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Ship Arrivals in Quebec 1818

The following arrivals were extracted from the Quebec Mercury and, where noted, the Montreal Gazette.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, April 15, 1818.]
  The ship Factor arrived at Philadelphia, in forty days from Liverpool, brings English dates to the 14th of February. It is pleasing to observe that there is every appearance that the Army of occupation will forthwith be withdrawn from France, out of which a confederate army will be formed and stationed at Frankfort for preserving the tranquillity of Europe.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Montreal Gazette, April 22, 1818.]
  From the Norfolk Herald April 1.
Among the vessels which went up the bay on Sunday afternoon was the brig Huron, Martin, 19 days from Havanna, with a cargo of molasses and sugar. Capt. Appleby, of this town, came passenger in the H. and has come up in the sloop Gen. Swift, from North Carolina. Capt. A. states that about 8 days previous to his sailing despatches had been received by the Governor from the government of Old Spain, instructing him to close the port of Havanna against all nations indiscriminately; which order it was expected would be carried into execution, in a few days, as the Governor only waited the arrival of the next packet for a duplicate of his instructions. Capt. A. further states, that the British government, determined to enforce their measures for putting a stop to the African Slave Trade, had sent two agents on that business, who had arrived at Havanna a few days previous to his leaving there.–It was thought that this step coupled with the new order of Ferdinand, would produce something like a revolution at Havanna. The Buenos Ayrean squadron, was still cruising close in with the Moro and blockading the harbour. The sickness had again made its appearance. There was little alteration in the markets. American produce dull, Island do. scarce and high.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Montreal Gazette, April 29, 1818.]
  The brig Tom, Hazard, arrived at New-York, furnishes accounts from England to 4th March.

The author of the attempt on the life of the Duke of Wellington, notwithstanding the activity of the Police of Paris, was not discovered.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Montreal Gazette, May 6, 1818.]
  More New States
The House of Representatives of the United States have passed Acts, authorising the Missouri Territory west of the river Mississippi, and the Illinois Territory, lying east of the Mississippi, and north of the river Ohio, to form Constitutions, in order to be admitted into the Union, as States.–Those two will make their number up to twenty-two. Michigan Territory is to be allowed a Delegate in Congress; and as soon as their numbers shall become sufficient, they also will be organized and admitted as a State. Their national Flag is to be Thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white, to designate the original number of the United States, and one Star, for each existing State, the Stars to be white on a blue field.

The Steam Boat Malsham, arrived here from Quebec on Monday last in the afternoon; among other passengers who came in her, were the Honorable Judge Bowen, the Attorney and Solicitor General and A. Stuart, Esquire, to be present at the Court of Oyer and Terminer which had been adjourned to the 4th instant.

When the Steam Boat which arrived at St. John’s on Sunday last, left Whitehall, the mail had not reached that place, owing most probably to the badness of the roads and weather, we have therefore received no news this week from the United States.

From a late London Paper
The Mauritius and St. Helana[sic]–We learn with pleasure, by the arrival at Portsmouth of the Phaeton from the Mauritus [sic] having on board Governor Faruhar and family, that there had been no recent seizure of slave vessels in the neighbourhood of that colony. The traffic, indeed has been abolished by the native powers of Madagascar, (heretofore the great source of supply) in conformity to a treaty concluded between the King of Ova and the Government of the Mauritius. The most zealous efforts were employed by the British attached to that settlement, in order to accomplish this object. The Phaeton touched at St. Helena, on her way home, and Bonaparte was reported to be in good health at that period, (Jan. 8) but he had not been accessible to strangers for a considerable time past. The intelligence is of a more recent date than that which communicated the rumor of his illness, which was, therefore, probably unfounded.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Montreal Gazette, Monday, May 13, 1827.]
  The new Steam Boat Telegraph, belonging to Mr. H. Logan, of Montreal, arrived here from that city on Teusday. [sic] Among the passengers, were Messrs. Melvin Paterson, and M’Kenzie, of this city, who sailed from Liverpool on the 27th March for New York.

