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Ship Arrivals / Departures at Ports in England, 1775

This information was extracted from Lloyd's Evening Post (which used the old form of the letter s).

Date Vessel Captain Sailed Whence Passengers Comments
Deal July 1  Wind S. Arrived the
  Maryland Planter Nicholson   Maryland    
Came down yesterday and failed the.. Pomona Green   Quebec    
  Luke Eve   Cork    
  Phoenix Bragg   Weymouth    
  Aurora Watson   _________    
 Remaining the... British King Indiaman                   
Deal, July 2 Wind S. Sailed for the river the
  True Briton Indiaman          
  James Dawkins Stupert   Jamaica    
  Mary and Hannah Stacey   Philadelphia    


  Brothers Douglas   Jamaica    
  Olive Barras   Antigua    
  Sparling Cargg   Virginia    
  Molly Collins   Virginia    
  Ann Berry   St. Vincent's    
  Woodbridge Pote   Philadelphia    
  Ann Crew   Figuera    
  Curtis Smith   South Carolina    
  Fair Lady Springer   New York    
  Elizabeth Sampson   Virginia    
Port of London  Ships entered Inwards.
June 30 & July 1 Blizard Merryfield   Antigua    
" Friendship Thompson   Jamaica    
" Hermione Trail   Jamaica    
" Lord Camden Club   Maryland    
" Elizabeth Young   New York    
" Betsy and Debby Williams   Philadelphia    
" Jane Reed   St. Kitt's    
" Wolfe Christie   Tobago    
" New Britannia Fish   Rotterdam    
" Garleston Moore   Rotterdam    
" William and Mary Bly   Rotterdam    
" Two Brothers Mempress   Rotterdam    
" Industry Doyke[sic]   Waterford    
Port of London  Ships cleared Outwards
  Westerhall Lyney   Turkey    
  Commodore Wood Cummins   Ancona and Trieste    
  Prince George Moore   New England    
  Dolphin Scott   Copenhagen    
  Black Cat Albrecht   Dantzick    
  Friendship Spilker   Bremen    
  Martha Hunter   Rotterdam    
  Calais Packet Ross   Calais    
  George Page   Londonderry    
  Abraham Battersby   Sligo    
 Coasters entered Inwards, June 30 and July 1.  
  Tweed     Berwick    
  Janet     Borowstoness    
  Good Intent     Hull    
  Ouze     Hull    
  Thomas and Ann     Weymouth    
  William     Pool    
  Dove     Pool    
  Prosperous     Chichester    
  Racehorse?     Chichester    
  Betsy     Rochester    
  Richard and Sarah     Rochester    
  Edward and Sarah     Feversham    
  Hope       Sandwich    
  Good Intent     Plymouth    
  Wilkes     Dartmouth    
  Happy Return     Arundel    
  Portsea     Portsmouth    
  Kent     Folkstone    
  Six Colliers
Coasters cleared Outwards
  Favourite     Aberdeen    
  Experiment     Berwick    
  Alice     Berwick    
  Elizabeth     Newcastle    
  Henry and Mary     Newcastle    
  Hawke     Newcastle    
  Jane     Newcastle    
  Adventure     Newcastle    
  Providence     Newcastle    
  Friends Goodwill     Sunderland    
  Jane     Sunderland    
  Providence     Sunderland    
  Rippon     Hull    
  Favourite     Hull    
  Elizabeth     Boston    
  William and Mary     Harwich    
  Bures     Harwich    
  Endeavour     Harwich    
  Carvel     Ipswich    
  Benjamin     Ipswich    
  Robert and Ann     Portsmouth    
  Edward and Ann     Clay    
  Spackman     Penznce    
  Good Intent     Rochester    
  Providence     Rochester    
  Betsy     Rochester    
  Duke of Cumberland     Rochester    
  John and William     Colchester    
  Friendship     Maldon    
  Royal George     Maldon    
  Three Brothers     Feversham    
  Feversham     Feversham    
  Endeavour     Feversham    
  Charming Molly     Dover    
  Good Intent     Dover    
  Sally     Sandwich    
  Two Brothers     Sandwich    
  Resolution     Sandwich    
