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extracted from 1859 Colonization Circulars No. 19, pp. 10-11

Effects of Passengers dying on the Voyage ca. 1859

New South Wales
    The goods and effects of emigrants dying on the voyage, are, on arrival of the vessel, collected by the agent for immigration, after which they are disposed of by public auction, and the proceeds transmitted home for distribution to their legal representatives.
    The goods and effects of passengers who may die on their voyage to Victoria are, in default of any legitimate claim thereto, made within 7 days, to be handed over by the master (under a penalty, not exceeding £100), within fourteen days after arrival, to the Immigration officer, and by the latter to the persons entitled, under any will of the deceased, or, in case of intestacy, to the Curator of Intestate estates in the Colony.— 18 Vict. No.5. 1854, sect. 16
South Australia
    The effects of Government Emigrants dying on the voyage to South Australia, and having no near relatives in the colony, are publicly sold by the Government Auctioneer ; and the proceeds, together with any money belonging to the deceased, are remitted to the Emigration Commissioners in England, for the benefit of the next of kin.
The Curator of intestate estates administers to the estates and effects of persons dying in the colony without having made a will. Full particulars are published half yearly in the province, and are transmitted annually to the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
Western Australia
    By Colonial Ordinance, the Civil Court is empowered to grant Letters of Administration to its registrar, to administer to the effects of parties dying intestate, and without any person in the colony having interest in them : but the Registrar in himself has no power to claim effects of passengers dying on the voyage out.
New Zealand
    No regulations are in force respecting the disposal of the goods and effects of persons dying on the voyage to this colony.
Canada (ie. Quebec)
    The effects of passengers dying on their voyage to Canada, unaccompanied by relatives or other persons entitled to take charge thereof, are to be accounted for and paid over, under a penalty not exceeding £250 currency, by the master to the Collector of Customs at the port of arrival, who is to grant a receipt to the master, containing a full description of the nature or amount of the property.
    Effects left by Emigrants who died at Grosse Isle without relatives, 1847
New Brunswick
    The master of any vessel from Europe, previous to entry, must deliver to the proper officer, on oath, a list of the passengers that have died on the voyage, and an account of the property of such passengers, and deliver over the same for safe keeping, under the penalty of £50 for each offence. The proper officer is authorized to demand and receive the property of deceased emigrants, keeping a separate account thereof, and publishing it in the Royal Gazette.
The orphan or deserted children of emigrants may be bound out to any fit person ; males until the age of twenty-one years and females until the age of eighteen years. The overseers of the poor are the guardians of such children, and are authorized to enforce the terms of the indentures, to protect them against neglect and cruelty, and to redress their wrongs.
    It is provided by the thirty-eighth section of the Act 22 Vict. cap. 1, that it shall be the duty of the Immigration agent to collect and take possession of the property of any Immigrant who shall die in this island, and, with the sanction of the governor, to deliver all such property to any person in the island who shall establish a right to the same, or, in the absence of any such person, to turn the said property into money, and pay the proceeds into the island treasury, in order that the same may be remitted to the person or persons, in India or elsewhere, who shall be entitled thereto.


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