, of the U.S. steamship Telegraph, for papers and letters from Vera Cruz and the Brazos. They have our best thanks.

Arrival of the Steamship New Orleans
Eight Days Later from Vera Cruz.
The steamship New Orleans, Capt. Auld, arrived yesterday morning from Vera Cruz, having sailed thence on the 24th inst., and made a very short passage.

Passengers-Gen Pierce, U.S.A.; Dr. Jackson, U.S.N.; Capt. Magruder, Light Ar?y; Capt. J.M. Scantland, 14th Inf.; Capt. Pemberton, U.S.A.; Capt Prince, U.S.A.; Capt. P.N. Guthrie, 11th Inf.; Capt. L. Ford, 3d Drag.; Capt. W. Blanding, South Caro'ina Reg't; Capt. F. Sumter, do.; Capt. McComas, 11th Inf.; Capt. Jones, 15th Inf.; Capt. W.A. Nichols, 2d Artillery; Dr. Barton, U.S. Army; Dr. L.W. Jordan, 14th Infantry; Dr. Scott, 3d Dragoons; Col. Wm. M. Smyth, bearer of despatches; Col. Wm. Trousdale, 14th Infantry; Maj. Talcott, 1st Voltigieurs; Lieut. McLain, Lieut. Lincoln, Lieut. McCowan, U.S.A.; Lieut. Love, 14th Infantry; Lieut. Williams, 3d Dragoons; Lieut. H.C. Murray, 14th Infantry; Lieut. Thos. Smith, 14th Infantry; Lieut. L.D. Pitcher, Volt.; Lieut. A. Steen, 12th Infantry; Lieut. C. McClung, 18th Infantry; Lieut. Briceland, U.S.N.; Lieut. Bradford, 13th Infantry; Lieut. T. P. Pierce, 9th Infantry; Lieutenant L. Woodhouse, 9th Infantry; Lieutenant Cantwell, 12th Infantry; B.D. Culp, S.C. Regiment; Mellett, do.; Templeton, 15th Infantry; Boyle, do.; Miller, do.; F.N. Moye, S.C. Regiment; Higgins, Mass. Regiment; Van Buren, Mounted Rifles; J.J. Stevens; Longstreet; Foster; Messrs. J.W. Zacharie, J. Peoples.

The New Orleans also brought over the remains of Col. Butler, Lieut. Col. Dickinson, Co. Martin Scott, Col. T.B. Ransom, Lieut. Col. Graham; Capts. Thompson and Taylor; Lieuts. Williams, Clark and Adams; Serg't Madison; Dr. Slade; Privates Trezvant and Kennedy.

Capt. Auld reports having experienced very rough weather during the outward passage.

The steamer Portland, having been repaired at Vera Cruz, was to sail on the 24th at 4, P.M., for this port.

The Fanny, Capt. Scott, left Vera Cruz for New Orleans via Tampico on the 20th inst., and put back on account of the gale and sailed again on the 23d inst.

The bark Brazil had not arrived at Vera Cruz on the 24th, and it was supposed there she was lost, having been out twenty-eight days.

Later from Gen. Wool's Line.
Arrival of the Steamship Telegraph.
The U.S. steamship Telegraph, Capt. Wilson, arrived yesterday from the Brazos, whence she sailed on the 24th inst. She brought over Messrs. Stephenson and Shaw with the remains of the late Capt. Stephenson, Dr. Haley, wife and child, and Messrs. Geo. Judkins, J. Maurun and Coudas, Capts. Dubs and Stotesbury, and Messrs. J. Nixon and J.B. Fontaine, and forty on deck.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 28.
St. Charles Hotel...Capt Hebb, Capt. Scantland, Capt. J.V. Vaughan, Lt. P.T. Love, Col. Trousdale,

Thursday, December 30, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 30 Bark Gen Taylor Redmond 20 days Philadelphia   to C.JH. Merker-2d my
Dec 30 Br Bark Circassian Dixon 57 days Greenock   to Holmes & Mills-2d my
Dec 30 Brig Tasso Gray 16th inst. Tampico   to C.J. Mecker-2d my
Dec 30 Schr Tallahassee Saunders 3 days St. Mark's, Fa   to master-Basin
Dec 30 Schr Atsion Lewis 2 days Pensacola   to master-Basin
Dec 30 Schr Jane Maria     Coast    
  (Ad) Vicksburg and Lake Providence Packet--
The new and magnificent passenger steamer C.F. Watkins, John T. Yoe, master, will leave THIS EVENING, the 30th inst., at 5 o'clock, positively from Canal street wharf, for Lake providence, Milliken's Bend, Vicksburg, Grand Gulf, Rodney and Natchez.

