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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1847

The following arrivals were extracted from the Quebec Morning Chronicle of 1847. Please note that sometimes an issue is missing so this extract may not contain all vessels to these ports.

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May 1847
May 8 - May 21 | May 24 - May 30

Tuesday, May 18

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec May 18, 1847
May 8 Ship St. Andrew Lorts? 20 Mar London    to Pickersgill, Tibbets & Co., general cargo for Montreal
May 8 Ship Cambria Bernie 30 Mar Glasgow 19 pass to W.K. Baird, general cargo
May 9 Ship Coeur de Leon Kendall 24 March Liverpool 3 pass to Gillespie & Co, general cargo for Montreal
May 11 Bark Port Glasgow Blandford 29 Mar Poole   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co
May 12 Bark Miramichi Boyd 28 April New York   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 12 Brig Leo Holdforth 29 Mar Galway   to LeMesurier & Co
May 12 Bark Charles Jones Cathay 28 Mar Liverpool   to Gillespie & Co, general cargo
May 12 Schr Virginia McNeil 22 Apr Halifax   to Gillespie & Co., sugar, wine, &c.
May 12 Schr Shannon King 27 Apr Halifax   to Noad & Co., general cargo
May 13 Ship Canada McArthur 26 Mar Glasgow 2 pass to G.B. Symes & Co, general cargo
May 13 Ship Britannia Hamilton 22 Mar Liverpool    
May 14 Ship Sophia Moffatt Wade 23 Mar London [extracted from the Globe & Mail May 22 1847 pg. 3 - Mrs. Woodrick, Mrs. Lenny, Mrs. Purland and Miss Cowine(?)] to Gillespie & Co., general cargo
May 15 Brig Safeguard Smith 26 Mar Liverpool   to McTavish, Bostwick & Co
May 15 Bark Annie McGarry 22 Mar Liverpool 3 cabin and 11 steerage to Ross, Shuter & Co, general cargo
May 15 Ship John Bull Duffill 18 Mar London   to G.B. Symes & Co., general cargo
May 15 Bark Sir John Falstaff   22 Mar Portsmouth   to LeMesurier & Co
May 15 Bark Pearl Chalmers 19 Mar London 11 steerage to Gillespie & Co., general cargo
May 15 Ship Courtnay Jones 19 Apr New York   to Sharples & Co
May 15 Ship Canton Tonge 26 Mar Liverpool   to LeMesurier & Co.
May 15 Schr Velocity Shelnut 15 days Halifax   to J. Leslie, Montreal, sugar and honey
May 15 Bark Ant Williams 28 April New York   to A. Gilmour & co
May 17 Ship Great Britain Swinburn 13 Mar London   to P. McGill, general cargo
May 17 Bark Canbera Lash 3 Apr Gloucester   to H & E Burstall
May 17 Ship John McLellan Rigg? 1 Apr Liverpool   to Sharples & Co
May 18 Bark Calypso Anderson 3 Apr Falmouth   to A. Gilmour & co
May 18 Ship Caroline Harris 19 Mar Poole   to W.J.C. Benson
May 18 Bark Mahaiea Jump 22 Mar Liverpool 1 pass for Montreal, general cargo
May 18 Ship Sarah Barclay 2 Apr Liverpool 2 pass to A. Shaw, general cargo
  Total number arrived...20
Last year, same date.....166

Shipping Intelligence
Capt. Jump of the Malaiea, arrived this morning, reports having been 35 days in the ice-cut-water and rudder damaged.

The wreck of the ship Reliance, stranded last fall at Matane, has been floated off and arrived here yesterday. We have not heard of any of the other wrecks below having been floated with the present spring-tides. The steamer North America left for Montreal on Sunday with Mr Lee's new ship Jemima in tow, where she is to load.

The Alliance will also leave for Montreal this afternoon, with Mr. Jeffery's new ship Euthorpe.

The bark Countess of Durham, Tuzo, arrived here on Sunday afternoon from Jeremy Island, where she wintered, having put in there last fall from stress of weather, on her way to Glasgow with a cargo of flour, wheat, &c.

The Steamship St. George, which left here on the 9th instant, for the Traverse, to lay down the buoys, only returned yesterday morning. She was detained two or three days waiting for the ice to move out of the Saguenay before laying down the buoys: but it was still fast when she left that place on Sunday morning.

The St. George only saw one vessel bound up, below Green Island.

