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Passengers sailing between San Francisco & Sydney / and Sydney & San Francisco 1849-1851

extracted from The Shipping Gazette and Sydney general trade list; from the digitised version of the Sydney Shipping Gazette found at the National Library of Australia website. These lists name each person or family group on board without distinguishing between cabin or steerage passengers. The lists below are just a sampling of what is available on the digitalized SSG.

Most lists don't name the children, however, the Una list appears to name all family members. Some of the lists are in quasi-alphabetical order, which makes them easier to search, but always read the lists to the end. Some passengers appear to travel both ways (business?) where others (eg. aboard Una 212 passengers) seems to show quite a large number of Irish and Scots. Did they arrive in Sydney, only to re-embark for San Francisco ?

San Francisco to Sydney | Sydney to San Francisco

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) p. 353—Passengers to California:—Difficulties have occasionally arisen in consequence of persons getting away to California without the knowledge of those with whom they have been connected in business—or, in other words, bolting. This could scarcely occur if the parties interested were to pay a visit to the Water Police Court, and look after the clearances. Information will readily be given by the Officers of the Court and no person can escape from temporary difficulties in this way without detection, if he is looked after. The list of passengers by the Emerald Isle can be seen at the Water Police Office. (ship Emerald Isle, 501 tons, Captain Holt, sailed from Sydney for San Francisco 18th January 1851 with above 100 passengers [no published list])

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 6, Number 271 (26 May 1849) p. 140

barque Volunteer, 250 tons, Captain Wingfield
from Sydney 24th May 1849, for Auckland and California
for California
Mr. Gwynne Mr.& Mrs. Morris & daughter Mr.& Mrs. Smyth, two children and servant
Mr. Panton Mr. S. Herring Mr.& Mrs. King & two children
Mr. W. Jacques Mr.& Mrs. Miller Mr. John Panthen
Mr.& Mrs. J. McEvoy & child Mr. John Hickson Mr. W.B. Boyce
Mr. J.A. Barber Mr. J.P. Davis Mrs.& Miss Davis
Mr. A. Salamon Miss Harris Mr. A. Gosney
Mr. J. Pilgrim Mr. James Knight Mr. T. Campbell
Mr. T. Hayes junior Mr. John Adam Mr. James Adam
Mr. W. Henderson Mr. Cosgrove Mr. T. Long
Mr. M. Farrelly Mr. Kettlewell Mr. Gabriel
Mrs. Myers & son Mr. T. Hart Mr. T. Smith
Mr. J. Jones Mr. E. Garland Mr. Woodward
Mr. James Knight (duplication?) Mr. Campbell (duplication?) Captain Humphreys
Mr. P. Griffin Mr. R. Murray  
for Auckland
Miss Smithson Mrs. McCaul Mr. J. McLean
Mr.& Mrs. McSweeney & four children Mr. John Little Mr. Thompson and two children
Mr. Bank Mr. Hayes senior Mr. James Bradley
Mr.& Mrs. Elder & daughter    

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 6, Number 271 (26 May 1849) p. 140

barque Louisa, 307 tons, Captain Mailler
from Sydney, cleared 23rd May sailed 26th May 1849, for California
Mr. Blackenberg Mr. Suttor Mr. Bertleson
Mr. J.S. Lloyd Mr. Freer Mr. Turner
Mr. R. Orr Mr. J. Etheridge Mr. H. Atkinson
Mr. P. Power Mr.& Mrs. Bradsley & child Mr.& Mrs. James Johnson
Mr.& Mrs. G. King Mr.& Mrs. J.G. Cashman & child Mr.& Mrs. Thomas McKey
Mr.& Mrs. James McCaffrey & three children Mr.& Mrs. James Wilcox Mr.& Mrs. R. Bruce
Mr.& Mrs. A. Wilkie Mr.& Mrs. W. McKenna & three children Mr.& Mrs. C. Beaver
Messrs. W. Bennett A. Walsh S. Whittaker
S. Brock J. Roulston J. Green
M. Fitzpatrick G. Thew W. Grant
W. Scott G. Wilson T. Nester
T. Hughes T. Holt G. Bardwell
J. Stephens H. James C. Forster
Isaac Male T. McGee D. McLean
J. Jebo T. Armstrong T. Weigall
Charles Cooper Samuel Cooper P. Joyce
H. McCaffrey R. Redman J.C. Miller
H. Lee H. Strong D. McRae
E. Felton A. Mayo R. Collins
C. Ruxton W. McKenna  

