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Shipping Related Events of 1862 From The Times

Wednesday, January 29, 1862

Passengers From India and China.--

The following is a list of passengers by the Peninsular and oriental Company's steamship Pera, Captain T. Jamieson, which left Malta at 8 p.m. on the 22d inst., with the Calcutta and China mails, and is expected at Southampton on Friday or Saturday:-From Penang.-Mrs. Digman. From Hong-kong.-Mr. T. Howell, Captain Daubeny, Mr. T. Joy (third engineer of the steamship Grenada), Lieut.-Col. Mann, C.B., R.E. From Calcutta.-Major Platt, Mr. and Mrs. Oatts and two children, Mrs. Stainforth, Mrs. Morgan, Lieutenant Cumming, Captain Brereton, Mr. M'Carson (chief engineer of the steamship Norna), Lieutenant Forbes, Mr. Bertie, Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. J.B. Chapman (3d officer of the steamship Candia), Mr. G.S. Cook (4th officer of the steamship Malta). From Madras.-Major Jackson, Mr. Jackson, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Rystrom, Mr. Shaw. From Ceylon.-Mr. And Mrs. Hoen, Mr. and Mrs. Harper, infant, and European servant; two Misses Watson, Mrs. Tucker, and European female servant.

Thursday, January 30, 1862

Government Emigration.--

The Nepisiquit, 340 tons, Captain Robert W. Sterry, belonging to Mr. Henry John Hall, of London, sailed from Gravesend for Natal on the 25th inst., with the following emigrants on board, viz., 20 married couples, 27 single men, 19 single women, 18 boys and 15 girls (between 1 and 12 years of age), and 18 infants-making a total of 127 souls, equal to 104 statute adults-under the care of Mr. Owen O. Rogers, Surgeon Superintendent.

Saturday, February 1, 1862

First Ship for Otago, calling at Melbourne to land cargo and passengers - The James Booth, Black Ball packet for February, will take a limited number of second cabin passengers in her handsome poop, at a uniform rate of 25, with option to land at either port; intermediate passengers, 20.-T.M. Mackay and Co., 1 Leadenhall-street, E.C.

Victoria, Vancouver Island, direct.--
For the Goldfields of British Columbia. The well known British clipper ship Lockett, A1 14 years, 576 tons register, J.J. Topham, Commander; loading in the London Docks, and to leave early in March. This fine vessel will be despatched instead of the Charlotte Jane, and, having a large portion of her cargo engaged, offers an excellent opportunity for shippers. The fine sailing qualities and ample accommodation possessed by this vessel present greater inducements to all classes of passengers than have ever been offered before. For freight or passage apply to Messrs Henderson and Burnaby, 17, Gracechurch-street; Messrs. James Thomson and Co., 1 Billiter-court; to Filby and Co., 63 Fenchurch-street; or to Charles Oswald, 13, George-yard, Lombard-street, E.C.

San Francisco, California, direct.-The celebrated river-built China clipper shop Wynaud, A1 13 years, 546 tons register, J. Reid, Commander, loading in the London Docks. The attention of shippers of fine goods and those requiring despatch for their present shipments is respectfully called to this excellent opportunity. For freight or passage apply to Jas. Thomson and Co., No. 1, Billiter-court, E.C.; or to Charles Oswald, 13, George-yard, Lombard-street, E.C.

Weekly Steam Communication to Canada from Liverpool, via Portland, U.S., and the Grand Trunk Railway.-The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first-class, powerful, Clyde-built, screw steamers (under contract with Her Majesty's Provincial Government for the conveyance of the mails) are intended to be despatched from Liverpool every Thursday, as under:--

Norwegian, Thursday, Feb. 6.
Bohemian, Thursday, Feb. 13.

Passage-money to Portland, U.S.-cabin, 13 18s. and 15 15s; steerage, 7 7s. Passengers can also be booked through to the principal towns in the United States and Canada. Apply in Glasgow to J. and A. Allan, 70, Great Clyde-street; in Liverpool to Allan Brothers and Co., Weaver-buildings, Brunswick-street; or here, to Montgomerie and Greenhorne, 17, Gracechurch-street, E.C.

Steam to New York, from Southampton, carrying the United States Mail.-The Hamburg-American Company's splendid Steamships are appointed to leave Southampton every alternate Wednesday, as follows, for New York direct:--

Ships Tons Horse Power Date
Borussia 2,200 500 Wednesday, Feb. 12
Hammonia 2,200 500 Wednesday, Feb. 26
Saxonia 2,500 600 Wednesday, March 12
Bavaria 2,200 500 Wednesday, March 26

The passenger accommodation and dietary of this line are of superior order, and the vessels have become celebrated for the regularity and rapidity of their passages across the Atlantic, being among the fastest steamers afloat. Fares: - First-class, upper saloon, 20: lower saloon, 13 10s.: steerage, 8 8s. Including an unlimited supply of provisions, also fresh bread daily. Goods taken at moderate freights. For freight or passage apply to Smith, Sundius, and Co., Southampton, and No. 17, Gracechurch-street, E.C.

