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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Adamant, 815 tons, Henry Consterdine, master, from London July 17th via Plymouth 30th July, 1865 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 17th October 1865

The South Australian Advertiser, Wednesday 18 October 1865 p. 2

Tuesday 17th October:— Adamant, barque, 815 tons, H, Consterdine, master, from London July 17, via Plymouth July 30. Elder, Smith & Co., agents.
Passengers—Mrs. Consterdine ; Dr. R. Newbold, Surgeon-Superin
tendent, in the cabin ; and 383 Government emigrants in the steerage, a list of whom will be found in another column:

. . . . — 10th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1865 ; —4— births and —9— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Robert Newbold, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE ; Assisted Passage = AP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; Passage Paid = PP. — Robert
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Adamant is certainly a most astonishing vessel, for the regularity of her passages has become almost proverbial and Tuesday morning's daybreak showed her to have anchored within a cable's length off the Semaphore Jetty Seventy-eight days as usual ; and this time with a new commander, for Captain Lodwick has taken charge of a new ship and gone to India, leaving the Adamant to a relative (Captain Consterdine), who appears at any rate to have also inherited a share of good fortune in favorable winds. On leaving the British Channel strong N.W. gales were the order of the day, and on August 4 passed Madeira. On August 27 crossed the Line in 17° west, and rounded the Cape on September 19. The southing from the Line to the Cape was accomplished with celerity, seeing that a fine fair wind prevailed, and along the southern parallel similar weather predominated, in which the vessel carried all plain sail, making an average of 205 miles per day ; indeed, occasionally the speed was as high as 245 miles in the 24 hours. She looked weather-beaten on arrival and the entire voyage passed without incident of import, till after making Cape Borda when a fatal casualty threw the passengers into a fever of consternation and crippled the vessel by losing maintopgallant and mizentopmasts. It appears that on making the land the people crowded along the lee rail to watch the appearance of Kangaroo Island, as the vessel bounded along at her top speed under a heavy press of canvas. One of the women, named Mary Rosemorgan, was sitting in a position near the maintopgallant staysail-sheet which belays in the waist when it gave a flap and threw her over the side. The alarm instantly became general ; but Mr. Ramsay, the chief officer, pitched a lifebouy, and the order was at once passed to put the helm down, bringing the ship to the wind with everything flat aback. The maintopgallant mast was at once carried away, taking with it the head of the mizentopmast. In the meantime a smart crew, headed by the chief officer, rushed to the lee quarter-boat, which, being furnished with the patent lowering gear, was let go by the run, precipitating her into a most violent seaway, in which they pulled, as near at possible, towards the spot where the woman was lost. The crippled condition of the ship for a time disabled her from proceeding to the rescue ; but as soon as possible the wreck was cleared away, and she wore round to seek the boat, which was not descried by the anxious look-out till three and a half hours had passed. The praiseworthy attempt at the poor woman's rescue had failed, and on nearing the ship it was seen that to pick up the boat was a matter of danger, from the terrific sea on. After much difficulty, however, this object was accomplished, but only by hooking on stern-first, and running her up with a rush. The painful accident and concurrent circumstances caused such intense feeling that an amount of confusion continued till the vessel reached the anchorage, and when standing inshore towards the Red Light, the leadsman furnished incorrect soundings, so that the vessel was much closer to the beach than was anticipated, and anchored in a position where she grounded at low water, being within hail of the jetty end, or quite close to the pilot cutters' moorings. It was rather strange she was not seen and boarded by a pilot before, for there were two of their boats cruising in the anchorage. As soon as the position of the barque became known, the Eleanor steamed down from the Port to tow her into harbor, and a signal was made at the stations to shorten in cable, but being aground, that was impracticable till the tide rose. She was, however, towed up on Tuesday evening, and moored in the stream.