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 6, Number 272 (2 June 1849) p. 148

brig Regia, 181 tons, Captain Johnson (see below)
from Sydney, cleared 1st June sailed 5th June 1849, for California

(additional passengers named, possibly boarded at Auckland or Honolulu)

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 303 (5 Jan. 1850) p. 2

Brig Regia, Port San Francisco, August 29, 1849

Captain Johnson—Sir,—We, now at the termination of our voyage, which although we at one time considered protracted, has nevertheless been more speedy and successful than that of any other vessel which preceded us, beg to express our sincere thanks for the kindness you have shown us thoughout, and the attention you have in every case paid to our wants. Although perhaps we are exceeding our bounds in making any remark with respect to the navigation of the vessel, we cannot omit mentioning the able manner in which, notwithstanding the dense fog by which we have been surrounded, and the very defective chart which you had to guide you, you have brought us safely into port. We heartily congratulate you on your safe arrival, and our best wishes for your future welfare and happiness, we beg to subscribe ourselves.

Yours very truely,

H.N. Greenwell, W.H. Wyatt, Charles Stenart, Wm. Smith, Thomas Kington, C.J. Tibbey jun., John Fairweather, Richard Day, George Howell, George W. Graham, Charles Pasfield, Henry A. Miller, M.W. Appleton, Wm. Phillips, J. Anderson, G. Carlenary, James Greenwood, H.E. Rowland & family, Michael Farrelly, C.E. Jones, F. Burnell Jones, A. Anderson, J. Robinson, H.D. Brown, Wm. Munro, William Hughes, Wm. L. Johnson, James Smith, R. Mathason

To the Passengers on board the Regia

Gentlemen,—It was with much pleasure that I last night received an address expressive of your congratulation on the termination of our voyage, and conveying your thanks for my kindness and attention during the passage. I beg to answer you that I feel highly gratified to find that my endeavours to promote your comfort have been so appreciated as to elicit such an agreeable mark of your esteem, and cannot but remark on our arrival in this much wished for harbour, that during many periods of our voyage your steadiness and excellent behavious called forth my admiration, and will, I trust, in the new world we have now reached, command the success and properity which you so well deserve.

Yours, &c.
R. Johnson

Mr. H.N. Greenwell Mr. W. Wyatt Mr.& Mrs. W.E. Rowland
Mr.& Mrs. R. Rowland & two Misses Rowland Messrs. C. Jones J. Anderson
M. Matthews W. Hughes A. Anderson
W. Anderson W. Munroe W. Phillips
C. Tibbey R. Day W. Anderson
J. Greenwood J. Johnson W. Smith
J. Smith J. Robinson G. Howell
F. Jones T. Kington [Mr.] Farrelly
[Mr.] Millar [Mr.] Mattheson [Mr.] Fairweather
[Mr.] Davidson    

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 306 (26 Jan. 1850) p. 26

schooner Esther, 54 tons, Captain Cooney
from Sydney 23rd January 1850, for San Francisco
Mr. J. Weir Mr. Thomas Fleming Mr. C. Furlong
Mr. Kennedy Mr. S.A. Bloomfield Mr. A. Elliott
Mr. J. Lloyd Mr. J. Bird Mr. John Pretty
Mr. Joseph Gardner Mr. P. Doyle Master Doyle
Mr. Matthew Kearne Mr. Henry McCade Mr. John White

