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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1827

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, the U.E. Loyalist UEL and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1827.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Chambly & John Molson.

May 01 - June 09 | June 09 - July 23 | July 25 - October 02 | October 08 - December 13

March 8th - MG

There was a dreadful storm along the coasts bordering the Irish Channel which lasted several days. The packet ship Panthea, from New York for Liverpool, was stranded in attempting to make a harbor in Holyhead Bay, on the 14th January, 20th day out—her sails having all been blown from the yards in a tremendous gale off the Head. The passengers and crew were all saved, as were some of her letters, and one box of gold. The cargo consisted of between 10 and 11,000 bushels of Indian corn, about 300 bales of cotton, about 100 barrels of apples and 2 boxes of gold. The ship, freight, and most of the cargo, were insured New York. The letter bags saved, reached Liverpool previous to the sailing of the Britannia.

April 5th - MG Interior Navigation by Steam:—
On Friday se'nnight the Marquis of Wellesley steamboat, built to tow boats and carry passengers, arrived at the canal harbour, Limerick, from Dublin, attended by two of her fly-boats. This is the first instance of the application of steam to interior navigation in Ireland, and will remedy the defect arising from the difficulty and uncertainty of crossing, by the craft hitherto in use, the broad waters of the Shannon above Killaloe. This vessel will, in almost all weathers, be able to take her own cargo and tow her fly-boats across the lake and thus ensure the certain delivery of goods both here and in Dublin, within regular given periods. She is very neatly fitted up for the accomodation of passengers, and we have no doubt but many persons will avail themselves of this delightful and easy mode of conveyance, to visit those parts of the country hitherto little known, from want of easy access, particularly the bold and majestic scenery of Lough Derg, when the weather shall become more favourable for such excursions. This boat was built at the Horseley works, in Staffordshire, and has been constructed under the superintendence of Mr. John Grantham, and at his sole expense. A number of distinguished individuals sailed with her on her first trip, and she was welcomed to the waters of the Shannon by vast numbers of admiring spectators.
April 12th - MG Steamboat Accident:—
Yesterday afternoon, after the steambaot Montreal arrived at Longueuil, one of the boilers burst and scalded a fireman of the name of Scott in such a manner, that no hopes are entertained for his life.
  Steam Boats:—
Yesterday about nine o'clock in the morning, the Steam Boat Edmund Henry, arrived in port from her winter quarters. This is the first arrival this spring, and is two days earlier than last year, the Laprairie having arrived here on the 13th. Since which the Waterloo, Montreal and Lady of the Lake have arrived, and others are hourly expected. The Edmund Henry has commenced running to Laprairie from this side every day, at 10 am and 4 pm and leaves Laprairie at half past 6 am and half past 1 pm.
The fine mild weather which we have had, since our last, has entirely freed our streets from snow and ice, and considerably reduced the quantity in the river.—The Champ de Mars is now completely dry, and we are happy to find that the troops have commenced their daily exercise.
April 16th - MG

A London paper of the 21st February says—" Reports have reached town, through the North-west Company, that Captain Franklin had accomplished the objects of his overland expedition, and had fallen in with, and embarked on board his Majesty's ship Blossom, which had been for the purpose of meeting him in Behring's Straits. It is added that some of the party who were with him had retraced their steps by their original route. "

  Steam Boats.
Since our last the Quebec and the New Swiftsure Steam Boats have arrived in port, which with the steam boats and some river craft again presents the appearance of activity. The Waterloo steam boat set off yesterday morning for Quebec. She is very neatly fitted up for the accomodation of passengers only.
  Lachine Canal.
Owing to some repairs that were deemed necessary to be made on the Canal, the water was not let in till this morning. A large Durham boat, the Gull, from Ogdensburgh, has already come through loaded with flour and live hogs.


  Canal Promenade.
We regret to notice, that many of the trees planted last fall, on the banks of the Lachine Canal, by the aid, we believe, of a subscription of a few individuals, who had taste and spirit enough to appreciate the value of this delightful promenade ;—have lately been wantonly destroyed. We are likewise afraid, that many of the remaining trees have not taken root, owing perhaps to their having been taken from the forest, rather than from the more congenial soil and situation of a nursey ground. We hope the Canal Commissioners, and those who have already done so much to improve this walk, will immediately have the dead trees replaced, before the season is too far advanced for transplanting, with hopes of success.
April 16th - MG Lights of the River.—
We understand it is in contemplation to place Lights in several parts of the river, between Quebec and Montreal, which may enable vessels and steamboats to proceed at all hours without the frequent interruptions to which they are now liable. It is expected that the expence of these useful establishments will be defrayed from a fund which has been accumulating for some years past, from tonnage duty levied on all Steam-boats navigating this part of the St. Lawrence. . . . . .


