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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1825

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1825.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Lady Sherbrooke, Malsham, New Swiftsure, Quebec & Chambly.

April 24 - May 28 | May 29 - July 25 | July 26 - September 24 | September 24 - December 09

January 15th - CC

Extracts from London Papers, from 1st to 4th November, 1824
Elopement:— On Saturday last on the arrival of the Rockingham coach at the Rein Deer Inn, Dorcester, a young girl from Darlington (imprudently on a trip to town with a London lover) was fortunately overtaken by her brother, who had pursued the fugitives on horseback. The lady was instantly handed down, and the disappointed admirer, who is well known to the brother, quietly relinquished all claims to his prize, and proceeded on his journey. After a short remonstrance the ring was doffed, and the runaway consented to return to her almost distracted friends.
Leeds Mercury

  The advantages of steam navigation are extending themselves daily in every part of Europe. A plan has just been formed for establishing a regular communication by steam boats on the great Canal of the Two Seas, in the south of France. As the boat with lateral wheels in common use would present numerous difficulties in canal navigation, a new kind of boat with a single wheel in the stern has been invented by Messrs. Aynard, of Lyons . . . . The passage boats are to be 86 feet long by 15 broad, handsomely fitted up with cabins and other conveniences . . . . It is calculated that the light steamboats will run from Toulouse to Bezieres, 133 miles by the canal, in 32 hours, allowing 7 minutes each for the passage of 78 locks. The present passage boats take 78 hours for the same distance.
January 26th - CC LONDON, Dec. 1st 1824
    It is stated that the losses at Lloyd's by the storm of Monday and Tuesday are beyond calculation, and are scarcely equalled in the memory of the oldest member of the house.
    During the tempest, 300 feet of the battlements of Fonthill Abbey were blown down and glass broken to the amount of several hundred pounds.
    At Taunton, Leaton, Sidmouth, Exeter, Exmouth, South Devon, Plymouth, on the Cornish coast, Portleven, Falmouth, Polperro, Fowey, Lowe, &c. &c. the destruction by the storm is beyond calculation. Several vessels were lost, the names of which are not known.
    One hundered bales of linen had been picked up at sea belonging to some vessel coasted.
    The destruction on the sound by the storm was very great in lives, houses, furniture, trees, fences, walls, &c. &c. Several columns are occupied detailing particulars.
From the London Shipping List of Nov. 26, 1824.
At Aberdeen, 20th, Quebec Packet, Quebec.

At Deal, 25th, Sibson, Stephenson, Quebec.
At Leith, 25th, Margaret, Troop, Quebec.
At Poole, 24th, Columbia, Rae, Newfoundland.
At Southampton, 25th, Merope, Batrick, Quebec.
    The Doncaster from Quebec, has been driven ashore in Portsmouth harbour.
    The Margaret, McLellan, which was ashore at Plymouth, was got off on the 26th Nov. and towed to the beach at Mount Button.
February 9th - CC Latest from Liverpool — New York, Jan. 31st 1825
  Shipwreck of the Diamond
  We regret to learn, by this arrival [packet ship Canada, Captain Rogers, arriving last evening from Liverpool, whence she sailed on the 5th of the present month], that the elegant ship Diamond, Captain Henry Macy, which sailed from this port on the 12th of December, for Liverpool, was lost on the 2nd instant in Cardigan Bay. The particulars of this distressing occurrence have not been received, but we are informed that all who were on board, except one, were lost. The following is a list of the passengers, as published on the departure of the ship.
Mr. John Betterly, lady and daughter, understood of Baltimore ; Messrs. William Walker, and — Walker, from Philadelphia ; Messrs. Robert Givan junior, John Nicholson, John Broadbent, Joseph Broadbent, and William Wood, of New York ; H.N. Gilbert, of Louisiana ; Dr. Strutt of London ; Mr. McDonald, residence not known — and 15 in the steerage.
    The following extract of a letter from G. Thomas, the Agent of Lloyd's at Liverpool, to the owner of the Diamond, dated Jan. 3rd, gives feint hope that some of the crew were saved.
Liverpool, January 3rd
"On Saturday night last, the ship Diamond, Captain H. Macy, from New York, laden with cotton, struck upon the Causeway near the east end, in 7 fathoms water. An express came to me last night for a vessel or boat to go off directly to take six men from the rigging. The Preventive Boat immediately went, and I hope was successful . . . ."
March 9th - CC from the New York Com. Advertiser, 25th February
. . . . We also have the particlars of the loss of the ship Diamond, which is taken from the Liverpool Advertiser of January 6th. The Diamond was quite upright in the water and lay about a mile from land. No papers of any descriptions had been saved.
Cabin Passengers Lost:— Mrs. [ ! ] Wood of Saddleworth ; Mr. Broadbent of Saddleworth ; Mr. Givan of New York ; and a young female, the child of Mr. & Mrs. Betteley of Baltimore, who were saved. The body of Mr. Wood has been found ; in his pockets were upwards of £7,000 which has been saved. Captain Macy, a most respectable individual, and very well known in the trade ; Mr. Clarke, the chief mate ; and one seaman also a person called Lowe, and two other steerage passengers ; making in all ten individuals, met with a watery grave.
The names of Cabin Passengers saved are:— Mr. Nicholson of New York ; Mr. & Mrs. Betteley of Baltimore ; Mr. Gildard, State of Mississippi ; Mr. Macdonald ; Dr. Strutt of London ; Mr. William Walker ; John William Cousins ; and Mr. Broadbent.
Melancholy Accident:— On Tuesday last

as a young man named James Munley was crossing from Kingston to Long Island, he fell through the ice and was unfortunately drowned. The deceased was a native of the County of Mayo in Ireland. — His body was found on Wednesday.
Brockville, March 7th
Fire:— The dwelling house of Mr. Samuel Chaffey, an emigrant

settler in South Crosby, was consumed by fire about two weeks since, by which we are told he has been put to considerable inconvenience, and sustained a loss of upwards of £100.

