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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1828

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1828.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for New Swiftsure, Chambly, Waterloo & St. Lawrence.

May 09 - June 03 | June 04 - July 31 | August 02 - October 04 | October 04 - December 18

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 9th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 04 brig St. George Fearan 01 May Maryport   to G. Symes & son / in ballast
June 04 brig Nicholson Carr 05 May Dublin 33 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 04 brig Bacchus Howe 01 May Biddeford   to order / in ballast
June 05 brig Sisters Beveridge 01 May Greenock   to James Hamilton & Co. / general cargo
June 05 brig Donnegall Heyton 30 April Belfast 125 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
June 05 brig Shannon Matches 04 May Whitehaven   to Irving & Co. / in ballast
June 05 brig Woodhall White 28 April Whitby   to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
June 05 bark Frances Mary Grady 20 May St. John's, Nfld   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 05 brig Britannia Halliday 02 May Annan
(Dumfries and Galloway)
27 settlers to James Hamilton & Co.
June 05 bark New John Ayre St. John's, Nfld   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 06 brig Ceres Miller 30 April Portrush
(Co. Antrim, N. Ireland)
140 settlers to order / goods
June 07 brig Martha Sewell 27 May St. John's, Nfld 2 settlers to order / in ballast
June 07 bark Favsar / Foversan [?] Richardson 26 April Dublin 77 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 04— ship Brilliant, Barclay, (for) Liverpool
June 05— ship Wilberforce, Dodds, (for) Newry
June 05— brig Quebec Packet, Anderson, (for) Aberdeen
June 05— brig Albion, Isaac, (for) Cork
June 05— brig Traveller, Bunowes (Burrowes?), (for) Jamaica
June 05— ship Volunteer, Thompson, (for) Cork
June 05— brig Elizabeth, Johnson, (for) Padstow
June 05— brig Ann, Grieg, (for) London
June 05— bark Princess Royal, Townsend, (for) Grenada
June 07— brig Henry Brougham, Reigh, (for) Wexford
June 07— brig Enterprise, Terry, (for) Limerick
June 07— brig Thomas Farrell, Barry, (for) Wexford
June 07— brig Montcalm, Rayal, (for) Belfast
June 07— brig Carrington, McDougal, (for) Barbadoes
June 07— schooner St. Aubin, Richard, (for) Halifax

Shipping Intelligence.
ship Superb ... this vessel, abandoned near the banks, was boarded on the 27th April by the master and hands of the schooner Betsy & Nancy, who in four days succeeded in clearing her sufficiently of water, so that she righted, when they made sail and put the ship into Burin in Newfoundland. It is not known to what extent the cargo is damaged.

The engineer of the steamboat Waterloo, named Barnes, when going on board at a late hour, on Thursday night, at Hunt's wharf, fell from the plank and was drowned. He has left a wife and family.

In the William Thompson, from New York for Liverpool, Mr. William Young, lady, son & servant ; Earl of Huntingdon, son & servant ; Mrs. Arrod ; Miss Morris ; Mr. O.D. Ward & son ; Mr. J. Watt ; Mr. E. Brashier ; Dr. Arhault ; Mr. D.A. Cushman ; Mr. G. Yates ; Mr. Abraham Dixon jnr. ; Mr. John Willis ; Mr. Cartney ; Mr. Todd ; Mr. Thomas Tybout ; Mr. Alexander J. Polden ; Mr. Richard Milne ; Mr. J. Musgrove ; Mr. Blenden ; Col. McClure of Tennessee ; Mr. Fred. C. Hall and J.B. Falk.
In the Columbia from New York for London, Judge Bolton & lady ; Miss Bolton ; Mrs. Midmer ; Mrs. and Miss Pidgeon ; Major Pidgeon ; Dr. Wingbold ; Mrs. Townsend ; Mr. Fraser ; Mr. Tilden and James Fenwick, of Canada ; Mr. Allen of England ; Lt. Wingfield, British Army ; Mrs. Clark and two children, and Mr. & Mrs. Riarch of New York ; Mr. Trampaga & Mr. Garcia from Mexico.
List of cabin passengers in the ship Montano, Captain Smith, from New York for Havre, Mrs. Cutting, Miss S. Cutting, Miss A. Cutting, Mr. F. Cutting, Mr. W. Cutting & Master R. Cutting, New York ; Mr. Beylard and lady & Master Beylard, of Philadelphia ; Mr. J.P. Sauveuse de Beaujeu, Mrs. de Beaujeu, Mr. G.R. Sauveuse de Beaujeu jnr., Miss C.C. de Beaujeu, of Montreal ; Mr. Kineker / Kincker & lady of New York ; Miss Brewer of Germany ; Doctor Champy, Master Champy of Guadaloupe ; Mr. Victor Massieur of Ver Cruz ; Mr. J.P. Allier of Gaudaloupe ; Mr. A. Brisbane of Charleston ; Mr. Eugene Mazer jnr. of Massachusetts ; Mr. Leroy of France ; Mr. Rene Foujeray, Miss M. Foujeray, Master L. Foujeray and Mr. M. Priest of Philadelphia ; Captain Walch of New Bedord ; Mr. D. Glinz of Switzerland ; and three in the steerage.

The French Protestant refugees (Huguenots), who emigrated to the Cape of Good Hope on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, were settled by the Dutch Government in the secluded valley of Franscheboek (or, French Corner) so named for the circumstance. Here those meritorious men first introduced the cultivation of the vine, and other useful arts, which generally tended to the imporvement of the settlement. Their posterity are still the principal vine growers, and, generally speaking, among the most industrious and pious of the African Colonists.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 12th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 09 ship Nestor Robertson 10 May Cork H.B. Barnham, Assistant Surgeon Collis and 40 rank & file of the 15th Foot ; Captain T.H. Baylie and 20 rank & file of the 66th Regt. ; Lieut. Harry Smith and 18 rank & file of the 68th Regt. ; Lieut. John Impett, Assistant Surgeon Winterscale and 10 rank & file of the 71st Regt. ; Ensign J.J. Smith and 14 rank & file of the 79th Regt. to Government / in ballast [to Quebec aboard steamboat New Swiftsure]
June 09 schooner Hibert Binney 25 May Halifax   to H. Dubord / rum & sugar
June 09 ship General Hewitt Lee 10 May Waterford Captain Routh of the 76th Regiment | 100 settlers to William Price & Co.
June 09 schooner Councillor Primrose Conrad 25 May Halifax   to C.F. Alwyn / wine &c.
June 09 schooner Elizabeth Ridgell 01 June Havre, Cape Breton   to H. Lemesurier / in ballast
June 10 brig Resource Smith 03 May Scarborough 50 settlers to H. Lemesurier / in ballast
June 10 brig Chebucto Potter Halifax & Pictou Lieut.-General Sir James Kempt G.C.B. and G.C.H. & Aide-de-Camp Captain Hamilton, and suite [proceeded to Montreal aboard the steamboat John Molson]
June 09— brig Catherine, Fisher, (for) Irvine
June 09— brig John Bimner, Scott, (for) Barbadoes
June 09— brig Burdon, Garbatt, (for) London
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 16th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 09 bark St. Lawrence Laing 05 May London   to G. Symes / in ballast
June 09 brig Emporium Taylor 05 May Newcastle   to H. Gowan & Co. / in ballast
June 10 brig Manys / Mary Jacobson 09 May Colchester   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 10 brig Equestrian Harrison 10 May London   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
June 10 brig Foundling Dunn 07 May New Orleans   to order / in ballast
June 10 bark Catherine Green Jacobson 07 May London   to Henry Lemesurier / in ballast
June 13 ship Waterloo Rayne 11 May Belfast 330 settlers to W. Price & Co. / goods
June 13 bark Kamaskda Dobson 04 May London Lieut. Bernard, 68th Regt. ; Mr. Price ; Mr. Walters ; Miss Jones | 26 settlers to William Price & Co. / goods
June 13 bark Europe Willis 08 May Belfast 176 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
June 13 brig Orion Craig 03 May Sunderland   to H. Gowen & Co. / coals
June 10— bark Unity, Fox, (for) Hull
June 10— brig Belsey Castle, Richardson, (for) Shoreham
June 10— bark Clarkson, Ward, (for) Hull
June 10— schooner Star, Babin, (for) Arichat
June 10— brig Blackiston, Esdale, (for) Galway
June 10— brig Heroine, Hall, (for) Cork
June 10— ship Margaret, Sumpton, (for) Liverpool
June 10— bark Wallsend, Watts, (for) Liverpool
June 11— brig Adriana, King, (for) Bermuda
June 11— brig Stephen Wright, Lodge, (for) Dublin
June 11— schooner Otter, Richardson, (for) Miramichi
June 11— brig Cicero, Stephens, (for) Coleraine
June 11— brig Addison, Brown, (for) Gloucester
June 11— bark George the Forth, Morgan, (for) Waterford
June 11— ship Abeona, Ward, (for) Dublin
June 11— brig Dykes, Cockton, (for) Dundalk
June 12— bark Perseus, Jackson, (for) Cork
June 12— ship City of Waterford, Thomas, (for) Waterford
June 12— brig Greenhow, Mackay, (for) Newry
June 12— brig Veronica, Eustace, (for) Jamaica
June 12— brig Fidelity, English, (for) Wisbeck
June 12— ship Golconda, Bonyman, (for) London
June 12— ship Priscilla, Michell, (for) Cork
June 13— brig Earl Moira, Allison, (for) London
June 13— brig Bonito, Cockburn, (for) London
June 13— ship Hope, Marshall, (for) London
June 13— brig Blenheim, Warren, (for) Waterford
June 13— brig Portaferry, Dunnon, (for) Belfast

