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Ship Arrivals, Boston 1721

The following information is taken from The New England Courant, which was a Boston paper. Spelling is not what we use today. It appears to list the master's name first and is followed by the vessel name.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks
/ Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Boston The New England Courant, Aug. 7, 1721
  Westfield, July 19. Mr. Daniel Bagg from Albany reports, that there was lately been a great Fire at Quebeck, by which 150 Houses are laid in ashes.

Boston, August 5. His Excellency the Governour having issued out a Proclamation to make vessels perform Quarentine that come from France, &c. The following letter from a Physician at Aix (giving an Account of the Plague) may not be amiss.

The Contagious Distemper, which has become the Reproach of our Faculty here for above a Month past, is more violent than that at Marseilles; it breaks out in Carbuncles, Buboes, livid Blisters, and purple Spots; the first Symptoms are grievous, Pains in the Head, Consternation, wild Looks, a trembling Voice, a cadaverous Face, a coldness in all the extreme Parts, a low unequal Pulse, great Pains in the Stomach, Reactings to Vomit, and these are follow’d by Sleepiness, Deliriums, Convulsions, or Fluxes of Blood, the Forerunners of Sudden Death. In the Bodies that are opened, we find Gangrenous Inflammations in all the lower Parts of the Belly, Breast and Neck. Above fifty Persons have died every Day for three Weeks past in the Town and Hospitals. Most of them fall into a dreadful Phrenzy, so that we are forc’d to tie them.

Boston, Aug. 7. Entered Inwards.
Samuel Northey Sloop Sarah and Mary, Edward Limington Richard and Elizabeth, John Snoad, Scconer[sic] Ann & John Rows Sloop Speedwell from North Carolina, Rich. Foster Briganteen Adventure and Richard Thomas Briganteen Hauk [sic] from Surranam, Francis Fowles Snow George from Bristol, Joshua Pickman Pink Lark, and Willam [sic] Scot Ship Ea-gale [sic] from London, and Robert Butler Ship Margaret from the Isle of May.
Ships Cleared Out
John French Ship Barbadoes Merchant, and John Stevens for New Hampshire, John Sampson, Charles Whitfield, and James Cahoon for Newport, Peter Murdoch, and Jer. Attwater for Connecticut, John La Goss Sloop Tryal, & Francis Bignals Sloop Grayhound for Leward Islands, Jeremiah Owen for St. Christophers, William Mason Sloop Pelican for Maryland, Roger Dench and Peleg Dursie for Newfoundland, and Samuel Dolly for North Carolina.
Outward Bound
Thomas Elison Sloop Joseph for New-York, Joseph Farrington Ship John and Mary for Leward Islands, John Dauvergne Ship Durel for the Bay of Biscay, William Brocks Ship Sarah for West Indies, Nehem Done Sloop Mary Ann for Bardados, Joseph Bissel Sloop Dove for Annapolis-Royal, Mal. Salter Sloop Fisher? For North-Carolina, Robert Butler Ship Margaret for London.

Boston, August 2. On lait Thursday Morning sixty odd Soldiers went on Board the Transport from Castle William, being part of those Troops which were raised by the Government, to check the daring Insults and intended Hostilities of the eastern Indians, and by eleven at Noon they sailed from Nantasket. It is not doubted, but that they reached Arrowsick by the next Day in the Evening, the Wind blowing fresh at South-west and West South-west during that interval.

The whole Quota design’d for the Expedition will (in all likelyhood) be there in a few Days, and there is no question, but that (by the Blessing of God) such a Number of Troops, so well equipt and led by such Officers, will be more than sufficient to put a stop to the threatning [sic] Danger, and bring the Indians to our own Terms.

Nothing can be more grateful to those poor, affrighted Strangers in those Parts, than this well-timed Expedition, for it cannot be imagin’d with what Horrour and confusion those poor People were seized, when they received the cruel (but unexpected) Menaces of those treacherous Barbarians.