United States Mail Steamers between Southampton and New York.-The magnificent steam ships belonging to the North German Lloyd are appointed to leave Southampton for New York direct, carrying the United States Mails:--

Bremen, 3,000 tons, 700-horse power, Feb 19.
New York, 3,000 tons, 700-horse power, March 16[?].

The speed and accommodation of these steamers are unsurpassed by any steamships crossing the ocean, and the dietary and general arrangements for the convenience and comfort of passengers are unexceptionable. Fares-first-class upper saloon, 20 guineas; first-class lower saloon, 13 guineas; third-class, 8 guineas. Freight taken on moderate terms. Apply to Phillipps, Graves, and Phillipps, 11, Rood-lane, Fenchurch-street, E.C.; Crosley and Co., 3, Lothbury, E.C.; or to J.H. Wolff and Co., Southampton.

Weekly Steam Communication to New York.-The Liverpool, New York, and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend despatching their full-powered, Clyde-built iron, screw steamships, calling at Queenstown, Ireland, to embark passengers and despatches as follows:--

Edinburgh, from Liverpool, Wednesday, Feb. 5.
City of New York, from Liverpool, Wednesday, Feb. 12.
Kangaroo, from Liverpool, Wednesday, Feb. 19.

And every succeeding Wednesday.

Cabin passage, 15, 17, and 21 guineas, according to the accommodation; forward passage from Liverpool, 8 guineas, including provisions. Passengers for Canada and the United States booked through on very advantages terms. For further particulars apply to William Inman, No. 22 Water-street, Liverpool; or to Eaves and Macey, 61, King William-street, Londonbridge.

Her Majesty's Ship Conqueror
To The Editor Of The Times
Sir,-It will be satisfactory to your readers to know that there was no loss of life when Her Majesty's ship Conqueror stranded. By a letter, dated Rum Cay, 31st December, I am informed that the ship's company were all landed-the men quartered in a village, and the officers under canvass on the beach.
Yours obediently.
Geo. H. Somerset. (Bodmin, Jan. 30.)

Monday, March 31, 1862

Victoria and British Columbia.-Cariboo Line of Packets, from Liverpool.-To sail the 10th April, the A1 12 years British clipper ship, Ashmore, J. Jenkins, Commander, 512 tons, newly coppered, and a well-known emigrant ship to New Zealand. For terms of freight, cabin or intermediate passage, having lofty 'tween decks, apply to James Starkey, Liverpool; or to Richard Webb and Co., 35, Leadenhall-street, London, E.C.

Overland Route to British Columbia and California. Important Reduction in Fares, 35 and upwards.-Direct Mail Line, through in about 35 days.-The West India Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, in connexion[sic] with the Pacific United States Mail Steamship Company, leaving Southampton on the 2d and 17th of every month, convey passengers, via the Panama Railroad, through to San Francisco, at through rates of fare, including railway transit across the Isthmus of panama. For particulars of passage, freight, &c., apply to Wheatley, Starr, and Co., agents, 156, Cheapside.

The Gold Fields of British Columbia.-First ship for Victoria, Vancouver's Island, direct (to follow the Lockett), and sail in April, the splendid, high-class Aberdeen clipper Cyclone, A1 for 14 years, 594 tons register, 1,200 tons burden, J. Hossack, Commander; loading in the London Docks. This fine ship is well known in the Australian and China trades for her rapid passages. Has a full poop, with excellent accommodation for all classes of passages. Fares-first cabin, 50 guineas; second cabin, 35 guineas; third cabin, 25 guineas. For freight or passage apply to Messrs. Henderson and Brunaby, 17, Gracechurch-street; to Messrs. James Thomson and Co., Billiter-court; to Charles Oswald, 13, George-yard, Lombord-street; or to Filby and Co., 63, Fenchurch-street.

Royal Mail Steamships to West Indies and Brazils.-Goods and Parcels, of all sizes, for the mail steamers, sailing on the 2d and 17th and 9th of each month, are received by Dunlop, Schoales, and Co., 2, Crown-court, Threadneedle-street, London and Southampton.

Brazil and River Plate.-The Compagnie des Messageries Imperiales Mail Steamers leave Bordeaux on the 25th of each month for Buenos Ayres, calling at Lisbon, St. Vincent (Cape de Verd), branch line to Gorce (Senegal), Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Montevideo. For passage, freight, and information apply at Paris, 28, rue Notre Dame des Victoires; Marseilles, 1, Place Royale; Liverpool, G.H. Fletcher and Co., 11, Covent-garden; London, Lightly and Simon, 123, Fenchurch-street; and B.W. and H. Horne, 4, Moorgate-street, E.C., and 33, Regent-circus, Piccadilly, W., where berths may be secured and specie merchandise, and parcels forwarded.

West Indies, Mexico, Colon, or Aspinwall, Panama, Central American and South Pacific Ports, San Francisco, and British Columbia.-The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's Steamers leave Southampton, with H.M.'s Mails, on the 2d and 17th of every month, conveying passengers and parcels, also specie and goods, under through bill of laden for any of the places mentioned above. For particulars apply to Capt. Vincent, Superintendent, Southampton; or to R.T. Reep, Sec. Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, 55, Moorgate-st., London, E.C. Parcels and specie are received at the Company's office, in London. Specie, goods, parcels, or baggage sent to Southampton should be addressed to a shipping agent there.

