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New York Times 1856

Ship Arrivals, Passenger Names and New Items, as reported in the New York Times.
This is going to be a long work in progress because of the volume of material. Many thanks to Diane McClay who is tirelessly transcribing these for us. Each issue contains some interesting advertisements for ships about to sail eastbound or for the south. For interest, we have included some here.
See also—ALL 1856 Ship Arrivals from M1066 by Shipnames— for New York City arrivals on Tony Cimorelli's website.

&c. = etc. (etcetera)
c. = cargo
do. = ditto
ldg. = loading
mdse. = merchandise

Tuesday, May 20, 1856, page 8
Passengers Arrived In the steamship, Cahawba, from New Orleans and Havana:
Mrs. John Thomas; Mrs. H. D. McGinniss; Mrs. Mountfort and servant; Miss Laura Mountfort; P. Forshay; Mrs. E. N. Wilkins; B. Hottenfuth; J. M. Gales; Miss S. Holms; J. A. Warner; S. C. Prothero; J. Rivins; A.B. Adams and lady; Mrs. Foley, 2 children and servant; W. B. Conger, lady, 2 children and servant; H. Muller; Thomas M. Curtis; Mrs. Woodside; H. H. Farr; Mrs. Allen; C. G. Barney; T. W. Phelps; Miss S. Johnson; Miss A. Woolsey; M. T. Scott; J. Farnham; Mrs. Corbutt; Mrs. Chandler; Mr. Wig, lady, child, and servant; Mrs. Clason, child, and servant; Mrs. R. Swaine and son; Miss Cushing; W. Murhard; W. Baily; Mr. Potter, and daughter; J. B. Toni; T. Ozmond; J. Siguno; M. Geladus; Antonia Haro; M. Sayo; Mrs. J. Burbeck and son; Mrs. S. Croff; J. Perrot and son; D. Urquolu; Jose Picolita and lady; F. Winsted; P. Torcadu; G. Torcadu; Antonio Belton; Jose Oragonais; Jose Plu; Carlos Torris; A. Unqurino; Mr. Christie, lady, 3 children and servant; Mr. Sanvis, lady and 6 daughters; Dr. Moul; E. Moul, lady, child, and servant; John Skiddy; Mrs. F. Skiddy; Miss M. Skiddy; Louis Avict; G. Garcia; S. M. Conly; S. W. Johnson; Mrs. B. Burtin; Capt. Crockett; C. F. Sargeant; Miss M. F. Chambers; J. R. Chambers; S. Mendelsohn; J. D. Eisenman; Miss E. Blake; Miss J. Woodword; Mrs. M. J. Boyd and suite; Mrs. L. C. Hudson; Mrs. E. Ingraham; Miss Ingraham; Miss A. Peters; R. B. H. Shepard; H. Shepard; C. H. Tolmes; J. Portagas; J. A. Peroda; Mrs. Sofford; Mrs. Stockman; Mrs. Cummings; Mr. Bassett and lady, suite, and child; Mrs. G. Leap, child and nurse; Mrs. Chapean and friend; Julio Bortorini; Manuel Viller and five brothers; J. J. Dias; Jose Borcollas; J. Del Avisel; F. A. Lubing; J. Sante Moria; O. Porturondo; F. Melindes; A. Saunn; H. P. Ford; Mr. Haslin; R. A. Tucker; A. Vidal; J. F. Gillis; Mr. Dongig; Mr. Brune; Mr. Villigas; C. Wright; Mr. Bonili.
In ship Fleetwing, from Whampoa:
Dr. J. F. Mason; U. S. N. Lieut. W. B. Whiting, U. S. N.
Miniature Almanac This Day
Sun rises- 4:39 Sun sets- 7:14 Moon sets-8: 23
High Water This Day
Sandy Hook- 6:27 Gov. Island- 9:12 Hell Gate- 10:53
Marine Intelligence
Cleared - New York Monday, May 19, 1856

Glad Tidings, Nelson, New Orleans, Wm. Nelson Son
Lucy Thompson, Pendleton, Liverpool, Samuel Thompson’s Nephew’s
Liberty, Atkins, New Orleans, Stanton & Thompson
Germania, Higgins, Havre, Wm. Whitlock, Jr.
Robena, (clipper), Barlett, London, Dunham & Dimon

Ida Raynes, Sanders, Porto Cabello, Agreda, Joye & Co.
Caura, Kippen, Lisbon, Gomez, Wallis & Co.
D. Webster, (Br.), Campbell, [blank, no name], N. F. A. Leary

