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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1826

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1826.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Lady Sherbrooke, New Swiftsure, Quebec, Chambly & Waterloo.

April 25 - June 03 | June 04 - July 24 | July 24 - September 23 | September 24 - December 07

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday June 10th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 04 brig Micmac Clancey 19 April Barbadoes   to C. Hunter / rum & sugar
June 04 brigantine Fame Tynes 15 April Barbadoes Mr. J. Tynes & Mr. A. Peels to William Budden / rum & sugar
June 04 brig Mary Melgrove 23 April Jamaica Mr. Shaw and Mr.& Mrs. Jones to J.S. Shaw / rum & sugar
June 05 brig Hero Barker 12 April Demerara & Jamaica Mr. Carberry to Mr. Carberry / rum
June 05 brig Christian Christian 01 May Belfast   to G. Symes / in ballast
June 05 brig Britannia Holiday 25 April Maryport   to order / in ballast
June 05 brig George Greig 23 April London Mr. Lewis to H. Atkinson / in ballast
June 06 brig Mary Ann Brown 28 April Limerick 91 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
June 06 brig Margaret Troop 29 April Aberdeen   to Garden & Co. / in ballast
May 29— ship Priam, Smith, (for) London
May 29— ship Shallett, Mason, (for) Cork
May 30— schooner Marine, Hamel, (for) Esquimaux Bay
May 31— brig Sceptre, Willis, (for) Halifax
June 02— brig St. Ann, Reigh, (for) Dublin
June 03— ship Sir William Bensley, Smith, (for) London
June 03— brig Marys, Jacobson, (for) Colchester
June 03— brig Quebec Packet, Anderson, (for) Aberdeen
June 03— brig Richard, Vagg, (for) Ilfracombe (Devon)

The brig Skipsey, Reed, late a trader to this port, was abandoned in a sinking condition, on the 30th April, in lat. 47, long. 20, on her passage from London to Miramichi ; crew taken off by the Isaac Hicks arrived at New York. The Skipsey sank a few minutes after the boat left her ; they had not time to save her water ; only one barrel of pork and — bags of bread were brought off.
Belfast, 20th April — Advertised for Quebec with passengers, Fanny, Alexander, to sail 10th May ; Thomas —, Watson, on the 25th -do.- and Donald, Gowan, (— expected from Charleston) to leave about the middle of June.

Duel.— A meeting took place at Champlain, in the United States, between Mr. W—r, a barrister practising with considerable success in our Courts, and Mr. S—y, a young Gentleman, studying the Law, in this City [Montreal]. Shots were exchanged, when Mr. S's ball struck the top of one of Mr. W's fingers, on the pistol hand, penetrated his clothing and left a slight black mark on his right side. Mr. W's ball did not take effect. The friends of the parties then interfered, and after a satisfactory explanation this unpleasant affair was adjusted, and the principals arrived in town on Thursday evening. The cause of the misunderstanding, we are informed, arose from some observation, which Mr. W. is alleged to have made in an address to a jury, on a recent trial, in the result of which, a particular friend of Mr. S. was materially interested, but whose professional calling forbade him to seek redress in the way which those who call themselves men of honour consider the most proper. We are told that the parties intended to settle the matter nearer home, but the civil authority understanding their intentions, they were bound in heavy penalties to keep the peace within His Majesty's dominions, and accordingly they went beyond the line.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday June 14th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 07 bark Eliza Dick Davy 27 April Sunderland   to order / in ballast
June 07 brig Thomas Coffey 27 April Dublin 113 settlers to George Symes / in ballast
June 07 brig Coquette Coulson 13 April Newcastle   to H. Gowan / in ballast
June 10 bark New-John Ayre 24 April Bristol Mr. Dodridge and Mr. McGill to H. Atkinson / in ballast
June 10 bark Wilberforce Wilkinson 15 days St. John's, Nfld 21 settlers to H. Gowan / in ballast
June 10 brig Bowes Bragg 14 days Carbonear, Nfld 15 settlers to Froste & Co. / in ballast
June 10 brig Renovation McDearmid 28 April Newcastle   to order / in ballast
June 10 bark Abeona Walker 18 April Whitby   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 05— schooner Dolphin, Simoneau, (for) St. John's, Nfld
June 06— brig Medusa, Sampson, (for) Dublin
June 06— ship Brilliant, Barclay, (for) Aberdeen
June 06— bark George IV, Morgan, (for) Waterford
June 06— ship Ulster, Shannon, (for) Londonderry
June 07— brig Symmetry, Cram, (for) Tralee
June 07— brig Heart of Oak, Booth, (for) Aberdeen
June 07— brig City of Aberdeen, Dothie, (for) Aberdeen
June 07— brig Felix Souligny, Pinchaud, (for) Barbadoes
June 07— schooner Jesse, Kennedy, (for) Pictou
June 09— brig Albion, Hall, (for) Newry
June 09— brig George, Burn, (for) Dublin
June 09— schooner Albion, Caldwell, (for) St. John's, Nfld

Dr. Franklin [Benjamin Franklin] left 4444 dollars [$4444.44] to the city of Philadelphia to be loaned to young mechanics in sums not exceeding 2 0 dollars [$260 ?], to one at 5 percent interest. This fund has increased 13,152. Dr. F. calculated that in 100 years the fund would amount to 580,140, of which about 500,000 were to be appropriated to public purposes, and the rest remain to accomodate and accumulate as before.

On Saturday sennight (seven nights / one week), a beautiful ship of about 330 tons, called Chieftain, belonging to James Miller Esq., was safely launched from Johnson's ship yard.
On Saturday last, a fine ship of about 350 tons, called the Erie, belonging to Messrs. Gillespie, Moffatt & Co., was launched from Young's ship yard. In consequence of the ways not being laid far enough into the river, she received some injury.— Gazette

We understand the Duke of Saxe Weimar has taken passage in the ship Pacific, Capt. Crocker, which sails (from New York) for Liverpool on the 14th inst.

Messrs. Macnider & B. Gibb, arrived here (Montreal) on Sunday, they were passengers in the Canada from Liverpool (to New York).

Colonel Bye (By), of the Royal Engineers, has been in Montreal some days. (Lieut.-Col. John By and his family arrived at Quebec aboard the bark Endeavour on May 30th and continued to Montreal about the Steam Boat New Swiftsure, on June 1st.) The object of this officer's visit to Canada, is, we understand, to construct and superintend the completion of a Canal intended to be cut between Kingston in the upper Province, and the Ottawa River, a work which will greatly increase the prosperity of this country. When this and the Wellend Canal will be finished, there will be an uninterrupted line of navigation from the upper Lakes to the Ocean, which will draw the commerce of the extensive Western country through these provinces ; as the facility of transporting property by this route will be infinitely superior to that of the N.York Canal, independently of the advantage which it will afford our fellow subjects in Upper Canada for making their remittances to the cities of Montreal and Quebec. But another transport benefit will be derived from this intended improvement should this country at any future period (which we hope is very remote) be engaged in warfare with the U.States. Arms, and military stores of all descriptions can be forwarded with safety from one extremity of Canada to the other, without any risque of their falling into the enemy's hands, as was the case during the last war, by which both the government and individuals, suffered materially. As this great work will be undertaken, and carried on by the British Government, there is no necessity for saying that it will be well and speedily executed, and the vast sum which will necessarilly be expended in the country will be a seasonable relief to the inhabitants in these times of pecuniary distress. We are informed that no less that between two and three hundred thousand pounds sterling have been appropriated for the accomplishment of this desirable purpose, for which set of bounty towards Canada, (just to please our Brother of the Spectator) we feel no disposition of blaming either the Canadians, or the economical gentlemen of the House of Assembly, as he insinuated in his truly independent paper of Saturday.

