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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Saint John, 1847

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Saturday, November 6, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Arrived at the Port of St. John Saturday, November 6, 1847
Oct 30 Barque Favorite Youens 30 days Bristol   to order
  Clarence Douglas 36 days Liverpoool   to R. Rankin & Co.
  Brig Sarah Rawes Brew 31 days Ulverstone   to R. Rankin & Co.
  Coriu Mcmann 34 days London   to J. & T. Robinson
Oct 31 New Ship Jenny Lind, Card   Windsor, N.S.   To Geo. Thomas
  Barque Ann Hall Feran 35 days Bristol   to James Kirk, coals
  Aldebaran Barrass 41 days Dublin   to John Mackay
  Brig Dealy Stirratt 37 days Gloucester   to Lewis Burns, coals
Nov. 1 Ship Symmetry Sharp 32 days Portsmouth   to Jas. Whitney
  Margaret Hardcastle 27 days Ross   to R. Rankin & Co.
  Æolus Driscoll 30 days Sligo pass. To R. Rankin & Co.
  Barque Sophia Spence 35 days Hull   to John Robertson, coals
  Rolls Keighley 50 days London   to Allison & Spurr
  Brig Triumph O'Brien 32 days Sligo pass. To Wiggins & Son
  Czar Moor 42 days Dundee   to R. Rankin & Co., coals
  Schr. Nelson Garrick 3 days Boston   to master, assorted cargo
  Abigail Smith 7 days Halifax   to G. & J. Salter, oil, &c.
  Eliza Ann Crowell 4 days Halifax   to master, sugar, &c.
Nov. 2 Brig Brown Foster 31 days Dublin   to S. Wiggins & Son
  Liddell Robertson 49 days Hull   to order
  Steamer Admiral Rogers   Boston via Eastport pass. To Jas. Whitney, merchandise
Nov 4 Barque Alert Lachian 27 days Waterford   to R. Rankin & Co.
  Schr. General Foster Jordan 7 days New York   to Geo. Thomas, flour, &c.
Nov 5 Barque Quebec Puck 32 days Port Glasgow   to R. Rankin & Co., merchandise
  Brig Emma Christie 7 days Halifax   to Allison & Spurr
  Vessels sailed for St. John.-Oct 3d.-Hirundo, from the Clyde; 5th-Isabella from Deal; 6th-Perseverance, do.; 8th-Camilla, Drogheda; 11th-Emanuel, Spartan, and Infants, from Deal; Princess Royal from Bristol; 12th-Princess, Sarah, and Margaret Jane, from Deal; Isabella, Torbay; Woodstock, Gloucester; 13th-Wm. Vail and Magnificent, from Deal; 15th-Coverdale, Clyde; 16th-Argo, Bristol; 17th-Lady Caroline, Shoreham; 18th, British American, Liverpool.

Cleared at London, October 16th, ship Delta, Gover, St. John.

The Eliza, McCarthy, of Youghal, at Ballyshannon on the 8th Oct. was obliged to slip her anchor on the 7th. and struck several times in crossing the bar-carried away part of her keel and fore foot, which caused her leak.

Sailed from Lepreaux, 30th ult. Barque Helen, Haddon, London.

Arrived at Boston, 29th ult. Brigt. Ann Eliza, Hammond, St. John; 30th, Joseph Howe, Scott, do.-At Fredericksburg, 25th schr. Olive-Branch, Thomson, do.

Brig Racer, from Liverpool for Richibucto, was fallen in with in lat. 44, in a sinking state, and the crew taken off by the barque Mary Jane, arrived at Bedeque from Gloucester.

A Respectable Youth, from 15 to 16, who is a good Accountant, to act as Cashier and take charge of a set of Books. Enquire at this Office.

At the Special General meeting of the Shareholders in the St. John Omnibus and Transit Company, held at the Saint John Hotel on Monday, the 1st instant...