Ellicott, Kingsland, Baltimore, Mailler, Lord & Querean
D. H. Warner, Harman, Charleston, McCready, Mott & Co.
Mist, Dissosway, Norfolk, Sturges, Clearman & Co.
Arctic, Critchett, Georgetown, Merrill & Abbott
W. H. Howard, Thayer, Key West, McCready, Mott & Co.
Ann and Susan, Myers, Charleston, Dollner & Potter
D. Babsy, Terry, Nassau, Jas. Evans
Jas. T. Boyd, Matthews, B. Blossom & Son
Trent, (Br.), Roberts, Abacoa, C. Ackerley
E. D. Chase, Thurston, San Juan, Nicmaster
S. Rankins, Murphy, Salem, R. W. Ropes & Co.
A. Field, Philli[?], [smudged]
W. C. Mershon, Graham, New Orleans, [smudged]
Liverpool, (Br.), Albrey, [Harbor Island], [smudged]
B. Watson, Robinson, Savannah, [Seranton & Tallman]

Marine, Faul[???], Baltimore, W. H. Thompson

Arrivals - New York Monday, May 19, 1856
Ship / Rig
From / When
Consigned / Cargo
Nashville, steamship Berry 50 hours from Charleston with mdse and passengers, to Spofford, Tileston & Co. Came over the Bar in company with ship, Switzerland, for Havre; Sunday, 4 P. M., signalized steamship, Keystone State, bound to Savannah; 7:25 P. M. signalized steamship, Jas. Adger, for Charleston; 7:50 P. M. signalized steamship, Florida, for Savannah; and at 9:30 P. M. passed steamship, Granada, for Havana. Stopped of the Hook at [?] P. M., on account of a thick fog.
Cahawba, steamship Bullock New Orleans and Havana with mdse and passengers to Livingston, Crocheron & Co.  
Nightingale, ship (clipper) Mather Shanghae, Feb. 21 Passed Anjier, March 5, Cape of Good Hope; April 6, crossed the Equator; May [?] with teas, and c. to master March 3, Gasper Island, S. W. 50 miles, spoke Br. ship, Rock City, from Shanghae for New York. Also, Br. ship, Ellen, with loss of mainyard; April 2, lat 32 31, lon 25 58, spoke ship, North American, from Calcutta, for London; April 4, lat 35 [3], lon [25] 58, spoke ship, Talma, from Calcutta for Liverpool; April [?], spoke whaling bark,Clara Hill, on a cruise; April 21 spoke whaling bark, Hannah Brewer, on a cruise.
Alboni, ship (clipper) Barnaby Shanghae Feb 1 with teas & c. to J. S. Bishop March 28 lat 35 2 [?] S. lon 23 E., spoke Br. ship, John Banks, from Rangoon for London; April 26, lat [?] 45 N., lon 34 37 W., exchanged signals with an Am. bark, stg. E.; showed a private signal, red and white; Feb 23, Robert Gray, seaman, died. May 13, Charles Hale, of New York, fell from the maintop gallant yard and was drowned.
Fleetwing, ship (of Boston) Howe Whampoa Feb 1
Passed Anjier, 15th; Java Head, 18th
with teas, silks, and c. to J. Howes & Co.  
Silver Star, ship (clipper) Wade Boston in ballast to Wellington & Abbott  
Azelia, bark Davis Bahia 30 days with sugar and coffee to order, vessel to F. H. Whitemore  
Lord Aseley, bark (Br.)   St. Ubes 67 days with salt to master  
J. H. Adami, bark (Brem.) Junga Rio Janeiro 43 days with coffee to Oelrichs & Co.  
T. M. Mayhew, brig Hall Hamilton Bermuda, May 11 with potatoes and tomatoes to Wm. M. Smith  
C. Perkins, brig   Nassau, N. P. 11 days with coffee to master  
Billow, brig. (of Salem) Bates Ponce, P. R. 10 days with sugar to Sturges & Co.  
Granada, brig. (of Portland) Pettingill Cardenas 16 days with molasses to Aguirre & Galway  
Reindeer, schr. Kinner Baltimore 3 days with wheat to J. G. Williams  
Josephine, schr. Dissosway Rio Janeiro April 9 with coffee to Siffken & Ironsides, vessel to Johnson & Lovden. Sld. in company with bark, Talavera, Merithew, for Baltimore. The U. S. storeship arr. at Rio, April 8.
H. Miller, schr. Miller Matanzas 8 days with pineapples to J. & T. Pearsall  
C. H. Van Name, schr Van Name Virginia 2 days with oysters  
Leroy, schr. Seaman Norfolk 2 days with mdse to Sturges, Clearman & Co.  
North Wind, schr. Higgins Crabb Island 20 days with fruit and 7 passengers to master  
Charles, schr. (of Harrington) Tuttle St. Thomas 16 days with mdse. to W. Barlett  
W. H. Chase, schr. (Br.) Smith Harbor Island 7 days with fruit to G. Miller  
Flying Arrow, schr. Young Key West 8 days with cotton to Benner & Deake  
Louisa D. Dyer, schr. (of Rockland) Jamison Guayama 18 days with sugar and molasses to J. Onatavia  
New York, schr. Goodsell Boston with mdse to Dayton & Sprague  
Emily Keith, schr. Penny Rio Janeiro March 24 with coffee to Napier, Johnson & Co. 16th inst., Cape Henry, bearing W. ¼ N., passed a large can buoy, No. 5, apparently in good order.
Isis, schr. Chase Boston    
Hamilton, schr. Hopkins Georgetown    
Martha Collins, schr. Collins Alexandria 2 days with coal  
Thomas E. French, schr. Webb Virginia with wood  
Joseph, schr. Holmes Alexandria 3 days with coal  
Thomas Swan, propeller Green Baltimore with mdse to J. Riley  
Wind-during the day, South
By Telegraph Boston, May 19- arrived, ship, J. L. Warren, from New Orleans

