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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1825

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1825.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Lady Sherbrooke, Malsham, New Swiftsure, Quebec & Chambly.

April 24 - May 28 | May 29 - July 25 | July 26 - September 24 | September 24 - December 09

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 1st - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 24 bark Europe Willis 18 Aug London   to H. Atkinson / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Sept 26 bark Princess Royal Townsend 99 days Grenada Mr. Trozer to Mr. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
Sept 26 brig Carrington McDougal 10 Aug St. Vincent   to Mr. Thirlwall / rum & sugar
Sept -- brig Andrew McKean Irvine -- Leith Mr. James Anderson & 8 settlers --
  The body of Lewis Foy, Esq., has been found in the River, not far from the place where he fell overboard from the Quebec, and the papers and money he had about him brought to town.
from the New York Times, Albion
Atlantic Steam Navigation Company
We have received a document containing a complete expose of the views of the Company, and they differ in some particulars from those already before the public, we propose to take a rapid glance at this great project.
The routes laid down are not exactly the same with those which have before appeared in the public prints. It is now proposed that steam ships shall sail from Valentia, in Ireland, twice in each month, at first, but ultimately every week ; — one, of the largest class, (1000 tons) for New York, touching at Halifax for fuel, and to meet a branch line from Quebec ; and another, of the first class, for the West Indies, touching at Fayal, in the Azores, for fuel, and thence proceeding to Antigua, where she will meet a branch from Trinidad, Oronoco, Guiana, and the Brazils. From Antigua she will proceed to Port Royal, in Jamaica, and return by Cape Nichols, Mole and Bermuda. From Jamaica a separate branch will run to Carthegena, and the Company's Prospectus states to the Magdalena, but will be prevented by the bar at the mouth of the river. It may, however, meets and communicate with the line of small draft steam boats, now establishing on the Magdalena by the enterprising Mr. Elvers. The depots of coals at Bermuda and Fayal are intended to be formed from the Cape Breton and Nova Scotia mines, thus opening another market for the minerla wealth of that fine colony. A depot might also be formed at New York, provided the American Government would allow the debenture upon such as are expended by the steam vessels. . . . . 3 additional paragraphs not extracted nor transcribed
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 5th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 27 brig Caledonia Lyell (Lyall) 04 Aug London the 4 Indian Chiefs, Captain Elder, Mr. Munn, Mr. Carr & 3 settlers to H. Atkinson / general cargo
Sept 27 brig Thomas Tyson Stockdale 54 days Strangford   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Sept 20— ship Regalla, Froster, (for) London
Sept 20— ship Kelton, Brocklebank, (for) Dublin
Sept 20— ship Cadmus, Snowdon, (for) London
Sept 20— schooner Victoire, Auffroy, (for) Miramichi
Sept 21— brig Preston, Palmer, (for) Leith
Sept 21— schooner Domilil, Long, (for) Cacougna, N.B.
Sept 21— brig Rambler, Baxter, (for) Hull
Sept 21— brig Stephen, Simpson, (for) London
Sept 23— brig Favourite, Warren, (for) Newfoundland
Sept 23— ship Burdon, Pearsons, (for) London
Sept 23— brig Nelson, Agar, (for) London
Sept 24— brig Ceres, Dunn, (for) London
Sept 24— brig Joseph & Jane, Baird, (for) Belfast
Sept 24— brig Susan, Miller, (for) London
Sept 26— brig Onslow, Henderson, (for) Barbadoes
Sept 26— brig Britannia, Hamilton, (for) London
Sept 26— brig British Tar, Clark, (for) Liverpool
Sept 26— brig Pleaides, Smith, (for) Liverpool
Sept 26— ship Andromeda, Wittleton, (for) Liverpool
Sept 27— ship Wilberforce, Middleton, (for) Newcastle
Sept 27— brig Mary, Ainsley, (for) Cork
Sept 27— brig Aurora, Henley, (for) Exeter
Sept 28— brig Martha, Wilkinson, (for) Galway
Sept 28— brig Norval, Leslie, (for) Liverpool
Sept 28— brig Economy, Harrison, (for) London
Sept 28— ship Diadem, Boswell, (for) London
Sept 28— ship Anacrion (Anachron / Anacreon), Stonehouse, (for) Liverpool
Sept 28— schooner Lively, Cornwall, (for) Fox Island
Sept 28— schooner Caldwell, Gay, (for) Miramichi
Sept 29— brig Panorama, Venus, (for) Yarmouth
Sept 29— brig Drake, Grills, (for) Liverpool
Sept 29— ship Hannah, Graham, (for) Liverpool
Sept 29— schooner Effort, Caldwell, (for) Newfoundland
Sept 30— brig Monarch, Summerson, (for) London
Sept 30— brig Glory, Brinn, (for) Lynn
Sept 30— ship Elizabeth & Sarah, Bainbridge, (for) Hull
Sept 30— schooner Good Intent, Harper, (for) Miramichi
Sept 30— schooner Marie, Poire, (for) Miramichi
Quebec, September 29
The Indians:— The four Lorette Chiefs arrived here on Tuesday evening, the 27th instant, in the Caledonia. They speak in the highest terms of England, of the kindness of the people and the generous treatment they met with from Government. It is not probable that in any other Country individuals could be found to give themselves so much trouble for poor strangers, from motives of beneficence alsone, as we have every reason to believe, some Gentlemen in London have taken in favor of these Indians. — Old Gazette

A very fine Bark, called Leonidas, was launched yesterday morning from Mr. Carman's wharf, at Diamond Harbour, of the burthen of 380 Tons, she was the first vessel ever launched of that size from the same place ; and what rendered the sight more gratifying, it was generally supposed from the height of the fall, that it was impossible to succeed ; however we are happy to state that she was consigned to her element in very fine style, to the great amusement of the bystanders.— Com.


Launched:— The fine new barque Charlotte and Maria, of 371 tons register, was launched from Messrs. Robert Wood & Co.'s ship yard, St. Michael's Cove. — The vessel is generally allowed by competent judges, to be one of the finest and most substantial built ships that has probably been built in Canada for many years. She moved into her element in a most majestic style and was safely moored opposite the Cove, in order to take in her cargo. . . . . — Old Gazette

The body of Lewis Foy Esq. who was so unfortunately drowned, by falling from the Steam Boat Quebec, in her passage to Montreal, on the night of the 18th instant, having been found was brought hither on the 28th, and an inquest being assembled, the Coroner, J.G. Thompson Esq., proceeded to investigate the circumstances by which the deceased came to his death. It appeared from the testimony of Mr. Murdock McKenzie, of this city that the deceased and himself were on board the Quebec Steam Boat on the 18th inst., and had passed the evening together, that about 11 o'clock when off Cap Santé, they went upon deck, he went towards the stern of the vessel and left the deceased standing at the cabin door, shortly after he heard a scream from some person and ran to the cabin door, not seeing Mr. Foy there, he considered that he had fallen over board and that it was he who screamed— Witness called out to stop the Boat, one of the people came up and enquired what was the matter, witness told him what he suspected had happened, the man then said the Captain was in bed, and went to call him, in less than a quarter of an hour the Captain appeared and was requested to stop the Boat, but refused to do so, saying that the Engineer was forward, and that before the Boat could be stopped, which was going at the rate of ten knots an hour with the tide, she would be too far off to afford any assistance to the deceased. The Boat was not stopped, the witness heard the deceased scream but twice, the night was very dark, and it was impossible to see any thing on the water— the witness had further stated that Mr. Foy had drank two glasses of brandy and water, and that he did not appear to be in any way affected by them— he also deposed that there was no railing on the left side of the vessel and gangway, there are steps there, cut into the deck, he supposed that owing to the want of a railing the deceased his feet having slipped, fell into the water,— he described the the place as being exceedingly dangerous, and had no doubt, but that he had gone there he also would have fallen overboard.— When he saw Mr. Foy the last time there was no person standing near him. The other evidence called was Mr. Manly, son-in-law of the deceased, who merely identified the body and spoke to its being found.
The jury accordingly found that Lewis Foy Esq., from the insufficiency of the Steam Boat Quebec, to protect passengers from accidents, and from the negligence of the master and crew, accidently fell from the side of the vessel into the river St. Lawrence, and was there drowned. They further returned that the said steam boat was the cause of the death of the deceased, and further valued the boat at £1590.
This unhappy affair has also attracted the attention of the Grand Jury, which yesterday terminated its labours with the sitting of the Crimnal Term, and made a Presentment on the subject. The evidence taken by the Grand Jury differed in some points from that given by Mr. McKenzie, in as much as the Captain was on deck, in the fore part of the ship and not in bed as Mr. McKenzie supposed. The man who went to look for him went forward, and not to the cabin ; but this does not alter the material part of the evidence, and nothing was produced in any way tending to exculpate the Captain, whose conduct still appears in a very reprehensible light. The gangway of the boat is said to be, by the Grand Jury, presented as the cause by which the deceased came to his death, and was valued at the sum of £50, which is offered as a deodand.— The presentment was not read, as the Chief Justice we understand, decided that the Court was not competent to enter upon the further investigation of the case, but, we are informed, that His Honor received it, and declared his intention of bringing it before the Executive, that the regulation of our steam-packets may prove the subject of Legislative provision.
It is also said, that further proceedings will be taken by the Attorney General founded on the Coroner's Inquest, as well as on the presentment from the Grand Jury.— Mercury
see Captain Attrill's statement