We learn from these gentlemen, that Business in England was not in the most thriving state, although much better than at the same time the preceding year, and the population was peaceable. In consequence of the determination of Government not to propose for the ensuring two years, any alteration in the lumber duties, a greater number of vessels were expected to be engaged in the Canada trade, than during the last season. The time of sailing generally fixed, was about the 10th April. No vessels had sailed for the St. Lawrence when these gentlemen left Liverpool. They had a passage of only 11 days to the Great Banks. They met with some loose ice on the Banks, in lat. 44. The winter in England had been very wet and windy, and the season, as well there as in the United States, was backward.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Montreal Gazette, Wednesday, May 16, 1818.]
  Although the United States of America have not actually declared war against Spain, yet they may be said to have begun hostilities. The proceedings of Gen. Jackson in the Floridas the three commissioners forming a treaty at Buenos Ayres with that revolted province, and the Ontario sloop of war entering, though forbidden, the blockaded harbour of Valparaiso, in presence of two armed vessels, are convincing proofs of hostility, and at the same time, of the weakness of Apain. It is evident that Mr. De Forest, who came passenger in the Platsburgh[?], brought dispatches from the commissioners at Buenos Ayres, and is to remain as Counsul General of the United States of South America.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, May 20, 1818]
April 29           2 schooners from Hare Island, with part of the cargo of the brig Favorite
May 4 Schooner Frederick Bruce   Gaspé   fish and oil
May 7 Brig Patriot A. Anderson 38 days Aberdeen 5 Ladies and 1 Gentleman to Heath & Moir, general cargo. Intelligence: ice in the Gulf, saw 5 ships off Gaspé, 2 steering for Bay Chaleurs, and 1 for Gaspé.
May 12 Ship Prospect Wake 38 days Shields   to P. Patterson & Co., in ballast
May 12 Brig Sternshall Mainland 38 days Shields   to P. Patterson & Co., in ballast
May 12 Ship Mary Taylor 39 days Trinidad   to order, in ballast
May 12 Ship Highland Lad Moore 30 days Greenock   to J. Goudie, bricks
May 12 Brig Favorite   1 day Hare Island   to Chs. Hunter
May 12 Brig Gowan James Webster 43 days Dundee   to Bell & Stewart, general cargo
May 12 Brig Earl of Dalhousie J. Levie 40 days Aberdeen 14 settlers to order, in ballast
May 13 Brig Penrose Michael Foley 12 days Nfld   to Heath & Moir, salt
May 13 Ship Crown P. Roche 34 days Whitby   to P. Patterson, in ballast
May 14 Ship Elizabeth & Sarah Wm Bainbridge 5 Apr Newcastle   to Captain, in ballast
May 14 Ship Aberdeen A. Thomson 25 Mar London Capt. Hills and Mr. Wells to Jas. M’Douall[]?, in ballast. Intelligence: saw much ice and detained 31 days by it.–Intelligence per Aberdeen, Monday April 27th at 8.30A.M. spoke the Brig Helen of Aberdeen, from Greenock, bound to Miramichie who informed us that he had fallen in with a Ship abandoned by the Crew (Name Caroline of Mary Port,) supposed to have been stove by the ice and foundered. At 9A.M. spoke the Brig Better Luck Still, of London, from Bristol, to Puggwash.–Thursday May 7th at 12.30P.M. spoke the Brisk, from Montego Bay, bound to Quebec, informed us that she had passed part of a wreck on the 6th instant.
May 14 Ship Ceres David Raitt 28 days Belfast 150 settlers to Heath & Moir, in ballast
May 14 Brig Cherub A. Stevenson 36 days Greenock 10 settlers to Geo. Ross, general cargo
May 14 Brig Eliza James Hauay 8 Apr Liverpool Mr. Millar to Miller & Parlane, general cargo
May 14 Ship Rebecca A. Harvey 28 days Greenock Miss Sarah Gregory, Miss Normand, Messrs. Portcous, McKinzie and Mr. McCauley and 13 steerage to Geo. Ross, general cargo
May 14 Brig Brisk Wm Mosses 3 weeks Montego Bay   to Irvine M’Naught, rum and sugar
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, Friday, May 29, 1818.]
May 15 Ship Invincible J. Hogg 35 days Peterhead?   to Mr. Christie, in ballast
May 16 Brig Flora J. Work 30 days Aberdeen Mr. Dawson, D. Gill, and Ellen Watson to Heath & Moir, in ballast. Intelligence, left a brig in the ice at Anticosti.
May 16 Brig Symetry W. Cram 3 Apr Newcastle   to Mr. Meiklejohn, in ballast
May 17 Brig Carricks F. Buchly 28 days Liverpool Mrs. Webster, two in steerage to Geo. Symes, general cargo
May 17 Brig Henry Wm Lowes 42 days Newcastle   to Heath & Moir, in ballast
May 17 Brig John J. Jones 45 days Newcastle   to Atkinson, in ballast
May 17 Brig Jane G. Hunter 35 days Newcastle   in ballast
May 17 Brig Sophia A. Moore 31 days Greenock   to Mr. Burnet, salt
May 17 Brig Elizabeth & Ann W. Dobson 29 days Portsmouth   to Mathew Gordon & Co., in ballast
May 17 Brig Penelope J. Doyle 40 days Liverpool Mr. Chaffers and Mr. Uppington and 183 settlers to H. Chaffers, salt and goods
May 17 Brig Barbara J.R. Wilson 42 days Aberdeen   to Mr. Barnet, brick
May 18 Brig Polly A. Donaldson 36 days Leith   to M. Black & Co., in ballast
May 18 Brig Skipsay R. Laidler 36 days London   to Hart Logan & Co., general cargo
May 18 Brig Mayflower P. Ellison 1 Apr Newcastle   to Mr. Burnet, in ballast
May 18 Brig Alexander George Ritchie 2 Apr Shields   to Mr. Meiklejohn, in ballast
May 18 Brig Babona W. Garterell 11 days Halifax Mr. Tuzo to J. Caldwell, in ballast
May 18 Brig Ann G. Slater 5 weeks Shields   to Mr. Meiklejohn, in ballast
May 18 Brig Spencer W. Huggup 13 Apr Sheilds   to J. Caldwell, in ballast
May 18 Bark Sophia J. Beckett 5 Apr London 1 family to J. Caldwell, in ballast
May 18 Brig Canso J. Martin 8 weeks Jamaica Mr. Woodberry to Patterson & Weir, rum and sugar
May 18 Brig Alexander R. Marshall 30 days Liverpool Messrs. Hoffstetter, Hancox, Barner, G. Henderson, M’Kutcheon and Mr. And Mrs Stansfields and servant to J. Jones & Co, general cargo
May 18 Brig Economy J. Gibson 6 weeks Shields   to Bell & Stewart, in ballast
May 18 Brig Fame Abrams 12 Apr Greenock Mr. Hamilton, Doctor M’Gibbon and family and one family of settlers to J. Goudie, general cargo
May 18 Brig Lord Middleton Kerr ? weeks London   to J. Caldwell, in ballast
May 18 Brig Rosehill Wilson 31 days Whitehaven 17 settlers to Irvine, M’Naught, & Co., 70 puncheons rye?
May 18 Brig Pomona Mills 6 weeks Portsmouth   to Captain Richmond, in ballast
May 18 Ship Harrison Davies 28 days Liverpool 117 settlers to Campbell & Sheppard, salt and coals
May 18 Brig Waller Hannay 31 days Liverpool Messrs Seed, Bailey and 5 in steerage to W. G. & P. Sheppard, general cargo
May 18 Ship General Elliot Franks 31 days London   to Mr. Price, in ballast
May 18 Brig Albion Richmond 40 days London   to P. Patterson & Co., in ballast
May 19 Brig Eslington Richardson 6 weeks London   to Mr. Seed, in ballast
May 19 Brig Wm & Mathew Evans 5 weeks London 17 settlers to order, general cargo
May 19 Brig Royal Charlotte Gilchrist? 52 days Abeuf?   To Mr. Burnet, wine and fruit
May 19 Brig Jane Murdoch 36 days Greenock 18 settlers to Mevin & Belanger, coals and goods
May 19 Ship Maida Estelle 45 days Hull 29 settlers to Bell & Stewart, goods
May 19 Brig Britannia   43 days Newcastle   to Bell & Stewart, coals and goods
May 19 Brig Neptune Clarke 33 days Glasgow 34 settlers to Finlay & Co., general cargo
May 19 Brig Rose Beavrige 56 days Leith   to Bell & Stewart, coals
May 19 Brig Comet Lesk 43 days Aberdeen   to Heath & Moir, in ballast
May 19 Brig Jesse Elephane 36 days Newcastle Mr Swivel to Frost & Porter, coals and goods
May 19 Bark Esther Ekin 52 days Liverpool   to Gates & Nephew, salt and rum
May 19 Ship Hessell J. Morgrove 36 days London   to P. Patterson, in ballast
May 19 Bark Monique W. Draper 35 days Hull 129 settlers to Jones & White, bricks, cordage, &c.
May 19 Bark Trader Hall 8 Apr London   to Maitland & Co., in ballast
May 19 Brig Trent J. Longbottom 35 days Bristol 8 settlers to Mr Butchart, iron, nails
May 19 Brig Jane Montgomery Gardner 32 days Glasgow   to Captain, in ballast
May 19 Ship Rosina J. Brown 30 days Greenock   to Rogerson Hunter & Co., in ballast
May 20 Brig Catharine P. Clark 34 days Sunderland 3 settlers to Pratt & Porter, goods
May 20 Ship Indian Trader Barnsey 10 Apr Liverpool   to order, salt and bagging
May 20 Brig Briton Evans 37 days Dublin 50 settlers to J.L. Maquay, in ballast
May 20 Brig Marja Hoidleton 5 weeks London   to Messrs. Frobishers & Co., goods
May 20 Brig Greenfields Holmes 30 days Glasgow Mr M’Pherson, Mr Cuthbert, and one settler to Mr M. M’Pherson, goods
May 20 Brig Helen J. Gibson 5 Apr Newcastle   to Mr Seed, in ballast
May 20 Brig Sally W. Cumming 31 days Ayr 2 settlers to Mr Brown, coals
  Kingston, May 19. (From the Gleaner, of May 7.)
The weather during the last month has been remarkably cold and backward for the season. On the 18th we had a severe storm with a fall of snow; upon the high lands it is said to have been from twelve to eighteen inches deep, and continued on the ground for several days. A colder or a more backward season has never been known in this country, by the oldest inhabitants. The consequence of which is that no progress is yet made by the farmer in preparing the soil to receive the Spring crops.