Extracts from Correspondence to Elwood Walter, Esq.,
Secretary to the Board of Underwriters

Grand Cayman, March 28, 1856
The bark, William Larrabee, of Boston, Loring, was wrecked on the night of the 16th inst., on the coast of Cuba. The crew arrived here on the 23d, with a small portion of the cargo and vessel’s materials. The cargo consisted of tierces [casks] of sugar.

Spoken, &c. April 7, lat 18 45, lon 37 30, James Cook, from Rio Janeiro for New Orleans

April 11, lat 16, lon 37, was seen schr., R. A. Wood, of Jersey City

May 9, Hole in the Wall, bearing W. 9 miles Ship, Logan, from Boston for New York

May 13, lat 32 40, lon 63 30, schr., Virginia, Griffiths

Foreign Ports At Ponce, P. R., May 1
Trovatora, ldg
E. A. Chase, do
Reveille, Thompson, do
Elizabeth, Watts, do
Joseph, do

At Rio Janeiro, April 9
R. C. Wright, Haynes, fm. and for Baltimore, ldg., and others, before reported.

At St. Thomas, May 3
Gertrude, for Baltimore, ldg.,
Salem, for New York

Wednesday, May 21, 1856, page 1
Passengers Arrived

In the same column, after news articles about Liverpool, London, and Havre.
No name of ship, no origin place, and no destination given.

Mr. Hooper and lady; Mrs. Aubrey and attendant; Mr. McDonell and lady; Mr. Desilster and lady; Miss Forsyth; Master Forsyth; Mrs. Forsyth; Mrs. Boit, and child; Mr. Sturgis and lady; Mr. Whitehead and lady; Mr. and Mrs. McCurdy; Mr. and Mrs. Strickland; Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kellard and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. Roptay; Mr. and Mrs. Brown; Miss Brown; Miss H. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Hanson; Mr. and Mrs. Wind; Miss Mills; Mr. and Mrs. Walton and 2 children; Mr. Shaw; Mr. Douglas, Mr. Portman; Mr. Butts; Mr. Anfierman; Mr. Guibord; Mr. Aklay; Mr. Pillsbury; Mr. Evans; Mr. Sinclair; Mr. Vaughn; Mr. Janson; Mr. Castendike; Mr. Duckett; Mr. Viss; Mr. Dare; Mr. Lawrent; Mr. Delaquire; Mr. Elves; Mr. Wells; Mr. Vocke; Mr. Ellison; Mr. Morrison; Mr. Lagonten; Mr. Weeks; Mr. Barker; Mr. Thompson; Mr. Marsh; Mr. Jacobs; Mr. Falcon; Mr. Sherwood; Mr. Davis; Mr. Rogerson; Mr. Pilcraft; Mr. Asch; Mr. Haywood; Mr. Grumdy; Mr. Pickford; Mr. Walker; Mr. Young; Mr. Watson; Mr. Poorbidy; Mr. Hughes; and Mr. Cluck.


News from Halifax [N.S.], Tuesday, May 20

Arrival of the Canada at Halifax
Probable Loss of the Clipper Ship Racer

The Royal Mail Steamship, Canada, Captain Lang, from Liverpool, on the afternoon of Saturday, May 10, arrived here at 8:30 this evening. The Canada sailed at 10 P. M., with light southwest wind and thick fog, for Boston, where she will be due about 8 A. M., on Thursday.

The steamship, Washington, arrived at Southampton, on the morning of the 4th inst.

The steamship, Cambria, arrived at Liverpool, a little before 1 A. M., on Thursday, the 8th, and the Collins steamer, Baltic, arrived at 5 P. M., same day.

The Fulton sailed from Southampton for New York, on Wednesday, the 7th with about 150 passengers and a full cargo.

The screw steamer, Canadian, sailed from Liverpool, on the same day for Quebec, with 70 passengers, a mail, and a large cargo.

The clipper ship, Racer, had gone ashore on Arklow Bank, and would probably prove a total wreck. All her passengers and crew, numbering over 500, were saved.
Latest news- The mate of the Racer reported to the Liverpool Agent of the Associated Press, just before the departure of the Canada, that the ship was fast sinking in the sand, being then up to her spar deck. There was no chance of saving the vessel, but divers might recover part of her cargo.