Mr. Henry R. Smith, a clerk in the employ of the Hon. Joseph Cunnard[sic] at Miramichi, lost his life last week by the explosion of a cartridge while engaged in firing a cannon, on the occasion of the departure of a Mr. Duncan for Europe. Mr. Smith was greatly respected.

The French Steamer Philadelphia, nineteen days from Havre, put into Halifax on the 29th ult., in distress, her paddle wheels damaged, and out of coal.

The American steam-ship Washington arrived at Cherbourg on the 9th Oct. after a passage of 19 days from New York. The Royal Mail Steam-ship Britannia arrived at Liverpool at an early hour on the 16th. She left Boston on the 1st and Halifax on the 3d.

Pauper Emigrants.--
The Common Council have appointed a Committee to make arrangements with the master of the ship Æolus, respecting the unfortunate emigrants on board that vessel, sent out by Lord Palmerston, of whom every care will be taken consistent with public safety. The Quarantine Establishment on Partridge Island was broken up this week, and the emigrants removed to the Alms House Hospital, except a very few, who were too ill to be removed with safety. These remain under charge of a medical man, and are waited upon by McGowan, the Steward, who with his wife remains on the Island.-New Bruns.

The Report from the Emigrant Hospital for the week ending yesterday, gives the following statement--
Remaining in Hospital, 29th ult.477
Admitted since,83
Discharged, 66; Died, 1783
Total remaining477

Militia General Order:
Fredericton, 27th October, 1847.-The Commander in Chief has been please to make the following Promotions in the 1st Battalion Saint John County Militia:
Captain A. Menzies to be Major, vice Carman, permitted to retire with his rank, 26th October, 1847.
To be Captains.-Lieut. D. L. Dykeman, vice Menzies, promoted, 26th Oct.; Lieut. J.F. Goddard, vice Waterbery, removed from County, 27th do.
To be Lieutenants.-Ens. Thomas Parks, vice Dykeman, promoted, 26th October; Ens. William M'Avity, vice Goddard, promoted, 27th do.; Ens. James Quinton, vice A. Black, left the County, 28th do.
To Be Ensigns.-Thos. S. Magee, Gent., vice Parks, promoted, 26th October; Aaron Hatings, Gent, vice M'Avity, promoted, 27th do.; G.M. Howard, Gent., 28th do.
Lieut. G.M. Anderson to be Adjutant with the rank of Captain, vice Menzies, promoted, 28th October.

By Command.
Geo. Shore, A.G.M.