We are informed that a man of the name of Thomas Radcliffe was drowned about two months since in crossing the stream upon the ice below Mr. Chaffey's mill in South Crosby. At his funeral a few persons attended ; one of whom of the name of Martha Whealan (Whelan) was also unfortunately drowned in crossing the ice over Indian Lake a short distance above the mill on her way homeward. It has been stated to us that Radcliffe left notes, accounts and personal property to a considerable amount, at present in the hands of Mr. Chaffey and the Coroner, J.K. Hartwell, Esq. Radcliffe was an emigrant from Shropshire, England.
March 16th - CC . . . the special committee of the House of Assembly on the subject made the following report viz. :— "That the establishment of a Steam Boat to run regularly during the summer months between the Ports of Quebec and Halifax, touching at the intermediate Ports, would have a most beneficial effect upon the trade and navigation of these Provinces and that an aid to a moderate extent might with propriety be granted towards the advancement of so desirable an object." — Neilson Gazette, Quebec, 9th March 1825
March 19th - CC Waterproof Cloth:
A process has lately been invented in Glasgow by which cloth may be rendered water-proof. It is reported to consist in gluing two pieces of cloth together by a wash of caoutchouc (or indian rubber,) dissolved in the mineral oil produced at the gas works, and passing them through a rollingpress. It is said that a coat may thus be made perfectly impervious to rain.
Warning:— Children are in the habit of chewing India Rubber. It is perhaps not generally known that quick silver is brought in this article, and it may be considred rank poison.
March 26th - CC

The River is open as far as the eye can reach below this City ; two Durham boats arrived in the harbour on Thursday last, a circumstance which has not occurred at this season of the year during the recollection of the oldest inhabitant.

April 9th - CC There is certainly no want of inclinations in the British North American Provinces to improve their resources, as the following abstract of what they are doing or have done reflects, we think, great credit upon them:—
Lower-Canada has given in 1824 upwards of £15,000 for Roads, as a bounty for establishing a Steam Vessel between Halifax and Quebec, for agricultural and other purposes, for a census of its population, &c. ; besides have authorised an additional loan of £30,000 to complete Lachine Canal, near Montreal.
Upper-Canada has voted £25,000 to the Stock of the Welland Canal Company to make the Canal uniting Lake Erie and Ontario, large enough to admit the passage of ordinary vessels upon the Lakes. It has in consideration to take a Loan of £70,000 Sterling, offered by the Imperial Government for the purpose of uniting Lake Ontario with the River Ottawa ; and the improvement of the Navigation of the Rapids of the River St. Lawrence.
Nova Scotia has voted £12,000 to improve its Lateral Communications, besides considerable sums on the Shubenacadie Canal, and to improve its Agriculture, to encourage Commerce &c.
New-Brunswick has voted £10,000 for its Roads and Internal Communications besides £4,000 for its Fish Be—ties, £1,000 to meet the expenses of a Suvey of a Route for a Canal from the Bay of Fundy to the Gulph of the St. Lawrence, and other sums for purposes of Education, Agriculture, the establishing of Light houses &c. &c. . . .
April 16th - CC Emigration to Canada
  The last papers received from England mention that His Majesty's Government had it in contemplation to send two thousand Irish Emigrants to this country. We are persuaded that this measure is another instance of the kindly intentions of the ministers towards the distressed peasantry of Ireland, and we trust that the mode to be practised will be so arranged as to prevent any Job Work in the affair. We know that great hardships have been sustained by Emigrants on their passage to, and after their arrival in this country, through the improper, and criminal conduct of ship agents, and commanders of vessels, and that the good intentions of government were frequently prevented being carried into effect. . . . .Many instances have occurred wherein emigrants have taken advantage of free passages to Canada, and almost immediately after their landing, passed into the United States . . . .
  Steam Boat Intelligence

The Hercules Tow Boat, which has been handsomely painted and fitted up, is now in the harbour.
New-Swiftsure to sail this evening, at 7 o'clock, for Quebec.
Chambly intended to sail tonight for Chambly.
Laprairie sailed last night for Quebec.
The Montreal continues her trips between this city and Laprairie, regularly, twice a day.
We hope the ice mentioned in the Quebec paper as being fast in the river, has since that period, taken its departure, so that the boats will meet with no obstruction in their passage.
The weather is now remarkably pleasant, and the hum of business has commenced along the margin of our dirty beach.

Advertisement Old Line of Liverpool Packets
April 30th - CC To sail on the first and sixteenth of every month
  Ship Columbia, Hugh Graham, master ; to sail 1st of the 5th month (May)
Ship Manchester, William Lee junior, master ; to sail 16th of the 5th month (May)
Ship Pacific, S. Maxwell, master ; to sail 1st of the 6th month (June)
Ship William Thompson, R.R. Crocker, master ; to sail 16th of the 6th month (June)

The Liverpool Packets having met with general approbation and support, the owners of them have concluded to add to the number of vessels employed in that establishment — and they now intend that the following ships shall sail between New-York and Liverpool, in regular succession, twice in each month, from each port leaving both New-York and Liverpool on the 1st and 16th of every month throughout the year, viz:

