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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1826

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1826.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Lady Sherbrooke, New Swiftsure, Quebec, Chambly & Waterloo.

April 25 - June 03 | June 04 - July 24 | July 24 - September 23 | September 24 - December 07

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday September 30th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 24 bark Crown Hooper 17 August Belfast   to William Patton / in ballast
Sept 24 ship Reward Terry 05 August London   to P. Patterson / in ballast
Sept 24 ship Briton Wilson 07 August Liverpool   to order / in ballast
Sept 24 brig Hannah Newley 05 August Liverpool Mr. John Hamilton to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
Sept 24 brig Atlantic Lawson 09 August Aberdeen Mr. Parker & Mr. Plympton to Moir & Heath / some goods
Sept 24 brig John & Robert Swanton 03 August London   to W. Patton / in ballast
Sept 24 brig Fortune Vaughan 05 August Cork 21 settlers to Moir & Heath / with goods
Sept 24 bark Sir William Bensley Smith 43 days London   to Henry Atkinson / in ballast
Sept 24 ship Locus Bowes 06 August Whitby   to G. Hamilton / in ballast
Sept 24 ship Hero Moorson 04 August Bristol   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 24 bark Stakesley
Bormer 09 August Bristol   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Sept 24 bark Amity Greson (Greirson) 25 July London   to G. Hamilton / in ballast
Sept 24 brig Cherub Miller 21 August Greenock Mr. McNaughton to R. Shaw / general cargo
  Died:— On Sunday last (Sept. 24), on board of the brig Cherub from Greenock, just as she dropped anchor in the port, John McNaughton, member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, formerly of this city (Montreal). His remains were conveyed here in a steam boat, and interred in the family burying ground, at Cote St. Paul, on Thursday afternoon, attended by a large concourse of mourners, including the students of the Montreal Medical Institution.
Sept 24 brig Castor Cochran 09 August Workington   to order / in ballast
Sept 24 brig Bonito Terry 30 July Whitby   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Sept 24 brig Ardent Daniem 17 August St. Vincents   to Irvine & Co. / rum
Sept 24 brigantine Malvina Tennant 17 August Grenada   to James Ross / rum & sugar
Sept 25 bark Princess Royal Townsend 24 August Grenada Mr. Daddflow to J. Laycraft / rum
Sept 25 brig Richard Vagg 01 August Ilfracombe   to order / bricks &c.
Sept 25 brig Cicero Harrison 18 August Dublin Mr. Plunket to W. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 25 schooner Juliet Rowley 03 Sept Boston   to Mr. Dubord / sundries
Sept 20— brig Kitty, Hempstead, (for) Liverpool
Sept 20— brig Mary Ann, Marshall, (for) Halifax
Sept 20— brig Richardson, Straighton (Straughan), (for) Galway
Sept 20— schooner Councillor Primrose (Counsellor Primrose), McDaniel, (for) Halifax
Sept 21— bark Dependent, Carr, (for) Liverpool
Sept 21— brig Malvina, Armstrong, (for) Cork
Sept 21— ship Posthumous, Reid, (for) London
Sept 21— schooner Marie Catherine, Bernier, (for) St. Johns
Sept 22— ship Asia, Tindall (Tindale), (for) Chatham
Sept 22— brig Stella, Simpson, (for) Peterhead
Sept 22— brig Hibernia, Plane, (for) Belfast
Sept 22— schooner D.E.F., Boudet, (for) Arichat
Sept 22— schooner Arichat, Paon, (for) Arichat
Sept 23— ship St. George, Elder, (for) London
Sept 23— brig Southampton, Tuzo, (for) Grenada
Sept 23— ship Dunlop, Gowan, (for) Belfast
Sept 23— schooner Mosquito, Henderson, (for) Halifax
Sept 23— bark Dale, Holland, (for) Liverpool
Sept 25— brig Crotham (Coatham), Durnward (Derward), (for) London
Sept 25— brig Mary, Hale, (for) London
Sept 25— brig Betsey, Bacon, (for) Westport

In the Packet ship Hudson, 9th August from London, at New York, Mr. J.M. Jackson, Miss Jackson, Miss G. Jackson, and servant, of Canada and Mr. Smith.
In the Manchester, sailed from New York for Liverpool on the 16th inst., Mr. Price, of the Drury Lane Theatre.
Upwards of twenty sail have arrived since Saturday last, many of them on their second voyage. Several more are in the river, bound up.
Latest from France:— The ship America, Captain Moran, arrived last night (21st Sept) from Havre. The papers furnished by her are Paris dates to the 12th, and Havre dates to the 12th August. We present the following extract . . .
The frigate Hebe had arrived at Havre, with five million francs, the first instalment from the Haytien government, accompanied by an agent to see the funds duly delivered.
From the Brockville Recorder, Sept. 25

Steam Boats:— The present seems to be a period of misfortune to the Lake and River navigation, as we think will be readily granted when we inform our readers, that the Steam Boat Queenston on her trip upwards, last week, is said to have ran down the Kingston Packet. Whether the blame is to be attached to the Queenston or the Packet we have not learned. The encounter, however, has not prevented the Queenston making her usual trips.
On Tuesday morning last, the Steam Boat Canada, which runs between York and Niagara, whilst clearing the Niagara river, came in contact with the American Boat Martha Ogden, which was materially damaged, she having been near sinking.
The Steam Boat Toronto, is stated to have burst her steam conductor, which has prevented her accomplishing her usual trips down the river.
The Steam Boat Frontenac, which has escaped accident during this general visitation, made a trip to Prescott for the first time, last week, and landed several passengers at this place on passing, among whom was the Rt. Rev'd. Lord Bishop of Quebec, who has proceeded on a visiting tour to Perth where he was to have preached and administered the rite of confirmation yesterday. He is expected to be in this place tomorrow.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 4th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 27 bark Rolla Thursby 13 August Liverpool   to Froste & Co. / in ballast
Sept 27 schooner Albion Caldwell 19 days Halifax   to Mr. Dubord / rum
Sept 26— brig Kitty, Grayson, (for) Chepstow
Sept 26— schooner Eliza Jean, Lebrun, (for) Gaspé
Sept 26— brig John & William, Gordon, (for) Kinsale
Sept 26— ship Zephyr, Taylor, (for) Hull
Sept 26— brig Ocean, Brewis, (for) London
Sept 27— brig Glory, Burn, (for) Fiskard
Sept 27— ship Captain Cook, Quickfall, (for) Bristol
Sept 27— ship Lord Melville, Brady, (for) London
Sept 28— ship Harriot, Forster, (for) London
Sept 28— schooner Nancy, Loraway, (for) Halifax
Sept 28— brig Gales, Lawson, (for) Sunderland
Sept 29— brig Caledonia, Balderson, (for) Irvine
Sept 29— brig Manly, Dobson, (for) Whitehaven
Sept 29— bark Hudson, Low, (for) Chatham
Sept 29— schooner Ann, O'Neil, (for) Richibucto
Sept 29— bark Forster (Foster), Bennett, (for) Hull