The bark Syria, Cox, from Liverpool for Montreal, with a general cargo, and about 299 passengers is detained at the Quarantine. Capt. Cox and one of his passengers arrived her on Saturday.

In the Sophia Moffatt, Captain Wade-Mrs. Woolrich, Mrs. Lenny, Mrs. Purland, and Miss Cusins.

The passengers all speak in the highest terms of Captain Wade, of his gentlemanly bearing the whole voyage. The accommodations and comforts of the ship are first-rate.

East India Floating Dock
River St. Charles.
The East India Floating Dock will be placed alongside the St. Charles Wharf near the Quebec Exchange, early in May, when vessels can be taken in, drawing 13 to 15 feet.

This Dock is constructed to admit Vessels of 190 feet in length, has a Bulkhead (partition) at the end, of 130 feet, for the accommodation of shorter vessels.

Any orders for Repairs or materials will be thankfully received, and faithfully attended to.
Thomas H. Oliver.
Quebec, 18th May, 1847.

By this Morning's Mail.
The Albany Argus of the 11th contains later news from Mexico. Jalapa & Perote have been occupied. Santa Anna was at Orizaba, a little mountain of that name, with about 1000 troops. Arrangements are in the course of completion for a naval expedition to the Southward, and a start will be made after the ports along the Southern coast have been secured. General Scott is said to have despatched a messenger to Mexico or to the point occupied by the Legislative junta.

General Worth continued to advance upon the capital.

A hurricane recently passed over Madison, Indiana, which prostrated several buildings, killed one man, and injured several others.

Some fifteen or sixteen houses were burned in Nashville, Tenn, on the 5th inst.

The Passenger Lists of the following Vessels with Emigrants bound to this Port have been received by the Chief Agent for Emigration:--

Date Sailed Ships Where from Passengers
April 17 Nerio Limerick 132
April 14 Jessie Do. 479
" Mary & Harriet Do. 169
April 8 Bryan Abbs Do. 185
" Ann Do. 119
April 6 Primrose Do. 334
April 5 Celeste Do. 199
April 3 Ninian Do. 258
April 13 Perseverance Dublin 310
April 7 Wandsworth Do. 531
April 12 Lord Seaton Belfast 299
" Caithnesshire Do. 210
" Chieftain Do. 245
" Lady Gordon Do. 206
April 13 Spermacelli Plymouth 252
" Scotland Cork 563
April 8 Urania D. 199
April 9 Agnes Do. 437
April 6 Tottenham Do. 228
April 14 Bee Cove of Cork 373
April 12 Ganges Do. 410
April 9 John Francis Do. 253
" Try Again Do. 181
" Clarendon Liverpool 286
" George Do. 394
" John Bolton Do. 580
" Phœnix Do. 276
" Miracle Do. 370
" Lotus Do. 535
" Achillies Do 413
" Ajax Do. 258
" Loosthank Do. 128 or 428
" Rose Do. 411 or 111
April 5 Favourite Glasgow 80

A.C. Buchanan.
Chief Agent.

Government Emigration Office
Quebec, May 11th, 1847.

From the above statement it appears there are now on their way to this port, -31 vessels, having on board 10,636 passengers.

Wednesday, May 19

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec  May 19, 1847
May 18 Ship Caledonia Greenhorn 29 Mar Glasgow   to Miller & Co. (Montreal), general cargo
May 18 Ship Ocean Queen Williams 1 Apr Bristol   to order, general cargo
May 19 Bark Mary Doubleday 27 Mar London   to order
May 19 Ship Rainbow Arnold 26 Mar Southampton 2 pass to LeMesurier & Co
  Shipping Intelligence:
The brig Amy Ann, which wintered at Cap Chat, arrived here last night.

Captain Doubleday, of the Mary, arrived this morning, spoke, on the 10th instant, the brig Findon, of Poole, bound to Quebec, in long. 59, fast in the ice, with bow stove in and other damage. The Captain wanted no assistance, intending to put into the first port.

Launches.-Three more splendid new vessels were launched at St. Roch's yesterday morning; one by Messrs. G.H. Parke & Co., called the Riverdale; one by Mr. T.C. Lee, of 816 tons, called the Conrad, and the other by Mr. Thomas Oliver, called the Emperor.

Several packets arrived to-day: The Quebec, London, Iowa, Havre, Garrick, Montezuma and Liverpool.