[Col. By superintended the building of the canal to connect Kingston on Lake Ontario, up the Rideau to the join the settlement near the Chaudière falls of the Ottawa River. That settlement became known as "Bytown." In 1847 it was incorporated as a Town, and on December 18th 1854, was renamed Ottawa. Ottawa was selected as the Federal Capital of Canada by Queen Victoria in 1857.]

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday June 17th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 11 bark Amity Escott 19 April Bristol   to M. Bell / iron &c.
June 11 brig Hannah Scott 19 April Liverpool Mr. McDonald and Miss Dalrymple to W. Peddy / salt & coals
June 11 brig Sarah & Morgiana Christian 24 May Newfoundland   to George Symes / in ballast
June 11 brigantine Malvina Tennant 30 April Grenada Mr. A. Fraser to James Ross / rum & sugar
June 11 brig Eliza Wylie 23 May Liverpool   to order / in ballast
June 12 brig Duglass (Douglass) Athol 23 April Jamaica Mr. Williamson and Mrs.& Miss Brown to Quirouet & Co. / rum
June 12 brig Commerce Robinson 29 April Limerick 106 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
June 12 brig Larch Beatson 01 May Greenock Mr. James Mure to W. Price & Co. / general cargo
June 12 brigantine Elizabeth -- 01 June Magdalen Islands Mr. Yeaman, Mr. and two Misses Mollay & Capt. Chevretils to Chinic & Quirouet / cargo, rum
June 13 brig Drake Grills 10 May St. Ubes   to James Hunt / salt
June 13 brig Sovereign Dumble 11 May Sunderland 11 settlers to W. Price & Co.
June 13 brig Grace Ismay 01 May Dublin 98 settlers to order / in ballast
June 13 ship Elizabeth Heatherden 09 May Portsmouth   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 13 bark Water Hen Molson 01 May Hull   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 13 brig Rose McCroon Thomas 01 May Ross 91 settlers to order / in ballast
June 13 brig Collins Wigham 25 April Newcastle   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 13 schooner Abeona Rossignol 41 days Jamaica & Halifax Mrs. Hartshorn and two daughters, Mr. Satterthwaite & 7 settlers to M. Dubord / rum
June 13 brig Meridian Stragham 02 May Newcastle   to Mr. Blackwood / coals
June 10— ship Æolus, Thomas, (for) Waterford
June 10— bark Susan, Nicholson, (for) Plymouth
June 10— brig Atlantic, Lawson, (for) Aberdeen
June 10— ship Christopher, Knight, (for) London
June 10— schooner Victory, Ernst ?, (for) Halifax
June 10— brig Hero, Falt [Tait ?], (for) Halifax
June 10— schooner Hare, Snow, (for) Halifax
June 11— schooner Susan, Landry, (for) Halifax
June 11— ship Mansfield, Jamieson, (for) London
June 11— brigantine Adrianne, King, (for) Bermuda

New York.
Passengers in the Packet Ship Corinthian, which sailed on the 8th inst., for Liverpool — Mr. Oakey of New York ; T.A. Cunningham of Richmond, Va. ; William Marshall of Lanark, U.C. ; Isaac Dodgshun of Leeds ; D.C. Grafton of London ; D. Campbell of Virginia ; Captain Dashwood, 71st Light Infantry ; Mrs. A. Barber of Manchester ; Mr. Robert Thompson of Sheffield.
Passengers by the Leeds.— Mrs. Hamilton and servant ; Mr. Urquhart ; Miss Stibbs ; Mr. Edward Weber ; Mr. Eugene Major ; Mr. Wendel.
Passengers by the Canada.— Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, R.N. ; Mrs. Jones of Canada ; Miss Ackers of London ; Mr. Buckley & lady of London ; W. Ackers of London ; John Innes of Scotland ; A. Haydn of New York ; S. Haskell of New York ; A.L. Macnider of Montreal ; B. Gibbs of Montreal ; Clarence Bird of New York ; Richard White of London ; John Robinson of Leeds, Eng. ; Edward Mullins of Leeds, Eng.

Prince Edward's Island, May 30.— The Mary, Leblanc, arrived this morning in four days from Halifax — She touched country harbour where Mr. Gainford, a passenger, saw the master of a Workington vessel, who was put on shore there by an American vessel, which had taken him off Sable Island where his vessel had been cast away. She was loaded with salt and bound for Halifax, but our informant forgot her name. He was further informed by the same person, that previous to his leaving Sable Island, a ship from Dublin bound to Quebec with 115 passengers, had struck against the shoals which extend to a considerable distance from the Island and was a complete wreck. Did not know her name — seven hands were lost by the swamping of a boat in attempting to reach shore. When the master of the Workington vessel left the Island about 80 passengers were still on the wreck, which was at a great distance from the shore. — There is no doubt that this vessel is the ship Nassau, from Dublin for this port with settlers, which had been for some time expected, and was reported to have been lost on St. Paul's Island.
      note: It was the Nassau, see also

On Saturday last, an articled seaman named William McCutcheon, on board the barque General Wolfe, now lying in port, was convicted of having carried his clothes and bedding away, with the intention of deserting. He was sentenced to be imprisoned fifteen days, with a provise that should the General Wolfe sail before the expiration of that period, he be put on board the said vessel.

From the N.York Albion, 10th June
Wreck of the British brig Skipsey.— On the night of the 20th April the ship Isaac Hicks, Captain Moison, of New York, in lat. 47, long. 20W fell in with the above vessel in a sinking condition, took off the crew and brought them to New York. On the passage, the crew of the Skipsey was called on to assist in working the vessel that had taken them off the wreck, which order three of them refused to comply with, and one being very insolent, Captain Moison ordered corporal punishment to be inflicted on him. On the arrival of the Isaac Hicks in this port, the man who had received the punishment, prosecuted Captain William Moison in the Marine Court, and recovered 50 dols. 43 dols. expenses. It is not a part of the plan of our paper of our paper to impugn the Tribunals of this country ; we therefore make no comment on the verdict of the Court alluded to, but content ourselves with giving the following letter from H.M. Consul to Captain Moison. We are happy to say that the part taken by Mr. Buchanan on this occasion, has drawn forth the most unqualified approbation of the whole community.
BRITISH CONSULATE, New York, 5th June, 1826
Sir,— I regret you should have met so ungrateful a return for your successful and humane efforts, in saving the lives of the master and crew of the British brig Skipsey. Your generous conduct, is not requiring renumeration for the support you afforded the crew so long on board your ship, as also the terms in which Captain Reid spoke to me of your uniform sympathy and kindness, demand from me this public expression of my thanks.
The fine and costs to which you have been subjected, by the ungrateful and scandalous conduct of one of the crew, whose life you saved. I feel it my duty to discharge, assuring you of the just feeling of respect your conduct calls forth.
I remain, sir, your obedient servant,     
James Buchanan     