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 306 (26 Jan. 1850) p. 26

barque Orator, 443 tons, Captain Tayt
from Sydney 23rd January 1850, for San Francisco
Mr.& Mrs. McVitie Mr. Cowper Dr. Nuttall
Master Wilmington R.C. Lawrie J. Dixon
C.A. Etherington & wife W. Platte Mr. Jordan, wife & two daughters
M. Graham T. Murray P. Fitzpatrick
J. Parslowe, wife, daughter & son R. Hogan R. Snoke
M. Prindible P. Clark C. Callaghan
W. Porter & wife B. Sellers & wife J. Nalty
T. Scott J. Williams & wife L. McPherson
C.R. Baker W. Keeler Elizabeth Wheeler
W. Crispin Charles Beckett, wife, son & daughter J. Burgess
M. Ward, wife & three children L. Anderson James Roach & wife
C. James, wife & daughter J. Elsley J. McMahon
H.R. and J. McRobert G.T. Harrex J. Richardson & wife
Catherine Farley Sarah Clark O. Carney
W. Connelly J. Reynolds G. and W. Mann
W. Clay W. Brain A. Tham & wife
T. Prince S. Shaw, wife & two children G. Shaw
J. Mitchell, wife, two daughters & three sons John Gorman, wife , daughter & son G. Bowler
M. O'Neill T. Munn W. Tighe
S. Wellham R. Moore H. Crane
W. Morgan W. Howitt J. Johnson
J. Conway George Hall J. Wakelin, wife & two children
J. McWalters, wife & daughter J. McDonald & wife J. Hall, wife, daughter & son
P. Speerin M. Devlin J. O'Boyle, wife & daughter
H. Rubey S. Brown J. Rook
P. Ford J. Heron & wife C. Joynte
H. Macky Miss Palmby T. Holmes, wife, three sons & one daughter
E. Cresswell J.J. Shea W.S. Manez
D. McMillan Bridget Green M. Russell & wife
T. Fox J. Lynch W. Green
J. Hurley & wife Catherine Tighe J. and Mary Boyne
P. Regan Catherine McCarty & two children M. O'Dea
Stephen Butts Charles Butts G. Pettit
G. Palmer C. Derragh A. Moreau
P. Sullivan H. Higgins A. Higgins & wife
J. Harrington S. Thompson & wife  

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 308 (09 Feb. 1850) p. 38

barque Reaper, 423 tons, Captain Rose
from Sydney 4th February 1850, for Auckland and California

Mr. G.C. Forbes Mr. J. Browne Mr. W. Moreton
Mrs. Jane Little Mr. J. Swindells Mr. H. Ewen
Mr. A. McGee Mr. J. How Mr. George Murray
Henry Lewis Paul Caruthers Joseph Rutter
William Chambers & wife & son Thomas Lewis Charles Harrison
Valentine Innes J.S. Sullivan Charles Smith
T.S. Farnell Bernard Thompson John Tallant
James Tallant John Innes Manuel Jose Sylva
Thomas Mackie George Allen Andrew Weir
Jmaes Weir Samuel Blott & wife Mrs. Pearson
Mrs. Phillips & child J. Raphael (Bowden ?) Joseph Bowden
Andrew Bowden James Bowden Eliza Marshall
J.C. Rutter W. Marshall 4 aborginal natives

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 308 (09 Feb. 1850) pp. 38-39