  Isle of Thanet     Sandwich    
  Adventure     Milton    
  Friendship     Yarmouth    
  Happy Return     Yarmouth    
  Happy Return     Milford    
  Friendship     Lyme    
  Providence     Chichester    
  Three Brothers     Lymington    
  Dolphin     Dartmouth    
Deal, July 3 Wind S.W. Arrived and failed for the River
  Houghton Godsrail?   Oporto    
 Sailed.. Josepha Hill   Cadiz    
  Prince George Moore   New England    
Deal July 4 Wind W. Came down and failed the ..
  Weatherill  Lyney   Smyrna    
  Two Friends Brewster   Philadelphia    
  London Siverson   Bristol    
Port of London Ships entered Inwards
July 3 and 4 Warners Martin   Antigua    
" Charming Betsy Snow   Antigua    
" Adriadne Kussel    Dominica    
" Sally Carey   Grenades    
" Farmer Wallace   Maryland    
" Jameson and Peggy Ballantine   Philadelphia    
" Rangers Dunn   Philadelphia    
" Rebecca & Molly Cullman   Philadelphia    
" Brothers Falcon   Nice    
" Ann and Betsy Sparshot   Greensey    
" Sprat Harris   Rotterdam    
Port of London Ships cleared Outwards
July 3 and 4 Grenada Galley Bushel   Grenades    
" General Thomas Littleworth   Newfoundland    
" Adamant Wilson   Quebec    
" Jupiter Disting   Leghorn    
" Ann Ward   Portugal    
" Ancona Galley Roberts   Petersbourgh    
" Two Sisters Grenhoff   Bremen    
" Good Intent Errington   Amsterdam    
" Two Sisters Smith   Friesland    
" London Merchant Butchart   Ostend?    
" London Hirol   Dublin    
Coasters entered Inwards, July 3 and 4.
  Jolly Bachelor      Aberdeen      
  Experiment     Boston    
  Robert and Susan     Aldborough    
  Four Sisters     Colchester    
  Dove     Colchester    
  Elizabeth     Colchester    
  William & Susan     Colchester    
  John and Nelly     Ipswich    
  Robert     Ipswich    
  Maltster     Ipswich    
  Robert and Mary     Ipswich    
  Acton     Ipswich    
  Susannah     Ipswich    
  Hopewell     Maldon    
  Hezekiah and Elizabeth     Maldon    
  Duke of Cumberland     Maldon    
  Henry and Thomas     Maldon    
  Neptune     Maldon    
  William and Thomas     Maldon    
  Robin Hood     Leigh    
  Friendship     Leigh    
  William and Elizabeth     Leigh    
  Picton Castle     Penzance    
  Providence     Padstow    
  Fortune     Sandwich    
  Good Intent     Sandwich      
  Endeavour     Sandwich    
  Sally     Sandwich    
  Resolution     Sandwich    
  Success     Rochester    
  Wheatsheaf     Milton    
  Ceres     Milton    
  Wheatsheaf     Feversham    
  John and Martha     Feversham    
  John & William     Feversham    
  Friends Goodwill     Feversham    
  Success     Feversham    
  Adventure     Weymouth    
  Success     Weymouth    
  Susannah     Portsmouth    
  Five Colliers
Coasters cleared Outwards
  Forth     Borowstoness    
  Dispatch     Dunbar    
  William     Newcastle    
  Dorothies     Newcastle    
  Rose     Whitby    
  Good Intent     Bridlington    
  Hawke     Stockton    
  William     Aldborough    
  Norfolk     Ipswich    
  Ipswich     Ipswich    
  Twin Brothers     Ipswich    
  Providence     Colchester    
  John and William     Weymouth    
  Active     Hull    
  Woodbridge     Woodbridge    
  Friendship     Bristol    
  Nancy     Plymouth    
  William and Elizabeth     Pool    
  Mary and Elizabeth     Pool    
  Salisbury     Portsmouth    
  The Assize of Bread, as last set by the Lord Mayor.
The Penny Load, or two Half-penny Loaves, to weigh - Wheaten 0 lb. 2 oz. 11 dr.; Houshold 0 lb. 11 oz. 9 dr.;
The Two Penny Loaf - Wheaten 1 lb. 1 oz. 6 dr.; Houshold 1 lb. 7 oz. 3 dr.
The Three Penny Loaf - Wheaten 1 lb. 10 oz. 1 dr.; Houshold 2 lb. 2 oz. 12 dr.

