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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Bee, 1,194 tons, Captain William Raisbeck, from Liverpool 2nd July 1858, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 9th October 1858

. . . . — 8th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1858 ; —6— births and —6— deaths on the passage ; Dr. William Gordon Gun, surgeon-superintendent.

In the Reports by the Emigration Officer, Dr. Duncan, there was often mention made in regard to Nominee's or General Emigrants ; the list below made a special effort to separate those into two lists, so, I have combined these but made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Nominee = N. — Robert
ship Bee South Australian Government Gazette 13th January 1859

The Ship Frenchman and every vessel since she arrived have brought a certain proportion of emigrants selected by Mr. Moorhouse, the emigration agent in London.
I can state strongly that the class of emigrants selected by that gentlemen are of a very superior description, when compared with those selected by the Commissioners. Mr. Moorhouse has completely disproven the assertion of the Commissioners that no really good domestic servants could be induced to emigrate. In the Melbourne alone there were 86 young women who, to all appearances, were exactly of the class in demand. The same remark refers equally to the single women forwarded by the Bee and the Confiance.
It has been found by experience that a particular inconvenience in England from the present system of requiring no deposit money from selected emigrants. When a ship is about to sail, and selected emigrants are summoned, it is found that nearly 25 per cent are defaulters. This is a serious inconvenience, making it necessary either to detain the ship till full number are procured from other sources , or to summon 25 per cent more than are required. If it happens for that turn to be no defaulters, the 25 per cent, in excess require to be supported at the expense of the colony till the next ship sails.
Mr. Moorhouse suggests that a deposit should be required on selection, which could be repaid on landing in the colony.
At present the labour market is in a very dull state, even for Agriculture labourers. If married, and with children, there is little demand. Single men who are accustomed to farming, and female domestic servants, find ready employment.

The proportion of emigrants from the three kingdoms during the last quarter are in the following decimal proportions:- England ………… .49,211 Ireland………….. .26,532 Scotland………. .24,255

I have the, &c….
H. Duncan M.D.
Immigration agent
The Honorable The Commissioner of crown land and immigration
from Lloyd's Register 1858
BEE - 1858
Master: Captain Raisbeck
Rigging: Ship; sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1856 ; partly fastened with iron bolts
Tonnage: 1,275 tons using old measurements and 1,352 tons using new measurements
Construction: 1853, Saint John, N.B., using Birch, Spruce, Tamarack & Pine
Owners: J. Miller
Port of registry: Newcastle
Port of survey: Liverpool
Voyage: sailed for Australia
The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 11 October 1858
The ship Bee, from Liverpool, arrived in our waters on Saturday, the 9th instant, having made her voyage in 98 days, although having very adverse winds to contend with throughout her progress. She reports leaving Liverpool on the 2nd July, and from her log we extract the following particulars of her voyage :—
Lost sight of land two days after taking her departure from port, with a strong gale from the westward, sighting the most north-westerly island of the Cape de Verd group (St. Antonio) on July 22nd, and did not fall in with the north-east trade winds until reaching the latitude (St. Antonio), during which the vessel ran the average speed of 280 miles in 24 hours. In lat. 12° N., lost the north-east trade, and fell in with the southerly monsoons, which invariably blew in this latitude during the months of August, September, and October. Captain Raisbeck reports them as veering during the period his ship was running them down from S. to S.W., and remarkably scant, driving his vessel far to the westward, fully 5° from the usual course, which is fully borne out by her report of having crossed the equator in longitude 31° 38' W. This transpired on July 29th, 27 days out. Shortly after sighting the Island or Fernando de Noranha, fell in with the S.E. trades, which were remarkably light and southerly, the course of the ship being parallel with the Brazilian coast, within 40 miles of land ; from thence to the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, which was reached on August 30th, occupied 20 days, and here experienced strong easterly winds for ten days, veering to the S.E., driving her northward. From the meridian of 100°, to reaching this port, 20 days have transpired.
The Bee is North American build, having been constructed at Boston, United States. [sic] This Vessel was inspected by Dr. Duncan on the day of her arrival, and towed up mto harbour yesterday, the 10th inst.