  Steam Boats.
The Hercules, George Brush, Master, arrived from Sorel on Tuesday afternoon with freight and passengers, she came through the Current in fine style ; her Cabins and State Rooms have been neatly painted and are well calculated to afford every comfort and convenience to passengers.
The Captains appointed to the different boats running between this [Montreal] and Quebec are as follows:— Tow-boat Hercules, Brush,— Swiftsure, Perry,— Waterloo, Nickless,— Quebec, Richardson,— Chambly, C. Armstrong,— Richelieu, Franchere,— LaPrairie, Morin.
The new Tow-boat John Molson, now on the stocks, we learn is to be launched on the 5th proximo [5th May]. She will have two engines 60 horsepower each, and will probably be the finest and best vessel of this kind afloat upon the St. Lawrence. She is to be commanded by Captain Jesse Armstong.
April 23rd - MG The Java Packet from Batavia, went down off Flushing, and the whole of her crew, consisting of 30 souls, were doomed to a watery grave, with the exception of the pilot, who contrived to save himself. She had on board 8000 bags of coffee, which are all gone. She was insured at Lloyd's.
The British ship Marmion, Captain Petrie, from Liverpool to Calcutta, with a cargo valued at from 60 to 70,000, was abandoned at sea on the 15th February, having started a butt. The crew and passengers were saved by the British ship Garland.
May 3rd - MG Lake Erie Boats.
The Steam Boats on Lake Erie have formed into a regular line for the conveyance of passengers the ensuing season. The Superior was to have left Buffalo on Saturday se'nnight.
A line of post coaches has been established between Niagara and Ancaster, Upper Canada. It is stated in the St. Catherine's Journal, that this line will be extended to Sandwich, opposite to Detroit.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday May 7th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
April 30 brig Quebec Packet Anderson 02 April Aberdeen Mrs. Gordon, Mr. Hays, Mrs. Esson & two children.
May 01 ship Bolivar Crosby Belfast 229 settlers — / in ballast
May 01 brig Sophia Neil Greenock   — / general cargo
May 01 ship Brilliant Barclay Aberdeen   — / in ballast
May 01 schooner Sarah Ann Croll St. John's, Nfld   — / rum & sugar
May 01 bark Ythan Cairns 27 days Berwick   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 01 brig City of Aberdeen Duthie 23 days Aberdeen 3 settlers to Moir & Heath / general cargo
May 01 ship Erie Stoddard 30 days London   to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / in ballast
May 01 schooner Gaspé Coffin 36 days St. Michael's   to J. Campbell / fruit
May 01 ship Sir William Bensley Smith 02 April Portsmouth   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
May 01 ship Marys Jacobson 28 days Newcastle   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 01 ship Champlain Hughes 24 days Cork 106 settlers to J. Atkins / in ballast
May 01 ship General Hewitt Williams 25 days Waterford 458 settlers to W. Price & Co. / in ballast & goods
May 01 ship Friends Clark 29 days Newcastle   to G. Symes / in ballast
May 01 ship Teviotdale Sims 26 days Liverpool 8 settlers to W. Budden / general cargo
May 01 ship City of Waterford Thomas 21 days Waterford 192 settlers to Froste & Co. / in ballast
May 01 ship Three Sisters Ritchie 29 days Leith   to order / in ballast
May 01 ship Ottawa Douglas 23 days* London & Portsmouth* Mr.& Mrs. Sewell (sheriff), Mr.& Mrs. Trinder, Mr. Symes, Mr. Reiffenstein jnr., Mr. Desbarats, Mr. Cairns, Mr. Hale, Mr. Seymour, Mr. Salter, Mr. Elmsly & Mr. Gowan to William Price & Co. / general cargo
May 01 ship Europe Willis 36 days London   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
May 02 ship Priscilla Mitchell 25 days Plymouth 3 settlers to order / in ballast
May 02 brig Cherub Miller 05 April Greenock Mr. Chep of Niagara and Messrs. W. Neilson & Pinkerton to R. Shaw / general cargo for Montreal
May 02 brig Prince George Morrison 19 days Alloa   to Irvine & Co. / coals
May 02 brig Merope Battrick 05 days Newfoundland   to W. Budden / in ballast
May 02 brig Heart of Oak Booth 25 days Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 02 brig Liddle Thompson 25 days Bristol   to order in ballast
May 02 brig Favourite Allan 12 April Greenock Mr.& Mrs. McIntosh to W. Price & Co. / general cargo
May 03 brig Thomas Farrell Barry 26 days Wexford 60 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 03 ship John Richardson 25 days Cork   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
May 03 ship Clarkson Ward 30 days Hull 44 settlers to R. Methly / general cargo
May 03 ship General Wolfe Stanworth 07 April Bristol Mr.& Mrs. Ferney & two servants to W. Budden / general cargo
May 03 brig Amethyst Thomson 13 days* London & Plymouth* Mrs. Thompson, Miss Fornet, Miss Prentice, Mrs. Captain Thompson and family, Miss Williams, Mr. Rayment, Mr. Hough, Mr. Carter, Mr. Oakley | & ten in the steerage to W. Price / general cargo
May 03 brig Charlotte Sloan 14 April Liverpool   to J. Leather & Co. / salt
May 03 ship Montreal John Udney 13 April Liverpool   toJ. Ross & Co. / general cargo
May 03 ship Winscales Messenger 10 April Liverpool   to Patterson & Weir / general cargo
May 03 brig Oxenhope Minnett 27 days Hull   to G. Symes / general cargo
May 03 bark John Howard Bruce 18 days Cork 44 settlers to J. Atkins / general cargo
May 03 brig Nemises Smith 22 days Poole Mr. White to M. Budden / general cargo
May 03 brig Ontario Wills 27 days Bristol   to M. Budden / general cargo
May 03 brigantine Felix Souligny Painchaud 15 March Trinidad   to J.O. Brunet / rum & sugar
May 03 ship Crown Hopper 19 days Portsmouth   to William Patton / in ballast
May 03 ship Argus Forster 27 days Plymouth   to order / in ballast
May 03 ship Brailsford Moor 23 days Plymouth   to order / in ballast
May 03 ship Volunteer Thompson 18 days Cork 28 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
May 03 ship Granicus Wilkie 19 days Cork 25 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
May 03 ship Perseverance Thomson 21 days Plymouth   to order / in ballast
May 03 ship Centurion Bankier 33 days Plymouth   to order / in balalst
May 03 ship James Cary 22 days Falmouth   to J. Martyn / in ballast
May 03 ship Asia Ward 22 days London   to order / in ballast
May 03 ship Quebec Packet Atkinson 22 days* London & Cowes*  
May 03 brig Ann Richardson 32 days London   to William Price & Co. / in ballast
May 03 brig Hannah Walker 23 days Portsmouth   to William Price & Co. / in ballast
May 03 brig William Richardson 30 days London   to William Price & Co. / in ballast
May 03 brig Anne Eliza and Jane Dodds 25 March Sunderland   to order / coals
May 03 ship Dunlop Gowan 13 April Belfast Mr. Law, Mr. Hunter & Mr. McGowan | 149 settlers to order / in ballast & goods
May 03 brig Horatio Sparks 22 days Liverpool Mr.& Mrs. David Stansfield and family, Mr. Matthew & Mr. Hamilton | 8 settlers to C. Holt / general cargo
May 03 bark Town of Ross Ray 13 April Ross 158 settlers to J. Brack / in ballast
May 03 brig Medusa Sampson 05 April Portsmouth   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
May 03 brig Phœbe Finn 12 April Youghall 39 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
May 03 brig Fidelity England 14 April Cork 40 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 03 ship Clifton Bushby 12 April Liverpool Mr. J. Stansfield, Mr James Stansfield, Mr. Prince, Mr. Oliva, Lieut. Brehaut, 26th Regt., Mr. G. Scott, Mr. J. Brook, Mr. J. Bradbury, Mr. T. Toulon and Mr. S. Toulon to G. Symes / general cargo
May 03 brig Argus Forster 06 April Plymouth   to order / in ballast
May 03 schooner Echlin S. Michael's   — / fruit
May 04 brig Elizabeth Robertson 05 April Plymouth   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
May 04 brig Dension Richardson 07 April Yarmouth   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
May 04 brig Brothers Monagh 30 March Sunderland   to W. Price / coals
May 05 brig Promise Shearer 12 April Liverpool   to J. Leather & Co. / salt
May 05 brig David Scotland 10 April Cork 33 settlers to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
May 05 bark Helena Currie 13 April Dublin 153 settlers to order / wines
May 05 brig William McGilivray Stoddard 04 April London Mr. Samuel Davies, Mr. W. Jackson, Mr. Thomas Adler, Mr. F. Martin and Mr. J. Minor to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / general cargo
May 05 brig Thames Adams 11 April Glasgow Mr. Rogers to Rogerson & Co.
May 05 ship Richard Sands Owens 07 April Chatham   to G. Symes / in ballast
May 05 brig George Canning Craig 29 March London   to Hart, Logan & Co. / in ballast
May 05 ship Rebecca Lawry 15 April Greenock Captain McColl, Mr. G.M. Ross, Mr.& Mrs. Freeland and family, Mr.& Miss Montgomery, Mr. McIntyre, Mr. Macnider, Mr. Gray, Mr. Stewart, Miss Duff and Mr. Cuthbertson | 20 settlers to Laurie & Spence / general cargo
May 05 brig Gratitude John Gellatly 06 April Dundee Mr. John Law, Mr. Hunter, Mr. J.P. Hogg & Mr. Gibson to G. Davies / general cargo
May 05 brig Dryad Swinburn 23 March Lisbon   to W. Price / salt & fruit
Quebec, May 3rd.
The number of Emigrants who have already arrived at this port is about 1500, and preparations both from Ireland and Scotland were making at commencement of April, for the embarkation of thousands at the expense of the emigrant himself. Indeed from what we have heard, we might almost say that the larger number of poor Manufacturers in Glasgow and Paisley are only prevented from coming out by the want of means. From Ireland thousands are coming out on their own account. Government have given information that 16,000 will be immediately sent out at its expense. We suppose that 25,000 emigrants will arrive this season.
The number of vessels arrived in port is now near 70. Many of them have had passages of between 18 and 22 days ; which we believe almost without example. Some of them had not an hour's contrary wind from leaving the British port to their anchoring here. The passages were generally pleasant. In the river, however, the wind was extremely violent on Tuesday. It was impossible at one time to carry sail. Some of the vessels which arrived here that evening, were off Gaspé on Monday morning, and passed Bic at 6 o'clock AM on Tuesday. Some islands of ice were seen on the Banks of Newfoundland, and a little field of ice on the Cape Breton shore, but it was not considerable enough to offer any obstruction.