Wednesday, May 21, 1856, page 8
Passengers Arrived In steamship, Alabama, from Savannah:
D. G. F. Gardner; T. S. Howard; Mr. Brown; N. Harris; B. Lambert, and servant; Mrs. Hunter, sister and son; J. R. Wiley; G. E. Gray; T. F. Hay; G. L. Denman; Mr. Smith and lady; A. W. Longfellow; W. M. Wadley; H. Enlar; J. M. McJimsey; J. W. McMullen; A. W. Benham; Mrs. Benham; H. Belknap;W. Haskel; R. C. Crocheron; Miss C. A. La Tourette; Mrs. E. S. Housman; E. Ufford, Rev.; Mr Goff; Miss Holmes; Miss Mary Smith; Miss A. M. Session; Mrs. S. F. Tefft; J. K. Tefft; Mrs. Tefft; C. A. Lyons, lady and child; Miss E. Robinson; Mrs. Huntington, infant and son; J. Parkhurst; Mrs. Stross; Mrs. Simpson; J. M. Simpson; Dr. Waring and lady; N. A. Hardee; Mrs. Hardee; Miss S. A. Hardee; Miss M. E. Hardee; Rev. W. M. Smythe; Miss Smythe; Mrs. Walcot; Mr. Pope; Mr. Calleway; W. A. Dickinson; S. Z. Collins; and 45 in steerage.
In ship, Amazon, from London and Portsmouth:
G. K. Gliddon and lady and son; Mrs. Lawrence and family; H. Grippin and lady; E. Collingwood; D. Grinnel; J. Smith and lady.
In ship, Ontario, from Liverpool:
George Earls and lady, of Philadelphia; Charles Bruce, England; Wm. Joseph O’Brien, Ireland; Harris A. Gilliatt, England
Miniature Almanac This Day
Sun rises 4: 38; Sun sets 7: 15; Moon rises 9:30
High Water This Day
Sandy Hook 7:01; Gov. Island 9:46; Hell Gate 11:27
Marine Intelligence
Cleared - New York Tuesday, May 20, 1856

Steamship, George Law, Hernden, Aspinwall, M. O. Roberts

Ship, Lamplighter, Long, Baltimore

Brigs: Bohio, Rice, Port-au-Prince, H. Delafield;
         W. M. Groton, Webber, Matanzas, Yates & Porterfield;
          Lavacca, Greenman, Lavacca, McCready, Mott & Co.;
          Gen.Taylor, Enquest, Port-au-Prince, Vose, Livingston & Co.;
          Indian Queen, Brown, Calais, DeWolff, Starr & Co.;
          Enterprise (Br.), Wiseman, St. John, N. B., Kelly & Smith;
          Free State, Noyes, Aspinwall, Geo. Olney;
          Belfast (Br.), Newman, Demarara, Middleton & Co.

Schooners: Margaret (Br.), Babin, Plaster Cove, S. Leary;
                  Mary Ann, Sawyer, Alexandria &c., W. P. Halsted;
                  Henrico, Scanton, Richmond, C. H. Pierson;
                  L. A. Edwards, Douglass, Georgetown, Dollner & Potter;
                  Aeolus (Br.), Congen, Turks Island, Tucker & Lightbourn;
                  H. P. Simmons, Bassett, Philadelphia, C. H. Pierson;
                  R. L. Myers, Weeks, Washington, J. H. Matthews;
                  M. Johnson, Baldwin, Baltimore, J. W. McKee

Sloops: Van Buren, Lewis, New Haven, J. H. Havens;
             Warren, Stannard, New Haven, master

Propellers: Delaware, Copes, Philadelphia, Sandford’s line;
                 Thomas Swann, Greene, Baltimore, Cromwell’s line;
                 Anthracite, Jones, Philadelphia, J. & N. Briggs;
                 Artisan, Canduff, Philadelphia, W. H. Thompson

