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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Caesar Goddefroy, 700 / 626 tons, Captain J. Meyer, from Hamburg 5th October 1853, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 2nd January 1854 ... to Sydney N.S.W. 7th January, arrived January 24th 1854

The South Australian Register, Tuesday January 3rd 1854:—
Arrival: Monday January 2nd, the barque Caesar Goddefroy / Caesar Godeffroy, 700 tons, Meyer, Master from Hamburg the 3rd. October 1853.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 25 January 1854:—
Arrival: Tuesday January 24th Caesar Goddeffroy, Hamburg barque, 626 tons, Captain Meyer, from Hamburg October 5th, and Adelaide, January 7th. Passengers:- Messrs. Riegethuth, Weekhardt, Wolff, Fessefeld, Bogselmann (2), Hart, and Leibig (2). Haege, and Prell agent.
...Sydney passengers extracted from Mariners and ships in Australian Waters

Passengers for Adelaide 228 Germans, for Sydney, 14 Germans ... this = 242. An index from the State Library South Australia (SLSA) shows that 254 German migrants should have been on the Caesar Goddefroy, I have been able to find 237 as listed below.— Regards Robert.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide
BBI Brandenberg Index from Ancestry

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( )

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Altmann Gottlieb n/a Schmidt - Preussen  
  child 3        
Bahr Carl August Wilhelm 38 Miner - Clausthal  
  Je Eleonore Ernstine Emilie (Rehbock) 34        
  Ernst Georg Carl 9       NAA ? 1924118
  Caroline Friedke Mathilde 7        
  Juliane Caroline Friedke Wilhelmine 4        
Bock Johann Carl Friedrich 52 Miner - Andreasberg  
  Christiane Friederike (Bothe) 50        
  August Louis Wilhelm 26        
  Christiane Friedericke Charlotte 24        
  Elise Louise Friedericke 20        
  Carl August Bruno 17        
  Carl Wilhelm Johannes 4        
Boettcher Wilhelm 33 Shoemaker - Preussen GMI
  ? Henrietta Schulnk n/a        
  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 10       NAA 3186817
  Maria Friedricke Louise 8        
  child n/a        
  child 2        
Braune Christian n/a Landmann - Rogasen, Prussia NAA ? 1908475 | with sister
  Anna Dorothea (Palm) n/a        
  child 4        
  child 2        
Dietrich Johann David 36 Landmann - Preussen NAA 3176365
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Dohrenwendt Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 50 Publican 414/2 Altenau, Harts Mts. GMI
  Caroline Henriette (Gerig) 44        
  Johanne Henrietta Marie 20        
  Johanne Caroline Auguste 14        
  Johanne Caroline Anna 11        
  Henrietta Friederika Auguste Lina 7        
  Wilhelmine Friederike Louise Meta 5        
  Wilhelmine Friederike Emma 3        
Domasdor Christian n/a Landmann - Preussen  
  wife n/a        
  child 16        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child 5        
Grosser Carl Christhop Ludwig n/a Hatmaker - Mecklenburg  
  Christian Maria (Wieck) 40        
Heinicke Johann Friedrich Ludwig 33 Landmann 712/3 Preussen GMI
  Maria Dorothea (Elsholz) 29        
  Maria Wilhelmine Frederike 5        
  Johann Friedrich Albert 4        
  Johannes Friedrich Hermann inf        
Heinicke Andreas 26 Landmann 712/3 Preussen NAA 3172109 | GMI
  Dorothea Luise (Taege) 34        
  Andreas 10        
  Johann Friedrich Traugott n/a        
Jericho Johann Friedrich 28 Landmann 841/3 Magdeburg, Preussen NAA 3170737 | GMI
  Elizabeth Marie (Friesecke) 23        
  Johann Friedrich 2        
Kahl Joachim Heinrich 50 Wheelright 872/2 Mecklenburg NAA ?829328 | GMI
  Anna Charlotta Sophia (Dahlenburg) 42        
  Marie Elisabeth Henrika 15        
  Sophia Christiana Wilhelmine 13        
  Johann Heinrich Franz 10       died before 1855
  Johann Heinrich Carl 8       died before 1855
  Christiana Maria Elisabeth Henrika 4 twin     died before 1855