In the Kingfisher, for the Gaspé, Capt. Rayside ; Mr. Justice Thompson and lady of Gaspé ; Mr. Christie and Mr. Rogers of the D.Q.M.G. Department.

Shipping Intelligence.— The Robert Fulton, at New York, 3rd instant, from Belfast, in lat. 45, long. 34 on the 16th May, came up with the brig Union bound to Quebec from Aberdeen, which had sprung a leak the day before and was sinking ; after taking the Captain and crew aboard, the Union went down almost immediately.
The bark Jane, of Plymouth, Eales, bound to Miramichi, struck a piece of ice on the 14th off Cape St. George, and sunk almost immediately. The master and crew arrived at Miramichi.
St. John's, Nfld. May 14.— Extract of a letter from Captain James McCarty, of the schooner Betsey and Nancy. " The third day after I left Halifax, at meridian, a saw a ship bearing N.N.W. distance 42 miles, and a strick lookout, supposed her to be in distress, the wind N.N.W. at 11 pm. came close to her and found no person on board ; after a strict search and close examining I went on board, set all hands to work and trimmed her up right ; made sail and took her into Burin, and here I have her safely moored. She is one of the finest ships ever came into this harbour, nearly new, her name is the Superb of Bristol, bound as I find, to Quebec, her cargo consists of a few hampers of Porter, some cheese, iron, chains, boxes of tin, and salt. and loaf sugar, but damaged. " (The survivor of the boats' crew of this vessel arrived at Miramichi, was to have his legs amputated from their having been frost-bitten.)

The following is a comparison of the number of vessels, their tonnage, and the number of emigrants arrived at this port to the 14th June, last year, and to the 14th June, this year:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1827 211 55,805 5,034
1828 252 66,554 5,053
At this period of the year there appears a diminution in our trade of 17,782 ton compared with last year. There is little doubt that this diminuation will be proportionately maintained in the trade of the whole year....
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 19th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 13 bark Regalia 12 May London   to W. Price & Co. / to load at Metis
June 16 brig William Richardson 28 April Whitby   to Rogers, Dean & Co. / in ballast
June 16 brig Port Spain Turnbull 13 May Jamaica Mr. Bell to — / rum
June 16 brig Ann Richardson 29 May St. John's, Nfld 5 settlers to order / in ballast
June 17 brig Sarah Margaret Simpson 02 May Scarborough   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
June 17 brig Thomas Strachan 23 April Newcastle   to Henry Gowen & Co. / coals
June 17 bark Rokeby Simpson 29 May St. John's, Nfld   to Peniston and McGill / sugar
June 17 brig Phillis Penrice 08 May Belfast 15 settlers to G. Symes & son / in ballast
June 14— brig Emerald, Leslie, (for) London
June 14— brig Crown, Shields, (for) Aberystwith
June 14— bark Dependent, Carr, (for) Whitby
June 14— bark Cato, Moon, (for) Cork
June 14— bark Maria, Headley, (for) Hull
June 14— brig Jessie, Douglas, (for) Donegall
June 14— brig Dwina, Yule, (for) Peterhead
June 14— brig Isabella, Athol, (for) Wigton
June 14— bark Priam, Redpath, (for) Limerick
June 14— bark John Howard, Bruce, (for) Cork
June 14— schooner Minerve, Baldwell, (for) Labrador
June 14— schooner Councillor Primrose, Conrad, (for) Halifax
June 14— bark Kingston, Ayres, (for) Belfast
June 14— schooner Elizabeth, Kidgell, (for) Newfoundland
June 16— schooner Mary, Day, (for) Miramichi
June 16— brig Cherub, Millar, (for) Greenock
June 16— ship Granicus, Martin, (for) Cork
June 16— brig Sophia, Neil, (for) Greenock
June 16— brig Horatio, Sparks, (for) Liverpool
June 16— ship Britannia, Walker, (for) London
June 16— ship Samuel Whitbread, Marwick, (for) London
June 16— brig Southampton, Tuzo, (for) Grenada

