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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1828

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1828.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for New Swiftsure, Chambly, Waterloo & St. Lawrence.

May 09 - June 03 | June 04 - July 31 | August 02 - October 04 | October 04 - December 18

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday August 7th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 02 bark Miriam and Jane Wilson 04 June Newcastle   to L.S. Levey / coals &c.
Aug 03 brig Horta Wood 07 June London   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Aug 04 brig Catherine McDonald Williamson 15 June Sligo 160 settlers to Peniston & McGill / in ballast
Aug 04 brig Toronto Chevrefils 22 days Newfoundland   to A.C. Freer & Co. / sugar, molasses &c.
Aug 05 brig Jane Wilkinson 62 days Workington 102 settlers to George Symes & son / coals &c.
Aug 05 brig Andrew Nugent Crangle / Crangall 24 June Sligo 80 settlers to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
Aug 05 brig Ross Maccroon
[Rose Macroon]
Jacob 08 June Ross 160 settlers to James Black / in ballast
Aug 05 bark Henry and Harriet Smales 10 June Bristol   to J. Dyke / iron &c.
Aug 05 brig British Tar Anderson 14 June London Mr. & Mrs. Sergeant & family to W. Price / in ballast
Aug 05 bark London Smith 26 June London   to W. Patton / in ballast
Aug 05 brig Earl of Aberdeen Mearns 27 June Belfast 114 settlers to James Hamilton & Co. / dry goods
Aug 05 brig Collins Lodge 03 June London   to C. Noyes / in ballast
Quebec, August 5th
The Colonial brig Kingfisher sails today for Halifax, if the wind permits, with Convicts, civil and military, for the Hulk establishment at Bermuda. A party of the 66th Regiment under Lt. Jenner of that corps, embark as an escort. The Honorable Col. and Mrs. Gore, we understand, take their passage aboard the brig. —Mercury
Mr. Andrew Stuart, with Mr. Wagner, Lieut. Baddeley, R.E. and Mr. Nixon, 66th Regiment, leave town this day on an exploring expedition up the Saguenay and to Lake St. John. —ib
Colonels Lewis and Fanshawe of the Engineers have sailed in the Mary for London, on their return home, having completed the object of their mission. —ib

On Monday morning, five convicts named Bazil Demers, Joseph Moses, Augustin Moses (brothers), Joseph Sinclair and Joachim Martin, were removed from the Prison and put on board the Steam boat St. Lawrence, to be conveyed to Quebec, whence they are to be transported to Bermuda. Two deserters from the company of Sappers and Miners at the Rideau, were also put on board the St. Lawrence, under a guard — they were sentenced about six months ago to transportation for seven years. —Herald
. . . John Rae & Thomas Howe of the Sappers and Miners ; James Downey, 66th Regt. ; Fraser McDonald, 71st Regt. ; Daniel Baxter and James Fyal, 79th Regt. additional civilians . . . Michel Monarque, Alexander Fraser, Joseph Bergeron, Andre Auge, J.B. Potvin and John Bowman.


At the Masonic Hall Hotel.— The Honble. Colonel Ramsay, Captain Bailey, from a tour to the Falls of Niagara and the Springs ; Hon. Mr. Stewart, Captain Dunn, R.A., Mr. Adams, from Quebec ; Hon. Mathew Bell, from Three Rivers ; Mr. Warren Claus, from Niagara ; Mr. M. Gamble, from Fort William ; Mr. Mitchell, from Drummond's Island ; Mr. J. Lafferty, from York ; Mr. W. Taylor, from Vera Cruz ; Mr. Buckland, Mr. Baillie, Mr. Debruiere, from England ; Mr. Taylor and lady, Mr. J.S. McKim and three ladies, Colonel B.C. Howard, lady and child, Mrs. Gilmor, Mrs. W. Howard, Miss Gilmor and three servants, of Baltimore ; Mr. E.M. Greenway, Mr. J.C. Nazro, Mr. W.S. Jenkins, Mr. J. Avery Titus, Mr. Thomas J. Frame, from New York ; Mr. F. Klaucke, of Mexico ; Mr. Thomas Hartley, Mr. George Hartley, of England ; Mr. Newbold of Philadelphia ; Honorable Mr. Ticknor and lady, Mr. F.C. Gray of Boston, from Quebec ; Commodore Hull, United States Navy and two ladies, Mr. Murrell and lady, from Long Island ; Mr. Simpson, from Coteau du Lac.

At Rasco's Hotel.— Sir Thomas Dixon and lady, Mr. E.A. Homer, from Boston ; Hon. Mr. White, lady and two servants, from Florida ; Mr. Wilde, Mr. William Bryson, from Georgia ; Captain Voorhees, United States Navy, from New York ; Mr. G. Drolet, Mr. Belanger, from Quebec ; Mr. Eyland, from Charleston ; Mr. Miller, D.A.C.G., from Hull ; Mr. G. Chesterman, Mr. James Chesterman, Mr. O'Gally, Mr. P.T. Pinsonault, Mr. Begley.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday August 11th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 05 ship Mary Pollock Drysdale 18 June Glasgow Mr. J. Graham to A. Gilmour / in ballast
Aug 05 schooner Francis Elizabeth Whitney 17 days Newfoundland Mr. J. Leaycraft to J. Leaycraft / sugar &c.
Aug 05 brig Mary Jane Matches 19 July Newfoundland   to Simpson, Macintyre & Co. / general cargo
Aug 06 ship Abeona Tait 09 days Sydney, Cape Breton   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Aug 06 bark Isabella Kelty 16 June Liverpool   to Peniston & McGill / in ballast
Aug 06 brig Procris Arnold 20 June Liverpool   to W. Budden / in ballast
Aug 06 brig Ann Hallowell 13 June Workington 55 settlers to G. Symes & son / in ballast
Aug 06 brig Anglia Holburn 15 June Gloucester 7 settlers to Charles Noyes / in ballast
Aug 06 brig Union Wallace 21 June Dublin 72 settlers to order / whiskey
Aug 07 ship Clio Hopper 05 June London   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Aug 07 brig New Draper Barwise 06 June / 21 days Dublin / Newfoundland 90 settlers ; landed 45 settlers at St. John's, Nfld. to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
Aug 07 schooner Ann Arichat 24 settlers with fish
Aug 07 ship Huntley Wilson 18 June Greenock see 65 passengers aboard steamboat Chambly, 8th August to Irvine & Co. / goods
Aug 07 brigantine St. Aubin Bechard 15 days Halifax   to C.F. Alywin / rum & sugar
Aug 09 brig Majesty [Majestic] Black 08 June Leith 64 settlers to C.A. Holt / general cargo
Aug 09 brig Windsor Finlay 21 June Dublin 1 settler to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Aug --— brig Henry, Fance, (for) Drogheda (Captain Fance died on the return voyage and was buried at sea on August 10th 1828)
Aug 04— bark Europe, Willis, (for) London
Aug 05— ship Lotus, Summerson, (for) London
Aug 05— brig Carnation, Reynoldson, (for) Swansea
Aug 05— bark Kilkella (Kirkella), Carlile (Corhill), (for) Hull
Aug 05— brig Orion, Craig, (for) Sunderland
Aug 05— brig Charles Forbes, Beveridge, (for) Liverpool
Aug 05— ship Halcyon, Roweman (Berryman), (for) Hull
Aug 05— brig Triton, Rush (Ritchie), (for) London
Aug 05— ship General Hewitt, Lee, (for) London
Aug 06— brig Edgar, Gibson, (for) Liverpool
Aug 06— ship Waterloo, Rayne, (for) London
Aug 06— brig George Canning, Callendar, (for) Greenock
Aug 07— — Hertford, Hoffman, (for) Halifax
Aug 07— — Good Intent, Bent, (for) Miramichi
Aug 08— brig Lavinia, Gowen (Cowen), (for) Belfast

