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extracted from New York Daily Times, New York, N.Y. Jun 23, 1856 p. 3, Jul 7, 1856 p. 1, Jul 12, 1856 p. 4

Clipper-Ship Ocean Queen, Captain W.B. Smith, from London February 8th 1856 to New York, NY

Jun 23, 1856

The Missing Clipper Ships Driver and Ocean Queen

     The clipper ship Driver sailed from Liverpool on the 12th February last, with a crew of 22 men and 6 officers, together with 344 passengers, since which time she has not been heard of, and her owners give her up as lost. The Driver was a fine clipper, two years old, of 1,594 tons. She had on board a Liverpool cargo of dry goods and salt, and was fully insured. Daniel Ogden was the owner of the vessel, and Tapscott & Co., the parties to whom the cargo and passengers were consigned.
     The clipper Ocean Queen sailed on the 15th February [sic], from London, and was heard of at Portsmouth on the 17th [sic] of the same month, since which time all trace of her has been lost.
     It is supposed that both vessels encountered the ice, which was then present in the Atlantic in such large bodies, and were foundered or broken in pieces during the violent storms so prevalent during all of last Winter.
     The Ocean Queen was about six years old, and of 1,200 tons burden. She was owned by Griswold, Morgan & Co., and partially insured.
     The following is a list of the officers of the Driver. The crew was shipped in Liverpool, and the owners have not as yet received their names.

Nicholas Hobberton   Master
D.M. Dunbar   First Officer
William Mooney   Second Officer
John Duffy   Third Officer
Eugene Lambert   Steward
William George   Cook

Jul 7, 1856

Arrival of the Baltic

     The United States Mail steamer Baltic, from Liverpool, about 1 o'clock pm Wednesday, the 25th June, arrived at her dock yesterday morning about 11 o'clock.
     The British and North American Mail steamer Africa, Captain Shannon, arrived off Liverpool on the evening of Sunday the 22nd June and came up the river about midnight. . . . . . .
     The probable loss of the American ship Ocean Queen, Captain Smith, of the London and New-York Line, with 110 lives, has been reported at Lloyds. This ship left the London docks on February 8th, with a full miscellaneous cargo and 85 steerage passengers. On February 15th she was spoken off the Isle of Wight, all well, since which nothing has been heard of her, and there is reason to fear she was lost in the ice in which the steamer Pacific perished. The ship G.B. Lamar, which left the Thames the same time as the Ocean Queen, was in great jeopardy from ice, on her voyage out.
     The ship Moro Castle, of Windsor, N.S., timber laden, was abandoned at sea, and has been towed into Crookshaven, water-logged and with masts gone.
     The ship Marco Polo had arrived at Liverpool from Melbourne, with £316,000 in gold.
     The American ship Unicorn, from Liverpool to Boston, was abandoned at sea on the 7th of June, lat. 39° N. long. 51° W. The crew were rescued by the Jane E. Walsh from Havana, and taken into Falmouth on the 24th June. . . . . . .

Jul 12, 1856

List of Passengers of the Ocean Queen

     There is now no doubt but that the clipper ship Ocean Queen, Captain W. B. Smith, of the London and New-York Line, has been lost, and 123 persons have perished. She sailed from London on the 8th of February last with a miscellaneous cargo, 90 passengers and crew of 33 persons. On the 15th of February she was spoken off the Isle of Wight, and, since that time, nothing has been heard of her. The following is a list of the name of the passengers and crew.

Officers & Crew
W.B. Smith, Master   A. Allen, Steward
G.B. James, Mate   M. Moore, 2nd Steward
W.H. Stanley, 2nd Mate   Rebecca Thomas, Stewardess
H. Comstock, 3rd Mate   Samuel Jackson, Cook
John Johnson, Carpenter   P. Schoemaker, 2nd Cook
Charles Fen   John Johnson   Henry Campbell
Watson Rogers   James Moore   Carl E. Hansen
James Cunningham   James Heath   John Brown
George Griffiths   William Brown   John Nelson
John Rigman   Richard Power   Nathan D. Chase
John Maclean   W. Flynn   Charles Stevens
Thomas Leader   John Sullivan   Karl Reems
John Dunnovan   Robert Champion    
Name Age   Name Age
John Seaver 23   John Marsh 22?
Margaret Seaver 23   Harriet Marsh 19
John Seaver inf   Alfred Abel 18
John Cook 23   Eliza Wiskar 24
Mrs. Cook wife 25   William Wiskar 4
child 1   C.H. Anson 26
Bridget Sullivan 52   Ellen O'Neal 24
Jeremiah Sullivan 21   Moses Gilbert 30
Mark Atkins 22   Catharine Gilbert 20
Lewis Atkins 18   Thomas Elliott 19
Mary Fitzgerald 30   George Martin 25
Abbey Fitzgerald 11   Edmund Burt 59
Margaret Fitzgerald 6   Frederick Goode 30
Morris Fitzgerald 2   Emma Goode 29
William Fitzgerald inf   Louisa Rogers 35
Mary Jeffries 42   Frederick Rogers 15
William Jeffries 45   Charles Rogers 13
Elizabeth Jeffries 9   Eliza Rogers 11
William Jeffries 11   Benjamin Rogers 6
Sarah Rogers 8   George Belts 21
Thomas Wicks 21   William Checkley 18
William George 21   James Bolton 24
Eliza Swan on [Swanson] 16   Charlotte Bolton 22
Catharine Shipson 62   Vincent Blonds 22
Mary Ann Shipson 39   John Falvey 21
Sarah Shipson 37   George Jaggs 39
Harriet Isabella Shipson 22   Catharine Jaggs 49?
Charles Richards 44   William Jaggs 32
Ann Richards 40   Jane Jaggs 45
Mary Richards 17   Bridget Dacey 5
John Richards 10   Maria Berrisson 38
Sarah Richards 11   William Headley [Hendley] 22
Elizabeth Martin 30   John Hendley 19
Phillip Brown 25      
Cabin Passengers
Henry Brown, Mr. Davis, Mr. Robson
German Passengers
Name Age   Name Age
Catharine Muller 24   Margaret Grum 6
John Nic. Straub 21   Maria Grum 4
Eva Hold 24   infant  
Heinrich Ria or Kia 36   Johan Weissgerber 28
Margaret Becker 32   Eliza Deckler 46
Johan Korn 48   Catharine Deckler 11
Maria Grum 33   Elizabeth Deckler 10
William Grum 11   Sophia Deckler 8
Joseph Grum 9   Catharine Eurich 30
Heinrich Grum 8   Catharine Eurich inf



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