Arrivals - New York Tuesday, May 20, 1856
Ship / Rig
From / When
Consigned / Cargo
Alabama, steamship Schenck Savannah, 62 hours with mdse. and passengers, to Spofford, Tileston & Co. Passed, in the river, bound in, Brig. R. B. Lawton, Gardiner, from Havana. May 18th, at 9:20 P. M., exchanged signals with Keystone State. May 19th, off Hatteras, at 1:30 A. M., passed 3 steamships, bound South. Lat. 26 39, at 12 midnight, passed a large man-of-war propeller, bound South, 1:30 P. M., passed a Schr. with red and white signal, letters S. N. W. Same time, passed a Schr. with Scranton & Tallman’s signal. The Alabama, was detained below by dense fog.
Amazon (packet), steamship Hovey London and Portsmouth, April 20 with mdse and 650 passengers, to E. Morgan. April 28, lat 45, lon. 33, saw a ship called the Driver, bound East. Set our colors, but they did not answer them. Read her name. 7th inst., lat. 11, lon. 45 40, tell in, with large quantities of ice. Tacked and stood South, 30 hours. Saw no more. Had heavy weather to the eastward of the Banks, with hail and sleet. Off Georges, was in company with ships, Ontario, and Johanne Wilhelmine, bound West. Sunday, at noon. Nantucket Shoals, due North 28 miles, saw steamships Edinburg and Hermann, side by side, bound East. The Amazon hove to, on Monday afternoon, off the Highlands, In a thick fog.
Johanne Wilhelmine (Ham.), ship Klockgeter Bremen, 42 days with mdse., and 318 passengers, to G. F. Bechtel Had one death on the passage.
Washington, ship White Liverpool, April 13 with mdse., and 674 passengers, to W. T. Frost.  
Ticonderoga, ship Boyle Havre, 30 days with mdse., and 571 passengers, to Harbeck & Co. For 6 days, from lat. 47 and lon. 42, to lat 45 and lon.47, was surrounded with icebergs and field ice. Was compelled to stand South, to clear it.
Had 2 births and 2 deaths (infants) on board during the passage.
Ontario, ship Wood Liverpool, 38 days with mdse., and 654 passengers, to Grinnell, Minturn & Co.  
Swan (of Baltimore), bark Baker Buenos Ayres, April 6 with hides, and c., to master.  
Gazelle (of New Haven), bark Newell Barbadoes via New Haven, 17 days with sugar and c., to H. Trowbridge’s Sons, of New Haven.  
Henry Mathews (of Boston), brig Everett Matanzas. 7th inst. with sugar to master. 17th inst., lat 38, lon.74 48, exchanged signals with Bark, J. C. Nichols, stg.
Mary E. Pierce (of Bangor), brig Pierce Guayama, P. R., May 3 with sugar and molasses to Aguirre & Galwayvesse, to R. P. Buck & Co.  
Adonis, (Br.), schooner Ismael Ponce, P. R., May 4 with sugar and molasses to Sturges & Co.  
Charles M. Laverty (3 masted, of Elizabeth City, N. C.), schooner Dowdy Guayama, P. R., 4th inst. with sugar to J. H. Gambrill  
Emma Tuttle (of New Haven), schooner Loete Baracea, 11th inst. with fruit to G. L. Meacham  
Turk, schooner Hunt Eastport with laths and plaster to Sturges & Co.  
Julia Fox, schooner Seaming Tobaco, 26 days with mahogany and c., to Lobach & Schepeler.  
Jonalemon, schooner Hynes Norfolk, 2 days with shingles  
E. M. Duffield, schooner Hillyard Portland, Conn.    
E. Flowers, schooner Bacon Portland    
L. E. Mangum, schooner Whaling Gloucester    
A. Hazard, schooner Gaines Hartford    
Celestial, schooner Brooks Portland, Conn.    
Edward Franklin, schooner Lincoln Wareham    
John Warren, schooner Lozier Virginia    
Wm. E. Mangum, sloop Smith Taunton    
Westernport, propeller Berry Portland, Maine with mdse. to John Riley  
Quinnebaug, propeller Hollum Norwich    
Wind-Sunrise, S. S. E.; M., do; Sunset, N. W

Steamship: George Law, Herden, Aspinwall

Ships: Helene (Brem.), Valkman, Bremen;
          Java, Jackson, Glasgow;
          Macaulay, Rogers, Liverpool;
          Robin Hood, Bearse, San Francisco;
          Francis A. Palmer, Richardson, Valparaiso;
          Liberty, Atkins, New Orleans;
          Germania, Higgins, Havre

Below A Bremen bark. Also, 1 ship, 1 Bark, and 1 Brig.
Memoranda The Brig., Gem, of New York, arrived at St. Mary’s, Ga, on the 4th inst.
By Telegraph

Boston, May 20-
ship:Fearless, from Manilla, Feb. 15.

barks: Mary H. Vose, Messina,
          Hazard, Pernambuco. Left Pernambuco, April 28

Bark, C. E. Tay, for Philadelphia in two days.

Spoken, &c. May 10, lat 24 19,lon 69 43, was passed Brig, Cuba, of Millbridge, stg. S.
Foreign Ports

At Buenos Ayres, April 6,
Ship, Ellerslie, Coutts, for Rio, ldg.
Barks: George Warren, Bentley, for Antwerp, 13th;
           Rainbow, Hughes, for New York, 8th.
           May Queen
, Towns, do., 16th;
           John Murray, Small, condemned and sold;
           Velocidale (Br.), Caud, for New York, ldg;
Brigs: Mary Wilking, Nicholson, discg;
         Antelope (Br.), Moors, for New York, 6th

At Guayama, May 3,
Brigs: C. C. Billings Coil, discg;
          Webster, Kelly, just arrived. May 4, Schr., Joseph Tivone, ldg, for New Haven

At Ponce, P. R., May 4,
Barks: E. A. Chase, Chase; Trovatore, Carver, both ldg for New York

At Baracoa, May 11,
Schrs: J. K. Baker, for New York; Alfred Chase, do.