The South Australian Register, Wednesday 18 October 1865 p. 2
ADAMANT, from London— 58 pkgs, A. Cunningham ; 4 cases, J. Newman and Son; 37 do, 60 tone coals. 90 brls whiting, Order; 66 bales,D. and W. Murray; 3cages, W. Morgan and Co.; 18 bales, Onnerodand Co.; so cases iron. 1.733 bars. 342 bdls sheet-iron. 100 boiler-plates, 108 kegs- nails. 18 anvils, Harrold Brothers; 35 cases, 500 bdls fencing-wire, F. Santo; 23 cases, D. and J. Fowler; S do, Bearce. Wincey, end Co.; 19 do. B. Kelsey and Co.; 32 do galvanized iron, English and Brown, 20 tanks malt, 31 casks bottled beer, 1 sample. F. Spicer;'754 bars iron. 222 grindstones, 31 cases, 22 do weighing-machines, 2 crates. 3 casks, I cask and 74 kegs bolts, 31 casks chain, 14 do nails, 265 Kegs do, 10 casks shot 4 do pipe, 65 boxes. 9 cases glass, 12 straw pkgs, 7 cases nails, 33 boxes tin, 265 bdls wire. G. P. Harris; 4 bales, is cases, 10 bdls, Virgoe, Son, and Chapman; "64 bdls hoop Iron. 4 do sheet iron, 1,345 bars Iron. J. Gorr; 25 bales. Proprietors of Moonta Mine; 2 cases, 10 casks malt, 5O tons coals. Elder Smith and Co. ; l00 cask bottled beer, F. Clark and Sons; 35 bales. Hall and Co.

The qualities of this vessel as a Government immigrant ship have been so far appreciated that she is now on her third voyage in the service, and has succeeded in acquitting herself quite as well as on former occasions. She landed her cargo in London, and in July received on board at Plymouth 388 souls, with whom she sailed on the 30th, and completed a capital passage of 78 days by arriving on Tuesday morning.
During the early part of the voyage the people continued in excellent health, and it was only after rounding the Cape a few cases of hooping-cough were treated, which on arrival were reduced to seven under medical care. There were four births and nine deaths, diminishing the original number to 383, amongst the adult portion of whom there was no sickness of any importance. The visit of Dr. Duncan was made at an early hour in the morning, and the tug being in attendance she was towed into harbour on the afternoon tide.
The Surgeon-Superintendent, Dr. Newbold, has had considerable experience with immigrant vessels, and speaks in favourable terms of his present charge—not only the people, but the capabilities of the vessel are subjects for eulogy. The patent distiller acted as usual, and was quite equal to the requirements of the water supply; while Dr. Edmund's system of ventilation, by means of the midship cowl and air- tubes throughout the 'tween-decks, has added considerably to the comfort of the people. From the papers politely furnished by Captain Consterdine the following particulars of the passengers on board are taken :—

Married males, 75; married females, 75; single men, 100; single women, 42. Children between 1 and 12 years— Males, 36; females, 40. Infants— Males, 11: females, 7. Subjoined is the official classification, national and industrial: —

English— Henry, Emily, and Henry Allen, William and Harriet Anderson, Nichs., Jane, and Bennett Andrew, Jane Andrew, James Andrew, Eliza Arthur, Charles, Emma, Alice, Walter, Ada, and Charlotte Askew, Constantine Atkinson, Sam Barkley, Anthony Barrett, Edwin Bartie, William Batchelor, George, Mary, John, Charlotte, Anne, Emma, and Charlotte Bates, Donald, Eliza, and Maria Beatson, Thomas and Grace Bell. Jane Brookman. Mary A. Butcher, Mary Butter, William and Sarah Cantain, James, Eliza Jane, Joseph G., and Ellen M. Carter, Richard and Ruth Cave, Walter, Catherine, and Walter Chambers, David and Maria Champion, Richard Chapman, James Ching, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Elizabeth, and Alice Clow, Samuel and Thomas Colmer, Peter, Emma, Mary Ann, John, and Michael Colmer, Wm. Cook, James Cranden, John Crowl, Elias Davies, Alfred and Jane Dew, James Dumble, William Earle, Joseph, Emma, and Julia Earle, Elizabeth and Mary Earle, John Edwards, George, Emma, Clara, and