The Weather, for the last five or six days, has been unusually fine for the Season ; indeed we have seldom experienced more delightful days in the month of June, than those with which we have been favoured since Saturday last.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 8th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 03 brig Cherub Rayside 21 Aug Greenock Mr. Lang, Mr. S. Nelson, and Captain Robertson half-pay & 2 settlers to R. Shaw / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 03 brigantine Sir James Kempt Currie 09 Sept Halifax   to Mr. Douglas / rum &c.| 3rd voyage
Oct 04 bark Wansbeck Carthorn 18 Aug Cork Mr. J. Shaw, Captain Stewart, Mr. Shea and Mrs. Butler to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
In the Hannah, sailed last Saturday for Liverpool, Mr. James Fisher & Mr. McLeod.
Shipping Intelligence:—
Only nine vessels have entered in the Custom House for loading, from 22nd September to the 1st October, the clearances within the same time amount to 31. There remain now in port 116, of which 38 are loading for London ; and 12 for Liverpool. The number of vessels entered this season to the 1st October is 695, Cleared 614. Of the arrivals, 61 have made the second trip from England and upwards of 30 may be expected this month from London and Liverpool, which with several others from various ports on the first and second trip, will make a total at the close of navigation of not less than 750. The clearances up to the same period may be estimated at 800 ; as little less than 50 sail of vessels will have been launched at Quebec and Montreal, during the season.
An arrival at New York, 22nd September, reports having passed the wreck of a vessel 31st August 44, 30 long. 30 W 1st September saw the surface for several miles covered with lumber and broken spars. The arrivals at that Port and Boston about the same date, have generally experienced very bad weather for the 7th to the 12th of the month ; some of them have suffered considerable damage.
Halifax, September 14
H.M. Brig Sappho, Captain Canning, arrived in distress, having lost the head of her foremast, and foretop-mast, on the 26th ult. on her passage to Bermuda— one man was unfortunately killed, and four wounded, by the falling of the spars. The Sappho struck on the sisters Rocks in coming into the harbour on Friday night, but the weather being moderate was soon off again.
The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia, may be expected here in the course of this month— His Lordship will probably take passage in the Tweed, sloop of war, which vessel we understand would leave England about the 24th of August.— Free Press
The Revd. Doctor McCulloch, we learn left Pictou about a fortnight since for England.— Hal. Journal
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 12th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 08 brig Equity Storr 18 Aug Liverpool   to Mr. Chapman / coals
  The weather has for a short time past been unusually warm for the season. The Thermometer has risen almost to 80 Farenheit in shade, but there have been heavy dews at night and the atmosphere through the day is moist and unhealthful. The high mountains in the lower parts of this Province were covered with snow as early as the 22nd ultimo.
By a public advertisement by this day's Gazette it will be seen that the out houses, timber and other building stock, of the Ship Yard at the Island of Orleans, where the large timber Ships Columbus and Baron of Renfrew were lately constructed, is offered for sale. The very great losses which the persons engaged in this speculation appear to have met with, have, no doubt, now led them to abandon it.— Old Gazette
Erie Canal.— This stupendous undertaking has been completed, and Boats can now proceed from the city of New York to Lake Erie without any other interruption than what is common in all Canal Navigation. The event is to be celebrated in many parts of the state of New-York, in a manner sufficient to testify their satisfaction of the completion of the work which will reflect credit on the liberality and patriotism of the most wealthy and enterprising portion of the United States.
The following letter announcing this circumstance was transmitted to the president of the Board at Albany, by one of the commissioners.
To the Hon. Stephen Van Rensselaer, President of the Board of Canal Commissioners
The unfinished parts of the Erie Canal will be completed, and in a condition to admit the passage of boats on Wednesday, the 26th day of October next.
It would have been gratifying to have accomplished this result as early as the first of September, but embarrassments which I could not control, have delayed it.
On this grand event, so auspicious to the character and wealth of the citizens of the state of New-York, permit me to congratulate you.
I am, sir, respectfully, your obedient humble servant,
Wm. C. Bouck,
Canal Commissioner
Lockport, September 29th, 1825 [table of canal "open" days]
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 15th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 08 brig Hannah Walker 12 Aug Bristol   to G. Hamilton / in ballast
Oct 08 brig Alexander Boadle 05 Sept New York   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Oct 08 schooner Mary Ann -- 21 days Miramichi 7 settlers to order / in ballast
Oct 08 schooner Mary Rose Sire 23 days Halifax   for Montreal / sugar &c.
Oct 10 brig Indian Mathias 26 Aug Liverpool Captain Hall, for a new ship to George Ross / general cargo
Oct 10 brig Thomas Peile (Pelle) Elliot 40 days Greenock   --
Oct 10 schooner Ranger Armstrong 15 days Halifax   with rum &c.
Oct 10 brig Ontario Wills 21 Aug Liverpool Mr. Moore, Mr. Stephens and Mr. Stillsen & 4 settlers to W. Budden / general cargo
Oct 11 brig Thomas Dempsey Croal 23 Aug Liverpool   to Mr. Hoft / coals &c.
Oct 11 brig William McGillivray Stoddart 19 Aug London Mr. Taylor, Miss Rich and Miss Finch to Linlay & Co. / general cargo
Oct 11 brig Port Spain Chesney 09 Aug Jamaica   to Shaw & Pennison / rum & sugar
Oct 11 brig Thomas Peell Elliot 02 Sept Greenock   to order | duplicate, see above, Oct. 10th
Oct 11 brig Hotspur Bragg 20 Aug Liverpool   to order / salt
Oct 11 brig Margaret Troop 24 Aug Leith Mr. Johnston, Mr. Bell & family to Garden & Co. / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 11 brig Venus Mitchel 20 Aug Cork   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Oct 11 brig Alchymist Greenock 10 Aug London   to Campbell & Co. / in ballast
Oct 11 ship Ottawa Douglass 49 days London   to W. Newton / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 11 brig Kelsick Wood Brown 22 Aug Liverpool   to G. Symes / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 11 brig Sarah Dougall 22 Aug Liverpool   to Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
Oct 11 ship Lady Gordon Clementson 22 Aug Liverpool   to G. Symes / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 01— brig Bonito, Terry, (for) London
Oct 01— brig Alexander Henry, Scott, (for) London
Oct 01— schooner Esperance, Le Baffe, (for) Miramichi
Oct 01— schooner Hibernia, Caldwell, (for) Miramichi
Oct 02— brig Scipio, Creighton, (for) Whitehaven
Oct 02— brig George & Mary, Hurby, (for) Cork
Oct 02— brig Dawn, Bland, (for) London
Oct 02— brig Elizabeth, Moon, (for) Plymouth
Oct 02— brig Prince of Asturius, Morris, (for) London
Oct 02— ship John & Thomas, Martin, (for) Liverpool
Oct 02— ship Helena, Currie, (for) London
Oct 04— brig Hebe, Currie, (for) London
Oct 04— brig Scotia, Robinson, (for) London
Oct 04— brig Elizabeth, Service, (for) London
Oct 04— brig Quebec Packet, Anderson, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 04— brig Mary, Jacobson, (for) Colchester
Oct 04— ship Nottingham, Sharp, (for) Liverpool
Oct 04— ship William Penn, Brown, (for) Hull
Oct 04— schooner Seaflower, Baker, (for) Miramichi
The Wellend Canal.— We have often seen descriptions in the newspspers, of the United States, of the rapid growth of villages, in that country. It appears to us that we have a case in point, in this District equal to any thing they can produce in that extensive country— on the summit level of the Wellend Canal. We believe there was not twelve months ago one House. On that beautiful plane there are now upwards of one hundred dwelling Houses, inhabited by upwards of 500 people ; besides labourers on the Canal, there are black-smiths, tailors, shoe makers, &c. there is a good market— with a constant supply of the necessities of life, a number of merchant shops, alias stores, with assortments equal to any in the country. The Editor has an opportunity of viewing the progress made on this stupendous undertaking, and was much gratified to find the soil so well adopted to facilitate the work— it is as far as has been dug a solid clay, without any spring or veins of sand or stone ;— the method adopted on the summit level, is to plough up, and carry off in wagons the clay, this, has been repeated to the depth of ten or twelve feet, and no obstruction has yet appeared to hinder this method, being pursued. From the level of Chippawa, on the head waters of the Twelve-Mile Creek for about a mile, the Canal is nearly completed, the greatest depth of which is seventeen feet, all sold clay. The plan adapted by the contractors is to give hands a certain sum of monthly wages we believe 10 dollars, and a dollar and a half for thier board wekly ; the men thus are at liberty to board wherever they please. The numerous houses erected, although not extensive, can accommodate the labourers. The weather has been favourable, no rain, nothing to interrupt the work.— Gleaner