Arrived, at the Mansion-House Hotel, in this city, on Sunday Evening, the 24th instant, Col. Barclay, his Majesty’s Commissioner under the 5th article of the Treaty of Ghent; the Hon. Ward Chipman, and Mr. Chipman Jur. His Majesty’s agent under the same article, (the latter accompained [sic] with his Lady,) and Mr. Odell the Secretary of the Province of New Brunswich, [sic] who we learn is to be employed this season on one of the Surveys.

The Halifax papers mention, that the 68th regiment had been ordered from England to Canada, and the 74th and a corps of sappers to Halifax.

About £2000 has been subscribed in London for the relief of the sufferers at St. John, Newfoundland.

The inhabitants of Halifax are preparing to petition the British Government to have it made a free port.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, June 3, 1818]
May 22 Schooner St. George Giffard 4 days Gaspé   to Davidson & Rose, rum, oil and plaster. This vessel sailed last from newfoundland, and wintered at Gaspé.
May 22 Brig Friends G. Richardson 40 days London settlers to Gerrard Finlay & Co., general cargo
  The Governor in Chief regrets that the state of his health will prevent his holding a Levee on the next Anniversary of his Majesty’s birth; but there will be an evening Drawing Room and a Ball at the Castle at 8 o’clock in honor of the day.
W.C. Oates, A.D.O.
Castle of Saint Lewis, May 26, 1818.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, June 10, 1818]
June 1 Ship Mary Neale 40 days Liverpool   salt
June 1 Brig Amphitrite Dawson 64 days Sunderland   coals
June 1 Brig Isabella Lawson 64 days London   to Irvine, MacNaught & Co, in ballast
June 1 Ship Burdon Richardson 64 days London   to Rogerson & Co., in ballast
June 2 Ship Montreal Service 34 days Greenock 8 settlers to Campbell and Chapman, goods and rum
June 2 Brig Eclipse Moore 59 days Greenock 10 settlers to Cragan & Co., coals, rum, &c.
June 2 Brig Prince of Austurias Donald 43 days Dublin 138 settlers to Mr. Portland, goods
June 2 Brig Thomas Drury 53 days Liverpool Mr. Barnel?, and 6 settlers to Mr. Wedgwood, salt, glass, &c. Intelligence, the ship Russia Company, from London, with a cargo, is totally lost in the ice off Cape Chat. The ship Fame has the crew on board.
June 2 Brig Europe Hebert 58 days Portsmouth   to Auldjo & Co., in ballast
June 2 Brig Cumberland Smith 41 days Liverpool Messrs. Gibb, Underhill and Holland to Gates & Nephew, general cargo
June 2 Brig Maria Ditchburn 54 days Liverpool   to Gerrard, Finlay & Co., goods
June 2 Brig Doris Gordon 54 days Liverpool   to Gates & Nephew, salt
June 2 Ship Fame Minnett 1 Apr Hull   to Paterson & Weir, iron and brick
June 2 Brig Aisthorpe J. Brown 45 days Liverpool   to Mr. Wedgwood, goods
June 2 Brig Francis Danson 45 days Waterford 66 settlers to Mr. Dangle, sale, &c.
June 2 Ship Britannia Burn 49 days London   to Mr. Lymburner, in ballast
June 2 Brig Green How Hossack 50 days Demerars   to M’Roberts & M’Lean, rum, sugar, &c.
June 2 Brig Elizabeth Caslin 7 Apr London   to Bell & Stewart, goods
June 2 Brig Trim Lyon 2 Apr Greenock   to Gerrad & Finlay, ballast
June 3 Schooner Good Intent Hutton 12 May Halifax Capt. Smith to Mr. Price, rum and pepper
June 3 Brig James Wm James 6 Apr Liverpool 70 settlers to G. Platt & Co., general cargo
June 4 Brig Robert Neale 7 weeks Greenock Mr. Fraser to Irvine & Co.
June 4 Brig Brown Pinkington 44 days Liverpool 9 settlers to Mr. Prince, general cargo
June 4 Brig May Flower J. Alexander 53 days London Salin to Maitland, Gardner & Co., general cargo
  From the London General Shipping and Commercial List of April 22d
Deal, April 20, sailed, Eweretta and Russian Company, for Quebec; Hound, for Montreal; Canada & Jane, Quebec.
Sunderland, April 19, sailed, Majestic, Quebec, Amphitrite, Montreal.

Extract of a letter from Dover, dated April 12.
“A vessel under quarantine passed here a day or two back, and sent on shore the melancholy news, that the brig Sir William Congreve, Cope, had taken fire, and every soul on board perished, except tow of the crew who escaped in the jolly boat. The master’s wife was with him; also one or two children, a female servant, and a number of passengers, bound out from Cadiz to Carthagena: we have no further particulars.”