Melancholy Consequence of the long drought.      (Quebec)
From every part of this district we hear the most lamentable comlaints of the crops. One farmer has acquainted us that, in a piece of meadow land, where in former years he used to cut nearly 4000 bundles of hay, it is his opinion he will not have any crop, and that if rain does not speedily come to the relief of the pasturage, he will be obliged to turn his cattle into the place fenced off as a meadow. The grain crops are actually perishing for want of moisture, and unless providence in the plentitude of its bounty does not interfere the prospects before us are alarming in the extreme.— We are now beginning to feel the effects of the depreciation of trade in England ; the recent failures there, have deprived many Canadian merchants of the resources they formerly possessed, which has reduced the circulation of money in these provinces lower thanit has been known for the last 20 years.— Although this is a gloomy picture, yet it is not only a true one, but a darker shade may still be added. From the appearance of our country at this advanced season, there is no cause for expecting an abundant harvest, but on the contrary, there is great reason to doubt that the supply of provisions for the ensuing winter will be insufficient for the consumption of our population !!!
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday June 21st - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 13 brig Humber Priest 22 April Hull   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 13 brig True Briton Reid 29 April Irvine Mr. Aikin & 9 settlers to James Brown / general cargo
June 14 brig Polygon McKennon 10 May St. Vincents   to Irvine & Co. / rum & sugar
June 14 bark Amity Johnson 04 May Bristol   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 14 brig Harrington Walker 03 May London   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
June 14 bark Kelton Brocklebank 29 April Dublin 121 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 14 bark Letitia Simons 03 May Dublin 89 settlers to W. Pentland / in ballast
June 14 brigantine Sir James Kempt Curry 01 April Demerara Mr. Douglas & Mr. Thompson to Douglas / rum & sugar
June 15 ship Governor Ready Young 05 May Bristol   to H. Atkinson / salt & iron
June 16 brig Alexander Errington 19 April Teneriffe   to W. Price & Co. / wines
June 16 brig John & Mary Cant 23 April Newcastle Miss Lewis and Mr. Narey & son to Handyside & Co. / general cargo
June 16 brig Auglim Gorley 05 May Maryport   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
June 13— brig Sophia, Neil, (for) Greenock
June 13— brig Vigilant, Nagg, (for) Galway
June 13— brig Emerald, Leslie, (for) Newry
June 13— ship Volunteer, Bell, (for) Cork
June 14— brig Cheviot, Stephenson, (for) Waterford
June 14— bark Georgianna, Douglas, (for) London
June 14— brig Henry & Harriet, Hurst, (for) Dublin
June 15— ship Lycurgus, Clint, (for) Liverpool
June 15— ship Thomas Wallace, Brown, (for) Chatham
June 15— brig Kingston, Green, (for) Wexford
June 15— bark Hopewell, Dobson, (for) Plymouth
June 15— bark St. Elizabeth, Anderson, (for) Waterford
June 15— ship Clarkson, Ward, (for) Hull
June 16— ship Anna Maria, Grant, (for) Limerick
June 16— ship Britannia, Redpath, (for) Plymouth
June 16— brig William, Long, (for) Cardiff
June 16— brig Commerce, Barnes, (for) St. Vincents
June 16— brig Mary Jane, Nichols, (for) Demerara
June 16— brig Mary, Todd, (for) Dublin
June 16— schooner Marie Rose, Shire, (for) St. John's, Nfld

In the Sophia, sailed on Tuesday for Greenock, Colonel Evans 70th Regt., Mr.& Mrs. Gardner & Mr. Connell

Small Pox.— We hear that a young man 18 years of age by the name of Pepin has died yesterday at St. Leonard, Longue Pointe, that a sister of his, a little younger, is not expected to live and that several children are affected in the neighbourhood with that complaint.— We have had some reports of the disease prevailing on the other side of town. Parents and guardians of children not already vaccinated ought not to neglect any longer the only specific known previous to the introduction in this City of that dreadful disease.— Canadian Spectator

Boat Races.— A few days ago, the boats belonging to the brigs Ontario, and St. Lawrence, now lying in this harbour, were matched against each other, to run from the outlet of the Canal to a given point, opposite to the New Market, and back. They were each manned by five expert Oarsmen belonging to their respective ships' companies and steered by the Captains of the vessels to which the boats belonged.— The race was well contested, and the dexterity of the rowers was the admiration of the spectators. After a hard tug up the stream, in returning, the victory was on the side of the Ontario's boat, which arrived at the starting point a short time before its opponent.


In Sheffield, on the 26th May, by the Rev. Mr. Whitewell, after a tedious courtship of six evenings, Miss Sally Buzzill, 13, to Mr. James Call, 25, both of Hatley.

In Quebec, on Saturday evening last, the 10th inst. by the Rev. Archdeacon Mountain, Doctor W. Forrest, to Miss Clarissa P. Gethings youngest daughter of Capt. Gethings, Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

Extract of a letter from Mr. William Hudson, to his father Captain Hudson, superintendent of Sable Island, now in Halifax, dated —
May 15, 1826
"On Thursday night, April 27, the brig Traveller, Capt. Penrice, from Liverpool for Halifax, with a cargo of salt &c., was cast away on the outer end of the N.E. bar, and on Saturday following, the master and crew got safe on shore in two boats, about half a mile below the middle house. We instantly used out best endeavours to get the boats secured, and the clothing &c. of the people brought to the House ; making them all as comfortable as possible. Capt. P. wishing to proceed to Halifax with the least possible delay, we assisted his Carpenter in fitting out one of the boats for that purpose. We have been completely round the Island ' but found nothing of the wreck, excepting some few small pieces.
"On Saturday the 13th inst. saw a ship on the N.W. Bar, and instantly endeavoured to ascertain her information :— Two boats, crowded with people, were seen coming from her— 37 of whom got on shore ; but 7 (5 men and 2 women) unfortunately perished in the surf. The ship was bound from Ireland for Quebec ; with 140 passengers upwards of 80 including the Captain, were left on board : and the long boat being stove on the beach, it was indeed most dreadful to see men women and children, to whom we could then give no assistance. On Monday May 15th, sent two boats off hoping to save the unfortunate people yet on the wreck ; which is a considerable distance from the land — as far as little Island. We shall look anxiously for relief."
The ship was the Nassau, Captain Kenny from Dublin, with passengers only . .
see also
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday June 24th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 19 ship Abeona Smith 05 May London   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
June 19 brig Hayle (Hale) Ramsay 29 April Limerick 124 settlers to H. Gowan & Co. in ballast
June 19 brig Roscius Rewcarrite (Newcastle) 04 May Limerick   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 20 brig Carricks Lennox 29 April Liverpool Mr. Robb, Mr. Brooks & Mr. John Stewart to George Symes / general cargo
June 17— ship Ocean, Barty (Barry), (for) Sunderland
June 17— brig Two Sisters, Atkinson, (for) Liverpool
June 17— ship Eveline, Playford, (for) London
June 17— brig Spencer, Huggup, (for) Limerick
June 17— brig Dale, McNeil, (for) Aberystwith (Aberystwyeth)
June 17— bark Friends, Clark, (for) Cord [!]
June 17— brig Rob Roy, Kenn, (for) Belfast
June 17— brig Ceros, Dunn, (for) Bristol
June 17— ship Hannah, Weber, (for) London
June 19— ship Crown, Hooper, (for) Belfast
June 19— brig Welcome, McColl, (for) Greenock

(Montreal) Steam Boat Accident.— On Wednesday last as the Steam Boat Edmund Henry was on her passage from this City to Laprairie, she struck against a rock on the edge of the channel, which entered her bottom, and admitted the water in such quantities, as to render it necessary for her to return to port with the greatest expedition, the pumps being insufficient to keep her clear. She sunk almost immediately after she arrived in the harbour. The steam boat William Annesley, which was also on her way to Laprairie at the time the above accident occurred, endeavoured to get along-side the E. Henry, in order to render assistance, which was called for by the passengers on board the E. Henry, but in doing so, an accident happened to her machinery which obliged her to make for the shore as soon as possible. We hear the Edmund Henry will be obliged to go to Quebec for repairs, but the damage sustained by the other can be remedied in a day or two.
It is to be regretted that there is no dock in this place where Steam vessels could be repaired when accidents befall them, as it is not only a great expence to the owners to be under the neccessity of sending them to Quebec, but an inconvenience to the public, at this season of the year particularly.