Saturday, Nov 13, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Arrived at the Port of St. John Saturday, November 13, 1847
Nov 8 Ship China [paper folded cannot read] 44 days London   to R. Rankin & Co.
Nov 9 Barque Gove[paper folded] Douglas 42 days Garde, Bristol   to S. Wiggins & Son
  Cremons Dunn 58 days Liverpool   R. Rankin & Co.
  Perseverance Robinson 34 days London   to Demill
Nov 10 Ship Lotus Watson 42 days Bristol   to R. Rankin & Co.
  Lisbon Fisher 37 days Liverpool   to Eaton & Ray, general cargo
  Plymouth Sims 66 days Liverpool   to McLauchlan
  Meodkes Howland 54 days Wexford   to R. Rankin & Co.
  Brig William Charlton 64 [1] days Sunderland   to John Mackay, coals -On the 27th ult. Lost Thomas Plumpton, seaman, overboard.
  Henry Young 17 days Newfoundland   to R. Rankin & Co.
  Clare Allan   Yarmouth   C. McLauchlan
  Schr Kate Slocomb 4 days Boston   to C.E. Cross, assorted cargo
  Isabella Hilton 11 days Boston   to Jas. R. Sweet, assorted cargo
  Martha Brae Martin 8 days Halifax   to master, sugar, beef, &c.
  Sisters McAuley 3 days Portland   to master, molasses and hay
  Edwin Nisbet   Eastport   to master, flour
  Steamer Admiral Rogers   Boston pass. To Jas. Whitney, merchandise
Nov 11 Ship Infants Haws 29 days London   to John Haws
  Barque Hirundo Dickson 38 days Glasgow   to R. Rankin & Co., merchandise
  Brig Peterel Mabee 8 days New York   to J. & R. Reed, flour and wheat
  Mary & Jane Clark 13 days New York   to Geo. Thomas, flour, wheat, &c.
  Jane Morgan 4 days New York   to Geo. A. Lockhart, flour, &c.
  Brigantine Sarah Johnston 7 days New York   to L.H. Waterhouse, flour, barley, &c.
  Arcturus Herrington 7 days New York   to R. Rankin & Co., flour, wheat, &c.
  Schooner Conquest Stewart 14 days New York   to G. Thomas, assorted cargo
  B. Hunting Foster 10 days New York   to H. Gilbert, flour and wheat
  Judith Ward Anderson 10 days New York   to H. Gilbert, flour and wheat
  Sterling Holmes 5 days New York   to Geo. Thomas, flour, wheat, &c.
  Woodlands Walker 5 days Boston   to G. & J. Salter, sorted[sic] cargo
Nov 12 Barque Gilmour Wright 38 days Bristol    to S. Wiggins & Son
  Tweed Wellinger 40 days Wisbeach   to John Mackay
  Brigantine Brookline Spates   Eastport   to G. Thomas, flour and meal
Nov 13 Joseph Howe Scott 3 days Boston   to master, assorted cargo
  Susan Bray 13 days Alexandria   to J. & R. Reed, wheat
  Schr. Hesperus, Melick, from this port, for Boston, was dismasted on the 29th ult. In the rip off the Gall Rock, near Briar Island, and was towed into Westport on Sunday morning. She arrived here yesterday, in tow of the steamer Maid of Erin, to refit.

Schr. Dolphin, Holder, hence, at New-York on Tuesday last.

Arrived at Shediac, 28th ult. Barque Free Trader, Bell, Liverpool, 32 days-Cleared, 28th, barque Severn, Kenny, Liverpool.

Barque Volant, at St. Andrews, 9th instant, from Liverpool, fell in on the 6th ult. In lat. 48 10, lon. 18 20, with the ship Lord Wenlock, of and for Liverpool, from Africa, with a cargo of palm oil, in a sinking condition, and, notwithstanding that a violent gale was blowing at the time, succeeded in taking off Captain Kane and crew, 32 in number. On the 10th, the master and eight of the crew were put on board a Dutch ship bound to Amsterdam.

Brigt. Widow, Goram, of this port, from Quebec, in going into Halifax on the morning of the 5th instant, went ashore at Red Buoy Shoal. She was got off in the evening.

A Card
The Subscriber tenders his grateful tanks to Captain Thomas Reed, and Captain T.M. Smith, also to a number of Boatmen, and several inhabitants of the City, for their exertions in preserving his property from fire, while lying at York Point Slip, on Tuesday last.

Chas. M. Murray
Master of Wood-heet[?] Primress

Small Pox--
This loathsome disease has made its appearance at Woodstock, and we learn from the Reporter of yesterday, that one of the diseased persons arrived at Fredericton on Wednesday. The authorities should endeavour to guard against the spread of the disease in the Province.

Emigrant Hospital--
The report from the Hospital this week is as follows--
In Hospital, on the 5th inst.477
Admitted since,73
Discharged, 31; Died, 21,55
Remaining in Hospital495
Of the above, four died a few hours after admission.

Passengers in the ship Yeoman, for England, sailed on Sunday last-Mrs. Gallaway, (Lady of the Rev. J.C. Gallaway,) child, and servant, Mrs. Pullen, (Lady of Lieut. Pullen, R.N.) Child, and servant, and Mrs. Jamieson.

In the Infants, from London-Miss Haws, and Miss Lakeman.