Thursday, May 22, 1856, page 1

Ocean Steamers

Arrival of the Canadian at Quebec: Quebec, Wednesday, May 21
The screw-steamship, Canadian, from Liverpool, on the 7th inst, arrived here this morning. Her advices have been anticipated by the Canada, at Halifax.

Departure of the America from Boston: Boston, Wednesday, May 21
The R. M. steamship, America, sailed from this port, today, with 124 passengers for Liverpool, and 17 for Halifax.

Arrival of the Fulton

The United States Mail steamer, Fulton, Capt. Wotten, from Havre, via Southampton, on the 7th inst., arrived at this port yesterday afternoon. Her mails are three days later, but her
advices are not so late by three days as those brought by the Canada, and telegraphed from Halifax.

Thursday, May 22, 1856, page 8
  Wednesday, May 21
The steamship, Fulton, of the Havre line, from Southampton, May 7, arrived at this port this afternoon. Her commercial advices are not so late as the telegraphic summary published this morning from the Canada, at Halifax. But the London files, by this arrival, contain the highly important dispatch of Lord Clarendon, of the 30th of April, on the Crampton and Enlistment case, which is republished on another page [page 1], of this paper.
Passengers Arrived In the steamship, Fulton, from Havre:
Capt. F. Myrick; M. Chapman; F. Lang; M. Seton; M. Rosenheim, and 2 servants; C. E. [F]ors[t]all; M. Gaudet, lady, child, and servant; P. R. G. Petry, lady, child, and servant; Madame Heitz; Mlle. Heitz; Tony Oechs; M. McKay; Maj. Crawford, and 4 children, governess, and servant; Messrs. Hocker and Smyth; Mads. Kennedy and DeGenihal; A. Stephani; Mlles. Foult and Winston; O. Loeschigk and lady; Mlle. Haviland; Mad. J. C. Wright; J. W. Hewitt, bearer of dispatches from Paris to the U. S. Government; M. Wright; C. F. Haviland; Arthur David; Mme. Hewitt, child, and servant; Mme. L. E. Post; Mlle. N. Post; M. Boisanbin; M. Rossiter, 3 children, and 2 servants; Oscar Barthel; A. Kobler and lady; M. Ritchie, and servant; M. De Fondrat; Mme. Pretsch; Mlle. Pretsch; M. Migeon and lady; M. Be[?]olzheimer; M. Fa[v]arger; M. Gustave Bernard; David McHenry; Robert Kelly; M. Vialton; M. Barry; M. Blond; M. Darlbas; M. Lerolie; Jean Deszelus; M. Franscoli; Jean E. Horne; J. C. Stacklie; Jacob Kech; Charles Lutz, and lady; M. Velman; M. Petsch; M. Basso; M. Syl. Lang; Manasse Ernest; Eugene Manion; Mlle. H. Kempbill; Mlle. Manners; F. E. Peerson; J. Phillips; James F. Dryburgh; Thomas Higgins; John Hays; Mme. Baason; Anable Lefevre, M. Burjan; Emile Pancelot; M. Marconis; Jean Deszelus; Felix Graff; Eugene Hartman; Mlle. F. Fromaget; J. M. Garr, lady, 4 children, 2 infants, and 2 servants; James G. Bennett; William Rider; M. Harris and lady; M. Herbstua[?], lady and child; Mad. Barnes and child; Mlle. Carpeater; Mad. E. Wilson; W. Mills; N. W. Grant; F. Pegg; E. Foulmin; J. W. Clyma; Henry Day; William Webber; Mlle. Kempbill; Mr. Moreton, lady, 6 children and infant; Mad. E. Moreton; Mad. Seg[u]rne; John W. Yardley; William Lea; H. G. Pritchard; M. Jackson; M. Hoge and lady; L. B. Burr; Mad. Jamison; Capt. Lawrence and lady; Capt. Boardman; Capt. Richard Adams; James Du Vernet; Alexander Du Vernet. (Total 159).
In ship, Rock City, from Shanghae:
Mrs. Wardever and 2 children

In bark, Princeton, from Demarara:
Mr. and Mrs. Cameleon, 3 children and servant; Mrs. Bayne and 5 children; Mr. Newsuin; Mrs. King

In schr., Dwight Davidson, from St. Barts:
Johnston Doyle

Miniature Almanac This Day
Sun rises 4:37 Sun sets 7:16 Moon rises 10:28

High Water This Day
Sandy Hook 7:36 Gov. Island 10:21 Hell Gate 12:02

Marine Intelligence
Cleared - New York, Wednesday, May 21, 1856
Cleared Steamships:
Roanoke, Skinner, Norfolk, Ludlam & Pleasants
Augusta, Lyon, Savannah, S. L. Mitchill
Southerner, Ewen, Charleston, Spofford, Tileston & Co.