Vessels spoken by the ship Bee from Liverpool:— September 5th, latitude 41° 26' south longitude 31° 25' east, the French ship Ganges, from Bordeaux, bound to the Mauritius, out 63 days. Same day, the French barque Robert, of Marseilles, from Liverpool, bound to Melbourne. September 7th, in latitude 36°, longitude 42° 36 east, a large barque, flying Hamburg colors, steering south. September 28, in latitude 37° 4', south latitude, l18° 29' east longitude, signaled an English barque, supposed to be the Torefors, Janson, master, from London, bound to this port.
the South Australian Advertiser, Saturday 29th October 1859
EMIGRATION To the Editor of the Advertiser
I have in my service a Nurse-girl [Lydia Ann Kaye ?], who came out in the ship Bee, about 12 months ago. She came from Holmfirth, in Yorkshire ; there where 40 emigrants from the same place [Huddersfield], who all left together, and came out on the same ship (The Bee) ; they were selected by Mr. Moorhouse as being suitable for the colony. At the present time the nurse-girl above mentioned is the only one left in the colony out of 40 ; the rest have all gone off to Melbourne ; so at £15 per head, she has cost the colony £500.
I am sir &c.
Thomas Johnston, Hindley Street
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Clayfield, John 1 July 30th, 1858 Diarrhoea at sea
Borthwick, Agnes inf August 7th, 1858 Hydrocephalus at sea
Hall, Sarah M. 1 August 22nd, 1858 Convulsions at sea
Nicol, inf August 25th, 1858 Convulsions at sea
Shea, Bridget 1 September 16th, 1858 Inflammation Mesenteric gland, convulsions at sea
Clark, Mary 40 October 14th, 1858 Diarrhoea died in port
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Marshall, Jane   July 20th, 1858 male  
Nicol, Helen   July 20th, 1858 male  
Cameron, Flora   July 21st, 1858 female  
Glass, Ellen   August 5th, 1858 female  
Clark, Mary   August 22nd, 1858 female  
Barratt, Mary   August 23rd, 1858 male  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Barrett / Barratt John 26 Painter 81/3 Huddersfield, Yorkshire  
    Mary (McDonough) 24        
    Margaret Dyson n/a       ??
    male inf       born at sea, Aug. 23 1858
GE Battey / Batty / Battye Benjamin 26 Farm Labourer 97/1 Huddersfield, Yorkshire  
    Sarah 24        
    Charles Alfred 4        
    Mary Elizabeth 1        
GE Bethune William 28 Agr. Labourer 121/2 Lanark  
    Mary 29        
    Anne 2        
GE Borthwick John 22 Agr. Labourer 147/1 Edinburgh  
    Christian 27        
    Agnes inf       died at sea, Aug. 07 1858
GE Boyd John 42 ship Schoolmaster - Lanark  
    Elizabeth 42 ahip Matron      
GE Byrne James 44 Farm Labourer / Shoe Maker 220/1 Cheltenham, Gloucester with family
    Maria (Whitehead) 44        
    Rosetta 13        
    Alfred 11        
    Eleanor 8        
    Norman 4        
N Caire Nicholas John 46 Agr. Labourer / Hair Dresser 225/2 St. Peter Port, Guernsey with family
    Hannah M. (Cochrane) 45        
    Emily H. 11        
    John W. 8        
    Martha E. 7        
    Louisa 6        
    Alfred 3        
    Sophia inf        
N Calder William Cormack 31 Painter 226/1 Edinburgh  
    Anne (Lawson) 32        
    George 11        
    James 9        
    Jane 3        
    Mary Ann 1        
N Callaghan John 42 Labourer 227/1 Cork single parent
    William 29 Farm Labourer      
    Michael 19 Farm Labourer      
    Patrick 16 Farm Labourer      
    John 15 Farm Labourer      
    James 11        
    Catherine 7        
GE Cameron Allan 36 Ploughman 229/2 Lanark  
    Flora (McNab) 22        
    female inf       born at sea, July 21 1858