Lost: On board the Waterloo Steam Boat, in her last trip from Quebec, a Black Ebony Clarionet [sic] with Silver Keys, with the owners name engraved on a silver plate. Whoever returns the same to Mr. Thomas M. Groves, at Mr. Thatcher's St. Paul Street, Montreal, or gives such information as will lead to the discovery of this instrument, shall be liberally rewarded. [Waterloo 7th trip to Montreal, Sept. 30th]
Montreal 3rd October, 1826
TAKEN FROM ON BOARD the WATERLOO STEAM PACKET, on Monday last, a RED TRUNK, marked on top with the letters R.C. containing several articles and clothing, a Boy's Blue Cloak with — Plush Collar, lined inside with red Serge ; several pieces of — Suiting Linen ready cut up for making, two pieces Nankeen, &c. &c.
Whoever will give the neccessary information for the recovery of the articles shall be handsomely rewarded. Application to be made at this office.
Montreal 4th October, 1826

FROM the subscriber, on Saturday night last, Francis Beckwith, an apprentice to the Chair Making business. All persons are forbid harbouring, or trusting him on my account, as I will pay no debt of his contracting.                                                   N.B. BURPEE,
Montreal, August 16th 1826

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 7th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 01 bark Cadmus Snowden 09 August Tobermory   to H. Gowan & Co. / in ballast
  The Cadmus, arrived on Sunday, landed her passengers in the Gut of Canso.
Oct 03 schooner Julia Wilson 26 August St. Vincents   to Mr. Thirwell / rum & sugar
Oct 03 schooner Marie Catherine -- -- Labrador   to D. Stewart
Sept 30— brig Monarch, Hudson, (for) Sunderland
Sept 30— brig Matchless, Nicol, (for) Aberdeen
Sept 30— schooner Providencce, Sire, (for) St. Johns
Sept 30— schooner Lively, Cornwall, (for) Tatamagouch
Sept 30— schooner Marie, Arbour, (for) Miramichi
Sept 30— brig Quebec Packet, Anderson, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 02— brig Grace, Leith, (for) Whitehaven
In the William Byrnes, Liverpool Packet, sailed from New York, 24th ult., James Henderson, of Montreal ; Dr. De Salles Laterriere, of London, and Captain Christie, British Army.
Quebec, October 2nd
On Friday morning (Sept 29) six or seven of the seamen of the Captain Cook, Quickfall, who had been imprisoned for refusing to do duty during the ship's stay here, about six weeks, were put on board of the vessel under a guard of the 79th. The Captain Cook sailed the same morning for Bristol.
The bark Granicus, Wilkie, from Cork, lying at J.S. Cambell's [sic] Cove, fell over on her broadside last Friday morning. She was righted again on Saturday evening by the assistance of the steam-boat Hercules and the boats of the vessels of war, with no other damage than the loss of two of her masts.
Accident:— On Thursday last, about two o'clock p.m. as the Steam Boat William Annesley, in proceeding from this City [Montreal] to the opposite shore, attempted to get through the usual channel round the rocks, when about halfway across, the current running very strong, obliged her to wheel suddenly round, which motion caused what is generally termed a lurch. Mr. Stephen Westover, of Sutton, and Mr. Henry Rosenberger of St. Amand, with his wife, who were sitting in a waggon on the deck, were thrown overboard, the tail board of the waggon being forced out by the quick turn of the boat. Mr. Westover was unfortunately drowned, but the other two were saved by the prompt exertions of the people belonging to the William Annesley, who lost no time in lowering the small boat, which picked up Mrs. Rosenberger, whose husband caught hold of the Water Wheel (the Engine having been stopped the instant the accident occurred) and was taken aboard uninjured. The part of the River where this circumstance took place requires improvement very much, as the passage is really dangerous in its present state.
and taught in a short time

The subscriber intending to remain in Montreal for some time will (if permitted) in the course of the next week propose to give LECTURES on the above language to the Rev'd. Clergy, and others upon a system devised by himself, and attested and approved of by some of the most respectable and learned Clergymen, Presidents and Professors of Colleges and Seminaries, in the United States of America.
Recommendatory Letters and References will accompany the proposals.