From the Boston Daily Advertiser of Tuesday.
Captain Robbins from Calcutta, arrived yesterday, reports the following:--
“The Purser of the Thomas-Greenville, which we spoke April 7, three days out from St. Helena, informed us that Bonapart was a little indisposed, and was about moving his quarters to some other part of the island, thinking his present situation unhealthy. The governor had given him this liberty. He had become extremely fractious and uneasy, and appeared perfectly unhappy. He objected to having intercourse with any one, and appeared to wish to live by himself. Bertrand, and one other Frenchman, was still with him; all his other attendants had left him, he having quarreled with them all, and it was thought the two before mentioned would also leave him.

The Salisbury, 58, Admiral Douglas, arrived at Portsmouth from Jamaica on the 10th ult. having on board 800,000, dollars, and 130 cases of cochineal.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, June 17, 1818]
June 4 Brig Lord Nidry Richarson [sic] 42 days Portsmouth   to Mr. Meilklejohn, in ballast
June 4 Ship Ewretta Stoddard 45 days London Mrs. Bruyere, two daughters and son, Mrs. Nathan and daughter, Mr. Forsyth and Master Jackson to N.W. company, general cargo
June 4 Brig William Ridley 54 days London   to Patterson & Co., in ballast
June 5 Ship Rothiemurches Watson 38 days Leith 90 settlers to Jas. M’Calium & Co., goods
June 5 Schooner President   25 days North Shore   to Mr. Lymburner, furs, &c.
June 6 Brig Aries Troutback 46 days Liverpool   to Frost & Porter, general cargo
June 6 Brig Eagle W. Gallebe 34 days Shields   to Rogerson Hunter & Co., in ballast
June 6 Brig Adeona Govin 12 May Halifax 7 settlers to Jones & Co., salt
June 6 Schooner Harriet Norway 50 days Guernsey 18 settlers to W. G. & P. Sheppard, in ballast
June 6 Brig Northumberland Nicholau? 20 Apr London   to Mr. Wood, in ballast
June 7 Ship Friends Goodhead 44 days London   to Patterson & Co., in ballast
June 7 Ship Doncaster Marshall 30 days Newcastle 15 settlers to Hamilton, Brother, coals
June 7 Brig Juno Henderson 45 days Dundee   to order, goods
June 7 Brig Ann Walker 2 Apr London   to Bell & Stewart, goods
June 7 Ship Blessing Watson 40 days Leith   to Patterson & Co., ballast
June 7 Ship Concord Nessfields 7 weeks Liverpool 50 settlers to Patterson & Co., ballast
June 7 Ship Albion Henderson 44 days London   to Patterson & Co., ballast
June 7 Ship Calypso Chates 40 days Shields   to order, ballast
June 7 Brig Lord Hill Henderson 45 days Jamaica   to Patterson & Weir, sugar & molasses
June 7 Ship Industry Demeul 29 Mar Trinidad Mr. J. Mattson to captain, sugar and plaster-of-paris
June 7 Ship Agnes Lyons   Hull Bay   having wintered there
June 7 Brig Prince Coburg Hutcheson 50 days Cork via Boston 15 settlers to Mr Sinton, provisions and ballast - taken to Boston by force by the passengers
June 8 Brig Eliza Keily 41 days Jamaica   to Gerrard Finlay & Co., rum and sugar
June 8 Ship Majestic Harper 48 days Sunderland 32 settlers to Mr Price, coals and earthenware
June 8 Ship Harays Huntly 28 Apr Shields   to Mr Price in ballast
June 8 Ship Minerva Lynes 39 days Demerara   to Rogerson & Co., rum
June 8 Brig John Robinson 22 Apr Shields 1 settler to Rogerson & Co., in ballast
June 8 Ship Brothers Jenkinson 49 days London   to Hamilton Brothers & Co., in ballast
June 8 Brig Ann Brown 49 days London   to J. Caldwell, ballast
June 8 Brig John and Mary Fawens 40 days Shields   to Hamilton & Co., in ballast
June 8 Brig Jolly Batchelor Cavenhead 46 days Sunderland   to Heath & Moir, coals
June 9 Brig Cleopatra Broderick 44 days Belfast Mr Twiney and 25 settlers to Mr. Twiney, salt, rum, &c.
June 9 Brig Renown Watt 42 days Leith 7 settlers to Bell & Stewart, general cargo
June 9 Brig St. Helena Leavitt 44 days Jamaica Mr M’Cord to W. Finlay, rum and sugar
June 9 Schooner Mary M’Coll 53 days Demerara Capt Dow to Jones & Co., rum
June 9 Brig Emerald Burton 44 days Cherbourg   to Mr. Meiklejohn, in ballast
June 9 Ship Monarch G. Douglass 23 Apr London Mr and Mrs Newton and child, Mr and Mrs Wilson, Mr Ferguson and Mr George to Patterson & Co., in ballast
June 9 Ship Nancy Robinson 42 days London   to Patterson & Co., ballast
June 9 Brig Weir Thompson 46 days London 7 settlers to Maitland & Co., goods
June 9 Brig Alexander Branston 41 days Shields   to Mr. Price, in ballast
June 9 Ship Melanetho? Petty 19 Apr London   to J. Caldwell, ballast
  Curious facts–During the late warm weather, the Saint Lawrence, at Cape Chat, was nearly closed up with ice, and the mountains and highlands in that quarter, on both sides of the River, were covereed [sic] with snow. Indians come in from a hunting excursion, only about 40 miles to the northward of Quebec, report, that on the 1st instant, the Winter’s snow was still lying in the woods, and not a bud had appeared on the trees, which in this neighbourhood were in leaf on the 20th May.

