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Ship Arrivals at the Ports of Montreal and Quebec, 1846

The following arrivals were extracted from the Montreal Transcript 1846. Please note that sometimes an issue is missing so this extract does not contain all vessels to these ports.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 2 Shipping Intelligence
We understand the Sir Richard Jackson has been lightened and floated-She makes but little water. A gentleman came up from her on Sunday last, and returns to-morrow in a steamer to tow her up.

The brigantine Marten, belonging to the Hudson Bay Company came up yesterday afternoon from Tadousac, where she has wintered.-She is in ballast.

The following vessels were launched this morning:--
From Mr. Russell's yard, at Point Levi, the Sophia Moffatt, 550 tons burthen, new measurement. She is intended for the general trade between this and London, and will be commanded by Capt. Wade.
From Mr. Jas. Jeffry's yard-the Elizabeth.
From Mr. Nesbitt's do.-the Rosalinda.

Mr. Geo. Black will launch a new vessel to be called the Omega, at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

A new ferry steamer was launched at Point Levi, on St. George's day. She was called the St. George, and left for Montreal to-day in tow of the Canada, to receive her boilers.

The steamer Pocahontas, will leave tonight to proceed to the bark Jane, at St. Andre.

The steamer St. George returned this afternoon from laying down the buoys in the Traverse.

The Schooner Neptune arrived here on Thursday from Portneuf, with the materials saved from the wreck of the bark William, Hay, which has been condemned. Capt. Hay came up in the Neptune.

The hull of the bark Jane, 508 tons, wrecked at St. Andie, with her lower-masts and bowsprit, was sold yesterday morning for account of the underwriters, and brought £530. The materials brought up from the wreck were also sold at the same time, but we did not learn for what amount.

A beautiful bark of about 400 tons measurement, was launched from Mr. Lampson's yard on Wednesday afternoon.

The bark Zealous which sailed from Deal on 18th March, with a general cargo for Quebec, put in at Portsmouth, from which port she only sailed on the 27th.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 3 Bark James Campbell Millar 29 March Glasgow 4 cabin pass to W.K. Baird, general cargo
May 4 Ship Great Britain Swinburn 12 March London 1 pass to P. McGill & Co., general cargo
May 4 Bark Rory O'More McMaster 30 March Liverpool 1 pass to Moore, Grainger & Co., general cargo
  Shipping Intelligence
Capt. Miller, of the bark James Campbell, arrived here Sunday night, reports that on the 21st April, 60 miles S.E. of Cape Ray, fell in with a schooner having on board Capt. Rees and his crew, of the bark Suir, of Lanelly, which vessel got ashore in St. George's Bay last fall, on her passage from Quebec. Capt. Rees reported that the bark Athol had been ashore in St. George's Bay, but had got off and would be ready to proceed on her voyage home in a few days; the most of her cargo, wheat, was damaged. The Syria had likewise been ashore in the same place and had got off, and would be ready to proceed on her voyage soon. The Wm. Hannington was ashore at the head of the same Bay, a total wreck. Capt. Rees also stated that the ice had broken up early and the weather had been mild-had no means of communicating the loss of his vessel till now-was on his way to St. John's, Newfoundland.

Captain Swinburn, of the ship Great Britain, arrived here yesterday morning, passed the ship St. Andrew, Captain Wylie, ashore on Red Island Reef, the previous day at noon. The steamer North America proceeded down to her assistance at one o'clock this afternoon, with a barge.

Captain McMaster, of the Rory O'More, reports having met with a great quantity of ice, and that on the 21st ult., he struck into a field of it, off the Magdalen Islands, by which his vessel received considerable damage, and had to keep the pumps constantly going for two days.

The Rory O'More brought up six of the passengers of the St. Andrew, (Mr. Callam and lady, Mr. Archer and lady, and Messrs. Kennedy and Muir,) having taken them yesterday from on board a schooner. They say that when they left the St. Andrew she was making no water, and they hoped she would be got off next tide-three other passengers, Messrs. Dempster, Bald and Allan, remained on board.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 6 Ship Caledonia Greenhorn 30 March Glasgow 3 cabin pass to G.B. Symes, general cargo
May 6 Bark Anne McGarry 29 March Liverpool 1 pass to Ross, Shuter & Co., general cargo
May 6 Bark Erromanga Ramsay 28 March Glasgow 10 cabin and 3 steerage pass to J.R. Orr, general cargo
May 6 Ship Britannia Hamilton 25 March Liverpool 13 cabin pass to Edmonston & Co, general cargo
May 7 Bark Selma Taylor 24 March Dundee   to LeMesurier & Co.

Per "Erromanga," from Glasgow.-Messrs. Donald Geo. MacLellan, Charles Christie, William Ewart, Robert S. Miller, Colin C. Somervcille, Andrew Orr, Jas. Mollison, David A. Poe, Mrs. McKeggie, and two children; David Rankin, James Cockburn, and one steerage passenger.

Shipping Intelligence-May 7.

4 o'clock, P.M.-Nothing later from the St. Andrew.-Wind light from the north-east.

Capt. McGarry, of the bark Anne, arrived yesterday, reports that when he passed the St. Andrew, on Tuesday last, at 4, P.M. she was discharging into the steamer's barge alongside.

The vessels arrived last evening and this morning, report no other at hand.

A letter has been received here from Capt. Vignault, of the Schr. Indian Queen, which sailed hence on the morning of the 8th April, for Halifax, in which he states that his vessel was ashore on the batures off Cocagne; that she was making a good deal of water, but had not been able to ascertain the extent of her damage. He expected to get her off by taking part of her cargo out.

The Caledonia spoke the ship Britannia, off Cape North, from Liverpool,-reports to have been in the ice four days.

The Caledonia also reports that when she passed Red Island one Tuesday morning last, at 7 o'clock, the steamer's barge was alongside the St. Andrew.

The Harvest, Wilkinson, from Sunderland, for Quebec, put back to Falmouth on the 4th April, leaky, and bulwarks damaged.