The Atlas mentions the probable loss of the Boston packet ship Anglo-Saxon, Capt. Gordon, which left that port for Liverpool, on the 5th instant, with about 90 passengers and a valuable cargo. The intelligence was brought to Boston by the British schr. Hope, Capt. Jaques, from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, who reports a vessel answering exactly in description to the Anglo-Saxon, as being on shore at Duck Island, near Sable Harbour. The crew and passengers, a list of who is given, were all saved; but it was not known whether they had saved their personal property. In looking over the names, we find they are all natives of the United States, except one, a Mrs. Ellen McHugh of England.

Thursday, May 20

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec  May 20, 1847
May 19 Bark Chieftain Payne 30 Mar Lancaster   to Sharples & Co
May 19 Ship Delia Adey 2 April Poole 4 pass to LeMesurier
May 19 Brig Ida McIntosh 11th Apr Corunna   to H. & E. Eurstall
May 19 Ship Lady Peel Johns 3 Apr Cardiff   to LeMesurier & Co
May 19 Brig Ann Eliza & Jane Newham 1 Apr  Painbœuf   to LeMesurier & Co
May 20 Bark Fingalton Craig 28 Apr New York   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 20 Bark Devereux Lumsden 6 Apr London   to T.C. Lee
  Shipping Intelligence:
The bark Devereux, arrived this morning, spoke the Laurel, off Bie, on Tuesday last, and the Wanstead, yesterday, at the Quarantine.

The Ship Delia, Adey, arrived yesterday afternoon, brought up Captain Crosby and seven of the crew of the brig Hellespont, of Providence, from New York, bound to Cork, laden with grain, having been abandoned in a leaky state, in lat. 46, 21, long, 36, 37. The Delia was seven days in the ice, between Cape Ray and St. Pauls, in company with 25 other sail.

The brig Safeguard, which had grounded on her way up to Montreal, has got up without receiving injury.

The packet-ship Cambridge, at New York from Liverpool, spoke, on the 23rd April, in lat. 45, long. 32, the ship John Francis, of and from Cork for Quebec.

The ship Harriet Scott, Alexander, cleared at Philadelphia for Quebec on the 12th instant.

North Polar Expedition.-The plan of an overland expedition to the north pole, under the direction of Dr. Sir John Richardson, of Haslar Hospital, has been submitted by him to the Government, and approved of; and directions have been issued to commence providing the necessary supplies of stores and provisions for the party who are to form the members. Dr. Richardson accompanied Sir J. Franklin in his expedition to the north pole in 1819. The officers of Clarence-yard, Portsmouth, have been directed to furnish 300 rounds of beef, and 5000 lbs of lard, which will be made into pemmican cakes, as part of the provisions to be taken out. It is to be made under the immediate superintendence of Sir John Richardson.

Italy.-A most diabolical plot to murder the Pope has been discovered. It was first found out by the French ambassador, and he revealed the names of the conspirators to the Pope. Their intention was to assassinate him whilst giving audience to one of them who was, by lot, to be appointed to kill him. A Capuchin presented himself for an audience of the Pope. His Holiness requested his name; this he gave boldly, but before being admitted the Pope looked over the list of the conspirators and found the name of the Capuchin there. He immediately called for and concealed six carbineers, who, on the Capuchin's entrance seized him, and on searching him found he had a brace of loaded pistols and a poisoned dagger about his person. The Capuchin was conveyed to prison. Many arrests have taken place. This plot is no doubt a concoction.

Vessels Sailed For Quebec

April 12th


Helen Thompson Londonderry Tyne Waterford
    Geo. Lockwoods Bord'x


Sisters Liverpool
Queen Bordeau Gilmour Cork


Exmouth Londond'y
Christiana Londondry    
John & Eleanor Bordx


Ann & Mary Shields Standard Waterford


Grenville Bay Shields
Richibueto Aberdeen Jessie Sligo
London Shields Isabella Newport
Intrepid Hull B. Empire Liverpool
Eglington Clyde Elizabeth do.
Trade Waterford Royalist do.
Thistle do. Estafette Bremen
Collingwood L'derry Amphitrite do.
Dewdrop Westport    
Percival Longhope


Robert & Isabella Hamburgh Andromache Deal
    Mail Cork



Watermillock Gl'cester Margaret & Ann Shields
Christiana Longhope Alexander do.
Sir F.B. Head do. Sir Colin Campbell Belfast
Onyx do.    