The Fog.— Since our last the Fog has returned, equally dense as it was last week. The papers of Upper Canada, and these of Quebec all mention that these places have been visited with this troublesome guest. It is still believed that the fog is produced by fire in the woods, as the timber in many parts of the country is stated to be burning by which serious losses have been sustained.

[From the Quebec Mercury]
Sir,— In your paper of the 1st inst. there appears a statement of the proceeding of the inquest held on the body of L. Foy Esq. who unfortunately fell overboard from the Quebec Steam Boat under my command, and as it is not quite as explicit as I could wish, I beg to offer you some observations thereon as well as my reasons for having acted as I did.
On the night of the 18th ult. between 11 and 12 o'clock, when being very dark and blowing hard, we were running through the Richelieu, when the first waiter Peter Flannagan came forward with a lanthorn in his hand and asked if the Captain were there. I replied yes, what do you want ? I believe Sir, there is a man overboard ! — When did he fall ? About a quarter of an hour ago. I immediately exclaimed lower down the boat, and ran aft, when I encountered Mr. McKenzie, to whom I said, when did he fall overboard, Sir ? I did not hear his reply, but turned to the Mate and said, what does he say ? He says twelve or fifteen minutes, Sir, and added there is no use lowering the boat down such a night as this, for we shall never find him ; I was of the same opinion and countermanded the order I had given, as I found Mr. McKenzie's time corroborated the waiter's reply, upon which I had placed very little credit. Mr. McKenzie has stated that I would not stop the boat and gives as my reason, the Engineer being forward. He possibly may have requested me to stop the boat, but I certainly did not make that [churlish] reply, neither do I recollect to have entered into any explanation with him on the subject. The cause of my not stopping, was the boat being in the Richelieu, where I could not take the steam off her as she would have lost her steerage-way when I must have gone on shore on the south side of the river, at nearly high water upon a spring tide for there was no anchorage, neither could I round her to run back for want of room.
From the time Mr. Foy fell overboard to the time I heard of the melancholy accident, we must have shifted our position, from the effects of steam and tide, nearly four miles, but allowing the latter to act equally upon the unfortunate gentleman and the boat, he must have been not more than two miles astern—say one. It then becomes actually necessary that my baot, had I lowered her down, should gain one mile ahead, against a tide running nearly, if not quite, six knots an hour. Now as my boat will not pull more than from three to four miles an hour in still water, and it was at that time flowing hard with a somewhat heavy cross sea, it is clear that she could not have maintained her position over the ground, is it likely that she would have drifted in a line with the boat keeping in view that he fell overboard between Cap Santé and the Point du Platon ?
It has been stated that I was in bed, Mr. McKenzie should have contradicted this report, as he accompanied the Steward, Dennis McCarthey, & Waiter, Peter Flannagan to my cabin and found that I was not there ; but even if I had, Mr. Editor, is it a heinous offence to retire to rest at 11 o'clock at night ?
There has been a fatal error in this business, Sir, it was in not having given a proper alarm at the moment, for certainly no circumstances could be more propitious excepting the want of day-light and less wind, for saving the life of a fellow creature under such circumstances, as I was precisely where I ought to have been, the Pilot was on my right hand, the Mate on my left, with the Engineer behind us and three or four of the crew on deck, the vessel being at the same time between Cap Santé and the Platon where there is plenty of room and good anchorages.
The report of the inquest appears to throw some odium on the crew, but as I did not ask any one's advice there can be no blame attached to any person, I acted from the impulse at the moment as I judged best for the security of the vessel committed to my charge ; if I have erred, I am extremely sorry for it— it can be attributed to nothing but an error in judgement to which the most enlightened are liable.
  I am Mr. Editor,
Your most Obedient
Humble Servant,
  Thomas P. Attrill
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 19th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 11 brig Favourite Alexander (Sandy) Allan 27 Aug Greenock 12 settlers to W. Price / in ballast | 2nd voyage | (picture)
Oct 11 brig Sir F.N. Burton White 15 Sept Halifax Mr. Roi to Mr. Brunet / rum | 2nd voyage
Oct 11 ship Clifton Bushby 49 days Liverpool Mr. Gordon, Mr. Hardy, Mr. Tullen to George Symes / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 11 brig Maria Granby 25 Aug St. John's, Nfld Captain & Mrs. Hobson, Mr. Lemesurier, Mr. Anderson, Mr. DeLender ? & Mr. Ellwood to Mr. Lemesurier / fish, oil &c.
Oct 11 brig Triton Marshall 21 Aug Limerick Mr. Scutler / Sculler to G. Hamilton / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 11 brig Kingston Wood 22 Aug Liverpool   to Ross, Taylor & Co. / salt and coals
Oct 11 ship John Pike 30 Aug Plymouth   to George Hamilton / in ballast
Oct 11 brig Atlantic Lawson 04 Sept Greenock   to Moir & Heath / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 11 brig Horatio John Sparks 28 Aug Liverpool   to C. Holt / general cargo
Oct 11 bark Duncan Gibb Maxwell 30 Aug Liverpool Mr. & Mrs. Kews and family, and Mr. Maxwell to George Ross / coals | new ship, first return voyage
Oct 12 brig Niagara Hamilton 30 Aug Liverpool Mr. & Mrs. Taylor to George Ross / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 14 brigantine Elizabeth & Esther Storre 30 days St. Vincents   to Irvine & Co. / rum & sugar
Oct 15 brig Thomas Cunningham 21 Aug Bristol   to Froste & Co. / general cargo
Oct 05— brig John, Pourty, (for) Leith
Oct 05— brig Kingston, Green, (for) Cork
Oct 05— ship Æolus, Howton, (for) Waterford
Oct 06— brig Zealous, Reid, (for) Cork
Oct 06— brig Heart of Oak, Booth, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 06— brig Thomas Lawrie / Laurie, McCall / McColl, (for) Greenock
Oct 06— brig Tolson, Yeoward, (for) Liverpool
Oct 06— brig Tom Bowline, Blackborn, (for) London
Oct 06— ship Nautilus, Tully, (for) London
Oct 06— ship Endeavour, Collinson, (for) London
Oct 06— brig Diadem, Barclay, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 06— schooner Earl Dalhousie, Poiré, (for) Newfoundland
Oct 07— brig Gilbert Henderson, Grant, (for) Dublin
Oct 07— brig Trafalgar, Christopherson, (for) Limerick
Oct 07— brig Thompsons Packet, Whitehead, (for) Belfast
Oct 07— brig Rob Roy, Kenn, (for) Belfast
Oct 07— brig Sir W. Wallace, Anderson, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 07— brig Spencer, Haggup, (for) Newcastle
Oct 08— brig Mary & Jane, Thompson, (for) Liverpool
Oct 08— brig Thomas, Jones, (for) Liverpool
Oct 08— brig Southampton, Tuzo, (for) Grenada
Oct 08— brig Fame, Langley, (for) Exmouth
Oct 08— brig Margaret, Patterson, (for) Belfast
Oct 08— ship Brilliant, Beverley, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 08— ship Perceval, Letherby, (for) Plymouth
Oct 08— ship Dunlop, Gowan, (for) Belfast
Oct 10— brig George IV, Raigh, (for) Waterford
Oct 10— ship Elvira, McPherson, (for) London
Oct 10— ship Christopher, Night / Knight, (for) London
Oct 10— ship Cyrus, Doey / Doeg, (for) London
Oct 10— ship Thomas, Rodgers, (for) London
Oct 11— ship Prince, Braithwaite, (for) London
Oct 11— ship Chitton, Gallilee, (for) Bristol
Oct 11— ship Clarkston, Ward, (for) Hull
Oct 11— brig Liddell, Thompson, (for) Yarmouth
Oct 11— ship Fortesque, Martin, (for) Dublin
Oct 12— brig Emerald, Gray, (for) London
Oct 12— brig Christian, Christian, (for) Dublin
Oct 12— brig Albion, Hall, (for) London
Oct 12— brig Timley, Brass, (for) Liverpool
Oct 12— brig Trent, McColl, (for) London
Oct 12— ship London, Smith, (for) London
Oct 12— ship Jane, Hawkins, (for) London
Oct 13— ship Vallyfield, Gray, (for) London
Oct 13— ship Lloyds, Winterbottom, (for) London
Oct 13— ship Doncaster, Marshall, (for) London
Oct 13— ship Achilles, Smith, (for) London
Oct 13— ship Elizabeth, Graison, (for) Liverpool
Oct 13— brig Mary Jane, Nichols, (for) London
Oct 13— brig Sophia, Majoribanks, (for) Liverpool
Oct 13— brig St. Elizabeth, Anderson, (for) London
Oct 14— brig Laura, Coats, (for) London
Oct 14— ship Chapman, Milbank, (for) London
Oct 14— ship Dublin, McLaren, (for) Dublin
Oct 14— ship Royal George, Harper, (for) Newry
Oct 14— ship Sir James Kempt, Patterson, (for) Cork
Oct 14— ship Trio, Leslie, (for) Cork
Oct 14— brig Jane, Currie, (for) Greenock
Oct 14— schooner Sally Ann, Conrad, (for) Miramichi
On Thursday last arrived from Halifax, His Majesty's brig Rifleman, Captain Webb, having on board Admiral Lake, and several gentlemen of his routine. She was accompanied by His Majesty's ship Menai, Captain Stewart, and a tender. The Admiral, we understand, has visited the principal harbours on the coast between this and Halifax. On Wednesday morning he proceeded on a tour to the seat of government, from whence he returned on Friday evening to this city in the steam boat. The Admiral sailed on Sunday morning last in the Rifleman for Halifax via Windsor.— New Brunswick Star 27th September