  Franz Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm 4 twin      
Konzack / Konzag Friedrich August 27 Landmann 933/2 Preussen  
  Christiane (Jurtz) 23        
Lange Johann Carl Christoph 29 Miner - Zellerfeldt  
  Je Sophie Henriette (Breitenbach) 24        
  J. Carl Wilhelm Louis 1        
Meier Johann Christoph Friedrich 58 Landmann 1010/3 Tuchheim Preusen  
  Maria Dorothea (Kabelitz) 49        
  Johann Friedrich 22        
  Christian 13        
Menz Friedrich Peter 39 Landmann 1095/2 Preussen NAA 506980 | to N.S.W.
  Elisabeth 49        
  Martin 29        
  Peter 24        
  Johann Friedrich 17        
  Johann George
Michalk Otto Karl Julius 32 Landmann - Liegnitz Silesia GMI
  Marie Rosalie Augusta (Rechner) 21        
Moller / Muller Johann August 30 - - Mecklenburg  
  Charlotte 29        
Moeschke Martin n/a - - Preussen  
  wife n/a        
  Friedrich 26        
Muller / Mueller Mrs. Johanne Henrietta (Kunstler) 43 widow - Clausthal  
  Ernst Wilhelm Ludwig 18        
Neumann Johann Wilhelm 31 Landmann 1174/3 Preussen BBI 53 | GMI
  Anna Dorothea (Noack) 38        
  Dorothea 12        
  Johann Gottlieb 10        
  Marie 3        
  Ernestine Auguste 1        
Pinne Heinrich August Friedrich Ludwig 36 Mach Supervisor - Schulenberg NAA 1564106 | to Victoria 1856
  Mrs Auguste Lies (widow Bruning) 32        
Bruning Freiderike 12        
Bruning Elisabeth 10        
Bruning Albert 8        
Bruning Alwina 6        
Pinne Julius 1        
Rzeszkowski Casimir 31 Cook 1414/3 Preussen SA 727
  Maria (Buddewicz) 35        
  Ignatz Arthur 3        
Schaepel Carl Ludwig 56 Landmann 1435/2 Schoenborn Brandenburg GMI
  Johanna Beate (Juerken) 53        
  Erdmann Ferdinand 16        
  Gustav Franz 14       NAA 4220
Schelle Friedrich n/a Landmann - Preussen  
  wife n/a        
  daughter 5        
Schmidt Christian Hans 29 Landmann - Mecklenburg NAA 506613
  wife n/a        
  child 5        
  child inf        
Schuncke Johann Carl Christian 33 Miner - Clausthal to Victoria
  Christiane Dorothea (Knaustler) 32        
  Carl Adolph Ludwig 5        
  Carl Heinrich August 2        
Stopp Heinrich August Ludwig 40 Miner SA 812 Clausthal  
  Johanne Juliane Louisa (Seidel) 31        
  Johanne Phillipina Maria 7        
  n/a 5        
  Johanna Christina 4        
  Auguste Julie 1        
Tomascha Friedrich n/a Landmann - Mecklenburg  
  wife n/a        
Unverzagt August n/a Bookbinder 1638/1 Preussen  
  Julie n/a        
Waltrowicz Mrs Anna Caroline (Gallasch) 50 widow 1670/1 Bentschen Preussen  
  Albert 20     Preussen NAA 1807578
  Alexander 18        
  Caroline 16        
  Antonia 15        
  Joseph 12        
  Franz 11        
  Michaline 8        
  Marianne 5        
Wedding Johann Christian 42 Landmann 1689/1 Tucheim, Brandenburg NAA 506921 | GMI
  Marie Frederike Sophie (Krause) 37        
  Sophie Friederike Louise 13        
  Johann Christian 8        
  Friedrich August 6        
Wedding Johann Carl 35 Landmann 1689/1 Tucheim, Brandenburg NAA 3176380 | GMI
  Maria Dorothea (Geue) 32        
  Johann Friedrich Carl 8        
  Maria Louise Dorothea 6        
  Maria Dorothea 4        
  Johann Friedrich 2        
Wiesemeyer Johann Christian 39 Superintendent Roadworks 1689/1 Clausthal NAA 3170918
  Johanne Friedericke Georgina (Stolze) 46        
  Heinrich Ludwig Eduard 11        
  Friederika Dorothea Henriette 9        
  Auguste Caroline Wilhelmine Elisabeth 7        
  Johann Christian Wilhelm 5        
  Heinrich Christian Friedrich 4   1708/3?    
  Caroline Friedrike Christiane Henriett 1        
Will Johann Joachim Friedrich 54 Shepherd - Mecklenburg NAA 3170979 | GMI
  Luise Magaretha Sophie (Dreier) 46        
  Friedrich Carl Johann 22   1714/1    
  Johan Ludwig Christop 22        
  Catherine Juliane Dorothea 19        
  Wilhelm Heinrich Carl 17        
  Carl Heinrich Joachim 15        
  Johann Heinrich Herman 12   1714/1    