Passengers in the steamship Cambria, from Halifax for Liverpool, on the 3d instant-Hon. Judge Bliss and Lady, Miss Bliss, Miss L. Bliss, Miss Robinson, Lewis Bliss, Esq., Master J.W. Bliss, Rev. Mr. Gilchrist, J.D.W. Spurr, James Alexander, and Mr. Lee.

The news from England by the steamer Caledonia, had the effect of causing a slight reduction in the price of Flour in the United States.Genesee was sold in New-York on Monday last at $6.37 to $6.44, and Western at $6.25 to $6.37. The following is the remark of one of the evening papers of that day:--
"The market is so unsettled that quotations cannot be correctly given. Prices are nearly seminal, and no dependence is to be placed upon them. There is no activity in any article. Cotton holders are at a stand still.

Saturday, November 20, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Arrived at the Port of St. John Saturday, November 20, 1847
Nov 13 Schooner Debonnaire Lockhart 7 days New York   to Geo. A. Lockhart, flour, &c.
Nov 14 Barque Mungo Park Leask 77 days Newcastle   to order, chains and bricks
  Brigantine Selim Storer 7 days New Pork[sic]   to George Thomas, flour, &c.
Nov 16 Schr. Exemplar Lockhart 5 days New York   to Geo. A. Lockhart, flour, meal, &c.
  Steamer Admiral Rogers 32 hours Boston pass. to Jas. Whitney, assorted cargo
Nov 17 Barue Princess Murphy 34 days London   to Chas. McLauchlan
  Sarah Fletcher 34 days London   to Chas. McLauchlan
  Schooner Three Sisters Anthony 2 days Boston   Jas. R. Sweet, flour, &c.
Nov 18 Brigantine F.L. Vail Rodney 20 days St. Kitts   to C. McLauchlan, sugar and molasses
  Schooner Mariner Reed 3 days Boston   to John Murphy, assorted cargo
  Charlotte Henneberry 8 days Halifax   to G. & J. Salter, sugar, oil, &c.
  Barque Enterprize, Lyons, (of Sackville,) from Hillsborough, bound to Britain, put into this port on Sunday last for a harbour.

Brig Caledonia, Preston, (from St. Stephens, arrived at Bermuda 23d Oct.-had experienced much bad weather on the passage, and threw overboard the greater part of her deck load of lumber during a gale.

Whale ship Daniel Webster, at Holmes's Hole, fell in on the 26th ult. In lat. 29, long. 59 30, with brig Mechanic, Adams, of Clare, (N.S.) For the West Indies, with both masts gone, and loss of deck load-took off the crew, six in number.

Barque Nautilus, from Quebec, for Plymouth, shipped a sea off Antigonish on the 9th inst. and was obliged to put into St. Augusta, where she would be condemned. Schr. Margaret Hoffman, from Quebec, two brigantines belonging to Jersey, and several other vessels, were cast away in the same gale on the coast.-Halifax Recorder.

Arrivals from St. John.-Oct. 19th-Amazon, at Hull; Sea, at Cork; Lydia, at do.; Agenoria, at Gravesend; Medium, at Bristol; Kate Karney, at Dublin; Acadian, St. John, and Lois, in the Clyde; Devon, at Liverpool; 21st-Great Britain, at do.; Coronation, off Margate; Forest Monarch, off Portsmouth; 22d-Harmony, British Empire, Jane Hammond, and Speed, at Liverpool.

Vessels sailed for St. John.-Oct. 17th-Boadices, from Hull; 20th-Delta, and Brandon, from Deal.

Taught in its different Branches, by the Subscriber,
Who respectfully announces that he is prepared to give instructions in Navigation during the ensuing Winter, to such young men as are desirous of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various branches which are requisite to qualify them for the important duties of the sea. The house in which this important branch is taught affords a very desirable cosveslence r taking the meridian altitude, &c. and every care will be taken, connected with the science, which will be thoroughly explained to those who may be disposed to attend. From experience as a seaman, he pledges himself to give general satisfaction to any young men who may feel disposed to attend; and as a limited number of pupils, set exceeding eight will be attended to at one time.