Ships Masters
New York Thomas Bennet
Columbia Hugh Graham
Manchester William Lee junior
Pacific S. Maxwell
William Thompson R.R. Crocker
Florida Joseph Tinkham
Canada James Rogers
James Cropper Charles H. Marshall
  These ships were all built in New-York, of the best materials, and are coppered, and copper fastened. They are very fast sailers ; their accomodations for passengers are uncommonly extensive and commodious, and they are commanded by men of great experience.
The price of passage to England, in the Cabin, is now fixed at thirty guineas, for which sum passengers will be furnished with Beds and Bedding, Wine and Stores of the best quality.
  For further particulars, apply to      
Francis Thompson
Isaac Wright & Son
Benjamin Marshall
Jeremiah Thompson
New York, or to     
Horatio Gates & Co. Montreal 
  The decided preference generally given by passengers from the Canadas, to the above old line of Packets is duly appreciated by the proprietors, and no pains nor expense will be spared in fully manning their vessels with expert and experienced Officers, Seamen, Servants &c. &c. That not only safety (as far as depends on human skill and exertion;) but also comfort shall be insured to passengers.
  Montreal, April 23rd, 1825 H. G. & Co.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday April 30th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
April 24 ship Perseverance Egg 29 March Plymouth Mrs. Rodd to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
April 24 bark Sir William Bensley Smith 21 March Portsmouth   to William Budden / in ballast
April 25 brig Procris Arnold 24 March Poole Mr. & Mrs. Goodwin & child to William Budden / cargo, sundries
April 26 brig Dawn Bland 26 March Bristol   to A. George / in ballast
April 26 brig Albion Hall 31 March Portsmouth   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
April 26 bark Mary Ann Laidkey 30 March Bristol   to A. Leather & Co. / in ballast
April 26 bark Samuel Whitbread Warwick 26 March London   to Froste & Co. / in ballast
April 26 bark Shallett Mason 27 March Liverpool   to James Saunders / in ballast
April 26 bark Europe Willis 28 March Plymouth   to William Price / in ballast
April 26 ship Canada Redpath 28 March London   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
April 26 ship Lloyds Winterbottom 29 March Plymouth Messrs. Baird, Cundy (Candy ?), Jeffery to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
April 26 bark Hopewell Dobson 30 March London   to A. George / in ballast
April 26 ship Nautilus Tully 27 March Bristol   to A. George / in ballast
April 26 brig Columbia Taylor 01 April London   to William Price / in ballast
      A considerable number of vessels are stated to be at hand. It is we believe, without precedent that so great a number were in port at the same time of the year.
    The vessels which arrived yesterday fell in with a considerable extent of heavy field-ice, with a number of ice-bergs on the banks of Newfoundland. There was no ice in the gulf except at Cape North ; but it is probable that vessels arriving there later than they did would meet with ice. The William Bensley, only saw a brig in the ice, and met nothing worth notice on her passage. Both vessels might have been up two days sooner had it been known that the ice opposite this port had gone off.
    We understand that intelligence is received from which it is conjectured that the Saguenay, of this port, has been lost on the United States coast.
    The Emma, Reed, dismasted last fall at Hare-Island, which had wintered at Kamouraska, is nearly ready for sea and will sail about 1st May.
    The following vessels were to sail from Liverpool for Quebec early in April viz: Urania, Hibernia, Carrick, Rajnd [sic Rajah ?] , Indian, New John, Benson, Charlotte, and Henry Cerf.
    The Symmetry, Cram, was to leave Bristol, for Quebec 24th March, and the General Wolfe, Stanworth, Ontario, Wells, Chilton, Galley, and Centurion, Banquier, on the 28th March.
    The London, Chapman, from London, was spoken by the Procris off the Seven Islands last Tuesday.
    Spoken 31 March lat. 50, long. 15 by the Nautilus, Tully ; at this port, new ship Margaret from St. John to Liverpool.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday May 4th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
April 26 ship London Smith 26 March London   to W. Patton / in ballast
this ship loads at Riviere du Loup
April 27 brig Symmetry Cram 26 March Bristol   to W. Price / in ballast
April 27 bark Nelson Agar 27 days Exmouth   to W. Price / in ballast
April 27 bark Chilton Gallillee 30 days Bristol   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
April 29 brig Commerce Fleming 30 March Portsmouth   to — / cargo, Dry Goods & Rum
  The Commerce was bound to Richibucto, but owing to her getting on shore near Cape Ray, and receiving damage, was obliged to come here for repair.
The new states of South America, with their ample territories and free institutions, are attracting the most earnest attention of the old and crowded countries of Europe. A ship load of farmers and mechanics well supplied with the implements of their respective callings, lately sailed from Greenock for Buenos Ayres. A strong infusion of Scotch sobriety, perseverance and frugality, would be of great advantage to any portion of South America ; and it would be wise in the new states to invite as much emigration as possible from the northern countries of Europe, for the sake of the moral value and force of the northern character, as well as the sake of the numbers.
Extract of a letter from Havana to a gentleman in Washington, dated 5th April 1825
"Sixteen pirates, taken above Matanzas, have been committed to prison this day. They were taken in company with the Dartmouth frigate, schooners Lion and Union, by the Sea Gull. I therefore regret exceedingly that they were given up here ; as every one of them will be released in the course of a few months. In case the American cruisers have orders to give up the prisoners they capture on this coast to this government, they may as well be recalled to the United States. In this gang was found the only man who was pardoned, at Jamaica, out of the gang taken by Captain Graham at the Isle of Pines, last summer, who afterwards entered on board one of the British schooners of war, where he remained till lately, when he made his escape and joined them again, and was afterwards taken by the same officers from whom he had escaped."
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday May 7th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
April 30 brig Blenheim Warren 25 March London   to William Price / in ballast
May 02 bark Robert & Ann Huntley 27 March London   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
May 02 bark Centurion Ranquire [!] (Bankier ?) 30 March Bristol   to Froste & Co. / general cargo
May 02 bark General Wolfe Stanworth 31 March Bristol Mr. & Mrs. Dalton & Mrs. Welsh to William Budden / general cargo
May 02 brig Ontario Willis 30 March Bristol   to William Budden / general cargo
  A brig and a schooner have arrived but are not yet entered.
The Endeavour, Collinson, sailed from Gravesend for Quebec, on the 22nd March.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday May 11th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 07 brig Port Spain Walmsley 31 March Jamaica   to J. Leaycraft / cargo, rum
May 07 brig Hope Hunter 27 March London   to H. Gowan / in ballast
May 07 bark Henry Cerf Cowey 31 March Liverpool   to Henry Atkinson / in ballast
May 07 schooner Effort Caldwell 19 April St. John's, Nfld   to C.F. Alwyn / cargo, rum
The following is a list of the vessels which have all been safely launched at this port, since last Friday, one or two more which have been launched are not mentioned
From Mr. Finch's Ship-Yard
The ship Flora, of 410 tons burthen The bark Walrus, of 360 tons burthen
From Mr. Munn's Ship-Yard
The ship Duncan Gibb, of 360 tons burthen The brig Thomas Laurie, of 294 tons burthen
From Mr. Bell's Ship-Yard
The bark Royal George, of 330 tons burthen The brig Dalhousie Castle, of about 270 tons ; regular trader to Leith
From Mr. J.S. Campbell's Ship-Yard
The ship Tottenham, upwards of 300 tons burthen The ship Trio, upwards of 300 tons burthen
The ship Quebec Trader, upwards of 300 tons burthen ; regular trader to Dublin  
From Messrs. Sheppard and Campbell's Ship-Yard
The bark Parmilia, of 440 tons burthen  
The wind has prevailed from the east for the last four or five days past, but no other regular traders than the General Wolfe and Ontario, both from Bristol, have yet made their appearance ; besides these two there have been only four arrivals since this day s'ennight.
The Ontario, Willis, from Bristol, with a full cargo, sailed yesterday for Montreal ; she is the first vessel from sea which has passed up this season.
The Commerce, bound to Richibucto which came to this port for repairs was erroneously stated to have a cargo of dry goods and rum. She was in ballast.
The brig Ontario built last year at Quebec, arrived in this port on Saturday from Bristol. The Steam Tow Boat Hercules, having had her damage repaired, came up from Three Rivers on Monday, and sailed again for Quebec on the same evening, with the ship Lady Rowena in Tow. She may be shortly expected back with one, or more of the vessels lately arrived at Quebec.
