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Ship Arrivals at the Ports of Montreal and Quebec, 1844

The following arrivals were extracted from the Montreal Transcript 1844. Please note that sometimes an issue is missing so this extract does not contain all vessels to these ports.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Montreal  
Oct 4 Ship Sarah Barcley   Liverpool   to A. Shaw
Oct 4 Bark Gartshelle? Houston   Liverpool   H.H. Whitney and Co.
Oct 4 Bark Elenor Turney   London   to Cuvillier and Sons

Canadian Line
Between Quebec and New York
In Connection with the
Northern Transportation Line.
By Vessels,
From Quebec to Whitehall, and from
Whitehall by the Northern Transportation
Line to New York. Freight will only be once
transhipped throughout the whole route.
A.J. Maxham, Quebec
John Ryan, Quebec
L.A. Carlton, Troy
J. Porrier & Co., St. John, L.C.
J.V. Baker, Whitehall
C.B. Janes, 33 Coenties Slip, New York.

Nothing is paid for Custom House Entries.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 4 Brig Wanderer Reddie 27 Aug London    
Oct 4 Brig Symmetry Borwn 24 Aug Sunderland   coals
Oct 4 Schr Union Judd 21 days Canso   to H.J. Noad and Co, fish and oil
Oct 5 Schr Victoria Vigneau 20 Sept Halifax   to J.Torrance and Co, sugar
Oct 5 Schr Amelia Jane M'Kay 25 Sept St. George's Bay   fish and oil
Oct 5 Brig Velocity Darrell 1 Sept Cuba   to J.G. Heath and Co., sugar and rum
Oct 5 Ship Lord Wellington Hill 30 Aug Liverpool   to Pickergill, Tibbetts and Co
Oct. 6 Bark Brockshire Allen 3 Sept Liverpool   to T. Froste and Co., general cargo
Oct 6 Brig Wilkinson Borrowdale 19 Sept Halifax 2 pass to G.B. Symes
Oct 7 Brig Victoria Price 2 Sept Galway 6 pass to C.E. Levey and Co
Oct 7 Schr Montreal Packet Boudreault 21 days Halifax   to Moffatt and Mathewson, general cargo
Arrived at the Port of Montreal  
Oct 5 Bark Lady Seaton Duffill   London   to Cuvillier and Sons
Oct 5 Brig Lord Lambton Berik   Liverpool   to S. Greenshields and Sons
Oct 7 Brig Mary Allan Wade   Glasgow   to Mr. Roy
Oct 8 Brig Aerial Robinson   Liverpool   S. Greenshields, Son and Co
Oct 8 Brig Trinidad M'Kenney   Dublin   to R. Froste and Co
Oct 8 Schr Messenger Millar   Limerick   to J. Auld and Co
  Passengers: In the bark Mary, of Glasgow-Mr. Mason and son, of Seymour, C.W.; Mrs. (Rev.) Crofts, Miss Crofts and servant; Mrs Gibson, Granby; and three in steerage.

Shipping Intelligence
The brig Glide, hence on the 20th ult, with a part of the 74th regiment, arrived at Halifax in four and a half days from this port.

The Unicorn reports having passed nine vessels in the river bound up.

The steamer Alliance arrived from Montreal on Saturday evening, towed down the ship Great Britain to Three Rivers, where she is to take in part of her cargo.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 8 Schr Lazy Bernier 20 Sept Halifax   to Sinclair, Montreal, oil, rum and guano
Oct 8 Schr St. Anne Lemarquand 25 Sept Halifax   to Gillespie and Co., sugar
Oct 8 Bark Emigrant Matthews 30 Aug Liverpool   to S.R. Graves
Oct 8 Brig Ann Moore Taylor 28 Aug Glasgow   to A. Burns, general cargo
Oct 9 Bark Mersey Maibeth 6 Sept Glasgow   to C. Brocktesby and Co., general cargo
Oct 9 Schr Ocean Queen Leblanc 15 days Atichat   to Noad and Fraser, fish and oil
Oct 10 Brig Lightfoot Wilson 1 Sept Whitehaven   to G.B. Symes
Oct 10 Bark Euphrosyne Doyle 26 Sept Sydney, C.B.   To W. Stevenson
Arrived at the Port of Montreal  
Oct 10 Bark Apollo Walker   Dundee   to J.G. Heath and Co.
Oct. 10 Schr St. Anne LeMarquand   Halifax   to Gillespie and Co.
  We regret to learn that a riot of a serious character took place in Quebec on Tuesday evening last. The affair is thus referred to in the Quebec Gazette of the following day-