Friday, April 4, 1862

Ireland.-Cheap and Expeditious Route, by Great Western Railway, to Waterford and South of Ireland, by Express Trains to Milford Haven, and large powerful steamers from the terminus at New Milford. Waterford, daily, from 9.15 a.m. express, and 6 a.m. trains from Paddington. Fares to Waterford-first-class 50s.; second, 40s.; third, 24s. 6d. First and second class return tickets, available for one month, at a fare and a half. The return steamers leave Waterford daily. For further particulars apply at the railway stations, or to Messrs. Ford and Jackson, 36, Cannon-st., London; and railway Stations, Milford Haven.

British and North American Royal Mail Steamships, appointed by the Admiralty to sail between Liverpool and New York, and between Liverpool and Boston, with liberty to call at Halifax or other ports to land and receive mails, goods, and passengers, the Boston ships calling at Halifax to land and receive passengers and Her Majesty's mails. The following or other vessels are appointed to sail from Liverpool, calling at Cork to receive the mails:--

Canada, for Boston, Saturday, April 5.
*Persia, for New York, Saturday, April 12.
Europa, for Boston, Saturday, April 19.

*Taking passengers and goods for Nassau and Havana, to be transferred at New York on board the R.M.S.S. Karnak.

Passage money, including steward's fee and provisions, but without wines or liquors:-To Halifax and Boston, chief cabin, 22; second cabin, 16. To New York, chief cabin, 26; second cabin, 18. Freight to Halifax, Boston, and New York, 3 per ton and 5 per cent. primage. Apply to J.B. Foord, 52 Old Broad-street, London; D. Currie, Havre, and 12, Place de la Bourse, Paris; G. and J. Burns, Punchanan-street, Glasgow; D. and C. MacIver, Queenstown; or D. and C. MacIver, 8, Water-street, Liverpool.

Black Ball Monthly Australian
Clippers from London

Port Ship Tonnage To Sail
Sydney Southern Cross[?] 1,200 April 10
Sydney W.W. Smith 1,200 April 25
Sydney Spirit of the North 1,200 May 10
Sydney Stornaway 1,000 May 25
Melbourne Netherby 1,500 April 25
Melbourne Grant's Causeway 2,500 May 25
Queensland Young Australian 1,500 April 30
Queensland Robert Parker 2,000 May 30

This celebrated line of packets have, by their punctuality and rapid passage, earned a world known reputation, and their passenger accommodation is unsurpassed by any vessels afloat. For all particulars respecting freight or passage to Australia apply to James Baines and Co., Liverpool; all agents for the Black Ball Line; and T.M. Mackay and Co., 1, Leadenhall-street, London, E.C.

Wednesday, April 16, 1862

Orient Line of Packets to Adelaide.
The following A 1 British-built clipper Ships, noted for speed, will be despatched from the London Docks:--

Ships Tons Reg. Captains To Sail
Alwynton 491 J. Hole April 21
Orient 1,032 A. Lawrence May 24
The Murray 902 J. Legoe June 25
Venilia 618 R. Paige July 25

These fine vessels are loaded with great care, and offer to shippers and passengers the most eligible conveyance. For freight or passage apply to James Thomson and Co., 1, Billiter-court; or to Budden, Bovan and Tozer, 2 Jeffrey's-square, E.C.

Under Arrangement with Her Majesty's Colonial Government of Queensland.-London to Queensland direct.-Black Ball Monthly Packets.-Free grants of land are receivable to the amount of 30, subject to the Government regulations, by persons who pay their own passage by this line.

Young Australia, 1,500 tons, will sail as packet for April.
Robert Parker, 2,000 tons, will sail as packet for May.

The passenger accommodation of these ships are made under the inspection of the surveyors for the Emigration Commissioners; an experienced surgeon accompanies each ship; and every care is taken to insure the comfort of the passengers.

For all particulars respecting the new colony of Queensland apply to Henry Jordan, Esq., Representative of the Queensland Government; to James Baines and Co., Liverpool; all agents for the Black Ball Line; and to T.M. Mackay and Co., 1, Leadenhall-st., London, E.C.

New Zealand.-The Passengers' Line.--
For Auckland direct, to sail 30th April, the favourite liner African, A 1 13 years, 774 tons register, Joseph Gibson, Commander; in the St. Katharine Docks. This fast-sailing ship is noted in the trade for the comfort of her accommodation and the urbanity of her commander. All goods should be sent to the Docks as soon as possible. Apply to Shaw, Savill, and Co., 34, Leadenhall-street, London, E.C.

New Zealand.-Arrival of the Mail.-The First Ships are as follows:--

Ships Tons Port To sail
African 1,400 Auckland April 30
Planter 500 Otago & Dunedin Wharf April 20
Bombay 1,800 Otago May 15
Princess 800 Wellington April 25
Edward Thornhill 800 Nelson May 15
Avery 600 Nelson and Taranaki May 20
Mary Ann 1,000 Canterbury May 10

For New York.-
Steerage passage, 4; second cabin, 6.-The only American Line of Packets sailing weekly.-The Cornelius Grinnell, 1,270 tons register. Albert Spencer, Commander, is now loading in the London Docks. Sails April 17. For freight or passage apply to Messrs. Baring, Brothers, and Co., 3 Bishopsgate-street within; or to Grinnell, Tinker, and Morgan, No. 113, Fenchurch-street.