Dan Edwards, John and Eliza Elswork, Thomas, Jane H., and Henry Fletcher, Margaret Giaconelli, Walter and Sarah A. Gibbs, Ann Gilbert, John and Emmanuel Gilbert, Richard, Nancy, Annie, and Thomas H. Gilbert, Ann aad Robert Granger, John Granger, Charlotte and Ann Granger, Alfred Gregory, William H. Harris, George and Eliza Heale, Mary Herne, Joel Hill, Richard, Rebecca Amelia, Mary, and Louisa Hill, William Hodson, James V. and Ann Hooper, John Huss, Frederick Humphries, Nathaniel Hunt, Thomas, Susannah, Thomas, John, Susan, Nancy, and James Ivey, Rebecca James, Louisa and Mary James. William and Thomas Jeffree, Albert, Elizabeth, and Clarissa Jeffries, John Jerome, William Johnston, Thomas, Caroline, and William H. Kemp, James, Agnes. Wm., and Benjamin Kemp, Thomas, Mary, Thomas, John, Jane, and William Kemp, Stephen and Wilmot Kent, James, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Lawrence, Charles, Ann, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Eleanor, and Leah Lewis, Ann Lewis, Joseph, Elizabeth. William, and Joseph Lloyd, William Nann Sophia Matthews, William and Elizabeth Matthews, George May, Alfred Menadue, James Millett, Daniel, Ann, James, and Lucy Mills, Thomas, Amelia, and Elizabeth Mitchell, Catherine Morgan, Ann Morley, William, Jane, and Tom Morris, John, Harriet, Elizabeth, Harriet, and Agnes Morris, Stephen and Annie Moyle, Richard and Mary A. Nicholas, John. Caroline, and William J. Oats, Charles Olider, William and Anna Opie, James Parkhouse, Thomas and Charles Pearse, Martha Pelbury, Digory Penhall, John Perry, George, Mary Ann, and George Phillips, William and Maria Popham, Thomas Price, William, Elizabeth J., William J., Thomas J., and Paul Prisk, Albert Renfrer, Elizabeth Reynolds, George, Maria, and James Rickings, Thomas H. Roberts, John and Julia Rogers, James and Mary Rosemurgy, Alfred Rule, Richard Selwood, James Sim, Samuel and Mary A. Sleep, James, Jane, William, Henry, and Susanna Smith, Henry Snarling, Wm. Stephens, Edward Stiling, Michael Stirling, James Swearse, Charles Symes, William J., Mary J., and George G. Taylor, John, Henry, William, and Elizabeth Thomas, Robert Thompson, T. and Lucy Tindall, A. and M. Tonkin, James Tregise, William Treloar, Ann Tressider, Henry and Eliza Tressider, Henry, Alice, William, John, Elizabeth, and Mary Tressider, John Tresenda, George and Mary A. Tucker, Jonathan, Sophia, John. Mary, and Bessie Turner, Abraham, Sarah, and Frederick Turner, Thomas Turner, John Uren, Catherine Vere, Fanny Vincent, Joseph Vivian, William E. Wales, Charlotte Wales, Edwin Watts, Ann Wickens, Thomas Williams, Henry and Elizabeth Williams, Elizabeth, Honor, William P., and Thomas L. Williams, Richard and Rebecca Wills, William L., Mary A., William H., Edward, Jessie, Jane A. and John Wilton, Robert Woolfe.
Scotch— John Anderson, John and Margaret Begg, David Bone, Margaret B. Calder, Francis, Margaret, and Mary Couplend, Thomas, Isabella, Mary A. James, and William Coutts, Thomas Cunningham, Margaret and George Dedlin, John M. Falconer, David Finlayson, Thomas Flett. Charles Gillies, James, Violet, Violet, James, and Annie Harrison, Sarah Hay, Frank Henderson, Margaret Howden, William, Mary, William, and Isabella Hughes, Thomas, Jessie, John, and Peter Jack, Hugh, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, James, and Christiana Johnston, Jane Lindsay, John Lyons, John McAnna, Hugh McDougall, Emily McDougall, Andrew and James McHardie, Hugh and Elizabeth McHardie, Robert, Jane, Rose, and James McKay, Donald. Ann, and Janet McLeod, John McLeod, Donald McNeill, James Nairn, Angus, Margaret, Alexander, Archibald, Donald, John, and Angus Nicolson, Marion Nicolson, Peter Oliver, James Rankine, James, William, and John L. Rodger, Marion Robertson, William Sandman, John and Ann Shields, Mary Thompson, Margaret Williamson.
Irish— Catherine Hynes, John Lacy, Michael Nash, Michael Reilly, Thomas Shawley.