GE Cameron Donald 24 Agr. Labourer 229/3 Renfrew  
    Marion 23        
N Canny Michael 43 Smith 235/3 Clare with family
    Bridget (Quickley) 39        
    Catherine 16        
    Mary 14        
    Nicholas Reuben 7        
    Thomas 5        
    Samuel 3        
N Clark Alexander 50 Labourer 275/3 Old Machar, Aberdeen with family
    Mary 40       died at sea, Oct. 14 1858
    James 9        
    Margaret 6        
    female inf       born at sea, Aug. 22 1858
GE Clayfield John 28 Agr. Labourer 282/1 Stroud, Gloucester  
    Louisa (Wennicot !) 30        
    William 7        
    John 1       died at sea, July 30 1858
N Colgan Patrick 50 Labourer 298/2 Kings co. with family
    Teresa 47        
    Francis 8        
GE Crafter Charles 31 Agr. Labourer 336/3 Bromley, Kent  
    Harriet (Wells) 29        
    George 7        
    Charles 4        
    Marianne / Mary Ann 1        
GE Crawford James 38 Agr. Labourer 339/2 Lanark with family
    Margaret 37        
    Janet 8        
    Ann 6        
N Creanor John 45 Labourer 340/2 Kildare with family
    Etty 40        
    John 12        
    Thomas 8        
N Daley John 23 Farm Labourer 365/2 Clare  
    Catherine 23        
N Doherty Connor 25 Labourer 413/1 Tipperary  
    Mary 25        
    Mary inf        
N Doran John 30 Farm Labourer 420/3 Wicklow  
    Catherine (Neil) 34        
    James 9        
    John 7        
    Margaret 5        
    Mary Ann 3        
    Catherine 1        
GE Ferguson / Fergusson David 23 Ploughman 492/3 Ayrshire  
    Sarah 22        
    David inf        
GE Ferguson / Fergusson William 22 Shepherd - Ayrshire  
    Janet Irving (Blacklock) 21        
N Fitzgerald David 23 Labourer 504/2 Clare  
    Margaret 22        
    Margaret Hillery 4        
N Ford Matthew 38 Agr. Labourer 518/2 Dublin  
    Elizabeth (Clancy) 34        
    Ann 4        
    Mary inf        
GE Glass George 23 Baker 575/1 Stroud, Gloucester  
    Ellen (Blick) 27        
    George Edward 1        
    female inf       born at sea, Aug. 15 1858
N Hall James 29 Agr. Labourer 647/1 co. Down  
    Eliza 33        
    Ann J. 3        
    Sarah M. 1       died at sea, Aug, 22 1858
GE Harman James 32 Engineer 673/1 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
    Ann Eliza (Hambleton) 31        
    Charles Hambleton 3        
    James Pitcher 1        
GE Hepworth Charles 33 Engineer 723/3 Leeds, Yorkshire  
    Harriet 34       Hannah (Stead ?)
    Edwin Bennett 9        
    Henry 7        
    Charles 1        
GE Hiatt Joseph 34 Labourer 731/3 St. George Hanover Sq., Middlesex  
    Emily (Saunders) 32        
    Emma 3        
    Edwin inf        
GE Hossie William 40 Gardener 778/1 Renfrew  
    Mary 38        
    David 13        
    Mary A. 10        
    Jane 6        
GE Hunter John 26 Agr. Labourer 799/1 Edinburgh  
    Helen 25        
GE Mahood Edward 26 Farm Labourer 1003/1 Ayrshire  
    Margaret 25        
    Mary 5        
    Annie 2        
    Margaret inf        
N Mariner Austin 25 Labourer 1018/1 Clare with family
    Bridget (O'Loughlin) 20       with family
GE Marshall Thomas 35 Ploughman 1024/1 Ayrshire  
    Jane (Moffatt) 36        
    Alexander 13        
    Thomas 7        
    William 5        
    male inf       born at sea, July 20 1858
N McAuley Martin 32 Labourer 1049/3 Clare McAuliffe
    Mary (Mongevern) 30        
    Bridget 13        
    Patrick 10        
    Ellen 7        
    Mary 5        
    Michael 1        
N McCaughey John 21 Labourer 1054/3 Londonderry McCaughy
    Eliza Ann Martin          
GE McGaw John 22 Labourer 1065/3 Wigton  