Arrived at the Port of Boston New England Courant, Aug 14-Aug 21, 1721
  Boston New-England, Aug. 10, 1721.
William Lowes Mariner, Master of the Ship Queen Ann Gally, who sailed from Cork in Ireland on the Twelfth Day of June last, bound for Patamuck in Virginai, Declareth and saith, That he was taken by a French Priate Ship on the Twelfth of July last, in the Latitude of Forty one Degrees, and fifty two Minutes. That the Pirate was burthen’d about Ninety Tuns, commanded by a French Man, whose Name the Declarant could not learn, nor the Name of the Ship. She had eighteen Guns mounted, and was manned with one hundred and fifty Men. This Declarant being commanded on board the Pirate Ship, he found there James Hearon Carpenter, and matthew Gilliat Mariner, both of White Haven in Great Britain, Persons reputed to be of sober and good Conversation, who acquainted this Declarant, that they belonged to the Ship Ciszer of White Haven, commanded by Capt. Matthew Piper, who sailed from Dublin in Ireland, bound for Virginia, and were taken by the said Pirates a few Days before this Declarant, and forced there against their Wills, and were kept as Prisoners on board the Pirate. They made their utmost Endeavours to get away from the Pirates with this Deponent, but were prevented; and often manifested their Dislike and Abhorrence of the evil and wicked Practices of such a Set of Men, who were an Enemy to Mankind.
William Lowes.

Suffolk, sc. Boston, 10th Aug. 1721.
William Lowes appeared before me the Subscriber, one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in said County, and made Oath to the Truth of this written Testimony or Declaration. Samuel Lynde.

The abovesaid Pirate broke open Capt. Lowes’s Hatches, took and carried away his Cargo, and the Ships Provisions, saving a very small Quantity; and broke the Ships Boat to Pieces, cut down her Mainmast, with all the Tackle and Apparel beloning [sic] thereunto, and cast them into the Sea. And after having kept the said Ship and her Company about sixteen Hours, gave her again to the said Master, and set them at Liberty in a disabled and ruinous Condition.

Boston, August 11. This Day sail’d the Honourable Col. Townfsend, Col. Wheelwright, Paul Dudley Esq. Col. Thaxter, and Col. Turner, in order to agree and settle Matters with those Indians that lately so threatened our New Settlements to the Eastward of Piscataqua.

On the 4th Inst. at Night were drowned going to Thomsons Island in a small sailing Boat, Mr. Hiskow, and a Young Man whose Name was Holland.

On the 8th Mr. Grice was drown’d near the Mill Pond.

And this Day Mr. Nathanael Parkman of this Place was accidentally kill’d at a Leather-Mill in Milton.

Custom-House Boston, Aug. 14. Entered Inwards
John Low from New-Hampshire, John Hedge from Connecticut, Jonathan Bayley from Long-Island, George Beard from Canso, James Nichols from Newport, Francis Vandike from New-York, John Fulker Sloop Marygold, and Abraham Fifield from Newfoundland, Joseph Foy Ship Pheasant from Antigua, Hugh Calder from Nevis, John Bulfinch Brig. Eagle from Barbadoes, Joseph Bosworth from Leguerry in New Spain, and George Barrow Sloop Potoumake from St. Martins.

Cleared Out
Ralph Ellingwood for New Hampshire, Tho. Ellison for New-York, Jonathan Rowse Sloop Speedwell, and Malachia Salter Sloop Fisher for North Carolinas, Joshua Benjamin Brig. William and Mary for Leward Islands, Joseph Biffell for Anapolis Royal, Nathanael Pain for Jamaica, and William Condy Ship Boston Merchant for Bristol.
Entered Out
Frances Brown for Connecticut, John Snoad and Edward Linnington for North Carolina, John Slater Ship Betty for Leverpool, & Benjamin Andrews Bark Hampton for Antigua.

London, June 13. The ingenious Mr. W----n has a Design to give the World a new Specimen of his Ingenuity, by publishing an Account of a Machine that will effectually preserve a Ship in a Storm; which if practicable, the World will certainly think, he deserves not only a Statue of Brass but of Gold.

Arrived at the Port of Boston New England Courant, Aug 21-Aug 28, 1721
  London, June 24. By a Sloop arrived from Bristol on Friday last, we have the following News from London. The Plague spreads in a deadful manner in Provence. Most of the Inhabitants at Toulon, Men, Women and Children, are dead; and they are in a most terrible Consternation in France, from the Apprehensions they are under, of its spreading all the Kingdom over.

The War between the Poles and the Turks is not yet actually begun, but the latter seem so much in earnest, that there is no doubt to be made, but that the next Post will bring an Account of their having entered upon Hostilities.

Philadelphia, Aug. 7. An Abstract of the Congress held the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of July 1721 at Conestogoe (an Indian Settlement about 70 Miles due West of Philadelphia) to treat of Alliance and Commerce between his Excellency Sir William Keeth Baronet, and several Gentlemen of the Council of Pensilvania, on the one side; and the Deputies of the five Nations, and other Indians, settled on the Sesquehannah, on the other side....

Boston, August 18. We hear from New York, that the French and Indians are building a Fort of 20 Guns near the Wood Creek; upon the News of which Governour Burnet had commanded 300 Men to march in order to prevent the said Fort’s being built.