Great Eastern for New York.-
The steamship Great Eastern, 18,915 tons register, will be despatched from Milford Haven for New York, under the command of Captain W. Paton, on Tuesday, May 6. Fares:-Cabin passage 20 to 28, according to accommodation, all having the same privileges in the saloon. Arrangements have been made with the various railway companies for the conveyance of passengers from all the principal towns to Milford Haven at considerably reduced rates. Intermediate passage, 10 10s.; steerage ditto, 8 8s., including conveyance to Milford. Freight on moderate terms. Goods received either in Liverpool or London. For further particulars apply to C.E. Dixon, 9 Rumford-place, Liverpool; Ford and Jackson, Milford Haven; Seymour, Peacock, and Co., 116, Fenchurch-street, London, E.C., or to the Great Ship Company (Limited), 90, Cannon-street, London, E.C.

Passengers From India, China, and Australia.--
The following is a list of passengers by the Peninsular and oriental Company's steamer Mooltan, Captain E. Cooper, which is expected at Southampton this (Wednesday) evening, with the heavy portion of the Australian, Calcutta, and China mails:-From Calcutta.-Mrs. E. Lushington, three children, and European female servant; Mrs. Barry, three children, and two native servants; Mrs. Wauchope, three children, and European female servant; Mrs. Wibrow and infant, Mr. A. Anderson, Mr. Pittar, Mr. J. Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. T. Aird (second engineer, steamship Candia), Master Comrie and European female servant, Mr. J. Langlands (fourth engineer, company's service). From Madras.-Major-General and Mrs. Fitzgerald, Miss Fitzgerald, and child; Colonel and Mrs. C.C. Johnston, two children, and native servant; Mrs. Carleton, four children, and two native servants; Mr. and Mrs. Underwood, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Howard and two infants, Miss Johnson, Mr. G.F. Fletcher, Mr. F.H. Boirey, Mr. H. Wood, Mr. J. Rankin, Mr. A.H. Wheden, Mr. and Mrs. Gadsden, two infants, and European female servant. From Sydney.-Sir Harry Parker, lady, and European female servant; the Hon. J.B. Darvall. From Hongkong.-Mr. And Mrs. Richards, infant, and European female servant; Captain D.G. Munro (late commander, company's service), Mr. A. Boyton, Mr. W.C. Helder, Mr. Chambers, Mr. Halford, Mr. Lacey, Mr. Mothersole, Mr. Thunder, Mr. and Mrs. Lambert and three children. From Singapore.-Miss Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Baxter and two children, Lieutenant F.M. Prosser, Mr. T.F. Lawrence, Mr. V. Matsen, Mrs. Randall and infant, General Fitzgerald's servant. From Galle.-Captain Pritchard, R.N. From Suez.-Mr. T. Bell, Mr. J. Wilson, Mr. Waterworth. From Alexandria.-His Excellency Governor Kennedy, Mr. W.A. Ogg, Lord Londesborough's servant, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, Mr. Luis Campbell; Mrs. Gahagan, Child, and native female servant; Mr. Parker. From Malta.-Colonel and Mrs. M'Clean and two servants; Mrs. Patton, infant, and servant.

Friday, April 18, 1862

Queensland Emigration
To The Editor of the Times
Sir,-May I ask the favour of the acknowledgment of the following sums for the East London Weavers' Aid Association, sent in consequence of the letters which you have so kindly inserted?-S.E.W., 10l; Mr. Walter Leslie, 5l.; V.T., 10l.; Anon. (Stamps), 15s.; Mr. E. Charrington, 5l.

In addition to the above, I have to thank many persons who have offered to give information to their relatives and agents employed in Queensland of any families we may send out, and thus put them in the way of getting suitable occupation and speedy engagements.

The committee have received a proposal from Messrs. Mackay, of the Black Ball Line of Packets, whereby they are making arrangements for sending out at comparatively small cost a large number of suitable emigrants, and if the funds admit they hope to send about 100 by the end of May, or as soon after as possible. Meanwhile they look to the public to assist them towards giving the necessary outfits for these families, who have been obliged to part with their garments for food during the winter, and to provide the passage money for those extra members of their families who may be under or over the age required.

The last mail brought tidings of a vessel which carried out some from this association, and it is gratifying to learn that the impression made by the whole body of upwards of 1,000 emigrants arrived at Brisbane by the three ships in February last, some of them Germans, was so favourable that already before the mail left they were nearly all engaged.

While they will be very careful in the selection, the committee hope that they may be supported by the public in being able to take advantage of the terms now offered, as they can never be more favourable, and as the labour-market gets fuller they will become less acceptable than at present.