The Somersetshire, Dempster, from London, received considerable damage, having been in contact with another vessel in coming out.

Spoken-William, from Poole to Quebec, 2nd April, latitude 59, long. 12. Harriet, Scott, from Belfast to Quebec, 4th April, lat. 49, long 17.

The steamship Great Western exchanged colours with the ship Glenswilly, from Liverpool for Quebec, on the 21st April, in lat. 46 N., lon. 44 50 W. The Glenswilly sailed on the 2nd April.

Halifax, April 23-Cleared-Schr. Prince of Wales, Eisan, herrings, oil, &c. Schr. Collector, Laroche, sugar and molasses; Schr. Velocity, Shelnut, herrings, oil, &c., all for Quebec. 20-Brig Swallow, Owen, for Canada, with sugar, coffee, &c.

Savanah, April 26-Cleared-Ship Arethusa, Kelly, for Quebec.

We are happy to see that the proprietors of the Steamboats running between Lachine and Kingston, have not only reduced the fares on that route, but have decided upon running their boats through from Lachine to Kingston without any intermediate change. The Highlander, Canada, and Gildersleeve, form the line-and we understand that the first named boat has already run down the Cedar and Cascades Rapids, and ascended by the Beauharnois Canal.-Courier.

Arrival of H.M. Ship Canopus.-H.M. Ship Canopus, 84 guns, Capt. Moresby, arrived at Halifax on Wednesday afternoon, the 22nd ult., in 21 days from Jamaica, with the left wing of the 77th Regiment, consisting of 6 officers, 196 non-commissioned officers and privates, 15 women and 26 children. They disembarked the following evening, and preceded by the band of the Regiment, marched into the citadel, where they were quartered until the left wing of the 43rd Regt. embarked in the same ship for England; when they united with the other portion of the Regiment now in south Barracks. The Canopus, though an old, is a splendid ship. She was one of the trophies won by Nelson at the memorable battle of the Nile.

The 43d Regiment embarked on the 24th ult., and sailed the day following.-Quebec Mercury.

The weather still continues very dry-a favorable circumstance for those who have lumber in the Ottawa-for much that would compete with it in the Quebec market will be kept back.

Sir Robert Peel announced in the House of Commons, on the 8th April, that a great revolution is taking place in Ireland by the introduction of meal made of Indian Corn; and that there has been created a new taste for a better and more generous kind of food; and from the testimony of workmen on railways, it has been discovered that men can work much longer, and are in much better health than when they subsisted on that watery food the potato. The prejudices against Indian Corn Meal, in all parts of Ireland, are giving way.

The steamer Alliance is stated to be aground about ten miles above Sorel,-the three vessels she had in tow are at anchor near her.

We learn from the Albany Citizen, that the stock of the Ogdensburgh and Champlain Rail Road is all taken up.
The same paper states that the Emigration to the United States this summer will reach 20,000
Three bales of raw silk from Ohio were shipped at New Orleans for Liverpool last month.

Arrivals at the Port of Quebec  
May 9 Ship St. Andrew Wylie 28 March Glasgow 3 cabin pass to A. Shaw, general cargo
May 10 Ship Bellona Auld 28 March Glasgow   to A. Shaw, general cargo
May 10 Bark Mahaica Jump 20 March Liverpool   for Montreal, general cargo
May 10 Bark Palmyra Campbell 28 March London 1 cabin pass to A. Burns, general cargo
May 10 Bark Royal Tar Stephens 27 March London   to Pembertons
May 10 Bark Rose M'Kinlay 28 March Liverpool   to order
May 10 Bark Mersey Macbeth 1 April Liverpool   to C. Brocklesby & Co., general cargo
May 10 Bark Glasgow Sommervail 1 April Port Glasgow   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 10 Bark Magnet Morton 26 March Liverpool 3 pass to W. Price and Co., general cargo
May 10 Bark Burrell Foster 19 March Lancaster   to Sharples and Co.
May 10 Bark La Belle Robson 24 March Sunderland   to G.B. Symes, coals, &c.
May 10 Ship Salisbury Crowe 2 April Liverpool   to A. Gilmour and Co.
May 10 Brig Emerald Kyle 27 March Painboeuf   to Sharples and Co
May 10 Brig Milton Ellis 28 March Liverpool   to A. Gilmour and Co, general cargo
May 11 Brig Briton Lightfoot 30 March Gloucester   to C.E. Levey & Co.
May 11 Ship China Turnbull 2 April Port Glasgow   to A. Gilmour and Co.
May 11 Bark Great Britain Wilson 31 March Belfast 12 pass to Muckle & Kelly, general cargo
May 11 Bark Royalist Beveridge 29 March Liverpool   to order, general cargo
May 11 Bark Sir John Falstaff Rowell 18 March London   to LeMesruier and Co
May 11 Bark Jane Brown Wallace 9 March Glasgow   to A. Burns, general cargo
May 11 Ship Glenswilly Henderson 2 April Liverpool   to A. Burns, general cargo
May 11 Ship Sarah Barclay 30 March Liverpool 2 cabin pass to A. Shaw, general cargo
May 11 Ship Monarch Stephen 15 April Savannah   to order
May 11 Bark Henry Potshir Lindsay 26 March Grangemouth   to W.J.C. Benson, coals
May 11 Bark Fingalton Craig 7 April London   to A. Gilmour and Co
May 11 Brig Myrene Burnicle 26 March Sunderland   to C. Brocklesby and Co, coals and earthenware
May 11 Brig Walmsley Golightly 28 March Portsmouth   to W.J.C. Benson and Co
May 11 Bark Edward Tasso 29 March Plymouth   to order
May 11 Bark Zealous Douglas 17 March London 1 pass to Gillespie, Greenshields and Co, general cargo
May 12 Bark Affghan Black 4 April Greenock 4 pass to Dean, Rodger and Co
May 12 Bark Pleiades Bell 28 March London   to Atkinson, Usborne and Co
May 12 Brig Pembroke Castle Williams 30 March London   to LeMesurier and Co
May 12 Brig Isabella James 30 March Liverpool   to A. Gilmour and Co
May 12 Brig Aid Sanderson 30 March Bourdedeaux   to G.B. Symes
May 12 Brig Laurel Hilder 3 April Glasgow 3 pass to J.R. Orr, general cargo
May 12 Brig Maria Winter 31 March Londonderry   to order
May 12 Brig Theodore Cole 25 March Sunderland   to order, coals
May 12 Bark John Heselton 6 April Liverpool   to R. Roberts, bricks and slate
May 12 Bark Pearl Chalmers 15 March London 8 pass to Gillespie, Greenshields and Co, general cargo
May 12 Bark Lady Seaton Dutfil? 18 March London 3 pass to G.B. Symes, general cargo
May 12 Bark Pelia Addy 7 April Poole 8 pass to LeMesurier, Tilstone and Co
May 12 Bark Prince George Colls 29 March London   to Henry
May 12 Bark Woodbine Skeoch 7 April Falmouth 1 pass to G.B. Symes
  Shipping Intelligence-May 12
The vessels arrived this morning report from twenty to thirty more at hand.

