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Cattle Boat Arrivals - Port of Quebec - 1884

The following is extracted from the Sessional Papers, Government of Canada, 48 Victoria (8) 1885 and lists the ships arriving carrying cattle. The cattle were placed in quarantine and thus the list. (The destinations for the cattle are of interest as many were on their way to the US mid-west.) Many people report that their families came to Canada on a "cattle boat" but there are only a few of these vessels listed as carrying passengers. Many of these ships were of the Donaldson Line and the Dominion Line with only a few from the Allan Line. Of the three lines, the Dominion Line was more likely to carry both passengers and cattle. Although the Helvetia did bring passengers in 1884 she did not bring them on the voyage listed below. The Grecian of June 5; Norwegian of June 25; Nestorian of August 29; Lake Nepigon of September 16 and Brooklyn of November 4; Buenos Ayrean of October 11-12, all had passengers onboard.

Date of Arrival Steamer Line Sailing From Name of Owners Residence Date of Sailing Date of Discharge
Apr 17 Montreal Dominion Liverpool Homes & Vaughan England Jan 5 April 8
May 4 Mississippi do do Hon J.H. Pope Cookshire April 19 July 17
do do do do Green Bros Innerkip, Ont do do
do do do do E. Price Williamsville, Ill do do
do do do do M. Hastings Chicago, Ill do July 24
do do do do Geo. Leigh Beecher, Ill do do
do do do do T.J. Lewis Odebott, Iowa do Aug 12
May 14 Colina Donaldson Glasgow R. Telburn Emerald Grove, Wis May 1 Aug 30
June 4 Oxenholme ----- Liverpool Ont. Agricul. College ----- May 22 Aug 25
do do Donaldson do A. Banantyne Stratford do do
do do do do Dawes & Co Lachine, Que do Aug 26
do do do do H.B. Sharman Stratford, Ont do do
do do do do McKay & Drew Oshawa, Ont do do
June 5 Grecian Allan Glasgow J.J. Davidson Balsam, Ont May 26 Aug 25
June 11 Helvetia White Cross Antwerp Geo. E. Brown Aurora, Ill do Aug 30
June 12 Concordia Donaldson Glasgow J. Drummond Petite Côté, Que June 2 Aug 31
June 25 Norwegian Allan do J. McFarlane Clinton, Ont June 12 Sept 9
July 15 Grecian do do G. Simpson Kansas City July 5 Oct 3
Aug 3 Helvetia White Cross Antwerp George E. Brown Aurora, Ill July 17 Oct 17
Aug 6 Texas Dominion Liverpool Hon. J.H. Pope Cookshire, Que July 25 Oct 22
do do do do Homes & Vaughan England do Oct 27
do do do do R.H. Allen New York do do
do do do do W. Murray Chesterfield, Ont do do
do do do do R. Gibson Delaware, Ont do do
do do do do H.Y. Attrill Goderich, Ont do do
do do do do Geo. Leigh Beecher, Ill do Oct 20
do do do do T.J. Lewis Odebott, Iowa do Nov 8
do do do do H.C. Burleigh Holiwell, Me do Oct 20
do do do do do do do do
Aug 10 Oxenholme ----- do A. Bessel & Son New York July 30 Oct 27
do do Dominion do A. Johnston Pickering, Ont do do
Aug 13 Corean Allan Glasgow J. Fisher London, Ont Aug 1 Oct 28
do do do do Hon D.A. Smith Silver Height, Man do do
Sept 10 Manitoban do do J. Buchanan Cedar Rapid, Iowa Aug 31 Nov 29
Sept 16 Lake Nipigon Beaver Liverpool Daines & Co Lachine, Que Sept 4 Dec 2
do do do do --- Murray Montreal do do
Sept 17 Ontario Dominion do George Leigh Beecher, Ill Sept 6 Dec 1
do do do do H.E. Youman Indiola, Iowa do do
do do do do L. Hastings Chicago, Ill do do
Oct 2 Siberian Allan Glasgow J.T. Davidson Balsam, Ont Sept 19 Dec 17
do do do do J. Dryden Brooklyn, Ont do do
Oct 12 Buenos Ayrean do do T. Russell Exeter, Ont Sept 25 Dec 23
do do do do J. Redmond Peterboro', Ont do do
do do do do A. Johnston Pickering, Ont do do
Oct 13 Montreal Dominion Liverpool -- Deekin Woodlanville, Mo Oct 2 Dec 31
Oct 15 Lucerne Allan London B.B. Lord Sinclairville, Mo do do
Nov 4 Brooklyn Dominion Liverpool E. Price Williamsville, Ill Oct 23 Jan 20
do do do do George A. Fowler St. Mary's, Kansas do do
do do do do R. Gibson Delaware, Ont do do
do do do do H.Y. Attrill Goderich, Ont do do
do do do do G. Beatie Markham, Ont do do
May 4 Mississippi Dominion Liverpool Green Bros Innerkip, Ont   May 15
do do do do George Leigh Beecher, Ill   do
June 4 Oxenholme do do Ont. Agricultural College -----   Aug 25
June 25 Norwegian Allan Glasgow J. McFarlane Clinton, Ont   July 6
Aug 10 Oxenholme do Liverpool Cochrane Ranch Co North-West Territory   Aug 27
Aug 11 do do do J. Glenny Guelph, Ont   Aug 24
do do do do R. Marsh Richmond Hill, Ont   do
do Sardinian do do W.D. Russel Sunnydale, Ont   Aug 25
Aug 12 Lake Winnipeg Beaver do J. Main Boyne, Ont   Aug 23
Aug 13 Corean Allan Glasgow Crest Bros Washington, Ill   Aug 30
Aug 17 Lake Manitoba Beaver Liverpool A.J. Danford do   do
do do do do W.W. Pritchard Delaware, Ohio   Aug 27
Aug 29 Nestorian Allan Glasgow R. Marsh Richmond Hill, O   Sept 5
do do do do C. Hill & Sons Deleware, Ohio   do
do do do do Privet & Thompson Greensbury, Ind   do
Sept 3 Buenos Ayrean do do Q. Dryden Brooklyn, Ont   Sept 11
Sept 11 Ontario Dominion Liverpool -- Stanford Markham, Ont   Sept 17
do do do do George Geary London, Ont   do
do do do do W. McPherson Prince Edward Island   Oct 7
Oct 13 Montreal do do D. McCarthy Toronto, Ont   Oct 16
Nov 11 Ontario do do H.Y. Attrill Goderich, Ont   Nov 19

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