Form of Instruction-Trigonometry, and the various Sailings, Determined Latitude by Meridian, and Double and Single Altitude, &c., Variations in Compass by Amplitude, &c. Determised Longitude, by Chronometer, Lunar Observations, &c.

The subscriber respectfully solicits a share of patronage. Apply at his residence, corner of Germain and Queen streets. Private instruction given.
John Harvey
A few respectable Boarders can be accommodated.

Agricultural Society
The regular Monthly Meeting of the Agricultural Society will be held at Mr. Perley's Office, Market Square, on Thursday next, at 12 o'clock.-Punctual attendance is requested, as the Accounts have to be audited and a report drawn up, preratory[sic] to the Annual Meeting.

The Mail for England to meet the sailing of the Steamer Acadia from Halifax on the 3d proximo, will be closed at the Post Office in this City on Saturday next, the 27th instant, at three o'clock in the afternoon.

Several shocks of earthquake had been felt in this island. One continued considerably longer than the shocks usually experienced.

The Colonist reports that a shock was felt at Marie Galante, which destroyed a church and did much additional injury.

From Mexico--
General Scott's despatches detailing his successes in Mexico, up to the taking of the capital, have at length reached Washington, and are being published in the American papers.

Intelligence of much later date has since been received, which shews that the American army are much harassed in their marches through the country.-Capt. Walker of the Texan Rangers, is among the number of American officers recently killed.

A letter, represented to come from a very respectable house in the City of Mexico, states that Mr. Trist has again invited the Mexican Government to new conferences, and adds, "May God grant that the result of them army be peace, which we so much desire."

A large majority of the Mexicans are said to be in favor of peace, but parties differ as to the means of bringing it about-some being anxious that the Church and Military establishments should be broken down before peace is restored.

Senor Pena y Pena has taken a firm hold of the reins of government, and has called around him a much more intelligent class of men than had honored the cabinet of Mexico for some time. Bustamente, it is expected, will be appointed commander in chief of the army.

Her Majesty's Steamer Columbia Capt. Owen, from this port via Yarmouth, arrived at Halifax on the 11th inst. on her way to England.

A warrant published in the London Gazette of the 19th Oct. directs certain alterations in the rates of postage, and among others orders that on every letter not exceeding half an ounce in weight transmitted by packet between the Islands of Martinique and Guadaloupe and British North America, a uniform rate of four pence shall be charged; and that a local rate of one penny shall be charged on all letters transmitted through the post between any two places in the Island of Hong Kong. These rates are widely different from the exhorbitant charges at present exacted in the North American Provinces.

Emigrants At Quebec.--
By the return of the Chief Emigration Officer in Canada, we learn that the whole number of emigrants arrived at Quebec and Montreal in 1847 is 98,106, being an increase of 65,353 over the number arrived in 1846.

Among the emigrants of this year, the deaths on the voyage, in Quarantine and at the Hospitals, after landing, amount to the enormous number of 13,365.

The "Richard Watson," from Sligo, with 230 of Lord Palmerston's wretched cottiers, has arrived at Quebec. The Quebec Morning Chronicle of the 11th inst. says, "the landing of these poor creatures on our shores, at this season of the year, to use the mildest language possible can only be styled cruelty, as the greater part of them will have to eke out a miserable subsistence during our inclement winter, and many may perish of cold and want."

Mr. Mills, the mayor of Montreal, who has been unceasing in his exertions to ameliorate the condition of the emigrants, has fallen a victim to the Emigrant fever. So also has Dr. Clarke, one of the Physicians at the Marine Hospital. Mr. Buchanan, the Chief Emigration Officer, has recovered from a severe attack of the fever; but Mr. McElderry the Emigration officer at Toronto has fallen a victim to the disease.