New York, 17th June
By the arrival of the British Packet yesterday morning, despatches have been received from Mr. Secretary Canning ; authorising the appointment of James Clarke Buchanan Esq., to be His Majesty's Vice-Consul for the City and the State of New York.— Albion
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday June 28th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 20 sloop Devonshire Warlinton 29 May Bermuda   to Moir & Heath / rum
June 20 brig Ruby Davies 06 May Plymouth   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
June 21 brig Rival Leslie 07 May Londonderry 74 settlers to order / bricks
June 21 brig Integrity Wilson 08 May Liverpool   to George Symes / in ballast
June 23 bark Marriner (Mariner) Nosworthy 12 May Rotterdam   to W. Patton / in ballast
June 20— ship Greenhow, Anderson, (for) Newry
June 20— ship Stockton, Langley, (for) Portsmouth
June 20— ship General Wolfe, Stanworth, (for) Bristol
June 20— brig Auspicious, Ord, (for) Carmarthen
June 21— schooner Julia, Wilson, (for) Barbadoes
June 21— ship Tottenham, Keys, (for) Ross
June 21— ship Rebecca, Laurie, (for) Greenock
June 21— ship Valiant, Agar, (for) Whitby
June 21— ship City of Waterford, Thomas, (for) Waterford
June 21— brig Sir George Provost, Jackson, (for) London
June 21— brig Andromeda, Alair, (for) London
June 21— ship Ocean, Blackburn, (for) London

In the Cherub, Millar, sailed for Greenock, Miss Hay, Miss Baxter and Miss Kerr.
In the General Wolfe, Stanworth, sailed for Bristol, Mr. Fraser.
In the Brighton, 6th May from London at New York, Judge Boulton of Upper-Canada, and Mr. Adams and two children of Quebec.

The Amity, Johnson, arrived 14th inst. from Bristol, fell in with a great number of icebergs on the Banks, the latter end of May, which she cleared with great difficulty. The Brighton, Roman and Bolivar, at New York, also fell in with large quantities of ice about the 1st inst. on the Newfoundland banks, and were detained five or six days by it. Some icebergs were ashore in 35 fathoms water.
Halifax (N.S.) June 1.— The schooner Two Brothers, returned last night from Sable Island, with 95 of the survivors from the ship Nassau, from twenty to thirty still remain on the Island ; we are happy to hear that none of the passengers were lost but the seven which perished in the first boat. The Brothers has gone for the remainder.

The Weather.— Little or no variation in the weather has been experienced by us for the last week— the air, in general, has been cool and pleasant, and the thermometer arriving at 80 on one occasion.— The average has been 60.— This day affords us some indications of rain, which, no doubt, will contribute to realize our hopes in the improvement of agricultural concern. The vegetation, hitherto, has been rapid and luxuriant. In the gardens of this neighbourhood, considerable damage, however has been occasioned by the ravages of the black fly and grub worm.— Kingston Chronicle, 16th June

Another detachment of the 79th regiment arrived here from York, on Sunday, under the command of Lieutenant Grubb, on their route to Montreal. The detachments of the Royal Artillery, from Drummonds Island and Amherstburgh, arrived also on that evening by the same conveyance.— Kingston Chronicle, 16th June

The body of Patrick Dignam, a private of the 68th who was drowned while swimming between Cedar Island and the Fort, was picked up a few days ago. An inquest, of course, was held upon it, when the jury returned their verdict of "accidental death by drowning." .— Kingston Chronicle, 16th June

Quebec, June 24th, 1826
The brig Carrington, which has been engaged under contract from Mr. W. Stephenson, merchant, as a Colonial vessel, and by him fitted out with a neat, and for the size of the vessel, singularly commodious cabin, will, we understand, sail in the course of next week, on a cruise to the Bay of Chaleurs, Gaspé, &c. Six small brass guns have been placed on board, merely as a saluting battery, and her crew is to be assisted by a detachment of men from one of the regiments in the garrison.

The passengers, 120 in number, on board of the Nassau, Kenny, from Ireland for this port, wrecked on Sable Island, have all been saved except seven. More arrived on the 3rd inst. at Halifax : they were [ver] distressed, and subscriptions were generously [provided] by the merchants of Halifax for their relief.

The steam-boat Le Canadien which was damaged by fire at Laprairie, was re-launched last Saturday from the place where she was drawn up for the purpose of being repaired. She has had twelve or fifteen feet added to her length, and her name changed to The Waterloo.
Lat Friday evening, between nine and ten o'clock, owing to the darkness of the night, the steam-boats New Swiftsure and Hercules ran against each other near the wharf at William Henry [Sorel]. The former received considerable damage, having her right wing nearly carried away ; the latter had her cutwater and figure-head carried away, and one of her anchors broken. The Hercules was coming out and the New Swiftsure was going in.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 1st - CC & MH
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 24 bark Lord Nelson Angus 44 days Hull   to order / in ballast
June 25 brig Nelson Wood Ball 23 May Maryport   to order / in ballast
June 25 ship Parmella Johnson 45 days Plymouth 185 men, 6 women & 11 children, of detachments to — / in ballast
June 25 brig Union Fearn 20 days Newfoundland 9 settlers to George Symes / in ballast
June 25 brig Thomas Farrel Barry 42 days Wexford 28 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton
June 26 brig Hebe Brown 38 days Plymouth   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
Jume 26 brig Hebe Waddle 55 days London   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
June 26 ship Cambridge Pierse 42 days Bristol Mr.& Mrs. Gapper, Mr. William Ormsby and John Dowe, Farmer to W. Budden / general cargo
June 22— brig Agenoria, Smith, (for) Dublin
June 22— bark Princess Royal, Townsend, (for) Grenada
June 22— brig Polly, Pratt, (for) Limerick
June 22— ship Prince, Brathwaite, (for) London
June 22— brig Amazon, Blews, (for) Liverpool
June 22— brig Cherub, Millar, (for) Greenock
June 22— schooner Providence, Nolin, (for) Newfoundland
June 22— brig Margaret, Heighton, (for) Wighton
June 22— brig Margery, Wheatley, (for) Berwick
June 22— ship Sophia, Rutter, (for) London
June 22— ship Isabella, Warren, (for) Plymouth
June 22— brig Rachel, Hutchinson, (for) Dublin
June 23— brig Celerity, Rutter, (for) Waterford
June 23— ship Amity, Gray, (for) London
June 23— ship London, Smith, (for) London
June 23— ship Regalia, Horcason, (for) London
June 23— brigantine Malvina, Tennant, (for) Grenada
June 23— brig Jean, Currie, (for) London
June 23— brig Catherine, Leighton, (for) Dublin
June 23— ship Industry, Watts, (for) Limerick
June 23— brig Dwina, Yule, (for) Peterhead
June 23— ship Roxburgh Castle, Denny, (for) London
June 23— brig William Fell [Tell ?], Farren, (for) Newry
June 23— ship Rifleman, Grave, (for) Liverpool
June 23— brigantine Elizabeth, Smith, (for) Pictou
June 23— schooner St. Ann, Richardson, (for) Jamaica
June 24— bark Benjamin & Mary, Forsyth, (for) London
June 24— bark Laurel, Manger, R. (for) Hull
June 24— brig Midas, Mawer, (for) Dundee
June 24— ship Ottawa, Douglas, (for) London
June 24— brig Promise, Shearer, (for) Liverpool
June 24— brig Margaret, Troop, (for) Aberdeen
June 24— brig Charlotte, Sloan, (for) Liverpool
June 24— ship Superior, Leslie, (for) Bristol
June 24— ship Othello, Arnold, (for) Bristol
June 24— brig Vertumnus, Laing, (for) Belfast
June 24— bark Minerva, Dale, (for) Chatham
June 24— ship Resolution, Ward, (for) London
June 24— brig Thetis, Robinson, (for) Hull
June 24— ship Montmorenci, Anderson, (for) Chatham
June 24— brig Dorcas Savage, Warnock, (for) Strangford
June 24— brig Thomas Tyson, Stockdale, (for) Cardigan
June 24— bark John, Richardson, (for) Limerick
June 26— ship Nautilus, Tully, (for) London
June 26— brig Faith, Kirkup, (for) Exmouth
June 26— brig Pacific, McDonald, (for) Belfast
June 26— brig Cornwallis, Taylor, (for) Dublin
June 26— brig Gateshead, Palmer, (for) Dublin
June 26— brigantine Aristhorpe, Renny, (for) Cardigan
June 26— ship Indian, Robertson, (for) Waterford
June 26— brig Polygon, McKennon, (for) Barbadoes
June 26— schooner Marie Catherine, Jarest, (for) Labrador