Quebec, June 8th. – The Halifax papers, to the 20th ultimo mention that a copy of the bill passed in the House of Commons, establishing the Ports of Halifax, and St. Johns New-Brunswick, as free ports, has been received there; that it was a measure of the Government, unsolicited by the Colonists, and would certainly become a law.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, June 24, 1818]
June 15 Brig Experiment Chapman 49 days Bristol   to Angus George, goods and iron
June 15 Brig Anna M’Vicker 18 days St Johns Nfld 14 settlers to Mr Burnett, coals
June 16 Brig Union J. Ord 45 days Aberdeen 7 settlers to captain, gin, barley, candles, and ballast
June 17 Ship Benson R. Bryden 49 days London   to M. Lymburner, ballast
June 17 Brig Isabella D. Pratt 9 May Aberdeen   to Heath and Moir, ballast
June 17 Ship Zephyr J. Taylor 1 May London   to J. Caldwell, ballast
June 17 Brig Alexander W. Ernington 45 days London   to captain, goods
June 17 Brig Rovert R. Pace 49 days London   to Mr. Meiklejohn, ballast
June 17 Brig John H. Jabester 60 days Newcastle   to J. Caldwell, ballast
June 18 Brig Douglass J. Moir 42 days Tenneriffe   to Maitland, Gardner, & Co., wines
June 18 Ship Trinity Robinson 59 days London   to Mr. Price, provisions and goods
June 18 Brig Stapleton Amary 39 days Greenock   to George Syme, ballast
June 18 Brig Hound Proudlove 19 Apr London   to Maitland, Gardner & Co., goods
June 18 Schooner Sarah Jane M’Kinna 19 days Halifax   to Melvin and Belanger, rum and molasses
June 18 Ship Rolla B. Bark 46 days Cowes   to J. Butchart, ballast
June 18 Brig Cheerful   50 days Leith   to Mr. Spence, goods
  The Ship Draper arrived at New-York in 35 days from Liverpool, brings accounts from thence to the 9th May. The Draper coming in when the Spectator was going to Press, only a few articles of intelligence could be selected; one of which is that many English Officers residing at Brussels had been ordered home. The reason alleged is the appearance of a rupture between Great Britain and the United States. This report, we are inclined to believe, must have arisen because some officers there were ordered to join their Regiments which were destined for foreign service; for Mr. Vinsettart in his speech on the first of May gave strong assurances of the pacific disposition of the American Government, adding that there could not be a greater proof of this, than their having repealed all internal taxes and made their revenue depend on foreign trade, however, it is to be supposed, that Mr. Vinsettart was not, at that time apprized of the invasion of the Floridas, otherwise he would not have so much enlarged on the pacific disposition of America. It is easy to discern that it is the aim of the United States to extend their territory on one side to the Gulph of Mexico, and on the other to the Gulph of St. Lawrence, whenever a fit occasion shall offer; and if the British Government be weak enough to persuade themselves that their Provinces will be more respected than those of Spain, they will find themselves deceived indeed.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, July 1, 1818]
June 11 Mary Penrice 48 days Greenock 12 settlers to Irvine & Co., goods and liquors
June 11 Brig Sally Curry 45 days Workington 1 settler to Hamilton & Co., in ballast
June 11 Brig Jane Fenwick 48 days London Mrs Clark and family, Messieurs Darniton, Windsor and Helbourne to Bell and Stewart, general cargo
June 12 Brig Whitby Scott 47 days London   to Mr. Brice, in ballast
June 12 Brig Atlantic Harper 42 days Dublin 158 settlers to Campbell and Sheppard, in ballast
June 12 Ship Gilbert Henderson J. Maxwell   Liverpool   to Hamilton, Brother & Co., rum and goods
June 12 Brig Wm. Tell J. Boan 50 days Liverpool Messrs. Purbec, Jackson, Douglass and McNeil to Frost and Porter, general cargo
June 13 Ship Hope J. Barmer 14 days St John, N.F.   to Rogerson, Hunter & Co., ballast
June 13 Brig Haddock J. Carr 21 Apr London   to Mr. Meilklejohn, ballast
June 19 Schooner Mary and Jane H. Morin 66 days Malaga and Gibraltar   to order, wine and ballast
June 20 Brig Comet Thompson 44 days Dublin 75 settlers to C. Highfields
June 21 Brig Friends Sowter 49 days Peterhead   to Heath and Moir, ballast
June 22 Brig Hunter A. Grant 16 May London Dep. Comy. Genl. Adams, Mr. Ware, Doctor Effland, and 16 in steerage to C. Hunter, goods
June 22 Brig Union W. Canny 55 days London Mr. Symes, Mr. Conny, and 1 settler to Gerrard, Finlay & Co., goods
June 22 Brig Canada J. Cumming 18 Apr London   to Sanderson & Co., general cargo
June 22 Ship Perscus? Richardson 1 May London   to J. Caldwell, ballast
June 23 Brig Æolus A. Drysdale 29 days Havre de Grace, N.F. 10 settlers to Patterson and Weir, ballast
June 24 Ship Sally J. Carr 49 days Newcastle   to Par? & Co., coals and goods
June 24 Brig Sarah and Mary Ann J. Christian 43 days Belfast 128 settlers to Geo. Symes, ballast
June 25 Ship Royal Yoeman Sly 39 days Waymouth   to White and Languedot
  The brig Hunter arrived at Quebec, brings London dates to the 16th of May, but nothing of much importance has yet transpired.

General Jackson is reported to have taken Pensacola by storm in which he lost a number of men: thus the war is begun between the Spainards [sic] and North-Americans in earnest. Such proceedings cannot fail giving umbrage to the powers of Europe; even some of the Spanish Patriots feel hurt at such presumption, as they thing the Floridas more justly belong to them.

From the Boston Patriot of Saturday – Latest from Europe
Arrived at this port last evening, brig George, Smith, in 30 days from Dublin....

London, May 12–A Floating Chapel for merchant seamen, was opened (or rather moored) in Bristol harbour on Sunday last–A flag, inscribed with the word “Ark,” was displayed, to denote the purpose to which the vessel was henceforth to be devoted; and Divine Service was performed on board in the course of the day, before a numerous assemblage of people.

Quebec, June 23.
After resting in peace for forty-two years within the walls and under the sod of this garrison, the skeleton of General Montgomery, who fell in an assault on the Lower-Town, on the 31st of December, 1775, was, on Saturday last, raised from the place of its deposit and took its departure for New-York; where it is destined to a more distinguished place of interment in the church of St. Paul of that city.–Quebec Mercury.

We are arthorized to state, that the accounts of the sinking of Morrisset’s Schooner, at Carouge by the Car of Commerce, as inserted in several newspapers, is materially incorrect. As the subject, we understand, will be brought before a Court of Justice, we forbear entering into particulars.