The published returns of the Kingston Immigrant Hospital, up to 18th Oct., show that there were patients admitted, 1959; discharged, 831; died 707; and remaining in Hospital, 431.

In the Toronto Immigrant Hospital to 22d Oct., there were patients admitted 3300; discharged, 1993; died, 757; and remaining in Hospital, and in the convalescent establishment, 739.

Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge.--
The Suspension Bridge Companies have lately been several days in session at the Falls, and have decided on the construction of the bridge for the passage of railroad trains. The strength of the supporting cables is to be not less than 6500 tons. The cost is not to exceed $190,000; and the work to be completed by the first of May 1849. The bridge will be in sight both on the cataract and whirlpool, and span the gorge by an arch of 800 feet, suspended 230 feet above the surface of the river.-Chas. Ellett, Jr. of Philadelphia, has been appointed engineer.

Papers from St. John's to the 10th inst. brought to Halifax by the Steamer Unicorn, came to hand by the Eastern Mail last evening. From various parts of the Colony, painful accounts continue to be received of destitution among a considerable portion of the inhabitants. From Placentia Bay, St. Mary's Bay, Ferryland District, Conception Bay, Trinity Bay and Bonavista Bay, appeals were pouring in for assistance from the Government, which the crippled resources of the Treasury would prevent being afforded to the extent desired, and appeals were in course of preparation to be forwarded to the Home Government.-Upwards of seventy individuals had arrived at St. John's from Burin, for the purpose of throwing themselves upon the bounty of the Government for shelter during the winter; but it is resolved to send them back again, and afford them such assistance in the district as the public means would allow.

The intelligence by the New York, being only a day later from the continent, adds but little to our former advices.-Pope Pius had promulgated a decree, establishing a Council of State, agreeably to the design expressed in his famous circular of the 19th April last. In Tuscany, the punishment of death had been abolished by proclamation of the Grand Duke.

We are without any intelligence of the English Mail which would leave Liverpool on the 4th inst. in the Steamer Acadia. It was understood that she had not arrived at Halifax last Thursday at noon then fourteen days from her time of sailing.

The Weather.--
A week of very changeable weather is about closing upon us with a certain indication of winter's near approach-the mud being hard frozen in the streets to-day, and the air cold. River navigation is, to all appearance, near its close with us.

Emigrant Hospital.--
Report for the week ending Friday, 19th inst:
In Hospital, Friday, 12th instant,485
Admitted since,23
Discharged, 79; Died, 11,90
Remaining in Hospital,428
Of the above deaths, six were children, some a very short time in Hospital.

Thrilling Journal
to come........

Return of Money and Effects of deceased Emigrants, received at this Office during the Season of 1847.
Name of Emigrant By what Ship Town whence Amount, Sterling Remarks
John Kennedy, Bloomfield, Galway, 1 7 0 With a chest containing a few articles of clothing, to be sent to Cornelius Pelly, Shop-keeper, Galway, for brother of deceased.
Michael Foley Trafalgar, Cork, 4 4 0 Remitted to Lt. Friend, Gov't Emigration Office at Cork, and by him paid to Rev. Thos O'Sullivan; P.P. Killarney, for the father of deceased.
Hugh Boyce Sir C. Napier, Londonderry, 43 0 0 Claimed by Hugh Boyce, only surviving son of deceased,-the Rev. Robert Irvine, Tralee.
Daniel? Cleary British Merchant Cork 2 15 6 Claimed by two daughters of deceased.
Ellen Dreslin[?] Do do 8 4 0 Claimed by only daughter of deceased, who was a widow
John Corney do do 11 10 6 Remitted to Michael Corney, brother of deceased, at Kinsale
Willaim Pine? Seraph do 19 5 0 Claimed by Mary Lonergan, sister of deceased
        Also, a chest with Carpenter's Tools, (12 pieces,) sent up from Partridge Island, to be delivered to an emigrant in Nova-Scotia, when called for.
Government Emigration Office,
Saint John, N.B. 15th November, 1847

M.H. Perley
H.M. Emigration Officer

Saturday, November 27, 1847

(This paper is damaged and part of it is torn away.)