ship Harmony, 520 tons, Captain Papps
from Sydney 7th February 1850, for San Francisco
Mr. S. McWalters Mr. F. Mitchell Mr. F. Watkins
Dr. Wilson Mr. W. Osborne Mr. W. Sinclair
Alexander Gillan Miss Courtenay Mr. J. Jennings
Mrs. Jennings & three children Mr. J.I. Kettle Miss Sullivan
Mrs. Jamieson & three children Mrs. Papps & four children John Goodyer & wife & two daughters & son
Edward Hymes William Benson & wife Joseph Froggart
Thomas Hunter William Hunter Michael Wallace
Robert Power & wife & son Mary Jane Lewis Joseph Hebbson
Paul McDonough William Haslett William Williamson (1st)
Jeremiah Newnan & wife (Newman?) George Stacy John Prosper
James Stewart & wife & son John Davis & wife & child Jeremiah O'Neil & wife & two daughters & son
James Bennet Frances McDonough Charles Falconer
D.W.T. Galliott James Nagle Jeremiah Harnett
William Piper Thomas Lloyd J.P. Wolmersley (Womersley)
Martin Gleeson William Williamson (2nd) W.M.J. Ryan
John Kennedy James David McCorbett James Davis
Patrick Kelly William Monroe & wife & child John Fox
Thomas Railly & wife (Reilly?) Hugh White John Freeman
Thomas Keegan & wife & son Thomas Donohoe Thomas Hanley
Cormick Smith John Lucas Alfred Shean & wife & two children
Daniel Sullivan William Williamson (3rd) Alexander Davidson
James Meadowcroft Frederick Britcher Thomas Rice
Robert White & wife John Yard Simeon Napper
Henry Stirling James Stirling Alexander Stirling
John Houringan & wife & son & daughter Ezekiel Scott William Halley
Robert Speaight Thomas G. Jerrod Daniel Jackson
James Cotter John Drain Matthew Coleman
Michael Carroll Thomas Newman John McMaster
Nathan Hollingworth Joseph Dorman Pierce Butler
Thomas Aaron Peter Taylor Thomas Farrier & wife
Lambert Wood John Wilson Creesy Broderick
William Broderick Robert Anderson Robert Swaithwaite & wife & son
Henry Brown Isaac Raphael John Henry Daniel Lenehan
Peter McLaughlin David Grear John Stoker
John Stoker George Blakey John Broom
George B. Peate Edward Smith John Lamber
Thomas Baird Alexander Morrison & wife John Mooney
John Maddon Alexander White William Anderson & wife
William Taylor James Suffraea D.D. McBride & wife & daughter
John Kaine Thomas Corthress William Allarton
Albert Doeg Peter Magin H.S. Hayes & wife & seven sons & three daughters
Edward Short Timothy Quinlan John Robinson
Dennis Hayes Thomas Hall Lawrence Nowlan & wife & three sons
James Brown Joseph Smart Henry Trickett
John Robinson Thomas Jones Edwin Froome
George Rhodes George Odgers John McNichol & wife & two children
Richard Beecher John Beecher John Bagster & wife & child
William Welsh John Neale John Mullen & wife & daughter
Edward Mora & wife John Cornelius Thompson John Cockerel
Mary Hunter Margaret Hardnett Emma Womersley (Wolmersley)

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 310 (23 Feb. 1850)

barque Ralph Bernal, 315 tons, Captain McLaren
from Sydney 17th February 1850, for San Francisco
Mrs. McLaren Mr. James Cameron Mr. J.M. Neibel
Captain John Broomfield Mr. John Young Mr. S. Cutler
Captain Bunker Mrs. Fuchs Mr. Nyle
Mr. T. Crispp Mr. W. Crispp Mr. W. Thomas
John Temple J.L. McCalie John Fox
Fergus McMahon James Wilson John Montgomery & wife
Edward Murphy & wife Patrick Doughty John Byrnes
Joseph Nicholson W. Clarke Henry Smith
Kenneth McLean, wife & three children John, Ronald, Flora and Mary McDonald Michael Cox
William Whittenburg & wife David Warnock & wife Mary Bolan
William Cotton Josiah Gray John Herring
Samuel Johnson James Davies Thomas Carlan & son
Matthew Whitby William Palmer T.C. Waddle
A. McLean John Hutchinson Patrick Barrow & wife
James Field John and William O'Neil Thomas Burns
Peter Grant James and Patrick Kerioni [?] Martin Knaresborough
Patrick King John Hogan Herbert Tromer
James O'Hard James Earingey John Fell
Thomas Culbert & wife Thomas Abdey James Brown
Peter Hoffman George Goodwin Mrs. Cook
Henry Wissman John Styles John Lowe
Samuel James Joseph Bennett Timothy Murphy
John Burn John Bradley John McManus & wife
Samuel Ridgeway Arthur Edwards, wife & child Ralph Davies & wife
Charles Armis & wife Nicholas Smith & wife John Hood
James Mayter Thomas Taylor Vincent Milatovitch
James Rusten Edward Terry Wilson Henry Axon, wife & child
Edward Dockril & wife William Hunt Ellen M. Ireland
Patrick McManus John Arthur Joseph Davis
William Winstanley    