Thanking you for the valuable help given to our movement by the insertion of these facts,
I am, Sir, your obedient, servant,
A.B. Suter,
All Saints', Spicer-street, Spitalfields, N.E., April 17.

Monday, April 21, 1862

American Mail.--
The British and North American Mail steamer America, Captain Moodie, sailed from Liverpool on Saturday for Halifax and Boston. Besides the usual mails and a fair amount of cargo, she also took out 84 passengers.

Passengers From Bombay, &c.--
The following is a list of passengers by the Peninsular and Oriental Company's steamship Delta, Captain J.S. Field, which left Malta at 7 p.m. on the 13th inst., with the heavy portion of the Bombay mails, and is expected to arrive at Southampton on Wednesday morning:-From Hongkong.-Dr. Hunter. From Sydney.-Mr. Osborne. From Bombay.-Mrs. Spring, two children, and native female servant; Mrs. and Master Adamson, three children, and European female servant; Mrs. Pottinger, Colonel Elliot, Major Holland and native manservant, Mr. Fernandez, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Moxon, two children, and native manservant; Miss Vaughan, three children, an native female servant; Mrs. Rich, three children, and two native servants; Miss Nicolson, Mrs. M'Gaa, Sergeant Rutherford, Mrs. Watson's European manservant, Mr. Walton, Mr. Coen, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Reed and two children, Lieutenant Grylls, Mr. Owen, Mr. C. Eastley (chief officer steamship Ottawa), Mr. F. Byers (chief engineer Ottawa), Mr. A.H. Renton (third officer steamship Orissa), Mr. S. Drinkwater (engineer from dockyard), Mr. A. Baylis (purser, steamship Benares), Mr. A. Reid (chief engineer, steamship Benares), Mr. Nicolson (late superintending engineer at Bombay), Captain Gribble (commander, steamship Malta.) From Alexandria.-Mrs. Smith and infant, Mrs. Rowley, two children, and European female servant.

Wednesday, April 30, 1862

Passengers from India and China.--
The following is a list of passengers by the Peninsular and oriental Company's steamship Pera, Captain J. Jamieson, which left Malta at 8 p.m. on the 23d inst., with the heavy portion of the Calcutta and China mails, and is expected at Southampton on Friday evening or Saturday morning:-From Calcutta-Major Vane, Lieutenant Hill, Baboo S. Tagore, Baboo M. Ghode, Mr. G. Youngs, Mr. and Mrs. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Cunliffe, Captain Nowell, Mr. G.O.B. Saunders, Colonel and Mrs. Cureton, and European female servant; Colonel and Mrs. Scott, two children, and native servant; Major and Mrs. Kent, and European manservant; Colonel, Mrs., and Miss Ommany, infant, and native female servant; Colonel and Mrs. James, Mr. J. Smith, Mrs. and Miss Wylly and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Woodhouse, three children, and European female servant; Major Morrieson, Mr. T. Smart, Mr. R. Daly, the Rev. J. Young, Dr. Corbyn, Sergeant Farr, Mr. G. Hall, Mr. H. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, three children, and two servants; Colonel Hutchinson, Mr. Ker, Mr. Baillie, Mr. Brabazon, Captain Down (late Commander of the steamship Nubia). From Madras.-Mrs. Stansfield, three children, and native female servant; Mrs. Cornish and child, Dr. Prichard, Mr. Cotton, Captain and Mrs. Fischer, three children, and native female servant; Mr. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Oakes and child, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Colonel Selby. From Hong-kong.-Mr. And Mrs. Maclean, two children, and two European female servants; Captain Saunders, Mr. J. Parker, R.N., Mr. J. Rice, Mr. Closh, Captain Laders, Mr. Cameron (fourth officer of the steamship Azof), Mr. J. Rae (clerk in charge of the steamship Shanghai). From Singapore.-Mr. E. Gardner. From Penang.-Dr. Ridings, Captain Eagleston. From Ceylon.-Mr. and Mrs. Macartney and two children, Mr. De Sarem, Mrs. Evans. From Bombay.-Mr. Brocklehurst. From Suez.-Commander Harston, late Admiralty Agent of the steamship Jeddo. From Alexandria.-Mr. P. Irvine, Colonel Carr. From Malta.-Lord and Lady Ashburner, Captain Falconer, Miss Mayne and servant, Mr. and Mrs. Lamb, two children, and servant.

Wednesday, May 7, 1862

Passengers From Bombay, &c.--
The following is a list of passengers by the Peninsular and Oriental Company's steamship Ellora, Captain J. Kellock, which left Malta at 4 a.m. on the 30th ult., with the heavy portion of the Bombay and Mauritius mails, and is expected at Southampton on Friday:-From Mauritius.-Captain Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Macfarlane, Mr. and Mrs. Jack, daughter, and native boy. From Sydney.-Mr. And Mrs. Rich. From Hongkong.-Mrs. J.C. Power, Mr. A. Clarke (chief officer steamship Grenada), Mrs. McKenzie's servant. From Singapore.-Count de Castleneau and servant, Madame d'Aranjo, child, and servant, Mr. Brown's native servant. From Batavia.-Mr. Brown. From Bombay.-Mrs. Johnston and three children, Dr. Golstein, Colonel and Mrs. Lye, child, and native servant; Mrs. Haggard, child, and two European servants; Mrs. Ratcliffe, four children, and native servant; Mrs. Bruce and child, Mr. Johnston and three children, Ensign Becke, Mr. Terry, Mrs. Clarke, two children, and two native servants; Cursetjee Dorabjee, Captain Cowper, Mr. W. Griffin (late purser unattached, Bombay station). From Galle.-Mr. Handyside. From Aden.-Mr. C.S. Mainwaring. From Suez.-Captain G. Dunn (late commander Colombo). From Alexandria.-Mr. M'Laughlin, Mr. Cochrane and servant.