Capt. Williams of the brig Pembroke Castle, reports having lost a boy overboard on the 22nd April, in lat. 45-N. Long. 56 30 W.

The following vessels leave this afternoon for Montreal, viz: St. Andrew and Pearl, in tow of the St. George-and the Lady Seaton, Laurel and Sarah, in tow of the Alliance.

The total number of arrivals from sea on the 11th May last year, was 25. The number arrived this year is now 30.

Capt. Jump, of the bark Mahaica, arrived on Sunday reports that on the 28th ult., at 5, A.M., St. Pierre, Newfld, bearing east by north distance 95 miles, passed a vessel of about 300 tons, water logged and dismasted-had a long name but could not make it out; fore and mainmasts gone about eight feet above the deck-lower part painted green-a piece of sail over the stump of the foremast, and a sail laying across the forecastle deck-the after part clean swept away-rudder gone-painted ports and no guard-board-cut-water gone, and end of bowsprit new sawn off close to the cap. Same day, at 1. P.M., bearing N.N.E. about 45 miles, a strong gale from W.N.W. exchanged signals with the bark Athole, standing to the south-west.

Despatch-The fine ship Albion, Capt. B. Allan, which arrived on the 24th ult., with a general cargo for Montreal, returned her yesterday morning in tow of the steamer Alliance, fully laden, and will sail immediately for Glasgow.

Thursday, May 14, 1846.
The Quebec and Halifax Railway

It will be seen by our report of the proceedings in Parliament on Tuesday evening, that a message has been received from the head of the Government, recommending that a grant of money be made for defraying the expenses of a survey and estimate for the Halifax and Quebec line. We do not suppose there will be any objection to this as a mere preliminary step.

We also perceive another letter from mr. Young, in the Montreal Herald of yesterday, in which some of our M.P.P.'s are battered up in a manner that ought at least to render them converts. Certes the Halifax gentleman understands Sam Slick's art to admiration-"The intellectual breadth and spirit of lofty statesmanship" which the railway agent discovers in Mr. Draper-the "Sound talents and judgment of Messrs. Caron, Neilson, &c."-the "rising greatness" of Mr. Macdonald of Kingston, and a variety of other eulogistic facts cannot fail, we should say, to produce their effect, that is, if there be any virtue in "soft sauder." Whether it is likely to tell with the rest of the community is another thing. For ourselves, we confess that we think such consummate balderdash had better have been omitted, and the matter confined to a plain narration of facts. But all this is a matter of taste and de gustibus, &c. &c. &c.

The Fire In The Woods in this district have spread far and wide. We understand that at Malbaie and Riviere Ouelle, much damage has arisen from this cause; that some houses, &c., have been consumed. We were informed this morning, that at Cap de la Madefaine, near Three Rivers, two government mills have been burnt down. At St. Anne de la Perade and St. Feriot like disasters have taken place....

War between the United States and Mexico-Defeat of the Americans and perilous situation of their army.
We referred in the last Transcript to the unpromising aspect of affairs for the American army stationed on the Rio Grande. Since that time later accounts have been received, by which we learn that the Mexican commanders have succeeded in completely surrounding the American force, and hold them apparently at their mercy. A large party of cavalry have been entirely cut off-13 men with one officer killed, and forty-six taken prisoners. The movements of the Mexicans seem to have been conducted with excellent skill, whilst the conduct of the American Commander has all the appearance of presumption, rashness, and folly. The greatest alarm, as may be supposed, has been occasioned by this intelligence, and hurried preparations were going on to relieve General Taylor from his dangerous position. We are, however, of opinion that long before these supplies can reach the scene of action every American soldier will be a prisoner of war in the hands of the enemy.

The following are the particulars furnished by the papers.

We take the subjoined article from the Galveston News of the 24th:--


The schooner L.M. Hitchcock, Captain Wright, arrived yesterday morning, having left Brassos St. Iago last Sunday. We are indebted for the following information to Col. March, who came on board the Hitchcock, having left the camp of Gen. Taylor on the 15th inst.

Our former intelligence by the Hitchcock, in regard to the movement of the army to a position three or four miles below Matamoros, was materially incorrect. On the morning of the 10th ult., when Gen. Taylor found himself exposed to the enemy's fire, with his right and left unprotected, in consequence of the peculiar bends of the river, he ordered one division of his army to take position in the bend above and the bend below the town, while with the main army he maintained his first position, where he still remains....