A singular circumstance, which was likely to produce serious consequences occurred the other day at LaPrairie. When the Steam-Boat Canadian lately built at LaPrairie, and owned by Mr. Raymond, was about to be launched, two men on board the Montreal were engaged in firing off a small piece of ordinance in compliment to the intended launch. One of the men was preparing to load the gun a second time, when the other called out to be careful, as there were some sparks remaining from the former discharge ; the person so cautioned then put his mouth to the muzzle, and blew with all hs force, in order to drive the fire out through the vent ; but it was afterwards proved that his lungs were not sufficiently powerful to accomplish this, as, on attempting to deposit a second charge of powder in the Gun, the fire which still remained, coming in contact with the charge instantly produced an explosion, before these experienced cannoneers had time to save temselves, as both were severely scorched in the faces and breasts. A medical man being present was applied to, who directed them to to use some wash which he had prepared, but one of the sufferers instead of applying the liquid externally, drank it off. On this being discovered, a quantity of milk was immediately administered, which produced vomiting, and thus in all probability the man's life was preserved. Neither of the men have sustained any other injury than that of the scorching, their eyes being fortunately saved. So much for ignorance of the manner in which guns should be loaded. We hope this will be a caution to others, and render them more careful in future.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday May 14th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 07 bark Endeavour Collinson 06 April St. Michael's   to Henry Atkinson / fruit & wine
May 07 brig John Esdale Dearns 31 March London   to William Price / in ballast
May 07 brig Mary Jane Nichols 13 April St. Michael's Messrs. Myer & Clifton and Miss Stewart to M. Myer / fruit & wine
May 08 brigantine Kate Webb 03 April Barbados   to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / sugar
May 08 schooner Apollo Dubeaume 03 April Gibraltar   to M. Lemesurier & Co. fruit & wine
  The vessels which arrived last Saturday morning, saw no ice in the gulf.
The bark Lord Byron, of 380 tons, was launched from Munn's cove at this port, on Thursday morning last.
The bark William Huskisson, was launched on the same morning from Mr. Atkinson's establishment at Cape Rouge.
The Young Oliver, out 48 days from Demerara to Quebec, was spoken by the Kate, 28th April, off Cape Breton, all well.
The schooner Emily, Hewson, was to leave Demerara for Quebec, 15th March.
The Erato was to sail from Jamaica for Quebec about the 15th April.
The Harrisons, Young, sailed from Bristol for Quebec on 17th March.
The Mary Ann, Hillery, sailed from Portsmouth for Quebec, March 20th.
Spoken with on the 21st April by the Laura, at New York from Matanzas, 4 leagues east of the Riding rocks, the brig Robert, Joy, from Jamaica to Quebec.
The Sophia which was launched on the 2nd ult. at Montreal, having entered and completed her cargo, cleared from port on Friday last, for Liverpool.
The Steamboat built at Queenston by Mr. R. Hamilton, was launched on Saturday last. We viewed her on Monday, and she appeared to us to be built of the most durable and safe materials. We wish the enterprising proprietor every success in his undertaking.
The Toronto Steam-Boat was launched on the 23rd. She is to run between this port and Niagara.
— York Observer
The list of Ships launched last week, we omitted to notice the ship Jessy Lawson, built at the yard of Messrs. Sheppard & Campbell, for the firm Tweedie & Cuthbertson, of Glasgow ; this fine vessel went off the stocks on Thursday last, in a superior style, but the inclemency of the weather was such, that few witnessed the launch, except the parties interested.— Mercury.
Late letters from Ireland agree in stating that a greater number of emigrants will sail this year for the Canadas than in any former one. Most of the vessels from that country for Quebec were waiting for passengers and would sail before the 15th April.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday May 18th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 11 brig Quebec Packet Anderson 31 March Aberdeen   to Garden & Auldjo / general cargo
May 11 brig Scotia Robson 28 March Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
  Passengers in the William Wallace, near at hand, Messrs. McKay, Russell, two Mr. Tullochs and 8 seamen.
May 12 brigantine Sally Codman 29 April St. John's, Nfld   to Mr. Lemesurier / cargo, rum, sugar &c.
May 12 brig Sarah Dougall 03 April Greenock   to James Brown / general cargo
May 13 ship Lady Gordon Bell 10 April Liverpool Mr. & Mrs. Millar. Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Moody, Mr. Waller & 14 in the steerage to Garden & Auldjo / general cargo
May 13 brig Charles William Trotter 02 April London   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
May 13 brig Sophia Neil 03 April Greenock Messrs. Tyre, Scott, Turnbull and 24 seamen to Robinson, Nason & Co. / general cargo
May 13 bark Aurora Dearness 04 April Hull   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
May 13 bark Asia Trindale 03 April London Captain Hilliary, 8 officer & seamen to W. Patton / in ballast
May 13 bark Queen Heath 26 March London   to Langley & Dyke / in ballast
May 13 bark Benson Taylor 03 April Liverpool   to Richardson & McAlpine / in ballast
May 13 brig Diadem Barklay 26 March Aberdeen Mr. Hay & Miss Milne (Mills) & brother to Heath & Moir / in ballast
May 13 brig Spencer Huggup 20 March Shields   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
May 13 brig Aid Palmer 03 April London   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 13 brig Heart of Oak Booth 02 April Aberdeen Mr. John Young & family to Heath & Moir / in ballast
May 13 brig Rob Roy Kenn 03 April Belfast Mrs. McRoberts, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Pinkerton, and 18 settlers to Moir & Heath / general cargo
May 13 brig Amethyst Thompson 05 April London Mr. & Mrs. Starback, Doctor & Mrs. Martin, Messrs. Parker, Matters, Gladman, Davis to McGill & Co. / general cargo
May 13 brig William Wallace Anderson 26 March Aberdeen Messrs. McKay, Russell, two Mr. Tullochs and 8 seamen. to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 13 bark Benjamin & Mary Trotter 04 April London   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
May 13 bark Victory Tucker 04 April Hull   to M. Ball / in ballast
May 13 ship Rebecca Harvey 17 April Greenock (gone to Montreal) Mr. & Miss Lymburner, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Oliva, Captain Patterson & 6 seamen to Lawrie & Spence / general cargo
May 13 brig Charlotte Shearer 07 April Liverpool Messrs. Scott & Stewart, 20 seamen and 8 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / salt & crates
May 13 brig Mary & Jane Thompson 08 April Mary Port   to order / in ballast
May 13 brig Hotspur Bragg 11 April Plymouth 4 settlers to Mr. Satterthwaite / in ballast
May 13 brig William McGillivray Stoddart 02 April London   to Gillespie & Co. / in ballast
May 13 ship Abeona Davidson 35 days London Mr. Stickland & 2 settlers to H. Atkinson / in ballast
This vessel takes in her cargo to Riviere-du-Loup
May 13 ship Margaret Fisher 11 April Liverpool Mr. Stansfield, Mr. & Mrs. Petry, Mr. & Mrs. Torrance, Mr. Richardson & Mr. Douglas to Paterson & Weir / general cargo
May 14 brig Prince of Orange Wood 01 April London   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
May 14 bark John Howard Bruce 07 April Cork 123 settlers to J. Atkins / in ballast
May 14 brig Preston Thompson 01 April London   to G. Bell / in ballast
May 14 bark Dublin Donald 13 April Dublin Mr. Pentland and 178 settlers to Mr. Pentland / general cargo
May 14 ship Robert Kerr Boyd 13 April Belfast 103 settlers to order / cargo. salt
May 14 bark George IV Morgan 04 April Liverpool   to Froste & Co. / general cargo
May 14 ketch Flying Fish Finney 01 April Dublin   to William Budden / in ballast
May 14 ship Ottawa G. Douglas 07 April London Mr. & Mrs. Trinder, Mrs. Col. Taylor & two daughters, Mr. & Mrs. Cameron of the Commissariat, Major Bruce, 37th Regt., Mr. Sewell, Mr. H. Gowan, Mr. Reiffenstein & son, Mr. Crawford, Mr. Lane, Mr. Stewart, Captain Scott, Mr. Newton & Mr. Walker to W. Newton / general cargo
May 14 brig Emerald Leslie 26 March Newcastle   to Currie & Co. / in ballast
May 14 ship Endymion Garbutt 27 March Hull   to Henry Atkinson / in ballast
May 14 bark Arethusa Jamieson 02 April London   to Mr. Lemesurier / in ballast
May 14 brig Isabella Morrice 08 April Workington   to George Symes / in ballast
Cleared at sailed since the beginning of the Navigation
Schooner Marie Arbour Miramichi
Schooner Canadienne Rundell Newfoundland
Schooner Julie Ryan Miramichi
Schooner Margaret Jane Briggs Miramichi
Schooner Marie Rose Sire Newfoundland
Schooner Adelaide Cassault Mingan
Schooner Otter Letourneaux Miramichi
Schooner Success Bernier Miramichi
Brig Emma Reid London
Brig Sophia Liverpool