About the end of July last arrived at Charlstown in South Carolina, Capt. Martin in his Majesty’s Ship Blanford for that Station, to relieve the Fla??rough who was to sail for England in a few Days after. There is likewise an Account of General Nicholson’s ordering a Fort to be built within 60 Miles of Fort St. Augustine.

Custom-House, Boston, August 21. Entered Inwards
Daniel Jackson and Stephen Fields from New Hampshire, Obadiah Storton Brig. Paramarabo, William Russel Sloop Mary, Ezekiel Cheeovr Brig. Three Brothers from Surranam, William Warden Sloop Glasgo from South Carolina, Sam? Harris Sloop Sarah and Rebecca from Antigua, Sam. Whitereed Ship 5 Sisters from Leguerre, Thadeus Maceartey Brig. Success from Jamaica, Alexander Forthsyth Ship Experiment from St. Christophers, William Webber Ship Eagle from New Castle, James New the Ship Levitt, and Robert Grimsby Sloop Thankful from Bristol.
Cleared Out, Jonathan Bayly for Long Island, John Hedge for Connecticut, John Snoad Scooner Ann and Francis, Edw. Linnington Sloop Rich. & Eliz. For North Carolina, Edmund Robinson Brig. Swift for South Carolins, John Bret Ship Sarah, Nehemiah Done Sloop Mary for Barbadoes.
Cleared Out, Francis Brown for Connecticut, Francis Vandyke Sloop Tryal for New York, William Scot Ship Eagle for Portugal, Hugh Kerr Ship Prince Frederick for London.

In the Declaration of Capt. Lowes in our last, for James Hearson, read James Fearon.

Arrived at the Port of Boston New England Courant, Aug 28-Sept 4, 1721
  Newport Rhode-Island, August 17. On Saturday last arrived here from Barbadoes Capt. Isaac Barker, who informs, That Capt. James Chase in a Sloop belonging to this Place, was taken by a Pirate Ship in the Latitude of Bermudas, who took away all his salt Provisions and all his Sheep except six, stript the Men and took all their Cloaths, and forc’d his Mate and two of his Hands away with them, but gave him his Sloop, Horses and Hay again. Capt Chase understood they were bound towards Newfoundland.

Boston, August 28. Yesterday Morning returned the Commissioners appointed to treat with the Indians to the Eastward of Piscataqua. The Body of Indians did not appear, but sent several Messages to them; the Particulars of which we have not yet heard.

Custom-House Boston, Aug. 28
Robert Stone & Eleazer Johnson from New Hampshire, John Bradick Sloop Revenge from New York, John Ball Sloop John and Elizabeth from South Carolina, John Vaughan Sloop Samuel from Nevis, Richard Durfey Sloop Endeavour from Jamaica,
Cleared Out
James Newthe and Daniel Jackson for New Hampshire, Robert Gamsby Sloop Thankful for Connecticut, Joseph Farringdon Ship John and Mary for Jamaica, John Slaughter Ship Betty Gally for Leverpoole[sic].
Outward Bound
Edward Crust Sloop Abigail, Joseph Foye Ship Pheasant, and Walter Baker Brig. Swan for West Indies, Thomas Ball Scooner Hope for Virginia, James Arnold Sloop Marygold for Newfoundland, Thomas Foster Sloop Mary for Leward Islands.

Boston, August 26. On Wendesday [sic] last the 3d Currant, the General Assembly met at the George Tavern near Roxbury; and John Clark Esq; was chosen Speaker of the House, and Mr. William Pain Clerk.

London, June 24. We hear that a large Lead Mine has been lately discovered in Cornwall, which produces the finest Oar, and will prove the richest Mine of that kind in England.

The Gentlemen concerned in the Trade to Bremen and Verden, have purchased several of those Water Engines that are work’d by Fire, to drain the Mines in those Parts.

The Famous Machine, Orrery, bought by the India Company for 800l. which shews the Motions of the Heavenly Bodies, according to Copernicus’s System, for a Present to the Great Mogul, has been put in Order, and is to perform it’s several Motions before the Directors of the said Company some Day next Week.