    Elizabeth 19        
N McInnes Donald 37 Smith 1070/2 Lanark  
    Margaret 31        
    Flora 10        
    Christian 8        
    Mary 5        
    Michael 1        
N Milan Michael 42 Labourer 1105/3 Clare with family
    Johanna 37        
    James 13        
GE Moorhouse Christopher 34 Spinner - Huddersfield, Yorkshire  
    Fanny (Heap) 31        
    Sarah Jane 5        
    Elizabeth 4        
    Ellen Ann 1        
GE Nicol William 24 Agr. Labourer 1185/1 Edinburgh  
    Ellen / Helen 23        
    male inf       born & died at sea
N Pearce James 44 Agr. Labourer 1256/1 Dilwyn, Herefordshire with family
    Mary 43        
    Susanna 13        
    Eliza 11        
    John 8        
    Thomas 7        
    William 5        
    Louisa 1        
N Sellar William 64 Farm Labourer 1462/1 Battersea, Surrey with family
    Elizabeth Harris 54        
N Shea Michael 23 Labourer 1473/1 Clare  
    Ann 26        
    Bridget 1       died at sea, Sept. 16 1858
GE Sheldrick / Sheldrake James 34 Agr. Labourer 1475/3 Chesterton, Cambridge  
    Rebecca (Noble) 30        
    William 8        
    Sarah 5        
    Arthur James 1        
N Stevens / Stephens George Edgcomb 35 ships Carpenter 1545/3 Kent 1851 census, Stephens, living Rotherhithe, Surrey
    Esther Caroline (Terrey) 37        
    Esther 13        
    George James 11        
    Mary Ann Terrey 1        
N Terry Patrick 37 Labourer - Waterford with family
    Catherine 42        
    Thomas 10        
    James 8        
N Thomas Walter 22 Carpenter 1596/2 Shoreditch, Middlesex  
    Julia (Brehaut) 27        
GE Trotter James 30 Agr. Labourer - Fifeshire  
    Ellen 31        
N Ware George 40 Labourer 1673/2 Greenwich, Kent  
    Ann (Flinn ?) 43        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
N Armstrong James 23 Labourer   Cavan  
N Boyne John 24 Labourer 159/2 Wicklow  
GE Brendan William 19 Farm Labourer 170/2 Yorkshire  
N Brennan Edward 27 Labourer 170/2 Antrim  
GE Broadbent John 21 Shepherd 178/1 Yorkshire Broadhead
GE Byrne James 15 Butcher 220/1 Cheltenham, Gloucester with parents
N Caire Charles 17 Labourer 225/2 St. Peter Port, Guernsey with parents
N Caire Henry 15 Labourer 225/2 St. Peter Port, Guernsey with parents
N Caire Nicholas John 21 Tinsmith / Hair Dresser 225/2 St. Peter Port, Guernsey with parents
N Caly John 21 Labourer 228/3 Clare  
GE Campsie William H. 31 Farm Labourer 234/1 Renfrew  
N Canny Edmund 16 Labourer 235/2 Clare with parents
N Canny Michael 18 Smith 235/3 Clare with parents
N Carmody Patrick 26 Farm Labourer 239/3 Clare  
N Casey Thomas 20 Labourer 248/1 Clare  
N Clark John 18 Labourer 275/3 Old Machar, Aberdeen with parents
N Colgan Laurence 23 Agr. Labourer 298/2 Kings co. with parents
N Colgan James 17 Agr. Labourer 298/2 Kings co. with parents
N Conroy Denis 26 Labourer 309/1 Galway  
N Conroy Matthew 18 Labourer 309/1 Galway  
GE Crawford James 15 Farm Labourer 339/2 Lanark with parents
GE Crawford William 20 Farm Labourer 339/2 Lanark with parents
N Creanor Patrick 18 Domestic Servant 340/2 Kildare with parents
N Curran Peter 20 Groom 359/3 Wicklow  
GE Dawson William 23 Farm Labourer 387/3 Yorkshire  
GE Dickson Henry 27 Ploughman 403/3 Lanark  
N Divine Henry 17 Labourer - Tyrone  
N Divine Hugh 20 Labourer - Tyrone  
GE Dundas Peter 35 Agr. Labourer 437/3 Fifeshire  
GE Dyson Joseph 19 Groom 447/3 Yorkshire  
GE Ellis George 22 Weaver - Yorkshire  
GE Fitzgerald Thomas 14 Labourer 504/1 Cork with sister
N Flanagan Michael 20 Agr. Labourer 508/3 Clare  
N Flanigan James 23 Agr. Labourer 508/3 Kings co.  