"There are some repeal demonstrations at Pres-de-Ville towards the Coves, in Champlain Street, and in parts of the Lower Town, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, in consequence of the arrival of the news of the enlargement of O'Connell and his associates. Peaceable demonstrations on such an occasion are excusable. We are sorry to hear, however, that some of the party shewed themselves no friends of O'Connell, and regardless of his advice, which has been so generally followed in Ireland; "peaceable conduct, no violation of law, no insult to any one." It appears that an illumination in some places was expected last evening, and many windows, not illuminated, were broken by persons in the crowd who paraded the streets; some shots were fired and persons wounded.-The law and the character of Quebec, will, of course, be vindicated.

The Canadien denies that the outrages were the work of the repealers, but of men employed by their enemies. The grounds for this assertion are that the windows of some of the most zealous repealers did not escape, any more than those of the Catholic Church. Other accounts state that the damage felt principally on the non repealers, and that the mob attacked indiscriminately all houses which were not illuminated. Two persons-Michael Barrett, bailiff of the Court of Admiralty and James White-have been arrested on charges connected with the disturbance, and on the following night troops were stationed in the Lower Town to preserve the peace.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 11 Bark Charlotte Harrison 10 Sept St Thomas   to order
Oct 12 Brig Milton Duff 30 Aug Liverpool   to Dinning and Senior, Montreal, general cargo
Oct 12 Bark Highland Mary Crossby 3 Sept Liverpool   to J. Munn, salt, cordage, iron, chains and anchors
Oct 12 Bark Providence Hicks 30 Sept Halifax   to Lemesurier and Co, sugar
Oct 12 Schr Johnny Harseno 10 days Magdalen Islands   to H.J. Noad, fish and oil
  The Rev. Mr. Timlin, on behalf of the Roman Catholics of Port Hope, gratefully acknowledges having received from His Excellency the Governor General, the sum of ten pounds, for the repair of the Roman Catholic Church, Port Hope.

We are sorry to learn, by a letter of the 15th ultimo, from Barbadoes, that the detachment of our old friends, the 71st Highlanders, stationed at Trinidad, have been suffering from the effects of the climate. Color-Serjeant Proctor and 14 or 15 privates had died within a short time previous to that date.-[Herald.]

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 14 Brig Palmerston Carter 25 Aug Liverpool   to T. Curry and Co, general cargo
Arrived at the Port of Montreal  
Oct 15 Brig Ann Moore Taylor   Glasgow   to J and A Burns & Co
Oct 15 Schr Lazy Bervier   Halifax   to W.R. Clarke
  Shipping Intellignece
Capt. Cowing, of the ship Columbus, which sailed hence on the 4th instant, for Bristol, returned here this morning, and reports his vessel having been cast ashore on the Manicouagan Shoals, on the 8th instant, but got off again on the 11th, apparently much damaged, it having blowed a gale during the whole time, and the vessel thumping hard. Capt. C. left his vessel last night, a little below the Traverse, and will proceed down this afternoon with the steamer Neptune, to tow her up to port.

Messrs. J. & E. Oliver, lanuched from their shipyard, St. Rochs, on Friday evening last, a beautiful ship of about 600 tons measurement. She was towed round to port immediately.

The steamer Alliance arrived from Montreal yesterday with the Jane Brown, Son'er ?onney, Leven Lass, John Horton, Sir Richard Jackson, and two barges in tow.

The brig Clifford, with a detachment of the 74th Regiment, arrived at Halifax on the 4th instant, in 8 days from Quebec.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 16 Brig Jane Wood 30 Aug Workington   to order
Oct 16 Bark Sophia Leslie 12 days Sydney   to W. Stevenson, coals
  The ship Columbus mentioned in our last, returned to port, arrived yesterday afternoon, and we understand she has sustained trifling damages, and will be ready to sale[sic] again in a day or two