The Steamboat New Swiftsure arrived at Quebec on Friday last, having made the passage down from Montreal in the remarkably short time of sixteen and a half hours, including stoppages.


At the Masonic Hall Hotel.— Mrs. Phutrick and three children, Mr. F. Rigg & lady, Mr. Curtis, Mr. James Chesterman, Mr. George Chesterman, Mr. Lazubet, from New York ; Mr. Pemberton and lady, Mrs. Patterson and two children, from Quebec ; Mrs. Dunscombe, Miss Dunscombe, Mr. Vallance, of St. John's, Newfoundland, from Saratoga Springs ; Mr. Frodsham, from Westport ; Mr. Taylor, from Vera Cruz ; Mr. Bryson, from Georgia ; Mr. James Eyland, from Charleston ; Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Levey, from Quebec ; Mr. John Frieth, Mr. Robert Terriday, Mr. L.A. Labrauche, Mr. Hermann, of New Orleans, from Quebec.

At Rasco's Hotel.— Colonel R.B. Magruder, lady and daughter, Mrs. Rankin, from Baltimore ; Colonel J.J. Smith and lady, Mr. W. Smith, Mr. C. Simons, Miss Simons, Miss Baker, Mr. G.N. Williams and four ladies, from South Carolina ; Governor Coles, from Illinois ; Mr. H. Simons, Mr. E.L. Gough, of Charleston ; Sir Thomas Dixon and two ladies, Mr. E.A. Homer and sister, of Boston, from Quebec ; Mr. J.B.H.De Rouville, Mr. Graham, Mr. Young.

At Mr. J. Perrault's Boarding House.— Alexander McDonell Esq., lady and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, Mr. Kenneth Cameron and two servants, all from Scotland.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday August 14th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 09 brig Janet Izart Crocket 18 June Leith 7 settlers to Peniston & McGill / general cargo
Aug 09 brigantine Elizabeth & Esther Stowe 19 days Bermuda two Mr. Scons to Irvine & Co. / rum and sugar
Aug 10 brig Margaret Smith 19 June Leith   to Lawrie & Soence / coals
Aug 10 ship John Barry Davidson 08 June London 24 settlers to J. Dyke / in ballast
Aug 10 schooner Marie Elizabeth Bernier 20 July Newfoundland   to J. Leaycraft / rum & sugar
Aug 11 brig Jean Innis 16 June London   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Aug 11 brig Sugnal Bell 23 June Demerara Messrs. T. Hamilton ; Reid ; Gibb ; Fraser and Jackson to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / rum
Aug 11 brig John & James Scott 27 June Liverpool Mr. Smith to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Aug 12 ship Lord Gambier Taylor 04 July Liverpool   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
Aug 12 bark Kenesley / Kennesly Castle Crouch / Church 28 June Greenock   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Aug 12 bark Boliver Fenwick 03 July Liverpool   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Aug 09— brig Amity, Roy, (for) Glasgow
Aug 09— brig Elizabeth, Punton, (for) Belfast
Aug 09— brig Despatch, Lefevre, (for) Grenada
Aug 14— bark Resolution, Ward, (for) London
Aug 14— ship Cornwall, Smith, (for) London

In the New York 1st August Packet for Liverpool, the Rev'd. J. Leeds of Upper Canada.

The Richard Sands, Owens, hence 5th July, for Liverpool, was fallen in with on the 29th ult. near Magdalen Islands, abandoned and all her masts gone, by the Majestic, arrived on Friday from Leith.

At. St. Therese, on Saturday last, aged 16 years, Mr. John Richardson, son of Captain Joseph Richardson, of the Steamboat St. Lawrence.

At his residence, Plantagenet, Ottawa District, on the 7th August, suddenly of apoplexy, John Chesser Esq., in the 59th year of his age. He was one of the first settlers in Plantagenet, whither he removed in 1813. From the warm interest and active part he took in promoting the welfare of the community among whom he resided ( and of which he might justly be called founder and the father.) His death has made a public breach, which cannot soon or easily be repaired. He has left a widow and numerous family to lament their sudden bereavement of an affectionate husband and dutiful father. His remains were attended to the place of interment by a numerous concourse of sympathising relatives and friends, and an appropriate and impressive funeral address was delivered on the occasion.