On Saturday night about nine o'clock the New Swiftsure Steam Boat on her passage from Quebec, ran ashore in dense fog about six miles this side of Berthier, where she remained until 12 o'clock on Monday, when she was towed off by the Quebec, and arrived in Montreal at six o'clock yesterday morning. She did not receive any damage by this circumstance.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday May 21st - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 14 brig St. Helena Elliott 07 April Greenock   to — Cringan / in ballast
May 14 bark Proselyte Hall 03 April London   to R. Wood / in ballast
May 14 brig Jean Currie 07 April Greenock Messrs. J.B. & John Mackenzie to G. Ross / general cargo
May 16 bark Ĉolus Thomas 09 April Waterford 121 settlers to Froste & Co. / in ballast
May 16 brig Triton Marshall 01 April London   to H. Gowan
May 16 brig Promise Slowne 08 April Liverpool   to J. Leather & Co. / salt
May 16 bark Margaret Pollack McArthur 07 April Glasgow   to Patterson & Weir / in ballast
May 16 brig England Stephen 09 April London   to R. Wood / in ballast
May 16 brig Cherub Rayside 31 March Greenock Miss Kerr, Miss Fleming, Messrs. Craig, Shaw, Smith, Rogers & Martin and —?— settlers to R. Shaw / general cargo
May 16 brig Veronica Euston 34 days Belfast Messrs. Hunter & Moreland, Macartney, Doctor Ward, A. Moreland, J. Hunter and 148 settlers to A. Moreland / general cargo
May 16 bark Sisters Carr 19 March Sunderland Mrs. Forsyth to William Price / coals
May 16 brig Kelsick Wood Porteous 07 April Liverpool Captain Roberts & mate to Froste & Co. / general cargo
May 16 bark Mint Smith 12 April Lisbon   to William Price / fruit & salt
May 16 bark Eliza Fuze 07 April Bristol   to Oldham & Co. / in ballast
May 16 bark St. Lawrence Hardy 04 April London Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Blacklock, four children, Mr. Doyle for Montreal
May 16 brig Indian Mathias 11 April Liverpool Mr. Cameron to C. Ross / general cargo
May 16 brig Thetis Robinson 06 April Hull   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
May 17 brig William Tell Farran 18 April Newry   to William Pentland / in ballast
May 17 bark Mary Davison 02 April Leith   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
May 17 brig Marys Jacobson 19 April Shields   to William & G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 17 brig Midas Mawer 20 March Dundee   to Lawrie & Spence / general cargo
May 17 brig Rob Dewar Patton 36 days Jamaica   to Patterson & Weir / cargo, rum & sugar
May [16] bark Meteor Liverpool Mr. J. Wallace
  Yesterday, a poor woman in going on board the Ship Dublin from the Brewery wharf fell between the vessel and the wharf ; the accident was no sooner known, on board, than the second mate of the Dublin plunged into the water and at the imminent risk of his own life happily rescued the unfortumate creature from her perilous situation. The name of this gallant fellow, we understand, is George Ferry.— Mercury 17th May
Melancholy accident:— On Saturday last a young man named John Green was drowned at the wharf near the ferry houseimmediately below McQueen's boarding house. It appears that when in the act of taking up a bucket of water, he lost his balance and fell in. Dr. Sampson and Dr. Franklin of the 37th used every means that skill and humanity could suggest to restore animation, but to no avail. The deceased was a native of the county of Monaghan, in Ireland. — Kingston Chronicle
The Steam Boat Quebec, which arrived here on the 16th inst., brought a number of passengers, chiefly Emigrants from Europe. We understand that the Small Pox is very prevalent amongst the children who arrived by the Quebec, and that one died on the passage.
We have been informed by a gentleman, who came as a passenger in the Amethyst from London, that he heard from good authority in the British capital, that arrangements were making to send 15,000 Irish Emigrants to Canada this Summer.
We have just been favoured with a Liverpool paper of the 19th [April], from which we have copied the following. — Mercury 17th May
House of Commons, April 14th
Emigration from Ireland
Mr. Bonon rose to propose that a certain sum should be granted to his Majesty for the removal of emigrants from the south of Ireland to the Cape of Good Hope and Canada. It was not the intention of Ministers to propose a renewal of this grant on any future occasion. He stated that the principle on which the system of emigration from the south of Ireland was conducted was a sound one. The error of all former systems was, that the emigrant on his arrival at the Colony, was left without any means of immediate support. Under the present sytem the error was avoided ; and every emigrant might on his arrival be sure, with the exercise of common industry of procuring a livelyhood. Government has received the most flattering accounts of the success which had attended the present system so late as up to last February. Under these circumstances, he felt justified in proposing the present vote. The undertaking was merely in the nature of an experiment, which might, in its operation, effect a partial benefit to Ireland.
After a short discussion the vote was agreed to.
On the motion of Mr. Herries, the Customs and Excise Consolidation Acts went through a Committee, and leave was given to bring a Bill to amend and embody the same.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday May 25th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 17 brig Clifton Busby 17 April Liverpool Mr. S. Brookes to G. Symes / general cargo
May 18 brig Maria Sewell 19 April Dublin 95 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
May 18 bark Nester Lewis 24 March Shields   to Hancox & Cringan / in ballast
May 18 brig Renovation McDearmed 29 March Newcastle   to Corrie & Co. / in ballast
May 18 brig Wellington Wood 31 March London   to Mr. d'Estimauville / in ballast
May 18 brig Emporium Croft 07 April London Mr. Pratt, Mr. Bradshaw, Mr. Field & Mr. & Mrs. Ibbotson and family and 14 settlers to Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
May 18 ship Brilliant Beverley 18 April Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 18 bark Clarkson Ward 02 April Hull 18 settlers to R. Meathly / general cargo
May 18 bark Jane Hawkins 36 days London   to P. Patterson / in ballast
May 18 ship Combatant Barnes / Raines 03 April London   to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
May 18 brig True Briton Reid 11 April Greenock Mr. Alexander & Miss Munn to James Brown / general cargo
May 18 bark Ellergill Knill / Koill 09 April Hull   to Richardson & Co. / in ballast
May 18 bark Sir James Kempt Patterson 07 April Ross 201 settlers to J. Campbell / in ballast
May 18 brig Pacific Taylor 11 April Newcastle   to R. Wood & Co. / cargo, coals
May 18 brig Caledonian McGregor 01 April Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 18 brig Minerva Carrick 42 days Hull   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
May 18 ship Minerva Franklin 01 April London   to H. Gowan / in ballast
May 18 bark Elizabeth and Sarah Patterson 03 April Shields   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 18 bark Cybele Huckler 04 April Scarborough 1 settler to Corrie & Co. / in ballast