Industry Dublin Annie do.
Albion Limerick Cleofrid Shields
Nestor Maryport


Caroline Aberdeen Favourite do.
Penelope Middlesb'h Two Sisters do.
Edmond Castle Shields Tagus do.
Voluna Falmouth Orlando Warren Point
Augusta Fowey Wave Dublin
Brutus Longhope


Jane do. Intrepid Falmouth
Urania do.    
Feronia do.

May 1st

Ct. Mulgrave do. William Whitby
William do. Cherokee Clyde
Catherine do. Pursuit Liverpool
Liddle do. Nelson Village do.


Araminta do.
Margaret do. Blonde do.
Ruth do. Aberdeen do.
Samson Liverpool



Imogene do.
Br. Queen Gloucester Favourite do.
Wallace Liverpool Wakefield do.
Intrepid Deal Cleveland Deal
Avon do. Medora do.
Vestal Shields Carlton do.
Dispatch Waterford Brothers do.



Vestal Limerick Eliza Caroline Liverp'l
Lady Milton Liverpool

For Quebec & Montreal

April 24-Bellona, Auld, from the Clyde

For Montreal

April 22d


Aqua Marine Liv'pool Aid Sunderland
Sedulous do.


Maid of the Mills Clyde Keepsake Shields
    Concord Dublin

Friday, May 21 (no paper)

Saturday, May 22

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec May 22, 1847
May 20 Bark Syria Cox 20 Mar Liverpool 213 pass to T. Froste & Co, general cargo
May 20 Brig Richard Reynolds Walker 28 Mar Southampton   to order
May 20 Bark Royal Adelaide Grant 9 May Halifax   to McKay & Cassels, sugar, molasses, &c.
May 20 Bark Fortitude Garbutt 20 Mar London   to Beswick & Co
May 20 Bark Canton Nicol 3 Apr Bristol   to A. gilmour & Co
May 20 Bark Hercules Lightfoot 1 Apr London   to W.J.C. Bursen
May 20 Bark Wm. Bromham Lakeman 13 Apr Plymouth   to order
May 20 Bark Jam? Lawson 2 Apr Hull   to A. Gilmour & Co, coals, &c.
May 20 Bark Paine? Robertson 28 Mar London   to H.S. Dalkin
May 20 Brig Bachelor Lynn 29 Mar Southampton   to order
May 20 Brig John Thompson Badcock 20 Mar Poole   to LeMesurier & Co
May 20 Brig W? Farren 4 Apr Workington   to Pemberton
May 21 Ship William Seward 23 Mar Poole   to Pemberton
May 21 Brig ? Coates 12 Mar Aguilas   to order
May 21 Brig Briton Lightfoot 31 Mar Gloucester   to order
May 21 Brig Findon Willis 27 Mar Poole    to A. Gilmour & Co
May 21 Brig Hibernia Bryan 4 Apr Port Glasgow   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 21 Bark Lurreh? Foster 11 Apr Liverpool   to Sharples & Co, salt
May 21 Bark Joseph Cunard Williams 17 Mar Newport   to Pemberton, coals
May 21 Bark Resolution Coles 29 Mar London   to Pemberton
May 21 Bark Emma ? He?coif 25 Mar Poole   to leMesurier & Co
May 21 Bark Montezuma Little 27 Mar Liverpool   to Gillespie & Co., general cargo
May 21 Bark Wm. Miles Ayne 1 Apr Bristol   to Lemesurier & Co
May 21 Bark Edward Jugo 31 Mar Plymouth   to R. Jackson
May 21 Brig Pembroke Castle Williams 10 Apr Milford   to W.J.C. Benson
May 21 Bark Lochlibo Taylor 20 Apr London   to A. Gilmour & co
May 21 Bark Britannia Irvin 26 Mar London   to order
May 21 Bark Collooney Livingston 3 Apr Glastow 6 pass to W.K. Baird, general cargo
May 21 Ship Glenswilly Henderson 10 Apr Glasgow 3 cabin, 37 steerage to A. burns, general cargo
  This morning, 9, A.M.
About 25 square-rigged vessels have arrived this morning, and a number of others coming in; but they are not yet reported. We have made out the following names:--
Bark Bellona, Auld, 24th April, Glasgow, A. Shaw, general cargo for Quebec & Montreal.

Also-Tom Bowline, Indus, Richibueto, Countess of Mulgrave, Harvey, Camden, Asia, John Kerr, Chapmans, Symmety, Aberdeen, Feronia, Ajax, brig Mersey, and Britannia.