The JOHN MOLSON Steamer, J.D. Armstrong, Master, will leave this port for Quebec on TUESDAY the 19th instant, at 12 o'clock, noon, in time for the Races.
She will leave Quebec the following day (Thursday) at 6 o'clock A.M. on a Pleasure Trip down the River, and return the same evening, which will afford the passengers a view of the beautiful scenery below.
She will leave Quebec on her return to this place on the Saturday evening following.
Montreal, 14th August, 1828   
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday August 18th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 15 brig Cheviot Mawson 63 days Newport   to James George / rum
Aug 15 brig Brothers Bleasdale 10 July Mobile   to order / in ballast
Aug 15 brig Brothers Young 28 June Cork 44 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Aug 15 brig Thomas Warham Smith 24 June [Dublin ?] 101 settlers to H. Gowen & Co. / in balalst
Aug 15 brig Rocket Cummins 14 days Newfoundland   to James Hunt / in ballast
Aug 15 bark Brothers Motley 15 June London   to order / in ballast
Aug 12— — Nestor, McCullan, (for) Miramichi
Aug 12— bark Mint, Smith, (for) London
Aug 12— brig Harriet, Taylor, (for) St. John, N.B.
Aug 12— ship Ocean, Potts, (for) Waterford
Aug 12— brig Resolution, Todd, (for) Newry
Aug 13— ship Mary, Douglas, (for) London
Aug 13— brig Eliza Ann, Burton, (for) Belfast
Aug 13— ship Aurora, Dearness, (for) Hull
Aug 13— brig Commerce, Rees, (for) Limerick
Aug 14— brig Grecian, Atkinson, (for) Newcastle
Aug 14— schooner Neptune, Labbee, (for) Miramichi
Aug 15— bark Victory, Simpson, (for) Hull
Aug 15— schooner Ann, Neil, (for) Pictou
Aug 15— ship Gilbert Henderson, Pethey/Pithey, (for) Dublin
Aug 15— schooner Frances Elizabeth, Whitney, (for) Bermuda
Aug 15— ship Asia, Skaif, (for) Liverpool

His Majesty's Ship Tyne, arrived on Sunday [at Halifax], has brought in 152 men, women and children (including 10 of the crew and the mate) saved from the brig Dispatch [Despatch], bound from Londonderry to Quebec, wrecked off Newfoundland. .....see the full account and list of passengers saved......

An event without parallel in the annals of marine misfortune, occurred on board the brig Mary Russell, Captain Stewart of Cork, on her passage home from Barbadoes, which arrived at Cove on Thursday.
There were on board, besides the master and mate, 8 men and 4 boys ; of these, six seamen and a naval gentleman, passenger in her, were found dead in the cabin on Monday morning last, by Captain Callender, of the Mary Stubbs, of Belfast, (which was also on her passage home from Barbadoes, and spoke the Mary Russel on the above morning,) having been killed on the day before by the Captain, according to the statement of the four boys. The cause assigned by the Master to Capt. Callender was, an attempt on the part of the crew to mutiny, and his apprehension that they would take away his life ; but to save himself, that he induced them to be tied in the cabin, each singly, before another was called down ; and when all were rendered powerless, that he put those seven to death with a crow bar ! The mate named Smith, and one sailor named Howes, by some means extricated themselves, and escaped death ; after being wounded in several places. It appears he was in the act of tying the boys also, when the Mary Stubbs hove in sight. Capt. Callender held by the Mary Russell and saved Capt. Stewart from being drowned, he having leaped twice into the sea for that purpose. Wednesday again, for the third time, he flung himself overboard off Castletown, and was picked up by a hooker. A warrant for the apprehension of Capt. Stewart, has been issued, by Sir Antony Perrier, on the information of Capt. Callender, and an inquest held on the bodies of the seven men. We cannot conceive that anything but insanity could induce a human being to imbrue his hands in the blood of seven fellow creatures under circumstances so horrible as the above represents. —Limerick Chronicle
[Captain Stewart of the Mary Russell, is known here, as having commanded both the Sir James Kempt and the Albion, engaged in the Irish trade. He must have been under the influence of insanity to have committed such a cold blooded and horrible act.]


At the Masonic Hall Hotel.— Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Maywood, Mr. John Everson, Mr. James Fox, Mr. G. Ostrander, Mr. J.R. Peters, from New York ; Mr March, from Madeira ; Mr. Bailie [Baillie] and servant, Mr. Sewell, lady, child and servant, Mr. Montezore, Mr. Stewart, Hon. James Stuart, Attorney General, Mr. Bouchette, 68th Light Infantry, from Quebec ; Mr. Buckland, Mr. Debrere, of England, from Quebec ; Mr. Reid and two Masters Galt, from Upper Canada ; Mr. Price, from England ; Hon. Judge Chipman, from New Brunswick ; Mr. J.P. Duncan, Mr. Brune, from Natchez ; Mr. R. Ralston and two daughters, Mr. Rice, lady and servant, Mr. Williams and lady, Mr. Hagedorn and lady, from Philadelphia ; Colonel Nicoll, 66th Regiment, Mr. Crumpton, 66th Regt., Mr. A. McGill and lady, Miss McCallum, of Quebec, from the Springs ; Mr. Kluykist, from Bremen ; Mr. G.W. Cooper, Mr. Daniel Horlbeck, Mr. F.A. Porchew, from South Carolina ; Mr. P.R. Hoffman, Mr. G.B. Hoffman, from Baltimore ; Mr. G. Gardner, from Boston ; Mr. W.C. Kent and two ladies, from New Hampshire ; Mr. Langdon and two ladies, Mrs. and Miss Robbins, from Vermont ; Mr. Fisher, from the Lake of Two Mountains ; Mr. Hagedorn and lady [Philadelphia?], Mr. E.W. Gordon, Mr. D. Lockhart.