Launch.— The beautiful new ship Asia, about 410 register tons, was launched from Mr. Johnston's ship-yard yesterday afternoon at 6 o'clock. She gilded into her destined element in superb style amidst the hearty cheers of the spectators. She is allowed by those capable of judging to be one of the finest ships that has been built in this Province, both as to excellent material and good workmanship.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 23rd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 19 ship Larkins Campbell 10 Feb. China   to Forsyth, Richardson & Co. / tea
June 19 bark Hawksburg Bijjs 28 April London   to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 19 brig Hope Hall 10 May Belfast   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
June 19 brig Brothers Ferguson 08 May Liverpool   to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / general cargo
June 19 brig Bob Logic League 27 April Lisbon   to H. Orkney / wines, salt &c.
June 19 brig Grand Turk Simpson 30 May Bermuda   to J.S. Shaw / run & sugar
June 19 bark Universe Craigie 10 June Cape Breton   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
June 19 ship Mary Douglas 06 May London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 19 brigantine Betsey Le Reux 27 April Jersey and Gaspé   to order / wines &c.
June 19 brig Cameron Hewitt 02 May Liverpool Mr. Brook & Mr. Cunningham | 26 settlers to W. Price & Co. / general cargo
June 19 ship John and Thomas Gowen 05 May Belfast 272 settlers to H. Lemesurier & Co. / salt
June 20 brig Mars Gibson 05 May London   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
June 21 brig Argo Murphy 04 May Dundalk 40 settlers to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
June 17— schooner Nancy, Roberts, (for) Halifax
June 17— — Caroline, Scott, (for) Jamaica
June 17— bark Dominica, Bowman, (for) Cork
June 17— — Pallas, Mulloy, (for) Cork
June 17— brig John Esdale, Shields, (for) Cork
June 17— bark William McGillivray, Minors, (for) London
June 17— bark Heydon, Smith, (for) Elford
June 17— brig Thetis, Heighton, (for) Limerick
June 17— brig Harrison & Tomb, Bell, (for) Carmathen
June 18— brig Emerald, Starr, (for) London
June 18— brig Richardson, Russel, (for) Cardigan
June 18— brig Rebecca, Smith, (for) London
June 18— brig Cherub, Selkirk, (for) Liverpool
June 18— bark Quebec Packet, Atkinson, (for) London
June 18— bark Shallett, Mason, (for) Liverpool
June 18— — Pilgrim, Brown, (for) Newry
June 18— brig Sir Watkin, Sanderson, (for) St. John's, Nfld
June 19— bark Tottenham, Spencer, (for) Ross
June 19— ship Cybele, Heckler, (for) London
June 19— brig Margaret, Anderson, (for) Sunderland
June 19— brig Charlotte, Sloan, (for) Liverpool
June 19— brig Elizabeth & Ann, Wright, (for) Liverpool
June 19— schooner John & Elizabeth, Rollan, (for) Poole
June 19— brig Trafalgar, Christopherson, (for) Limerick
June 19— brig Samuel, S. Morgan, (for) Cardigan
June 20— brig Promise, Shearer, (for) Liverpool
June 20— brig Isabella, Morris, (for) Drogheda
June 20— ship John Francis, Miller, (for) Liverpool
June 20— bark Henry Cerf, Pringle, (for) Limerick
June 20— brig Prompt, Murray, (for) Liverpool
June 20— bark Champlain, Hughes, (for) Cork
June 20— brig Ocean, Shearer, (for) Liverpool
June 20— ship General Wolfe, Stanworth, (for) Bristol
June 20— brig Gilbert Binney, Henderson, (for) Halifax
June 20— brig Rebecca, Hedley, (for) Sligo
June 20— brig British King, Gellatley, (for) Dundee

In the Cherub, sailed for Greenock, Mr. Robertson & Mr. Bone. In the Sophia, for Greenock, Mrs. Galt and niece. In the John Francis, for Liverpool, Mr. Joseph Froste and Mr. Porter.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 26th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 21 ship Ocean Potts 11 May Greenock Mr. McConnell and Miss Davidson to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 21 bark Kirkella Corhill 16 May Hull Mrs. Smith | 124 settlers to R. Methley / goods
June 21 bark Crown Wray 15 May Whitby   to G. Ross & Co. / in ballast
June 21 ship Halcyon Berryman 13 May Hull Mr. Hall and Miss Parker | 80 settlers to R. Methley / bricks
June 21 brig Brothers Steward 44 days Colchester   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
June 21 bark Cornwall Smith 07 May London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 22 brig Canada Blair 14 May Dublin 110 settlers to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
June 22 brig Young Samuel Buteau 05 May Grenada   to W. Douglas / rum & sugar
June 22 brig George Canning Callendar 16 May Greenock 180 settlers to C. Stewart / in ballast
June 22 bark Mint Smith 07 May Portsmouth   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 22 bark Caledonia Bell 06 May Carbonear   to Peniston & McGill / in ballast
June 22 bark Harbinger Harland 06 May Carbonear 6 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
June 22 brig Mary Ditchburn 09 May Dublin 50 settlers to order / goods
June 22 schooner Wellington Hartiney 05 June St. John's, Nfld 2 settlers — / sugar
June 22 smack Hume Hollaway 10 June Newfoundland   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
June 23 schooner Ferry Vaughan 04 June Newfoundland   to Rogerson, Hunter & Co. / in ballast
June 23 brig Vibella Yeoman 01 May London   to William Patton / to load at Riviere du Loup
June 24 brig Richard Foster 10 May Newcastle   to L.S. Levey / coals
June 21— brig Favourite, Allan, (for) Greenock
June 21— brig Rival, Dixon, (for) London
June 21— — Burleigh, Chandler, (for) London
June 21— schooner Marie Catherine, Bell, (for) St. John, N.B.
June 21— brig Lune, Cornforth, (for) Swansea
June 21— schooner Marie, Dugal, (for) Miramichi
June 21— ship Montmorency, Teasdale, (for) London
June 21— bark Maida, Beckett, (for) Cork
June 21— bark Town of Ross, Key, (for) New Ross
June 21— brig Lady of the Lake, Talbot, (for) Belfast
June 21— brig Castor, Cochrane, (for) Youghall
June 21— — Spartan, Billingsby, (for) Halifax
June 21— bark Ellergill, Corbott, (for) Hull
June 21— brig Dryad, Swinburn, (for) Portsmouth

In the Favourite for Greenock, Miss Hanna. In the Cambria, sailed from New York for London, Mr. Hayman of Canada. In the ship Birmingham, 8th May packet at New York, arrived June16th, from Liverpool Mr. Nathaniel Gould 40 & Mr. John S. Crawford 28, of London and Mr. Thomas Amner 30, of Montreal.

The steamboat Waterloo, which arrived here yesterday morning from Quebec, had upwards of 300 settlers on board — principally English and Scottish.