(Ad) U.S. Mail Packet steamer Gen. Pike, Joseph Ross, master, for Cincinnati, Madison, Louisville, Evansville and Paducah-This new and fast running passenger steamer will leave for the above ports THIS EVENING, the 30th instant, at 4 o'clock positively, from foot of Poydras street.

Bracelet Lost.
$5 Reward-Lost, on Monday, the 27th inst., on Casacalvo street, between Marigny and Mandeville streets, a GOLD BRACELET, set with three garnets. The above reward will be paid if left at this office.

The assessors' list for the city of Baltimore show that one thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine new houses have been erected within its incorporated limits during the present year.

Sad Casualty.--
The residence of Mr. Hardesty, in Warsaw, Ky., on the Ohio river, fell down on the 18th inst., killing three of its inmates-Mr. John Williams and two of Mr. Hardesty's children. The foundation of the building had been undermined by the high water.

The average contribution by the English railways to the local and parish rates every year amounts to nearly 8,000,000.

It is stated that the French house of Delrue? & Co., of Dunkirk, has completed an arrangement with the Government of the Republic of Venezuela for the introduction of 30,000 immigrants, chiefly from Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The contractors are to receive a grant of 312,000 square miles, with various privileges, and are to pay the expense of the voyage from Europe. Steamboats at Pittsburg.--
During the year ending the 1st November last, fifty-six steamboats were built in Pittsburg, their aggregate tonnage being 9,554. This shows an increase over the new tonnage of the previous year of 1003 tons. The total tonnage owned in Pittsburg on the 1st of September last amounted to 27,013 88.95, and was divided as follows: Steam tonnage, 24,472.22; all other kinds, 2,546.66

Friday, December 31, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Dec 31 ?[fold in paper] (believe Miltiade ?om 56 days Liverpool  177 steerage to H.C. Cam[fold]
Dec 31 Hainb Ship Hersch[fold] ?olty 47 days Bremen  217 steerage to master-3d my
Dec 31 Ship Epaminondas Lambert 29 Oct Bremen  219 steerage to master-2d my
Dec 31 Ship Margaret Carr 8? days[fold] New York   to master-1st my
Dec 31 Br Ship Lord Sandon Welsh 46 days Liverpool   to master-3d my
Dec 31 Br Ship Orleans Be?t[fold] 2 Nov London   to Hamilton, McKind? & Co-3d my
Dec 31 Brem Ship Uhland Me? [fold] 58 days Bremen 2?[fold] steerage to Warnekeu & Kirchoff-Lafayette
Dec 31 Ship Lyons Frank 52 days Havre  133 steerage to P. Poutz-3d my
Dec 31 Br Ship Orezaba Vennis ? days [fold]  Liverpool  167 steerage to P. Maxwell & Co
Dec 31 Ship Manchester Smith 20 days New York  32 steerage to J.O. Woodruff & Co-1st my
Dec 31 Br Ship Pursuit Wilson 6 Nov Liverpool   to master-1st my
Dec 31 Brem Ship Post _____ 62 days Bremen   to master-Lafayette
Dec 31 Br Ship Enchantress Fendlate 56 days Liverpool   to Hoghton, Rankin & Co-3d my
Dec 31 Ship Riatto Hanson 6 Nov Liverpool   to master-2d my
Dec 31 Brem Bark Richard Cobden Barett 72 days Bremen  ?0 [fold] steerage to master-3d my
Dec 31 Brem Bark Johanna Sachens 52 days Bremen  1[?]15 steerage to F Rodewald & Co-Lafayette
Dec 31 Bark Geo Green Snow 60 days Antwerp   to master-2d my
Dec 31 Bark Roxanna Curling 16 days Tomaston   to master-3d my
Dec 31 Br Bark Ayrshire O'Niel 41 days Liverpool to Jas Magee & Co-2d my
Dec 31 Bark Orion? Howe 22 days Boston to Harrod, Darling & Co-2d my
Dec 31 Br Bark Royal Adelaide Smith 7 Nov Fowey, via Falmouth   to master-Point
Dec 31 Bark Claremont Lermond 3d inst Vera Cruz   to US Qr. M.-2d my
Dec 31 Bark Sharon Robbins 24 Oct Rio de Janeiro   to S. Broom-2d my
Dec 31 Brig Washington White 11 days Turks Island   to master-2d my
Dec 31 Brig Tasso Gray 16th inst Tampico   to C.J. Mecker-2d my
Dec 31 Brig Mary Ellen Demonds 61 days Antwerp 95 steerage to C. Deake & Co.-Lafayette
Dec 31 Brig Florence Fales 12 days Bonaire   to master-Point
Dec 31 Schr Lone Star Miner 6 days Rio Grande   to master-2d my.
Dec 31 Schr Jona Stevens 10 days Falmouth   to master-1st my.
Dec 31 Schr Commodore Cooley 13 days Charleston   to master-2d my.
On 20th Nov lat 40 40, lon 23 ?, ship Lelia, from Baltimore for Marseilles.