GE Gardiner James 23 Farm Labourer 547/2 Renfrew  
N Gilfoyle William 18 Agr. Labourer 570/1 Tipperary  
N Gorman Malache 23 Agr. Labourer 594/2 Clare  
GE Graham Malcolm 25 Agr. Labourer 602/1 Renfrew  
GE Gray John 22 Farm Labourer 608/2 Lanark  
N Griffith John 50 Agr. Labourer 620/2 Antrim  
N Grogan James 23 Agr. Labourer 623/3 Kings co.  
N Grogan William 25 Agr. Labourer 623/3 Kings co.  
GE Gumley Francis 20 Labourer 628/3 Cavan  
N Haigh Samuel 24 Agr. Labourer 639/3 Yorkshire  
GE Hampshire John 21 Farm Labourer 659/2 Yorkshire  
N Hardy Henry G. 18 Carpenter 670/2 Middlesex  
N Harvey John 17 Agr. Labourer 690/3 Clare  
N Hassett Patrick 22 Agr. Labourer 694/2 Clare  
GE Hastie James 24 Ploughman 694/2 Linlithgow  
GE Hesie Robert 16 Farm Labourer - Kings co.  
N Hickey Miles 23 Agr. Labourer 732/1 Clare  
N Hillary Anthony 27 Agr. Labourer 742/1 Clare  
N Hogan Patrick 14 Agr. Labourer 759/3 Limerick with family
N Hough Patrick 20 Agr. Labourer 780/1 Limerick  
N Hough Thomas 23 Agr. Labourer 780/1 Limerick  
N Hourigan Patrick 26 Agr. Labourer 781/2 Clare  
GE Houston Henry Clark 19 Farm Labourer 781/3 Ayrshire  
GE Houston Robert 20 Agr. Labourer 781/3 Stirling  
GE Humphrys John 28 Labourer 793/3 Cavan  
N Hurst John 28 Labourer 802/1 Tyrone  
N Kelly Edward 18 Labourer 885/1 Clare  
N Kelly Michael 20 Labourer 887/3 Clare  
N Kelly Michael 16 Labourer 887/3 Clare  
N Kierce Francis 31 Labourer 882/3 Clare  
N Killeen Thomas 23 Agr. Labourer 907/1 Westmeath  
N Lahiff Edmund 27 Labourer - Clare  
N Lynch Patrick 27 Labourer - Clare  
N Maguire Martin 20 Labourer - Clare McGuire ?
