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contributed by Jean Prendergast of Cork Ancestors

1765 - 1768


Found in a search of the ‘Corke Journal’ and ‘Cork Evening Post’ of 1764-68, the following are the advertisements for passage and freight to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia from Cork harbour. The ships left from Cove (modern Cobh, formerly Queenstown) and Passage West in the lower harbour. The advertisements did not appear in the 'Corke Journal' or 'Cork Evening Post' of 1763 and 1764.
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CJ – Corke Journal. CEP – Cork Evening Post


For NEWFOUNDLAND, - THE St. Patrick Brig, DANIEL DONOVAN, Master, a prime sailor burthen about 70 Tons, will sail about the 10th of April for said Place. Whoever wants Passage, may apply to said Master, or George Waters, living on the Coal-quay [Cork city]. – N.B. The Vessel, now at the Custom house-quay [now Emmet Place], Corke, goes down to Passage the next Springs. (CJ April 1765)

For HARBOUR GRACE, - In Newfoundland, - THE Hannah and Lydia Schooner, JOHN COLLINS, Master, burthen 70 Tons, a new stout Vessel, and remarkable fast Sailor, is now fitting out, and will be ready to sail the 15th of April at farthest. All Persons who want Passage, may rely on the best Accommodations of every kind, and the Kindest Treatment from the Captain. Application to be made to Captain Collins, at his House in Cove, or to Mr. Timothy Hurly, on the Coal-quay [Cork]. – N.B. As this Vessel is designed entirely for the Newfoundland Trade, all Persons who live convenient to the Port of Corke, may depend on an early Passage every Season. (CJ April 1765)


For HALLIFAX in NOVA-SCOTIA, - THE CHANCE of Liverpool, ARCHIBALD BROWN, Master, is daily expected. Whoever wants Passage to said Place, may apply to Christopher Carleton, who has a parcel of Barbadoes RUM to dispose of. (CJ March 1766)

For Trinity in NEWFOUNDLAND, - THE Ship, AMY, OLIVER FRAMPTON, Master, a compleat Vessel for Passengers, now lying at Passage, will sail the latter end of this Month at farthest: All Persons that chuse to take their Passage in said Vessel, are desired to apply to William Rickotts, near the Custom-house [Cork], or to Capt. Oliver Frampton, on board. (CJ March 1766)

For the most Flourishing parts in NEWFOUNDLAND, - THE Ship HYBERNIA, Roger Nealen, Master, burden two hundred tuns, will be ready to sail from Cork the latter end of this Month: All such as chuse to take their Passage in said Ship, are desired to give their names to William Rickotts, near the Custom-house [Cork], as well as all Fishermen and others who are engaged to serve Mr. JEREMIAH COGHLAN, the ensuing season. (CJ March 1766)

For CARBONEER, in Newfoundland. – THE Ship FRANCIS and ELIZABETH of Cork, (150 Tons) WILLIAM O BRIEN, Master, will part the beginning of April, a new Ship and well accommodated. For Freight or Passage apply to FRANCIS GOOLD or said Capt. at his house near the old Drawbridge, Cork. Passengers may depend on good usage. (CJ March 1766)

FISHERMEN, - wanted for the Island of CAPE-BRETON, in the Province of HALLIFAX: - CAPTAIN Peter Ramsey of the Nancy, Schooner of Louisbourgh, wants some Labouring Men to serve in the above Occupation, at the beforementioned Province. He will give them good Encouragement on Indenting themselves for two Summers and one Winter. Persons inclined to try their Fortunes are desired to apply to the Captain, at the Liverpool Arms, before the Expiration of ten days. – N.B. The Nancy will take Passengers for Louisbourgh. (CJ April 1766)

For the Flourishing City of HALLIFAX, in Nova Scotia – The WILMOT of Hallifax, JONATHAN MOAKUM, Commander, a new Ship burden 100 Tuns, is expected in fourteen days, and will sail directly; Tradesmen in particular and all other Persons who are willing to try their fortunes, will meet with great encouragement by applying to the Capt. on his arrival in the Liverpool Arms, or to Mr. Palms Westropp, Merchant at Cork. (CJ April 1766)


For Hallifax in Nova-Scotia, - THE Brig Chance of Liverpool, Samuel Sidebotham, Master, is expected here about the middle of this month, properly accommodated for taking passengers and servants. For further particulars apply to George Newsom. (CEP April 1767)

For Trinity in Newfoundland, - the Brigantine Amy, Edward Duheaume, master, will be ready to sail in five or six days, and will take forty or fifty passengers. For further particulars apply to William Rickotts near the Custom-house [Cork], or to the Captain on board the Vessel, at Passage (CEP April 1767)

To be sold, the one fourth of a large Snow three years old, American built, burthen about 156 tons, formerly the property of Capt. Patrick Dee, deceased, now lying in the harbour of Youghal (ready to sail for Newfoundland with Passengers) together with the ¼ of Boats and Shallops and every other material that belong to her in Trinity, Newfoundland; any person inclined to purchase the ¼ of said Vessel and materials, can get a more particular account by applying to Thomas Shea of Youghal, Cooper. – N.B. Time will be given if required for the money (CEP April 1767)

For Fogo in Newfoundland, - the Brigantine Princess Royal burthen 150 tuns, John Broomly master, will positively sail by the 23d inst. Those who chuse to take their passage on her, may apply to Edmund and James Barrett in Cork; all fishermen and others engaged by Mr. Jeremiah Coghlan are desired by him to proceed to Newfoundland in said vessel (CEP April 1767)

For Hallifax in Nova Scotia, - the Snow LOVELY BETSY, burthen 140 tuns, Thomas Richardson master, a fine new Vessel and a prime Sailor, having made her first voyage in 21 days from Hallifax to Cork, is daily expected here and will be ready to sail immediately after her arrival; and will take in freight and passengers for Hallifax, and passengers and redemptioners for Boston, New York or Philadelphia. Good encouragement will be given to tradesmen, particularly ship-wrights and smiths and to a tanner that can be well recommended for skill and sobriety. Application to be made to Mr. Joseph Austen on Collector’s Lane [Cork], and after the Snow’s arrival to Richard Cunningham, jun., at the widow Austen’s in Paul-street [Cork], or to the said Master at Cove. [Later a, in May, for the same ship advertises the burthen as 150 tons and applications to be made to George Piersy & Company] (CEP April 1767)

Wanted for Newfoundland, - a few fishermen, who will meet with proper encouragement by applying to William Willcocks, in Bowling-green-street [Cork], near the old-draw-bridge. (CEP May 1767)

For Hallifax and Boston – The Sea Flower of Boston, Robert M’Cordy, Master, 150 tuns burthen, is hourly expected from Milford, and will sail in a week after her arrival. For freight or passage apply to Devonsheir and Strettell. (CEP Sept 1767)


For CARBONEER AND HARBOUR GRACE, Newfoundland – the Brig Hannah and Lydia, 80 tons, John Collins, Master………(CEP April 1768)


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