An Escape From Newgate.--
Early yesterday morning Philip Krause, a sailor, awaiting his trail on a charge of robbery in the gaol of Newgate, made his escape, and for the present he remains at large, "with the world before him, where to choose." Such a feat had scarcely been supposed, by any one familiar with the prison and its present arrangements, within the range of possibility. At all events, under any circumstances, it would be fraught with imminent peril to life and limb, and has always been of rare occurrence there. Krause is a native of Hamburg and about 24 years of age. He is a little above the average height, and light hair and complexion, and rather stout. He had been committed from the Thames Police-court. By a series of ingenious expedients and great daring he regained his liberty. He was confined, it is said, in a new wing of the prison, and he effected his escape by cutting a panel out of his cell door. That was the first successful step in the enterprise. He had previously taken down from the interior of his dormitory about 10 feet of gaspiping, with which, and his blankets, he appears to have made a sort of ladder. Then eluding the "vigilance," as the phrase goes, of the night-watchman, he passed on to one of the airing-yards, and scaling a wall, clambered over the roof of an adjacent building to one of a lower level, and by degrees worked his way down to the open street, landing in the Old Bailey, near the governor's private entrance, and getting clear off. After escaping from his cell he had torn down another piece of gas-piping of considerable length, breaking it off near an angular joint, and making thus a sort of crook, which he afterwards used with great effect in scaling the wall and letting himself down on the further side. Yesterday morning Mr. Jonas, the governor of the gaol, communicated the fact of the escape to Mr. Deputy Farrar and Mr. Gammon, the under-sheriffs, who instituted an official inquiry into the circumstances, as they are now substantially related. A reward has since been, or is about to be, offered for the recapture of the man in question. About 6 o'clock yesterday morning the rope of blankets and sheeting by which he had escaped was seen dangling in the Old Bailey from the prison wall near the spot where the gallows is erected at executions, and immediately opposite a cab-stand.

Monday, May 12, 1862

Atlantic and Pacific Steaming.--
The increase of passenger traffic to British Columbia has compelled the Pacific United States Mail Company to add to their fleet. One of these vessels, the Constitution, is already on the line, and can carry 1,500 passengers and 1,200 tons of goods. The vessels of the West India Royal Mail Company are taking large numbers of passengers, and the Pacific Company run from Panama four times a month instead of three.

Sailing Of The New Steamship Scotia.--
The British and North American Royal Mail steamship Scotia, Captain Judkins, sailed from Liverpool on Saturday for New York. Besides the usual mails, she took out a fair amount of cargo, and had 130 passengers. Numerous spectators thronged the piers and quays to witness the departure of the noble vessel, the fine appearance of which was much admired as she steamed majestically down the river. The Inman screw steamer Kangaroo arrived in Liverpool on Saturday morning. Her news has been anticipated. She brought numerous passengers, and had $857,524 in specie on freight.

Government Emigration.--
The Government emigrant-ship John Vanner, of 726 tons, Captain William Moore, belonging to Messrs. John Lidgett and Sons, of London, which sailed from Southampton on the 4th of January, arrived at Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope, on the 10th of March, with 38 married couples, 94 single men, 75 single women, 15 boys between the ages of 1 and 12, 15 girls between the same ages, and 1 infant, making a total of 238 souls, equal to 222 statute adults, under the charge of Surgeon-Superintendent William Domett Stone, M.R.C.S., Eng., &c., assisted by the services of Annie Maria Payne, matron, and George Cracknell, schoolmaster. Though between 30 and 40 were afflicted with scarlet fever and measles we are happy to state that only one, an infant, died on the voyage.