Laudable Society for the Benefit of Widows
The general terms of admission into this Society are, that the Subscribers be from 21 to 45 years of age, Protestants, neither of the Army or Navy, (Militia excepted,) married one Year, in good Health, and subscribing at their Admission five Guineas, and the same Sum Annually by Half-yearly Payments, for which their Widows, will be entitled as follows:
If these Husbands have been Members2110a Year

No Person can be admitted a Member who is a Victualler, or has not had the Small-pox; and those who are above the Age of 43 Years, must produce a Certificate of the Register of their Age.

Deal, July 5 - Wind S.W. Arrived and failed for the River,
  Morant Carter   Jamaica    
 Remain George Page   for Londonderry    
" Weatherill Lyney   for Smyrna    
" Jane Kelley   for Virginia    
" Commodore Hood Cummings   for Ancona    
" HMS Enterprize          
Deal, July 6 - Wind S.W. Came down, and failed with the ships as per last,
  Chester Hurlt?   for Liverpool    
  Tom Goodwin   St. Vincent's    
  Blossom Hughes   Jamaica    
  Derby Lang   Antigua    
  West Indian Stinson   Jamaica    
  Thomas and Sally Barre   St. Maloes    
  Hunter Richie   Honduras    
  Minerva Walker   Virginia    
Port of London, Ships enter Inwards
July 5 & 6 Hellispont Liester   Smyrna    
July 5 & 6 America Brown   Antigua    
July 5 & 6 Warners Mann   Grenades    
July 5 & 6 Lady Juliana Stephenson   Jamaica    
July 5 & 6 Maryland Planter Nicholson   Maryland    
July 5 & 6 Mary and Hannah Stracey   Philadelphia    
July 5 & 6 June Curtis   Albergh    
July 5 & 6 Allia Jonge Henderick   Groningen    
July 5 & 6 Two Sisters Doewes   Groningen    
July 5 & 6 Two Brothers Nichlaas   Groningen    
Ships cleared Outwards.
  Adamant Wilson   Quebec    
  Frederick Martin   Portugal    
  Lady Eliza Doorn   Amsterdam    
Coasters enter Inwards, July 5 & 6
  Charlotte     Aberdeen    
  Charlotte and Francis     Borowstonness    
  John-Ann-Barbara     Bridlington    
  Kingston; Fame; York     Hull    
  George and Ann; Heckington; Amelia; John and Amy     Boston    
  Friendship; Mermaid     Lynn    
  Sea Nymph     Clay    
  Three Brothers; Three Friends     Woodbridge    
  Sooken; Owners Goodwill; Industry     Hartwich    
  Acton     Liverpool    
  Brudenel; Hope     Exeter    
  John; Desire; John and Elizabeth     Pool    
  Ashburton     Southhampton    
  Phoenix; William & Mary     Lymington    
  Newhaven     Newhaven    
  Diligence     Dover    
  William and Alice     Wells    
  Hope     Sandwich    
  William and Betsy     Ipswich    
  Samuel and Sarah     Maldon    
  Nancy     Milford    
  Welcome Messenger; Sarah and Elizabeth     Rochester    
  Five Coliers          
Coasters cleared Outwards
  Tweed     Tweed    
  William & Martha; Yarburgh; Daking`     Hull    
  John; Resolution     Whitby    
  Good Intent     Newcastle    
  Catharine & Eleanor     Barmouth    
  Dispatch     Lynn    
  Hopewell     Bristol    
  Success; William and Mary     Rochester    
  Friends Goodwill; Wheatsheaf; Providence     Feversham    
  Wheatsheaf; Ceres     Milton    
  Thorn     Harwich    
  Rose; Robin Hood     Leigh    
  Good Intent; Resolution     Sandwich    
Yesterday morning Lord North, and several other great Officers of State, were at Kew, in conference with his Majesty upwards of three hours. At five o'clock a Messenger was dispatched to the Earl of Sandwich at Plymouth.