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 311 (2 March 1850) p. 62

barque William and Mary, 536 tons, Captain Peters
from Sydney 27th February 1850, for San Francisco
Mr.& Mrs. Israel Solomon & seven children Mr. Henry Jacob Mr. Richard Larrett
Mr.& Mrs. John Hulle & three children Mr. J. Clarey Mrs. Knox & child
Miss Dickenson Thomas Atkinson M. Archibald
John Adams John Anderson, wife & six children John Atkinson
William Brogda William Browne, wife & three children Patrick and James Breen & two children
Nicholas Brady, wife & six children Patrick Barnes, wife & three children George Butler & wife
John Bourke, wife & three children Jacob Basin Charles Brown
John Donald Beatson & wife Thomas Boxhall & wife John James Barton, wife & child
Robert Baker John and Charles Beatson Benjamin Bryant & wife
Joseph Brown Samuel Baxter Johanna Croagh
Thomas Connolly William Carter & wife Isaac Cooper
Alexander Corbett James Currie Henry Coyne
Timothy Connor & wife Thomas Carew Michael Cooney
Eliza Jane Macdonald Mr. Davies & wife Stephen Davies
Laurence Davidson Michael Dunn & child Alexander Douglas
John and Joseph Dunbar * John and Michael Dunn & child John Dodds
James Doyle George Elliott John Henry Fedden & wife
James Foster Joseph Francis Alexander Forbes
John Freeman Alexander Fury Michael and Patrick Galvin
Thomas Gilroy Thomas George William Grace
Sarah Harris Thomas Hughes John Hennessy
John Hennessy junior & child Bartholomew Hatier James Harris
Richard Hicks & wife Richard Henden Edmund Hickey
Michael Hayes William Jenkins Joseph James
Joseph Jager & wife Christopher James Francis Henry Jermain
John Jackson Miss Eliza Jackson & two children Joseph Somers
[Mr.] Jager George Keane & wife John and Ellen Keane & child
Martin Keefe Mrs. Keller & three children William Kent
James Kellien Henry Keek / Keck / Keok junior James Keighan
George Lees John Lynam, wife & two children John McConnell
Thomas Meals * David Maloney Patrick Sheady Macnamara
Mathew Maloney John Macpherson Mrs. Frances McLeod & child
Mrs. Jane McCarthy & five children two Mrs. Mitchell & three children James Macnamara & wife
William Manning Charles Cornelius Mowbray John McCatley
George Mulnice Thomas McGrohy John Macdonald
Thomas McKale, wife & child John and James Mackell James McKale & wife
James McClemand Richard Maher & wife Mrs. Jane Maloney
John Melville Richard Nagle John Pointer
Richard Plunkett Thomas Pendergrast & wife Thomas Plunkett, wife & five children
James Quin Terence Rilley Michael Ryan
Henry Reid Cornelius Ryan, wife & three children Laurence Roache
James Rocks & wife * James Russell Thomas Ryan & wife
Richard Roebuck John Stewart Samuel Schofield
John Sellings Maurice Scanlan & wife Michael Scanlan
Edwin Stace James Salt & wife Mrs. Sarah Swan
John Stapleton Thomas Skinner George Sowerby
James Toole Samuel Taylor James Tansley
J. Turner William P. Wall, wife & six children John Woddington
John Williamson & wife Michael Walsh John Wood
Joseph Wassin John Woodcock William Williamson
Mathew McEweny Henry Wait  

*John and Joseph Dunbar, James Rocks & wife and Thomas Meal(s) (with wife) may have returned to Sydney on the Henry Harbeck on 9th January 1851 (see below)