May 18 bark Industry Watts 01 April Newcastle   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
May 18 bark Lord Wellington Bennett 05 April Hull   to Irving & Co. / in ballast
May 18 brig Kingston Greece 04 April Newcastle   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 18 brig Utility Cannon 07 April Lancaster   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 18 bark Canada Lamb 35 days Belfast 151 settlers to Moir & Heath / cargo, salt
May 18 brig St. Charles Cosens 12 April London Mr. Prince to Mr. Prince / general cargo
May 18 brig Niagara Hamilton 22 April Greenock 115 settlers to George Ross / cargo, coals
May 18 bark Brothers Jenkinson 07 April Hull   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
May 18 bark Wallsend Borlein / Burleiston 05 April Shields   to Moir & Heath / cargo, coals
May 18 bark Sapho Gatenby 42 days London   to Hamiltons / in ballast
May 18 bark Salus Clark 42 days Shields   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
May 18 bark Alchymist Rames 29 March Plymouth   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
May 18 bark Francis & Harriet Dodds 28 March Shields   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
May 18 bark New John Ayre 39 days Liverpool   to J. Whitney / in ballast
May 19 brig Donegall Hayton 13 April Mary Port   to order / in ballast
May 19 bark Ocean Berry 04 April Hull 18 settlers to order / in ballast
May 19 bark Ocean Blackly 03 April London   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
May 19 bark Percy Morrice 03 April London 1 settler to Mr. Chapman / general cargo
May 19 brig St. George Tearon 17 April Mary Port Mr. Harkness and 6 in steerage to G. Symes / in ballast
May 19 brig Thomas Tyson Stockdale 11 April Mary Port   to Ricahardson & McAlpine / in ballast
May 19 brig Favourite Gray 32 days Cork 21 settlers to James Brown / in ballast
May 19 brig Lalla Rookh Jones 04 April Newcastle   to Corrie & Co. / cargo, coals
May 19 bark Wakefield Wakefield 01 April Hull   to W. Palton / in ballast
May 19 brig Sarah Mary-Ann Chistian 10 April Belfast   to George Symes / in ballast
May 19 brig Eliza Ann Hamilton 17 April Whitehaven   to Froste & Co. / Liquors
May 19 brig Margaret Troop 03 April Leith Mr. Grame, Mr. Bell, Mr. Leach and 1 in steerage to garden & Auldjo / general cargo
May 19 brig Eleanor Potts 17 April Whitehaven Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Bell and 7 in steerage to Mr. Jackson / general cargo
May 19 ship Richard Sands McClean (McLean) 19 April Liverpool   to Corrie & Co. / cargo, salt
May 19 ship Resource Pichford 10 April London   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
May 19 ship Urania Headly 04 April Whitby   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
May 19 brig Vertumnus Lach 05 April London   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
May 19 schooner Elizabeth Watkins 10 April Plymouth   to Lemesurier / general cargo
May 19 brig Tarbolton Boyd 18 April Greenock   to W. Price / in ballast
May 19 brig Nearchus Wake 20 March Sunderland   to — / coals
May 19 brig Latona Patterson 27 March London   to order / in ballast
May 19 ship Prospect Wake 13 April Shields   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
May 19 brigantine Victory Ernest 28 days Lunenburg, NS   to C.F. Aylwin / rum & sugar
May 20 brig Sarah Ann Meldrum 26 March Bristol   to W. Budden / in ballast
May 20 schooner Sea Flower Baker 28 April Halifax Miss Burns to C.F. Aylwin / cargo, sugar & molasses
May 20 schooner Nancy Cormier 21 April Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / cargo, sugar & molasses
May 21 brig Harrison & Tomb Jackson 19 April Mary Port   to W. Price / in ballast
May 21 brig Mars Matches 08 April Liverpool   to — / general cargo
May 14— ship Perseverance, Egg, (for) Plymouth
May 14— schooner Marie Catherine, Bernier, (for) Newfoundland
May 16— brig Blenheim, Warren, (for) Waterford
May 17— ship Lady Rowena, Elder, (for) London
May 18— ship Nelson, Agar, (for) Cork
May 18— brig Albion, Hall, (for) Bristol
May 19— schooner Two Brothers, Brulat, (for) Miramichi
May 19— schooner Trial, La Blanc (for) Miramichi
May 20— schooner Effort, Caldwell (for) St. John, N.B.
May 20— schooner Marie Victoire, Lajoie (for) Miramichi
May 20— ship Shallett, Mason (for) Waterford
The wind which for several days past had prevailed from the eastward, having changed, has permitted the vessels which were wind-bound to proceed to sea.
Mr. Symes, passenger in the Dew-drop, arrived in town yesterday from that vessel, which he reports at hand ; she left Gravesend on the 6th April. On passing Bic, the Dew-drop discovered a brig between that Island and Biqnet [Biquette] which she supposed to be on shore— The brig had all her masts standing with a Jack flying at her fore-top gallant mast head [brig Friends, from Dublin, with 120 emigrants]. The Dew-drop also passed by the Quebec Packet at anchor off Green Island, and spoke, above the Traverse, the brig Mars, from Liverpool, the Lady Harwood, the Jane, the Albion, of Dublin, with settlers, saw a bark full of settlers, and above 50 sail vessels between Quebec and Green Island.
The Perseverance, Egg, the first vessel which entered the port this season, sailed again on Tuesday last, with a full cargo for Plymouth.
The ship Mansfield, of 370 tons, was launched from Messrs. McDonald and Howe's Ship-yard, at Mrs. Munn's Cove, on Wednesday morning ; the bark Surrey, of 360 tons, was put off the blocks from the same yard on Thursday morning. They were both built by Mr. Labee.— A very fine ship of upwards of 400 tons, called the Lord Melville was also launched the same morning from Mr. Taylor's Yard at Canoterie.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday May 28th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 21 brig Union Stringer 07 April London   to William Patton / in ballast
May 21 ship Lady Harwood Thompson 11 April London   to R. Wood / in ballast
May 21 brig Albion Dunn 05 April Dublin 84 settlers to order / in ballast
May 22 bark Royal George Ward 12 April Hull   to W. Patton / in ballast
May 22 brig Rising Sun Pescod 56 days Newcastle   to R. Burnett / coals
May 22 bark Argyle Grossard 12 April Waterford 21 settlers to W. Price / salt
May 22 brig Jean Innes 06 April London Mr. & Mrs. Gillam & sister, and Mrs. Simpson to B.W. Gillain / general cargo
May 22 brig Nymph Teaward 11 April Liverpool   to J. Farrow / general cargo
May 22 brig Horatio Sparks 42 days Liverpool Mr. & Mrs. Fisher and child, Mr. S.T. Corrie, J. Richardson, H.V. Wright and Mr. J. Cullen to C. Holt / general cargo
May 22 brig Dew-drop Wokes 09 April London Mr. R. Symes, Mr. T. Legge and two sisters and Mr. Lyman to Gillespie & Co. / general cargo
May 22 brig John & William Dickinson 20 April Dublin 73 settlers to Garden & Co. / salt
May 22 bark Indian Turnbull 04 April Hull   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
May 22 brig Christian Christian 20 April Mary Port   to Leather & Co. / in ballast
May 22 bark Quebec Packet Atkinson 05 April London Mr. Bisson to H. Atkinson / general cargo
May 22 brig Hibernia Green 06 April Liverpool Mrs. Hack & family, Mrs. Rock and Mr. Woodward to Macnider & Co. / general cargo
May 22 bark Maria Elsworthy 17 April Waterford 223 settlers to H. Atkinson / in ballast