Seventy-one vessels have arrived in port, and a great many are reported to be at hand. Last year, up to the 7th May, there were only five arrivals from sea.

The Montreal, Captain Udney, arrived a few hours ago in 18 days from Liverpool (14½ days from Cape Clear) bringing us papers of the 12th April, with London dates of the 10th inclusive.

The Rob Roy, Kenn, 24 days from Belfast, drove ashore near the parish of L'Islet on the night of the 30th ultimo and has become a total wreck ; the Captain and crew were saved, but we are concerned to learn that about 30, of 150 settlers, were washed overboard by the heavy sea. Captain Kenn has come to town.
Wreck of the Rob Roy
The Steam-boat Waterloo, returned yesterday forenoon from the wreck of the Rob Roy with 70 of her passengers ; the remainder had proceeded for Quebec by land. The total number of settlers embarked in the Rob Roy at Belfast, amounted to 151, out of which 8 men, two women, and 19 children perished on board at L'Islet, where the vessel stranded. The bodies were all taken on shore and buried on Thursday morning. The accounts from the brig are very distressing. One passenger (Frank Chrasty), lost his wife and three children ; another (David McGarrow), out of four children lost three, the one saved is deaf and dumb, aged about four years. Thomas Miller, who had come out to settle with friends at York, U.C. lost two children, his sister-in-law (Mrs Lamb), with seven children, lost her husband and one child. The latter family had property on board worth nearly five hundred pounds, the whole of which is lost, and not a farthing insured. The vessel is a total wreck. Many of the settlers which have come up from the wreck, have been in respectable circumstances, several having embarked with considerable property. The Emigrant Society, we understand, the most deserving objects to their several destinations.— They met with every assistance from the Canadian Inhabitants near the spot where the disaster occured.—Quebec Mercury

On Thursday morning, while one of the hands on board the Cherub was reefing the top-gallant sail, that vessel being at anchor opposite Three Rivers, the mast broke and the unfortunate young man fell from the mast head and was almost instantly killed. He was 19 years of age, from Greenock, and of the name John Smith.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday May 10th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 05 brig Nelly Pullenger 03 April London   to H. Gowan & Co. / in ballast
May 05 bark Duncan Gibb Evans 15 April Dublin 239 settlers to James Saunders & Co. / goods
May 06 bark Dependent Carr 22 days Liverpool   to T. Cringan & Co. / general cargo
May 06 ship Crown Wray 15 April Portsmouth   to — / in ballast
May 06 bark William Waller 07 April London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
May 06 bark Sir Watkin Sanderson 11 April Belfast 117 settlers to order
May 06 brig Baltic Millar 11 April Liveprool   to H. Gowan & Co. / to order
May 06 brig Greenhow McKie 10 April Newry 103 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 06 brig Cordelia Stewart 05 April Shields   to Moir & Heath / coals & bottles
May 06 brig Utility Blair 14 April Lancaster   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 06 brig Henry Brougham Raigh 14 April Waterford 29 settlers to William Price & Co. / in ballast
May 06 brig Belsay Castle Richardson 05 April Sunderland   to William Price & Co. / coals
May 07 — Sylvanus Lawson 29 March Sunderland   to order / coals
May 07 ship William Ashton Armstrong 08 April Newcastle   to H. Gowan & Co. / general cargo
May 07 bark Industry Lodge 07 April London   to R. Shaw / in ballast | this vessel came in on the 3rd instant.
April 21— schooner Aurora, Belanger, (for) St. John's, Nfld
May 04— schooner Marie Louise, Bernier, (for) Miramichi
May 05— schooner Otter, Hoffman, (for) Miramichi

Mr. Chapman, a passenger in the Harriet, has arrived at Quebec. The H. went ashore on Monday last, but is not much damaged, and was expected to be soon got off.
Most of the regular London and Liverpool traders have arrived. A number of vessels with passengers from Cork, Belfast and Dublin, which sailed for this port early in April have not yet come up. The total shipping, owing to the low rate of freight and other causes, is not expected to be so great this season as last.