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 316 (6 April 1850)

ship Una, 793 tons, Captain Causzar
from Sydney, cleared 3rd April sailed 7th April 1850, for San Francisco
Mr. William Tredwen, surgeon Alfred Hearn Thomas Armstrong
James Henry Olliff John Morris Mrs. Maria J. Morris
Miss Margaret Morris Miss Maria Morris Miss Theresa Morris
Mrs. Shaw Mrs. Elizabeth Bunnacle Mr. Augustus Olbrecht
Mrs. Charlotte Olbrecht Master Augustus Olbrecht Miss Grace Olbrecht
Mr. James Harrison Mrs. Harrison Mr. James Thompson
Miss Harrison Captain Robert Hosking Mr. H.C. Fretz
Mrs. Fretz Miss E.T. Fretz Miss Ann Fretz
Mr. Johnson Mrs. Cooper John Boyd
William Burgiss Thomas Bennett Ann Brown
Robert Brand W.G. Burgiss Tristram Bowd
Edward P. Bedwell Thirza Bedwell Hugh Bannan
Martin Bateman William Bridges Tristram Baxter
Michael Cunningham Martha Clist James R. Carter
Thomas Cunningham Hugh Cameron Patrick Casey
William Clay Margaret Clay John Canty
Patrick Corcoran Daniel Doyle Jane Dynan
Ann Daly Francis R. de Ligny John Downing
Patrick Doyle Mary Doyle Esther Doyle
Mary Ann Doyle Peter Doyle Ann Doyle
John Dyer Michael Doherty Patrick Floyd
Thomas Filmer Patrick Foley Patrick Gilligan
Maria Gilligan John Griffin Edward Hamlin
Jane Heckenberg Theodore Heckenberg Bartholomew Hoare
James Hewston James Holmes William Harley
Edmund Hayes Catherine Horn John Kinsley
Edmund Kinsley Michael Kett John Loveday
John Love Mary Lancaster Alfred Lakeman
John Levitt John Lockhart John Lindsay
Cornelius Leahy Ellen Leahy Ellen Leahy junior
James Mulhare Patrick Mullen William Moulder
William McGrogan James McCue Patrick Mulligan
Robert Mulligan Thomas Meligan Elizabeth Mooney
John McKinnon Thomas Michael Thomas McCage
James McGuire Thomas Nance Michael Mulcahy
Johanna Mulcahy James McKinnon Jeremiah Murphy
Michael McMahon Esther McHinnon (McKinnon ?) William Pattison
John Price William Pemberton Hannah Pemberton
Richard Pemberton Ellen Pemberton William Pemberton
John Quigley Edward Rawlins William Reid
John Roache Hutchinson Reeson James Raven
Mary Raven George Scott Elizabeth Scott
Robert Spencer Michael Shelby Margaret Shelby
Henry Snell Timothy Sullivan Benjamin Sullivan
William Snodgrass Mary Ann Savory Mary Ann Savory
William Stewart Anthony Thorply John Taylor
Henry Terry Thomas Varney William Wood
James C. Warden William Williams James Wright
Bridget Wright Margaret Wright Roger Wright
Thomas Wright Joseph Windred Mary Windred
Abraham Watson Charles Frederick Wright Alexander Bond
Henry Burton Thomas Callaghan Henry T. Holbrook
Martha Holbrook Margaret Holbrook Margaret Dunn
Laurence Dunn William Dunn Cornelius Dunn
John Dunn Esther Dunn Michael Dunn
John McGowan Mary McGowan John P. Malveny
Ellen O'Melveny James Watts Henry Horn
David Bow Michael O'Brien John Ross
Lydiatt Ashley Catherine Ashley Edward Lewell
Thomas McCauley Henry Hughes William Handcock
Eliza Handcock Thomas Handcock Elizabeth Handcock
William Handcock Richard Handcock William McDowell
George Bateman Michael Murphy James Robinson
Thomas Woods James Potter Jerald Cullen
George Hall Agnes Hall Ann Leary
Emanuel Wolfe Jacob Myers Charles Munro
Michael Lynch Andrew McMann Angus Kennedy
Walter Renwick Donald McDonald Samuel Renwick
Angus McGillivray Michael Connor Elizabeth Barry
James Doran Ellen Doran Mary Doran
Catherine Doran John Doran  

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) pp. 350, 355

barque Emma, 295 tons, Captain Devlin
from San Francisco 23rd November 1850, arrived Sydney 7th January 1851