N Mahon Martin 17 Farm Labourer 1002/2 Galway  
N Mahoney John 20 Labourer 1002/3 Cork  
N Mahoney Patrick 15 Labourer 1002/3 Cork  
N Malloy Patrick 19 Labourer 1007/1 Tipperary  
N McAuliffe Jeremiah 20 Labourer 1049/3 Clare  
N McInerney Thomas 24 Farm Labourer 1070/1 Clare  
GE McIntyre Robert 26 Farm Labourer - Dumbarton  
N McKearney Patrick 19 Farm Labourer - Clare  
GE McLean John 24 Farm Labourer - Caithness  
N McLeish John 20 Farm Labourer 1078/3 Londonderry  
N McMahon James 25 Labourer - Clare  
N McMahon Patrick 22 Labourer - Clare  
N McMahon Patrick 22 Labourer - Clare  
N McMahon Terrence 28 Farm Labourer - Clare  
N McMahon Thomas 19 Labourer - Clare  
N McNamee James 22 Farm Labourer - Westmeath with sister
GE Miels David 22 Labourer 1105/1 Wiltshire  
N Milan Michael 20 Labourer 1105/3 Clare with parents
N Milan Patrick 15 Labourer 1105/3 Clare with parents
N Moloney John 30 Labourer - Clare  
N Murphy Patrick 22 Labourer 1155/1 Tipperary  
N Murphy Patrick 32 Farm Labourer 1155/1 Clare  
GE Murray William 21 Mason 1158/2 Yorkshire  
N O' Loughlin Michael 25 Farm Labourer 1211/3 Clare with family
N O' Loughlin Patrick 16 Farm Labourer - Clare "
N O' Loughlin Patrick 24 Labourer - Clare "
N O'Neill Patrick 25 Labourer 1213/2 Kilkenny  
N O'Neill James 25 Labourer 1213/1 Londonderry  
N O'Neill John 24 Labourer 1213/1 Clare  
N O'Shaughnessy John 26 Labourer 1214/3 Limerick  
N Pearce James 17 Agr. Labourer 1256/1 Dilwyn, Herefordshire with parents
N Quin James 18 Agr. Labourer 1321/3 Clare  
N Shannon Patrick 26 Agr. Labourer 1469/1 Clare  
GE Smith John 22 Farm Labourer - Angus  
GE Smith Joseph 29 Farm Labourer - Yorkshire  
N Spellicy Michael 23 Agr. Labourer 1521/1 Clare  
GE Stevenson James 19 Farm Labourer 1547/1 Stirling  
N Terry Michael 15 Agr. Labourer - Waterford with parents
N Terry Patrick 20 Agr. Labourer - Waterford with parents
N Tierney John 30 Agr. Labourer - Clare with family
N Tuohy James 19 Agr. Labourer 1627/3 Galway  
N Tuohy James 30 Agr. Labourer 1627/3 Limerick  
N Williams John 30 Agr. Labourer - Clare  
GE Winpenny Mark 30 Farm Labourer 1732/1 Yorkshire  
Single Women & children
GE Agnes Ellen 23 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Alexander Jane 22 Domestic Servant   Renfrew  
GE Alexander Susanna 25 Domestic Servant   Ayrshire  
GE Allan Margaret 19 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Armstrong Eleanor 21 Domestic Servant   Cavan  
GE Barr Grace 19 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Bath Ann 20 Domestic Servant   Somerset  
GE Bell Marian 22 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Bennett Anne 18 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
GE Bennie Jane 19 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Birkhead Ellen 20 Domestic Servant   Yorkshire  
GE Bottle Elizabeth 25 Domestic Servant   Renfrew  
GE Brown Jessie 25 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Browne Mary Ann 20 Domestic Servant   Cavan  
N Burns Ellen 44 Domestic Servant   Cork  
N Burns Ellen 18 Domestic Servant   Cork  
GE Byrne Anna Maria 18 Domestic Servant 220/1 Cheltenham, Gloucester with parents
N Callaghan Ellen 17 Domestic Servant   Cork with family ?