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Consigned/Comments
Arrived at the Port of St. John Saturday, November 27, 1847
Nov 21 Ship Willaim Vail Wishart 38 days London   to R.G. Moran
  New Brig Pilgrim Bennett   Digby   to master
Nov 22 Schooner Zealous Rice 7 days Prince Edward Island   to master, oysters, &c.
  Express Frost 2 days Yarmouth   to Chas. McLauchlan, molasses
Nov 23 Ship Argo Mitchell 37 days Bristol   to R. Rankin & Co. - Nov. 13, lat. 46 4, lon. 49 30, spoke ship Wanderer, Patten, from Quebec to Liverpool, 10 days out-all well
  Princess Royal Duguid 39 days Bristol   to R. Rankin & Co. - In a gale on the 14th Oct. carried away fore and main topmasts and mizen top-gallant mast, and stove water-casks, &c.
  Brigantine Indus Card 6 days Boston   to Allison & Spurr
  Schr. Meridian Kavanagh 6 days Boston   to master, assorted cargo
Nov 24 Barque Woodstock Mellin 40 days Gloucester   to James Kirk, coals
  Isabella Phillips 34 days London   to John Robertson-Spoke on the Banks of Newfoundland, barque Fanny, 7 days from St. John, for Londonderry; on the 18th inst. off Sable Island, passed the Ivy Green, of St. Andrews.
  Schooner Messenger Sands 10 days Fredericksburg   to J. & R. Reed, wheat
Nov 25 Barque Wolfville McLellan 4 days Boston   to John Wishart
Nov 26 Schooner Dolphin Holder 5 days New York   to master, flour, &c.
  Steamer Admiral Rogers   Boston via Eastport pass. To Jas. Whitney, merchandise
Nov 27 Ship Delta Gover 37 days London   to S. Wiggins & Son
  Brig Robert McCarthy 15 days New York   to Jardine & Co., flour, &c.
   The Margaret Jane, from London, for this port, with goods, is ashore to the Westward of West Quoddy Head.

Schr. Sophia, Clark, hence, at New York on Monday last-experienced very heavy weather, and lost sails, &c.-At Boston, 20th, brig Eliza Taylor, and schr. Eliza Jane, Holder, St. John; 22d, brig Corfu do.

The whale ship Empire, at Sydney, N.S.W. reports having spoken ship James Stewart, of this port, on the 28th May last, with 200 brls. Sperm oil, taken since leaving sydney five weeks previous.

Spoken, on the 28th Oct. lat. 48, long. 35, barque Brothers, of Halifax, dismasted on the 25th-every thing gone above the cap; would try to get into England.-On the 13th inst. Lat. 41 15, long. 56 60, a large ship was seen steering West, with loss of jibboom and head of maintopmast; and no fore and mizen top-gallant-masts up.

[side of paper torn so items only partially there]

Casualties-Mr. James Betts, master of the [sch]ooner Rieal, of Digby, was accidentally knocked overboard from his vessel and drowned in Digby [?]sin, a few days since, by the jibing of the mail [?]of this City, and was almost in eight of his [?] when the fatal castastrophe occurred. The [sch]oner's boat was lowered with all speed, but he [?] remained above the water about five minutes.

Married On Tuesday, the 19th ult. At St. James's, Liverpool, Captain George Waterbery, of St John, N.B. to Christiana, widow of Capt. Joseph Rowett.

At Kingston, (K.C.) On the 18th inst., Richard P. Gregory, Esq. In the 96th year of his age. He was one of the Loyalists of 1783, and was much respected by all who knew him, and is deservedly regretted by a large circle of friends.

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