Passenger Ships at Grosse Isle.
Jane Black, from Limerick, with 425 passengers.
Wandsworth, from Dublin, with 527 "
Perseverance, from Dublin, with 311 "
John Francis, from Cork, with 253 "
Agnes, from Cork, with 137 "

Shipping Intelligence.
The vessels arrived yesterday and this morning report having seen an immense quantity of ice at the entrance of the gulf, and a great number of vessels fast in it-among them the Douglas; she had her sails furled and was completely jammed in it.

Capt. Lightfoot, of the brig Briton, repots having lost two of his crew overboard, at sea-named John Crenier and John Carter.

The brig Southampton, for Cork, with a cargo of grain &c., sailed on Wednesday afternoon.

The Glenswilly reports having seen a vessel ashore at Cock Cove, on the 19th instant.

The fast sailing ship Lochlibo, arrived yesterday, spoke the following vessels:-On the 9th May, in lat. 48, 52, long. 31, 11, the Constitution, from Belfast for Quebec, out 27 days. On the 12th in lat. 46, 49, long. 43, 17 the brig Emma, from Hartlepool, for Quebec, out 33 days. On the 18th in lat. 48, 49, long. 62, 34, the Celeste, of Limerick, for Quebec, out 32 days. Same day, bark Ganges, of Bristol, for Quebec, out 35 days.-Also, the George, of Leith, with passengers, off Green Island, on Tuesday last, 20 deaths on the passage. Also passed, since Tuesday, the Royalist and about 30 more sail. Spoke the Scotland, with passengers, off Point des Monts.

The Collooney, also arrived yesterday, spoke the Favourite, Crawford, 60 miles to the eastward of Cape Ray, on Sunday last.

The brig Findon reports having on the 7th April, in lat. 41, 50 W., boarded a wreck, which proved to be the brig Mary & Eleanor, of Cardigan,-she had a deal of water in her hold, and was abandoned. All her stores, boats, &c. Taken out. On the 27th April, the Findon fell in with a quantity of loose ice, near the Green Bank, and received considerable damage in it.

The steamer Alliance left for Montreal yesterday with the ship Canada, barks Syria, Charles Jones, and Montezuma in tow.

The Schr. Packet, of New Carlisle, wrecked at St. Ann des Monts, last fall, was sold for account of those interested, on the 22d March last, to Mr. Bellamy L'Esvesque, for £3, and all her materials to John Ray, for £15.

Spoken-Urania, of Cork, on the 23rd April, in lat. 48, long. 30.

Greenock, May 1st-The British Empire, from Liverpool to Quebec, put into Oban 28th April, with loss of jibboom and maintop-gallant-mast, ballast shifted and crew sick.

Plymouth, April 30th-The Mary, Best, to Quebec, has put back her, with foremast sprung: bore up from 300 miles West of Scilly.

Swansea, April 29.-The Empress, for Quebec, has put back, with topmast carried away.

The Andromache, for Quebec, put back to Deal on the 26th April.

The Tyne, for Quebec, put back to Dunmore East 27th April.

The Pursuit, for Quebec, put back to Liverpool 29th April.

The Lady Milton, for Quebec, put back with loss of stanchions, covering board, &c., and cargo shifted.

The brig Lord Bruce, Poole, from Galway for Quebec, put back to Loughswilly on the 30th ult. With loss of sails, yards and other damage.

The U.S. sloop of war Jamestown, Capt. R.B. Forbes, loaned by the U.S. Government to the committee for the relief of the starving poor of Ireland and Scotland, and which sailed from Boston, March 28, returned on the 16th instant.

The loss of the Boston packet ship Anglo Saxon is confirmed. When the passengers left the wreck they were unable to take anything with them but what they had on; and on returning to the wreck to get their baggage, they found nearly all completely saturated with sea water. The people in the vicinity had been on board, had broken open many of the trunks, valises, &c., and robbed them of their most valuable contents. The cargo, it is presumed, will be very badly damaged, and although a considerable part will be saved, probably not much will be realised from it.

The Hon. Mr. Baillie had arrived at St. John's N.B., and immediately proceeded to Halifax, N.S. As Capt. Robinson (Capt. Pipon's successor) of the Railroad and Boundary survey, was expected to arrive in the Steamer Caledonia, it is said that Mr. Baillie's mission is connected with the Boundary question, and there is reason to believe that the views of the Imperial Government upon that subject will soon be made known.