Yesterday some dispatches arrived at Lord Dartmouth's Office, from Lord William Campbell, Governor of South Carolina, brought by the Britannia, Capt. Ball, just arrived from that Province.

Yesterday morning advice was received, that the Lively, Johnson, from Philadelphia, with dispatches for London, was safe arrived at Dover. It is reported that she sailed from that Port the 21st of May.

As a letter was received yesterday from Governor Shirley, of St. Dominica, dated the 13th of May; so that the account in the Papers, mentioning his having been killed in a duel with the Lieutenant Governor before the 7th of that month, must be void of truth.

A young man of Gloucester, who is a Midshipman on board the Nautilus man of ware at Boston, in a letter to his Friends, gives this account of his situation:-"My situation here is not very pleasant, for I am stationed in an open boat at the mouth of Charles River, to watch the Americans, who are busily employed in making fire stages, to send down the stream to burn our ships. I have a command of six men, and a six pounder is fixed to the bow of our boat, which we are to fire to alarm the Camp and Fleet, as soon as we observe the fire stages. The woods on both sides the river swarm with People as cruel as the savage Indians, so that it is impossible to go on shore without being scalped. The Inhabitants of Boston are delivering up their arms, and leaving the Town. The Somerset of 74 guns lays between Boston and Charles Town, which are only separated by a channel about a mile broad, and our ship lays about half a mile above her, and if she sees a particular signal hung out, she is to fire on Charles Town."

Intelligence is received by the Heart of Oak, just arrived from Charles Town, that a meeting of the People was lately held there, at which all the Pilots were particularly sworn not to pilot up any vessels belonging to his Majesty's Navy, under the penalties of death.

The Colony of Rhode Island, we hear, have suspended their Governor from the execution of his Office, for refusing to concur in a Bill for raising 1500 men for the assistance of the People of Massachusetts Bay.