(By Electric And International Telegraph.)
(From Our Own Correspondent.)
Plymouth, Sunday.
The ship True Briton, 1,016 tons, Captain G.H. Bann, belonging to Messrs. Money Wigram, and Melbourne, with 32,299 oz. of gold, valued at 129,166l. a cargo of wool, 20 cabin and 170 steerage passengers, is gone up Channel. She sailed February 18, rounded the Horn March 19, and crossed the Line April 18. Moderate breezes prevailed to Cape Horn and up to 28 S. lat., after which light north-east wind to the Line; no south-east trades. Between long. 129 and 130 W., and lat. 53 S., passed several icebergs, 18 of which were seen at one time, close to the ship. Spoke, March 28, lat. 45.15 S., long. 32.44 W., the Duncan Dunbar, from Sydney; April 7, lat. 23-31 S., long. 26.27 W., the Kent, of London; 15th, lat. 6.27 S., long. 28.47 W., the Danish ship Industry; 16th, 1.53 S., 29.7 W., the bark John Taylor; 17th, 2.12 S., 29-30 W., the bark Caroline, of Buenos Ayres; 19th, lat. 1.30 N., long. 29.50 W., the Hamburg bark Malvina Schutz; 28th, lat. 25 N., long. 42.6 W., the Prince of Wales; and May 9, lat.48.30 N., long. 13.40., the ship Kate Kearney. The ship Star of Tasmania, 632 tons, Captain and owner Tulloch, from Otago, with wool, has passed up Channel. She brings 30 cabin and 12 steerage passengers, and left February 20, rounded the Horn March 8, crossed the Line April 19, and spoke, May 1, lat. 36.12 N., long. 44.10 W., the ship Nonpareil, 120 days from California for Falmouth. The American bark F.S. Meano, with timber, from St. Thomas's for Devonport Dockyard, arrived in the Sound to-day.

Plymouth, Saturday.
The ship Star of Peace, 1,113 tons register, belonging to Messrs. George Thompson, jun., and Co., of London and Aberdeen, has arrived from Sydney, and passed up Channel this morning. Her cargo included 3,000 bales wool, 1,000 hides, and some copper ore. She has 16 cabin and 16 fore cabin passengers, among whom are Mr. J. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone, Rev. J. Ashwin and family, Mrs. Westbrooke and family, Mrs. Malane, Mrs. Carter, and Mr. Western, surgeon. The Star of Peace sailed from Sydney February 12, and experienced fresh breezes and moderate weather to longitude 80 west. Ice was observed four days. The passage to the Horn, which was rounded March 10, was accomplished in 26 days, but light northerly winds and the total absence of the south-east trades detained her for 39 days south of the line, which was crossed April 18. Here she fell in with the north-east trades, which continued up to 30 deg. north, when moderate north-west winds commenced. She touched at the isle of Flores, May 4, and completed the run from the equator to the Channel in 22 days. The Walter Hood, Annie Archbell, Lochie, Jason, Cissy, and Stornoway left Sydney before the Star of Peace. The Duncan Dunbar, Captain Neatby, and the Electra, Captain Cayser, sailed the same day. The Maid of Judah, Tiptree, and Dawstone were loading for London. The Star of Peace spoke, March 3, lat. 52.48 S., long. 116.27 W., the ship Copenhagen, Captain Godfrey, 33 days from Melbourne, for London; April 10, lat. 11.0 S., long. 24 W., the ship Star of Tasmania, 47 days from Otago, New Zealand, for London; April 23, lat. 13 N., long. 42 W., the American ship, third distinguishing pennant 8,971, 109 days from San Francisco, for Falmouth; May 2, lat. 38.41 N., long. 40.20 W., bark Sigrid Liquid, 105 days from Singapore, for London; and May 10, lat. 48.33 N., long. 7.58 W., the ship Landsdowrie, 140 days from Shanghai, for London, and the Dutch bark Brilliant.

Wednesday, May 14, 1862

Another Arrival From Charleston.--
On Monday afternoon the screw steamer Economist, Captain Burge, arrived at Liverpool from Charleston. She sailed from the port last named on the 2d of April and succeeded in running the blockade, having on board 837 bales of cotton, 404 barrels of resin, and a mail up to the date of sailing. The latter has been anticipated. Private letters by this conveyance show that a great amount of distress was prevalent in Charleston. The consignees of the Economist are Messrs. Fraser, Irentohlm, and Co., of Liverpool.

Friday, May 16, 1862

Passengers From India, China, And Australia.--
The following is a list of passengers by the Peninsular and Oriental Company's steamship Ripon, Captain Christian, which left Malta at 6 p.m. on the 8th inst., with the heavy portion of the mails, and is expected at Southampton on Saturday evening:-From Sydney.-The Bishop of Sydney, Mrs. Barker and European man servant, Captain Daniell, Mr. Blackwell, Mr. C. Irving, Captain Vignolles. From Melbourne.-Mrs. Don. From King George's Sound.-Mr. Jamieson. From Hongkong.-Captain Johnson, Mr. Margeson, Mr. Hubbard, Captain Rieper, Mr. J. Ray (engineer, Peninsular and Oriental service), Deputy-Assistant-Commissary Blackway. From Singapore.-Mrs. Harrison, Captain Hodson. From Calcutta.-Mr. Leslie, Mr. Hill, Dr. and Mrs. Anderson, Colonel and Mrs. Harrington, infant, and native female servant; the Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Hare, infant, and native female servant; Lieutenant Baillie, Major and Mrs. Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Blundell, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, two children, and native female servant; Mr. and Mrs. Murray, Captain Murray, Lieutenant Hibbert, Colonel and Mrs. Maxwell, Mr. Wollaston, Mr. Betagh, Mr. Downes, Lieutenant Gordon, Mr. Cunliffe's two children and European female servant; Master Trouft and European female servant, Captain Tapley, Captain Cull, Mr. Rawling, Mrs. Davidson, Lieutenant Buckley. From Madras.-Captain Ritherden, three children, and European female servant; Major and Mrs. Tulloch, two children, and European female servant; Mrs. Chambers and native female servant, Mr. and Mrs. Ainsley, Mrs. Brannon and European female servant, the Rev. Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. and Miss Trotter and European female servant, Mrs. R.A. Anderson, Mrs. and Miss Archer, Mrs. Forbes and infant, Major and Mrs. Clark, Mr. Copleston. From Galle.-Mr. And Mrs. Vanderpeir, two children, and European female servant; Mr. Green, Mr. Duncan and native man servant, Mr. Fraser, Mr. Kay (second engineer steamship Northam), Mr. Cull (fourth officer, Northam). From Suez.-Mr. J. Collins (second engineer to the Nepaul). From Alexandria.-Mr. Nye, Mr. Angier, Mr. Liebert, Mr. Caraffys child and nurse.