Montreal, 30th September, 1826

Colonial Intelligence:
     In the September number of Blackwoods Magazine, which we received by the Canada, we find the following, in an article on Emigration, given as the views of the Canada Land Company :— Albion.
     The Canada Company having concluded their arrangements with Government, for the purchase of the Crown Reserves and a large territory in Upper Canada, might now enter into contracts with societies, disposed to settle in that healthy and fertile country.
     The reserves are scattered in lots of 200 acres each, over all the located and cultivated townships in the province, extending from the river Ottawa to the St. Clair, along the banks of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, about 500 miles, and consist of the richest soil, under a climate in no respect inferior to that of the state of New York. The Territory is united on two sides with ranges of those townships, and is equally advantageously situated having access to it by water along the other boundaries.
     The Company does not intend to send out settlers, nor to give direct encouragement to emigrants destitute of property, because undertakings of that kind may be done to greater advantage by individuals possessed of capital purchasing either detached lots or larger tracts, or by families uniting their means for co-operation and society.
     The company when required, will partially clear lots, and build such houses as may be neccessary for the reception of settlers. Their lands will probably be disposed of according to the following classes :—
     1. Lots prepared for settlement by clearing five acres, & building a cottage. Such lots to be disposed of at annual payment of probably little more than 1s. per acre. If the house and clearing cost £50, that sum to be redeemed within a certain number of years by annual instalments.
     2. Lots similarly prepared to be disposed of at a rent supposed of 2s. per acre on lease ; but the purchaser to be allowed the option at any time within the first fifteen years, to purchase the lot at 20 years value of the rental.
     3. Lots to be sold for ready money, without improvements.
     4. Lots to be sold payable by instalments in ten years, seven years, and five years, as may be agreed on.
     5. Lots to be sold, with improvements for ready money.
     6. Lots to be sold, with improvements, payable by instalments.
     7. Lots to be sold, with or without improvements, purchasers paying down a certain fee, or grassum (a lump sum) ; the and remaining subject to a small quit-rent or feu-duty.
     A man, bred to agriculture, who arrives in Upper Canada with £100, may, in the course of a very few years, look forward to the enjoyment of comfort and independence as a proprietor of land, on which, accordng to the terms of his bargain, he may have but little or no rent to pay, assuredly few taxes, and neither tithes nor poor rates. With persons of this description the Company will treat upon the most accommodating principles.
     At the office, and from the agents of the Company, either by personal application, or by letter (post paid), information will at all times be afforded regarding vessels bound to Canada, the rates of freight and passage, stores requisite for the voyage, and assistance will be given to parties when embarking, to protect them from unneccessary trouble and expense. A map of the province is ready for publication, compiled from actual survey, in which the districts, counties, and townships, are all exhibited ; and those in which the Company have lands are particularly dsitinguished. At the offices of the Company, and of the agents, separate plans of each township, with the Company's lots therein specially marked, will be open for public inspection ; so that emigrants may, before their departure, select any particular neighbourhood in the country, of which they may, have acquired information, or where they may have friends already settled.
     Emigrants who have money to take with them, will upon paying it into the hands of the Company in London, or to their agents at the out-ports, receive orders for the amount, payable either at Quebec, Montreal, Kingston, or York ; & duplicates will, at the same time, be delivered, to be left in this country ; so that, in case of accident, the amount may be recovered by the representatives of the parties.
     N.B. The Company has not yet published any view of their intended proceedings ; so that, although the foregoing has been made up from conversations with gentlemen in the company's office, it is not to be considered as the entire plan of operation which may be ultimately carried into effect, but only as an outline of the views on which that plan will be formed.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 11th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 05 brig Sophia Neil 26 August Greenock Mr. Grant ; Mr.& Mrs. Banks ; Capt. Kirk & lady, 70th Regt. ; 38 settlers to Robertson, Mason & Co. / general cargo
Oct 05 brig Meridian Silby 18 days Newfoundland   to Mr. Laycraft / rum & sugar
Oct 05 brig Commerce Burns 25 August St. Vincents   to Irvine & Co. / rum & sugar
  Died:— On the 21st ultimo. (Sept.) on board the brig Commerce from St. Vincents off Cape North, where he was buried, Mr. Barton, of a decline, a young gentleman from Ireland, who had been residing in Quebec for three or four years past.
Oct 05 brig W. Appleton Banks 28 August Liverpool   to George Ross / coals & rum
Oct 06 brig Scipio Boudle 04 August London 19 settlers to Moir & Heath / rum &c.
Oct 06 HM hired brig Chebucto -- 2-th Sept Halifax Lieut. Colonel Gore & lady & family  
Oct 06 ship Rebecca Laurie 26 August Greenock Mr.& Mrs. & Miss Wilkie ; Cuthberton ; Doctor Black ; Mr. Carnes ; Mr. Thompson ; Mr. McNaught ; 12 (?) settlers to Laurie & Spence / general cargo
Oct 07 bark Janus Carey 25 August Falmouth   to order / in ballast
Oct 07 ship Crown Addison 07 August Liverpool   to order / in ballast
Oct 07 ship City of Waterford Thomas 30 August Waterford 5 settlers to Froste & Co. / in ballast
Oct 07 ship Ulster Shannon 21 August Londonderry 3 settlers to Finlay & Co. / in ballast
Oct 07 ship Æolus Williams 26 August Waterford   to Froste & Co. / in ballast
Oct 03— schooner Caroline, Lawdon, (for) Dominica
Oct 03— brig John & James, Nixon, (for) Dublin
Oct 03— ship Brilliant, Barclay, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 03— brig Garland, Wright, (for) Liverpool
Oct 04— ship Tamerlane, McKillop, (for) Liverpool
Oct 04— ship Anacreon, Stonehouse, (for) Liverpool
Oct 04— brig City of Aberdeen, Duthie, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 04— ship Princess of Wales, Clymier, (for) Plymouth
Oct 05— brig Mary Ann, Wood, (for) London
Oct 05— bark Trio, Leslie, (for) Cork
Oct 05— brig Veronica, Eustace, (for) Newry
Oct 05— brig Pericles, Patterson, (for) Bark [!]
Oct 05— brig Symmetry, Cram, (for) Hull
Oct 05— schooner Albion, Caldwell, (for) Halifax
Oct 05— ship Ythan, Cairns, (for) Berwick
Oct 05— brig Nancy, Forster, (for) North Shields
Oct 05— brig Cordelia, White, (for) Newcastle
Oct 05— ship Priscilla, Mitchell, (for) Plymouth
Oct 05— schooner Juliet, Bowley, (for) Boston
Oct 06— ship Andromache, Todd, (for) Hull
Oct 06— brig Jean, Williamson, (for) Aberdeen
In the Tamerlane, sailed this day for Liverpool, Messrs. Andrew McGill and Daniel McCallum.