One person rises in the morning at half past nine, another at six. If each live to be fifty years old, the one will have enjoyed 63,873 hours, or 2,661 days more than the other.

Reported Loss of the Baron of Renfrew
The following is the substance of information communicated to us by a passenger in the Sir Francis Burton arrived on Tuesday from Halifax. We sincerely hope that it will prove unfounded.. The Sir F. B. had put into Gaspé:—
Gaspé, 1st October 1825
"A brig bound to Quebec put in here in distress, 25th instant [Sept], the Captain of which reports that he saw the large Timber Ship Baron of Renfrew, near the Grand Bank broken up and floating in several huge detached pieces, and part of the crew on each— would have attempted to render assistance but the danger of doing so made it impossible, owing to the violence of the weather and the immense pieces [of] wreck floating in every direction.
The Baron of Renfrew was seen by the Jasper arrived at Boston on the 16th September. Of the vessels arrived at this port, only two crossed the Banks after the 22nd and these report they saw "nothing of the Baron.— Old Gazette
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 22nd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 15 brig Bowes Collins 22 Aug London   to Mr. Johnston / in ballast
Oct 15 schooner Friends Martin 21 days Newfoundland   to W. Budden / fish & oil
Oct 16 brig Percy Morris 19 Aug Bridgwater   to Price / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 16 brig Amethyst Thompson 03 Sept London Mr. John Try, Mr. Cliff, Mr. Wylie, Mr. J.W. Ellis, Mr. D. Fotheringham, and 6 seamen to W. Price / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 18 brig Canadian Udney 07 Sept Liverpool Mr. James Knox to G. Ross / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 18 brig Thetis Robinson 15 Aug Hull   to R. Wood / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 18 brig Mars Todd 02 Sept Liverpool   to order / in ballast
Oct 15— brig Dougall, Hayton, (for) Earlston
Oct 15— brig Columbia, Taylor, (for) Hull
Oct 15— brig James, Johnson, (for) Workington
Oct 15— ship Lady Ridley, Scott, (for) Dublin
Oct 15— ship John Howard, Brewer, (for) Kinsale
Oct 15— schooner Albion, Rossignol, (for) Boston
Oct 15— schooner Swift, Dodd, (for) Arichat
Oct 17— brig William, Larmour, (for) Belfast
Casualty.— One of the passengers in the ship Trio, lately arrived [Sept 17] with settlers from Cork, lost his life by falling down the fore-hatchway, when the vessel was in the river, off the pilgrims. The body was brought up to Quebec, and an inquest held upon it. Verdict, Accidental Death. The deceased, named Thomas Oliver, has left a wife a two children.
The body of Edward Bower, late carpenter of the [bark / ship] London, was picked up on Monday morning last. A Coroner's Inquest returned a verdict of "Accidental Death." [the London, Smith, cleared for London on October 12th]
An arrival this morning, in 7 days from Gaspé brings no intelligence about the Baron of Renfrew.
His Majesty's Ship Romney had not arrived at St. John's, Newfoundland, on the 23rd ult., where she is to land Sir Thomas Cochrane, the New Governor of that Island.
The Steamboat Richelieu was seized in this port on Monday, by His Majesty's Customs, as having no Register. Proper Bonds, were given, and she sailed for Montreal on Saturday.
The following vessels have been launched since Thursday morning last,
at the ship-yards in this neighbourhood. viz
Ship Brothers, by Messers McAlpine & Richardson, at Sillery Cove, of 295 tons
Ship Sir Francis N. Burton, at Mr. Finch's yard, St. Roch, of 110 tons
Ship Thomas Ritchie, at Mr. Munn's yard, St. Roch, of about 375 tons
Brig Juliana, by Mr. Brunet, at the late Mr. Goudie's yard, of 275 tons
Ship Alicia, at Mr. Labbé's yard. Ance des Meres [L’Anse des Mères], of 425 tons
Brig Jean Baptiste, at Mr. Labbé's yard, L’Anse des Mères, of about 250 tons
Brig Bolicina, at Mr. Labbé's yard, L’Anse des Mères, of about 350 tons
Brig Belfast, by Mr. Orkney, at St. Roch, of 260 tons
The greater number of these vessels are of the first class, built upon very fine models, and reflect great credit on the builders. Those of Mr. Labbé were launched from the same yard, in the course of an hour, on Saturday morning ; two were launched on the same ways.
The Micniac of 127 tons, a brig just built at St. Paul's Bay, about 50 miles below, came up to this port yesterday. She is owned by Charles Hunter Esq. We are informed that two other vessels are to be laid down there.