At the Albion Hotel.— Mr. Thomas Ridgely and lady, Mr. Edward Cossman and servant, from Philadelphia ; Mr. and Mrs. Magruder, Miss Rankin, Miss Magruder, from Baltimore ; Governor Coles, from Illinois ; Mr. William Coleman, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania ; Mr. James Ross junior, from Pittsburgh ; Mr. Thomas Perkins and lady, Miss Perkins, Mr. William P. Mason, Mrs. P. Grant, Miss Rogers, Mr. H. Rogers and servant, from Boston ; Rev'd. W.R. Payne, from Kingston ; Mr. Crawford, from London ; Mr. W.U. Chaffers, from St. Cesaire ; Mrs. Ryan and three children, from Ireland.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday August 21st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 17 brig John Brown 16 June Bristol   to H.S. Wright / in ballast
Aug 17 brig Phisdo / Phesda / Pheodo Mitchell 20 June Aberdeen settlers to H.G. Forsyth & Co.
Aug 17 brig Jane McLean 04 July Belfast 90 settlers to Joseph Richardson / salt
Aug 17 brig Jessie Wilson 18 June Liverpool   to order / general cargo
Aug 17 brig Kingston Wood 04 July Liverpool   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
Aug 17 brig Newcastle Clay 84 days London 20 settlers to order / general cargo
Aug 17 brig Prince George Morrison 01 July Yarmouth   to Roger Dean & Co. / in ballast
Aug 17 brig Jane Jack 19 June Waterford   in ballast
Aug 19 bark Elizabeth Bushell 02 July Liverpool   to C.A. Holt / salt
Aug 19 bark Lady Ridley Scott 20 June London   to order / in ballast
Aug 19 brig Lacovia / Lacavia Bain 13 July Jamaica   to Irvine & Co. / rum
Aug 19 bark Governor Halkett Stephenson 01 July Bristol   to H. Lemesurier / in ballast
Aug 19 bark Duchess of Richmond McGlashan 29 June Greenock 106 settlers to Roger Dean & Co. / general cargo
Aug 16— bark Ocean, Blackburn, (for) London
Aug 16— bark Brothers, Robinson, (for) Dublin
Aug 16— brig Lady Francis, Barry, (for) Belfast.
Aug 16— brig Birkby, Johnson, (for) Liverpool
Aug 16— brig Baltic Merchant, Crow, (for) Dublin
Aug 16— brig Mary, Duncan, (for) Dublin

We are requested to state that the New Swiftsure steamer, Captain Perry, will leave this place this evening, at 6 o'clock, to enable the passengers to arrive at Quebec in time for the Quebec Races on Friday afternoon. Cabin passage 10s. Steerage, 2s.6d.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday August 25th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 19 schooner Albion Caldwell 19 days Halifax   to H. Dubord / sugar & oil
Aug 19 brig William Samson 17 July Greenock   to Simpson, McIntyre & Co. / coals
Aug 20 brig Merope George Batricks 13 July Greenock   to William Budden / in ballast
Aug 20 brig Lively Estill ? 16 June Barnstable   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Aug 20 brig John Smith 04 July Scarborough 13 settlers to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
Aug 20 brig Hayle Kane 29 June Newcastle   to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
Aug 23 ship Howard Douglas Berkett 01 July Liverpool   to G. Ross & Co. / salt & goods
Aug 23 ship Robert Kerr Boyd 16 July Liverpool   to — / salt
Aug 23 brig Lady Nornanby Somerson 27 June   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Aug 19— brig Lady Stewart, Stoddard, (for) Milford
Aug 20— brig Erato, Mossop, (for) Jamaica
Aug 20— — Charlotte, Fougere, (for) Arichat
Aug 20— brig Garland, Wright, (for) Liverpool
Aug 21— brig Ann, Steele, (for) Sunderland
Aug 21— ship Branches, Morrison, (for) London
Aug 21— brig Ocean, Hall, (for) Liverpool
Aug 22— ship Westmoreland, Knill, (for) Hull

Quebec, August 21, 1828

The steamboats brought down passengers yesterday and Tuesday for 10s., cabin fare included ; and takes them up for 15s. fare also included. A great number came down from Montreal and Three Rivers in consequence, and probably the sum total of the receipts was fully as great as it would have been, if they had charged their former prices.— Old Quebec Gazette

The John Molson steamer, sailed this morning on a trip down the St. Lawrence, intending to pass by the south channel, throught the traverse, crossing below Isle aux Coudres, and returning by the north channel, a distance of about 140 miles. There is perhaps not a sail of the same extent in the world, where more beautiful scenery is met with. The South shore, now dressed in her richest attire, is generally a level country, bounded in the distance by a range of hills, which strike the St. Lawrence where the John Molson will cross. The north shore is high and sterile. For a distance of 50 miles to St. Joachim, mountains rising1500 to 2000 feet, throw their huge forms uninterruptedly upon the river, and seen on a fine day like this, with the numerous low and fertile islands, and the below expanse of water, unite the grand, romantic and picturesque, on a scale very rarely seen.
The band of the 66th went down with the boat. There appeared to be about 70 or 80 passengers.—ib

Yesterday was the first day of the Quebec races. The Governor's Plate was won by Mr. Gibb's Filho de Puta. The Quebec Stakes was won by Mr. Gibb's Snap. The Cavalry Cup by Mr. Gibb's Filho de Puta, the other horses entered in the Cup refusing to run. — The Welter Stakes were won by Mr. Duchesnay's Yotzi. The Macaroni Stakes by Captain Temple's Kingston.
Owing to the very superior swiftness of Mr. Gibb's horses, the first races were without much interest.
The horses were bought at a very high price, we hear about 250 for both. Mr. Gibb deserves credit. Since we are to have races, let them be good. If Mr. Gibb will only keep his horses for the Quebec course, and enter them often, either there will be good running or very little. —ib