In the Earl of Liverpool, sailed the 25th September from New York, for Bristol, H. Hutchins Esq., of Canada.
Steam Boat Accident.— On Thursday evening about 8 o'clock, the steam boats Congress and Phoenix, both running at the rate of 7 or 8 knots an hour, came in contact with each other about ten miles on this side of Burlington (VT), on the opposite side of the lake (Champlain), by which the former received considerable injury. We have only heard of one life being lost, that of a poor woman who crossing the shaft at the time, was crushed to pieces. Another woman was dying at Port Kent, but whether from wounds received on board the boat, we know not. We have ascertained the following particulars of this disastrous catastrophe, from an authentic source. The Congress on her way to Whitehall (NY) had left the village of Port Kent (a stopping place) about ten minutes, when the Phoenix was seen close ahead.— The night being dark and the Congress, under the shade of the mountains, it is supposed that her lights were mistaken for those of the village by the Phoenix, as she fired a gun at the same moment she struck the Congress, which was crowded with cabin passengers, male and female. After they had awaked from the shock, to describe the scene that ensued is impossible. Some crying that one boat was sinking, and some the other. The cries of the women and children were heart-rending. When the tumult had somewhat subsided, and the passengers assured that the danger had ceased, every one began to search for their baggage. They soon found that the baggage-room with all its contents had been carried away. The bow of the Phoenix struck the larboard wing of the Congress, which was entirely carried off. A number of the beams which support the deck were broken. The greater part of the baggage belonging to the passengers entered for Whitehall was lost ; that of the others intending to land at intermediate places was fortunately on deck. It was more than half and hour before the boats disengaged. The Phoenix then towed the Congress into Port Kent, where they arrived about eleven o'clock. On the following morning the Phoenix proceeded to Whitehall with such of the passengers as were inclined to proceed—a number being obliged to return in consequence of losing their baggage and money. The Phoenix arrived, on her return at Port Kent on Sunday morning, where she took the returning passengers on board and arrived at St. Johns that night about eleven o'clock. The mail made up in this city on Wednesday last for New York was lost. An unsuccessful search had been made for it.— There are about sixty feet depth of water where the accident occurred.—Montreal Gazette
note: and additional news item in the October 14th issue identified the woman killed, as an Irish woman named Catherine Kane.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 14th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 08 brig Welcome McColl 26 August Greenock Captain Hall ; 5 settlers ; 1 seaman to Laurie & Spence / general cargo
Oct 09 brig Horatio John Sparks 28 August Liverpool   to C.A. Holt / general cargo
Oct 09 brig Green Howe Anderson 26 August Newry 16 settlers to order / in ballast
Oct 09 brig Margaret Troop 22 August Leith   to Garden & Co. / in ballast
Oct 09 brig Rob Roy Kenn 19 August Belfast Mr. Sparrowhawk ; 29 settlers to Moir & Heath / some goods
Oct 09 brig Dykes Cocken 24 August Maryport 1 settler to J.T. Cuvillier / in ballast
Oct 09 schooner Lady Barnaby Wood 19 August Jamaica Mr. D. Ross to Patterson & Weir / rum &c.
Oct 10 schooner Harriet Bellefontaine 14 days Halifax   to F. Quirouet / rum & sugar
Oct 10 brig Ann Maria Grant 01 Sept Limerick   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Oct 10 brig St. George Fesson 21 August Carmarthen   to order / in ballast
Oct 10 bark Helena Currie 11 August Dublin   to H. Gowan & Co. / in ballast
Oct 07— schooner Julie, Rigand, (for) Miramichi
Oct 07— brig Medusa, Sampson, (for) Portsmouth
Oct 07— brig Robert James Hayne, Graham, (for) Liverpool
Oct 09— brig Pleiades, Smith, (for) Liverpool
Oct 09— brig Countess of Liverpool, Jenkinson, (for) Cork
Oct 09— brig Hugh, McCracken, (for) Dublin
In the Canada, 2nd September from Liverpool at New York, Captain James Laing ; G.L. Harvey Esq. of the British Army ; Mr.& Mrs Macready and Miss Cready [sic], of the English Stage.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 18th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 10 brig Hannah Phillips 15 August London   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Oct 10 schooner Severn Field 23 days Newfoundland   to Mr. Tulloch / rum & sugar
Oct 11 brig Frederick Robinson Parker 1- days Prince Edward Island   to Ross & Mitchell / in ballast
Oct 11 bark Sir Watkin Sanderson 30 August Belfast 43 settlers to Mr. Kerr / in ballast
Oct 11 new brig Young Samuel Horsley 12 days Baie des Chaleur   to Mr. Buteau
Oct 12 ship Lady Gordon Bell 04 Sept Liverpool Mr. Rae (Comset.) and family ; M. Home ; Mr. Tinker ; M. Belfgur (Belfour ?) to Holt & Co. / general cargo | 2nd trip
Oct 12 brig Promise Shearer 25 August Liverpool   to J. Leather & Co. / salt | 2nd trip
Oct 13 brig Micmac White 02 Sept St. Vincents Mr. Wallace to Mr. Thirlwell / rum & sugar
Oct 13 brig Prince Regent Masterman 23 August Bristol Captain Piper, Royal Enginers, & family ; Mr. James Penn to H. Le Mesurier & Co. / general cargo
Oct 13 ship Sir Francis N. Burton Boston 31 August Liverpool   to S. Finch / in ballast
Oct 14 brig Favourite Allen [sic] (Alexander Allan) 02 Sept Greenock Messers. Beattie, Young, Easton, Leys & J. Dean ; 12 settlers to W. Price & Co. / general cargo | 2nd trip
Oct 14 brig Mary & Jane Matches 02 Sept Maryport   to C.A. Holt & Co. / in ballast | 2nd trip
Oct 10 —schooner Marie Louise, Beraler, (for) Miramichi
Oct 10— schooner Esperance, Le Buffe, (for) Miramichi
Oct 10— brig Merope, Patrick, (for) Southampton
Oct 11— brig Nemesis, Smith, (for) Poole
Oct 11— brig Buenos Ayres Packet, Cooper, (for) Liverpool
Oct 11— ship George Canning, Kent, (for) London
Oct 12— ship Sovereign, Newfield, (for) London
Oct 12— brig Cicero, Harrison, (for) Topsham
Oct 13— schooner Belle Isle, Cosgrove, (for) Newfoundland
Oct 13— brig Transit, Potts, (for) Newport
Oct 13— ship Reward, Terry, (for) London
Oct 13— brig Malvina, Tennant, (for) Grenada
Oct 13— brig Atlantic, Lawson, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 13— bark Barbadoes, Lee, (for) Falmouth
Oct 13— brig Maria, Hewitt, (for) Cork
Oct 13— ship Vibilia, Corbett, (for) Plymouth
In the Earl of Liverpool, sailed the 25th September from New York for Bristol, H. Hutchins Esq., of Canada.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 21st - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 14 schooner Friends Mann 24 days Newfoundland   to W. Budden / fish & oil
Oct 14 schooner Hope Boudreau 35 days Halifax   to Quirouet & Co. / rum & sugar
Oct 14 schooner Herald Rosignol 15 days Halifax   to J.O. Brunet / sugar &c.
Oct 14— brig Fame, Jackson, (for) Workington
Oct 14— brig David, Scotland, (for) Cork
Oct 14— brig Alexander, Marshall, (for) Liverpool
Oct 14— ship Orient, White, (for) London
Oct 16— brig Bonito, Terry, (for) Sheerness
In the Edward Quesnel, for Havre, sailed the 2nd October from New York, F.P. Bruneau Esq., and Dr. Bruneau of Montreal


