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The following was compiled and submitted by Mike Stainsby.Old Drawbridge Whitby 1833

Whitby Ships

The following list, and supplementary list, depict ships which sailed with emigrants, from the port of Whitby, Yorkshire 1774 to 1850. The source of the information is cited below.

The illustration to the right, is a contemporary print, entitled "The Whitby Old Drawbridge 1833"

W   - Weatherill      ("The Ancient Port of Whitby and its Shipping" by Richard Weatherill, published by Horne & Son, Whitby, 1908)
Wy - Whitby Repository

Whitby Ships
W p.36
Yorkshire Gazette 1886
1. ALBION, ship of Whitby. About March 1774 sailed from Hull for Nova Scotia with general cargo and 188 emigrants. Thomas Porritt, Master
W p.107
Wy 1828 p.63
2. CROWN, ship 383 tons built by John Barry, Whitby in 1801. Left Whitby May 15th 1828 for Quebec, with 30 passengers.
W p.207
Wy 1830 p.224
3. ADDISON, brig, built at Sunderland 1824. Registered Whitby in 1824. Sailed from Whitby for Quebec April 1830 with 80 emigrants, Capt. Brown.
W p.153
Wy 1830 p. 224
4. GUINARE, ship 338 tons, built by H. Barrick, Whitby in 1830. Sailed for Quebec with 230 passengers. Capt, Wm. Summerson.
W p.150
Wy 1830 p.224
5. JACKSON, barque 251 tons, built by T. Brodrick in Whitby in 1829. Sailed from Whitby in June 1830 for Quebec with 25 emigrants. Capt. Jackson.
W p.154
Wy 1830 p.224
6. EARL STANHOPE, barque 295 tons, built by J. Langborne in Whitby 1830. Sailed from Whitby in June 1830 for Quebec with 70 emigrants. Capt, Jamison
W p.155 7. IDA, brig 239 tons, built by H. Barrick in Whitby 1831. Sailed for Quebec with passengers in March 1831
W p.154
Wy 1831 p.160
8. KING WILLIAM, ship 380 tons, built by R.& N. Campion, Whitby. Sailed from Whitby April 11th 1831 for Quebec with upwards of 300 emigrants, cheifly from the neighbourhood. Capt. Carr.
W p.134
Wy 1831 p.128
9. SMALES, brig 161 tons, built by F. Soencelayh at Whitby in 1819. Owner Gid. Smales. Sailed from Whitby March 20th 1831 for Quebec with upwards of 30 emigrants
Wy 1832 p.159 9a. SMALES, -do- A second voyage sailing March 22nd 1832 with 20 passengers
W p.156
Wy 1832 p.159
10. CORSAIR, 264 tons, built by Messrs. Barrick & Co. Sailed from Whitby April 1st 1832 to America, with 76 passengers.
W p.155
Wy 1832 p.159
11. REGINA, brig 228 tons, built by Messrs. R.& J. Campion in 1832. Sailed from Whitby to America April 12th 1832 with 85 passengers.
Wy 1832 p.159 12. COLUMBUS, ship 467 tons, built by Hy.& Geo. Barrick, Whitby in 1832. Sailed from Whitby April 16th 1832 for Quebec with 245 passengers, Capt. H. Barrick.
W p.157 13. HINDOO, barque 310 tons, built by Hy. Barrick in Whitby 1834. Sailed from Whitby May 7th 1834 for Quebec, with 100 passengers.
W p.157 14. MAJESTIC, ship 504 tons, built by Hy.& Geo. Barrick, Whitby in 1835. Sailed from Whitby for Quebec in 1835, with mules &c. Was totally lost on the same passage up the river St. Lawrence. (see 1835)
She may have had a few passengers if there was room apart from that required by the men attending the mules, but it is uncertain.

Whitby 1835Whitby 1835


An entry in Crowther's _History of Lythe_ mentions the sailing from Whitby in 1831 of an emigrant ship called the Majestic which carried a number of people from Lythe. Among them were Thos. Ward, W. Terry, John Ingledew, Thos. Coverdale, William Harrison, John Baily, Robert English, Lennard Watson, John Read and Thomas Taylor. We have no record of an emigrant ship of that name.

It is thought it might be the King William, Capt. Carr. She sailed, as stated above, in 1831, with upwards of 300 emigrants "chiefly from the neighbourhood." We should be glad to have confirmation or correction of the above statement if any be found in Canada. We have had three Whitby-built "Magestics." The first was burned in 1808. Another was bought by the Government in 1810, and the ship mentioned above built in 1835.

Whitby Emigrant Ships (supplement)

Supplementary List of the emigrant ships sailing from Whitby. Taken from Dr. English's "Whity Prints." Diary of Events.

1831 The brig ADDISON, ships GUINARE and KING WILLIAM sailed from Whitby with emigrants for Quebec.

It will be seen from the principal list, that the Addison and Guinare sailed for Quebec in 1830. It may be a second voyage, or a mistake in the year, as the record in the Whitby Repository would certainly be correct.

1832 The COLUMBUS sailed from Whiby for Quebec, with 245 emigrants

Further particulars are given in the principal list.

1834 May 8th. The ship HINDOO sailed from Whitby with 106 emigrants. On May 9th the barque CAPT. ROSS with 28, and on May 10th the barque ARUNDEL with 173, all for Quebec. (Marmaduke Jame's Diary)

The Hindoo is mentioned in the principal list with trifling differences. The Capt. Ross and Arundel are not mentioned. Weatherill's particulars, p.157: Capt. Ross, barque 310 tons, built in 1834 by R.& N. Campion, Whitby. I cannot find any particulars of the Arundel.

1836 May 13th. The ship MEDUSA sailed from Whitby for Quebec, with 70 emigrants.

Probably the Medusa, ship 453 tons, built by H. Barrick in 1836

1837 The RUSHLANDS sailed from Whitby for Quebec, with emigrants.

H. Barrick built a Rutland, ship 376 tons, in 1829 for J.H. Coulson, Scarborough, but the names do not agree.

1849 The NEPTUNE sailed from Whitby to Quebec, with emigrants.
1850 The NEPTUNE, ALPHA, SCORNER and Mr. Usherwood's WILLIAM, sailed for Quebec with emigrants from Whitby.

Probably the Neptune second voyage. I have several possible emigrant ships named Neptune. The Scorner is unknown, and is an unusual name.
Weatherill's particulars, p.74: William, ship 264 tons, built by T. Fishburn in 1793, owner Wm. Usherwood. Lost in the Baltic Sea, October 28th 1852.


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