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday August 28th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 24 brig Alert Pollard 14 days Arichat 1 settler to C.A. Holt / pickled fish
Aug 23— bark London, Smith, (for) — [London]
Aug 23— brig Triune, Dunbar, (for) Galway
Aug 23— schooner Marguerite, Troude, (for) Halifax
Aug 25— ship Woolbridge, Rutter, (for) London
Aug 25— brig Jessie, Taylor, (for) London
Aug 25— brig Susan, Martin, (for) — [Newfoundland]
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday September 1st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 28 schooner Swift Peltier 15 days Arichat   to H. Dubord / fish and oil
Aug 30 Hired Colonial brig Chebucto 16 Aug Halifax Colonel George Couper, (Military Secretary to his Excel. Sir James Kempt), and family  
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday September 4th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 30 brig Minerva Scott 06 June Yarmouth   to W. Price / in ballast
Aug 31 ship Lord Suffolk Holton 29 June London Capt. Spears and Lieut. Maddison of the Royal Artillery, Lieut. Gibson 66th Regt., Lieut. Pooley, Royal Engineers, Mr. Stickney and family of the Commissariat Dept., and 18 men for different Regiments to Government / stores
Sept 01 ship Chapman Hewson 02 July London   to J. Dyke / bricks
Sept 02 schooner Wellington Hatery 10 August Newfoundland   to G. Symes / rum & sugar
Sept 02 bark Princess Royal Townsend 02 August Grenada   to J. Leaycraft / rum | 2nd voyage of 1828
Sept 02 brig Rosina Montreith 12 July Glasgow   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / coals & goods
Sept 02 brig Indian Crosby 16 July Liverpool Mr. McTaggart, Mr. Southby, Mr. Richardson and 14 in the steerage to G. Ross & Co. / general cargo
Sept 02 H.M.S. Challenger Capt. Fitz-Clarence 23 August Halifax His Excellency, Lieut. Gen. Sir James Kempt, G.C.B. and G.C.H. (the new Governor in Chief)  
Aug 28— — Robert Russell, Bell, (for) Liverpool
Aug 28— schooner Marie Elizabeth, Bernier, (for) St. Johns, Nfld
Aug 29— brig Latona, Patterson, (for) Cork
Aug 29— brig Horta, Wood, (for) Swansea
Aug 29— brig Rose Macroon, Jacob, (for) Limerick
Aug 29— brig Collins, Lodge, (for) Ayton
Aug 29— ship Memnon, Hill, (for) Demerara
Sept 01— brig Swift, Armstrong, (for) Cardigan
Sept 01— brig Unity, Todd, (for) Neath [Newfoundland ?]

The following is a comparison of the number of vessels, their tonnage, and the number of emigrants arrived at this port to the 1st September, 1827 and 1828:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1827 415 105,654 15,367
1828 467 109,358 10,929
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday September 8th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 03 brig Providence Riddle 28 June Plymouth   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Sept 03 brig Commercial Holt 30 June Milford   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
Sept 03 brig Charles Tennyson Anderson 19 June London Captain Kerr, h.p. & wife and family ; Mrs. Farley & servant | 9 settlers to Finlay & Co. / general cargo
Sept 03 Colonial brig Kingfisher Rayside Halifax Mr. Arnott, wife and eleven children, from the wrecked Despatch from Londonderry for Quebec, see news below
Sept 03 brig Rosebank Boyd 26 July Belfast 115 settlers to — / salt
Sept 03 bark Two Brothers McCracken 17 July Dublin 90 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton
Sept 04 brig Blakeston Eskdale 24 July Galway   to William Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 04 schooner Mary Ann Labrador  
Sept 04 brig Catherine Cornegie / Carnegie 31 July Grenada Mr. Fraser to James Ross / rum & sugar
Sept 04 bark Thomas Brown 27 July Liverpool   to Halliday & Hayes / in ballast
Sept 04 brig Tom H.G. Pearce 17 July Liverpool Colonel Hawkins and family & 9 in steerage to William Price & Co. / general cargo
Sept 04 ship Hannah Spence 29 June London   to J. Dyke / in ballast
Sept 04 brig Matilda Peitch 20 August Halifax 2 or 12 settlers to H. Dubord / fish & oil
Sept 04 brig Springflower Brown 18 July Padstow   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Sept 04 bark Margaret Tomison 13 July London   to J. Dyke / in ballast
Sept 04 brig Quebec Packet Anderson 01 August Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath / in ballast
Sept 04 brig Sylvanus Lawson 08 July Bristol   to H.G. Forsyth / general cargo
Sept 04 brig Thomas Farrell Barry 24 July Wexford   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 02— ship Jessie, Milray, (for) Liverpool
Sept 02— brig Procris, Arnold, (for) Southampton
Sept 03— brig Catherine McDonald, Williamson, (for) Liverpool
Sept 05— brig Sarah, Plane, (for) Belfast
Sept 05— brig Brothers, Young, (for) Cork
Sept 05— brig Elizabeth and Esther, Stowe, (for) St. Vincents

The Colonial brig Kingfisher, Rayside, at Quebec from Halifax, brought up a Mr. Arnott, wife and eleven children, who, it will be remembered, were wrecked some time since on the coast of Newfoundland, in the Despatch from Londonderry, bound for Quebec, losing the whole of their valuable stock of farming implements, with £150 in sovereigns.
His excellency the Earl of Dalhousie, in that true spirit of liberality which has always distinguished him during his residence amongst us, has presented this distressed family with a most handsome pecuniary donation, and furnished them with provisions and a free passage to Montreal.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday September 11th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 04 bark Betsey Mason 46 days Limerick   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 06 bark George the Fourth Morgan 24 July Waterford   to Froste & Co. / in ballast | 2nd voyage of 1828
Sept 06 brigantine Diamond Stanley 22 days Bermuda (previously from St. Vincent)   rum
Sept 08 schooner Marie Louisa McHaran 19 days Halifax   to Tucker & Stewart / fish and sugar
Sept 06— brig Anglia, Holburn, (for) Longport
Sept 06— brig Windsor, Finlay, (for) Lynn
Sept 06— bark Sophia, Blake, (for) London
Sept 08— brig John & James, Scott, (for) Dublin
Sept 08— schooner Swift, Peltier, (for) Arichat