The John Molson steamer, broke her starboard engine below the Richelieu yesterday morning, and was obliged to cast off her barge, which was deeply laden. Her remaining engine would enable her to reach Montreal.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 30th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 24 brig Richard Foster 10 May Newcastle   to L.S. Levey / coals
June 25 brig Carnation Reynoldson 27 April South Shields   to H. Gowen & Co. / coals
June 25 bark Barbadoes Lee 04 June New York   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
June 25 brig Tarbolton Boyd 20 May Troon 6 settlers to order / coals
June 25 American schooner Mary Ann Smith 01 June New York   to H. Dubord / Naval stores
June 25 schooner Mary Ann Sire 15 June Halifax   to J. Leblond / general cargo
June 25 schooner Mosquito Danson 31 days Fayal   to order / in ballast
June 25 Colonial brig Kingfisher Rayside 5 days Gaspé    
June 25 brig William Shearton 18 May Newcastle   to G. Symes & son / in ballast
June 23— brig Enterprise, Hunter, (for) Ayr
June 23— brig James, Johnson, (for) London
June 23— bark Mariner, Swinburn, (for) London
June 23— ship John, Briggs, (for) Galway
June 23— brig Thetis, Hewitt, (for) Jamaica
June 23— bark Norfolk, Kennedy, (for) Port Glasgow
June 23— — Ceres, Portier, (for) Prince Edward Island
June 23— bark Brothers, Jenkinson, (for) Hull
June 24— brig Enterprise, Duncan, (for) Drogheda
June 24— brig Caledonia, Miller, (for) Irvine
June 24— brig Lord Nelson, Angus, (for) Hull
June 24— ship John Bainbridge, Turner, (for) Grimsby
June 24— brig Amelia, Storey, (for) Yarmouth
June 24— brig Thames, Adams, (for) Port Glasgow
June 24— bark Minerva, Richards, (for) Plymouth
June 24— brig Mary, Brown, (for) Drogheda
June 24— brig Russel, Whitway / Whiteway, (for) Pembroke
June 24— bark Scott, Simson, (for) Liverpool
June 24— brig Maria, Lowry, (for) Limerick
June 25— bark Endeavour, Collinson, (for) London
June 25— bark Triton, Keighley, (for) Hull
June 25— brig Mars, Parkinson, (for) Liverpool
June 25— brig Memnon, Mathew, (for) Newcastle
June 25— bark Thomas Wallace, White, (for) London
June 25— bark Mansfield, Stainback, (for) London
June 25— bark Harmony, Young, (for) Leith
June 26— brig Elizabeth Clark, Alder, (for) Swansea
June 26— brig Mars, Gorley, (for) Liverpool
June 26— schooner Albion, Caldwell, (for) Halifax
June 26— ship James, Lyon, (for) Hull
June 26— brig Acadia, Hutchinson, (for) Dublin
June 26— schooner Julia, Johnston, (for) Demerara
June 26— brig Jean, Williamson, (for) Aberdeen
June 26— brig Ann & Mary, Goldsworthy, (for) London
June 26— bark Henry, Cousens, (for) London
June 26— ship Montreal, Leitch, (for) Liverpool
June 27— brig Elizabeth, Brown, (for) Newport
June 27— schooner Julia, Rigaud, (for) Miramichi
June 27— brig Diana, McLean, (for) Belfast
June 27— brig Percival, Johnson, (for) Dublin
June 27— brig Ida, Ramsden, (for) Gloucester
June 27— bark Janus, Cary, (for) Penzance
June 27— ship Thomas, Stoddard, (for) London
June 27— brig Sir J.H. Craig, Kinghorn, (for) Dublin
June 27— bark Percival, Forrest, (for) Liverpool
June 27— brig Caldicot Castle, Hick, (for) Gloucester
June 27— ship Eldon, Wilkie, (for) Liverpool
June 27— ship Ottawa, Douglas, (for) London
June 27— brig Aisthorpe, Renney, (for) Strangford
June 27— brig Nelly, Haig, (for) Cork
June 27— ship Ariadne, McColl, (for) Greenock

In the Mansfield, Captain Stainbank, for London, Captain Bateman of the 79th Highlanders, his lady and family ; In the Harmony, Captain Young, for Leith, Mrs. A. Haddan, Mrs. A. Ferguson, Miss Gray, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Austin, Dr. Stewart, Miss Young ; In the packet ship John Jay, sailed the 24th instant, from New York, Mr. McPherson of Canada.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 3rd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 29 brig James Johnson 16 May Sligo 140 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 29 bark George Canning Bryan 14 June New York   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
June 29 brig Agnes Goreman 27 May Limerick 216 settlers to order / in ballast
June 30 brig Concord Hornsby 12 May London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 30 bark Amity Becket 14 days Halifax 63 men and 3 officers of the Staff Corps to Government / in ballast
July 01 brig Triton Ritchie 10 May London   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
July 01 brig Charles Forbes Beveridge 14 days Newfoundland   to Peniston & McGill / in ballast
July 01 brig Eunice Lewis 16 days Halifax   to order / rum &c.
July 01 brig Rainbow Austin 18 days Newfoundland   to order / in ballast
July 01 schooner Little George Crawford 14 June Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / rum & sugar
June 28— bark Teviotdale, Dodds, (for) Liverpool
June 28— bark James, Ritchie, (for) London
June 28— brig Jane, Orborne, (for) Sunderland
June 28— bark Georgiana, Bowley / Bailey, (for) London
June 28— bark Quebec Trader, Baker / Barker, (for) Dublin
June 28— brig Amethyst, Thompson, (for) London
June 28— brig Britannia, Halliday, (for) Sligo
June 28— ship Pons Ælii, Callender, (for) Newcastle
June 28— brig Donegall, Heyton, (for) Belfast
June 28— ship British Sovreign, Thompson, (for) London [maiden voyage]
June 28— brig Emporium, Taylor, (for) Dublin
June 28— brig Martha, Sewell, (for) Cork
June 28— bark Industry, Lodge, (for) —
June 28— brig St. George, Fearon, (for) Tralee
June 28— ship Erie, Stoddard, (for) London
June 28— brig Sally, Ditchburn, (for) Dublin
June 28— bark William Pitt, Wildridge, (for) Hull
June 28— brig Sisters, Beveridge, (for) Bellma
June 28— brig Trial, Nicholson, (for) London
June 28— bark Isabella & Dorothy, Leslie, (for) Yarmouth

In the Ottawa, Captain Douglas, for London, Mr. Bruce, Mr. Steele, Mr. Weir, Mr. Freer, Miss Durnford, Miss Poole and servant ; In the British Sovreign, Captain Thompson, for London, Lieut. Marlow R.E., Mrs. Marlow, family and servant, Mrs. Farrington & child and Mr. Lermitte.

New Brunswick.— The contemplated canal, to connect the waters of the Bay of Fundy with those of the St. Lawrence, create some discussion. Sir H. Douglas has written to the Government at England, urging some immediate preparatory measures. Representations have also been made from the other British Provinces showing that such a work would be of important advantage to them. The probable cost of the canal is estimated at £100,000. It is stated the transit trade must be very extensive through the canal, not only for consumption in New Brunswick, but for warehousing, during the winter, for exportation to the West Indies, as the Canadas and Prince Edward Island, during a portion of the year, are laid under great disabilities by frost.— St. John Paper

A young man of the name of Swan, a native of Ballymenagh, county of Antrim, Ireland, was drowned on Sunday se'nnight, while bathing opposite the Windmills. He had only been a few weeks in this Country, was a shoemaker, and left sufficient means to defray his funeral expenses.
CANADA COMPANY.—TO EMIGRANTS, ARRIVING FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM.— Notice is hereby given that the CANADA COMPANY having completed their arrangements for the Settlement of that extensive Tract of Country which lies between the Districts of Gore and London, and the shore of Lake Huron ; a Road is being opened from the Township of Wilmot to the mouth of the Red River, hereafter to be called the Maitland.
The Road is in continuation of one leading through Waterloo from Guelph, and Government is now opening another from Douglas to Guelph ; by which route the journey from the Head of Lake Ontario to Lake Huron may be performed in four or five days.
At the mouth of the Maitland, a town to be called Goderich, will be founded in the course of the summer as soon as the necessary surveys can be completed.
Along the Road from Wilmot to Goderich, the Land, which is all of the best quality, will be sold in Lots of One Hundred Acres each, for which at the option of the Purchasers, payment, at the rate of 7s.6d. per acre, will be taken in Cash, Provisions, or Labour on the Roads, from the first two hundred Heads of Families who offer themselves as Settlers, and supplies of Provisions and Medical assistance will be provided by the Company. SAW AND GRIST MILLS are building near the proposed site of Goderich.
EMIGRANTS or other persons, desirous to embrace this adventageous opportunity of location themselves, will please apply to the Agents of the Company in the following form, by whom they will be furnished with Tickets addressed to the Company's Office at Guelph, where the applications will be registered according to the date of the presentation of the Tickets.
Canada Company's Office,
Guelph, May 28, 1828.

I am desirous of locating myself under the Company in the Huron Tract by purchasing
Acres—one hundred to be immediately abutting on the line of road leading from the Township off Wilmot to the mouth of the river Maitland—and I will pay for the same as follows :—
Here state whether in Cash and how—
or in Provisions and Teaming—
or in Labour.
My family consists of —— persons ; my eldest Child is —— years of age, and my youngest ——.
I am a native of —— in —— by trade a —— in my religion I am a —— and I am known to —— residing at ——.