Sealers Arrived.-Total arrivals at St. John's N.F. 61 vessels, 219,950 seals. The Cumberland, Smart, belonging to Messrs. ? Tobin & Co. with 500 seals on board, got jammed in the ice in a gale of wind on the 10th; finding that she leaked badly, Captain Smart bore away for a harbour, but the water gained on the crew so that she filled before reaching lad, and sank about 6 miles off Cape Bonavista-crew saved.--

Her Majesty's steamer Vesuvius, from Halifax, with specie for the Commissariat, has just come into port.

We understand that the English mail arrived Thursday, has brought instructions to the Collector at this Port, permitting, under certain regulations, Foreign vessels to go in Ballast to Montreal for the purpose of bringing down Corn, Maize, Grain, Flour, Meal, Rice, or Potatoes, consigned to any Port in the United Kingdom, there to be imported under the act 10 Victoria, Cap. 2, allowing until 1st September, 1847, the importation of Corn, &c., into the United Kingdom from any country in foreign ships.

The new steamer John Munn, built last fall at the ship-yard of John Munn, Esq., for the "People's Line," leaves this port tonight on her first trip to Montreal. She is upwards of 30 feet longer than the Quebec, and is in every respect, both as regards model and internal arrangements, one of the finest boats that have yet appeared on our waters. (Note: an ad in the same paper lists the fare as 15s for Cabin and 5s for steerage.)

The weather is very cool here for the season: this morning at 7 o'clock the Thermometer did not range over 53. We have had no rain for upwards of a month: the country is already beginning to feel its want.

Loss of a Steamer.--Escape of Eighty Human Beings.--The General Steam Navigation Company's steam-ship Clarence arrived at the company's wharf, Poplar, yesterday afternoon, from Edinburgh. Commander Laker reports that about one o'clock on Friday morning, off Aldborough, he saw the screw steamer Experiment on fire. He bore down upon her and succeeded in saving the passengers and crew (80 in number), and after having the Experiment in tow for six hours she sank.

On Monday last, at St. Hyacinthe, ground was broken for the commencement of the St. Lawrence and Atlantic rail road.

The St. Andrew has pretty far advanced in her outward cargo; from her appearance I think she will be ready to clear about Wednesday next--the Cambria and Coeur de Lion are also taking in wheat and flour.

The Horticultural Society held their annual show in the large Hall over the St. Ann Market--yesterday;--the number of flowers, plants, &c., sent to the exhibition was not near so numerous as was expected, but on the whole, and making allowance for it being the first thing of the description ever attempted in this city--I must say it was creditable to all concerned.


The Passenger Lists of the following Vessels with Emigrants bound to this Port, have been received by the Chief Agent for Emigraiton:--

Date Sailed Ships Where from. Passengers
April 17 Thistle Waterford 176
April 20 Despatch do. 215
April 9 Henry Sligo 170
" Constitution Do. 166
' Wolfeville Do. 309
" Dykes Do. 170
" Carricks Do. 173
" Congress Do. 219
" Araminta Liverpool 410
" Imogene Do. 171
" Blonde Do. 427
April 21 Wallace Do. 422
" Lady Milton Do. 435
April 24 Royalist Do. 437
April 23 Sisters Do. 508
April 21 Elizabeth Do. 341
April 25 Aberdeen Do. 408
April 25 Pursuit Do. 471
April 30 Dominica Cork 255
April 25 Mail Do. 289
April 23 Gilmour Do. 368
April 29 Concord Dublin 183
April 29 Wave Do. 385
April 17 Industry Do. 288
April 22 Abbottsford Do. 380
April 20 Mary Bradk Limerick 184
April 27 Jane Do. 200
April 27 Souvenir Do. 119
April 18 Albion Do. 189
April 15 Vesta Do. 127
April 30 British Queen Do. 189
April 29 Lord Glenelg Do. 158
April 30 Agent Do. 122
April 29 Orlando Newry 237
April 17 Christiana Londonderry 480
April 17 Collingwood Do. 202
April 25 Exmouth Do. 207
April 28 Annie Belfast 430
April 28 Sir C. Campbell Do. 383
April 30 William Pirie Do. 414
April 19 Constitution Do. 395
April 23 Standard New Ross 363



A.C. Buchanan
Chief Agent.

Government Emigration Office,
Quebec, May 22th, 1847.

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