In the Roxburgh Castle (tea-ship), sailed on Sunday last for London ; Chief Justice of Lower Canada, Jonathan Sewell, Mrs. Sewell and family ; Mr. Trigge, Mrs. Trigge and family ; Mrs. Gledstones / Gledstances and family ; Mr. Dalton, 71st Highland Light Infantry.

The steamboat Chambly arrived here on Thursday evening, from Quebec, having on board detachments of the Royal Artillery, 68th, 70th and 76th Regiments consisting of 3 Captains, 8 Sublaterns, and 172 Rank & File.
Two detachments of the 70th regiment, one from Amherstburgh, under command of Captain Bamton and the other from Pentanguishine, under the command of Lieutenant Coultman, arrived at Kingston on Friday last.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday July 5th - CC & MH
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 30 ship Montreal Bouch 45 days Hull 8 settlers to R. Mathley / in ballast
June 30 brig Green Mairs 50 days Cork 41 settlers to J.T. Cuvillier / in ballast
June 30 brig George Bentinck McKenny 49 days Limerick 91 settlers to order / in ballast
June 30 brig Warner Crawford 9 weeks Greenock 13 settlers to G. Ross / general cargo
June 30 HMS Menai Stewart Esq. Commander 03 June Halifax    
July 01 brig Agnes Gormer (Gorman?) 44 days Limerick 113 settlers to order / in ballast
July 01 brig Boliver Atkinson 53 days Liverpool   to Froste & Co. / general cargo
June 27— brig Albion, Phelp, (for) Coleraine
June 27— ship Tingley, Scott, (for) Limerick
June 27— brig Prince of Asturias, Morris, (for) Dublin
June 27— brig Fidelity, English, (for) Cork
June 27— bark John Howard, Bruce, (for) Kinsale
June 27— brig Eliza Ann, Murphy, (for) Lancaster
June 27— brig Fame, Malcolm, (for) Dundalk
June 27— brig Anne, Copeland, (for) Dublin
June 28— brig Mary, Sheppard, (for) Dublin
June 28— bark Lord Wellington, Fraser, (for) Newry
June 28— brig Quebec Packet, Ditchburn, (for) Liverpool
June 28— brig William McGillivray, Stoddard, (for) London
June 28— brig Elizabeth, Bell, (for) Swansea
June 28— brig Pacific, Driscoll, (for) Cork
June 28— bark Sir Watkins, Saunderson, (for) Belfast
June 28— brig Favourite, Allan, (for) Greenock
June 28— bark Unity, Parker, (for) Bridgwater
June 28— brig St. Helens, Elliott, (for) Drogheda
June 28— brig Christian, Christian, (for) Liverpool
June 29— brig Baltic Merchant, Parry, (for) Belfast
June 29— brig Trafalgar, Christopher, (for) Cork
June 29— brig Lune, Lothington, (for) Llanelly
June 29— brig Fallodon / Fallerton, Mould / Mauld, (for) Dublin
June 29— brig Maria, Wakefield, (for) Liverpool
June 29— brig Adriatic, Cockerill, (for) Newcastle
June 29— brig Mary Ann, Brown, (for) Limerick
June 29— brig John Esdale / Esdaile, Wright, (for) Killileagh
June 29— brig Baltic, Miller, (for) Cork
June 29— brig Wansbeck, Ainwick, (for) Dublin
June 29— bark Royal George, Grant, (for) Dublin
June 30— bark Harbinger, Watson, (for) Liverpool
June 30— bark Argyle, Anderson, (for) Waterford
June 30— brig Welcome, Hamlyn, (for) Plymouth
June 30— sloop Devonshire, Watlington, (for) Bermuda
June 30— brig Micmac, White, (for) Barbadoes
June 30— ship Rick, Sands, Owens, (for) Liverpool
June 30— brig Thomas Markham, Miller, (for) Dublin
June 30— ship Gilbert Henderson, Pithey, (for) Dublin
June 30— brig Mary, Duncan, (for) Dublin

From the circumstances of the clearances which have taken place at Quebec, and the departure of vessels from this port, partially loaded, as we are creditably informed, it must leave the disponding Lumber merchant in a most forlorn hope. A few years ago the editor of this paper gave an essay upon the system of lumbering, which at this time might be looked upon as prophecy ; the principle was scouted as visionary, and the popular voice, proped [sic] by the oracles of Authority, made it prudent for the editor not to urge those convictions of his, which were, that it was better for the industrious farmer to cultivate his farm than yearly cast his hard earnings upon the waters. The principle then advocated was, that in every township where lumbering was persued, the farms universally went to ruin, the morals of the people were undetermined, and the education of youth were entirely neglected— and that, was this deceptive business less attended to, School-houses, Churches and cultivated fields, would soon usurp the place of barren fields and despoiled forests.