The consumption of Opium, in China, amounts to the sum of eight millions of dollars annually. A most rapid increase has taken place of late years in the consumption of Malwa Opium, over that of Benares and Padna ; the quantity of the former consumed in the years 1826-27, being 5,630 chests, while that of the other two qualities was 2,723 chests. Upon a rough calculation, the consumption of the past season, down to the 1st January 1828, is 9,958 chests, valued at 9,867,900 dollars, which shows an increase above the consumption of the previous year, of about 700 chests. The stock of Opium in the receiving ships at Canton, on the 1st January, independent of that in the hands of the Chinese speculators, was 1,682 chests ; which, when added to the new Opium, leaves the consumption of China, for the year 1828-29, 12,682 chests ; which will be about 3,000 chests above the average consumption. It was, however, reported at Singapore, at the latest date, that the next year's crop of Patna and Benares, was likely to be totally lost in consequence of the want of rain. Private Bills on London at Singapore, were at 4s.2d. per dollar. Freight to London was at £4.10s. (dead weight), and £6.6s.10d. (measurement). The only Opium importation for the season had been 105 chests of Patna and Benares, of which about 60 chests had been sold at 1,100 to 1,150 dollars per chest for the former, and 1,080 to 1,140 for the latter.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday September 15th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 09 schooner Angelique Graham 10 days Guysborough   to H. Dubord / fish & oil
Sept 09 brig William Wilson 25 July Jamaica   to Irvine & Co. / rum & sugar
Sept 10 brig Beaver Poole 27 July Liverpool   to H.G. Forsyth / salt
Sept 10 brig Enterprise Terry 45 days Limerick   to C. Noyes / in ballast
Sept 10 brig Ardent Bophry 07 August St. Vincent   to Irvine & Co. / rum
Sept 11 schooner Hibernia Caldwell 28 days Halifax 9 settlers to C.A. Holt / rum &c.
Sept 11 bark Wilberforce Dodds 28 July Newry   to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
Sept 11 bark Spring Hill McFee 27 July London   to G. Ross & Co. / in ballast
Sept 11 brig Alexander Errington 19 August Bermuda   to the Captain / in ballast
Sept 11 brig Liddle Thompson 01 August Dundee   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
Sept 13 brig Albion Isaacs 46 days Youghall   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Sept 10— brig Thomas Warham, Smith, (for) Boston
Sept 10— brig Brothers, Bleasdale, (for) Liverpool
Sept 10— brig Aurora, Porteous, (for) Liverpool
Sept 10— brig Rocket, Cumming, (for) Newfoundland
Sept 10— bark Boliver, Fenwick, (for) Cork
Sept 10— brig Friends, Hudson, (for) Sunderland
Sept 10— brig Norval, Coubro, (for) Liverpool
Sept 11— brig John, Smith, (for) Weymouth
Sept 11— bark Ross, Ewens, (for) Yarmouth
Sept 11— brig Jean, Innes, (for) Galway
Sept 12— brig Mary and Jane, Matches, (for) Liverpool
Sept 12— brig Pheodo, Mitchell, (for) Aberdeen
Sept 12— ship Home, Mitchell, (for) Liverpool
Sept 12— brig Maria, Cameron, (for) Liverpool
Sept 12— schooner Mosquito, Crawford, (for) London
Sept 12— brig Lively, Estell, (for) Ipswich
Sept 11— brig Brunswick, Blake, (for) London

In the Brunswick, for London, Major General Darling, lady and family.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday September 18th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 13 brig Friendship Young 02 July London   to —
Sept 14 brig Fenwick Irvison 27 July Limerick 15 settlers to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 14 ship William Shand Boswell 27 July Cork 3 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell
Sept 14 bark Volunteer Thompson 27 July Cork 12 settlers to J.S. Campbell
Sept 14 schooner Amelia Nouran 13 days Newfoundland   to W. Lampton / salmon &c.
Sept 14 brig Victoria Gregg 10 weeks Exeter   to W.& G. Pemberton / cordage
Sept 14 brig Henry Brougham Reigh 27 July Cork   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 14 brig George & Ann Carse 20 August Newfoundland   to William Budden / general cargo
Sept 14 brig Mary Catherine Bell 16 days New Brunswick   to H. Dubord / rum &c.
Sept 14 brig Southampton Tuzo 11 August Grenada   to J. Leaycraft / rum
Sept 15 brig Eleanor Potts 07 weeks Carmarthan   to George Symes & son / in ballast
Sept 15— ship Emperor Alexander, Davidson, (for) Belfast
Sept 15— ship William, Wood, (for) London
Sept 15— ship Huntley, Wilson, (for) Greenock
Sept 15— ship British Tar, Addison, (for) London

The Gore Gazette mentions that along Talbot Road and through the Long Point county, where-ever there is a mill dam, all the inhabitants for two or three miles around are suffering from fever — that in some families there are not enough persons in health, to attend upon the sick : while in neighbourhoods in which those fruitful sources of disease do not exist, the inhabitants are healthy. The fevers which have prevailed this season, it observes, are intermittent — degenerating in some cases, when neglected, or improperly treated, into typhus mitior — but generally they are light ; very few cases, in comparison with the aggregate number, having proved fatal.

The steam-boat John Molson, which arrived here yesterday afternoon, at ten minutes past five o'clock, left Quebec on the preceeding evening at half past eight o'clock, having performed the trip in twenty hours and forty minutes, the quickest run ever made up the St. Lawrence by any steam-boat without the aid of sails.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday September 22nd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 16 ship Priscilla Mitchell 04 August Cork 8 settlers to order / in ballast
Sept 17 brig Montcalm Royal 01 August Belfast   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 17 schooner Pilot   Bic    
Sept 17 bark Prince Chapman 25 July London   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
Sept 17 ship Suffolk Jackson 01 August Hull   to Irvine, McNaught & Co. / in ballast
Sept 17 ship Brilliant Barclay 02 August Liverpool   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
Sept 17 ship Latona Gellatley 02 August Lancaster   to W. Price & Co.
Sept 19 brig Romanoff Thompson 30 July Newcastle   to Charles Noyes & Co. / coals & glass
Sept 16— ship Clio, Hopper, (for) Limerick
Sept 16— bark Isabella, Kelty, (for) Liverpool
Sept 16— brig Hayle, Kane, (for) Belfast
Sept 16— brig Minerva, Scott, (for) Yarmouth
Sept 17— schooner Angelique, Graham, (for) Guysborough
Sept 17— brig John, Brown, (for) Liverpool
Sept 17— ship Lord Gambier, Taylor, (for) Newcastle
Sept 18— ship Kennesly Castle, Church / Crouch, (for) London
Sept 18— ship Robert Kerr, Boyd, (for) Liverpool
Sept 18— ship Lady Ridley, Scott, (for) Dublin
Sept 18— brig Lacavia / Lacovia, Bain, (for) Jamaica
Sept 18— schooner Marie Catherine, Boulanger, (for) Miramichi
Sept 18— schooner Flora, Lezotte, (for) Miramichi
Sept 19— brig Margaret, Smith, (for) Levin
Sept 19— schooner Two Brothers, Boudrot, (for) Arichat
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday September 25th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 21 brig Sophia John Neill 13 August Greenock   to G. Ross & Co. / general cargo
Sept 22 brig Anne Greig 25 July London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 23 brig Harmony Peart 01 August Newcastle   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 23 brigantine Catherine Dumontell 28 July Antigua   to P. Sheppard / rum & molasses
Sept 22— brig Cheviot, Mawson, (for) Sunderland
Sept 22— ship Margaret Pollock, Drysdale, (for) Greenock
Sept 22— brig Quebec Packet, Anderson, (for) Aberdeen
Sept 22— brig Matilda, Peitch, (for) Halifax
Sept 23— brig Kingston, Wood, (for) Liverpool
Sept 23— brig Amelia Matilda, Murdoch, (for) Liverpool
Sept 23— brig Providence, Riddell, (for) Aberystwith
Sept 23— schooner Wellington, Harting, (for) Newfoundland