The name of the woman who unfortunately perished, was Thèrése Giniac, Widow Germain. She was on a visit to her son at Quebec. She was about 65 years of age, had on a drugget petticoat, black mantlet, and yellow handkerchief. She had some title deeds and keys in her pocket. She is thus described at the request of her son, Alexis Germain, Mason, St. John Suburb, Quebec, with a view to enable humane persons who may find the body, to give him notice thereof, and afford her Christian Burial.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, July 8, 1818]
June 25 Brig Kent Sterling 46 days Larne 120 settlers to Woolsey, Stewart & Co., in ballast
June 25 Ship Sir George Prevost   51 days Plymouth 9 settlers to Mr. Price, in ballast
June 25 Ship Burtich? Smith 45 days London   to Mr. Price, in ballast
June 25 Brig Active Anderson 45 days Cork   to Froste & Porter, in ballast
June 26 Brig Sally Bull 42 days Belfast 176 settlers to captain, in ballast
June 27 Brig Prompt Kay 16 May Halifax 18 settlers to Irvine, Macnaught & Co., coals, earthenware and goods
June 29 Brig Fame Nicholson 50 days Sunderland 40 settlers to Mr. Price, coals
June 29 Brig Maria R. Kay 47 days Waterford 138 settlers to J. Elly, in ballast
June 29 Brig Canadian Packet Renner 1 May London Messrs. Atkinson, Denhy, Brewer and family to Mr. Atkinson, general cargo
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, July 15, 1818]
June 30 Ship Air? Troker 49 days London Lt. Col. Lochtfort, 45th regt. Asst. Qr. Master Genl. to P. Patterson, ballast
June 30 Brig ?son White 42 days Whitehaven 128 settlers to the capt., ballast, lead and tin
June 30 Ship Fidas Jefferson 46 days Hull 14 settlers to Bell & others, ballast
June 30 Brig Scorpio Henderson 21 May Bristol   to Mr. Meiklejohn, ballast
June 30 Brig Peggy Mather 73 days London   to Caldwell & Davidson, ballast
June 30 Brig Expedition Watson 42 days Belfast 140 settlers to Heath & Moir, ballast and thread
June 30 Brig Superb Wohlmsley 36 days Grenada & St. Johns, N.F.   to Heath & Moir, rum and molasses
June 30 Ship Lady Hamilton A. Young 42 days Cork 7 officers and 167 men of the 37th, 60th, 68th & 76th, and 12 settlers to Government
June 30 Ship Regent J. Boyes 15 May London Messrs Perrault, Martigny and Cuthbert to capt, general cargo
June 30 Brig Ann Shaw 49 days Sligo 129 settlers to Woolsey, Stewart & Co., rum, &c.
June 30 Ship Albury Cunningham 42 days Cork 490 of the 68th to Govt.
July 2 Ship Wyton Collison 44 days Cork 180 of the 68th to Govt.
  The Times of the 15th of May announces, on the authority of a letter from Paris, that the Congress of Sovereigus is to take place at Aix-la-Chapelle sooner than was at first supposed. The letter adds–“No doubt is entertained about the success of the negociations [sic] for the departure of the allied army from France towards the close of the present year.”
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, July 22, 1818]
July 2 Ship Sir Geo Osborn Tapier 44 days Cork 124 of the 68th regt to Govt.
July 2 Ship Alfred Rinnie 44 days Cork 229 of the 68th regt to Govt
July 2 Brig Warren Low 22 days Newfd.   to captain, ballast
July 3 British King Chamberg 18 days Gut of Canso 10 settlers from the Gulf to Caldwell & Davidson, plaster of paris
July 3 Ship Kingston Young 21 May London 6 settlers to Mr. Lymburner, in ballast
July 3 Ship Alexander Reid 16 May Belfast 220 settlers to J. Brown
July 3 Brig Trafalgar Ridley 40 days Shorceham   to Mr Kern, ballast
July 7 Brig Elizabeth Wickham 20 May Liverpool Messrs. Abbott and Brother, Capper and Beckett, and 68 settlers to -----, general cargo
July 8 Schooner Grace Inglis 56 days Colraine 52 settlers to Woolsey, Stewart & Co., in ballast
July 12 Brig Horsley Hill Bucks 54 days Sunderland 113 settlers to W. Brace, coals, earthenware, &c.
July 13 Ship Camilla D. M’Carthy 49 days Greenock 109 settlers to Rogerson, Hunter & Co., rum
July 14 Brig Brothers W. Moore 8 weeks Whitehaven 72 settlers to capt., rum and coals
July 15 Brig Ann M’Kay 18 days Gut of Canso 7 settlers to Caldwell & Davidson, plaster of Paris
July 16 Brig Favorite Greg 58 days Greenock 23 settlers to Melvin, & Belanger, liquors, sugar, &c.
July 16 Schooner President Lajeunesse 20 days Halifax 5 settlers to Mr. Buteau, rum, rozin, &c.
July 16 Brig Nancy Norman 62 days Hull 56 settlers to Jones & White, goods
July 16 Ship Albion Davidson 21 June St. John’s, N.F. 5 settlers to Patterson & C.
July 16 Brig Bedford Mason 16 days Halifax 6 settlers to Caldwell & Davidson, goods
  The Telegraph, Thursday, 11 A.M.–Of the Ships off Orscane one is from Limerick, sailed 22d May, with passengers–the other from Spain, 13 weeks passage–cargo wines.

The decoying of Francis (Heliradja) on board the American Gun Boats by hoisting the British Flag, and afterwards hanging him, is another trait in the glorious career of General Jackson in the territory of Spain....This atrocious act, we trust, will not be overlooked by our government, and the perpetrator brought to that just punishment which he deserves.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec [Montreal Gazette, Wednesday, July 29, 1818]
July 16 Ship Union Stewart 22 May Limerick 64 settlers to Woolsey, Stewart & Co., soap, candles and ballast
July 16 Ship De Jersey Duvale ? Alicant via Gaspé Mrs Stewart and Daughter to Messrs Shepherds, wine
July 16 Schooner Maria Bomrel 13 days Gaspé 17 settlers, from the Bark Royal Edward to Captain, fish and oil
July 18 Ship Suffolk Samuel Hightholm 12 days Cabonniere?, N.F. 9 settlers to Caldwell & Davidson, in ballast
July 20 Brig Aid Palmer 17 June Berbadoes [sic]   to P. Patterson, in ballast
July 20 Brig Belvoir Castle Proudfoot 23 days Conception Bay, N.F.   to Mr. Symes, in ballast
July 21 Transport Ship Albury     Kamoura-ka   no news
July 21 Brigh Sarah [sic] J. Corish 57 days Liverpool 64 settlers to Captain, in ballast
July 21 Bark Royal Edward Thos. Madelton 20 May Belfast 250? settlers to Captain, in ballast and cordage
  The ship Niagara, Captain Lambert, arrived at New-York from Glasgow, brought papers of that place to the 5th of June, containing London dates to the 2d, but scarcely any thing, says the Spectator, which has not already appeared: a few occurrences, however, more curious than interesting have been chosen for this day’s Gazette.