The Steamboats Annesley and Edmund Henry have both been repaired and are now plying regularly between this [city and] Lapraire. The Edmund Henry, from the extra power of her machinery is said to be capable of ascending the rapids from this to Laprairie in a shorter space of time than any boat that has ever been employed upon that line.
Steam Boat Laprairie.— An evil report has within a few days since been in circulation that this Boat had met with a very serious disaster in her trip from Quebec to Kamouraska. To those who may have heard the report and not of heard to the contrary, we are happy to inform, that she has since arrived here without having received any injury, except what may have been inflicted by public rumour.
On Tuesday last, as the steam boat Richelieu was going into William Henry [Sorel], a boy in making an attempt to jump on board before she got close to the wharf, fell into the river, and would have been drowned, had it not been for the humane and prompt assistance of Mr. Martelle, Steward of the boat, who plunged in and rescued him from a watery grave.— Gazette

Quebec, June 30th
Statement of the Arrivals, Tonnage and Settlers, arrived at the port of Quebec, to the 30th June, compared with that of the corresponding period last year :—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1825 322 82,508 4,594
1826 306 83,574 4,983
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 8th - CC & MH
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 01 brig Eleanor Russell 46 days Limerick Messrs. Steel, Tilstone and Beauty & 23 settlers to William Budden / general cargo
July 01 brig Welcome Kirk 44 days Dublin 108 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 01 brig Mars Brown 45 days Sligo 130 settlers to James Saunders & Co. / general cargo
July 01 brig Thomas Parsons Bragg 40 days Liverpool   to order /salt
July 01— brig Neptune, Heron, (for) Belfast
July 01— schooner Victory, Walker, (for) Halifax
July 01— brig Fortitude, Mason, (for) Linn [Lynn]
July 01— ship Robert & Ann, Harrison, (for) Limerick
July 01— ship Canadian, Morgan, (for) Chatham
July 01— ship General Hewitt, Williams, (for) Cork
July 01— bark General Wolfe, Johnson, (for) Greenock
July 01— bark Thomas Battersby, Ruthford, (for) Belfast
July 01— ship Henry Cerf, Cowey, (for) Belfast
July 03— brig Mary & Jane, Matches, (for) Liverpool
July 03— bark Ann, Moor, (for) Bristol
July 03— ship Lady Hannah Ellice, Liddle, (for) Dublin
July 03— brig Osbaldeston / Osbaldistone, Thurlbeck, (for) Dublin
July 03— ship John, Brigg, (for) Belfast
July 03— ship Deadalus / Deadelas, Hall, (for) Bristol
July 03— brig Russell, Whiteway, (for) Haverfordwest
July 03— bark Quebec Trader, Halm, (for) Dublin
July 03— bark Wilberforce, Wilkinson, (for) Berwick
July 03— ship Clio, Hopper, (for) Cork

Colonial brig Carrington, Captain Rayside, sailed yesterday for Anticosti, Gaspé, Baie des Chaleurs, &c. Commissary General Turquand, Mr. Christie, President of the Quarter Sessions at Gaspé, and Mr. Lambly, Harbour Master, were passengers. The Carrington will, if possible, we understand return to this port in about three weeks, and then sail to meet, about the first week in August, the Menai, in the Gut of Canso, and accompany her along the north shore of to Gulf up to Quebec.— Old Gazette

Fatal Accident.— Yesterday morning about five o'clock William McKutcheon, a sailor on board the Steam Boat Lady Sherbrook, while lowering the sail on the foreyard of the vessel, lost his balance & fell upon the engine house, where he was instantly killed by the fall. He was a native of Scotland, about 25 years old, and came out to this country the last Spring as a sailor in the ship General Wolfe, from Glasgow.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday July 12th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 04 ship Hero Fullerton 42 days Liverpool   to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
July 04 brig Blossom Williamson 13 May Londonderry Mr. James Lyon & 80 settlers to order / in ballast
July 04 brig Regent Gibson 45 days Newry   to H. Gowan / in ballast
July 04 brig Maria Sewell 49 days Dublin 120 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
July 04 brig Thomas Marshall 08 May Sunderland   to H. Gowan & Co. / coals
July 04 schooner Mary Catherine Bernier 23 days Newfoundland 14 settlers to Mr. Tulloch / general cargo
July 05 ship Thomas Ritchie Walker 56 days Liverpool 2 settlers to John Munn / salt
July 05 brig John Calender 59 days Shields   to Handyside & Co. / coals
July 05 brig Fame Crosby 65 days Sunderland   to Cringan & Co. / coals
July 05 brig Catherine Fisher 63 days Irvine Messrs. Mackie and Harper & 4 settlers to — Miller / coals
July 05 brig Greyhound King 52 days St. Kitts Mr. Irvers to James Black / rum & sugar
July 05 brig Unice Lewis 27 days Boston   to H. Dubord / general cargo
July 06 brig Thomas McAuley 17 days Newfoundland 2 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
July 06 brig Whitby Smart 54 days London   to H. Lemesurier / in ballast
July 06 brig Indian Chief Hutton 57 days Jamaica   to Finlay & Co. / rum & sugar
July 06 brig Pacific Taylor 48 days Belfast 109 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / general cargo
July 06 ship Duncan Gibb Evans 13 May Dublin 197 settlers to Saunders & Co. general cargo
July 06 schooner Augusta Ann Darrell 39 days Bermuda   to the Captain / rum & sugar
July 06 brig Victoria / Vittoria Elder 18 days Newfoundland Mr. McGibbon to Rogerson & Co. / general cargo
July 07 brig Sugnal Ring -- Demerara   to Walker & Co. / rum
July 07 brig Radiant Phillips 49 days Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
July 07 brig James Grave 18 days Newfoundland   to George Symes / in ballast
July 07 brig Rose Bank Boyd 50 days Belfast 176 settlers to order / general cargo
July 07 ship William Dawson Hutchinson 42 days Liverpool Mr. R. Jones to Mr. Robb / in ballast
July 08 ship Brunswick Blake 22 May London Mr. H. Atkinson, Miss Maloney & Col. O'Hara and family to order / in ballast
July 08 ship Mersey Grindlay 61 days Leith   to Handyside & Co. / coals & iron
July 08 brig Traveller Carr 48 days London Mr. Gray & 19 settlers to C.A. Holt / general cargo
July 08 ship Lady Digby Wood 20 May Liverpool 1 settler to order / in ballast
July 08 brig Jane Grath 25 days Newfoundland 50 settlers to Froste & Co. / in ballast
July 08 brig Elutra [!] Harrison 43 days Cowes   to order / in ballast
July 08 brig Janes Johnson 08 weeks Sligo 49 settlers to — / pork &c.
July 08 brig Ann Waller 08 weeks Newcastle Mr.& Mrs. Rutherford to W. Budden / general cargo
July 08 brig Harrington Halliday 54 days Dublin Dr. Wright & 92 settlers to order / in ballast
July 04— ship Indus, Mallabar, (for) Liverpool
July 04— brig Mary, Clancy, (for) Jamaica
July 04— ship Samuel Whitbread, Warwick, (for) London
July 04— ship Unicorn, Dougal, (for) Liverpool
July 04— ship Quebec Packet, Atkinson, (for) Plymouth
July 04— brig Nestor, Moordaff, (for) Liverpool
July 04— bark Active, Wall, (for) Dundalk
July 04— brig Welcome, Paul, (for) London
July 04— brig Horatio, Sparks, (for) Liverpool
July 04— brig Mary Ann, Laidley, (for) Liverpool
July 04— bark Admiral Benbow, Williams, (for) Liverpool
July 05— bark Ajax, Robson / Robinson, (for) Liverpool
July 05— bark St. Charles, Cousens, (for) London
July 05— bark Jane Vilet, Tindell, (for) Liverpool
July 05— brig Earl of Moira, Alison, (for) Belfast
July 05— brig George, Gray, (for) Swansea
July 05— brig Rose, Smith, (for) Drogheda
July 05— brig John Salmon, Fairbairn, (for) Dublin
July 05— brig Britannia, Holliday, (for) Annan
July 05— brig Dianna, Penn, (for) Liverpool
July 05— schooner Lively, Cornwall, (for) Cocagne

In the General Wolfe, Johnson, sailed last Sunday for Greenock, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie & daughter.
In the St. Lawrence, for London, Mrs. Wiskstead, 3 Masters Consitt and Mr. Stewart.
In the Amethyst, for London, Mr.& Mrs. Hutchings, Mrs. Prime and Mr. John.