On 21st inst. off Cape Anton?, bark St James, from Rio de Janeiro, for NOrleans.

Gens. Quitman and Shields left Charleston on Friday, the 24th inst. They were escorted by the military, and, in brief, up to the moment of their departure received the most signal marks of the respect of the authorities and citizens of South Carolina and her commercial capital. The Courier adds the following to its account of their departure:

The ladies of Charleston, with their accustomed kindness, have taken care that Gen. Shields shall suffer as little as possible from his wounded arm. They have presented him with a sling for its support. It is made of deep blue satin, from which a pendulum of the same material is suspended, on which is embroidered in gold cord a palmetto tree, surrounded with a golden wreath of shamrock, and surmounted with the motto-"Jasper sustained the Palmetto-the Palmetto will sustain a Shields."

Pennsylvania Interest.--
The county treasurer of Philadelphia has received a circular from the State Treasurer urging the importance of prompt action in the collection of the outstanding taxes for the city and county, which amount to some $100,000, for the purpose of meeting the February interest.

Fatal Rencounter.--
A rencounter occurred near Emmet, in Wilkinson county, Ga., a few days ago, between Gen. James Bostick and Dr. John L. Barge, resulting in the immediate death of the latter. The circumstances connected with this affair are not given; but a judicial investigation of it has been had, which resulted in the entire acquittal of Gen. Bostick.

Fresh shad have made their appearance in Savannah-the first three of the season having been served up in that city on the 24th inst. Until further improvements in the magnetic telegraph be made, we shall have to content ourselves, we suppose, with this simple announcement.

St. Lawrence Canals.--
The tolls on the Welland Canal have netted $120,000 this year, a great increase. Many new vessels have been added to the lake trade, of 200 to 400 tons burthen. The canal was free of ice on the 10th inst. Now that the Welland and St. Lawrence Canals are in a fit state to pass vessels of 400 tons from Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie, or Superior, to the ocean, the inland trade will be likely to increase greatly.

Passing Counterfeit Money.--
Timothy Welsh, a clerk in D. McCasthy's grocery store, at the corner of Dauphin and Customhouse streets, was yesterday arrested by the First Municipality police, charged by William Alexander with having knowingly passed counterfeit money.

Arrivals at the Principal Hotels, Dec. 30.
St. Charles Hotel...C.J. Willard, Texas; J.H. Curtis, Ab; C. Melhado, Va; D.C. Mel?lo, Jamaica; E.S. Lovell, T. Ed?lston, J.T.K. mloch, NO; E. Brewer, J.R. Hutchinson and family, Mo; W. Hampton, Sr, S.C.; J.H. Blodgett, NY; S. Hollingsworth, Wm Taylor, J.A. McHatton, S. Packwood, S.W. Lam?, La; J.C. Allen, South America; J. McMullin, Mexico; E. Washburn, Miss; S.J. Southern, Ky; J. Thompson, W.A. Caldwell, Pa; T. Clarke and family, London; S.G. Hand, Md; J.A. Cullin, Tenn; W.R. McCulloch and lady, Mrs. Van Arnam and family, Mr. Miller, R.A. Busten.

Verandah Hotel...

Howlett's Hotel...

Planters' Hotel...

Banks's Arcade...D.N. Pope, A. Manston, C.J. Radford, A. Silley, NO; J. S. Bennett, L. Jeffrey, Iberville; Captain Vennia, ship Oreziba; W.B. Wiley, J.M. Daniels, Willis Jenk?, Santa Cruz; Joe Pon, Bradeford.

The wires of the telegraph have been carried across the Mississippi into the city of St. Louis.

The Postmaster General has justified his course in sending the mail South by the Bay route, in a letter which the Union publishes. He secu? To have been constrained to act as he did by the exacting spirit of a monopolizing railroad company.

Francis George St. Leger, the carpenter of the British ship Devonport, while engaged in scraping her bows in the port of Savannah, on the 24th inst. accidentally fell into the water and was drowned. The deceased was a native of Andree, county of Lanark, Scotland, and was about thirty-four years of age.

New York, Dec 22-8P.M.-
The ship Louis Philippe has arrived at Edgarton.

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