May 22 bark Kingston Ayres 10 April Hull   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 22 brig Lord Exmouth Congden 06 April Plymouth Mrs. Bright and 8 settlers to W. Price / in ballast
May 22 brig Dwina Yule 18 April Peterhead Mr. Brand to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 22 bark Hawksbury Biggs 56 days London   to Hancox & Cringan / in ballast
May 22 schooner Marine Trude 27 April Halifax   to Finlay & Co. / rum
May 22 schooner Frances Hawbolt 26 April Bermuda   to Moir & Co. / rum
May 22 schooner Nancy Bell 23 April Halifax   to Finlay & Co. / rum
May 22 schooner President White 19 April Halifax Mr. Duglass (Douglas) to Mr. Douglas / rum
May 23 brig Industry Sabriston 09 April Jamaica Mr. G. Lane to Patterson & Weir / rum & molasses
May 23 schooner Providence Chevrefils 28 April Halifax   to Mr. Dubord / sugar & molasses
Arrivals at the Masonic Hall this week:
Mr. B. Hall, Quebec ; Mr. Bostwick ; General Sir James Smith ; Sir George Hoste ; Captain Harris ; Mr. Jamieson ; Mr. Lucien ; Doctor Martin and lady ; Mr. Lee of Quebec ; Mr. Coiteux ; Mr. Seyen ; Mr. Aince ; Mr. J. McGillivray and lady ; Mr. Hamilton ; Mr. McPherson ; Mr. Clapps, Boston ; Mr. Malhoit ; Mr. Malhoit junior ; Mr. Greene ; Mr. Cringan, Quebec ; Mr. Gineat.
A Cork paper states that nine vessels will sail from that port for Quebec, in the course of this and the ensuing month with 2000 emigrants and their families. — St. James Chronicle, 16th April
— Upwards of 150 settlers from Perthshire, Scotland, arrived here yesterday in the Niagara, on their way to the Township of McNab, on the Ottawa River. McNab of McNab, the proprietor of the Township, being in this City when the [brig] Niagara arrived, went on board, in full Highland Costume, accompanied by Miles McDonald Esq., and a Piper. Mr. McN. cordially shook hands with his country men, and gave them a true highland welcome to Canada. These emigrants appear to be persons of intelligence, and from their robust form, we suppose they will be an acquisition in a new country, particularly as they have been accustomed to the pursuits of agriculture in their native one.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday June 1st - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 23 brig Industry Christie Hull   to Handyside & Co. / in ballast
May 24 brig Arethusa Hamilton 24 April Liverpool   to William Phillips / in ballast
May 24 brig Ruby Thompson 05 April Sunderland   to Mr. Wright / in ballast
May 24 brig Harriet Sibsons 18 April Liverpool Mr. Chaffers to Chaffers / salt
May 24 brig London Young 29 March Newcastle   to — / coals
May 24 brig Carricks Lennox 18 April Liverpool 2 settlers to — / general cargo
May 25 brig Canadian Packet Hall 09 April Shields   to Handyside & Co. / coals
May 25 brig Xenophon Barker 08 April Liverpool   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
May 25 brig Charles Tennyson Bouch 10 April London Mr. Tegethoff to order / general cargo
May 25 brig Minerva Williamson 20 April Leith Mr. Luff to Currie & Co. / in ballast
May 25 brig Southampton Tugo 18 April Grenada Mr. Fraser and Mr. Alexander to Mr. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
May 25 brig Adriatic Cockrill 56 days Newcastle Mr. Rawlinson to H. Atkinson / coals
May 25 brig Ann Wilson 01 April Leith   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 25 brig Gratitude Gellately 27 March Dundee Messrs. Miller, Donaldson & Gibson to G. David / general cargo
May 25 brig George Canning Stephens 18 April Liverpool Mr. Grainger to Mr. Grainger / general cargo
May 25 brig Rapid Warren 36 days Liverpool Mr. & Mrs. Stephenson to Mr. Farrow / salt
May 25 brig Argo Young 03 April Sunderland   to Sheppard & Campbell / coals &c.
May 25 brig Cynthia Turner 07 April Sunderland   to W. Blackiston / coals &c.
May 25 bark Mariam & Jane Henley 07 April London Mrs. Anderson & daughter, Mr. Hall and Mr. Govele to Walker & Co. / general cargo
May 25 bark Richard Pope Meloney (Maloney) 10 April Belfast 176 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / salt
May 25 ship Andromache Todd 11 April Hull   to R. Wood / in ballast
May 25 schooner Amelia Hewison 21 March Demerara   to J. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
May 25 bark Nile Story 63 days Newcastle 8 settlers to W. Patton / in ballast
May 25 bark Oxenhope Minuett 11 April Hull Mr. Brigham & Miss Northgraves and 24 settlers and 5 seamen to R. Wood / general cargo
May 26 brig Eclipse Moore 18 April Troone   to James Brown / in ballast
May 26 brig Wellington Forster 05 April Hull   to W. Price / in ballast
May 26 brig Evander Patterson 18 April Sunderland   to Garden, Auldjo & Co. / in ballast
May 26 brig Peggy Hunter 60 days Shields   to W.& G. Pemberton / coals
May 26 brig Traveller Burrowes 20 April St. Vincent   to P. Burnett / rum & sugar
May 26 bark Princess Royal Townsend 03 April Grenada Mr. Chapman & Mr. Wood to Mr. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
  shipping intelligence:—". . . The bark Princess Royal, arrived from Grenada, was obliged to put back in consequence if it [ice] ; she reamined in it nine or ten days and received damage — This vessel afterwards unfortunately got ashore on Prince Edward's Island, and was compelled to start her deck load and and some of the puncheons in the hold in order to get off.
May 26 bark Trusty Mather 19 April Greenock   to Mr. Gillam / in ballast
May 26 brig Culloden Leyden / Laydon 42 days Leith   to Laurie & Sprence / general cargo
May 27 brig Ann Weatherburn 06 April Shields   to order / general cargo
May 27 brig Huon Bell 02 April Shields   to M. Bell / coals
May 27 brig Douglas Athol 03 May Halifax Captain Rossignol to Quirouet & Chinic / rum
May 27 schooner Concordie Blackaller 19 April Liverpool   to McNider & Co. / general cargo
  shipping intelligence:—"The brigantine Concorda [Concordia], Blackaller, 17th April from Liverpool, with general cargo of considerable value, was wrecked on Red Island shoal __ inst. It is expected the vessel and part of the cargo will be saved— A schooner was despatched from this port last night with assistance."
May 27 schooner John Glawson 15 days Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin
May 27 brig John and Mary Cant 03 April Newcastle   to Handyside & Co. / general cargo
May 27 brigantine Young Oliver Stewart 13 March Demerara   to W. Price / rum & sugar
May 28 brigantine Aurora Rudolph 04 May Halifax Mr. T. Pyke and Mr. Wallace to Thomas Pyke / rum & sugar
May 28 brig Amaranth Smith 04 April Sunderland   to Handyside & Co. / coals
In the 8th April [Liverpool] Packet at New York, Messrs. Blackwood, Bethune and Satterthwaite, of Canada.
In the 16th April Liverpool Packet at New York, James Jamieson, Rd. Gerrard and Thomas Froste, of Montreal.
Mr. Tracey came up in the Zenophon [Xenophon] yesterday from the brig Friends, of and from Dublin, lost on the Island of Biquette, about 160 miles below this port. The Friends drove ashore on Tuesday the 18th inst. she has 120 Irish emigrants on board, who were all safely landed with their baggage and provisions, and remain on the island. This vessel left Dublin on the 19th ultimo, in ballast ; she is a total wreck. Assistance to convey the emigrants to the place of destination was desired.