Since the opening of the Lachine Canal which took place on the 16th ultimate about 130 Durham and other boats have passed the Locks, upwards, while there have been but 50 through the Canal from Lachine to this place.—Courant
On Sunday last, the Steam boat St. Andrew crossed the River between Lachine and Caughnawaga. This is the first time that a Steam boat has crossed that place ; but from the uncommon height of the water in the St. Lawrence she found no great difficulty in accomplishing it.—Courant

The Court opened at 9am . . . . . At the same time they returned No Bills on Indictments against Samuel King, Joseph Moore, and Elizabeth Briand, for feloniously conveying two small saws, one small auger and one small file into the Common Gaol for the District of Montreal, in order to facilitate the escape of a prisoner . . . . .

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday May 14th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 10 brig Margaret Troup 01 April Aberdeen 10 settlers to H.G. Forsyth / in ballast
May 10 brig George Canning Stephen 09 April Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 10 brig Aid Archibald 15 April Maryport   to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
May 10 brig Heroine Hall 18 April Cork 102 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 10 ship Lady Gordon Bell 16 April Liverpool Mr. Wanton & Mr. Poston to C.A. Holt / general cargo
May 10 ship Briton Wilson 12 April Whitby   to G. Symes / in ballast
May 10 bark Tottenham Thomas 17 April Ross 150 settlers to J. Black / in ballast
May 10 brig Laughton Dawson 17 April Glasgow   to Thomas Cringan & Co. / in ballast
May 10 brig Calisto McKenzie 08 April Sunderland 2 settlers to William Price & Co. / coals
May 10 bark Harriet Williams 11 April Portsmouth   to Chapman & Revens / in ballast
May 10 bark George IV Morgan 10 April Waterford 144 settlers to Froste & Co. / in ballast
May 10 bark St. Lawrence Harby 14 April London Mr. W. Patton, Mr. S. Wright and sister, Miss Howe, Mr. W. Johnson, Captain Nichols & Mr. Raing to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / general cargo
May 10 ship Æolus Williams 15 April Waterford 146 settlers to Froste & Co. / in ballast
May 10 bark Marmion Wright 17 April Liverpool Captain Baird to George Hamilton / in ballast
May 10 bark Quebec Trader Halm 13 April Dublin 147 settlers to H. Gowan & Co. / in ballast
May 11 brig John Callendar 04 April Newcastle Mr. Rawlinson to Mr. Rawlinson / coals & glass
May 11 brig Urania Headly 10 April Hull   to R. Methley / in ballast
May 12 brig Elegant Garthwaite 03 April Shields   to H. Gowan & Co. / coals
May 12 schooner Planet Gray 09 days Halifax Mr. Starr to C.F. Alywin / rum & sugar
May 12 brig Ann Weatherstone 19 March Newcastle   to W. Budden / general cargo
May 12 brig Mary Ann Marshall 08 days Halifax   to C.F. Alywin / sugar
May 12 brig Elizabeth Murphy 15 April Whitehaven 5 settlers to R. Methley / coals &c.
May 12 brig Orion Craggs 12 April Sunderland   to order / coals
May 12 schooner Julia Wilson 05 weeks St. Vincents   to W. Stevenson / rum & sugar
May 12 bark Triton Keightly 08 April Hull   to — / in ballast
May 12 brig Erato Robinson 28 April* Jamaica / Halifax*   to Irvine & Co. / rum &c.
  The Erato, arrived this morning from Halifax, is one of the vessels which was ordered from the United States in consequence of the President's late Proclamation.
May 12 brig Polygon Mulgrove 09 April St. Vincents   to Irvine & Co. / rum &c.
May 12 ship Arabian Thompson 21 days Charleston (US)   to — / coals
May 12 ship Percival Leithley 06 April Plymouth   to P. Burnet / goods
May 09— schooner Florida, Lemieux, (for) Richibucto
May 10— schooner Experience, Thompson, (for) Halifax
May 11— schooner Mary Ann, Crank, (for) St. John, N.B.

The Asia, and the Ann and Amelia, the two Tea-ships of this year for the Canadas, have arrived at Canton.

The following is the cargo of the Rob Roy :— 30 cases of cotton, 28 cases of muslin, 79 pipes red wine, 12 casks hams, 2 boxes, 1664 yards of linen, 4 boxes printed cottons, 30 boxes stone blue, 21 boxes, 5 bales cotton, 1 case leather, 37 boxes and about 18,000 yards linens, and 37 cases and 2 bales of same. [valued at 25 or 30,000l]

This morning, a ship of upwards of 400 tons called the Thomas, from Mr, Goudie's ship-yard, and the brigantine Caroline, upwards of 100 tons, from Mr. Brunet's ship-yard were launched.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday May 17th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 12 brig Southampton Tuzo 07 April Grenada   to J. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
May 12 brig Attaliah William Lotherington 04 April Sunderland 14 settlers to Henry Atkinson / coals & glass
May 12 [brig] Anne Ainslie 27 March Newcastle   to Macnider & Scott / coals & cinder
May 12 brig Union Taylor 15 April Milford   to order / in ballast
May 13 brig Armenia Rumford 10 days Halifax   to C.F. Alywin / sugar
May 12— brig John Bimner, Scott, (for) Barbadoes
May 14— schooner Mary Ann, Sire, (for) St. John's, Nfld.

Tuesday, May 15.— Mr. Lambly, the Harbour Master, returned, we understand, some days ago from and examined the river between this city and Montreal, for the purpose of placing beacons or lights to assist steamboats and vessels sailing between the two ports.
It is intended in consequence, we have been informed to place a light upon Grosse-Isle at the easterly entrance of the river Richelieu—two lights on the high land above the Platon, to be kept in a line running to and from the West entrance of the channel—and two lights also to be kept in a line to steer clear of the south end of the batture d'Abigon.
These lights will occasion steam and other vessels to run without danger in clear weather at night, and prove of great service in the intercourse with Montreal.
We also learn that a fifth buoy has been placed in the Traverse opposite St. Rock, below. It is white with a pole and knob at its end, and is laid at the east end of the middle bank at the lower end of the traverse.