Custom-House Boston, Sept. 4. Entered Inwards
Ralph Ellingwood, Thomas Cox, John Stevens, Jonathan Hudson, Mich. Bowden, John Prince and Thomas Millet from New Hampshire, Jonah Gross, Samuel Cornwell, Daniel Wair from Connecticut, Elias Wair Sloop Elizabeth and Hannah from Philadelphia, Job Chamberlain Sloop Martha from North Carolinas, Arnout Schermerhoorn Sloop Speedwell from New York, Joseph Kidder Brig. Thistle from Newfoundland, Thomas Lathrop Sloop Nathaniel from Madera, Peter King Ship Mary, John Fuller Ship Mayflower, Joseph Turel Ship Goodhope, William Fletcher Sloop Tryal, Thomas Burrington Ship Francis all from Barbadoes, Joseph Balch Sloop Success, and Thomas Barber Sloop Lydia from Montserrat, Joseph Grant Brigantine Rebecca from St. Christophers, Elias Jarvis Brigantine George from St. Thomas, Joseph Minot Ship Martha Galley from London.
Cleared Out
Richard Guillam Snow Sterling, Ralph Ellingwood, and Thomas Stevens for New Hamshire, Richard Durfey for Newport, John Stanley for Canso, Francis Vandyke, and John Rall for New York, Thomas Bell Scooner Hope for Virginia, James Arnall Sloop Marygold, and George Beard Sloop Elizabeth and Abigail for Newfoundland, James Nichols Scooner Abigail for North Carolina, George Barrow Sloop Potowmake for Leward Island, Benjamin Andrews Barque Hampton for Jamaica.
Outward Bound
Jonah Gross, and Charles Vancliffe for Long Island, Arnout Schermerhoorn for New York John Alden for Annapolis Royal, Ezekiel Cheever Briganteen Three Brothers for Surtanam, Thomas Lathrop for South Carolina, James Moody Brig. Success for Madera, Samuel Woodbury Ship Robert, Jacob Booker Brigantine Adventure, Francis Baker Brigantine Consent for West Indies.

Philadelphia, Aug. 24. On the 12th of this Instant arrived in the River Sassafras in Maryland, the Ship Ciszer, Mathew Piper Master from Dublin, which said Master in his Letter to a Correspondent in this Place, (confirmed by some Passengers and Servants who are come up to Philadelphia, from the said Ship) Declares, That on the 15th Day of July last, they were taken by a Spanish Pirate, in a Bristol built Gally of 16 Guns and about an hundred Men, of divers Nations, in the Latitude between 38 and 39 Degrees, about 200 Leagues from the Capes of Virginia, by whom they were most barbarously used without any Provocation; and that the following Persons were compelled to go with them, viz. Henry Piper chief Mate, Mathew Gilliat second Mate, James Fearon[should have been Hearson] Carpenter, and Richard Lampreye or Lampriere a Passenger; of which this Publick Notice is given, to the end that in case the said Pirate should be taken or come ashore with the said Persons, or any of them, it may be known that they were forced on board the said Pirate Ship.

They also report, that she had some time before met with an English Ship, which fought them about two Hours, and kill’d and wounded several of their Men, which very much inrag’d them, and at last the English Ship was forc’d to surrender; and when the Pirate boarded her, they immediately hanged up Sixteen of said Ships Company at the Yard Arm. They forced some of said Company with them, whose Names we cannot learn, nor what Ship, or from what part of England she came.

Custom House Rhode-Island, Sept. 1. Entered Inwards
James Holmes from Antigua, William Cooggeshill from Jamaica, John Low from Barbadoes.
Cleared Outwards
Edward Cain for Ryan, Peleg Sandford for Maderas, James Cahoone for Philadelphia.
Outward Bound
James Coden for New York, Joseph Rhodes for Leward Islands.

London, June 24.
We hear from Jamaica, that Capt. Jonathan Barnet, in the Eagle, continues Cruising on that Coast; and the Treasury not being able to fit out another Sloop, pursuant to an Act of the Assembly; Capt. Margaratty in the Revenge, was fitting out at the private Expence of Edmund Kelly, Esq; His Majesty’s Attorney General, Col. James Heywood, William Norris Esq; and William Heyman Merchant, to cruise after Brown and Winter, two notorious Pirates, who infest that Coast.

At the late Sale of Tea at the East-India House, the Bohez[?] was sold at Eleven Shillings per Pound, & the Green at Eight Saillings [sic] per Pound, which Commodities its expected will be still cheaper.

We have Advice, that the Preliminaries of a Peace between the Czar and the King of Sweden are agreed to, but not signed, though this wants Confirmation.

On Thursday a Yatch,[sic] Capt. Charles Molloy, Commander, set Sail for Holland, having on Board in his return Home, the Hereditary Prince of Baden-Durlach.

Arrived at the Port of Boston New England Courant, Sept. 18-Sept 25, 1721
  London, June 10. They write from Lima (the Capital of Peru) that from Bernos Ayres, to the Town of Cusco, there hath reigned an Epidemical Disease among among [sic] the Natives of the Country, to such a Degree, that at least a hundred and fifty thousand have died of it in the space of three or four Months.

