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Items From The Norwich Mercury, Norwich, Norfolk

(Courtesy of Sheila Jensen Tate.)

Norwich Mercury, 1836

Yarmouth 26th January
Notice to Emigrants for North America
The fine fast sailing ship BALTIC burthen 400 tons , J.H..Newson, master, will again sail for Quebec the early part of April next with passengers. This ship will be fitted in the same commodious manner as heretofore, and the passengers will be received on board with their luggage at the Quay by which the inconvenience, expense and loss attending their embarkation in the Roads will be prevented. For particulars apply at the Counting House of Messrs Isaac PRESTON & Son or to the captain on board.
Lynn 8th February
Notice to Emigrants for North America
The fine ship ANNE burthen 400 tons, John Kemp, master The above fast sailing ship is of the first class, and nearly new, and will be fitted up in a commodious manner for the accommodation of passengers. She will sail from Lynn for Quebec early April next from which place steam vessels are constantly going to all parts of the country. Many berths are already taken, early application therefore is necessary to Mr William ENGLISH the owner, Church Street.
Yarmouth 8th February
Notice to Emigrants
The WELLINGTON 350 tons burthen, W. Gilham, commander, will leave Yarmouth Quay for Quebec in the early part of the month of April 1836 and will be fitted with comfortable accommodation for passengers. For further particulars apply S. CULLEY, Norwich, J.H.PLAMER & Son , Yarmouth, and to the master on board.
To Emigrants
Positively to sail on the 10th April (having the whole of her cargo engaged). FOR NEW YORK. The fine, fast, well-known sailing ship CALISTA, John Ross Jamelson, master, 500 tons burthen, lying in the London Docks. This vessel has superior cabins on deck and seven feet height between decks in which families can be accommodated, with separate berths, built under their direction either in the intermediate space or in steerage. For passengers apply to Oxley & Taylors, 8 George Yard, Lombard Street.
Parish authorities sending out families will be liberally treated with. Bricklayers and carpenters are much wanted and to whom very high wages are given with immediate employment on their landing.

Norwich Mercury - February 13th 1836.

EMIGRATION TO VAN DIEMAN'S LAND The splendid first class Ship AMELIA THOMPSON of 477 tons, fitted up under the direction of the EMIGRATION COMMITTEE will sail from the Thames for Van Dieman's Land on the 25th April -
SINGLE FEMALES from 15 to 30 years of age, when approved by the Committee, will be allowed a free passage. Married Agriculturists and Mechanics of steady character will be conveyed in this ship on very moderate terms, being in great demand in the above colony. All particulars will be furnished on application to Mr John Marshall, Agent to the Emigration Committee, 26 Birchill Lane, Cornhill, London; if by letter it must be sent under cover, addressed "To the Under Secretary of State, Colonial Department, London".
Norwich Mercury April 9th 1836.

The PENELOPE (see passenger list), 450 tons burthen, James Addie, Commander, a fine fast-sailing roomy vessel, will sail from Lynn to Quebec the first week in May provided a sufficient number of passengers offer. Early application is required to be made to the owner Mr Thomas William, merchant, Lynn. NB In the ship ARDWELL advertised last week, all the berths are engaged.

Norwich Mercury April 16th 1836.

The fine new Brig PROTECTOR of Sunderland, of 500 tons burthen, will sail for Quebec from Yarmouth about the 10th or 15th of May. The vessel is quite new and is from her size well fitted for the accommodation of Passengers. For passage money and further particulars apply to Messrs John Shelly & Co, General Shipping Agents, Yarmouth

Norwich Mercury Saturday April 30th 1836.

The Passengers by the ARDWELL, from Lynn to Quebec are informed this vessel will take her passengers on board on Wednesday the 4th of May and the Passengers by the PENELOPE (see passenger list) will be taken on board on Wednesday the 11th of May. Any further information may be obtained on application to Mr Thomas Williams, Merchant, Lynn.

The Passengers who have engaged berths on board the Brig CARRON for Quebec are respectably informed that the said vessel intends sailing on Saturday the 30th of April. Wind and weather permitting. John Shelly & Co, Agents, Yarmouth April 13th .

Norwich Mercury May 7th 1836.

The only regular line of British Packets from LONDON to NEW YORK sail on the 10th of every month. The first class and fast sailing ship ANDROMEDA, coppered and copper-fastened, burthen 600 tons, Edward Willis, commander, lying in the St Katherine's Docks, will sail punctually on the 10th of May and will call at Portsmouth for the convenience of embarking passengers on the 15th of May. This ship has a poop and great height between decks; her accommodation for Cabin and Second Cabin and Steerage passengers are of the first description and an experienced surgeon is engaged. For freight and passage apply to Captain Willis on board or to Carter & Bonus, 11 Leadenhall Street

The remarkably fine First Class Ship BRUNSWICK, 571 tons per register, 900 tons burthen, Capt Robert Blake, will sail from Yarmouth Roads direct to Quebec on Thursday the 19th of May. Passengers will be received on board on the 16th, 17th and 18th of May. This is the most complete Passage ship in the Trade, with great height and fitted up with every attention to the convenience of passengers. Application to be made, by letter post paid, to Carter & Bonus, No.11 Leadenhall St., London.

Norwich Mercury May 14th 1836.

The Ship EDDYSTONE will be ready to sail from Lynn in about two weeks. Apply for passage, post paid, to Messrs Carter & Bonus, No. 11 Leadenhall Street, London or to Mr George Lake, Emigration Agent, Crown Tavern, Lynn.

Norwich Mercury June 4th 1836.

The ELIZA LIDDLE (see passenger list), from Lynn to Port St Francis, having all her berths engaged for, another ship will be provided without loss of time for the same destination. Passage application may be addressed to Mr George Lake, Emigration Agent, Crown Tavern, Lynn, who will attend there on Tuesday and Saturday next.

Norwich Mercury June 11th 1836.

The INDEMNITY, Captain Dadd, of 400 tons burthen, will sail from Yarmouth Pier for Quebec about the 14th to the 18th inst. For particulars as to rate of passage apply to John Shelly & Co, General Ship Agents, Yarmouth.

Norwich Mercury June 18th 1836.

The HERO, 320 tons burthen, William Mason commander, a fine fast-sailing roomy vessel, will sail from Lynn to Quebec the first week of July, provided a sufficient number of passengers offer. For passage apply to the owners, Messrs Oxley & Co, Merchants or to W. Garland, Broker, Lynn.

Norwich Mercury June 25th 1836.

To sail from Yarmouth in August for ZANTE calling at Llanelly and Malta. The fine new packet ship BRIDE OF ABYDOS, Captain William Carpenter. This ship, being built expressly for fast sailing and fitted up with two handsome cabins, offers an advantageous opportunity to any Ladies and Gentlemen desirous of visiting Greece as they can be taken out and home and supplied with every necessary convenience on very moderate terms. Captain Carpenter, who is well acquainted with the country will give every information on request. Apply at the Star Inn, Quay, Yarmouth. Yarmouth June 16th.

Norwich Mercury July 23rd 1836.

For Hobart Town and Sydney Having a great part of her cargo engaged to sail on the 20th of August, the well known fast-sailing frigate-built ship COLUMBIA A.1., burden per register 508 tons, coppered and copper-fastened, Henry Thornton commander, lying in the St Katherine's Dock. The accommodation for passengers in this ship are of a very superior description and having great height between decks is very desirable for Emigrants to whom every facility will be afforded. For particulars apply to Messrs Bryant Brothers, 5 George Yard, Lombard Street, London. She will call at Plymouth on her voyage out and carry an experienced surgeon.


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