The particulars are:
English— Adults. 230 ; children between 1 and 12, 57 ; infants, 15 ; total 302
Scotch—  Adults, 57 ; children between 1 and 12, 19 ; total 79
Irish— Adults, 5
Total 386 ; equal to 330 statute adults

Industrial Classification.— Labourers 60, miners 35, servants 29, masons 3, carpenters 6, gardeners 3, painters and plumbers 3, printer 1, smiths 7, wheelwright 1, nurse 1, porter 1, baker 1, brick layer 1, housekeepers 2, railway labourers 3, quarryman 1, shoemakers 7, engineers and fitters 6, farm labourers 6, ploughman 1, currier and tanner 1, groom 1, saddler and harnessmakers 3, shepherd 1, tailors 4, matron 1, coachman 1, cook 1, ironworker 1, scholar 1, saddler 1, clerks 2, platelayer 1, sawyer 1

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Morris, Thomas 1 August 23rd, 1865 Convulsion at sea
Hughes, Isabella 1 August 25th, 1865 Dentition, fever at sea
Earl, Julia Ann inf August 25th, 1865 Dentition, fever at sea
Hughes, William 1 September 1st, 1865 Debility, convulsion at sea
Gilbert, Thomas E. 1 September 2nd, 1865 Dentition, fever at sea
Ivey, James 1 September 4th, 1865 Diarrhoea at sea
Johnston, Elizabeth 8 September 19th, 1865 Marasmus at sea
Champion, Maria 25 September 29th, 1865 Childbirth, puerperal convulson at sea
Rosemurgy, Mary 33 October 16, 1865 Drowned  
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
    Four births at sea, but no records found, however, the following in the BISA    
McKay, Jane   at sea male, James  
Carter, Eliza   August 13th, 1865 female, Elizabeth Jane  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Allen Henry 29 Labourer p. 17/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Emily (Trezise) 24          
    Henry inf          
GE Anderson William 21 Labourer 28/3   Cardiff, Glamorgan  
    Harriet Ann (Carter) 30          
GE Andrew Nicholas 43 Miner 29/2   Redruth, Cornwall with family
    Jane (Oppy) 42          
    Bennett 10          
GE Askew Charles 40 Labourer 42/1   Long Itchington, Warwickshire  
    Emma (Cockerill) 33          
    Alice 10          
    Walter 8          
    Ada 5          
    Charlotte 3          
AP Bate George n/a Miner 93/1   Falmouth, Cornwall  
    Mary (Eddy) n/a         FreeBMD = born about 1835
GE Bates John 27 Labourer 94/1   Piecombe, Sussex  
    Charlotte (Wisdom) 28          
    Annie 4          
    Emma 3          
    Charlotte inf          
GE Begg John 37 Labourer -   Forfarshire  
    Margaret 28          
GE Bell Thomas 25 Labourer 108/2   Monmouth FreeBMD = Crickhowell, Breconshire
    Grace (Harris) 22          
GE Canham William 21 Labourer 235/1   Hampshire FreeBMD = St Ives, Huntingdonshire
    Sarah (Butcher) 21          
GE Carter James 26 Carpenter 244/3   Penznce, Cornwall  
    Eliza Jane (Blewett) 23          
    Joseph 3          
    Ellen 1          
    Elizabeth Jane inf         born at sea, 13 August 1865
GE Cave Richard 38 Labourer 252/2   Warwick, Warwickshire  
    Ruth (Pratt) 32          
AP Chambers Walter 27 Painter 255/2   Alcester, Warwickshire  
    Catherine (Chapman) 24          
    Walter inf          
GE Champion David 25 Labourer 256/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Maria Jane (Sellwood) 25         died at sea, Sept. 29th
AP Clow William 33 Labourer / Miller 282/1   Spalding, Lincolnshire  
    Elizabeth 30          
    Mary 9          
    Elizabeth 6          
    Alice n/a         1861 census, aged 2 months
GE Colmer Peter 37 Miner 303/1   Chagford, Devon with family
    Emma (Wilton) 38          
    Nayram Nicholls 7          
    John 3          
    Michael inf          
GE Coupland Francis 31 Labourer -   Dumfries  