Launched yesterday morning:
From Mr. Taylor's yard, the brig King Fisher, of 221 tons
From Mr. Munn's yard, the ship Ariadna, of 325 tons
From Mr. Goudie'd yard, the American, of 400 tons

The following is a comparative statement of the arrivals last year with those of this on the 14th May, viz:—
Years Vessels Settlers  
1826 16 56  
1827 126 3,122  
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday May 21st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 16 brig Bob Logic Anderson 27 March Jamaica   to Finlay & Co. / rum & sugar
May 16 ship Sir Francis Burton White 17 April Liverpool Mrs. Finch and son, and 2 settlers to S. Finch / salt
May 16 ship Asia Stead 12 Jan'y Canton, China   to Forsyth Richardson & Co. / teas
May 16 brig Isabella Morris 19 April Limerick 130 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 16 brig Perceval Johnson 15 April Leith Mr. J.S. Miller, and 16 settlers to J. Hamilton & Co. / general cargo
May 17 brig Blenheim Warren 08 May Newfoundland   to W. Price / in ballast
May 17 brig Earl of Dalhousie Boyd 17 April Greenock Mr. Adam Ferrie & Mrs. Hearn and 9 settlers to W. Price / general cargo
May 17 brig Donegal Heyton 15 April Liverpool   to Roger Dean & Co. / general cargo
May 17 bark Starr Atkinson 16 April Lancaster   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 17 ship Margaret Sumpton 19 April Liverpool   to W. Price / general cargo
May 17 bark Britannia Tyre 35 days London   to W. Price / in ballast
May 17 brig Portaferry Donnan 17 April Portaferry 19 settlers to order / goods
May 18 brig Alexander Robert Marshall 19 April Liverpool   to Cringan & Co. / general cargo
May 18 brig Sprightly Johnson 15 April Dundalk 35 settlers to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
May 18 brig Jean Thompson 14 April Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
May 16— schooner Angelique, Dugas, (for) Halifax
May 18— brigantine John Echlin, Bell, (for) Cork

A man of the name of Louis Vinette fell from the wharf of the Steam Boat Company at Three Rivers, on Monday last, and we are sorry to hear, was drowned.
. . later . . May 28th edition
We understand it was proved by two witnesses at the inquest held at Three Rivers on the body of Louis Vinette, whose accidental drowning we mentioned on Monday, that a Canoe, capable of carrying 14 persons, with two men and a woman in it, was within a few paces of the drowning man, and although Mr. Hughes implored them to save the young man's life, they sat unconcerned till they saw him sink.

Extraordinary Escape:—
On Thursday afternoon, about seven o'clock, whilst the " CANADA FLOATING DOCK, " was about to be launched from the Ship-yard of Mr. Farrington, at the foot of the Current St. Marie, a person named Thomas Dow, a ship carpenter, employed in assisting at the launch, and who was on the ways between the vessel and the water, in the act of leaving the way, the vessel coming too close to permit him to escape in the usual manner, as the only alternative left to save himself he ran with all possible speed to the river, and dived into the water before he was overtaken. When the vessel was safely launched and it was believed that the man must have been crushed beneath her, he made his appearance on the top of the water, 50 yards from the shore, which distance he had been driven by the force with which the vessel moved the water. When taken up he exhibited no marks of injury further than the wetting he had received and having the top of his head thoroughly greased by the vessel's bottom pressing against it while in the water. In reply to some questions as to how he felt while in his late perilous situation, he jocularly remarked that he was a little discomposed by it, that for a trifling remuneration he would "try another race with her."
The " Canada Floating Dock " we understand is to be taken forthwith to Quebec, where she will be used as a drydock wherein to repair vessels, and it is thought by persons who are supposed to be judges, that she will answer the purpose desired.—Courant
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday May 24th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 20 [brig] Harmony Peart 17 April London   to — / in ballast
May 21 ship Richard and Ann Smith 02 April Shields   to H. Gowan & Co. / general cargo
  The Richard and Ann, from Shields, shipped a heavy sea on the 21st April, in lat. 52, 54. long. 22, 44 W. which carried away her bulwarks, boats &c. Mr. H. Straker, the owner's son, was washed overboard and lost.
May 21 brig Carricks Rea 15 April Liverpool   to C.A. Holt / general cargo
May 21 bark Rolla Thursby 17 April Liverpool 17 settlers to Peniston and McGill / general cargo
May 19— ship John, Richardson, (for) Limerick
May 19— [schooner] Nancy, Bell, (for) Halifax
May 21— brig City of Aberdeen, Duthie, (for) Liverpool
May 21— bark Argyle, Anderson, (for) Waterford
May 21— schooner Lady, Guilmet, (for) Labrador

On Tuesday afternoon, the new Steam-tow-boat John Molson was safely launched from Mr. Farrington's ship yard. Owing to the wetness of the day but comparatively few Spectators attended. After the launch she was towed by the New Swiftsure to nearly opposite the mouth of the Lachine Canal, where her two engines, of sixty horse-power each, are now placing on board. She is considered to be a beautiful model. . . . This vessel is built for the St. Lawrence Steam-boat company, and to be commanded by Captain Jesse Armstrong.
The Steamboat Hercules left the foot of the current this morning for Quebec, with the Floating Dock in tow. On her way down she will endeavour to tow the Steam-boat Laprairie off where she now lies, nearly dry, a short distance below Berthier.

Phillip Cain was convicted on Saturday last, at a Special Session of the Peace, of having deserted from the ship Lady Gordon, and was sentenced to twenty days confinement in the Common Gaol, unless the ship left port previous to the expiration of that period.

Lachine Canal:
Since the Lachine Canal opened for the season on the 16th ultimo, till the 16th instant, 290 Boats of different descriptions, have passed through it.— This is independendant of Rafts of Timber and Firewood. A number of boats, owing to the highness of the waters, have, notwithstanding the low rate of Canal tolls, passed the Lachine rapids. Last year two Durham boats were lost in that passage and we have been credibly informed, that the Dundas struck three times a few days ago on the rocks and the Commerce nearly the whole way. Ten new Durham boats have arrived from Prescott and its neighbourhood since the opening of the Canal. This intelligence is truly gratifying to the friends of Provincial improvement and is a precursor of the benefit yet to arise to this Province and this City in particular, for when the Rideau, Welland and Grenville Canals are finished, the whole produce of the country bordering on those water communications will descend to Montreal through the Lachine Canal.

On Saturday last, the Head-Quarters of the 76th Regiment, were transferred from this city to Quebec, and those of the 71st Regiment arrived here. The conduct of the 76th Regiment during their stay in this garrison has been uniformly correct, and we are convinced that they carry with them the good will and respect of the citizens of this place.