On Thursday the 19th inst. the County of Montreal Agricultural Society, held their Ploughing Match at the Cote de la Visitation, on the Farm of Mr. George McGibbons.
At ten o'clock a.m. there appeared eighteen competitors, with their Ploughs and teams in excellent order. The ground was parcelled our and the teams started at about eleven, and completed the lots parcelled out to them in a superior manner, and after a close and impartial examination the prizes were awared as follows :
1st Premium of 12 dollars was awarded to Mr. Donald Ferguson, farmer to Mr. George Burges (Burgess).
2nd Premium of 10 dollars to George McHaggan, farmer to Mr. Logan.
3rd Premium of 8 dollars to Mr. Scott, farmer to Mr. Molson.
4th Premium of 6 dollars to Mr. John McConogan.
To every unsuccessful candidate was given five shillings.
After the business of the day was gone through, the Society sat down to a Dinner provided for the occasion by Mr. A. Baxter. The President being absent, the Vice-President requested Mr. John Molson to Preside, and after giving a tasteful compliment to the provisions provided for them, related in the utmost harmony and good fellowship.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 25th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 18 ship Asia Ward 25 August London   to order / in ballast
Oct 18 brigantine Sir James Kempt Scott 08 Sept Antigua Mr. Douglas to Mr. Douglas / rum & sugar
Oct 18 ship Volunteer Thompson 01 Sept Cork 19 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Oct 18 ship Erato Robinson 16 Sept Jamaica   to Irvine & Co. / rum & sugar
Oct 18 ship Margaret Porteous 15 Sept Liverpool Mr. Millichap ; Mr. Hunter & Mr. G. Anderson to William Price & Co. / general cargo
Oct 18 brig Eliza Ann Murphy 50 days Lancaster   to F. Mackie / in ballast
Oct 19 brig Rambler March 20 August Wexford   to William Price & Co. / in ballast
Oct 19 ship Clifton Bushby 04 Sept Liverpool Mrs. Hardy & Mr. Tulloon to George Symes / general cargo
Oct 19 ship Winscales Brown 05 Sept Liverpool Mr. Hawby to Patterson & Weir / general cargo
Oct 19 bark St. Charles Cousens 01 Sept London   to Mr. Grainges / in ballast
Oct 19 brig Amethyst Thompson 08 Sept London Mr. Okely ; Mrs.& Miss Newton ; Miss Jackson ; Mr.& Mrs Thompson ; Mr.& Mrs. Turner and two children to William Price & Co. / general cargo
Oct 20 ship Ottawa Douglas 11 Sept London Major Roberts Royal Artillery & Mrs. Roberts, family & servants ; Major Stevenson, 76th Regt. ; Francis Pollhill Esq. of H.M. Customs, Quebec ; Thomas Weir ; R. Carter ; J. Charlton Fisher Esqrs. to William Price & Co. / general cargo
Oct 20 ship General Wolfe Standworth 31 August Bristol Mr. Barber ; Mrs. Shortis & 6 children to William Budden / general cargo
Oct 20 hired brig Carrington Capt Rayside 14 days Baie des Chaleurs    
Oct 21 brig Unicorn McDougal 31 August Liverpool Captain Baird to Garden & Co. / salt & coals
Oct 21 brig Jane Hawkswell 13 Sept Demerara   to Chapman & Revens / rum & molasses
Oct 21 ship Montreal John Udney 13 Sept Liverpool Mr. H. Hunter & Mr. White to G. Ross / general cargo
Oct 21 schooner Nancy Bell 02 Oct Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin
Oct 21 schooner Jane Thompson 27 days St. Johns, Nfld   to Mr. Dubord / sugar
Oct 21 schooner Elizabeth Mitchell 06 Sept Antigua   to Irvine & Co. / rum & sugar
Oct 21 bark Tottenham Kay 01 Sept Ross   to J. Black / materials for a new ship
Oct. 21 brig Ann & Mary Tuggort (Taggart) 42 days Demerara   to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / rum & sugar
Oct 17— brig Monarch, Pearson, (for) Leith
Oct 17— brig Equity, Storr, (for) London
Oct 18— brig Trident, Armstrong, (for) London
Oct 18— bark Crown, Hopper, (for) Portsmouth
Oct 18— ship Christopher, Knight, (for) Portsmouth
In the Alexander, sailed for Liverpool, Mr. Warden and Lieut. L'Estrange, 71st Regiment.
In the Orient, for London, Mrs. Taylor and daughters, W.H. Tilstone, Mr. F. Desbarats and Masters Henry & William Le Mesurier. Mr. Sheriff Sewell is also a passenger.
The Orient, Tea-ship, which had been detained since Tuesday evening on account of some trifling damage which she received by the Steam Boats Lady Sherbrooke and Quebec running foul of her, got under weigh early on Thursday and proceeded on her voyage for London.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 28th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 21 bark Argyle Anderson 30 Sept Waterford 10 settlers to William Price & Co. / in ballast
Oct 22 brig Charlotte Sloan 28 August Liverpool   to J. Leather & Co. / salt
Oct 22 ship Hannah Byass 01 Sept Liverpool   to T. Cringan & Co. / salt
Oct 22 brig Ontario Wills 15 Sept Liverpool   to W. Budden / general cargo
Oct 23 brig Mary Brocklebank 05 Sept Dublin 23 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Oct 23 bark Resolution Ward 09 Sept London   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Oct 23 bark Georgiana Douglas 11 Sept London   to H. Wood & Co. / in ballast
Oct 23 bark St. Lawrence Harby 10 Sept London   to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / in ballast
Oct 23 brig Cecilia Troude 22 days Newfoundland 8 settlers to J. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
Oct 24 bark Europe Willis 09 Sept Portsmouth   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Oct 24 bark John Howard Bruce 05 Sept Cork Mrs. Monk & servant ; Doctor Quentin, 71st Regt. ; Henry Seymour to James Atkins / in ballast