N.B. The applications are to be delivered in person open to the Agents, viz :—
At Quebec,
At Montreal,
At New York,
At Geneva, in the State of New York,
John Davidson, Esq.
Messrs. Hart Logan & Co.
J.C. Buchanan, Esq.
A. McNabb, Esq. Pultney Land Office.
Or, within this Province, to John Galt, Esq., Superintendent for the Canada Company, York or Guelph.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 7th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 01 brig Harrington Halliday 14 May Dublin 95 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
July 01 bark Ythan Cairns 17 May Dublin Mr. Digby and Mr. Bushby | 178 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 02 bark Westmoreland Knill 20 May Hull 62 settlers to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
July 02 schooner Marie Catherine Charest 15 June Halifax 9 passengers to C.F. Aylwin / sugar
July 02 brig Eclipse Huxtable Newfoundland   to James Hunt / wine & tea
July 02 brig Hero Porter 14 days New York   to order / in ballast
July 02 schooner Marie Louise McLaren 09 days Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / sugar
July 02 brig Garland Wright 20 May Liverpool   to T. Gordon & Co. / salt and coals
July 02 brig Grecian Atkinson 18 May Cork 91 settlers to G. Symes & Co. / in ballast
July 02 brig Commerce Rees 19 May Limerick 120 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 03 schooner William Nichol 09 days Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / rum & sugar
July 03 schooner Gracious Dandrus 09 days Arichat   to H. Dubord / mackarel
July 03 schooner Eliza Ann Maurie 10 days Arichat   to H. Dubord / mackarel
July 03 schooner Two Brothers Boudrot 12 days Arichat   to H. Dubord / mackarel
July 03 brig Cleopatra Hewett 18 June Carbonear   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 03 brig Britanna Connell 18 May Sligo 103 settlers to Mr. Saunders / in ballast
July 03 brig Mayflower McAlpine 06 weeks Ballyshannon   to James Hamilton & Co. / bricks & potatoes
July 04 brig Eliza Ann Burton 15 May Belfast 196 settlers to R. Methley / in ballast
July 04 ship Lotus Summerson 15 May Portsmouth   to William Patton / in ballast | to load at Riviere du Loup
July 05 brig Joseph Hume Rattray 22 May Liverpool 31 settlers to Roger Dean & Co. / general cargo
July 05 bark Thomas Carling 25 May Cork 124 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
July 05 brig Amaranth Royal 16 May Hambro' [Hamburg]   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
July 05 brig Tinley Hall 15 June Baltimore   to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
July 05 brig Henry Fance 22 May Newry 86 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 01— ship Rebecca, Lawrie, (for) Greenock
July 01— ship Richard Sands, Owens, (for) Liverpool
July 01— brig Cheviot, Hembsby, (for) Limerick
July 01— brig William Tell, Fraser, (for) Newry
July 01— ship Caroline, Kent, (for) London
July 01— schooner Florida, Lemieux, (for) Miramichi
July 01— ship Brixton, Pearson, (for) Liverpool
July 02— ship Herald, Sopwith, (for) London
July 02— ship Canadian, Morgan, (for) London
July 02— ship Nile, Story, (for) London
July 03— ship Helen, Henderson, (for) Liverpool
July 03— schooner Sir Bouchier Wray, Vagg, (for) Ilfracombe
July 03— bark Fairfield, Fawcet, (for) Liverpool
July 03— schooner Mary Ann, Smith, (for) Pictou & New York
July 04— schooner Lively, Cornwall, (for) Newfoundland
July 04— schooner Wellington, Hartney, (for) —
July 04— ship Xenophon, Carter, (for) Limerick

In the Endeavour, Captain Collinson, for London, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Mr Grant and Miss Brookes.
Among the passengers by the Corinthian, sailed from New York in the 1st instant, for London, are Captain Basil Hall, R.N., lady, daujghter and servant. In the Canada, sailed for Liverpool the same day, the Honorable John Forsyth and servant, of Montreal.

By the timely arrival of the Silas Richard, at New York, having reached the port the day before the new Tariff Laws came into force, $50,000 of duties it is said have been saved to the Consignees by that vessel.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 10th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 08 schooner Ann & Margaret Morris 15 days Halifax   to K.M. Brown / sugar
July 08 bark Mary Sparks 18 days Newfoundland Mrs. Dunscombe, daughter and servant and Mr. Vallarice | 2 settlers to J. Leaycraft / sugar
July 08 brig Amity Roy 24 May Greenock 30 settlers to — / general cargo
July 08 ship Woodbridge Rutter 17 May London   to George Symes & son / in ballast
July 08 bark Brothers Robinson 17 May Dublin Colonel Forster, lady & family | 240 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 05— brig Thomas, Coffey, (for) Whitehaven
July 05— brig Nicholson, Carr, (for) Aberystwith
July 05— brig Irton, Gaitskell, (for) Liverpool
July 05— brig Port Spain, Turnbull, (for) Jamaica
July 05— brig Mary / Manys, Jacobson, (for) Colchester
July 05— brigantine Felix Souligny, Thomson, (for) Barbadoes
July 05— schooner Mary Ann, Sire, (for) Esquimaux Bay
July 05— schooner Vine, Dawson, (for) Brixham
July 05— [schooner] Fury, Vaughan, (for) Newfoundland
July 05— brig Briton, Dixon, (for) Bristol
July 05— bark Clio, Wood, (for) London
July 05— [schooner] Gracieux, Landry, (for) Arichat
July 05— [schooner] Providence, Bruneau, (for) Miramichi
July 05— brig Bacchus, Howe, (for) Ilfracombe
July 05— brig Kitson, Dillon, (for) Liverpool
July 07— ship William, Hogarth, (for) Dublin
July 07— brig Sir Walter Scott, Sutton, (for) Portsmouth
July 07— brig Stephen, Potts, (for) Newcastle
July 07— brig Mary, Dunlop, (for) Westport
July 07— ship Elizabeth, Charleton, (for) Greenock

The Robert Russell, from Liverpool and Londonderry, with passengers, is in the North Channel abreast of Chateau Richer.

The following is a comparison of the number of vessels, their tonnage, and the number of emigrants arrived at this port to the 6th July, last year, and to the 6th July, this year:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1827 300 77,535 10,121
1828 339 85,836 7,415
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 14th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 07
— Robert Russel
[400 tons]
Liverpool & Londonderry — settlers
09 July bark Resolution Ward 11 days Halifax   — / goods
09 July brig Edgar Gibson 18 May Bremen   — / in ballast
09 July ship Aurora Dearness 27 May Hull   to R. Methley / in ballast
09 July schooner Joseph Millar Doherty 17 days Halifax   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / rum & sugar
July 08— brig Mary, —, (for) Liverpool
July 08— brig Newton, Melvin, (for) Sunderland
July 08— schooner Little George, Crawford, (for) Halifax
July 08— brig Woodhall, Wright, (for) —
July 08— schooner Eliza Ann, Newry, (for) Arichat
July 08— brig Bob Logic, —, (for) London
July 08— brig Resource, Smith, (for) Chepstow
July 10— sloop Hume, Halliday, (for) Newfoundland
July 10— brig Diadem, Bowman, (for) London
July 10— brig Four Sisters, Clay, (for) Liverpool
July 10— brig Ann, Richardson, (for) Belfast
July 10— brig Equestrian, Hamilton, (for) Bridgwater
July 11— bark Forth, Simpson, (for) Greenock
July 11— brig Richard and Ann, Smith, (for) Newcastle
July 11— brig Corsair, McAlpine, (for) Greenock
July 11— bark Bolivar, Hearn, (for) —
July 11— bark Oxenhope, Dryden, (for) Hull
July 11— brig Friends, Uwen, (for) Jamaica
July 11— bark Newry, Gibson, (for) Newry
July 11— brig Eclipse, Huxtable, (for) Newfoundland

Shipping Intelligence.—
The Robert Russel, from Liverpool, of about 400 tons, having got into the North Channel at l'Isle au Condres, without a pilot, came up as far as cape Tourmente, and instead of going south of the island of Orleans, a very safe channel, sailed north of the island and safely arrived on Monday, with the assistance of a habitant as pilot. It is not to the recollection of the oldest inhabitants that a large ship has passed by that channel. She touched ground very lightly once.