JOHN LUCKIN, respectfully acquaints his friends and the public, that the ALBION HOTEL, No. 26 Notre Dame Street, third house east from the New Parish Church, will be opened on Monday 21st inst., for the reception of Company,— The situation of the Albion Hotel, presents peculiar advantages to Travellers, and persons engaged in Mercantile pursuits, being established in the centre of the City, and within a minute's walk of all the Public Offices.— The elevated site of this Building ensures to its apartments, a free circulation of air. The Dining, Sitting, and Coffe Rooms are pleasant and commodious, and the Red Rooms particularly comfortable.
A stock of the best Wines and Liquors with the choicest Fruit, will be kept ; and the Larder supplied with every delicacy the Markets can afford.
To this Establishment is attached an extensive Confectionary Saloon, which shall be supplied with every kind of refreshment ; and the Proprietor will use every exertion to make it one of the most elegant and fashionable resorts for Evening Parties. Apartments are also neatly fitted up for the accomodation of visitors to this part of the establishment.
The Proprietor feeling grateful for the patronage already bestowed on him, will be ever anxious to merit its continuance and extension. In sanguine expectation of which he pledges himself to use his zealous exertions for the comfort of his Patrons ; and begs them to do him the honor of calling on him at the ALBION HOTEL, on Monday, the 21st inst. when the satisfaction and approval of his visitors for his means of entertainment will be his best and proudest recompense.
N.B.— Good and convenient STABLES are prepared to receive Horses on Livery.
Montreal, 14th May, 1827
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday May 28th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 22 schooner Sir James Kempt Ernest 04 May Lunenburg   to C.F. Alywin / rum & sugar
May 23 brig Young Samuel Horsely 20 April Dublin 116 settlers to Mr. Burnett / in ballast
May 23 ship Lady Ridley Scott 17 April Dublin 200 settlers to order / in ballast
May 23 brig Cecelia Troude 09 April Trinidad   to J.O. Brunet / rum & sugar
May 23 brig Thomas Washam Cant 14 April Newcastle   to J. Binnie / general cargo
May 23 ship Dominica Bowman 07 May Newfoundland   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 23 brig Ann Acheson 08 April Jamaica   to Mr. Watson / rum
May 23 bark St. Charles Cousens 25 days St. Michael's Mr. J. Becket, Mr. A.G. Reid, Lieut. L. Guy and Mr. John Carter to W. Peddie / general cargo
May 23 schooner Canso Whitman 23 days Dominica   to W. Price & Co. / general cargo
May 24 schooner Nymph Champion 13 days Newfoundland   to Finlay & Co. / salt
May 24 schooner Wanderer Boyes Messina   — / dry fruit
May 22— brig Quebec Packet, Anderson, (for) Aberdeen
May 23— brig Heart of Oak, Booth, (for) Aberdeen
May 23— ship City of Waterford, Thomas, (for) Waterford
May 23— schooner Cornelia, Blagdon, (for) St. John, N.B.

On Friday morning, at the house of Mr. Peter Grant, Lower Lachine, Mr. Alexander Gibbs, Land Surveyor, of Invernesshire, Scotland, aged 36 years, after a lingering illness, which he bore with christian fortitude. In the death of this excellent young man the public have met with a great loss, as he was acknowledged to be one of the best of his profession in the country, he was employed by the Commissioners running the boundry line, Commissioners of the Lachine Canal, and by Colonel By for several months past, by whom his professional talents were duly appreciated.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday May 31st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 27 brig John Twizell Galley 20 April Dublin 150 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
May 28 brigantine Cherub Queen 21 days Halifax   to C.F. Alywin / rum & sugar
May 28 bark Wallsend Watts 18 April Hull   to R. Shaw / in ballast
May 28 brig St. Lawrence Marchand 14 days Miramichi Mr. & Mrs. Richardson to Mr. Buteau / in ballast
May 28 bark Henry Cerf Cowey 14 April London   to Campbell & Shepherd / in ballast
May 28 brig Diadem Shields 10 April Sunderland   to Peniston and McGill / coals & glass
May 28 bark Princess Royal Townshend 24 April Grenada Mr. Lawson & Mr. Sherwood to J. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
May 28 brig Jane McGrath 12 May Newfoundland 91 settlers to Froste & Co. / in ballast
May 28 bark London Smith 21 April Portsmouth   to W. Patton / in ballast
May 28 brig Phillis Penrice 19 May Newfoundland   to George Symes / in ballast
May 28 schooner St. Ann Richardson 08 days* Jamaica / Arichat*   to T. McRoberts / rum & sugar
May 29 schooner Ranger Roach 17 May Newfoundland Mr. Collins to Mr. Collins / sugar &c.
May 29 schooner Olive Sevright 21 days Halifax   to H. Dubord / tar
May 29 brig Quebec Packet Ditchburn 17 May Newfoundland   to T. Cringan & Co. / in ballast
May 29 brig Carrington McDougal 28 March St. Vincent's   to Mr. Thirlwell / rum
The Lord Amherst, 108 days, from Canton with teas, arrived at Halifax, 1st April

May 26— ship Volunteer, Thompson, (for) Cork
May 26— brig Phœbe, Finn, (for) Youghall
May 26— brig David, Scotland, (for) Cork
May 26— schooner Emelie, Dumas, (for) Newfoundland
May 28— brig Medusa, Sampson, (for) Bridgwater
May 28— ship Europe, Willis, (for) Bristol

At Terrebonne, on the 25th instant, Joseph Clement Esq., at the advanced age of 80 years. He was one of the few Canadians who volunteered their services for their Country in General Burgoyne's Expedition to Saratoga in 1777. Mr. Clement was then a Sergeant in Captain Morrins company but from his unvariable good conduct, he was on his return home promoted to Ensigncy. In 1801 he got charge of a company, and this year His Excellency the Commander in Chief, was pleased to allow him the rank of Major on the retired List of Militia Officers. His wife died two years since, at age 76 and his brother who had accompanied him in the Expedition to Saratoga, died suddenly in February at age 72.