    Margaret 28          
    Mary 5          
GE Coutts Thomas 27 Labourer 328/2   Kincardine  
    Isabella (Christie) 28          
    Mary A. 7          
    James 3          
    William 1          
GE Dew Alfred 30 Labourer 401/3   Somerset  
    Jane 36          
GE Earle Joseph 20 Miner 449/2   Redruth, Cornwall to Victoria
    Emma (Phillips) 22          
    Julia Ann inf         died at sea, August 25th
GE Edwards George 38 Smith 457/1   Abergavenny, Monmouthshire  
    Emma (Meredith) 25          
    Clara 2          
    Daniel inf          
GE Elsworth Thomas 34 Labourer 469/1   Monmouth  
    Eliza 32          
GE Fletcher Thomas 27 Labourer 512/1   Stroud, Gloucester  
    Jane Harriet (Chapman) 28          
    Henry 3          
GE Gilbert Richard 30 Labourer 567/2   Illogan, Cornwall to Victoria
    Nanny (Andrew) 30          
    Annie 3          
    Thomas Henry 1         died at sea, Sept. 2nd
PP Granger Ann (Woodhouse) 48 - 612/3   Shoreditch St Leonard, Middlesex with family
    Robert 9          
GE Harrison James 40 Labourer 682/3   Dumfries  
    Violet 30          
    Violet 10          
    James 4          
    Agnes 2          
GE Heale George 28 Labourer 706/1   Devon  
    Eliza 36          
GE Hill Richard Symons 39 Miner 739/3   Camborne, Cornwall  
    Rebecca Jane (James) 37          
    Amelia James 10          
    Mary Jane 7          
    Louisa inf          
GE Hooper James 30 Labourer 7771/1   Cornwall  
    Ann 26          
GE Hughes William 24 Plumber 792/1   Fifeshire  
    Mary 30          
    William 1         died at sea, Sept. 1st
    Isabella inf         died at sea, August 25th
GE Ivey Thomas 37 Smith 816/3   Gwenapp, Cornwall  
    Susanna (Moyle) 35          
    Thomas 14          
    John Henry 12          
    Susan Jane 6          
    Nanny 2          
    James 1         died at sea, Sept. 4th
GE Jack Thomas 32 Tailor 817/1   Edinburgh Buccleuch, Midlothian  
    Jessie (Orchardson) 32          
    John 5          
    Peter 1          
GE Jefferies Albert Atkins 24 Plumber 834/3   Cardiff, Glamorganshire  
    Elizabeth Charlotte (Jones) 22          
    Clarissa inf          
GE Johnson / Johnston Hugh 35 Labourer 848/3   Dumfries  
    Elizabeth (Daverland / Beaverland !) 29          
    Elizabeth 8         died at sea, Sept. 19th
    James 5          
    Christopher / Christiania ? 1          
GE Kemp James 35 Bootmaker 891/1   Plymouth ?, Devon  
    Agnes Elizabeth (Johns ?) 31          
    William 5          
    Benjamin 1          
GE Kemp Thomas 42 Labourer 891/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary 45          
    Thomas 15          
    John 11          
    Jane 9          
    William Henry 6          
GE Kemp Thomas 24 Miner 891/2   Helston, Cornwall  
    Caroline (Michell / Mitchell) 24          
    William Henry 3          
GE Kent Stephen 21 Labourer 899/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Wilmot (Watters) 21         Sarah Wilmot Watters ?
GE Lawrence James 22 Labourer -   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Johns) 25          
    Elizabeth 1          
GE Lewis Charles 38 Labourer -   Brecknock, Breconshire  
    Ann (Price) 29          
    Charlotte 10          
    Elizabeth 8          
    Eleanor 2          
    Leah inf          
GE Lloyd Joseph 22 Labourer 979/3   Brecknock, Breconshire  
    Elizabeth (Williams) 23          
    William John 1          
    Joseph inf          
AP Mathews William 25 Miner 1041/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Ann (Hocking) 24          
AP McHardie Hugh 31 Labourer 1069/1   Lanark with family | surname? McCreadie?