James Buchanan, Esquire, His Majesty's Consel at New York, accompanied by two of his daughters, arrived in town [Montreal] on Friday morning. Mr. Buchanan obligingly favoured us with New York evening papers of the previous Tuesday. He was only 50 hours on the way from New York to St. Johns [Quebec], including 5 hours detention [delay] at Albany.

Quebec, July 10.
Lieutenant General Sir James Kempt, G.C.R. and G.C.H. will succeed His Excellency the Earl of Dalhousie as Governor General of the Canadas.
Sir Francis Burton, G.C.H. will succeed, as is said, Sir James Kempt, as Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.
The Challenger, 23 guns, Captain Fitzclarence, is expected here in August to convey the Earl of Dalhousie on his return to England. It is supposed this vessel will land Sir Francis Burton in Halifax, and Sir James Kempt in Quebec. But we know not how correct this may be.— Official Gazette

The New and Elegant Steam Vessel
Capt. James Mackenkie
Having commenced her regular Trips, will leave
Every Saturday Morning for Niagara, touching at Brockville, Kingston, York, and Burlington Bay ; And on her return will leave
On Wednesday Mornings, touching at Kingston and Brockville on her way down
The ALCIOPE is fitted up in the style of the North River Boats, and propelled by a low pressure engine ; and being under the command of one of the most experienced Officers on the Lake, the Public may rest assured that every attention and comfort will be met with which can be desired, as the fare on board will be of the best description ; and no ordinary care has been taken to make her accomodations in every respect of a superior kind.
Queenston, June 1828
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 17th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 14 brig Elizabeth Punton 15 days St. John's, Nfld   to order / in ballast
July 14 brig Birkby Johnson 15 days St. John's, Nfld   to G. Symes & son / in ballast
July 14 bark Victory Simpson 26 May Hull 15 settlers to G. Symes & son / in ballast
July 14 bark Ocean Blackburn 21 May London two Misses Soker and Mr. Sproull to J. Dyke / in ballast
July 14 ship Jessie Milroy 19 June Perth Amboy   to G. Ross & Co. / salt & coals
July 14 brig Harriet Taylor 16 May Jamaica   to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / rum & sugar
July 14 brig Swift Armstrong 24 May Cardigan   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 14 brig Gales Keld 27 May Cardiff   to Peniston & McGill / in ballast
July 14 bark Gilbert Henderson Pethey 26 May Dublin 230 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 15 schooner Neptune Labbee 25 June St. John, N.B. 7 settlers to Rogerson, Hunter & Co. / mahogany
July 12— bark Camperdown, Gale, (for) Hull
July 12— — Robert Burns, Scott, (for) Dublin
July 12— ship John & Thomas, Banfill, (for) Liverpool
July 12— schooner Marie Louise, McHeron, (for) Halifax
July 14— bark St. Lawrence, Liang, (for) Milford
July 14— brig Eunice, Lewis, (for) Halifax
July 14— brig Thomas, Strachan, (for) Dublin

Two American Ladies.
The two Miss Catons, who were as early as 1809 the reigning belles in Baltimore and Washington, were the grand-daughters of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, one of the worthiest signers of the Declaration of American Independence. One of them was married to Mr. Robert Patterson, a merchant of Baltimore, and they went to France & England. Mr. Patterson died, leaving his widow a handsome fortune. Two or three years ago she was married to the Marquis of Wellesley, then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Her sister was first married to Col. Hervey, Aide-de-camp to Lord Wellington, who had distinguished himself and lost an arm at the battle of Waterloo. A few weeks ago, Lady Hervey was married to the Marquis of Carmarthen, eldest son of the Duke of Leeds. The Marquis was born on the 21st May 1798. He is the eldest son, and "heir apparent," as the English papers style him, to the title of the Duke of Leeds. Thus fortune, in her freaks, has raised to two of her most distinguished noble families of the British empire, two sisters, the daughters of an American republican, and the direct descendants of the only surviving signer of the Declaration of American Independence.— Richmond Compiler
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 21st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 15 schooner Avon Hawbolt 05 days Miramichi 40 settlers to order / free stone
July 15 bark Asia Ward 14 days Philadelphia   to order / in ballast
July 15 brig Bolton Brownrigg 28 May Maryport   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
July 15 schooner Pink Baker 15 days Gut of Canso   to H. Lemesurier / molasses & fish
July 15 schooner Marie Catherine Chamard 10 days Halifax   to — / sugar
July 15— bark Dawson, Boyes, (for) Liverpool
July 15— brig Elegant, Garthwaite, (for) Shields
July 15— brig Ann, Eliza & Jane, Reid, (for) Bristol
July 15— brig Grand Turk, Simpson, (for) Demerara
July 15— schooner Hibernia, Caldwell, (for) Halifax
July 16— bark Montreal, Porter, (for) Liverpool
July 17— brig Cordelia, Park, (for) London
July 18— brig John, Wood, (for) London
July 18— brig Canada, Blair, (for) Letter-Kenny
July 18— brig Kingston, Clark, (for) London
July 18— schooner Harriet, Richards, (for) Guysborough
July 18— brig Ceres, Miller, (for) Coleraine
July 18— schooner Ann and Margaret, Morris, (for) Halifax
July 18— brig Foundling, R. Dunn, (for) Dublin
July 18— brig Phillis, Penrice, (for) Belfast
July 18— brig Sarah Margaret, Simpson, (for) Cardiff

Mr. A.C. Buchanan, Esq., brother to the British Consul at New York, arrived in this city on Saturday morning, on his way to Quebec, with despatches to His Excellency the Governor in Chief from the Colonial Office. Mr. Buchanan, it will be recollected, was lately appointed Superintendent of Emigrants at Quebec.

The Honorable Judge Haliburton of Nova Scotia, who has lately visited and is now we believe in New York, is a member of H.M. Council for that Province and is the senior puisne Judge of its Supreme Court. His Honor is a native of Rhode Island, and emigrated with his father at an earlier period during the Revoluntionary struggle. We learn from an authentic source that he has acquired a very high fame in his profession, and has written several treatises upon Colonial subjects, which are indicative of a masterly and comprehensive mind. His style of speaking is rapid, easy, and often eloquent. It is a fact worthy of notice perhaps, that three of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, are natives of the Republican states. Chief Justice Blowers, now a venerable old man, was born, we believe, in this city, and was employed as counsel for the soldiers in the Custom House riot, at the beginning of the Revolution ; and the Honorable Judge Stewart is a native of Maryland.— Boston Traveller


At the Masonic Hall Hotel.— Dr. Heerman, Mr. Mitchell, from New Haven ; Mr. S.H. Pratt, Mr. Mitchell, from Georgia ; Mr. Brown, Mr. Pepper, from England ; Mr. Jenner, 66th Regiment, Mrs. Gill, Miss George, Mr. C.E. Horn and lady, from the United States ; Mr. Laurie, Mr. Haight, from New York ; Mr. Goddard, from Boston ; Mr. W.G. Thomas, Mr. E.P. Thomas, from Baltimore ; Mr. Hulsinbeck, Mr. Berlocher, Mr. Tehr, Mr. Sauter, from Switzerland ; Major Duvernet, Royal Staff Corps, from Grenville ; Dr. Mease, Mr. Pierce Butler and servant, from Philadelphia.