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 13 Brig Spring Flower Reynolds 3 April Belfast   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co.
May 13 Brig Amity Borrowdale 2 April Whitehaven   to G.B. Symes
May 13 Brig Tom Bowline Robson? 20 March Newcastle   to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 13 Bark Lanark Firth 12 April Liverpool 1 pass to H & E Burstall
May 13 Bark Amity Allen 8 April Liverpool 1 cabin pass to Ryan, Chapman & Co
May 13 Bark Feronia Henzell 7 April Bristol   to order
May 13 Bark Don Thompson 7 April Colchester   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 13 Bark Douglas Richards 6 April London 5 cabin pass to J. Gillespie & Co., general cargo
May 13 Bark Alexander Wise Coulthard 31 March Troon   to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 14 Brig Home Venue 5 April Bristol   to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 14 Brig Ocean Jobson 9 April Bourdeaux   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co.
May 14 Brig Planter McCullock 18 March Belfast   to J. A. Pirrie & Co., coals
May 14 Brig Sarah Sim 7 April Aberdeen   to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 14 Brig Nautilus Hodgson 26 March Sunderland   to Anderson & Paradis, coals
May 14 Brig Xenophon Rochester 6 April Belfast   to M.J. Wilson
May 14 Brig Favorite Grant 10 April Glasgow 39 steerage to Edmonstone, Allan & Co, general cargo
May 14 Brig Thistle Turner 1 April London   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co.
May 14 Brig Royal Adelaide Smith 7 April Fowey   to LeMesurier & Co.
May 14 Brig Spermaceti Moon 8 April Plymouth 3 cabin and 243 steeage to LeMesurier & Co
May 14 Brig Springhill McListock 8 April Troon   to LeMesurier & Co.
May 14 Brig Ann Kenny Baldwin 29 March Liverpool   to order, general cargo
May 14 Bark Ireland Harris 8 April Gloucester   to order
May 14 Bark Dromahair Quinn 5 April Sligo 217 steerage to order
May 14 Bark Countess of Durham Hogg 1 April Newcastle   to T. Curry & Co., coals
May 14 Bark Nicaragua Marshall 10 April Gloucester 2 steerage to order, bricks
May 14 Bark Acadia Jons 4 April Liverpool   to order
May 14 Ship Ann McLester McLean 4 April Liverpool   to Cuvillier & Sons, general cargo
May 14 Bark Charlotte Farrie 5 April Liverpool   to Welch & Davies
May 14 Bark Renfrewshire Burns 6 April Liverpool   to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 14 Bark Yeoman King 2 April Greenock   to Pickersgill Tibbest & Co.
May 14 Ship Harriet Scott Blayne 28 March Ardrossan   to T.C. Lee, coals
  Shipping Intelligence-May 14
119 vessels reported this day, against 30 at the same date last year.

Capt. Allen, of the bark Amity, spoke the Baron of Bramber and ship Fisherman, off St. Paul's, on the 8th instant, and was in company with 100 sail at the same time.-He reports a large fleet at hand.

Capt. Borrowdale, of the brig Amity, reports having lost a boy overboard on the 6th April.

The sea going steamer St. George, left her last evening with provisions for the sufferers by the late fire in the Saguenay. She took down 300 barrels of flour, beef and pork furnished by Government, and 40 barrels of potatoes and seed wheat from the Catholic Bishop.

Capt. Duffill, of the bark Lady Seaton, reports that during the voyage he encountered very heavy from North to S.W. but the prevailing winds has been from W.S.W. to N.W. 10th April lost fore-yard, split topsails, and fore-staysail during a heavy gale from N.N.W. 20th April passed a quantity of square timber and deals, lat 44 N. lon 34 W. Crossed the grand Bank of Newfoundland in lat 42 N.-passed several ice bergs but no field of ice. 3rd May took the ice at Cape Ray finding it impossible to get through came out again. 5th instant took the ice again and in five hours forced the ship through it, found the ice very heavy.

The Swedish brig of war Carlscrona, when two days out from Havana, was caught in a squall, which turned her bottom upward, and immediately sunk. Melancholy to relate, out of a crew of 132 men only 17 saved. These were picked up in a state of nudity and nearly starved, off the spars of the vessel and pieces of wood, by the barque Swan, Captain Snell, arrived at Philadelphia on the evening of the 10th instant.

Washington, Monday, May 11.
The Mexican War.
The excitement, in and out of Congress, in relation to the military operations in Texas, is very great, and is not likely to be diminished by any expected successes on the Rio Grande.

The movement from Corpus Christi to the Rio Grande was certainly inexplicable, unless it was intended to provoke a war with Mexico, whether she wished to fight or not; and to begin it by sacrificing General Taylor's command, with a view to goad the feelings of the people, and particularly of the West into a clamour for war.

The excitement in the West and South cannot be readily quelled.

The troops dispatched from Texas and Louisiana and other States will not be restrained, and such acts of aggression will be committed, on our side, as will render war inevitable, and cause it to be carried into the very heart of Mexico.

The United States will be put to any amount of expenses that the imprudent, reckless and irregular action of state Legislatures and state officers may involve.

It may be impossible now to check the hostile movement that has been begun.

How soon third parties may become involved in the conflict, it may be impossible to say; but it is by no means unlikely that Mexico acts in the hope, and perhaps with the promise of foreign assistance.

The President refused yesterday to intimate to any one his intentions in regard to this subject.

The committee on military affairs were in session nearly all day yesterday, (Sunday.)

The general opinion is that the Executive will, if supplied with means, order that the war be carried across the Rio Grande into Mexico.