By Letters from Barbadoes of August 5th, we hear, that a Vessel arrived there from London reports that the Lord Bellhaven was to set sail soon after them. We also hear that a Pirate Ship of 24 Guns which came from the Coast of Guinea, lay to Wind ward of that Island, and had taken a Brigantine bound thither from Boston, but took nothing from them but some Provisions.

Custom-House Rhode Island, Sept. 18.
Keeling from Antigua, Newton from St. Christophers, Davis from from [sic] NewHampshire, Vandike from Boston, Chace from Barbadoes.
Cleared Outward
Bryant for Barbadoes.
Outward Bound
Dursee for Jaimaica, Pennicot for Madera and Cooke for Leward Islands.

Boston, Sept. 11. The Indian Hostages who made their escape from Castle William on Tuesday Night last, have been since taken at Concord, and were brought to Town on Saturday. When they were pursu’d, one of them took to a River, and was fir’d upon twice, and wounded in the Face and Back before he swam ashore.

Italy–Leghorn, May 30. An English Ship arrived here on the 24th Instant from Alexandria, bringing Letters of the 4th April from Cairo, which say, that 18 Ships from Cidda were arrived at Suex, and that 9 others were expected, laden with Coffee and other Merchandize. That the Troubles in Grand Cairo continue. That the Partizans of the Emit Agi have gotten the Power into their Hands and deposed the Bashaw; and that an Account of those Proceedings has been transmitted to the Port, together with Accusations against the deposed Bashaw.
Arrived at the Port of Boston New England Courant, Oct. 2-Oct 9, 1721
  Custom-House Boston, September 25
Entered Inwards
Ellingwood from New Hampshire, Ferguson and Painter from Philadelphia, Miller from Newfoundland, Winnet from Anapolis Royal, Bedgood from Jamaica, Haynes from Leverpool, [sic] Bulkley from New Castle, and Atkins from London.
Cleared Out
Cromwell for Connecticut, Thomas for Surranam, Moody for Madera, King for Barbadoes, Booker for Jamaica, Kerr, Charrot and Williams for London.
Outward Bound
Messervie, Burrington, Burnton, Freyth and Beal for West Indies, Bartlet for Pensilvania, Vaughn for Nevis, Bulfinch and Cox for Barbadoes, and Holmes for Madera.

Newport, Sept. 29. Entered Inwards
Clark from St. Martins, and Sanford from Newfoundland.
Cleared Out
Rhodes for Leward Islands, Durfey and Brown for Jamaica, Burn for Barbadoes, Tupper for N. Hampshire, & Coden for N.York.
Outward Bound
Green for Leward Islands, and Johnson for Bermudas.

Arrived at the Port of Boston New England Courant, Oct. 9-Oct 16, 1721
  Newport Rhode-Island, October 6. They write from New York, that a Pamphlet has lately been publish’d and given gratis at Pensilvania, representing the Hardships they labour under in that Province for want of a Medium of Exchange, the Silver (which is their running Cash) being most of it sent Home for Returns; and the Merchants of Great Britain who trade thither, finding their Hopes at an End of getting Silver for their Goods, have given Orders from their Gold. To relieve them under their present Difficulties, the said Pamphlet recommends the raising and manufacturing of Hemp, and shipping it off for Great Britain. And ‘tis said the Palatines lately settled in those Parts, have found such great Benefit by raising this Commodity, that the Report of it seems almost incredible.
Custom-House Newport, Entered Inwards
Tillinghaft from Surranam, Pease from London, and Coffin from Nantucket
Cleared Out.
Mitchell for Antigua, Brewer for Surranam, Parsons for Leward islands, and Coffin for Nantucket.
Outward Bound
Draper for Surranam, Fowler for South Carolina, Martindale for Leward Islands, Dickinson for St. Kitts, Sanford for Bahamas, and Tillinghaft for Jamaica.

Boston, Octob. 9–By Direction of the Select Men of the Town of Boston, on the latter end of last Week the several Clerks of the Train-Bands made a Strict Enquiry at all the Houses within their respective Beat, of the Number of Persons that have been visited with the Small Pox, since its first coming into Town in April last to the Sixth Instant, by which it appears that Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Seven Persons, have been and are sick of that Distemper, of which One Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Nine, have for some time past been recovered; and of the Number now sick, many the Distemper has past the Height upon, and others in a hopeful Way of Recovery; and by the Favour of God, but Two Hundred and Three Persons buried, viz. One Hundred Seventy Four Whites, Fourteen Indians, and Fifteen Negroes.


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