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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque August, 365 tons, Captain Joachim Meyer, from Hamburg 16th January 1855, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 9th May 1855 ... departed Adelaide 2nd June, arrived Melbourne 7th June ... departed Melbourne June 15th 1855, for Valparaiso with cargo of 20,000 bricks and one box sovereigns £1500.

The South Australian Register, Thursday May 10th 1855:—
Arrival: Wednesday May 9th, the barque August, 365 Tons, T. Meyer [sic], Master, from Hamburg January 16 1855
Passengers: Heinr. and Wilhelm Martens ; Carl Ed. Pichery ; G.P. Hamann ; Dietrich Mancke ; Sophia Mancke ; G.P. Hamann in the cabin.......
The Melbourne Age dated June 7th. August barque, 356 tons, Capt. T. Meyer [sic], from Hamburg, via Adelaide 2nd instant Passengers: Cabin Messrs. G.F.Hamann ; C. Wagener ; C.E. Pichere, Ships Surgeon, and ninety eight in the steerage.
The Argus, Melbourne, Friday 8 June 1855:— June 7. August, Hamburg barque, 358 tons, T. Meyer [sic], from Adelaide 2nd inst., with 93 passengers. Neubauss and Co., agents.
The August left Hamburg on the 17th of January, for Adelaide, at which place she left fifty immigrants and a large quantity of cargo. The remaining portion of the passengers are for Melbourne, and they consist of mechanics and farm laborers.
June 7.-August, from Adelaide 1 case ironware, Neubauss, Woolley and Co. ; 7 cases, 1 cask, 1 package corks, 1 case pocket knives, 1 case silk ware, 1 sample box, Kirchner, Sharp and Co. ; 4 cases hams, 4 tons hams, 7 cases shoeware, 25 cases beer, 1 case furniture, 1 ironmongery, 1 waggon, 3 cases smallware, H. Scherff and Co. ; 2 cases, Hopf and Wiedemann ; 1 case millinery &c. De Beer, Monar and Co. ; l8 boxes preserves, Unmack Bros. ; 43 cases fancy goods, Goldschmidt Bros. ; l8 cases paper ware , l case, 2 cases coffee, 1 case furniture, Marwedel, Buck and Co. ; 1 case leatherware, B. A. Boltenius ; 1 case wheat starch, 1 case cigars, 1 case apparel, Mrs. Carp ; 1 case furniture, F. Bohnsack ; 2 pianos, 17 packages crafts, 2 cases dolls' apparel, 1 case saddlery, 5 cases glassware, 8 cases furniture, to Order.
An index from the State Library South Australia (SLSA) shows that 106 German migrants should have been on the August, I have been able to find 156 as listed below. It's very hard to get an accurate number of migrants that landed in Adelaide with the conflict of numbers shown above.— Regards Robert.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide
BBI Brandenberg Index from Ancestry

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( )