Western Continent, Burnham, San Francisco, W. C. Wyman & Co.
Centurion, Coombs, Liverpool, Zerega & Co.
Shooting Star, Dubois, Shanghae

William and Jane, Cobb, New Orleans, Eagle & Hazard
Mary and Jane, Sanders, Savannah, G. Logan
Leo, West, Havana, Aguirre & Galway
C. B. Williams, Olmstead, Havana, P. V. King & Co.
Iris (Dutch), Van Zaneran, Amsterdam, Bierwith & Rocholl

Cynthia, Rakeman, Rio Janeiro, E. Pavenstedt & Schumacker
Golden Lead, Johnson, Aspinwall, George Olney
Leader (Br.), Pike, St. Johns, Roome & Dinwiddie
Fosca Helena, Visser, Amsterdam, Funcke & Meincke
Col. W. Coggins, Coggins, Trinidad, C. & E. J. Peters

Benjamin, Casidy, Eastport, Smith & Boynton
M. Taylor, Nickerson, Philadelphia, J. Hand
J. M. Lane, Lurvey, Gloucester, master
Salem (Br.), Boucher, Liverpool, N. S. McAuliff & Wheelock
F. A. Godwin, Fairchild, Newbern, Davis & Holmes
M. Mankin, Beers, Boston, Dayton & Sprague
Florence, Woodhouse, Brazos, Shears & Oliver
E. C. Scranton, King, New Haven, J. H. Havens
Mahala, Rogers, New Haven, J. H. Havens
River Queen, Fowler, Providence, master
Elizabeth Ann, (Br.), Ross, Halifax, Kelly & Smithers
King Bird, Weeks, Laguayra, Van Brunt & Slaght
R. W. Brown, Derrickson, Wilmington, Dollner & Potter
G. J. J. Miller, Johnson, Harbor Island, Mailler & Luther
Wake, McCready, Wilmington, E. S. Powell


The British and North American Royal Mail Steamships
From New York to Liverpool—Chief Cabin $130 ; Second Cabin $75
From Boston to Liverpool—Chief Cabin $110 ; Second Cabin $[6]0
The ships from Boston, call at Halifax
Persia, Capt. Judkins Canada, Capt. Lang
Arabia, Capt. J. Stone America, Capt. Wickman
Asia, Capt. R.G. Lott Niagara, Capt. Ryrie
Africa, Capt. Shannon Europa, Capt. J. L[?]
These vessels carry a clear white light on mast-head,
green on starboard bow, red on port bow.
Arabia, Stone, leave Boston Wednesday, May 7
Persia, Judkins, leave New York Wednesday, May 14
America, Wickman, leave Boston Wednesday, May 21
Asia, Lott, leave New York Wednesday, May 28
Canada, Lang, leave Boston Wednesday, June 4
Africa, Shannon, leave New York Wednesday, June 11
Niagara, Ryrie, leave Boston Wednesday, June 18
Arabia, Stone, leave New York Wednesday, June 25
Berths not secured until paid for. An experienced Surgeon on board
The owners of these ships will not be responsible for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals unless bills of lading are signed therefor and the value therein expressed.
For freight or passage, apply to,—E. Cunard, No. 4, Bowling Green.

For Southampton and Havre

The United States Mail Steamer Fulton, J.A. Wooton, Commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mails and passengers, on Saturday, May 31, at 12 o'clock, from Pier No.37 North River, foot of Beach St.
Price of Passage
First Cabin
Second Cabin
This steamship has five water-tight compartments inclosing [sic] the engines, so that in the event of collision or stranding the water could not reach them and the pumps being free to work the safety of the vessel and passengers would be secured. Baggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent on board the day before sailing, marked "below." No freight will be taken after Thursday, May 29. For freight and passage apply to: Mortimer Livingston, Agent, No.53 Broadway.
N.B. The Arago will succeed the Fulton, and sail June 28.

For Liverpool

U.S. Mail Steamship Atlantic, Captain Oliver Eldridge, will depart with the U.S. Mails for Europe, positively on Saturday, May 24 at 12 o'clock M., from her berth at the foot of Canal St.
Notice: The steamers of this line have water-tight compartments, and to avoid danger from ice will not cross the banks north of 45° until after the 1st of August.
For freight or passage, having unequalled accomodations, apply to—Edward K. Collins, No.56 Wall St..
Passengers will please be on board at 11 o'clock A.M. All letters must pass through the Post Office. Any others will be returned.
The Baltic, Captain Comstock, will succeed the Atlantic, and sail Saturday, June 7.

Steam between New York and Glasgow

Edinburgh, 2,500 tons
Wm. Cummings, Commander
New York, 2,150 tons
Robert Craig, Commander
Glasgow, 1,002 tons
John Duncan, Commander
The Glasgow and New York Steamship Company intend sailing their new and powerful steamers from New York to Glasgow direct as under:
Edinburgh . . .Saturday, 19th of July, at 12 o'clock M.
Rate of Passage
First Class
Third Class, found with cooked provisions
An experienced Surgeon attached to each steamer.
For freight or passage, apply to,—J. McSymon, No.17 Broadway.
New York City bills or Gold only, received for passage.