    Elizabeth 37          
RE McKay Robert 29 Labourer 1072/2   Ayrshire  
    Jane (Laverty) 27          
    Rose 1          
    James inf         born at sea
RE McLeod Donald 24 Agr. Labourer 1079/2   Inverness  
    Anne (McDonald ?) 24          
    Jane inf          
GE Michell / Mitchell Thomas 26 Miner 1102/3   Redruth, Cornwall to NSW
    Amelia Edmonds (Wales) 27         brother Thomas, below
    Elizabeth 1          
AP Mills Daniel n/a Labourer -   Oldham, Lancashire 1861 census, age 20
    Ann (Bradbury) n/a         1861 census, age 21
    James n/a         1861 census, age 1
    Lucy n/a          
GE Morris John 29 Labourer 1135/2   Southam, Warwickshire  
    Harriet (Hadland) 34          
    Elizabeth 7          
    Harriet 4          
    Agnes 1          
GE Morris William 23 Labourer 1136/1   Southam, Warwickshire  
    Jane (East) 23          
    Thomas 1         died at sea, August 23rd
GE Moyle Stephen 29 Labourer -   Helston, Cornwall  
    Annie Trevennan (Nicholas) 23          
GE Nicholas Richard 20 Miner 1181/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Tregenza) 18          
RE Nicholson Angus 40 Labourer 1185/3   Inverness  
    Margaret 40          
    Alexander 13          
    Nicholas 10          
    Donald 10          
    John 8          
    Angus 5          
GE Oates John 27 Miner 1216/2   Illogan, Cornwall  
    Caroline (Turner) 28          
    William J. 7          
GE Opie William 23 Miner 1221/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Anna (Tonkin) 23          
GE Pearson Thomas 25 Carpenter 1258/3   Surrey  
    Charlotte 25          
GE Phillips George 20 Miner 1278/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Kemp) 19          
    George inf          
GE Popham William Henry 31 Harness maker 1300/1   Stoke Damerel, Devonshire  
    Maria (Williams) 32          
RE Prisk William 29 Miner 1313/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Spargo) 29          
    William John 4          
    Thomas 3          
    Paul 1          
GE Richings George 22 Shepherd 1352/3   Cardiff, Glamorganshire  
    Maria (Whitter) 22          
    James inf          
GE Rogers John 36 Labourer 1378/3   Cornwall  
    Julia (Pearce ?) 29          
GE Rosemurgy James 36 Miner 1388/2   Illogan, Cornwall 1861 census spelling, Rosemergy
    Mary Stevens (Kent) 33         died at sea, October 16th
GE Shiels John 25 Tailor 1480/3   Dumfries  
    Ann 26          
GE Sleep Samuel 21 Miner 1498/3   Liskeard, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Pryor) 24          
GE Smith / Smyth Henry James 25 Labourer 1504/3   Bradford, Berkshire  
    Susannah (Love) 26          
GE Smith James 21 Tailor 1505/3   Lanark  
    Jane (Wilson ?) 21          
    William inf          
GE Taylor William George 21 Miner 1582/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Gilbert) 25          
    John inf          
GE Tindall / Tendall Thomas 25 Labourer -   Kent FreeBMD, registered, Ticehurst, Sussex
    Lucy (Pelling) 27          
    Martha Pelling 4          
GE Thomas William 25 Miner 1597/1   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 22          
GE Tonkin Alfred 25 Labourer 1610/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary (Barnes) 20          
GE Tresidder Henry 21 Labourer 1621/1   Helston, Cornwall  
    Eliza (Semmens) 21          
GE Tresidder Henry 44 Labourer -   Helston, Cornwall with family
    Alice 43         name, Mary ?
    William 12          
    John 10          
    Elizabeth 9          
    Mary 7          
GE Tucker William George 21 Labourer 1624/2   Somerset  
    Mary Ann (Price ?) 25          
GE Turner Abraham 24 Miner -   Redruth, Cornwall brother of Jonathan ?
    Sarah (Tamblyn) 22          
    Frederick 1          
GE Turner Jonathan Luke 27 Labourer 1631/2   Redruth, Cornwall brother of Abraham ?