It is scarcely probable that he could now prevent it even if disposed.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 14 Brig Hern Burn 28 March Ramsgate   to order
May 14 Brig Jemima Madgwick 30 March Sunderland   to C.E. Levey & Co., coals
May 14 Brig Jane Allice Waugh 8 April Painboeuf   to LeMesurier & Co.
May 14 Brig Prince George Macfarlane 9 April Leith   to Dean, Rodger & Co, general cargo
May 14 Bark Richmond Stanbury 28 March Milford   to order
May 14 Bark Lord Ryron Todd 2 April Glasgow   to Pembertons
May 14 Bark Highland Mary Crosley 6 April Liverpool 296 pass to J. Munn, slates
May 14 Bark Liverpool Oliver 2 April London   to W.J.C. Benson
May 14 Bark Primrose Irvine 8 April Limerick 337 pass to C.E. Levey & Co.
May 14 Ship George Wilkinson Brown 5 April Liverpool   to J. Shaw
May 14 Brig Matthew Harrison 27 March Sunderland   to C.E. Levey & Co., coals
May 14 Brig Bowes Ellwood 8 April Workington   to G.R. Symes
May 14 Brig Wingrove Moore 9 April Hayle   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 14 Brig Baron of Bramber Flinn 6 April Liverpool   to Blackader & Muls, general cargo
May 14 Brig Whitewell Grange Davis 2 April Gloucester   to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 14 Bark Roslyn Castle Sadler 7 April Plymouth   to R. Jackson
May 14 Bark Sarah Milledge McDonough 4 April Galway 247 pass to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 14 Bark Marquis of Bute Harvey 11 April Liverpool   to LeMesurier & Co
May 15 Brig Ariel Ritchie 2 April Dundee 2 pass to Allison, coals
May 15 Bark Nestor Smith 8 April Plymouth   to T. Curry & Co
May 15 Schr Mathewson Glawson 6 days Halifax   to Mathewson, general cargo
May 15 Schr Laura Leblanc 3 weeks Halifax   to Montreal, general cargo
May 16 Bark Promise Tims 10 April Liverpool 2 pass Pickersgill, Tibbets & Co., general cargo
May 16 Bark Hero Smart 2 April Troon   to LeMesurier & Co.
May 16 Bark Ninian Fittock 11 April Limerick 222 pass to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 16 Brig Collingwood Gutherie 8 April Troon   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co
May 16 Brig Radical Anderson 26 March Seaham   to Gordon & Nicol, coal
Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 16 Bark Derby Gibson 12 April Belfast   to order
May 17 Bark Blenheim Jackson 30 March Gloucester   to W.J.C. Benson
May 17 Bark Lord Canterbury Bruce 12 April Bristol   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co
May 17 Brig John Thompson Badcock 7 April Poole   to W.J.C. Benson
May 17 Brig Sylph Walshaw 8 April Painboeuf   to order
May 17 Brig Victoria Webster 1 April London   to order
May 18 Bark Albion Ware 21 March     to C.E. Levey & Co
May 18 Ship Empire Gilles 26 April Charleston   to Mackle and Kelly
May 18 Ship Victory Kent 8 April Bristol   to Pembertons
May 18 Ship Wm. Dawson Spittall? 1 April Alloa   to A. Gilmour & Co., coals
May 18 Brig Ærial Whitehead 8 April London   to J. Day
May 18 Brig Bolton Newham 13 April Ardrostan?   To Atkinson, Usborne & Co
May 18 Ship Camorra? Las? 12 April Liverpool   to S. Wilson
May 18 Ship Ottawa Thrift 8 April Bridgewater   to C.E. Levey & Co, bricks
May 18 Bark Aurora Scott 8 April Holyhead   to Sharples & Co., slates
May 18 Brig 54? Stubbs 7 April Gloucester   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 18 Schr Elizabeth Odell 14 April Halifax   to J.W. Leaycratt, general cargo
May 18 Bark William and Mary Allen 7 April Colchester   to Pemberton
May 18 Bark Prince George Crushman 7 April Plymouth   to order
May 18 Brig Thompson Barton 11 April Workington   to order
May 19 Bark Lord Seaton Talbot 11 April Thurso 5 cabin and 15 steerage pass to Pembertons, coals, crockery, and potatoes
May 19 Bark The Duke Dady 50? days Liverpool   to H. & E. Burstall
May 19 Snow Thoburn Baxter 8 April Plymouth   to H & E Burstall
May 19 Brig Southampton Tugo 19 April Porto Rico   to J. Gillespie & Co., sugar
May 19 Brig Victoria Fritt 4 May Halifax   to J. Torrance & Co, sugar
May 19 Brigt. Ne??o Gibson 14 April Limerick 122 steerage to A. Gilmour & Co
May 19 Ship Colonist S???ett 14 April Liverpool   to LeMesurier & Co
May 19 Ship Atlas Davis 8 April Bristol   to T.C. Lee
  Shipping Intelligence
Capt Pearson and crew of the brig Syria, of Sunderland, for Montreal, arrived here on Saturday forenoon, and states that one of his crew was drowned.

The bark A?relian, of and from Portsmouth, for Quebec, 16 days out, with loss of the heads of main and mizen-masts, carried away in a heavy squall, was spoken on the 24th ult in lat. 46 55 lon. 30 by the ship Iowa, at New York.

War between Mexico and the United States
Another Defeat of the American Troops-Seventy Soldiers Killed and Taken Prisoners.

The information contained in the above heading reached New Orleans on the 9th instant. It appears that on the 28th ult., a Captain Walker with seventy Rangers left General Taylor's camp to reconnoitre and open a communication with Point Isabel, where the supplies for the army are placed, and which it is now quite certain are cut off. He had proceeded as far as about mid-way between Point Isabel and the camp, when an overwhelming Mexican force approached suddenly. A portion of his troops being raw recruits, he instructed them to keep on his right, and gave orders to the whole to retire under cover of the chapparel in view. But, instead of obeying his orders, his raw troops, panic struck, scattered in confusion. The Mexican troops advancing, completed the disorder, and finally the unfortunate commander forced his way with difficulty to Point Isabel with only two of his men....