At Rasco's Hotel.— Dr. Houston, Medical Staff, and family, Lieut. Denny, 71st Regiment. Mr. & Mrs. White, Mr. Reiffenstein, Mr. Merritt, Mr. Whitney, Mr. Stevens.

At the Exchange Coffee House.— Mr. Morris, Mr. Waln, Mr. Wister, Mr. Jones, Mr. A. Campbell, Mr. Ryland, Mr. Thompson, Mr. St. Felix and lady, Mr. Merritt and sister, Mrs. David and son, from New York ; Mr. Merry and lady, Mr. Weld, Mr. Williams, from Boston ; Colonel Jarvis, from York, U.C. ; E. Adolay Esq., from Europe.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 24th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 20 brig Dispatch Lefebvre 31 May London   to W. Douglas / in ballast
July 20 brig Lavinia Cowen 03 July St. John's, Nfld Mr. Stewart to order / salt, wine & oil
July 22 ship Brunswick Blake 02 June London   to order / in ballast
July 22 bark William Woodward 07 June Plymouth   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
July 22 brig Resolution Todd 29 May Dumfries   to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
July 19— bark St. Lawrence, Laing, (for) Milford
July 19— brig Eunice, Lewis, (for) Halifax
July 19— brig Thomas, Strachan, (for) Dublin
July 19— schooner Joseph Miller, Doherty, (for) Halifax
July 19— brig Rainbow, Austin, (for) Liverpool
July 19— — Peter Proctor, Reid, (for) London
July 19— bark Barbadoes, Lee, (for) Cork
July 19— brig Enterprise, Leblond, (for) Port Hood, C.F.
July 19— — Leslie Gault, Reay, (for) London
July 19— schooner William, Nicol, (for) Halifax
July 21— ship George Canning, Bryham, (for) Cork
July 21— brig Royal Yeoman, Galpin, (for) Weymouth
July 21— schooner Fly, Beaudrot, (for) Cape Breton
July 21— brig Shannon, Matches, (for) Whitehaven
July 21— schooner Angelique, Brotherton, (for) Richibucto
July 21— brig Mary, Brown, (for) Newcastle
July 21— schooner Eliza, LeReay, (for) Anchat
July 21— brig Britannia, Connell, (for) Ballyshannon
July 22— bark Vibella, Yeoman, (for) London
July 22— bark Foversan, Richardson, (for) Tralee
July 22— brig Alexander, Dodd, (for) Newry

Among the passengers in the packet ship Florida, Capt. Tinkham, sailed on the 17th instant, from New York for Liverpool, are Major General Wilson, of the British Army, and lady ; Honorable John Walpole Willis and Mrs. Willis of York, U.C. ; Major Gledstanes, British Army, and in the packet ship Henry, sailed same day for London, are Major Weeks and Mr. Frederick Sisson, of Montreal.


At the Masonic Hall Hotel.— Honorable Captain Byng, from Isle aux Noix ; Mr. -- Colt, from Geneva ; Mrs. Austin, Mr. E.D. Whitney, Mr. Berrian, Mr. Ferrie, Mr. Rich, from New York ; Mr. Webb, Mr. J. Webb, from Albany ; Honorable Mr. Berkley, from England ; Mr. Brieston, from Upper Canada ; Colonel C.C. Biddle, Richard Peters Esq., the Misses Peters, Judge Watson and lady, Miss Watson, Miss Oritchell, Mr. Newbold, from Philadelphia ; Rev.'d Mr. Burton, from Burtonville.

At Rasco's Hotel.— Mr. Thomas C. Morton and lady, Mr. John Mortimer, from New York ; Mr. D. Sackett and lady, from Troy ; Mr. -. S. Shaw and lady, Miss H. Boot, Miss S.F. Blake, Miss S.F. Shaw, Mr. F.G. Shaw, Mr. G. Chapman, from Boston ; Mr. & Mrs. Hecsuander, Spanish Consul General at Philadelphia, Mr. Jouvo and three ladies, Mr. I.Z. Alphonso, Mr. A. Quesado, Mr. E.D. Whitney, from Philadelphia ; Mr. Charles E. Miller, Dr. E.N. Chisholm, from South Carolina ; Mr. M. McPherson, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Pozer, Mr. Massue from Varennes ; Mr. Braithwaite, from Chambly ; Mr. & Mrs. Terriatt, from France.

Important to Emigrants.—
We are authorized to state, that the Post Bills of the Canada Company are now issued at the Branch of the Provincial Bank in Ireland, in this City ; which Bills will be current at Quebec, Montreal, New York, and York in Upper Canada, at the highest rate of exchange.— Waterford Mirror
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 28th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 23 ship Lord Sidmouth Gales 09 June Portsmouth   to J. Dyke / in ballast
July 23 brig Norval Scarbro' 08 June the Downs Captain Philpotts, R.E., Dr. Robinson, R.A., Mr.& Mrs Jones and Mr. Wilkins to R. Shaw / with bricks
July 24 ship Memnon Hill 25 June Liverpool   to G. Ross & Co. / coals
July 24 ship Home Mitchell 14 June Liverpool 17 settlers to G. Ross & Co. / general cargo
July 24 brig Lady Francis Barry 07 June Newry 58 settlers to James Hanilton & Co. / in ballast
July 24 ship Branches Morrison 28 May London Honorable M.H. Perceval, Collector of H.M. Customs, Mr. Small & wife and mother, Mr. Goldsmith, two Mr. Coxwells & Dr. Lyons & family | 4 settlers to J. Dyke / in ballast
July 25 brig Aurora Porteous 26 May Liverpool 11 settlers to C. Noyes / general cargo
July 25 brig Ocean Hall 02 June Belfast 316 settlers to J.S. Levey / in ballast
July 25 brig Lady Stewart Stoddard 02 May London   to J.S. Cambell / in ballast
July 23— bark Universe, Craigie, (for) Belfast
July 23— — William Hunter, Blagdon, (for) Newfoundland
July 23— brig Brothers, Steward, (for) Dublin
July 23— brig Mars, Gibson, (for) Boscastle
July 23— brig William, Richardson, (for) London
July 23— brig Mayflower, McAlpine, (for) Ballyshannon
July 24— bark Ajax, Robson, (for) London
July 24— bark New John, Ayre, (for) London
July 24— brig William, Sheraton, (for) Liverpool
July 24— schooner Otter, Richardson, (for) Miramichi
July 24— brig Enterprise, Devour, (for) Arichat