Beautiful Sailing.-The ships Hellespont and Washington, which arrived at New York on Tuesday, on the 15th September, lat 34, lon 30, fell in company, and sailed side by side 2400 miles-talking from deck to deck every day. What a relief to the monotony of a sea voyage.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 17 Brig Atalanta Wheeler 28 Aug Liverpool   to J. Torrance, general cargo
Oct 18 Bark Marquis Wellesley Monro 19 Sept Dublin   to T. Curry and Co
Oct 18 Bark Great Britain Montgomery 41 days Glasgow 5 pass to J.M. Muckle, general cargo
Oct 18 Bark Dromahair Pyne 6 Sept     to J.A. Pirrie & Co, coals
Oct 18 Ship Lady Gordon Scurr 10 Sept     to Pwllheli, Sharples & Co.
Oct 19 Bark William Lushington Gill 6 Sept Chatham   to order
Oct 19 Bark Economist Smith 4 Sept Newport   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co
Oct 19 Bark Pekin Esson 31 Aug Hull   to A. Gilmour & Co
Oct 19 Bark Cecrops Burril 1 Sept London   to order
Oct 19 Bark Prince George Foster 7 Sept London   to W. Price & Co, general cargo
In the Caledonia, for Liverpool, via Halifax, for Liverpool-Capt Campbell and lady, 53rd Regt; Lorenzo Draper, US consul to Paris, Miss Draper, of Paris; Mrs H.J. Brent and 2 children, of Washington, D.C.; W. Barbour, Mr Tinsen, C.C. Roumage, Tennis W. Quick, I.W. Cameron, Mr. Schulber, Dr. Yates, J. Lewis, Gideon Pots, G. Jones, W.A. Spencer and lady, J. Calen, Mr Coleville, F. Schuchardt, Mr Stone, J.E. Gull, I. Hartley, Mr Mayne, H.T. Pierce, Mr Spaulding, Mr Clark, L. Spencer, D.E. Dash, Mr. Lathimer, Mr Butterfield, R. Kell, A.W. Parsons, all of New York; B.H. Benjamin, L.J. Bradish, M. O. Barry, C.K. Tuckerman, of Boston; John Rider, J.J. Kingsford, W. Macready, Mr. Titus and Mr Benedict, of England; M.S. Collings, of Rio Janerio; T. Mercer Jones, of Toronto; Capt Rice and J. M'Nicol, of Canada; J.S. Caldwell, of N Orleans; Joel M. White, US Consul at Liverpool; M. Machell, of _______; 51. For Halifax-I. H. Chapman? and lady, Capt Waddington, Dr White, Mr Seiders, of Halifax; E. Kavanagh, Rev Dr. Belcher and J.S. Barker, of New York-9. Total, 60.

Secretary's Office,
Montreal, 19th October, 1844.

His Excellency the Governor General has been pleased to appoint the Reverend Egerton Ryerson, D.D., to be Assistant Superintendent of Education, for that part of the Province formerly Upper Canada, in place of the Reverend Robert Murray, appointed a Professor in the University of King's College, and all communications connected with the Education Office for Upper Canda, are to be addressed to him at Cobourg.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 23 Brig Queen Victoria Rosie 13 Sept Sligo   to order
  Shipping Intelligence

Capt. Douglas, of the Unicorn, reports that the haul of the Indian Chief, and the damaged part of her cargo, has been sold; the remainder is coming up to Quebec. The crew and passengers of the Indian Chief came up in the Unicorn.

  The Late Awful Storm.
(From the Buffallo Commercial Advertiser.)

The gale commenced about midnight, on Friday, and raged with uninterrupted fury for several hours. The damage to property is immense, and the loss of life has been frightful; some accounts say two hundred persons have perished, but only thirty-two bodies have been found, so that as yet it is impossible to ascertain the exact number of lives lost. Upwards of 130 buildings, including valuable stores, and warehouses, factories, &c, have been destroyed, and a considerable number more very much injured. The damage done to shipping has been very extensive; above a dozen vessels being either driven ashore or otherwise much damaged. The whole of the warehouses and stores, near the wharves, were completely flooded, and the Attica and Buffalo railroad suffered damage to the extent of 4000 dollars. The massive stone pier that protects the harbor is seriously injured for many rods in length. The whole extent of wharfage from the ship canal to the foot of Illinois street, is much damaged, and in many places totally destroyed. In several instances small dwellings filled with inmates floated across the flats. Their shrieks, vainly imploring assistance, mingling with the wild howls of the tempest. Many of those unhappy creatures perished before help could be given...."