From New York to Havre Direct
British and North American Royal Mail Steampacket Company
Etna, Capt. Miller
Emeu,Capt. Small
Jura, Capt. Wickman
Lebanon, Capt. Cook
Cambria, (paddle wheel) Capt. Brownlee
Their cabin accomodations and staterooms for first class passengers are equal to those of any steamship afloat.
Passage money, first cabin, $100—Provisions and stewards fee included; wines and liquors extra, to be procured on board. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to,—E. Cunard, No.4, Bowling Green.


For Norfolk and Richmond

The U.S. Mail steamship Jamestown, Capt. Parish, will leave for the above places on Saturday, May 24, at 4 o'clock P.M., from Pier No.13 North River. She will arrive at Norfolk on Sunday afternoon and Richmond Monday morning. Passengers for the South will proceed without delay by the great Mail Line to Charleston, Augusta, Savannah, &c. Travellers will find this the cheapest, pleasantest and most expeditios route. Passage fare (including staterooms) to Norfolk, $8 ; to Petersburg and Richmond, $10 ; steerage half-price. Apply to,—Ludlam & Pleasants, No.32 Broadway.

For New Orleans and Havana

The U.S. Mail steamer, Cahawba, Captain J.D. Bullock, will commence receiving freight on Friday, May 23, and sail for the above ports on Tuesday, May 27, at 2 P.M., precisely, from her pier No.27 North River, foot of Robinson St.
Freight for St. Louis goes through by this line in 16 days.—Livingstone, Crocheron & Co., Agents No.12 Park Place.
Notice:—No bills of lading signed after steamer sails.

Arrivals - New York, Wednesday, May 21, 1856
Ship / Rig
From / When
Consigned / Cargo
Rattler, ship Brown Havre, 32 days with mdse and 276 passengers to Wm Whitlock, Jr. Had 1 death. Experienced very rough weather to the eastward of the Banks. May 9, lat 44 20, lon 44 40, saw several islands of ice; May 10, lat 43 44, lon 48 50, saw another island of ice. Has been 11 days West of the Banks, with light winds and thick weather. May 19, Nantucket South Shoals bearing N. N. W. distant 20 miles, took a pilot from boat, Edwin Forrest
Alexandrine, ship
(of Bath)
Cooper Cardiff with railroad iron to order  
Rock City, ship
(Br. clipper)
Cubbins Shanghae, Feb. 19, passed Anjier March 27 with tea to order 17th inst., lat 37 40, lon 72, saw the wreck of a brig., both masts carried away; it being dark, could not make out her name.
Elwood Walter, ship Malony Liverpool, April 16, with mdse and 303 passengers to J. B. Sardy In lat 43 14, lon 43 30, saw 2 large icebergs to the N. W. and field ice to the N.; tacked ship and stood 150 miles S. to clear it. Saw a quantity of spars, apparently not long in the water. Also, a ship’s boat, bottom up and a rudder.
Owego, ship Stevens Liverpool, April 9 with mdse and 360 passengers to Sturges, Clearman & Co. April 30, lat.41 12, lon 44, came in collision with ship, Phoenix, of New York, lost bowsprit, with everything attached, head, and cutwater; got out a spar and saved the mast; then proceeded on, the ship making no water. Could not ascertain what damage the Phoenix sustained. May 2 took the wind from N. W., with heavy gales and hail squalls; also, a heavy cross sea running, ship laboring heavy and making some water; this continued 8 days, during which lost sails & c. 7th inst., lat 41 12, lon 49 49, saw a large island of ice and great quantities of field ice about one mile to windward. Thermometer 50, water 34. Had 1 death on the passage.
Norseman, ship
(of Boston)
Haskell Boston, in tow of steamtug, Huntress. Left Boston on Sunday, at 6 P. M.   Experienced very foggy weather; was at anchor at Chatham in a fog from Monday, noon till Tuesday, at 1 P. M. At 5 :30 P. M., on Tuesday, anchored at Holmes’Hele, in a fog, and left at 10:P. M., wind N. W.
Uncle Toby, ship
(of New Haven)
Soule Havre, 30 days with mdse. and 346 passengers to Nesmith & Sons  
Washington, ship
(of Gardiner)
Norton Antwerp, 33 days with mdse and 365 passengers to master  
Sunny South, ship (clipper) Willis Rio Janeiro, 37 days with coffee to Napier, Johnson & Co.  
P. Pendleton, bark
(of Searsport)
Noyes Newport, Wales with iron to order  
St. Andrews, bark Rickemaes Stockholm via Lisbon, 195 days with iron to Funche & Meincke  
Princeton, bark Seeley Demarara, May 6 with old iron and c. to master  
Elbe, bark Vincin Hamburg, 35 days with mdse. and 180 (Ham.) passengers to Beck & Kunhardt. 10th inst., on the Banks, passed a number of icebergs.
Laura, brig. (Br.) Spencer Areceibo, P. P., 3d inst. with sugar to J. S. Whitney  


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