Expeditious Travelling.—
By an arrangement lately made the distance between this city and Prescott can be accomplished by Stages, and Steam Boats in the following time and manner. The Stage takes its departure from Montreal at noon and proceeds to Lachine, where the passengers enter the Steam Boat that conveys them to the Cascades, a distance of 25 miles. From the Cascades to Coteau du Lac, 15 miles they are carried in a Stage ; thence to Cornwall, 40 miles by Steam Boat ; and from Cornwall to Prescott, 50 miles they are taken by the Stage, at which latter place they arrive before sun set on the evening after the day they left Montreal, the whole distance being computed 140 miles [sic]. The return from Prescott to this place is yet more expeditious ; and on Saturdays the Stage will depart at one o'clock A.M. and arrive here the same evening, which will prevent travelling on the Sabbath. To mercantile men this facility must afford particular gratification ; and to strangers the alternate jaunts by water, and land, will be a recreation which will greatly enhance the pleasures of the journey both up and down the river.

Some of the vessels which have arrived lately fell in with considerable quantities of ice, and were detained in it for several days ; it has come down this season later and in greater quantities than usual ; Many of the shipping arrived in the United-States met with immense fields of it ; those coming from the westward have encountered most—
The following is a comparative statement of the arrivals at Quebec, on the 26th May 1824, and the same period in 1825. There is no instance when so many vessels were in port so early in the season. It is gratifying to find that a greater number of them than usual have cargoes. A greater number than usual, we believe, have proceeded to Montreal, that port now being easily reached by the use of the tow boat. There are undoubtedly better prospects as regards the trade of this vast and rapidly improving country than ever. Intelligence, enterprize, prudence, and a strict attention to the quality of our exports, will soon raise the Canadas to very great importance.
  Vessels Tonnage Settlers
26th May, 1824 31 7,715 45
26th May, 1825 211 59,274 2,157

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