The convention of persons chosen to represent the different districts of Upper-Canada, was held at York, on the 6th instant, but instead of sending home a Commission directly to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, according to the first design, it was proposed that a Deputation should wait on the Governor on his arrival in the Province, or proceed to meet him at Quebec, to present to him two petitions, one for the Prince Regent, with a request that he (the Governor) would immediately send home the same to be presented at the first levee; and the other for Sir Peregrine Maitland himself, praying him to dissolve the present Parliament, and issue writs for a new election; that he would meet the new parliament with all possible dispatch, and recommend as its first object, after voting the usual supplies, to proceed to inquire into the state of the Province, and have a Commission appointed to go home with the result, to lay it before the Imperial Parliament, in the early part of next session.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
July 18 Ship Suffolk Samuel Hightholm? 18 days Carbonniere, N.F.L. 9 settlers To Caldwell & Davidson
July 20 Brig Aid Palmer 17 June Barbadoes   to P. Patterson
July 20 Brig Belvoir Castle Proudfoot 23 days Conception Bay, N.F.L.   To Mr. Symes
July 21 Transport Ship Albury     Kamouraska   no news
July 23 Brig Eclipse Walker 2 months Lynn 1 settler to Hamilton, Brother & Co
July 24 Symetry Sutherland 48 days Demerara   J. Jones Jr., rum
July 25 Ship Hero Fulbister 7 weeks London   to P. Patterson & Co
July 27 Schooner Providence Civrac 16 days St. John's, N.F.L. 4 passengers to James McCallum & co, 95 puncheons rum
July 21? Brig Pomona Wilson 23 May Dublin 103 settlers to J.G. Campbell
July 21 St. Helena Elliot and Jane[sic]   London   to Mr. Micklejohn
July 21? Schooner Margaret Vinigeneau 16 days Magdalen Isles   to Master, plaister, fish and oil
July 28 Ship Montreal J. Hillary 8 weeks London 120 passengers, part military and part settlers to Govt. Stores and Merchant Goods;
July 28 Schooner Lark Bernier 10 days Perce 19 passengers to F. Buteau, fish and oil
July 29 Ship Brunswick Blake 45 days Cork 230 settlers to Patterson & Co., stores to Government | Talbot party settlers, largely from North Tipperary
July 29 Brig George Ponsonby Hull 65 days Dublin 63 settlers to Mr. Pentland
July 29 H.M.S. Iphigenia Capt Hyde Parker 18 June Portsmouth His Grace the Duke of Richmond, family and suite, and Sir Peregrine Maitland and suite, &c.  
July 29 Ship ?(fold in paper) ?     Mr. M.G. Hamilton to Campbell & Sheppard
Aug 1 Brig Speculator Organ 9 weeks Dublin 135 settlers to Mr. Pellard
Aug 1 Brig Ann Atkinson 8 July St. John's, N.F.   To Captain, coals
Aug 1 Brig Bridget Waker 61 days Plymouth 29 settlers to Mr. Lymburner
Aug 2 Ship Robert Garnip 9 weeks Belfast 229 settlers to Caldwell & Davidson
Aug 2 Schooner Sarah J. Tuzo 8 July Bermuda   to Heath & Moir, rum and sugar
Aug 2 Brig True Briton Reid 31 May London   to Mr. Meiklejohn
Aug 2 Brig Sir John Cameron Selby 46 days Newry 200 settlers to II. & J. Chaffers
Aug 2 Brig Economy Owen 9 weeks Dublin 122 settlers to Mr. Pentland
Aug 2 Ship Friendship Thompson 59 days London   to Campbell & Sheppard
Aug 2 Brig Henry Atkinson 37 days Rochefort   to Hamilton Brother & Co
Aug 2 Ship Lord Wellington Heard 39 days Madeira   to P. Patterson & Co. , wine
Aug 2 Ship Agincourt Mathwin 53 days Leith 298 settlers to Irvine, Macnaught & Co., stones, stoves and gin
Aug 2 Ship Pitt Hamilton 61 days Belfast 211 settlers to Hancox & Cringan
Aug 2 Bark John Lothington 5 June Hull   to Hamilton, Brother & Co.
Aug 2 Brig Henry Newport 66 days Dublin 137 settlers to order
Aug 2 Brig Nelson Donahou 61 days Cork 39 settlers to J.C. Sinson
Aug 2 Brig Vestal Bullenwick 63 days London   to Coltman & Hale
Aug 2 Ship Perseverance Fisher 47 days Belfast 144 settlers to Rogerson, Hunter & Co.
Aug 3 Brig Martha J. Blackburn 22 May Liverpool 5 settlers to Froste & Porter
Aug 3 Ship Samuel Whitbread W. Doyle 4 June Liverpool   to order, salt
Aug 6 Fournier's Schooner     Rat Island   with part of the settlers from Bark Royal Edward
Aug 7 Bark Royal Edward     Rat Island    
Aug 10 Brig Mary Maddeck 21 days Amboy, USA   to Mr. Fayle
Aug 15 Brig Concord J.B. Branford 7 days[sic] London Mr. Shaw and son to H. Atkinson, brandy, rum and fruits
Aug 16 Ship Monarch Thornhill 66 days Liverpool 50 settlers to P. Patterson, salt and goods
Aug 16 Brig General Brock G. Matthew 41 days Barbadoes   to Irvine, M'Naught & Co, rum, sugar and molasses
Aug 16 Brig Three Sisters Harris 29 May Halifax Capt. C.A. Fitzroy, A.D.C. Mr. J. Howe, senr; Capt. Hill and Lady, & servants and 17 settlers to Captain, sugar, stoves and ballast
Aug 17 Ship Diadem Dodd 18 July Philadelphia   to Caldwell & Davies
Aug 17 Brig Amphitice Davidson 65 days Sunderland 69 settlers to P. Patterson & Co.
Aug 17 Schooner Coraket Metcafe 19 days Halifax 10 settlers J.O. Brunet
Aug 17 Ship Agonemnon Rogers 61 days Leith 199 settlers to R. Hamilton & Co.
Aug 18 Ship Herald Foreman 29 June London   to P. Patterson & Co.
Aug 18 Ship Wilding   67 days Hull 10 settlers to Caldwell & Davidson
Aug 19 Brig Mary Anne Lewis G. Walsh 25 days Halifax   to Quirouet, Chinic, & Co., rum, sugar and molasses