At the Masonic Hall Hotel.— Mrs. and the Miss Izards, the Miss Pinkneys, Mr. C.A. De Saussure, Mr. Richard W. Cogden, Mr. Peter Cooper, Mr. W. De Boze, Mr. H.H. --cot, Mr. R.D. Smith, from South Carolina ; Mr. Mitchell, from Georgia ; Col. Nicol, 66th Regiment, Mr. Crumpton, 66th Regiment, Capt. Hope [14?] Regiment, Mr. Smillie, from Quebec ; Mr. F. Sybel-- and four ladies, Mr. Hudson, S. Foster, from Philadelphia ; Mr. George Hallet, Mr. R. Hubbard and lady, Mr. De Biddeford and lady, from Boston ; Mr. J. Mulholland from Louisiana ; Mr. Jones, three ladies and two servants, Mr. J.G. Nelson, Mr. G. Bruglere jnr., Mr. P. Harmony and servant, Mr. E.D. Whitney, from New York, Mr. H Lawrence, from Mexico ; Mr. R.W. Turner, from England.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 31st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 27 brig Jessie Taylor 05 June Teneriffe   to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / wines
July 27 bark Baltic Merchant Crow 01 June Dublin 170 settlers to J. Caldwell / in ballast
July 25— bark General Graham, Craigie, (for) Greenock
July 25— bark Rokeby, Simpson, (for) Liverpool
July 26— bark Perseverance, Thompson, (for) Belfast
July 26— brig Nymph, Patton, (for) Liverpool
July 26— brig Cameron, Hewitt, (for) Liverpool
July 28— ship Kamaskda, Dobson, (for) London
July 28— brig Amaranth, Royal, (for) Lynn
July 28— brig Concord, Hornsby, (for) Maldon
July 28— brig Tarbolton, Boyd, (for) Troon
July 28— bark Ythan, Cairns, (for) Dublin
July 28— bark Airthry Castle, Smith, (for) Bristol
July 28— brig Brothers, Ferguson, (for) Liverpool
July 28— bark Friends, Clark, (for) Newcastle
July 28— brig Agnes, Gorman, (for) Greenock

The John Molson, steamer, arrived here yesterday at noon, having come down from Montreal in 15 hours and 40 minutes, including stoppages. The time she took to reach the undementioned places was as follows . . Sorel in 3h. 44m. ; from Sorel to Berthier 1h. 40m. ; from Berthier to Three-rivers 3 h. 15m. ; from Three-rivers to Quebec 6h. 28m. ; actual time occupied in running the reputed distance of 180 miles, 13h. 27m. The distance however, is probably not more than between 160 and 170 miles. The John Molson had about 67 cabin passengers, principally travellers from the United States.

In the Havre packet ship Edward Bonaffe 325 tons, Captain Hathaway, arrived at New York July 23, came passengers The Rev'd. Messrs Roux and Richards of the Seminary of Montreal, and the Rev'd. Messrs Larre, Lery, Leonard and Arrault, the French Priests, who are to act as Curates, in our country parishes, or teachers in the Colleges.


At the Masonic Hall Hotel.— Mr. J.H. Hicks, Mr.& Mrs. Dickson, Mr. F.C. Way, from Boston ; Mr. F.P. Browning, from Detroit ; Joseph Watson Esq., Mrs. Watson, Miss Prichett, Mr. J.S. Newbold, of Philadelphia ; Dr. Heermann, Mr. Sheppard, of New Haven, Connecticut ; Rev'd. Mr. Pratt, of St. Mary's, Georgia ; Richard Peters Esq., the Miss Peters, Col. C.C. Riddle, of Philadelphia ; Mr. G. Joly, Mr. H. Ternaux, of France ; Mr. W. Mitchell jnr., of Virginia, from Quebec ; Mr. Thomas Hartley, Mr. G. Hartley, from England ; Mr. Howe, from Isle aux Noix ; William G. Ousley Esq., Secretary to the British Legation at Washington and servant, Mrs. Ousley, Mr.& Mrs. Van Ness, from the United States ; Mr. John Laurie, from New York ; Mr. F. Klaucke, from Mexico ; Honorable Judge Haliburton, from Nova Scotia ; Mr. Inglis, Mr. Tucker, Mr. McPherson, from Quebec.

At Rasco's Hotel.— Mr. Doublet, from Paris ; Mr. Young, from London ; Mr. John Buchanan, from New York ; Mr. John Hogue, from Louisiana ; Mr. Lasaler, Mr. Dupont, Dr. Wiley, Mr. Mackay, Mr. Parish and servant ; Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Anderson and son, Mr. R.W. Cogdell, Mr.& Mrs. Everet, Mr.& Mrs. Grinnell, Asst. Adj. Gen. De Bellefeuille, Mr. Du Bose, Mr. Desanhue.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday August 4th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 30 brig Mary Duncan 01 June Dublin Mrs. Ryan and family, Mr. John Wilson, Mr. J. Robinson |158 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 30 brig Unity Todd 15 July Newfoundland   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 31 bark Ross Evans 04 June Belfast 285 settlers to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
July 31 brig Susan Martin 24 days Newfoundland   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
July 31 brig Triune Dunbar 02 June London   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
July 31 bark Sophia Blake 02 June London   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
July 31 brig Latona Patterson 12 June Cork 58 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 31 bark Finsbury Walker 01 July Havana   to order / in ballast
July 28— schooner Avon, Hawbolt, (for) Miramichi
July 29— schooner Esperance, Lebeuffe, (for) —
July 29— — Hope, Hale, (for) Newcastle
July 29— schooner Pink, Baker, (for) Gaspe
July 30— bark Harbinger, Harland, (for) Liverpool
July 30— bark Mary, Sparks, (for) London
July 30— brig Young Samuel, Buteau, (for) Liverpool
July 30— bark Frances Mary, Grady, (for) Cork


At the Masonic Hall Hotel.— Col. B.C. Howard, Mr.& Mrs. Gilmor, Mrs. William Howard and three servants, Mr. Williams and lady, Misses Smith, Mr. J. Fisher, Mr. W. Taylor and lady, Mr. J. Wilson, Mr. J.S. McKim, two ladies and servant, frm Baltimore ; Mr. A. Otis, Mr. A. Hammersley, Mr. F. Clarkson, Mr. E.M. Greenway, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Titus, Mr. M. Titus, Mr. M. Frame, from New York ; Mr. J. De la Luz, Mr. F. De la Luz, from Mexico ; Mr. E.L. Gough, Mr. J. Haith, of Charleston ; Mr. & Misses Douglass, Miss A. Lawson, Mr. Birksdale and lady, Mr. Anderson and lady, Mr. Vernon, from South Carolina ; Mr. Newbold, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Parker, from Philadelphia ; Mr. Lemesurier, Mr. Girout, Dr. Rees, Mr. James Hamilton, Compy. General Routh, Mr. Cringan, Mr. Stuart, from Quebec ; Mr. Sherwood, from York, U.C. ; Sir William Eden, Bart. Capt. Shireff, R.N., Capt. Yates, R.N., from England ; Miss George, Mrs. Gill, from Burlington ; Mr. J. Woorheels, from New Jersey ; Hon. Jos. M. White and lady, from Florida ; Mr. R.H. Wilde and lady, Capt. Voorhees, United States navy, from Georgia ; Mr. Robert Terriday, Mr. S.A. Labrauche, Mr. John French, from New Orleans.

At Rasco's Hotel.— Mr. T. Fleming, from Upper Canada ; Mr. Isaac Jones, three ladies, two . . . missing

The following is a comparison of the number of vessels, their tonnage, and the number of emigrants arrived at this port to the 1st August, last year, and to the 2nd August, this year:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1827 373 96,538 15,055
1828 392 100,357 9,413

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