Last night Colonel Foster arrived from Quebec in the New Swiftsure, and at 10 o'clock this forenoon inspected the 70th Regiment on the Champ de Mars ; expressing himself highly satisfied with the appearance and discipline of this distinguished and respectable corps.— Herald
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 26th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 18 brigantine Caledonia Colford 34 days Newfoundland   to H. Atkinson / fish &c.
Oct 19 brigantine Caroline Bush 28 Sept New York   to G.A. Holt / turpentine
Oct 19 brig Catherine McClintock 04 Sept Jamaica   to Finlay & Co. / rum &c
Oct 19 brig Midas Mayer / Mawer 43 days Dundee   to Lawrie & Spence / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 19 bark St. Lawrence Harby 07 Sept London / the Downs Ensign Williamson, 70th Regt.; Ensign Oliver, 76th ; Mr. Tweddel, Commissariat ; Mrs. Craven & daughters ; Mr. Schaler ; Mr.& Mrs. Stevens ; Mr.& Mrs. Harris to Patterson & Weir / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 20 brig Promise Sloane 27 Aug Liverpool   to J. Leather & Co. / salt | 2nd voyage
Oct 21 brig Gratitude Galetly / Gallatly 24 Aug Dundee   to George Davis / general cargo | 2nd voyage | Gellately / Gallantly
Oct 21 brig Carricks Lennox 25 Aug Liverpool   to C.A. Holt / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 21 brig Sibsons Milne 22 Aug London   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
Oct 21 bark St. Charles Cosens 08 Sept London Mr. Blacklock to J. Stansfield / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 21 ship Cato Sadler 01 Sept Cork 1st division of the 79th Regiment of Cameron Highlanders / Lieut. Col. Brown | 7 officers & 173 men to Government
Oct 21 ship Richard Sands Owens 27 Aug Liverpool   to Corrie & Co. / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 21 ship Robert Kerr Boyd 13 Sept Greenock   to Mr. Moorland / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 21 bark Letitia Simons 59 days Dublin 1 settler to W. Pentland / in ballast | earlier trip to Nova Scotia, June arrival?
Oct 21 brig Golden Fleece Evans 25 Aug Liverpool   to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
Oct 21 brig Nelson Laughton 03 Sept Dublin   to W. Pentland / in ballast
Oct 22 brig Havannah Packet Ramsay 02 Sept Liverpool   to T. Corrie & Co. / general cargo
Oct 22 brig Nymph Yeoward 27 Aug Liverpool   to James Farrow / general cargo | 2nd voyage
  Quebec, 20th October
The Hercules, Captain Brush, Steam tow-boat, has been siezed by His Majesty's Customs at this port. The reasons alledged, as we have heard, among others, are that she had no Register, was partly American property and was not commanded by an English subject. Some opposition having been made to the officers of the Customs we understand that a serjeant and twelve men of the 71st foot have been placed on board. Her cargo, partly composed of potash for vessels just at their departure has also been seized.
West India Steam Navigation
Southward Hours
Barbados direct to St. Lucia
Barbados direct to St. Vincent 10½
Barbados direct to Tobago 12½
Barbados direct to Trinidad 21
Barbados direct to Demerara 42
Northward Hours
Barbados direct to Fort Royal 12½
Barbados direct to Prince Rupert's 20
Barbados direct to Basseterre 23
Barbados direct to English Harbour 28
Barbados direct to St. Kitt's and Nevis 34
Barbados direct to St. Thomas and St. Croix 46
    A project for the introduction of steam navigation on the Demerara is announced.

From the United States
     Canal Celebration:— By the arrangements of the citizens of Buffalo, for celebrating the opening of the Cana;, the boat for New York, with the members of the Buffalo committee, is to leave that place at 5pm on the 26th inst. At the same hour the feu de joie which is to be continued along the Canal to Albany, will commence.
     The U.S. ship Hornet, Captain Woodhouse, sailed from Hampton Roads on Friday, with Commodores Bainbridge and Warrington, and Captain Biddle, commissioners appointed by the Secretary of the Navy to fix upon a site for a Navy yard in the bay of Pensacola.
     Navigation of the Hudson:— It is stated in the Albany Patriot, that a plan for improving the navigation of the river below that place is to be submitted soon to the citizens for their support. The intention of the projectors of this plan is to connect the islands on the west side of the river by solid and permanent embankments, so as to afford a deep channel on the west shore round and beyond the overslaugh, closed by locks at each end to keep out currents and tides.— Com. Adv.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 29th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 23 ship Montmorenci Wood 07 Sept London   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 18— brig Sarah Mary Ann, Christian, (for) Liverpool
Oct 18— brig Charlotte, Shearer, (for) Liverpool
Oct 18— brig Renovation, McDearmid, (for) Hull
Oct 18— ship Ulverstone, Cormier, (for) Liverpool
Oct 20— ship Orion, White, (for) Whitehaven
Oct 20— ship Crown, Havelock, (for) London
Oct 20— ship General Wolfe, Stanworth, (for) Bristol
Oct 20— ship Nassau, Kenny, (for) Waterford
Oct 20— ship Jessie Lawson, Hall, (for) Greenock
Oct 20— brig Fidelity, English, (for) Hull
Oct 20— brig Corsair, McAlpine, (for) Greenock
Oct 20— brig Elizabeth, Oldfield, (for) London
Oct 20— schooner Rambler, Cornwell, (for) Miramichi
Oct 20— ship Two Brothers, Hinds, (for) Cork
Oct 20— brig Old Maid, Tully, (for) Chatham
Oct 21— brig Carrington, Dougal, (for) Barbadoes
Oct 21— brig Elizabeth, Dagin, (for) Liverpool
Oct 21— ship Quebec Trader, Dunn, (for) Dublin
Oct 21— ship Fanny, Thompson, (for) Liverpool
Oct 21— schooner Angelique, Guyer, (for) Miramichi
In the General Wolfe, for Bristol, Captain Dunn and Captain Sutton of the 68th Regiment ; Messrs. J.M. Fraser and Thomas Nichol ; Mrs. Lamb and Miss Nickless.
We are very happy to find that the Baron of Renfrew has been seen by two vessels, the Nymph (at this port) on the 23rd September, and the Rapid (at Boston) on the 21st, and that the report of her loss which we lately published was unfounded.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 2nd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 26 brig Mary Brian 25 Aug Dublin   to W. Pentland / sails & rigging &c.
Oct 22— ship City of Waterford, Thomas, (for) Waterford
Oct 22— ship Tamerlane, McKillop, (for) Greenock
Oct 22— ship Eliza, Tuzo, (for) London
Oct 22— ship Sir W. Bensley, Smith, (for) Portsmouth
Oct 22— ship Rebecca, Lawrie, (for) Greenock
Oct 22— brig Thomas Tyson, Stockdale, (for) Galway
Oct 22— brig Veronica, Eustace, (for) Belfast
Oct 22— brig Newcastle, Clay, (for) Stockton
Oct 22— schooner Industry, Stewart, (for) Cork
Oct 22— schooner Ann, O'Neil, (for) Prince Edward's Island
Oct 24— brig Faith, Goldsworthy, (for) London
Oct 24— brig Friends, Wishart, (for) Greenock
Oct 24— ship Industry, Watts, (for) London
Oct 24— ship Henry Cerf, Cowey, (for) London
Oct 25— ship Mary Ann, Hilary, (for) Newcastle
Oct 25— ship Pearsons, Galilee, (for) Bristol
Oct 25— ship Asia, Ward, (for) London
Oct 25— brig Hannah, Walker, (for) London
Oct 25— brig Harmony, Thompson, (for) London
Oct 25— brig Larch, Beatson, (for) Greenock
Oct 25— schooner President, Garden, (for) Dublin
Oct 26— ship Samuel Whitbread, Warwick, (for) Bristol
Oct 26— ship St. Vincent, Green, (for) Bristol
In the Carrington, sailed for Barbadoes, Mr. Thirlwall and Mr. Brown.
In the Rebecca, for Greenock, Mr. Spence and Mr. Aitken.
In the Princess Royal, for Grenada, Comy. Coxworthy & family, Mr. G. Wood, and Messrs. Fraser.
In the Henry Cerf, for London, Mr. W.U. Chaffers.
In the Harmony, for London, Mr. J. Esson.
We regret to have to announce the loss of the elegant packet ship Crawford, captain Rathbone. This intelligence is communicated by captain Lattermar, of the schooner Ardent arrived at Baltimore from Key West. Captain L. states that the Crawford was lost on the Bahama Banks when seven days out from New York. The ship had been previously dismasted. The Crawford was owned by Captain Holmes of this city [New York], and was a regular packet between this port and New Orleans.
We have no account of the passengers and crew. The ship sailed from this port on the 24th of September.— Com. Adv.