N Casey Winifred 22 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
N Clark Catherine 22 Domestic Servant   Old Machar, Aberdeen with parents
GE Clark Catherine 30 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Connor Ann 21 Domestic Servant   Kildare  
N Connor Eliza Kate 1     Kildare  
N Connor William 3     Kildare  
GE Craig Mary Ann 19 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Cram Ann 20 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Daley Eleanor 21 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Daley Mary 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Dick Elizabeth 20 Domestic Servant   Ayrshire  
N Dohoney Margaret 19 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
N Donovan Mary 34 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Doolin Catherine 22 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Doolin Patrick inf     Clare  
GE Eeles Isabella 22 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
GE Farren Matilda 22 Domestic Servant   Gloucester  
GE Fawcett Susan 24 Housemaid   Middlesex  
GE Fitzgerald Margaret 22 Servant   Cork with brother
N Flanagan Jane 21 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Flanigan Mary 27 Domestic Servant   Westmeath  
GE Foreman Margaret 16 Cook   Middlesex  
GE Fullager Mary 23 Housemaid   Middlesex  
GE Ganning / Gunning Mary Ann 19 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Grant Margaret 18 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
N Hall Ann Jane 27 Domestic Servant   co. Down  
N Hall Cecilia 8     Wicklow  
N Hall Elizabeth 35 Domestic Servant   Wicklow  
N Hall Richard 6     Wicklow  
GE Hambleton Louisa 24 Housemaid   Middlesex  
N Harvey Mary Ann 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Hassett Sarah 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Hendry Margaret 28 Domestic Servant   Renfrew  
N Hogan Catherine 32 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
N Hogan Margaret 14 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
N Hogan Mary 24 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
N Hughes Theresa 28 Domestic Servant   Westmeath  
N Hurst Ann 25 Domestic Servant   Tyrone  
GE Hutton Mary Ann 27 Housemaid   Wigton  
GE Kaye Lydia Ann 22 Domestic Servant   Holmfirth, Yorkshire Wooldale
GE Keely Mary Ann 24 Cook / Housemaid   Middlesex  
GE Kemp Marian 23 Domestic Servant   Cavan  
GE Laird Fanny 22 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Lindsay Helen 24 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Mahon Bridget 21 Domestic Servant   Galway  
N Mahon Sarah 19 Domestic Servant   Galway  
N Mahoney Honora 18 Domestic Servant   Cork  
N Mahoney Mary 22 Domestic Servant   Cork  
GE Mahood Margaret 21 Domestic Servant   Ayrshire  
GE Malcolm Christian 21 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Mariner Ann 20 Domestic Servant   Clare with family
N McAuliffe Margaret 20 Domestic Servant   Cork  
N McAuliffe Margaret 16 Domestic Servant   Londonderry  
N McBride Ann 21 Domestic Servant   Monaghan  
GE McCathly Helen 21 Domestic Servant   Linlithgow  
N McClosky Mary 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N McCoughey Mary Ann 24 Domestic Servant   Galway  
GE McCrea Mary Ann 18 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE McDonald Ann 26 Domestic Servant   Inverness  
GE McDonald Christian 32 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N McInerney Honora 18 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE McKinlay Jane 28 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE McKissock Elizabeth 28 Domestic Servant   Ayrshire  
GE McLaren Agnes 20 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
N McMahon Bridget 19 Domestic Servant   Galway  
GE McNair Elizabeth 20 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N McNamee Julia 24 Domestic Servant   Westmeath with brother
N McQuillan Margaret 21 Domestic Servant   Monaghan  
N Meer Catherine 16 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Munro Alexandrina 20 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Murphy Alice 18 Domestic Servant   Londonderry  
N O'Brien Hannah 28 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N O'Loughlin Margaret 24 Domestic Servant   Clare with family
GE Parker Elizabeth 17 Domestic Servant   Renfrew  
GE Patterson Elizabeth 19 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Pearce Charlotte 15 Domestic Servant   Dilwyn, Herefordshire with parents
N Pearce Mary 16 Domestic Servant   Dilwyn, Herefordshire with parents
GE Penman Margaret 20 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
GE Piper Lucinda 18 Domestic Servant   Ayrshire  
GE Ramsey Elizabeth 29 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Riely Honor 15 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Rough Euphemia 23 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
N Sellar Anne 19 Domestic Servant 1462/1 Battersea, Surrey with parents
N Sellar Caroline 17 Domestic Servant 1462/1 Battersea, Surrey with parents
GE Terry Ann 23 Domestic Servant   Yorkshire  
N Terry Bridget n/a Domestic Servant   Waterford with parents
N Terry Ellen n/a Domestic Servant   Waterford with parents
N Terry Margaret n/a Domestic Servant   Waterford with parents
GE Thompson Janet 24 Domestic Servant   Yorkshire  
N Tierney Margaret n/a Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Walker Jennie 17 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Wall Honora n/a Dairy Maid   Clare  
GE Webb Louisa 21 Cook / Housemaid   Kent  
N Williams Catherine n/a Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Winpenny Mary 23 Domestic Servant   Lanark Yorkshire ?

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research) ; FreeBMD ; 1851 UK census'

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