Passengers in the Packet Ship Canada.— Temple Bowdain & servant ; Mrs. Morehead, David, William, Josiah and Ann Morehead ; Samuel, Lucy and Elizabeth Thompson ; John Musgrove ; Samuel Major ; Joseph Farrall ; Edward, Susan, Thomas, Alicia, Aaron and Maria Tuite ; Jane Clarke ; Thomas and Aaron Jessup ; Martin Toumy ; Ellen, Elizabeth and Robert Smith ; Thomas Ferns ; Henry Caswell ; Henry Ibbotson ; Jonathan Mann ; Colonel Burgess Camac of the British Army, and 18 in the steerage. The packet ship Birminghamshire arrived at Liverpool in 17 days.

On Tuesday morning, at 9 o'clock, the telgraphic signal was made at the Blockhouse, announcing that the Yacht Forte, Captain Miller, was in sight, having on board His Excellency Sir Thomas John Cochrane. The Forte came to anchor in the narrows, about 1 o'clock,— 30 days last from Falmouth,— and at half past 6 p.m. His Excellency left the vessel, in his barge, under a salute, accompanied on shore by Miss Cochrane, (His Excellency's daughter,) — her Governess and Capt. Bruce (Colonial Secretary, — all of whom came passengers with him — Lieut. Cols. Brooking) Dunscomb, Aide-de-camp in waiting and proceeded to the Ordinance Wharf where His Excellency landed under a salute of 19 guns from Fort Townshend, and was received by a Guard of Honour from the Royal Veteran Companies. We were happy to observe that His Excellency, after an absence of ten months from amongst us, appeared in excellent health and spirits — and evinced, by his urbanity and friendly manner to all who approached him, the pleasure and gratification which he felt at returning to the seat of his Government. The community were forward in proving their respect and attachment to His Excellency ; for we have seldom or never witnessed, on similar occasions, so large an assemblage of the inhabitants.— Royal Gazette
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday September 29th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 24 brig Hibernia Pollock 02 August Liverpool   to order / salt & goods
Sept 24 brig Grecian McVicker 31 July Liverpool   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 24 bark St. David Dale 20 July London 7 settlers to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Sept 24 brig Thetis Gorman 07 August Limerick 26 settlers to H. Gowen & Co. in ballast
Sept 25 brigantine John Bimner Scott 19 August Trinidad   to Mr. Thirlwall / molasses & sugar
Sept 26 ship Loyalist Colledge 16 August Tobago   to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / rum
Sept 26 brig Heroine Hall 05 August Cork   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
Sept 26 bark Adamant Brown 25 July London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Sept 26 brig Wilton Purdy 07 August Workington   to G. Symes & son / in ballast
Sept 26 brig Thetis Robinson 05 August Hull   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Sept 26 brig Catherine Fisher 03 August Irvine   to G. Ross & Co. / coals
Sept 27 bark Shallet Mason 16 August Liverpool   to G. Ross & Co. / coals | 2nd voyage
Sept 24— brig Commercial, Scott, (for) Poole
Sept 24— ship John Barry, Davidson, (for) London
Sept 24— schooner Mary, Cotton, (for) Miramichi
Sept 24— brig Enterprise / Enterprize, Terry, (for) Longport
Sept 25— ship Betsey, Mason, (for) Limerick
Sept 25— ship Jane, McClean, (for) Belfast
Sept 25— ship George the Fourth, Morgan, (for) Waterford
Sept 25— ship Governor Halket / Halkett, Stephenson, (for) Liverpool
Sept 26— ship Brothers, Motley, (for) London
Sept 26— brig Janet Izart, Crocker, (for) Liverpool
Sept 26— ship Princess Royal, Townsend, (for) Grenada
Sept 26— brig Spring Flower, Brown, (for) Padstow
Sept 26— brig Barrington, Henry, (for) Dublin

There lately died at St. Therese, Joseph Barbeau, about 90 years of age, who had for about three years coachman to GENERAL MONTCALM, whom he attended with saddle horses on the field of battle at the plains of ABRAHAM. He was born at Charlesbourg, near Quebec. He has left several great grandchildren and an aged widow, to whom he had been married for upwards of 60 years.

Sir Peregrine Maitland, having been transferred to the government of Nova Scotia, is to be succeeded by Sir John Colbourne, now Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey, who was formerly secretary to Sir John Moore, and distinguished as being the best light infantry officer in the British service.