A severe equinoxal hurricane was experienced on the 5th and 6th September, in about lat. 32° N. and lon. 77° W. Several vessels, dismasted in the gale have since been seen under jury masts, making for the nearest ports, and some spars and other articles, have been passed by vessels which have since arrived.

The Liverpool papers give some particulars of the severe gale on the English coast on the 6th and 7th of September. Many vessels were driven on shore, others were sunk, and all the passengers and crews were drowned. The several steam vessels which sailed for different ports all rode out the gale in safety. One of them, the Manchester, made a passage direct from Dublin to Liverpool encountering a tremendous sea, but weathered the gale in safety.

New York, Oct. 21
Steam Navigation in the Winter:— Captain Ward proposes to connect his newly invented apparatus to Steam Boats, for the purpose of navigating our rivers during the winter season, by cutting a passage through the ice. The bows of the boat are to be defended by a frame-work of timber, which will come in contact with the floating masses, while several large circular saws, seven feet in diameter, with heavy hammers, all worked by the steam engine, will cut and break the ice ahead and open a way of more than sufficient width to admit it. It is needless to say that if this invention should prove successful even so far as to render the Hudson river navigable for four, three, or two months longer than it is at present, it would prove of great advantage to the city, and to those who adopt the plan. The model has received the approbation of experienced men.— D.Adv.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 1st - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 24 brig William McGillivray Stoddart 14 Sept London   to Finley & Co. / general cargo
Oct 25 bark Sophia Rutter 08 Sept London   to order / in ballast
Oct 25 ship Superior Leslie 04 Sept Bristol   to W. Budden / general cargo
Oct 25 brig St. Lawrence Marchant 15 days Newfoundland 6 settlers to Mr. Bureau / rum & sugar
Oct 25 brig Bowes Bragg 15 Sept Liverpool   to — / coals & salt
Oct 25 brig Duchess of Gloster King 02 Sept Greenock Mr. Hugh & 1 settler to — / coals
Oct 25 brig Martin Martin 03 Sept Liverpool   to Froste & Co. / general cargo
Oct 25 brig Jane Currie 06 Sept London Mr. Martinucio & 2 settlers to George Ross / general cargo
Oct 26 schooner Susan Landry 19 days Halifax   to M. Dubord / rum & sugar
Oct 26 schooner Curlew Caldwell 08 Oct Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / rum & sugar
Oct 28 brig Prince of Asturias Morris 07 Sept Dublin 13 settlers to W. Pentland / in ballast
Oct 28 bark Quebec Packet Atkinson 10 Sept Plymouth   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Oct 19— — Tunis, Chevrefils, (for) —
Oct 19— brig Brothers, Havelock, (for) London
Oct 19— ship Lloyds, Winterbottom, (for) London
Oct 20— brig Meridian, Silby, (for) St. Johns, Nfld
Oct 20— schooner Harriet, Bellefontaine, (for) St. Johns, Nfld
Oct 20— brig Thompson's Packet, Whitehead, (for) Dumphries
Oct 20— brig Richard, Vagg, (for) Ilfracombe
Oct 20— bark Belona, Ritchie, (for) Chepstow
Oct 21— — Olive, Sire--, (for) Halifax
Oct 21— bark Princess Royal, Townsend, (for) Bermuda
Oct 21— bark Lord Wellington, Gilbert, (for) Chatham
Oct 21— brig Fortune, Vaughan, (for) Cork
Oct 23— brig Castor, Cochrane, (for) Cork
Oct 23— schooner Herald, Rosignol, (for) Halifax
Oct 23— brig Ardent, Dumain, (for) Barbadoes
Oct 23— bark Amity, Greigson, (for) London
Oct 24— brig Port Spain, Canney, (for) Jamaica
Oct 24— ship Meridian, Silby, (for) St. Johns, Nfld
Oct 24— schooner Caroline, Moreau, (for) Miramichi
Oct 24— brig Albion, Hall, (for) Newcastle
Oct 25— schooner Lady Barnaby, Wood, (for) Jamaica
Oct 25— bark Peace, Ballany, (for) Cork
Oct 25— brig John & Robert, Swinton, (for) London
Oct 25— brig Dawn, Bland, (for) Bristol
Oct 25— ship Sir W. Bensley, Smith, (for) Portsmouth
Oct 25— ship Egyptian, Friend, (for) London
Oct 25— schooner Hope, Boudreau, (for) Miramichi
Oct 26— bark Frederick, Hall, (for) London
Oct 26— brig Lalla Rookh, Jones, (for) Falmouth
Oct 26— brig John, Wood, (for) Liverpool
Oct 26— brig Commerce, Burns, (for) St. Vincents
Oct 26— brig Cherub, Miller, (for) Greenock
Oct 26— schooner Jamaica, Cottrell, (for) Jamaica
In the Cortes, 11th September from London, arrived at New York on the 12th inst., Mr. & Mrs. Rolph, Member of the Provincial Parliament of Upper Canada.
Captain Handyside, of the brig Pomona, hence the 20th August for Peterhead, has come up to Quebec in the St. Lawrence. He reports that in long. 34,3 W a heavy sea struck the Pomona, which started her stern post, and she became water logged immediately. After remaining in the foretop six days himself and the crew, with the exception of three who perished, were taken off the wreck by the Traveller, of Bristol, and on the 6th inst. were put on board the St. Lawrence.
Early Snow.— On Thursday night it froze so hard that ice fully an inch thick was formed, and yesterday, even in situations exposed to the sun, the ice, hardly thawed. In the evening snow commenced falling and the ground is today covered with it to the depth of two or three inches. On Tuesday snow fell in the parishes six or eight leagues to the south of Quebec. Carioles have been used in the vicinity of Quebec.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 4th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 29 brig St. Anne -- 18 Sept Waterford   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Oct 30 brig Mary Stewart McFarlane 15 Sept Liverpool Mr. Horner (?) & 5 settlers to Froste & Co. / general cargo
Oct 28— schooner Severn, Field, (for) St. John's, Nfld
Oct 28— brig Margaret, Troop, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 28— ship Hero, Moorson, (for) Bristol
Oct 28— ship Doncaster, Marshall, (for) London
Oct 28— ship Highland Lad, Vickerman, (for) Milford
Oct 30— ship Briton, Wilson, (for) Falmouth
Oct 30— ship Hymen, Edington, (for) London
Oct 30— ship Lord Whitworth, Thornton, (for) Waterford
Oct 30— brig Hannah, Newby, (for) Whitehaven
Oct 30— brig Bragila, Iroway, (for) Cork
Oct 30— bark Granicus, Wilkie, (for) Cork
Oct 30— bark Rolla, Thursby, (for) Liverpool
Extract of a letter, dated Bathurst, Bay Chaleur, September 27.
"On Monday last the Alexander, from Aberdeen arrived here ; 6 or 8 days previous, when about 2 leagues to the N.W. of St. Paul's Island fell in with the brig John Twezell (John Twizell), of South Shields, abandoned by the crew. She is timber laden, apparently from Quebec ; in 5 hours they pumped her out, the topgallant and studding sails had been taken from her, topsail yard lowered on the cap, try-sail and spencer hauled up, jib stowed, and all the small articles taken away—an auger was found in the after peak. The Alexander succeeded in bringing her into the Bay, when the master gave her in charge to Captain Hogg (one of his owners) who carried he into Carraquette ; they purpose sending her home immediately."
Halifax Paper
The brig John Twizell, Captain Grant, had arrived at Quebec August 1st, from Dublin with 156 settlers ; she cleared for sailing for Dublin on September 8th.
No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 8th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
York, October 30th