Shipping Intelligence:
The number of vessels arrived during the past week amounts to 36, which far exceeds what could be expected at this period, and many more are reported in the river. They are principally in ballast and will load with lumber. As the market at present is literally glutted with almost every description of this article of export, there is no danger of a deficiency even should the arrivals this season nearly double those of last year ; but it is to be regretted that the prices in this country as well as in Great Britain, are now so low as to afford no very favourable prospect of a fair remuneration either to the holder or shipper.

Warm Weather.— The Thermometer has for the three last days stood as follows ; on Sunday at 12 o'clock at 96, on Monday at 97, and yesterday at 96. Exposed to the rays of the sun, the Thermometer is said to have risen on Monday to 136.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 15th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 08 brig Eclipse Moore 56 days Ayr   to James Brown / coals
July 08 brig Magnet Dawson 42 days London   to order / in ballast
July 08 brig Triton Doughlas (Douglas) 42 days Dublin 67 settlers to order / in ballast
July 08 brig Leader McAuland 19 days Newfoundland   to Rogerson & Co. / general cargo
July 08 ship Regulus Dixon 37 days London   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
July 08 ship Francis & Harriet -- 49 days Shields   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
July 09 -- Julius Ceasar Stafford 35 days Antigua   to Moir & Heath / general cargo
July 09 brig Northumbrian Wright 48 days London   to Chapman & Co. / general cargo
July 10 brig Isabella Athol 17 May Liverpool   to G. Ross & Co / sugar
July 11 brig Sarah Hamilton 48 days Dublin 89 settlers to J. Hamilton / in ballast
July 11 brig Jane & Margaret Sirney (Birney) 41 days Cork   to Leather & Co. / in ballast
July 11 brig Earl Lonsdale Groom 45 days London   to order / in ballast
July 11 brig Susannah Nott 27 May Tralee   to Captain / in ballast
July 11 brig Hope Tomlinson 47 days Limerick 106 settlers to Moir & Co. / in ballast
July 11 -- Frances & Harriet Cresdale 41 days Liverpool   to order / general cargo
July 11 ship Tiviotdale Sims 63 days Sunderland   to Lemesurier & Co. / coals
July 11 brig Cambrian Grason 22 days Newfoundland   to Sheppard & Co. / in ballast
July 11 ship Aurora Dearness 44 days Hull   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 11 ship Victory Tucker 43 days Hull   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
July 11 ship Minerva Carrick 42 days Hull   to G. Symes / in ballast
July 11 ship Brothers Hoskins 42 days Bristol   to Price & Co. / in ballast
July 11 ship Lord Wellington Madgin 44 days London   to order / in ballast
July 11 schooner Nymph Champion 15 days Newfoundland   to Finlay & Co. / salt
The arrivals this morning report 50 sail having been in company on Sunday evening last off Kamouraska, of which number it will be seen only 14 have come up to Quebec. several of those vessels are of large burthen and have usually sailed for this port earlier in the season.
The Army.—
A detachment belonging to the 71st Highland Light Infantry Regiment, embarked at Plymouth, on the 20th May, on board the Vittoria transport for Quebec. A detachment belonging to the 81st Regiment of Foot, embarked at Portsmouth on the 18th May on board the Frinsbury transport, for Halifax. Detachments belonging to 52nd and 81st Regiment of Infantry, embarked on board the Borodino transport on the 27th May, at Portsmouth, for Halifax. Detachments belonging to 27th and 70th Regiments of Infantry, marched yesterday morning from Westminster, for Portsmouth. Detachments oth the 76th Regiment of Foot, marched yesterday morning from Westminster, for Jersey.

Quick Passage.— On Wednesday evening 5th inst. the Steam Boat Edmund Henry, Capt. Polite, master, left Laprairie with passengers, landed the same at this port, and remained 15 or 18 minutes and returned to Laprairie in the short space of one hour and 53 minutes from the time she left there.

Buffalo Harbour.— Twenty-two sail of Lake vessels were collected in Buffalo creek, on Monday last, including several of the largest class, with one Steam Boat. Among them was one of 50 tons burthen, which was built near Rochester, Munro county, and arrived by way of the Erie Canal ! Her spars were on board, fitted for their places and she is now preparing for the lake service. On her arrival at Lockport she was found four inches wider than the Locks, but by loading one side of her deck with grindstones she was thrown down upon her side so as to pass safely !
It is but a few weeks since vessels built in Ohio, passed this place on their destination upon the canal ; and there is now a vessel in port, from the upper Lakes, which after taking out her masts, is to pass through the Erie Canal, to be ultimately employed in the trade on the North River. At the Detroit Custom House this vessel cleared for the port of New York.— Buffalo Patriot, July 4th
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday July 19th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 12 -- John Morrison 55 days St. Ubes   to Logan & Co. / salt
July 14 brig Arga Young 65 days Sunderland   to Handyside & Co. / general cargo
July 14 brig Eleanor Potts 41 days Dublin 38 settlers to W. Jackson / in ballast
July 14 ship Hawkesberry
Biggs 55 days Portsmouth   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
July 14 schooner Dolphine Simauneau 15 days Newfoundland 2 settlers to Finlay & Co. / in ballast
July 14 ship Fanny Alexander 51 days Belfast 238 settlers to George Ross / in ballast
The Aurora, Captain Dearness arrived from Hull on Tuesday last, and now lying at the ballast ground was struck by lightning about eleven o'clock last night, during the heavy thunder gust. The Main-mast was shivered into a thousand pieces. The shock nearly threw the vessel on her beam ends and was extremely violent. A boy asleep in the main-top escaped unhurt. No lives were lost.
The transport Parmella, sails tomorrow with a few invalids from the different regiments in the Canada, under command of Major Coles of the 76th.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 22nd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 15 ship Mint Smith 01 June London   to William Price / in ballast
July 15 brig Erato Blair 37 days Waterford   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 15 brig Union Packet Lloyd 05 June Liverpool   to C.A. Holt / general cargo
July 15 brig Robert & Margaret Gray 42 days Bristol   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 16 ship Miriam & Jane Henley 16 days Newfoundland 4 settlers to the Captain / in ballast
July 16 ship Flora Blair 38 days Liverpool   to George Ross / general cargo
July 16 ship Queen Heath 46 days London   to G. Hamilton / in ballast
July 16 brig Orion Craggs 51 days Sunderland   to H. Gowan & Co. / coals
July 17 brig Tennis Newry 46 days Sligo 196 settlers to J. Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
In the Parmella transport, which sailed for Portsmouth last Saturday morning, Major Coles, 76th Regiment, Captains Kelsell and White, 70th Regiment, Captain Grubbe, unattached ; Surgeon Flannagan, 76th Regiment and Lieut. Harvey 37th Foot..
In the Winscales, sailed on the same day for Liverpool, Mr. Pemberton, Mrs. and Miss Pemberton, Mr. Robert Patterson and Mr. Hutchinson.