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 20 Brig Swallow Grey 8 Apr Portsmouth   to E. Burstall
May 20 Brig Vivid Bulman 9 Apr London   to Murison and Tobin?, general cargo
May 20 Ship Aberdeen McGarth 10 Apr Liverpool 79 pass to T. Froste and Co, general cargo
May 20 Ship Charlotte Drewery 7 Apr London 103 steerage pass 5 cabin to J. Gillespie and Co, general cargo
May 20 Ship Amazon Pearson 16 Apr Hull 110 pass to M and E Burstall, coals
May 20 Bark Tottenham Evans 7 Apr Youghall 183 pass to order
May 20 Brig Promise Retallick 2 Apr London   to Tibbetts and Co
May 20 Brig Williams Robinson 10 Apr Painbœuf   to Atkinson, Usborne and Co
May 20 Brig Swallow McGowen 22 Apr Halifax   to H.J. Noad and Co, sugar, etc.
May 20 Schr Manilla O'Brien 20 Apr Halifax   to H.J. Noad and Co, sugar and molasses
May 20 Bark Columbine Taylor 2 Apr Hull 4 pass to order, general cargo
May 20 Bark Canton Nicol 15 Apr Port Glasgow   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 20 Bark James Stewart 7 May St. Johns, Nfld 1 pass to Gillespie & Co, general cargo
May 20 Bark Susan and Sarah Thoburn 31 March Newcastle   to JH Joseph and Co, coals
May 20 Bark Countess of Durham Stowe 21 April Cuba   J.W. Leaycraft, sugar
May 20 Bark Rokeby Robson 7 April Gloucester   to order
May 20 Bark Grenville Bay Robson 3 April Newcastle   to H.S. Dalkin, coals
May 20 Brig Montwearmouth Nellie 30 March      to C.E. Levey & Co, coals
May 20 Brig Woodman Park 10 April Sunderland   to Atkinson, Usborne and Co, coals
May 20 Brig Old Rapp Christie 18 March Bourdeaux   to Sharples and Co
May 20 Brig Montreal Blenkinsof 1 April Newcastle   to J.H. Joseph & Co., coals
May 20 Brig Athelstan Peck 2 April London   to R. Hickson
May 20 Brig Hero Harrison 11 April Workington   to Pembertons
May 20 Brig Reindeer Wilkinson 1 April Hartlepool   to Anderson and Paradis, coals
May 20 Brig Theodosia Goymer 28 March Newcastle   to G.B. Symes and Co, coals
May 20 Brig Theron Cooper 31 March Newcastle   to C.E. Levey & Co., coals
May 20 Ship Urgent Rogers 15 April Apalachicola   to order
May 20 Ship George Simpson 17 April Liverpool   to Sharples & Co
May 20 Ship Royal William Francis 9 April London   to G.B. Symes & Co
May 20 Bark Clio Easthrope 11 April Padstow 149 pass to T.C. Lee
May 20 Ship William Pirrie Agnew 27 April Charleston   to J.A. Pirrie & Co
May 20 Ship Sherbrooke Sterling 15 April Cork   to Pembertons
May 20 Brig Redwing Stewart 10 April Rochefort   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 20 Brig Lively Moore 5 April Galway 209 steerage to order
May 20 Schr Mary Ann Barron 16 April Halifax   to H. McKay, sugar, oil and fish
May 21 Ship Caroline Harris 7 April Poole   to Lemesurier & Co
May 21 Ship Chieftain Williams 16 April Beaumaris   to Pickersgill, Tibbetts & Co, salt and slates
May 21 Ship Robertson Clark 9 April Glasgow 5 steerage pass to Masson, Langevin & Co, general cargo
May 21 Ship Consbrook Maguire 11 April Liverpool   to T.C. Lee
May 21 Bark Urania Clark 16 April Cork   to Lemesurier & Co
May 21 Bark Northumberland Evans 12 April Beaumaris   to Pickersgill, Tibbetts & Co, salt and slates
May 21 Bark St Lawrence Tullock 14 April Aberdeen 97 pass to A. Gilmour & Co
May 21 Bark Victoria Young 7 April Plymouth   to T.C. Lee
May 21 Bark Silvia Pile 8 April Plymouth   to order
May 21 Brig Margaret & Ann Gillespie 1 April Newcastle   to order, coals
May 21 Brig Gratitude Forrest 29 March Newcastle   to H.S. Dalkins, coals
May 21 Brig United Kingdom Wallace 26 March Sunderland   to H.H. Porter and Co, coals and coke
May 21 Brig Ceres Johnson 30 March Newcastle   to A. Gilmour & Co, coals
May 21 Brig Ann & Mary Cunningham 28 March Newcastle   to Simple & Stewart, coals and glass
May 21 Brig Portia Wrightson 2 April Bourdeaux   to R.F. Maitland & Co., vinegar
May 21 Brig Rolla Atherick 13 April Dublin   to order
May 21 Brig Credo Humphreys 8 April Aberystwith   to G.B. Symes & Co
May 21 Brig William & Joseph Crisp 1 April Newcastle   to A. Gilmour & Co, coals and cinders
May 21 Brig Pekin Harvey 6 April Ardrossan   to J. McKenzie, coals
May 21 Brig Falcon Hall 2 April Sunderland   to C.E. Levey & Co., coals
May 21 Brig Indus Jobling 8 April Bourdeaux   to Lemesurier & co, general cargo
May 21 Schr Jane Sprate Fraser 21 April Halifax   to R. Holway, general cargo 
May 21 Schr Mary Davies 6 April Limerick 18 pass to W.J.C. Benson
  Half-past 4, P.M. -Between 20 and 30 more ships have arrived that are not yet boarded.