Ziegeler August Friedrich 28 - 1760/1 Preussen GMI
  Marie Elisabeth (Neuendorf) 28        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men & Women
Ackers Johann   Cabin passenger     from Port Adelaide to Sydney
Arendtholdt Carl   Landmann   Hannover  
Basselmann Johann   Landmann   Hannover to Sydney
Bayens J.P.   Joiner   Holstein to Sydney
Bergmann Albert   Labourer   Hannover  
Bergmann Christoph   Labourer   Hannover  
Bergmann Friedrich Carl August   Labourer   Hannover  
Bengsohn Claus   Labourer   Hannover  
Biggelshuth Conrad   Schmidt   Hessian to Sydney
Block Andreas   Landmann   Preussen  
Bohrmann H.M.C.   Bookbinder   Holstein to Sydney
Bohrmann J.H.   Tailor   Holstein to Sydney
Bordajeivirz Veronica 23     Preussen  
Bormann Carl   Joiner   Holstein  
Braune Caroline Wilhelmine 18     Rogasen, Prussia with brother
Brinkman Carl August Wilhelm 18 Ore-sorter   Andreasberg  
Dreyer Johan Carl Friedreich   Brickmaker / Distiller   Mecklenburg  
Fifefield Carl   Merchant   Hamburg to Sydney
Fickel Johan George H.   Miner   Hannover  
Frauenfelder Heinrich   Schmidt 530/1 Zurich  
Frauenfelder Jacob   Shoemaker   Zurich  
Gayl Lorenz   Gardener   Frankfurt  
Geiger Martin   Landmann   Preussen  
Gelle Louise       Preussen  
Gothmann Carl   Baker   Mecklenburg  
Graudeke Barbara       Preussen  
Graudeke Maria 8     Preussen  
Grosse Christian   Engraver   Preussen  
Grosse Friedrich Carl   Cigar-maker   Preussen  
Hart H.C.F.   Joiner   Holstein to Sydney
Heinrich August 24 Mason   Preussen  
Hoffarber Hermann       Frankfurt  
Holland Carl Christian 18 Miner   Clausthal  
Holland Chr.   Miner   Hannover  
Hornoffer J.H. August   Miner   Hannover  
Hotzko Christian   -   Preussen  
Kallmeyer Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Conrad 18 Miner   Clausthal  
Kraft Ferdinand   Schmidt   Preussen  
Leunig Carl August Friedrich Wilhelm 15 Mechanic   Clausthal  
Leunig Georg Josua Carl 21 Ore-sorter   Clausthal  
Lenke / Linke Friedrich 18 Carpenter   Preussen parents aboard La Rochelle 1855
Liebeknecht Johann Heinrich Wilhelm 11     Lautenthal  
Liebig August   Butcher   Preussen to Sydney
Liebig B.       Preussen to Sydney
Liebmann Carl   Miller   Preussen  
Mangelsdorf Dorothea       Preussen  
Mangelsdorf George   Merchant   Hamburg  
Marthi Christian   Landmann   Schweiz  
Meier Eduard   Potter   Preussen  
Meinecke Hannchen       Mecklenburg  
Meinecke Julian       Mecklenburg  
Meinecke Marie       Mecklenburg  
Muller C. Wilhelm Ludwig   Miner   Hannover  
Muller J. Henrietta       Hannover  
Nagler Friedrich Carl August 35 Roadworker   Clausthal  
Neuendorf Wilhelm   Landmann   Preussen  
Nitschke Wilhelm   Tailor   Preussen  
Patermoster / Paternoster Louise 28     Zettlitz Preussen  
Racke August   Landmann   Preussen  
Rose Heinrich August Adolf 20 Roadworker   Lerbach  
Schapel Friedrich Wilhelm 29     Preussen  
Schmidt Beat 28 Landmann   Winterthur d Schweiz  
Schmidt Carl Friedrich Wilhelm 26 Landmann 1440/3 Danzig  
Schmidt Carl August Theodor 20 Ore-sorter   Zellerfeldt  
Schmidt Hermann 21 Labourer 1441/2? Winterthur d Schweiz  
Schmidt Peter   Landmann   Preussen  
Schlunke Johann Friedrich August 35 Landmann 1439/3? Preussen  
Severin Carl Farkim 22 Landmann 1485/1 Mecklenburg  
Spiller Albert   Bookbinder   Preussen  
Spiller Wilhelm   Baker   Preussen  
Thiele Carl   Tailor   Preussen  
Thiele Friedrich   Tailor   Preussen  
Tickel Georg H.   -   Hannover  
Tost Carl C.T.   Miner   Hannover  
Trenckner Wilhelm   Merchant   Hannover  
Vogelsang John Heinrich   Landmann   Mecklenburg  
Voigt Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 25 Landmann   Preussen  
Voss Catharina       Mecklenburg  
Wedding Marie Louise 27     Mecklenburg  
Weickhardt C.   Spinner   Hessian to Sydney
Wolff Johann   Wagonmaker   Preussen to Sydney

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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