On Tuesday evening last, Archibald Campbell fell from the gang-way of the ship John Richardson, and was drowned ; he was a native of Islay, Scotland.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday July 26th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 19 brig Sophia Edwards 40 days Liverpool   to order / salt
July 19 ship Harrisons Carling 36 days Londonderry A.C. Buchanan Esq., Miss Buchanan & servant and Capt. Dalton and servant & 32(7) settlers to Mr. Buchanan / in ballast
July 20 ship Charlotte Whiteway 44 days Bristol   to Patterson & Weir
July 20 brig Sceptre Hutton 42 days Chepstow   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 20 brig Lord Stewart Stoddart 49 days Lynn   to order / in ballast
July 20 brig William Newal 14 days Prince Edwards Island   to William Peddie & Co. / salt
July 20 brig Jane Thompson 47 days London 9 settlers to Moir & Heath / general cargo
July 22 brig Whitehaven Walker 95 [!] days Newfoundland 11 settlers to order / in ballast
July 22 schooner Ann Lajeunesse 28 days Newfoundland   to William Budden / oil
July 06— brig Hero, Barker, (for) Demerara
July 06— brigantine Ocean, Thompson, (for) Belfast
July 06— ship Marys, Thomas, (for) Plymouth
July 06— ship Margaret Boyle, Smith, (for) Waterford
July 06— bark John Craig, Meldrum, (for) Cork
July 06— brig Douglas, Athel, (for) Troon
July 06— brig Orwell, Park, (for) Liverpool
July 06— brig Ellens, Scott, (for) Newcastle
July 06— ship Branches, Morrison, (for) Portsmouth
July 06— ship Ross, Storey, (for) Belfast
July 06— brig Peggy, Hunter, (for) Yarmouth
July 06— brig Sir James Kempt, —, (for) Barbadoes
July 06— ship Home, Maxwell, (for) Liverpool
July 06— brig Wellington, Forster, (for) Cork
July 07— brig Ovington, Walker, (for) Mounts Bay
July 07— ship St. Leonard, Hillary, (for) London
July 07— brig Shannon, Quiggin, (for) Sligo
July 07— ship St. Lawrence, Harby, (for) London
July 07— brig Amethyst, Thompson, (for) London
July 07— brig Tweed, Benson, (for) Strangford
July 08— brig Sarah & Maryanne, Coristian, (for) Maryport
July 08— ship Manlius, Wood, (for) London
July 08— ship Lady Gordon, Bell, (for) Liverpool
July 08— ship Clifton, Bushby, (for) Liverpool
July 08— brig Anglim, Gourlay, (for) Sligo
July 08— ship Thames, Adams, (for) Limerick
July 08— brig Edmond Castle, Bains, (for) Dublin
July 08— brig Erato, Robinson, (for) Jamaica
July 08— ship Oxenhope, Minnett, (for) Hull
July 08— brig Eliza, Wylie, (for) Cork
July 08— ship Montreal, Udney, (for) Liverpool
July 08— ship Chieftain, —, (for) Hull
July 10— brig Commerce, Robinson, (for) —
July 10— ship Adamant, Blackburn, (for) Bristol
July 10— brig Claud Scott, Murphy, (for) Liverpool
July 10— brig Aures, Carle, (for) Boston, England
July 10— brig Harriet, Sibson, (for) Liverpool
July 10— ship Columbus, Fleck, (for) Waterford
July 10— ship Harlequin, Maxwell, (for) Liverpool
July 10— schooner Caroline, LeBlanc, (for) Miramichi
July 11— brig Hannah, Scott, (for) Liverpool
July 11— brig Ontario, Willis, (for) Liverpool
July 11— schooner Marie Catherine, Bernier, (for) Newfoundland
July 11— ship Eliza Dick, Davy, (for) Cork
July 11— ship Champion, Fleck, (for) Liverpool
July 11— brig Renovation, McDearmid, (for) Newcastle
July 11— brig Coquette, Coulson, (for) Dublin
July 11— ship Ocean, Smith, (for) port Glasgow
July 12— brig Gratitude, Galletly, (for) Dundee
July 12— ship Exmouth, Hume, (for) port Glasgow
July 12— brig William, Potts, (for) Tralee
July 12— brig Abeona, Walker, (for) Galway
July 12— ship Henry, Ramsay, (for) Cork
July 12— brig Abeona, Armstrong, (for) Demerara
July 12— ship Newry, Jones, (for) Newry
July 14— brig Thomas Farrat, Harry, (for) Wexford
July 14— brig Perceval, Johnson, (for) Leith
July 14— ship Brothers, Jenkinson, (for) Hull
July 14— bark Elizabeth, Charlton, (for) Cork
July 14— ship John and Thomas, Martin, (for) Liverpool
July 14— ship Margaret, Porteous, (for) Liverpool
July 14— brigantine Thomas, Coffey, (for) Tralee
July 15— ship Waterhen, Maulson, (for) Liverpool
July 15— ship St. David, Salmon, (for) London
July 15— brig Collins, Wigham, (for) Newcastle
July 15— bark Kelton, Brocklebank, (for) Dublin
July 17— brig Kingston, Wood, (for) Liverpool
July 17— ship Britannia, Storey, (for) Newcastle
July 17— brig Rival, Leslie, (for) Killyleagh
July 18— bark Letitia, Simonds, (for) Cork
July 18— ship Prospect, Wake, (for) Chatham
July 18— brig Robert Scurfield, Hall, (for) Liverpool
July 18— ship Abeona, Smith, (for) London
July 18— ship New-John, Ayre, (for) Plymouth
July 19— brigantine Grace, Ismay, (for) Cork
July 19— brig Hayle, Ramsay, (for) Limerick
July 19— brig Bowes, Bragg, (for) Liverpool
July 20— brig Hebe, Brown, (for) Swansea
July 21— schooner Marie Louise, Bernier, (for) Miramichi
July 21— brig Humber, Priest, (for) Galway
July 21— bark Endeavour, Collinson, (for) London
July 21— bark Unity, Johnson, (for) Cork

Labourer's Wanted:— We are informed that a scarcity of labourers prevails at this time on the Welland Canal ; and that several hundred able-bodied sober men are now wanted, to whom liberal wages will be given. The situation is healthy, there not having been more than three or four deaths by disease, as far as we ascertain, on the whole line of the canal, since its commencement, and the price paid is from 10 to 13 dollars per month. The men now employed generally enjoy good health.

Travellers.— This place has been visited for the week past, with an unusual number of Ladies and Gentlemen, from the South, mostly taking the fashionable tour of the Springs, the falls of Niagara, and passing on to Quebec.

The steamboat New Swiftsure has been refitted and commenced running from this to Quebec, yesterday morning.

A Coroner's Inquest was held on Saturday last, before J.M. Mondele Esq., on view of the body of John Sawyer, cook on board the Durham-boat Interim, of Prescot, now lying in port. The evidence went to state, that while the crew were in the act of discharging the cargo, the deceased, in coming out of the hatchway was knocked down by the falling of the mast, which had been supported by a board— that he was immediately extricated, but died in less than an hour after. The jury returned the following verdict. That the deceased came to his death casually, accidentally, and by misfortune, by the mast of the said boat falling on his head.— Gazette
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 29th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 24 brig Spring Emmerson 44 days Exmouth   to Sheppard & Co. / in ballast
July 24 brig Venision Richardson 54 days Yarmouth   to William Price & Co.
In the Endeavour, sailed for London, the Honble. William Smith, Mrs. Smith, son and three daughters

Expeditious Travelling.— The steam-boat Chambly left the port of Quebec on Friday morning last at three o'clock, and arrived in the port of Montreal at half-past 6 o'clock on the following morning ; left the port of Montreal on the afternoon of the same day at twenty minutes before 5 o'clock, and arrived in port of Quebec the following day at noon ; left the port of Quebec at 4 o'clock on Monday afternoon, and arrived in the port of Montreal at 6 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, performing the three trips including all stoppages and without the use of sails, in a little more than three days & a half. This boat, we believe, has accomodations equal to any other boat in the river, though the rates of her passage are considerably lower than some of them.— Gazette

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