The public are informed that the steamboat Queenston, Captain J. Whitney, has commenced making her regular Trips ; and will, during the Summer, leave the different ports as follows:—
Leaves Prescott for Brockville, Kingston, York and Niagara, every Sunday at 12 o'clock, noon ; and leaves Niagara on her return, for Kingston, Brockville and Prescott, every Thursday at 8 o'clock, am.
Arrangements have been made with Messrs. Dickenson & Co., Stage Proprietors, by which passengers proceeding upwards will, by leaving Montreal on Saturday morning, arrive at Prescott in time to take the boat ; and passengers coming down will arrive in Montreal on Saturday evening.
Every endeavour has been used to render the accommodations and fare on board of the best description.
Queenston, 24th May, 1827
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 4th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
May 29 brig Lalla Rookh Jones 24 April Hull   to order / in ballast
May 30 bark Liberty Cooper 13 days Halifax Mr. & Mrs. Watson / Wilson? to W.& G. Pemberton / rum & sugar &c.
May 30 ship Southwold Embleton 22 April Plymouth 168 men of the Royal Artillery, Sappers and Miners, and 68th Regiment to Government / in ballast
  Officers and detachments arrived at Quebec in the Southwold Transport, Lieutenant Saunders, R.N., Agent. Major Duvernet, Royal Staff Corps., Captain Bayley, Lieutenants Tylden and Wingfield, 2 serjeants and 71 Rank and File, Royal Artillery : Captain Victor and Lieutenant Frome, Royal Engineers, 2 serjeants and 57 Rank and File, Royal Sappers and Miners. Assistant Surgeon Tuthill, Ordnance Medical Department. Ensigns Honble. R. Boyle and A. Flint, with 30 Rank and File, for the 68th Light Infantry.
The Southwold sailed from Plymouth on the 20th April, and experienced very heavy weather before making the Banks.
The Officers of Royal Engineers, the Company of Sappers and Miners, and the detachment of the 68th Regiment, preceeded yesterday on their way to Montreal and Upper Canada by the Steam Boat. The Sappers and Miners proceed immediately to the Rideau.—Official Gazette
May 30 schooner Francis & Elizabeth Hewison 26 April Trinidad Mr. Leaycraft to J. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
May 30 brig John Lawson Eckhart 24 April Grenada Messrs. G. Ross, A. Fraser & A. Tennant to James Ross / rum & sugar
May 31 schooner Euterpe Gibbs 21 days* Jamaica / Halifax*   to C.F. Alywin / rum & sugar
May 31 schooner Mosquito McHarron 21 days Halifax Mr. Alexander and Mr. Barn to J. Brown / rum & sugar
May 31 brig Elizabeth McLean 20 April Grenada   to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / rum & sugar
May 31 brig Albuera Holmes 20 April Belfast 95 settlers to T. McRoberts / rum &c.
May 31 brig Douglas Athol 13 days* Jamaica / Halifax* Mr. Williamson to F. Quirouet / rum & sugar
May 31 brig Bacchus Howes 20 April Bedford   to order / in ballast
June 01 brig Caledonia Millar 21 April Greenock 79 settlers to James Brown / general cargo
June 01 schooner Jane Henley 16 May Newfoundland   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / skins &c.
May 29— bark Argus, Forster, (for) Plymouth
May 29— brig Liddle, Thompson, (for) Bristol
May 29— schooner Sir James Kempt, Ernest, (for) Lunenburg
May 29— brig Polygon, Millgrove, (for) St. Vincents
May 29— brig Caroline, Ashwood, (for) St. John's, Nfld.
May 30— bark Champlain, Hughes, (for) Cork
May 30— ship Clarkson, Ward, (for) Hull
May 30— schooner Julia, Wilson, (for) St. Vincents
May 30— ship Town of Ross, Key, (for) Ross
May 30— brig Margaret, Troup, (for) Leith
May 30— ship Crown, Hooper, (for) London
May 30— brig Armenia, Runford, (for) Halifax
May 30— brig Henry Brougham, Reigh, (for) Ross
May 31— bark Industry, Lodge, (for) Limerick
May 31— brig Denison, Richardson, (for) Yarmouth
May 31— ship General Wolfe, Stanworth, (for) Bristol
May 31— brig Utility, Blouin, (for) Ulverstone
June 01— ship George IV, Morgan, (for) Waterford
June 01— brig Charlotte, Sloan, (for) Liverpool
June 01— brig Merope, Batrick, (for) Poole
June 01— brig George Canning, Stephen, (for) Aberdeen

Provincial Secretary's Office
Quebec, 31st May, 1827
His Excellency the Governor in Chief, has been pleased to make the following appointments, viz.—
Norman Fitzgerald Uniacke, Esquire, to be Provincial Judge for the District of Three-Rivers, during the absence of Pierre Bedard Esquire.
Francois Jos. Martin, Gent., to practice, Physic, Surgery and Midwifery.

The ship Margaret Ann of Whitby, bound for Quebec, has been wrecked on the North Cape of Prince Edward Island in the late gale, and all on board about 20 souls are drowned. The Stockton's people buried 14 of the dead bodies.

Fashionable Arrivals at the Masonic Hall Hotel:—
His Excellency Baron de Mareuil, French Minister at Washington, Lady, two sons, two daughters and suite.
Captain Tredennick, 70th Regiment &c.
At the Government House:
Colonel McGregor, 70th Regiment, Lady and family.

Launch:— A beautiful ship of about 400 tons, called Bencoolen, was safely launched from Mr. Young's ship-yard, on Saturday.

Two rogues on their travels !
Victoralias Blouin, &c. &c. the French Comedian, and an associate, Friquin, aliases we do not know how many names, decamped on Tuesday morning last in the Lady of the Lake for Montreal, with the full receipts of the theatre on the night preceding, cheating a number of creditors, and leaving the rest of the company in distress. Mr. Malhoit, to whom they owed about £20 sent his son in pusuit of them ; he got to Three Rivers before the Lady of the Lake, and took them into custody, received payment of his account, and let them go.—Old Gazette [they very ingeniously landed their baggage at Three Rivers and forgot to pay the steam-boat fare.]

A WIFE WANTED, by a young man of a most amiable and virtuous disposition, who is in the prime of life and beauty, and consequently, in the perfect and lively possession of all his faculties. The lady must be young, handsome, and intelligent ; have a competant knowledge of house-keeping, a decent semptsress, quite aufait in the economy of shift-making ; and last, though not least, be perfectly free from either the giggling foolery, or stiff-laced prudery, that predominates so much in the wife-market of this good city at the present writing. With regard to accomplishment, if she cannot tell a piano-forte from a wheel-barrow, so much the better, as there will be some chance for having a little quietness in the house ; and on no account must she be eternally squalling 'Love's Young Dream,' 'A Te— to Friendship,' or 'Oh ! 'Tis Love ;' not only to the annoyance of ' her lord and master,' but to the horror of every one possessing a pair of ears. In respect to dancing, two public balls per winter, exclusive of an occasional family hop now and then, will be permitted ; but only on the condition of not walzing with young men, to make the husband look cheap and feel uncomfortable.— A slight acquaintance with the Waverly novels will be tolerated, should a disposition to literature envince itself after the honey-moon ; but no sighing, and groaning, and dying over 'Lalla Rookh,' or, 'The Corsair'— In short, and to be brief—no countenance whatever will be shown to any of that sickly sort of stuff which boarding school girls call romantic feelings, or any similar nonsense which may possibly interfere with the lady's maternal duties.— a numerous and blooming progeny being contemplated as the blissful fruit of a happy union.
It will doubtless be expected that something should be said of the particular points of personal attractions required. If possible, a tall figure, possessing that voluptuous, rounding contour of form so much admired by men of taste in these matters, would be preferred. Eyes of any colour excepting green or red, would be more acceptable, if their glance should ordinarily, like a mathematical figure, diverge from a right line ; as the gentleman himslef is blessed with a slight, but graceful obliquity of vision, and is anxious for the sake of family quiet, to leave no room for for reflection either on or from his own or his spouse's bright orbs. Hair of any colour but carrotty, (and that he condemns in toto) and which he would prefer as the natural growth of the head it adorns, as he feels a particular dislike to these horrid unnatural bunches of cork screw curls, which tonseurs and the ladies term frizettes, but which the resurrection-men from whom the raw material is procured, emphatically and technically vend under the appellation of 'dead hair.'
Application to be made to J.H.W. care of the Editor of this paper, who is fully empowered to grant whatever further information may be required, and to whom it is requested, that such ladies as may be so tenderly disposed, will be kind enough to send in their tenders endorsed as " Proposals of Marriage."
N.B. No objection whatever to an old maid or a young widow provided the one has a quantum suff of the needful, or the other is particularly beautiful, not over her twentieth year, and done nursing her first child.
Montreal, 1st June, 1827
No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 7th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 02— ship Friends, Clark, (for) Cork
June 02— brig Aid, Archibald, (for) Cardigan
June 02— brig Anne Eliza and Jane, Dodds, (for) Bristol
June 02— brig Fidelity, English, (for) Cork
June 02— ship Quebec Packet, Atkinson, (for) London
June 02— brig Southampton, Tuzo, (for) Grenada
June 04— brig Cherub, Miller, (for) Greenock
June 04— bark Oxenhope, Minett, (for) Hull
June 04— schooner Clarisse, Miville, (for) Halifax
June 04— ship General Hewitt, Williams, (for) Waterford
June 04— brig Sophia, Neil, (for) Greenock
June 04— ship Perseverance, Thompson, (for) Belfast