Snow fell for the first time this season, to the depth of nearly three inches. The wind which was strong at north east all the day and this morning brought up some of the vessels, which are due. The weather, however, was comparatively mild, and the snow will disappear soon. It is very probable from the general warmth of the past summer that shall have a fine open fall.— Old Gazette

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 5th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 30 ship Mansfield Jamieson 13 Sept London   to Mr. Lemesurier / in ballast | new ship, 1st return voyage
Oct 30 schooner Francis Elizabeth Hewison 10 Oct Newfoundland Mr. Sinton to Mr. Leaycraft / fish | 2nd voyage
Oct 30 ship Maria Walker 01 Sept Cork 79th Regiment of Cameron Highlanders / Major Campbell to Government | sprang a leak in passage
Oct 30 brig Francis Russell Tuzo 11 Oct Newfoundland   to Mr. Leaycraft / rum
Oct 30 ship Miriam & Jane Henley 13 Sept London   to Mr. Myer / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Oct 30 brig London Brockington 15 Oct Newfoundland Mr. R. Hunt to J. Hunt / in ballast
Oct 30 bark Tottenham Kay / Key 28 Aug Ross   to James Black / salt | new ship, 1st return voyage
Oct 30 bark Quebec Packet Atkinson 01 Sept London 2 settlers to H. Atkinson / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 30 bark Wallsend Burleiston 01 Sept Cork 3 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 30 ship Resource Crawley 01 Sept London   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 30 bark Pons Ælii Parkins 02 Sept Cork   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Oct 30 brig Brothers Blackett 20 Aug Hull   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Oct 30 ship Lord Melville Robinson 06 Sept Plymouth   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Oct 30 brig Homer McLean 20 Aug Liverpool   to S.T. Corrie & Co. / coals
Oct 30 HMS Romney Lockyer 01 Sept / 17 dys Cork & Nfld. 79th Regiment of Cameron Highlanders / Colonel Douglas to Government
Oct 27— schooner Angelique, Brotherton, (for) Miramichi
Oct 27— schooner Albion, Caldwell, (for) Miramichi
Oct 27— schooner Esperance, De gouffe, (for) Miramichi
Oct 27— bark Princess Royal, Townsend, (for) Grenada
Oct 27— ship Friends, Mardon, (for) Newfoundland
Oct 28— ship Cicero, Dale, (for) London
Oct 28— schooner Caroline, Brush, (for) Dublin
In the George Canning, from Portsmouth, Mr. Martyn.
In the Acasta, arrived at New York the 20th inst. Mr. Evans and lady, of Canada.
Quebec, November 1st
We are much gratified in announcing the safe arrival yesterday of His Majesty's Ship, Romney, Captain Lockyer, C.B. and the Transport, Maria, with the remaining divisions of the 79th Regiment ; for the safety of which apprehensions began to be entertained. In course of this morning the Head Quarter Division, under Colonel Douglas, disembarked from HMS (the companies under Major Campbell, from the Maria, having landed yesterday.) and marched into the Jesuit's Barrack. . . . . . But whilst hailing the arrival of these gallant strangers, we must not lose sight of our old friends, the 37th Regiment, who are about to take their departure in the same vessels which brought the Camerson Highlanders . . . . .— Mercury
The St. Lawrence, Captain Harby, is loading, by Government with provisions and clothing for the sufferers at Miramichi [huge fire & hurricane at Miramichi and Fredericton] to the amount of £6000, every exertion is made to despatch her, a party of military are employed in putting the stores on board, and were at work on Sunday, so great is the anxiety of Government to forward these supplies which the (old) Quebec Gazette says, it is thought will afford subsistance and even comfort to 1000 individuals for six months, the same paper gives the amount of the subscription at Montreal on Saturday at £650, and nearly an equal sum at Quebec.— Mercury
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 9th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 30 bark Richard Pope Maloney 01 Sept Belfast 17 settlers to W. Pentland / salt | 2nd voyage
Nov 01 bark Sisters Kerr / Carr 23 Aug Dublin 17 settlers to A. Moreland / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Nov 01 bark Thomas Wallace Morgan 13 Sept Portsmouth   to H. Atkinson / in ballast | new ship, 1st return voyage
Nov 02 ship Nancy Scott 06 Sept London   to Cringan & Co. / in ballast
Oct 29— ship General Wolfe, Johnson, (for) Liverpool
Oct 29— brig Venus, Taylor, (for) Liverpool
Oct 29— brig Margaret, Boyd, (for) Irvine
Oct 31— ship Maxfield, Irvine, (for) London
Oct 31— brig Cherub, Rayside, (for) Greenock
Oct 31— brig Triton, Marshall, (for) London
Oct 31— brig Alert, Reyner, (for) London
Nov 02— ship Charlotte & Maria, Douglass, (for) London
Nov 02— brig Venus, Nichol, (for) Cork
Nov 02— brig Alchymist, Greenock, (for) Cork
Nov 02— brig Betty, Wedgwood, (for) Liverpool
Nov 03— brig Hotspur, Bragg, (for) Liverpool
Nov 03— brig Atlantic, Lawson, (for) Belfast
Nov 03— ship John, Pike, (for) London
Nov 04— ship St. Lawrence, Hardy (Harby), (for) Miramichi
Nov 04— ship Eliza, Hudson, (for) Bristol
Nov 04— brig Alexander, Boadle, (for) Limerick
Nov 04— brig Maria, Grandy, (for) Newfoundland
In the Cherub, for Greenock, Mr. J.B. Hoofsetter (Hoofstetter) and Mr. D. Burnett.
In the Pike [sic] John, for London, Mr. W.B. Coltman.
Severe gale on Lake Erie.—
A severe gale of wind, accompanied with snow, was experienced at Erie Pa. on the 7th inst. and it was feared much property was lost on the lake. The steam brig Superior is said to be ashore at Sandusky and the steam boat Pioneer at Grand River.— The schooner General Huntington, freighted with ashes, went ashore ten miles above Erie ; the principle of the cargo was lost.— Evening Post
From the old Quebec Gazette 3rd November
A labouring man named Landry, who formerly navigated a vessel out of this port lost his life on Monday last while loading the ship Eliza, Hudson. The slings of a log of timber slipping, the head was so severely crushed that altho' medical assistance was immediately obtained he survived only two hours.
Two seamen, one of the Mary of Dublin, and the other (an apprentice named Donootny) of the Letitia of the same port, were drowned when going on board their vessels at Carman's Wharf on Monday night. Another seaman named Mansfield, at the same wharf, was drowned last evening by falling between the vessel and the wharf.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 12th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 05 brig Thetis Green 03 Aug London   to — / in ballast
Nov 06 schooner Youngest Marmeau 16 days Halifax   to Mr. Dubord / rum
Nov 08 schooner John Glawson 30 days St. John's Nfld Mr. D. Ross to D. Ross / rum
Nov 05— brig Margaret, Troope, (for) Leith
Nov 05— brig Elizabeth & Esther, Stowe, (for) St. Vincents
Nov 05— brig Catherine, McClintock, (for) Jamaica
Nov 05— brig Port Spain, Chesney, (for) Jamaica
Nov 05— brig Sir James Kempt, Currie, (for) Barbadoes
Nov 05— brig Caledonia, Lyell, (for) London
Nov 05— ship Europe, Willis, (for) Plymouth
Nov 05— ship Helen, Elder, (for) London
Nov 07— ship Ocean, Dunn, (for) London
Nov 07— ship Wansback, Crawthorn, (for) Cork
Nov 07— brig Bowes, Collins, (for) Liverpool
Nov 07— brig Rose, Macroon, Thomas New-Ross
His Majesty's Ship, Romney, sailed for Portsmouth yesterday with the remainder of the 37th Regiment.
On Saturday, being the 5th of November, the anniversary of the discovery of the famous gunpowder plot in 1605, the Romney, Captain Lockyer, fired the usual royal salute.
On the 30th ult. a handsome boat called the Henry, was launched at Laprairie. It was built by Mr. Shay, and belongs to a company ; is to be propelled by steam, and intended to ply between that village and Montreal. It draws only nineteen inches of water and is considered a beautiful vessel.
The Helen, the first of the Canada Ship Building Companys' vessels arrived from Montreal on Friday last, ready for sea. She is one of the finest little ships of about 300 tons we have seen. She bears a large flag at her main-mast with the words "Canada Ship Building."
A beautiful ship of about 400 tons, called the Rifleman, was launched from Young's Ship-yard at Montreal, on the 1st inst.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 16th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to