    Sophia (Stephens / Stevens) 28          
    John 7          
    Mary 5          
    Bessie 2          
GE Wills Richard 23 Miner -   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Rebecca Bowden (Laity) 22          
GE Williams Henry Penberthy 44 Shoemaker 1717/1   Uny Lelant, Cornwall with family | 1861 census, age 44
    Elizabeth (Sampson ?) 44         1861 census, age 50
GE Wilton William Langworthy 35 Labourer -   St. Thomas, Devon  
    Mary Ann (Maunder) 36          
    William Henry 14          
    Edward Albert 10          
    Jessie 7          
    Jane A. 4          
    John inf          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Anderson John 19 Saddler 27/1   Lanark  
GE Andrew James 19 Miner 29/2   Redruth, Cornwall with parents
AP Barkley Samuel 20 Miner 74/2   Cornwall  
RE Barrett Anthony 21 Miner 81/2   Yorkshire  
GE Barter Edwin 20 Carpenter 85/2   Somerset  
GE Batchelor William 29 Gardener -   Middlesex  
AP Beatson Donald 39 Labourer -   Lancashire with daughters, below
GE Bone David 23 Smith -   Haddington  
GE Chapman Richard 24 Labourer 260/3   Cornwall  
GE Cling James 25 Carpenter 286/3   Cornwall  
GE Colmer Samuel 14   -   Chagford, Devon with parents
GE Colmer Thomas 12 child 303/3  
AP Cook William 26 Labourer -   Wiltshire  
GE Craven James 22 Labourer -   Aberdeen  
GE Crowe John 22 Miner 350/3   Cornwall Crowl, 351/2
GE Cunningham Thomas 23 Shoemaker 358/2   Lanark  
GE Davies Elias (Charles) 20 Smith 377/3   Monmouth  
GE Devlin George 16 Labourer 401/2   Dumfries  
GE Dumble James 20 Miner 436/1   Cornwall  
GE Earle William 18 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Edwards John 19 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Falconer John M. 28 Engineer 482/3   Lanark  
GE Finlayson David 20 Labourer 500/1   Inverness  
GE Flett Thomas 18 Labourer 512/2   Orkney  
GE Gibbs Walter 16 Porter 564/2   Warwick  
GE Gilbert Emanuel Francis 16 Labourer 566/3   Phillack, Cornwall with sister
GE Gilbert John 19 Labourer 567/1  
GE Gillies Charles 29 Farmer 572/3   Lanark  
GE Granger John 18 Baker -   Surrey / Shoreditch St Leonard, Middlesex with mother
GE Gregory Alfred 19 Labourer -   Monmouth  
GE Harris William Henry 23 Miner 681/3   Monmouth  
GE Henderson Frank 25 Harness Maker 718/1   Roxburgh  
RE Hodson William   Labourer 755/2   Lancashire  
GE Hugo John 21 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Humphries Francis / Frederick ? 30 Labourer -   Monmouth  
GE Hunt Nathaniel 29 Bricklayer 797/2   Warwick  
GE Jeffries Thomas 19 Labourer 835/3   Cornwall  
GE Jeffries William 20 Labourer 835/3   Cornwall  
AP Jerome John 19 Labourer 841/3   Wiltshire  
AP Johnstone William 24 Engineer 854/1   Lancashire  
RE Lacy John 24 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Lyon John 23 Labourer -   Renfrew  
GE Mann William 18 Mason 1012/1   Gloucester  
GE May George 27 Painter 1044/2   Middlesex  
GE McAnna John 22 Tailor 1048/2   Edinburgh  
GE McDougall Hugh 20 Labourer 1062/2   Renfrew with relative Emily, below ?
AP McHardie Andrew 16 Clerk -   Lanark with parents | surname? McCreadie?
AP McHardie James 17 Clerk -   Lanark
GE McLeod John 24 Painter 1079/3   Lanark  
GE McNeill Donald 26 Plate Layer -   Lanark  
AP Mellett James 24 Labourer 1092/1   Cornwall  
AP Menadue Alfred 24 Carrier 1093/2   Cornwall  
GE Nairn James Montgomery 22 Labourer 1162/3   Renfrew  
GE Nash Michael 20 Labourer 1165/3   Cork  
GE Oliver Charles 20 Mason 1219/2   Cornwall  
GE Oliver Peter 26 Shoemaker -   Aberdeen  
GE Parkhouse James 18 Groom 1239/2   Surrey  
GE Penhall Digory 19 Labourer 1265/1   Gwithian, Cornwall  
GE Perry John 24 Harness Maker 1270/3   Devon  
GE Price Thomas 19 Smith -   Monmouth  
GE Rankin / Rankine James 22 Engineer -   Dumfries  
RE Reilly Michael 21 Labourer -   Limerick  
AP Renfee Albert 19 Bootmaker 1344/3   Cornwall to Victoria
AP Roberts Thomas H. 24 Miner 1366/1   Cornwall  
GE Rodger James 24 Engineer 1374/3   Anderston, Glasgow Barony, Lanarkshire  
GE Rodger John M. 25 Sawyer    
GE Rodger William 22 Engineer    
RE Rull Alfred 22 Miner 1401/3   Cornwall  
GE Sandman William 21 Smith -   Fifeshire  
AP Selwood Richard 21 Miner 1463/1   Cornwall  
GE Sim James 29 Labourer -   Aberdeen  
GE Snarling Henry 19 Miner -   Monmouth  
RE Stanley Thomas 19 mason 1533/3   Galway  
GE Stephens William 21 Wright 1544/2   Cornwall  
GE Stirling Edward 22 Smith -   Devon  
GE Stirling Michael 20 Carpenter -   Devon  
GE Swearse James 17 Labourer 1567/3   Axbridge, Somerset  
GE Symes Charles 22 Labourer -   Monmouth  
GE Thomas Henry 20 Smith 1592/1   Cornwall  
AP Thomas John 18 Engineer 1594/2   Cornwall  
GE Thompson Robert 22 Labourer 1600/1   Lincoln  
GE Trelour William 17 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Tresise James 20 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Trevena John 22 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Turner Thomas 20 Labourer -   Redruth, Cornwall brother of Abraham and Jonathan ?