The Alien question has come into play in our courts. An action of ejectment was tried last week, and the plaintiff defeated in consequence of his father having resided in the United States after the treaty of 1783.
The father of the Plaintiff was born in the United States previous to the revolution.
A dreadful accident happened early on Wednesday morning on board the Winscales, Capt. Brown, in this harbour. A sailor, who in a moment of excitement, arising from intoxication, was dancing on the deck, fell into the hold to a depth of 20 feet, and was killed on the spot. An inquest will be held this day.— Quebec Gazette
No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 11th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
The Quebec papers state. "that the ship Canadian bound upwards went on shore at St. Vallier last Saturday morning, with loss of one anchor and windlass. It is expected she would be got off on the next tide."
Since copying the above, we learn that on Monday evening, during the storm, the Canadian bilged and filled with water.— Gazette
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 15th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 08 brig Asia Foggo 15 Sept Liverpool 5 settlers to Froste & Co. / general cargo
Nov 02— schooner Elizabeth, Mitchell, (for) Antigua
Nov 02— brig Sophia, Neil, (for) Greenock
Nov 02— brig Scipio, Boadel, (for) Whitehaven
Nov 02— ship City of Waterford, Thomas, (for) Waterford
Nov 02— brig Rambler, March, (for) Dublin
Nov 02— brig Anna Maria, Grant, (for) Swansea
Nov 04— ship Crown, Addison, (for) Portsmouth
Nov 04— schooner Marie, Quessy, (for) Miramichi
Nov 04— schooner George, Sirret, (for) Miramichi
Nov 04— schooner Rose, Picard, (for) Miramichi
Nov 04— schooner Champlain, Hughes, (for) Cork
Nov 06— brig Erato, Robinson, (for) Jamaica
Nov 06— schooner Mary, Day, (for) Richibucto
Nov 07— brig Felix Souligay, Painchaud, (for) Trinidad
Nov 07— brig Dykes, Cockton, (for) Workington
Nov 07— brig St. George, Fearon, (for) Cork
Nov 07— brig Promise, Shearer, (for) Liverpool
Nov 07— schooner Julie, Wilson, (for) Barbadoes
Nov 08— brig Green Howe, Anderson, (for) Newry
Nov 08— schooner Carlow (Curlew), Caldwell, (for) Halifax
Nov 08— brig Prince Regent, Masterman, (for) Bristol
Nov 08— brig Sir James Kempt, Scott, (for) Barbadoes
On Monday morning last, about five o'clock, the steamboat New Swiftsure, on her passage from Quebec, was run aground about twenty miles below this city. The Lady of the Lake, on passing the Swiftsure was hailed by the latter, and immediately had the engine stopped, and sent a boat along side. A number of the passengers who had been in the Swiftsure at the time of the accident, were taken on board the Lady of the Lake and conveyed to Montreal ; others remained and have not yet made their appearance.—
We were informed by the passengers that the accident was entirely owing to the negligence or ignorance of the pilot, who mistook the regular channel, and thus caused the delay of the Swiftsure, which at this season of the year must be a serious inconvenience to the Company.
The Lady of the Lake left Quebec at half-past eleven o'clock on Saturday night, and arrived here a little after ten on Monday morning ; she is a very swift boat, and her accomodations for passengers much superior to what her external appearance indicates.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 18th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 11 schooner Albion Calder 17 days Halifax   to H. Dubord / rum & sugar
Nov 14 ship Canadian Morgan 15 Sept Chatham   to Henry Atkinson / in ballast
Nov 14 schooner Moschetto (Mosquito) Henderson 02 Oct Halifax   to H. Dubord / rum & sugar
Nov 09— ship Volunteer, Thompson, (for) Cork
Nov 09— brig Carrington, McDougall, (for) Barbadoes
Nov 09— brig Frederick Robinson, Parker, (for) Bristol
Nov 09— brig Jane, Hawkswell, (for) London
Nov 09— bark Argyle, Anderson, (for) Waterford
Nov 09— brig Wilkinson, Grotesbill (Bell), (for) Greenock
Nov 10— bark Sir Watkin, Saunders, (for) Belfast
Nov 10— brig St. Anne, Galgy, (for) Cork
Nov 10— brig Mary, Brocklebank, (for) Dublin
Nov 10— brig Eliza Ann, Murphy, (for) Cork
Nov 10— ship Helena, Currie, (for) Dublin
Nov 10— schooner Councillor Primrose, Daniel, (for) Halifax
Nov 10— brig William Appleton, Banks, (for) Jamaica
Nov 11— schooner Jane, Gordon, (for) St. John's, Nfld
Nov 11— ship Ulster, Shannon, (for) Londonderry
Nov 11— brig Favourite, Allan, (for) Greenock
Nov 11— ship Lady Gordon, Bell, (for) Liverpool
Shipping Intelligence:
The Canadian, Morgan, arrived this morning, is the vessel that grounded on St. Vallier's Point—she has received damage.
The brig Granicus, hence the 2nd inst. for Cork, returned on Saturday last, being too crank to carry sail.
In the Sir J. Kempt, hence the 10th inst. for Barbadoes, Messrs. W. Douglas and N. Harvie.
In the Jane, hence the 11th inst. for London, Mr. Revens (Bevens) jr.
In the Carrington, hence the 11th inst. for Barbadoes, Deputy Assistant Commissary General Looker, lady and child.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 22nd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 15 schooner Marie Catherine Bernier 24 days Newfoundland   to M. Tulloch / rum & sugar
Nov 14— bark Tottenham, Richard, (for) Ross
Nov 14— ship Morgianna, Wright, (for) Liverpool
Nov 14— brig Ann & Mary, Taggart, (for) Demerara
Nov 14— ship Try Again, McColl, (for) Greenock
Nov 15— ship Superior, Leslie, (for) Greenock
Nov 15— ship Asia, Ward, (for) London
Nov 15— ship Unicorn, Baird, (for) Liverpool
Nov 15— brig James, Walton, (for) London
Nov 15— ship Resolution, Ward, (for) London
Nov 15— ship Bounty Hall, McMaster, (for) Jamaica
Nov 15— ship General Wolfe, Stanworth, (for) Bristol
Nov 16— brig Georgiana, Douglas, (for) London
Nov 16— bark Charlotte, Sloan, (for) Liverpool
Nov 16— ship Hannah, Webber, (for) London
Nov 16— ship Rebecca, Laurie, (for) Greenock
Nov 16— ship Cadmus, Snowden, (for) London
Nov 16— ship Sophia, Rutter, (for) London
Nov 16— bark Janus, Carey, (for) Falmouth
Nov 16— brig St. Lawrence, Marchant, (for) Miramichi
Nov 17— ship Town of Ross, Key, (for) Ross
Nov 17— brig Cecilia, Troude, (for) Trinidad
Nov 17— brig Ontario, Willis, (for) Liverpool
Nov 17— brig Bob Logic, Anderson, (for) Jamaica
The Weather:
On Saturday evening a severe frost set in, and has continued since that time, by which our streets have received more improvement than they did for the six months preceeding. Passengers can now walk wth dry feet, who were, last week obliged to wade knee deep through the mud, especially in the neighbourhood of the new College Bridge, where it was really dangerous to attempt passing.
We understand that some of the Steam Boats have been sent to their winter quarters, and if the frost continues, the remainder must very soon follow the same example.
We regret exceedingly that it is not in our power to give a more favourable account of the Steam Boat Niagara. On Friday last she was lying in about four and a half feet of water, off Poplar point, 50 miles from this place, and there is but little probability of her being got off this season. We perceive by the York papers, that the passengers have expressed their entire approbation of Captain Mosier's conduct. The passengers' names are Samuel Clowes ; Smith Griffin ; George Rikert ; Thomas Bell ; David Sleeper ; Ronald Chisholm ; Thomas Moore ; David Simpson and John Leighton.
No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 25th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 18— bark John Howard, Bruce, (for) Cork