Wind light from the north-east

From a letter in the Gazette we learn that a collision took place on the evening of the 18th inst., in Lake St. Francis, between two of the mail steamboats, the Canada, and Gildersleeve by which the starboard wheel and the Captain's cabin on one side, and the bar-room on the other were destroyed. The passengers were uninjured.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 21 Ship City of York Campbell 16 Apr Liverpool   to H. and E. Burstall
May 21 Ship General Graham White 30 Mar Alloa   to Pembertons, coals
May 21 Ship Marchioness of Queensbury McCallum 8 Apr Leith   to A. Gilmour and Co.
May 21 Ship Robert Bruce Young 7 Apr London   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co.
May 21 Bark Aurora Hunter 13 Apr Hull   to G.B. Symes and Co, coals
May 21 Bark Stentor Wright 10 Apr Hull 10 passengers to T.C. Lee, coals and goods
May 21 Bark Wm Miles Rowe 8 Apr Bristol   to A. Gilmour and Co.
May 21 Bark Sophia Leigh 29 Mar London   to W. Stevenson
May 21 Bark Apollo Walker 1 Apr Dundee 54 passengers to LeMesurier & Co, general cargo
May 21 Bark Isabella Dobson 8 Apr Southampton 4 passengers to order
May 21 Bark Ceylon Hobson 2 Apr Sunderland   to G.B. Symes and Co, coals and glass
May 21 Bark Brutus Just 11 Apr Newcastle   to J.H. Joseph and Co, coals, and goods
May 21 Bark British Princess Mather 14 Apr Liverpool   to A. Gilmour and Co.
May 21 Bark Gentoo Lakeman 4 Apr London   to LeMesurier and Co.
May 21 Bark Caledonia McAlley 8 Apr Dublin 7 passengers to W. Henry
May 21 Bark Ava Webster 11 Apr Rochester   to T.C. Lee
May 21 Bark Olympus Jobin 9 Apr Penzance   to C.E. Levey & Co
May 21 Bark Sir F. Bond Head Allan 7 Apr Ipswich   to T. Curry and Co.
May 21 Bark Industry Barrett 13 Apr Sligo   to T. Kelly, coals
May 21 Bark Victory Terry 7 Apr London   to Pickersgill and Co
May 21 Bark Yorkshire Lass Price 6 Apr Newport   to H.E. Scott, coals
May 21 Bark Asia Mills 2 Apr London   to W.J.C. Benson
May 21 Bark Eliza Ann Carruthers 7 Apr Whitehaven   to Atkinson, Usborne and Co.
May 21 Bark Euphrosyne Doyle 16 Apr Fowey   to W. Stevenson
May 21 Bark Cumberland Bruce 10 Apr Gibraltar 1 passenger to order
May 21 Bark Dahlia Tozer 7 Apr Plymouth 85 passengers to T.C. Lee
May 21 Brig Prince of Wales Welch 25 Mar Sunderland   to W. Dawson, coals
May 21 Brig Wellington Scott 4 Apr Gibraltar   to W.J.C. Budson
May 21 Brig Harvest Young 25 Mar Sunderland   to Semple and Stewart, coals, &c.
May 21 Brig Venture Fullerton 10 Apr Sunderland   to C.E. Levey & Co., coals
May 21 Brig Urania Oliver 10 Apr Newcastle   to Symes & Co., coals and cinders
May 21 Brig Robert M'William McDonald 13 Apr Aberdeen   to R. Roberts
May 21 Brig Ajax Chater 31 Mar Newcastle   to M.I. Wilson, coals, &c.
May 21 Brig Margaret Bait Skelton 1 Apr London   to order
May 21 Brig Eagle Parnell 8 Apr Plymouth   to T.C. Lee
May 21 Brig Alpha Scorrell 8 Apr Plymouth   to H and E Barstall
May 21 Brig Six Bainbridge 9 Apr Bordeaux   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co
May 21 Brig Queen Victoria Rosie 11 Apr Aberdeen   to order
May 21 Brig Lee Holdforth 3 Apr London   to LeMesurier and Co.
May 21 Brig Intrepid Duncan 25 Mar Sunderland   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co., coals
May 21 Schr Velocity Shelmar 17 days Halifax   to J.W. Leaycraft, general cargo
May 21 Schr Prince of Wales Easoa 15 Apr Halifax   general cargo
May 22 Brig Maria and Elizabeth Wood 28 Mar Sunderland   to W. Dawson, coals
May 22 Brig Cottingham Clarke 8 Apr Waterford   to A. Gilmour and Co
May 22 Bark John Bell Joyce 15 Apr New Ross 284 passengers to Pembertons
May 22 Bark Marchioness of Abresora Hagarty 17 Apr Londonderry 514 steerage passengers to A. Gilmour and Co
May 22 Brig Henry Johnston 10 Apr Montrose   to R. Roberts
May 23 Brig Emma Orkley 4 Apr Liverpool   to Gillespis and Co, general cargo
  Daily Line between Chateauguay and Montreal-A Packet Boat will leave Chateauguay every morning at five o'clock, for Montreal; leave Montreal for Chateauguay the same day at twelve, and from Lachine at three o'clock. The passage from Chateauguay to Montreal and from Montreal to Chateauguay, is only one shilling, and from Lachine to Chateauguay sixpence. The rate of Freight is 3d. per cwt. To Montreal, and from Montreal to Chateauguay 6d.

A rowing match for a sweepstakes came off on Saturday evening, under the direction of the Montreal Regatta Club. The distance was 1¼ mile. Three boats started, and after a good contest, the "Queen" came in winner. Time, 9m., 28 sec.

Harbour Works.
The Commissioners for the Improvement and Enlargement of the Harbour of Montreal, will receive tenders till Saturday next the 30th instant, at Ten o'clock A.M., for the Construction of Five New Shafts, for carrying off the surface water, running along the Revetment Wall, each Shaft to be 9 feet deep, by 18 inches in diameter, to be connected with the main Drains under the Road, by 18 inch Barrel Brick Drains, with the necessary Copings and Iron Gratings. Plans and Specifications of which may be seen at their Office (in Mullins' Buildings.)
By order,
John T. Badgley,
Harbour Commissioners' Office,
Commissioners Street
May 26, 1844. (Please note that this appeared in a paper of May of 1846 not 1844)