Aug 19 Brig Kate Tyner 39 days Barbadoes   to Irvine, M'Naught & Co., rum, sugar and molasses
Aug 20 Brig Lord Exmouth Barrett 2 months Plymouth 32 settlers to Mr. Price, rum, earthenware, &c.
Aug 20 Brig Merope Patrick 38 days Cork   to G. Pezer
Aug 20 Schooner Industry Demeul 31 July St. John's, N.F.   Heath & Moir, sugar & iron
Aug 21 Brig Reith G. Patterson 53 days Liverpool Mr. Jackson & son and 32 settlers to Geo. Symeys, goods and coal
Aug 21 Schooner Brothers     Baye des Chaleurs   to Mr. Marett, salmon
Aug 23 Ship Earl Moira C. Baker 10 weeks London   to Mr. Lymburner
Aug 23 Ship Jane Rogers 51 days Greenock 131 settlers to Geo. Ross, dry goods, rum and coal (see newspaper notice 1819)
Aug 23 Schooner Lucy     Magdeleine Islands   oil and plaster
Aug 23 Ship Contest Langden 10 weeks London   to Bell & Stewart
Aug 23 Brig Norval Walker 27 June Aberdeen Messrs. Duff, Moirie and Thompson to Heath & Moir
Aug 25 Brig Jamaica Packet Dickinson 64 days Dublin 122 settlers to I.E. Campbell, furniture, glass
Aug 27 Ship Lady Gordon Pew 40 days Whitehaven   to Captain, casks and 40 puns. Rum
Aug 27 Ship Gov. Milne Padden 21 June London   to Caldwell & Davidson
Aug 27 Ship Prince Braithwaite 21 June London   to P. Patterson & Co.
Aug 28 Brig Sarah Clements 57 days Belfast 170 settlers to Mr. M'Roberts & M'Clenn
Aug 28 Ship Loyal Briten Rose 8 weeks London Major Loring to Mr. Price
Aug 28 Brig Marinlow Burns 80 days Dublin 115 settlers to Mr. Peatland
Aug 28 Brig Jean Black 63 days Newcastle 2 settlers to Bell & Stewart, goods and coal
Aug 29 Brig North Star Crowly 56 days Cork 15 settlers to Mr. Sinton
Aug 29 Brig Endeavor Hunter 41 days Lisbon   to Captain, salt
Aug 29 Brig Westmorland Tyson 44 days Whitehaven   to Irvine M'Naught & Co.
Aug 29 Brig Mary Breen 62 days Dublin 116 settlers to Mr. Pentland, wine
Aug 29 Ship Suffolk Bean 49 days Belfast 186 settlers to Heath & Moir, 20 Puncheons and rum
Aug 30 Ship Hannah Pearson 67 days London   to P. Patterson & Co.
Aug 30 Schooner Mary Frickey 10 days St. John's, N.F. 22 settlers to Mr. Brusette, oil and molasses
Aug 30 Brig Faragew Hall 15 July London   to Maitland & Garden
Aug 30 Ship Lord Mulgrave Tendale 1 Aug London   to P. Paterson & Co.[sic]
Aug 31 Brig Patriot Anderson 32 days Liverpool 7 settlers to Heath & Moir
Aug 31 Brig Glory Brenn 23 July Lynn   to Hamilton & Co
Aug 31 Brig Aid Lister 11 days Newfoundland   to Geo. Symes
Sept 1 Ship Friends Clarke 50 days Hull   to Hamilton, Brothers & Co.
Sept 1 Schooner Lively Lemieux 6 days Bay des Chaleure   fish and oil
Sept 1 Brig Claremont Tolson 46 days Workington 41 settlers to Captain
Sept 8 Brig Sophia Moore 43 days Greenock 160 settlers to Rogerson, Hunter & Co. (passenger list)
Sept 8 Brig Mary Shaw 2 months London   to Caldwell & Co.
Sept 8 Ship Margaret Wildgoose 40 days London Capt. Ruin? and Family to Captain
Sept 8 Brig Prince of Wales Guilskill? 50 days Newry 11 settlers to Capt Brice? wine and wiskey
Sept 8 Ship Trion Marshall July Brest   to P. Patterson
Sept 8 Brig Martha Bean 63 days Workington 50 settlers  
Sept 8 Ship Europe Mainland 31 days Bristol    
Sept 8 Brig Albion Bott 38 days Dublin    
Sept 8 Sch'r Good Intent Filleul 21 days St. John, N.B. Mr. Moore  
Sept 8 Brig Leander Middleton 38 days Liverpool    
Sept 8 Brig Britton Evans 3 Aug Dublin 20 settlers  
Sept 8 Ship Crown Roach 34 days London    
Sept 9 Brig Waterloo Kendall 48 days Fort William 180 settlers  
Sept 9 Brig Elizabeth Winder 56 days Liverpool    
Sept 9 Brig Progress Talbot 37 days London    
Sept 9 Ship Bellona Storey 38 days Plymouth    
Sept 9 Brig Curlew Young 49 days Greenock 205 settlers (see newspaper notice 1819) (passenger list)
Sept 9 Brig Jane Murdoch 1 Aug Irvine Capt. Shaw and Parnely  
Sept 9 Ship Kate M'Kenna 33 days Dublin 49 settlers  
Sept 9 Ship Rebecca Harvey 6 Aug Greenock 17 settlers  
Sept 9 Brig Earl of Dalhousie Sevie 37 days Liverpool    
Sept 9 Brig Bulwark Chermer 39 days Jamica[sic]    
Sept 9 Brig Neptune Wilson 14 July Dublin 70 settlers  
Sept 9 Ship Sarah Wates 54 days Cowes   16 officers and 213 men of the 60th and 76th regt.
Sept 9 Brig Melham Halleday 30 days Dublin    
Sept Sterling White 31 days ?    
Sept Brig Amphion Little 4 Aug Liverpool    
Sept 23 Brig Alexander Morgan 7 Sept St. John's, N.F. Lieut. Browing 68th Regt. To Woolsey, Stewart & Co., port
Sept 24 Ship Sovereign Dawson 56 days London   to M. Lymburner
Sept 24 Schooner Harmon Milne 17 days St. John N.F.   to Patterson & Weir, rum, sugar and coffee
Sept 24 Ship Mary Ann Jackson 40 days Bristol to Hamilton   to Hamilton, Brothers & Co., iron
Sept 24 Brig Erato Robinson 40 days Jamaica Mr. M'Near and Mr. Small to Irvine & Co., rum sugar and molasses
Sept 24 Brig Sir J.T. Duckworth Prudden 26 days Bermuda Mr. John Tresiper boarded the hull of a schooner full of water in lat. 45d. 5m. And could not find papers on board to trace who she might be; saw the bodies of three men that had been drowned on board; she appeared a new vessel and a fishing craft. Goods to Heath & Moir, rum and molasses
Sept 29 Ship Highland Lad Moore 43 days Liverpool    to J. Goudie, bricks and goods
Sept 29 Brig Hero Snook 20 days St. Johns, Newfoundland Messrs Branan & D. McMillan  
Sept 29 Brig Ann Liston 24 days Halifax, NS 50 settlers  


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