There has been no arrivals since Tuesday last, and but few are expected this season, which is now drawing to a close ; and great exertions are making to dispatch the shipping in port before the setting in of winter, so uncertain at this period.

Nov 08— brig Martha, Dobson, (for) London
Nov 08— brig Sophia, Neil, (for) Greenock
Nov 08— ship Robert Kerr, Boyd, (for) Belfast
Nov 08— ship Montmorenci, Wood, (for) London
Nov 09— ship Sisters, Kerr, (for) London
Nov 09— brig Equity, Storr, (for) London
Nov 09— brig Sibsons, Milne, (for) London
Nov 10— brig Amethyst, Thompson, (for) London
Nov 10— brig Percy, Morris, (for) London
Nov 10— brig William, Johnson, (for) London
Nov 10— ship Woodbridge, Anderson, (for) Portsmouth
Nov 11— brig Kelsick Wood, Brown, (for) Whitehaven
Nov 11— brig Sir F.N. Burton, White, (for) London
In the ship Montmorenci, sailed this day for London, George Bell Esq. ; Mrs. Dyke and two children ; Mrs. Edie and niece ; Mrs. Puffer, and Mr. William Forrester.
From the Official Gazette
His Majesty's Ship Romney with the principle division of the 37th Regiment, sailed on Sunday last. Lieut. Robinson R.A. went passenger, as friend of Captain Lockyer. The Transport Maria sails on Sunday, with a detachment of the 37th Regiment, and three officers.
The St. Lawrence sailed on Tuesday last with supplies for the sufferers at Miramichi. The Ottawa sails on Tuesday next. The Ontario, on Sunday ; wind and weather permitting.

The Alecto, arrived at Liverpool, passed on the 25th September in Lat. 46, Long. 28, the four masted ship Baron of Renfrew.
The Active, Johnson master, from Quebec about 1st September, was lost on the 7th October off Cardigan, Wales. The master and two of the crew drowned. The Active had a general cargo of timber and was loaded by Messrs. Leather & Co.
The schooner Rencontre, from Great River, Newfoundland, arrived at St. John, N.B. on the 14th October with the master and part of the crew of the Thomas Pryor and Penrose of Waterford, bound for Quebec, wrecked at the above place on the 11th October—She was laden with salt. The whole crew were saved.
The ship George Canning, from Aberdeen, arrived at Miramichi on the night of the fire and hurricane ; David Garner Esq. Assist. Com. Gen. & Mrs. Garner and family, passengers. The ship was struck by lightning, which shivered one of her masts and killed a seaman.
No arrivals or departures Saturday November 19th - CC
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 23rd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 14 schooner Marie Victoire Lajoie 31 days Halifax 27 settlers to Mr. Satterthwaite / rum & molasses
Nov 14 schooner Good Intent Harper 20 days Miramichi   to the mater / in ballast
Nov 14 schooner Seaflower Baker -- Baie des Chaleurs   --
Nov 14 schooner Little George Daniel 23 days Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / rum
Nov 12— brig Niagara, Hamilton, (for) Liverpool
Nov 12— brig Sarah, Dougal, (for) London
Nov 12— brig Nelson, Laughton, (for) Dublin
Nov 12— brig Thomas Pelle, Elliot, (for) Liverpool
Nov 12— brig Promise, Sloane, (for) Liverpool
Nov 12— brig Thetis, Robinson, (for) Hull
Nov 12— brig Ontario, Willis, (for) Liverpool
Nov 12— ship Admiral Benbow, Williams, (for) Liverpool
Nov 12— schooner John, Glawson, (for) Miramichi
Nov 12— schooner Youngest, Marmaund, (for) Miramichi
Nov 12— brig Frances Russell, Tuzo, (for) Bermuda
Nov 14— brig Carricks, Lennox, (for) Liverpool
Nov 14— brig Kingston, Wood, (for) Liverpool
Nov 14— brig Gratitude, Gallatly, (for) Dundee
Nov 14— brig Favourite, Allan, (for) Greenock (picture)
Nov 14— schooner Two Brothers, Troude, (for) Barbadoes
Nov 15— brig London, Brockington, (for) Newfoundland
Nov 15— brig Juliana, Teasdel, (for) Liverpool
Nov 15— brig Mic Mac, Clency, (for) Boston
Nov 15— ship Tottenham, Kay, (for) New Ross
Nov 16— brig Indian, Mathias, (for) Liverpool
Nov 16— brig Horatio, Sparks, (for) Liverpool
Nov 16— ship Letitia, Simonds, (for) Dublin
Nov 16— ship Sir F.N. Burton, White, (for) London !! see Nov. 11th clearance for 'brig' Sir F.N. Burton
Nov 16— ship Leonidas, Scott, (for) London
Nov 16— schooner Francis Elizabeth, Hewison, (for) Liverpool
Nov 17— ship Ottawa, Douglas, (for) London
Nov 17— ship Richard Sands, Owens, (for) Liverpool
Nov 17— brig Mars, Todd, (for) Liverpool
Nov 17— brig Thomas Dempsy, Croal, (for) Liverpool
Nov 17— brig Mary, Brien, (for) Dublin
Nov 18— ship Alicia, Evans, (for) Bristol
Nov 18— ship Margaret, Porteous, (for) Liverpool
Nov 18— brig William McGillivray, Stoddart, (for) London
Nov 18— brig Canadian, Udney, (for) Liverpool
Nov 18— brig Andrew McKean, Irvine, (for) Leith
Nov 18— brig Belfast, Lawson, (for) Belfast
Nov 18— schooner Ranger, Armstrong, (for) Boston, U.S.
Nov 18— schooner Good Intent, Harper, (for) Miramichi
We regret to learn by the late arrivals at New York, that the ship William Huskisson, Hall, which sailed from Milford for this port about the 1st September last, has been abandoned at sea, waterlogged. The crew was fortunately saved, but the vessel left on her beam-ends. The William Huskisson was a new ship launched this Spring from Mr. Atkinson's yard at Cap Rouge.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 26th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 18 schooner George the III Cutler -- St. John, N.B.   to T.W. Satterthwaite / rum
Nov 19— ship Clifton, Bushby, (for) Liverpool
Nov 19— ship Lady Gordon, Clementson, (for) Liverpool
Nov 19— ship Thomas Wallace, Morgan, (for) London
Nov 19— ship Mansfield, Jamieson, (for) London
Nov 19— ship Thomas Ritchie, Chesney, (for) Liverpool
Nov 19— ship Resource, Crowley, (for) Portsmouth
Nov 19— ship Wallsend, Burlison, (for) Cork
Nov 19— ship Pons Ælii, Parkins, (for) Cork
Nov 19— ship Duncan Gibb, Hobson, (for) Liverpool
Nov 19— ship Brothers, Halm, (for) Dublin
Nov 19— ship Wilberforce, Clark, (for) Hull
Nov 19— brig Brothers, Blackett, (for) Hull
Nov 19— brig Golden Fleece, Evans, (for) Liverpool
Nov 19— brig Anne, Blackwood, (for) Chatham
Nov 19— schooner D.E.F., Boudreau, (for) Cape Breton
Nov 19— schooner Julia, Johnson, (for) Barbadoes
Nov 19— schooner Olive, Serrat, (for) Miramichi
Nov 21— ship St. Charles, Cosens, (for) London
Nov 21— ship George Canning, Davie, (for) Chatham
Nov 21— brig Midas, Mawer, (for) Dundee
Nov 21— brig Sir F. Burton, Thompson, (for) London
Nov 21— schooner Little George, Daniel, (for) Halifax
Nov 21— schooner George the III, Cutler, (for) Halifax