Nov 18— ship Winscales, Brown, (for) Liverpool
Nov 18— [schooner] Reine, Poirier, (for) Miramichi
Nov 18— ship Clifton, Bushby, (for) Liverpool
Nov 18— ship Ottawa, Douglas, (for) London
Nov 18— schooner Hibernia, Caldwell, (for) Miramichi
Nov 18— brig Amethyst, Thompson, (for) London
Nov 18— brig Jean (Jane), Currie, (for) Greenock
Nov 18— bark St. Lawrence, Harby, (for) London
Nov 18— ship St. Andrew, Pearson, (for) London
Nov 18— — Sophia, Lithgo, (for) London
Nov 18— brig Welcome, Fletcher, (for) Greenock
Nov 18— ship Hannah, Byass, (for) Liverpool
Nov 18— ship Miriam & Jane, Henley, (for) London
Nov 19— schooner Moschetto (Mosquito), Henderson, (for) Halifax
Nov 19— brig Micmac, White, (for) Barbadoes
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 29th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 21 schooner Abeona Armstrong 31 Oct Demerara, last from Halifax   to M. Bell / rum & sugar
Nov 20— — Ann & Mary, Anderson, (for) Cork
Nov 20— bark St. Charles, Cousens, (for) London
Nov 20— brig Young Samuel, Horsley, (for) Dublin
Nov 21— brig Prince of Asturias, Morris, (for) Bristol
Nov 21— brig Bowes, Bragg, (for) Greenock
Nov 21— ship Margaret, Porteous, (for) Liverpool
Nov 21— ship Montreal, Udney, (for) Liverpool
Nov 21— — Marie Rose, Towridge, (for) Newfoundland
Nov 22— bark Quebec Packet, Atkinson, (for) London
Nov 22— bark Europe, Willis, (for) London
Nov 22— ship Sir Francis N. Burton, Boston, (for) Liverpool
Nov 22— brig Martin, Martin, (for) Liverpool
Nov 22— ship Montmorency, Anderson, (for) London
Nov 22— brig William McGillivray, Stoddart, (for) London
In the Margaret, for Liverpool, Messrs. Robert Patterson ; Joseph Richardson & George Scott.
No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Saturday December 2nd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 23— ship Hero, Stewart, (for) London
Nov 23— brig Mary Stewart, McFarlane, (for) Liverpool
Nov 23— brig Asia, Foggo, (for) Liverpool
Nov 23— schooner Domitil / Domitie, Thompson, (for) St. John, N.B.
Nov 23— brig Hannah, Phillips, (for) Chatham
Nov 24— ship Thomas Wallace, Brown, (for) Chatham
Nov 25— schooner Dolphin, Sanmarez, (for) St. John, N.B.
Nov 26— schooner Abeona, Nichols, (for) London
In the General Woolfe, hence for Bristol, Henry Atkin & son ; James Stansfield ; C.B. Prince.
In the Rebecca, hence for Greenock, Messrs. Rayment ; M. Aitken & — Cuthbertson.
In the Ontario, hence for Liverpool, Mr. Hough.
In the Clifton, hence for Liverpool, Messrs. R. Methley ; David Stansfield ; — Harrower & — Toulon.
In the Ottawa, hence for London, — Buchanan ; two Mr. Crawfords ; H. Gowan ; — Beckett ; — Carier & J. Reiffenstein jr.
In the St. Lawrence, hence for London, Messrs. William Patton ; S. Wright ; William Meyer & — Guy.
In the John Howard, hence for Cork, Messrs. James Atkins & H. Seymour.
In the Micmac, hence for Barbadoes, Mr. E. O'Hara.
In the Prince of Asturias, hence for Bristol, Mr. John Dupont.
In the Montreal, for Liverpool, Mr.& Mrs. Carter ; Mrs. Chambers ; Mr. Frazer & Miss Smilie.
In the Quebec Packet, hence last Saturday for London, Messrs. Davis & Baldwin.
The Canadian and Morgiana, are the only vessels which will remain in port during the winter.
The Thomas Wallace, Brown, which left this [] for London, Saturday last was unfortunately wrecked in the gale of []nday night.— She went ashore on the Beaumont shoals, [] such was the rapidity with which she filled, that Captain Brown nearly lost his life in the saving of the ships' papers in [his] cabin, the water having risen to his breast. The Thomas Wallace was a new ship and belonged to Mr. Atkinson. A schooner has been despatched to save materials.
Comparative statement of Shipping, Tonnage, Settlers and Clearance at the port of Quebec, during the last and present year, up to the 24th November of each year inclusive:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers Clearances
1826 694 178,591 10,731 799
1825 762 191,614 9,097 874
No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Wednesday December 6th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 23— brig Duchess of Gloster, King, (for) Liverpool
Shipping Intelligence:
The Abeona sailed on Wednesday for London. The Duchess of Gloster, (the last vessel) sailed on Thursday morning. The navigation is quite open.
The bark Thomas Wallace, Brown, came up on Wednesday, she lost both anchors, rudder &c. and is full of water. The damage sustained is her hull is supposed not to be so great as at first stated— it will however be impracticable to send her to sea again. She is now dismantled and hauled up inside of Atkinson's Wharf.
The Edmond Henry, the last boat in port, repaired to her winter quarters, Boucherville, on Monday, where the Laprairie and the St. Lawrence Steam-boat Company's boats, Quebec, New Swiftsure, Waterloo, Chambly, Malsham and Lady Sherbrooke are laid up. The latter boat has had her engine taken out, which with one of similar power, now making by Mr. Ward, will be put into the new boat John Molson, now building by Mr. Farrington, which will be ready for launching on the opening of navigation. The Hercules and Richelieu winter at Sorel ; the Lady of the Lake, at Bout de Lisle ; the Montreal at La Tortue. This boat will in the course of the winter, undergo a thorough repair ; be made much larger, and will ply during the navigation of 1827, between Montreal and Longueil. The William Annesley, winters in the Lachine Canal. This boat is also to undergo a thorough repair ; and will during the ensuing summer, ply between Point Fortune and Hull.— Gazette
No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Wednesday December 13th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
QUEBEC, December 7th
The Quebec Packet, Atkinson, which sailed from this port for London, on the 25th ult. struck on Red Island on Wednesday the 29th, and as it was found that she leaked, was run ashore at Trois Pistoles, to be examined, when the damage she had received was found so considerable, it was neccessary to put back to Quebec. The ice formed in the river so fast, that she could only, after considerable difficulty reach Patrick's Hole, about nine miles below this port, where she now lies with four feet of water in her hold.
The Quebec Packet is the vessel which was seen beating up on Saturday off Berthier, and was conjectured by some to be the vessel with detachments of the Staff Corps, under Major Duvernet. No information of the vessel bringing out those detachments has been obtained, and the reports published that she had been lost are without foundation.— Old Gazette
The Weather.—
Considering the advanced period of the season, the weather is remarkably mild. Since our last, we have had a little frost, which hardened the streets, so that the inhabitants may go to market without wading mid-leg in mud as was the case last week. The country roads, however, are in a most wretched state, particularly those between St. Johns and LaPrairie. This has occasioned the United States mail to be irregular in its arrival here for some time past, and the disappointment must continue until the winter sets in, so as to insure good and expeditious travelling. The river is perfectly open, and the atmosphere so mild, that batteaux continue to run between this city [Montreal] and LaPrairie, in the utmost safety.

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