In the Champlain, hence last Thursday, for Cork, Miss E. Seymour and servant, Dr. D.F. Bardy, and Master H. Atkinson

Moses Benson, a black man, Cook on board the Carricks, now in port, was drowned yesterday evening. He, to show his dexterity in diving, went on the anchor from which he plunged into the river. It is supposed that after he dived he rose under the vessel, as the body, though diligently searched for, could not be found.

The steam-boat Laprairie was safely re-launched on Tuesday evening, from the place where she ran aground about three weeks ago. She will leave this evening for Quebec at nine o'clock.

The following is a comparative statement of the arrivals last year with those of this on the 4th June, viz:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1826 241 67,121 3,670
1827 186 49,339 4,215
At this period of the year there appears a diminution in our trade of 17,782 ton compared with last year. There is little doubt that this diminuation will be proportionately maintained in the trade of the whole year....
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 11th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 09 brig Marie Louise Paul 42 days Jamaica   to Irvine & Co. / rum & sugar
June 09 bark William Pitt Mildridge 20 April from Hull 27 settlers to H. Atkinson / in ballast
June 05— ship Dependent, Carr, (for) Liverpool
June 05— brig George Canning, Craig, (for) Cork
June 05— brig Granicus, Wilkie, (for) Cork
June 05— bark Helena, Carrie, (for) Dublin
June 05— brig Nemisis, Smith, (for) Poole
June 05— brig Union, Taylor, (for) Chepstow
June 05— brig Mars, Mitchell, (for) Leith
June 05— brig Gratitude, Gellatly, (for) Dundee
June 05— ship Sir Watkin, Sanderson, (for) Belfast
June 06— ship Æolus, Williams, (for) Waterford
June 06— ship Teviotdale, Sims, (for) Bristol
June 06— schooner Canso, Whitman, (for) Gaspe
June 06— brig Mary Ann, Marshall, (for) Halifax
June 06— bark John Howard, Price, (for) Cork
June 06— brig Bonaparte, McKinnon, (for) Barbadoes
June 07— brig Prince George, Morrison, (for) Leith
June 07— brig William, Richardon, (for) Liverpool
June 07— ship John Francis, Miller, (for) London
June 07— brig Quebec Trader, Halm, (for) Dublin
June 07— brig Perceval, Johnston, (for) Dublin
June 07— schooner Providence, Sire, (for) St. John's Nfld.
June 07— brig Greenhow, Mackay, (for) Newry
June 07— ship Clifton, Busby, (for) Liverpool
June 07— brigantine Gaspe, Dawson, (for) Barbadoes
June 07— ship Janus, Cary, (for) Penzance
June 07— brig Favourite, Allan, (for) Greenock
June 08— ship Dunlop, Gowan, (for) Belfast
June 08— brig Promise, Shearer, (for) Liverpool
June 08— ship Tottenham, Thomas, (for) Milford
June 08— brig Baltic, Miller, (for) Yarmouth
June 08— brig Nelly, Pullenger, (for) Sunderland
June 08— brig Blenheim, Warren, (for) Waterford
June 08— ship Brailsford, Moor, (for) London
June 08— brig Elizabeth, Oldfield, (for) Greenock
June 08— schooner Reward, Uren, (for) Halifax
June 08— brig Horatio, Sparks, (for) Liverpool
June 08— schooner Wanderer, Bayes, (for) Labrador

Forty vessels have cleared at the Custom-House since Sunday last, nearly the whole of which have proceeded for sea.
No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 14th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
On Saturday night last, as the Steamboats St. Lawrence and St. Andrew were returning from the Cascades, they experienced a severe gale on Lake St. Louis—in which the latter lost her chimney-pipe overboard, and was towed into Lachine by the former on the following morning.— Soon after the arrival of the St. Andrew at the wharf, a melancholy accident occurred ; a son of Joseph Laflamme. aged about 6 years, while attempting to go on board, was unfortunately drowned. The body has not yet been found.—Herald

The new Colonial brig Kingfisher, Captain Rayside, sailed for Gaspe and Halifax this day. Mr. Christie, Chairman of the Quarter Sessions of Quebec and Gaspe, and Mr. William Hale, son of the Honorable John Hale, are passengers.
Lieut. Beany, --? embarking in command of a detachment of the 76th are guard over the prisoners.
The following is a list of prisoners embarked on board of the Kingfisher, for transportation :—
Civil,— Francois Lambert, Merrill Magoon, Francois Goyette, Jean Chef, and Reuben Chambers.
Military,— Joseph Miller, 70th Regiment ; James Lightbody, 71st Regiment ; — Lockey, 71st Regiment ; Robert Raby, 76th Regiment ; William McDougal, 79th Regiment ; Peter McLamond, 79th Regiment ; Daniel Hughes, 79th Regiment.
Samuel Webber and Alexander Bourguin, from Montreal and Three Rivers, sentenced for transportation, have been conditionally reprieved.

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