GE Uren John 23 Plumber -   Cornwall  
AP Vivian Joseph 25 Miner 1650/2   Cornwall  
AP Wales William Edmonds 19 Miner 1659/3   Redruth, Cornwall with sister, Amelia (Wales) Michell
GE Watts Edwin 25 Coachman -   Glamorgan  
GE Williams Thomas 16 Labourer -   Monmouth  
GE Williams Thomas L. 19 Miner -   Uny Lelant, Cornwall with parents
GE Williams William P. 21 Miner -  
GE Woolf Robert 19 Labourer -   Somerset  
Single Women & children
GE Wales Miss Charlotte 47 Matron     Middlesex  
GE Andrew Jane 22 Domestic Servant     Redruth, Cornwall with parents
GE Arthur Elizabeth A. 19 Servant     Cornwall  
AP Atkinson Constance 32 Servant     Somerset  
AP Beatson Eliza S. 18 Servant     Lancashire with father, Donald, above
AP Beatson Maria Theresa 16 Servant    
GE Brookman Jane 17 Farm Servant     Middlesex  
GE Butcher Mary 19 Servant     Hampshire  
GE Butler Mary 23 Servant     Cornwall  
AP Calder Margaret 12 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Devlin Margaret 34 Domestic Servant     Dumfries  
GE Earle Elizabeth 23 Domestic Servant 449/1   Cornwall  
GE Earle Mary 25 Domestic Servant 449/2   Cornwall  
GE Gibb Sarah A. 26 Domestic Servant     Warwick  
GE Gilbert Ann 22 Domestic Servant     Phillack, Cornwall with brothers
GE Giacomelli Margaret 20 Nurse     Middlesex  
GE Granger Ann 22 Servant 603/1   Surrey with mother
GE Granger Charlotte 17 Sewing machinist 603/1   Surrey
GE Hay Sarah A. 35 Domestic Servant     Renfrew  
GE Herne Mary 16 Farm Servant     Middlesex  
GE Hewson Margaret 19 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Hill Jael 27 Domestic Servant 738/3   High Ham, Somerset  
RE Hynes Catherine 23 Servant     Clare  
GE James Louisa 23 Domestic Servant     Cornwall  
GE James Mary 25 Domestic Servant     Cornwall  
RE James Rebecca 32 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Lewis Ann 15 Servant     Breconshire  
GE Lindsay Jane 19 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Matthews Sophia 23 Domestic Servant 1039/3   Breconshire  
GE McDougall Emily 10 child     Renfrew with relative Hugh, above ?
AP Mickean Anne 29 Servant     Essex  
GE Morgan Catherine 19 Servant     Monmouth  
GE Morley Ann 32 Domestic Servant     Cornwall  
RE Nicolson Maria 26 Servant     Inverness  
GE Reynolds Elizabeth 24 Kitchen maid     Cornwall  
GE Robertson Marion 23 Domestic Servant     Lanark  
GE Thompson Mary 33 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Tresidder Ann 15 Servant     Cornwall with father
GE Vincent Fanny 17 Farm Servant     Middlesex  
GE Were Catherine 22 Servant     Monmouth  
GE Williams Elizabeth P. 17 Servant     Uny Lelant, Cornwall with parents
GE Williams Honor 27 Servant    
GE Williamson Margaret 23 Servant     Edinburgh  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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