Arrived at the Port of Quebec  
May 23 Bark Albion Daly 10 May Balledehob 174 passengers to order
May 23 Schr Temperance Sire 13 May Halifax   to D. Fraser, sugar and raisins
May 25 Bark Thomas Herbert 8 April Whitehaven   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co.
May 25 Bark Mearns Houston 11 April Liverpool   to A. Gilmour & co.
May 25 Bark Tay Langwell 22 April Greenock   to Atkinson Usborne & co.
May 25 Bark Eagle Lang 10 April Glasgow   to Gillespie & Co, general cargo
May 25 Bark Oronoco Flaherty 17 April Waterford   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 25 Bark Agnes Gilmour Anderson 11 May New York   to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 25 Bark Henry Duncan Kent 15 April Dublin   to C.E. Levey & Co.
May 25 Ship Arethusa Kelly 7 May Savannah   to Muckle & Kelly
May 25 Brig Baltic Cordron 25 March Yarmouth   to Pembertons
May 25 Brig Ganges Turpie 18 April Cork 22 passengers to Atkinson Usborne & Co.
May 25 Bris Ouse Wilburn 20 March Lynn   to Pembertons
May 25 Schr Amity Garrett 3 May Halifax   to G.B. Symes & Co., sugar and oil
May 25 Schr Racer LeBlanc 28 April Halifax   to H.J. Noad & Co, sugar and oil
May 25 Schr St Andre Bellefontaine 25 days Halifax   to J.W. Leaycraft, general cargo
May 25 Schr Lady Young Kennedy 13 May Sydney   to H. McKay, coals, potatoes &c.
May 25 Schr Collector Lavache 25 days Halifax   to C.M. Brocklesby, sugar and molasses
May 25 Brig Constance Savage 14 April Bristol 4 passengers to order, general cargo
May 25 Brig Derwent Curwin 16 April Workington   to Atkinson Usborne & Co.
May 25 Brig Lightfoot? ? 9 April Whitehaven   to A. Gilmour & Co.
May 25 Ship Importer Mclaren 15 April Cork   to LeMesurier & Co
May 25 Bark Galatia Williams 4 April Cork   to C.E. Levey & Co.
May 25 Bark Aleyone Storr 6 April Liverpool 1 passenger to Welch & Davies
May 25 Ship Fergus Marten 9 April Hull 95 passengers to H. & E. Burstall
May 26 Bark Aurelian Brown 7 April Portsmouth   to LeMesurier & Co.
May 26 Bark Lord Sidmouth Dow 7 April Port Glasgow   to W.J.C. Benson
May 26 Bark Try Again Heacock 16 April Cork 187 passengers to LeMesurier & Co
May 26 Bark Victoria Newton 10 April Hayle 62 passengers to C.E. Levy & Co
May 26 Bark Christiana Henry 17 April Belfast 371 passengers to G.H. Parke and Co.
May 26 Brig Trent Meldrum 29 March Sunderland   to LeMesurier & Co, coals
May 26 Brig Maria Whitfield Urskins 11 April Sunderland   to T. Curry & Co, coals and glass
May 26 Brig Harriet Fulthorp 10 April Dublin   to G.B. Symes & Co
May 26 Brig Resolution Davies 9 April Penzance   to A. Gilmour & Co
May 26 Mentor Forster 12 April Blyth   to A. Gilmour & Co, coals
May 26 Bark James and Mary Sinnott Connor 18 April Newport   to order, coals
May 26 Bark Marquis of Hastings Sabston 22 April Greenock   to Atkinson, Usborne and Co
May 26 Bark Exporter Robertson 8 April Liverpool 1 passenger to Dean, Rodger & Co, general cargo
May 26 Brig Lord Brougham Peacock 1 April Newcastle   to G.B. Symes & Co, coals
May 26 Brig Oberon Shields 15 April L'Orient   to order
Vessels From No. of
Christiana Belfast 369
Sir Henry Pottinger Belfast 302
Caithnesshire Belfast 193
Londonderry Londonderry 143
Lady Gordon Dublin 175
James Fagan Dublin 296
Industry Dublin 292
Naparina Dublin 213
Margaret Pollock Liverpool 383
Princess Alice Liverpool 398
Rockshire Liverpool 372
Marion Cork 345
Try-Again Cork 176
Brilliant Cork 166
Dominica Cork 218
Champlain Cork 174
Effingham Cork 454
Marquis of Normanby Sligo 147
Thetis Limerick 182
Brian Abbe Limerick 153
Stadacona Limerick 409
Ellen Forrestal Limerick 124
  Total 5,684
A.C. Buchanan, Chief Agent    
  In the United Senate, on the 22d instant, a motion to postpone for six months, extending their laws over Oregon, was under discussion.

In the House of Representative a Bill from the Committee of Commerce allowing a drawback on Merchandize imported into the United States from the British North American Provinces, to be exported to foreign countries, was read the third time and passed.

The Bill from the Senate respecting the Act which limits the seamen in the service of the United States, to 7,500 men, was carried through its last stage, previous to receiving the sanction of the President.

Nearly twenty millions of dollars have already been voted to carry on the aggressive war against Mexico.

  Capt. Daves of the brig Resolution, arrived this morning, reports that on the 19th ult., he fell in with the bark Moreland, waterlogged, having been run into on the larboard quarter, and cut down to the water's edge-she had 9 feet water in her hold, and was completely stripped of everything except her cargo, which was rum and sugar-thinks she would go down in about an hour after he left her. Found the Log slate made up to 6, P.M., 17 April.

Vessels Spokes-April 9-Bark Grace, Darling, from Dublin, to Miramichi, out 12 days, lat 47 11 N. long,. 23 0 W.,-same day-Bark Clyde, of St. John (N.B.) Bound East. 23d.-saw a ship demasted. 24th-Ship Ions?, from Liverpool to New York, out 11 days, lat. 46 50 N, long. 29 30 W. By the bark Aurelian, Brown, at this Port Capt. B. also reports that his vessel struck the ice in lat. 46 55 W., long. 60 0 W., and damaged the sheathing.

The bridge over the Grand River at Paris, C.W., has been accidentally destroyed by fire.

The 81st Regiment is to be stationed at Kingston, and the 82d at London.

The Burnhepesides?, from London to Montreal, expected shortly, is said to be freighted with 250 32-pounders, shot, shell and powder, for this Colony.


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