Deal, July 7 Wind N.W. Came down and failed the
  John and William Turner   Weymouth    
  John and Ann Thomas   Weymouth    
  Nancy Morse   Plymouth    
  London Hird   Dublin    
Arrived.. Sir William Johnson Dean   New York    
Deal, July 8 Wind S.W. Came down and remain the
  Friendship Forbes   Canaries    
  Adamant Wilson   Halifax    
  Endeavour Wise   Pool    
  Henrietta ----------   Emsworth    
Arrived.. Hope Strange   Malaga    
  Cadiz Packet Collins   Cadiz    
Deal, July 9 (reads June) Wind S.W. blows hard. Remain the ships as per last.
Gravesend July 9
July 9 Charming Peggy Lawrence   New York    
July 9 Prince of Wales Wood   Philadelphia    
  Olive Branch Frampton   Maryland    
  William Jerro   New York    
  Eagle Knowden   Hamburgh    
  Jane Matthews   Philadelphia    
 At Lancaster
  Nelly Machell   Granada    
At Falmouth
  Nonpareil Clements   Oporto    
At Liverpool
  Sally Rigmaiden   Granada    
  Charming Polly Barry   Antigua    
At Pool
  Bolton Carr   Philadelphia    
Port of London; ships entered Inwards.
July 7 & 8 Thames Clarke   India    
July 7 & 8 Ceres Newte   India    
July 7 & 8 Juno Green   Smyrna    
July 7 & 8 Westerhall M'Lawrie   Grenades    
July 7 & 8 Tiger Patton   Grenades    
July 7 & 8 West Indian Simpson   Jamaica    
July 7 & 8 Dawkins Stupart   Jamaica    
July 7 & 8 Bolivar Caine   Philadelphia    
July 7 & 8 Woodman Henderson   Philadelphia    
July 7 & 8 Hawke O?   Philadelphia    
July 7 & 8 Tartar White   North Carolina    
July 7 & 8 Juno Tarl?   North Carolina    
July 7 & 8 Heart of Oak Gunn   South Carolina    
July 7 & 8 Ennice Grant   Sa?    
July 7 & 8 Osgood Murdie   Virginia    
July 7 & 8 Spa? Forster   Virginia    
July 7 & 8 St. Cuthbert Forster   Ancona    
July 7 & 8 Emanuel Woolle   C?    
July 7 & 8 Duke of G? Sutherland   Hamburg    
July 7 & 8 Neptune Noordle   Hamburg    
July 7 & 8 Berly Beveridge   Mem?    
July 7 & 8 Goodwill Nicholson   Mem?    
July 7 & 8 Hardwicke Scovell   Guernsey    
July 7 & 8 Unity Angel   Guernsey    
July 7 & 8 London Packet Lys   Jersey    
July 7 & 8 Gabriel Lo?   Calais    
July 7 & 8 Four Friends Carter   ?    
July 7 & 8 Maria ?   Dunkirk    
July 7 & 8 Martha Richardson   Cork    
Ships cleared Outwards.
  Polly Rainier   Georgia    
  Amelia Simon   Newfoundland    
  John Anstie   Newfoundland    
  Live Oak Mutton   West Florida    
  New London Packet Isemonger   Guernsey    
  Unity Naywohlt   Bremen    
  Hamburgh Merchant Strong   Hamburgh    
  Hansa Mawe   Hamburgh    
  Nancy Seaman   Petersburgh    
  Elizabeth M'Ghie   Rotterdam    
  Loyal Jane Halfnight   Dunkirk    
  L'Amitie Bernard   Nantz    
  Telemachus Hill   Cork    
  Recovery Weatherhead   Dublin    
  Generous Friends Leiths   Dublin    
  Pitt Bridger   Dublin    
Coasters entered Inwards, July 7 and 8
  Addison     Berwick    
  Providence     Berwick    
  Berwick     Berwick    
  John and Alice     Berwick    
  Charon     Borowstones    
  Dispatch     Dundee    
  Providence     Leith    
  Fanny     Newcastle    
  Arthur and Mary     Alemouth    
  Thomas and Grace     Stockton    
  Hawke     Stockton    
  Nancy     Hull    
  Harvest     Hull    
  MaryAnn     Boston    
  Good Intent;     Boston    
  Hope     Boston    
  Friends Endeavour     Boston    
  Industry     Milford    
  York     Swansea    
  Speedwell     Carmarthen    
  Phoenix     Cardiff    
  Rebecca and Elizabeth     Clay    
  Isabella     Yarmouth    
  Farmer     Colchester    
  Success     Colchester    
  Rofe     Pool    
  Joanna     Weymouth    
  William & Robert     Weymouth    
  Unity     Rye    
  Sally     Ipswich    
  Fifty Colliers          
 Coasters cleared Outwards.
  John and Alice     Berwick    
  Antelope     Dundee    
  King George     Leith    
  Dulcebella     Newcastle    
  William     Alemouth    
  William     Hull    
  Jason     Hull    
  Charles     Exeter    
  Ann     Lancaster    
  Polly     Bristol    
  Henry & Thomas     Maldon    
  Friendship     Maldon    
  Betsy     Darmouth    
  Good Intent     Shoreham    
  Diligence     Portsmouth    
  John and Jane     Yarmouth    
  Friendship     Yarmouth    
  Henham     Southwold    
  Fortune     Sandwich    
  Hope     Sandwich    
  Endeavour     Sandwich    
  Sally     Sandwich    
  John and William     Feversham    
  Success     Feversham    
  High Water at London Bridge:
Tuesday, At 15 Min. after 12 in the Morning.And 48 Min. after 12 in the Afternoon
Wednesday, At 20 Min. after 1 in the Morning. And 53 Min. after 1 in the Afternoon.


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