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Cabin Passengers
Martens Heinrich n/a        
Martens Wilhelm n/a        
Pichery Carl Ed. n/a Ship Surgeon      
Wagener Edward n/a        
Mancke Dietrich n/a        
Mancke Sophia n/a        
Harmann G.P. n/a        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Baensch Johann Georg 44 Brickmaker - Deichow, Crossen Preussen BBI 54
  Anna Rosina (Yulike) 45        
  Johann Gottlieb 23        
  Johann Friedrich 21        
  Johanna Louise 16        
  Ernestine 14        
  Anna Rosina 11        
  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 9        
  Pauline Wilhelmine 5        
Diedrich Heinrich n/a Musician - Saltgitter Hannover  
  Johanna Christine n/a        
  August n/a        
Elmer Georg Valentine 30 Soap boiler 461/1 Frankfurt NAA 3184091
  Clara Wilhelmine Louise 24        
  Anna Christine 64 mother 461/1    
Feuerherdt Christoph Friedrich 25 Landmann 494/3 Carow Preussen NAA 3178435 | GMI
  Sophia (Neindorf) 23        
Heitzmann Johann Andreas 25 Landmann 715/2 Carow Preussen NAA 3186796 | GMI
  Marie Dorothy (Krueger) 20        
Klingberg Christian Benjamin 38 Landmann 923/1 Steinseiferdorf Preussen GMI
  Susanna Helena (Hilse) 34        
  Carl August 7        
  Carl Heinreich 5        
  Ernst Benjamin 3       NAA 38986
  Carl Reinhold 1       NAA 3183543
Mehlmann Otto n/a Merchant - Magdeburg Preussen  
  Maria n/a        
  child 7        
  Clara n/a        
  Carl inf        
Neindorf Georg 34 Landmann 1171/1 Carow Preussen NAA 3172068 | GMI
  Amelia (Senger) 31     Tuchheim Mecklenburg  
  Johann Georg 8       NAA 3183144
  Emilie n/a        
  August n/a        
Ross / Rossi Alexander n/a Landmann - Jugano Schweiz  
  Caroline n/a        
Schach Traugott Wilhelm 29 Miller - Lauken Preussen  
  Anna Rosina (Wiess) 40       (Wiese)
  Anna Elisabeth n/a mother      
  Pauline 2        
Schubert Edward 49 Shoemaker - Liegnitz Preussen  
  Caroline n/a        
  Paul n/a        
  Marie Henriette Louise Pauline 11       GMI
  Anna Marie Louise 10        
  Pauline 7        
  August 3        
Wedde Conradine n/a - - Salzgitter Hannover  
  Christine n/a        
  Johanne n/a        
  Friedericke n/a        
  Auguste n/a        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men & Women
Augustino Carlo Camuzzi   - 45/3 -  
Backer Christopher 26 Landmann 53/3 Carow Preussen  
Barberi Luigi   Landmann 72/1 Piemont Schweiz  
Basgagge Raptesto   Landmann 91/1 Bungio Schweiz  
Belatti Antonio   Landmann   Piemont Schweiz  
Belgia Luigi   Landmann   Lombardo Schweiz  
Beltramelli Andreas   Landmann   Ronco Schweiz  
Beltramelli Carlo   Merchant   Ronco Schweiz  
Beltramelli Giacomo   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Bette Carlo   Landmann   Ronco Schweiz  
Bolms Carl   Merchant   Seesen Braunschweig  
Breur Heinrich   Joiner   Freiburg Hannover  
Brill Conrad   Musician   -  
Brill Wilhelm   Landmann   Salzgitter Hannover  
Buttner Anna Dorothea   -   Deichow Preussem  
Buttner Dorette   -   Deichow Preussem  
Campana Carlo   Landmann   Calla Schweiz  
Camuzzi Carlo   Landmann   Bungio Schweiz  
Camuzzi Carlo   Landmann   Calla Schweiz  
Ceresa Giacomo   Landmann   Calla Schweiz  
Cipollini Pietro   Landmann   Lombardo Schweiz  
Crese Pietro   Landmann   Brione Schweiz  
Crevasi David   Landmann   Calla Schweiz Crevise
Del Matti Luigi   Landmann   Ronco Schweiz  
Dette Wilhelm   Landmann   Gebhardshagen  
Diedrich August   Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Diedrich Christian   Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Dienert Christiane   -   Saltgitter Hannover  
Dittmar Wilhelm Heinrich Christrian 25 Baker   Rotenburg Hannover  
Galli Fedele   -   Piemont Schweiz  
Gasser Haver   Landmann   Badie Schweiz  
Giutzelke Johann Andreas   Merchant   Ustad Schweden  
Habel Wilhelm Gottfried Alex. 28 Varnisher 633/2 Schonborn Preussen GMI
Hecke Ludwig   Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Hertz Ferd.   Shoemaker   Copenhagen Denmark  
Hay Johann   Landmann   Steinkirchen Hannover  
(T)amoli Giovanni   Landmann   Brione Schweiz  
Kopper Georg   Labourer 934/1 Rugen Preussen  
Lanfranconi Guiseppi   Labourer   Como Schweiz  
Lanfranconi Pascale   Labourer   Como Schweiz  
Markeine Elisabeth   -   Saltgitter Hannover  
Martin Marie   Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Martin Wilhelm   Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Matti Luisi Del.   Landmann   Ronco Schweiz  
Mendel Ferdinand   Farmer   Palwitz Preussen  
Mocettini Francesco   Labourer   Brione Schweiz  
Mocettini Guillette   Labourer   Brione Schweiz  
Molelino Antonio   Landmann 1124/3 Brione Schweiz  
Monettini Marco   Landmann 1127/2 Brione Schweiz  
Moresi Augustine   Labourer   Calla Schweiz  
Moresi Francisco   Labourer   Calla Schweiz  
Moresi Lorrazzo   Labourer   Calla Schweiz  
Nehlsen Johann Peter   Landmann   Altona Holstein  
Paroli Carlo   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Paroli Carlo   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Paroli Genari   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Paroli Giuseppe   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Petersen Jens   Landmann   Munkbronna Schlewig  
Ramm August   Landmann   Freiburg Hannover  
Reali Pietro   Landmann   Bungio Schweiz  
Reali Secundo   Landmann   Bungio Schweiz  
Reincke Caroline   -   Alfeld Hannover  
Reupcke Carl   Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Rusconi Giuseppe   Landmann   Brione Schweiz  
Schliemann Heinrich Lud.   Smith   Hamburg  
Schmidt Caroline   -   Saltgitter Hannover  
Siemers Marie   -   Hamburg  
Sievert August   Landmann   Carow Preussen  
Sorazzi Giovanni   Landmann   Ronco Schweiz  
Spigalia Anton   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Spigalia Antonio   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Spigalia David   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Spigalia Giovanni   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Spigalia Giovanni   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Spigalia Guiseppe   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Spigalia Vincez   Labourer   Ronco Schweiz  
Stenzel August 34 Smith   Lauken Preussen  
Verna Luigi   Landmann   Piemont Schweiz  
Vogt Gustava Christine Amelia 18 -   Wesselburen Holstein GMI | see Helene 1856
Waldt Heinrich Adolf 21 Carpenter   Holstein  
Weichmann Conradine   -   Saltgitter Hannover  
Weichmann Gebhardt   Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Weichmann Heinrich   Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Weichmann Rike   -   Saltgitter Hannover  
Wicht Christ. Fried.   Merchant   Hamburg  
Wolff Christiane   -   Saltgitter Hannover  
Wolff Wilhelmine   -   Saltgitter Hannover  
Additonal names from sources found, but I have been unable to confirm any details ....Robert
Baensch Anna Dor. n/a        
Baensch Anna Dor. n/a        
Caole Hanna n/a        
Crevise David n/a       see Crevasi above
Eltzen Julius n/a        
Lange Anna n/a        
Lange Martin n/a        
Lange Frederick n/a        
Lange Anna n/a        
Lange Martin n/a        
Pfitzner Carl n/a        

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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