The Emma:— Captain Devlin has kindly favoured us with the following interesting account of this vessel's passage:— The above vessel sailed from the anchorage on the 23rd November, 1850, and has made the passage over in forty-five days, and from land to land in thirty-seven days, having been beating off a lee shore the first seven days after leaving the port, with gales veering between south-west and west-south-west, and a mountainous sea from the westward. She ran from the land to the Line in sixteen days, which she crossed in 156'50 west, carrying strong winds the whole time between north-east and east, passed seventy miles to the eastward of the Navigator group, and within one mile of the island of Vavau ; sighted Turtle Island, and carried moderate winds between north-east and east-north-east to the extreme of the Southern Tropic, when I experienced a series of moderate gales between west-north-west and north-west, accompanied with much thunder, lightning and rain. Barometer receded to 29'40 and stood so for six days in continuance. Sighted Lord Howe's Island on the 1st January, and experienced light south-west winds and fine weather for several days. On the 4th had a strong southerly gale, which lasted eighteen hours, when the wind became light at south-east to east, with fine weather, until I made land yesterday of Newcastle. Made the run for the meridian of Sandwich Islands to Sydney Heads in twenty-seven days.
Mr. E.H. Hargraves Mr. Frederick Lockyer Mr. Frederick Shrove
Mr. J. Walford Master Anderson Mr. Sloman
Mr.& Mrs. Leaner Mr.& Mrs. Simmons Miss Simmons
Mr.& Mrs. Ridgley & son Mr. Mullair Mr. O'Neil
Mr. Slatterie Mr. Quark Mr. Moore
Mr. Carr Mr. Nowlan Mr. Thompson
Mr. McMichael Mr.& Mrs. Otto Mr.& Mrs. Williamson
Mr. Goaney Mr. White Mr. Brown
Mr. Jamieson Mr. Cunningham Mr. Cowper
Mr. Simpson Mr. McCullory Mr. Munn
Master Munn Mr. Osmend Mr. Glenwright
Mr. Sullivan Mr. Ritchie Mr.& Mrs. Sells
Mr. Wilkinson Mr. Nairn Mr. Devine
Mr. Moreton Mr. Paton Master Paton
Mr. McCabe Mr. McPherson Mr. Bird
George Latimor George Dent Levey van den Brey
George Rawson James Phillipson Thomas Lead
William Kinchels Philip Lorrison Malek Adel
Owen Pearson John Tysson James Tye
William Smith James Hogan Stephen King
James Byrnes Adolphus McMichan  

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) pp. 350, 355

ship Harmony, 529 tons, Captain Papps
from San Francisco 13th October, Honolulu 18th November 1850, arrived Sydney 9th January 1851

The Harmony met with very bad weather during the whole passage ; she is out fifty-two days from Honolulu.
Mr. J. G. Petit Mr. C. Tonnor Mr. William Russell
Mr. Thomas Jaffrey Thomas Capper William Dogherty & son
James Tansley Henry Tackett Joseph Burton
John Ledingham Thomas Gray Thomas Williams
Henry Miller B. Hickson A. Richardson
Thomas Madagan John Brennan William Merritt
Colin Munro Mr.& Mrs. Hazlett & four children John Fox
James Ryan    

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) p. 350

US barque Henry Harbeck, 398 tons, Captain Merwin
from San Francisco 20th November 1850, arrived Sydney 9th January 1851
Mr. James Clinton Mr. Parkinson Mr. A. White
Mr. J. Berry Mr. John Millar Mr. George Gardnor
James Harris Thomas King S. Graham
W.L. Brooks & wife John Hickson M. Comerford
B. Hayer David Pollock John Murry
Edward Gundy Mathew Kerns Frederick Lawson
Joseph Wasson John Dunbar Alexander Funny
Alexander Forbes Joseph Dunbar Timothy Forsett
Andrew Anderson James Pasco C. Shea & wife
John Shehan, wife & child Thomas Paterson & wife George McAlpin
David McGregor William McGregor David Etherington
William Thornton Henry Palmer James Shea
Michael Madegan John N. Henry Charles Hopper
George Bradley Richard Gray James Koogan / Keegan / Kocgan
Peter McLaughlin James Rocks & wife Thomas Meal & wife
William Green & wife Henry Walsh Michael Kett
William Taylor James Long Patrick Sullivan
William Fannington James Breen B. Breen
Catherine Breen    


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