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 25 Schr Coquelle Levey 6 Oct Halifax    to J. Leslie & Co., sugar, &c.
Oct 25 Ship Royal William Francis 11 Sept Liverpool 2 pass. To G.B. Symes, general cargo
Oct 25 Bark Zealous Wade 4 Sept London 8 pass. Gillespie & Co., general cargo
Oct 25 Bark Agnes Ann Bowie 7 Sept Newry   to T. Curry, & Co.
Oct 25 Brigt Ilhad? Penkham 6 Oct Halifax   to G.B. Symes, sugar
Oct 25 Brig Norfolk Store 11 Sep;t Malaga   to A. Gilmour & Co
Oct 25 Brig Fame Donneyhan 11 Sept Liverpool   to J. Torrance & Co, general cargo
Oct 25 Brig Elizabeth Braddock 15 Oct Charlottown 3 pass to W. Stevenson, potatoes
Oct 25 Schr Three Brothers Mesarvey 14 days of George's Bay   to H.J. Noad, fish
Oct 25 Schr Manula O'Brien 18 Oct Halifax   to Gillespie & Co., sugar
Oct 25 Schr Hebe Billingsby 21 days Halifax 4 pass to G. B. Symes, sugar, wine, &c.
Oct 25 Schr John Henry Myns 17 days Sydney   to H.J. Noad, & Co, oil
  The weather on Monday and Tuesday was most tempestuous. The snow storm which commenced on the morning of the first day, continued without intermission throughout the whole of the following day, accompanied by a high wind, which rendered travelling both unpleasant and dangerous. All the mails were delayed in consequence, and even the usual communication with the opposite side of the river cut off by the stoppage of the ferry-boats. To-day there is a thaw.

Bruen.-We learn that this inhabitant of the woods is becoming extremely troublesome in the rear townships of the District, as also in those bordering on the river Ottawa. Considerable damage has already been done to corn and late sown oats and more is promised, unless the enemy is driven from the field.-- [Cornwall Observer.]

There was a dreadful hurricane at Havana, on the 4th and 5th instant; 125 houses were deroofed and otherwise injured, about 60 Spanish droghers were sunk. Several American vessels in that port were much injured. At Slatanzas out of 29 vessels only 2 rode out the gale in safety. A Spanish man-of-war was lost near Havanah, and all saved but the guns.

The United States Cutter Vigilant, was blown from her anchors out of the harbour of Key West, on the 5th instant, during a gale and capsized; only two of the crew of 14 saved, viz; Michael Driscoll and Henry Hoyt.

The storm of the 18th and 19th instant, visited Rochester, but not so furious as at Buffalo; it destroyed considerable property.

At Kent, U.C. the fatal effects of the storm were felt.

The Gale At Buffalo.

The Buffalo Com. Adv. of Monday evening the 21st instant, estimates the property destroyed in value at $250,000. The water rose to a height altogether unprecedented. It was thirteen feet higher than on the evening the gale burst forth. Coroner Harris informs us that he has held inquests on thirty eight persons. The number will probably exceed fifty. A little boat or shallop of about 15 tons burthen, left here Friday evening for Canada, loaded with potatoes, and thirteen persons on board. The gale struck the boat near Point Abino, drove it ashore, and every person on board was drowned except the master. Gale on Cayuga Lake.--The great hurricane which devasted the port of Buffalo was also experienced with much force on the Cayuga Lake. At Aurora, where the lake is about four miles in width, the surf tore up a considerable portion of the strong Pier erected by the Messrs. Morgan, scattering the wood and stone work with a power which it would almost seem impossible for the wind to possess. Two lake schooners, the Plough Boy and the Washington, were driven ashore, and sunk, opposite to the farm of Mr. W.R. Grinnell.--They were loaded with plaster and limestone, some of which will be lost. The vessels will be raised again."

Arrived at the Port of Monreal  
Oct 25 Brig Prince George Foster   London   to M'Gill
Oct 25 Schr Belinda Caldwell   Halifax   to R. Hallowell
Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
Oct 26 Schr Coquette Levey 6 Oct Halifax   to Leslie and Co, sugar and molasses
  Shipping Intelligence
Seven of the crew of the ship Catherine, wrecked at Portneuf, arrived here last night in a pilotboat. The account they give of the loss of their ship perfectly agrees with the statement published in our last.

Comparative statement of Arrivals, Tonnage, at the Port of Quebec, in the years 1843 and 1844, to the 26th October inclusive, in each year:--

  Vessels Tonnage
1843 1180 428,089
1843[sic] 1200 455,218
Increase this year 20 27,159

Comparative Statement of Arrivals and Tonnage from the Lower Ports, in the years 1843 and 1844, up to the 26th October, inclusive, in each year:--
  Vessels Tonnage
1843 76 5,504
1844 69 5,697
Less this year 10 407

Total Number of Vessels cleared at this Port for sea, from arrivals this year, up to 26th instant, inclusive,...........1069

Freights.-The number of vessels which left this port for Quebec on charter for Deals, &c., caused such a thinning of our harbour, that freights rose very suddenly, and for the last week 35s. per ton for Ashes and 5s. per brl flour, have been the current rates, and paid freely to Liverpool and Clyde.


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