Thursday, May 22, 1862

Government Emigration.--
Her Majesty's Emigration Commissioners have given notice of their intention to receive tenders to-day (Thursday) for a ship to convey passengers to Keppel Bay, Queensland, to be ready for the reception of passengers on such day as the Commissioners may appoint between the 14th and 24th of July. The ship must, subject to the usual conditions, be furnished with a fresh-water distilling apparatus, and with a competent person to manage it. The Commissioners will also receive tenders for the conveyance to Natal of a party of emigrants, in a vessel to sail from this country not later than the 23d of June.

Steam To New York.--
Southampton, Wednesday.-The Hamburg-American Company's screw steamship Saxonia, Captain H. Ehlers, sailed hence to-day for New York, with the German and English mails, valuables from Havre worth 17,500f., upwards of 700 passengers from Hamburg, Havre, and this port (of whom 263 are in the saloon), and a large cargo.

Friday, May 23, 1862

Government Emigration.--
Her Majesty's Emigration Commissioners chartered yesterday afternoon the following ships-the Utopia, of 949 tons, belonging to Messrs. Barned and Co., of Liverpool, to sail from Plymouth for Keppel-bay, Queensland, at 15l. 9s. 1d. per statute adult, to be ready for the reception of passengers on such day as the Commissioners may appoint between the 14th and 24th July next; and also the Jasper, belonging to Mr. Henry John Hall, of London, to sail from Gravesend on the 23d of June next for Natal, Cape of Good Hope, at 13l. 19s. 6d. Per statute adult.

Wednesday, May 28, 1862

Passengers From India and China.--
The following is a list of passengers by the Peninsular and Oriental Company's steamship Mooltan, Captain J.S. Field, which left Malta at 2 a.m. on the 22d inst., with the heavy Calcutta and China mails, and is expected at Southampton on Saturday:-From Calcutta.-Rev. R. Blake, Mr. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Reid, Captain and Mrs. Anderson, infant, and native female servant; Lieutenant Loch, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Probyn, Mrs. Black, Dr. Campbell, Lieutenant Shoebridge, Lieutenant Twemlow, Mr. and Mrs. Abercrombie, Mr. and Mrs. Willock, infant, and native female servant; Rev. W. Drawbridge, Mr. and Mrs. Prinsep, two children, and European female servant; Mr. De Backer, Lieutenant Rawlins, Mrs. Balfour's two children and two servants, Major Drysdale, Dr. Mountjoy and child, Mr. Pennell, Mr. G. Todd (second engineer, steamship Hindostan). From Madras.-Major and Mrs. Cadenhead and two children, Captain and Mrs. Menares, Mr. Ames, Mrs. Gordon and infant, Captain and Mrs. Moxen, three children, and native female servant. From Galle.-Mr. Logan, Mr. Brown, Captain Rogers, Mrs. Willisford. From Hongkong.-Mr. Rothwell, Mr. Tomlin (chief officer, steamship Axof), Mr. Scott (3d officer, steamship Axof), Mr. Miller (third officer, steamship Pekin), Mr. Rowland, Miss Wilson, Captain M'Donald. From Singapore.-Mr. Purvis. From Penang.-Mrs. And Miss Presgrave, four children, and two native female servants. From Suez.-Captain Waller.

The Mails, &c.,--
Southampton, Tuesday.-Two of the Peninsular and Oriental Company's screw steamships have been despatched hence to-day-the Alhambra, Captain G.J. Babot, taking the mails and 20 passengers for Vigo, Oporto, and Lisbon; and the Ellora, Captain J. Kellock, with the Mediterranean and Bombay mails. The freight of the latter vessel includes 16 boxes of specie and jewelry, value 25,189l. 10s., viz.:-For Aden.-Sovereigns, 500l.; watch, 10l. For Bombay.-Bargold, 20,105l.; bar silver, 1,380l.; sovereigns, 2,081l.; rupees, 600l.; watches, jewelry, &c., 465l. 10s. The Ellora has 20 first and 17 second class passengers, and 11 proceed by the corresponding Marseilles steamer, making a total of 48 by the present departure, among whom are Captain and Mrs. Wilkinson, for Malta; Major Brooke, for Alexandria, en route to Calcutta; Captain Gowan, Captain Conybeare, and Assistant-Surgeon Adey, for Bombay.

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