874 vessels have cleared from the Custom House this season. It is said the amount of tonnage employed in the trade this year exceeds that of the last by nearly one-third.

In the Canadian, sailed last Saturday for Liverpool, Captain Consitt and daughter ; Dr. Walter Harkness, M.D. and Mr. Robert P. Ross.
No arrivals Wednesday November 30th - CC
Nov 22— ship Montreal, Hull, (for) Liverpool
Nov 22— ship Richard Pope, Malony, (for) Liverpool
Nov 22— ship Canadian, Reid, (for) London
Nov 22— ship Quebec Packet, Atkinson, (for) London
Nov 22— brig Caledonia, Colford, (for) Newfoundland
Nov 22— brig Havanah Packet, Ramsay, (for) Liverpool
Nov 23— ship Miriam & Jane, Henley, (for) London
Nov 23— brig Homer, McLean, (for) Liverpool
Nov 23— schooner Marie Victoire, Lajoie, (for) Barbadoes
In the Margaret, hence 21st inst., for Liverpool, Mr. Clark & Mr. Richardson.
In the Lady Gordon, hence 21st inst., for Liverpool, Mr. Pinkerton.
In the Quebec Packet, Atkinson, for London, H. Atkinson Esq. & Mr. Bisson.
The following is a comparative statement of the Arrivals, &c. during the last and present year.
Arrivals 1824 603 Tonnage 148,581 Settlers 6,515
  1825 763   191,614   9,097
Cleared 1824 680 Tonnage 169,663    
  1825 893      
No arrivals or departures Saturday December 3rd - CC
  Our harbour presents this day, a very unusual appearance for the season ; there being upwards of twenty schooners and a brig now in Port, a circumstance which has rarely been witnessed in Montreal on the 3rd of December. These vessels were chiefly loaded with Fish, Coals and Salt, and will immediately after discharging, proceed to their winter quarters. The Tow Boat Hercules left this yesterday, and all the other Steam Boats (with the exception of the Laprairie, which is expected from Quebec after her last trip this season, today) have repaired to their respective stations, until the opening of navigation next year will permit their resuming business. The Canadienne was taken to William Henry [Sorel] on Thursday ; since she has ceased running the intercourse with Laprairie has been rendered both difficult and unpleasant, as the passengers are obliged to cross in open boats.
New Brunswick Sufferers:—
Boston has done most nobly. The Centinel of Wednesday informs us that $6,800 have already been collected ; that $2,000 are in collection, and several committees have not yet made their reports. The whole subscriptions will, it is stated by the above journal, fall little short of $10,000.
Philadelphia has a length taken the field, and in a manner the most honourable to its character and advantageous to the sufferers.
No arrivals or departures Wednesday December 7th - CC
  Quebec 1st December
The Season:— It is rather a remarkable fact that the river is now perfectly open and that there is not a piece of floating ice to be seen. There remain still in port ready for sea, the William, Johnson, and Thetis, Green. The Jean Baptiste, Brady, sailed yesterday for London, but as the wind shortly afterwards blew from the East and increased to a gale in the night, and still blows strong, it is probable that she has put back to St. Patricks.
The brig President, Coulson, from Jamaica which passed Halifax, N.S. on the 3rd ultimo, for this port, has arrived.
The William, Johnston [sic], put back a secnd time on Monday night last, she has discharged a considerable part of her cargo of wheat, and we are informed will sail on the first change of wind.— Old Gaz.
Quebec 3rd December
The navigation of our river has this year been open for a longer season than usual ; upwards of thirty-one weeks have elapsed between the arrival of the first ships on the 24th April and the departure of the last, the Thetis, (which will probably sail this day,) even now no ice is to be seen and the Laprairie steam boat arrived yesterday from Montreal, without encountering any impediment in her passage down.— Mercury
No arrivals or departures Wednesday December 14th - CC
Arrivals from Canada to 2nd November

At Gravesend:— 30th, Stephen, Simpson ; 31st, Bendon, Pearson ; 24th, Regalia, Foster ; 27th, Mary, Hardy ; John Barry, Roache.
At Deal:— 29th, Economy, Harrison ; Fortitude, Frothingham (Tottingham ?).
At Portsmouth:— 29th, HMS Herald.
Off Portland:— 28th, Alexander, Scott.
At Topsham:— 27th, Aurora, Henley, with loss of boats and bulwarks.
At Plymouth:— 29th, Prince of Wales, Cuno
At Liverpool:— 27th, Norval, Leslie ; 28th, Drake, Giles ; British Tar, Clarke ; 29th, Pleides, Miller ; Mary, Drummond ; Andromeda ; 30th, Hanna, Graham ; 26th Harding, Herring.
At Dublin:— 26th, Hugh, McCracken.
At Cork:— 27th, Mary, Ainsley.
At Sligo:— 25th, Aurora, Carr.
At Sunderland:— 24th, Seaham, Stewart ; 26th, Boldon, Brown ; Mars, Harland ; 27th, Symmetry, Cram.
At Yarmouth:— 29th, Skipsey, Sadler.
Off Sheerness:— 25th, Barbadoes.
At Holyhead:— 25th, Kelton, Brocklebank.
At Belfast:— 25th, Ocean, Strathers.
At North Shields:Grecian, Cooper.
The Westmoreland, from Quebec for Liverpool, was abandoned, October 22nd, about 16 leagues west of Scilly, having 16 feet of water in her hold.

No arrivals or departures Saturday December 17th - CC
  Lieut. Baldock of H.M. Sloop Swallow, having been, (with part of his crew) successful in saving the brig Schulkitt from fire at N. York, has been highly complimented by the different Insurance Companies of that city, and the owners of the Brig, who have sent Lieut. B. a sum of money to be distributed amongst his crew and presented himself with a piece of plate. The correspondence on this subject reflects the highest credit on the parties concerned.
Quebec 12th December
The navigation of the St. Lawrence opposite this city was completely closed on the 9th December instant.
The pilots who took down the Thetis and William, the last vessels which left this port, and which sailed on Saturday week last, have returned, having left the vessels all well below Green Island.
We understand that the ship Canadian, the Canada Ship Building Company's vessel, is a Isle-aux-Coudres, as reported early last week. She has lost an anchor and part of a cable, but has received no damage, and was prevented from going to sea, as we are informed, by the sailors refusing to work the ship. She will winter at Isle-aux-Coudres, where there is a very good harbour, and where vessels have before safely wintered.
The following is a detail of the cargoes of two vessels arrived about the 20th November, at Halifax, N.S. from the United States. George Henry, New York, 3,622 bushels wheat ; 600 bushels Indian Corn — William Penn, New York, 238 bbls, and 5,895 bushels wheat and 602 bags Indian Corn.— Old Gazette

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