At the Cork Assizes, on the 4th of August, Captain William Stewart of the Mary Russell, who it may be remembered, killed seven persons on board of his brig, when on its homeward voyage, was tried for the murder of one of the individuals, Captain Raynes. After a trial which lasted upwards of eight hours, the Jury retired, and in an hour and a half returned into Court with a verdict of " Guilty, but we consider him to have been in an insane state of mind at the time. " On their verdict being read, the Court would not receive it and directed the Jury to rectify it. Without retiring from the box, they then gave in a verdict of " Not Guilty, having committed the act when labouring under mental derangement. " The boy Rickards, who had assisted Captain Stewart, and had been confined in Bridewell, was then ordered to be discharged.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday October 2nd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 28 brig Emerald Leslie 14 August London   to H. Lemesurier & Co. | 2nd voyage.
Sept 29 brig Favourite Alexander Allan 22 August Greenock Mrs. Stewart, Miss Cowan, Miss A. Cowan, Mr. Cornish, Dr. Mathews, Mr. McFarland, Mr. Kerr and Mr. Grant |
30 settlers
to W. Price & Co. / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Sept 29 brig Hope Ramsden 09 July Limerick 60 settlers to P. Patterson / in ballast
Sept 29 bark Venus Vickary 31 July Bristol   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Sept 29 brig Enterprise Duncan 50 days Drogheda   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 29 brig Greenhow McKie / McKay 08 August Newry 21 settlers to P. Patterson / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Sept 29 bark Hannibal Dixon 01 August Liverpool 1 settler to Peniston & McGill / salt
Sept 29 brig Pastora Whitehead 03 August Wigton   to —
Sept 29 schooner L'Esperance Leneuf 20 days Halfax 2 settlers to H. Dubord / rum & sugar
Sept 29 ship Reward Roddom 14 August Liverpool   to Mr. Thirlwall / in ballast
Sept 29 brig Wallsend Watts 06 August Liverpool   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Sept 29 brig Endymion Garbutt 02 August Liverpool   to Peniston & McGill / in ballast
Sept 29 brig Trafalgar Christopherson 14 August Limerick   to order / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Sept 29 brig Cherub Miller 19 August Greenock   to R. Shaw / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Sept 29 brig Earl of Dalhousie Boyd 05 August Greenock   to William Price / general cargo | 2nd voyage
Sept 27— brig Andrew Nugent, Crangall / Crangle, (for) Liverpool
Sept 29— ship Two Brothers, McCracken, (for) Dublin
Sept 29— bark Hannah, Spence, (for) London
Sept 29— schooner Marie Catherine, Bell, (for) Halifax
Sept 29— ship William Sand, Boswell, (for) Cork

In the Columbia, 24th August from Plymouth arrived at New York 22nd Sept., Major Robert R. Loring 35 and lady, Anna Loring 25, of the English Army ; Mrs. Harriet Wells 30 and four children, Castine 7 (f), Frederick 6, Arthur 5 and Alfred 3, of York, U.C.. In the William, Captain Larmour, for Liverpool, James W. Armstrong Esq., of Kingston, U.C. and James Morris Esq., of Brockville, U.C.

The proprietors of the different Steam-boats that run between this city and Quebec, have entered into an arrangement for the purpose of raising the fares and freights to the former rates.

Steam Boat Accidents.
On Thursday evening last the John Molson steamer, on its voyage to this place, and the steam-boat Chambly, on its way to Quebec, ran foul of each other above Three Rivers. The latter has met with very serious injury, and was towed up to this place by the John Molson. The damage done the John Molson was trifling. At the time the accident happened, a boat which was lashed alongside of the Chambly, containing thirty oxen, was upset by the paddle wheel of the John Molson striking against it, and twelve of the oxen were drowned.
The Lady of the Lake, when on her voyage to this port on Saturday last, had her engine broken. She was found at anchor the next day by the Steam-boat New Swiftsure opposite Cape La Roche, where she had been about twenty four hours. her cargo and passengers were taken on board of the New Swiftsure, which towed her up as far as Batiscan, from whence the John Molson will bring her to Montreal.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday October 6th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 30 bark Town of Ross Keys 07 August Ross 15 settlers to James Black / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Sept 30 schooner Hertford Hoffman 23 days Halifax   to H. Dubord / Molasses & sugar
Oct 01 bark Urania Coltman 12 August Hull   to G. Symes & son / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Oct 02 schooner John Brown 28 days Brigus   to W. Budden / fish oil & skins
Oct 02 bark Clarkson Ward 12 August Hull 16 settlers to R. Methley / goods | 2nd voyage
Oct 02 bark Spence Morrough 01 August Sunderland 9 settlers to — / coals
Oct 02 bark Unity Fox 16 August Hull   to R. Methley / in ballast
Oct 02 ship Hope Boag 14 August Bristol   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Oct 02 bark Euphrosyne Taylor 10 August Limerick   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Oct 02 brig Asia Palmer 04 August Bristol   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Oct 02 brig Kelsick Wood Tullock 29 July Liverpool   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / coals & salt
Oct 02 bark Champion Knight 07 August Liverpool   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Oct 02 bark Stephen Wright Lodge 01 August Dublin   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Oct 04 brig Deveron McCawler 07 August Liverpool   to G. Ross & Co. / salt & coals
Oct 04 bark Heyden / Heydon Smith 13 August Falmouth 6 settlers to order / in ballast | 2nd voyage
Sept 30— bark Wilberforce, Dodds, (for) [Newry?]
Sept 30— brig Henry Brougham, Reigh, (for) Ross
Sept 30— bark Duchess of Richmond, McGlashan, (for) Greenock
Sept 30— bark Naparima, Anderson, (for) Dublin
Sept 30— schooner Polly, Cormier, (for) Newfoundland
Sept 30— brig Alexander, Errington, (for) London
Oct 01— bark Elizabeth, Bushell, (for) Liverpool
Oct 01— bark Thomas, Brown, (for) Belfast
Oct 01— bark Miriam and Jane, Wilson, (for) Newcastle
Oct 03— bark Albion, Isaac, (for) Cork
Oct 03— ship Brilliant, Barclay, (for) Aberdeen
Oct 03— brig Newcastle, R. Clay, (for) London
Oct 03— brig Montcalm, Royal, (for) Belfast
Oct 03— brig Liddle, R. Thompson, (for) Cork

In the 24th August Packet, Napolean from Liverpool, arrived at New York September 26, Mr. William H. Merritt 34, Agent to the Welland Canal Company [& Samuel Merritt 27]. In the Florida, 1st September Packet from Liverpool, arrived at New York October 2nd, Captain Anderson (William C. 37), lady (Mrs. Christian 29), two [sic] children (John Richard 7 ; George C. 6 ; Janet 4) and servants (Mary Satterwaite 19 & Ann Testy 25), of Quebec.

Shipping Intelligence.—
Thirty four vessels have arrived this season on the second voyage. The number in port on the second trip at the same time last year amounted to 75. Total of arrivals up to this time is 580, being 12 more than at the corresponding period of 1827.

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