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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Dunkeld, 699 tons, Captain Thomas Dennett, from London 16th June 1873, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 10th October 1873

The South Australian Register, Saturday 11 October 1873 p. 4

Shipping Intelligence.

ARRIVED. Friday, October 10.— DUNKELD, ship, 699 tons, Thomas Dennett, master, from London June 16. Philip Levi and Co., Town and Port, agents.
Passengers —Mr. A. L. Mann ; Edgar, Fred, Ellie, Kate, and A.F. Main, in the cabin.
Assisted passengers— Jacob, Harriet, Mary, Jacob, Thomas, Kate, and Arthur Bryant ; Bridget Brodie ; Jamas Crabby ; Thomas Fitzgerald ; W.H. Roscrow ; T.R. and Eliza Sampson ; Michael, Bridget, Susan, Michael, Martin, and Bridget Malone ; Mary, Aaron, and Thomas Williams.

. . . . — 3rd ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1873 ; —0— births and —-0— deaths on the passage ; —?, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, CPCH = Colonial Passage Certificate Holders ; CFPCH = Colonial Full Paid Passage Holders ; UKA = United Kingdom Assisted Passage regulation ; UKFPPR = United Kingdom Full Paid Passage regulation ; FP = Free Passage. — Robert

DUNKELD, from London— 1,851 deals, 814 bars, 1 boiler, 1 ash-pan, 3 pairs wheels and axles, 1 parcel samples, 9 cases acids, 2,500 airbricks, I bin, 15 trunks, 1 tierce, 2 crates, 15tanks, 1 barrel, 1 pkg., 100 qr.-casks, 336 boxes, 6 drums, 500 bags, 118 casks, 1,206 bdls.,87 bales, 974 cases.
Per Dunkeld, from London —
For Good, Toms, and Co.— 35 pkgs. Drapery and 1 parcel samples.
For Peter Cumming and Son —1 case prizes and pictures for subscribers to Art-Union of Glasgow.
For G. and K. Wills and Co.— 60 cases, 18 bales, 2 casks.
For D. and W. Murray— 115 pkgs. 
For Jas. Ballantyne (Port Adelaide) — 1 case quilts and quiltings, I case cloths and tweeds, 1case haberdashery, 1 case muslins and silks.
For Jas. Scott and Sons — 35 bdls. pipes, 10 cases bedsteads, 20 casks, 53 cases, and 192 pkgs. hardware. 
For T. Johnson — 37 trunks, 2 cases, 1 trunk samples.
For J. Webster and Co.— 15 bales, 15 tanks. 
For A. Dowie — 65 trunks boots and shoes. 
For S. Marshall— 4 cases. 
For J. Wittkowski— 3 cases. 
For G. and W. Shierlaw — 7 cases and 1 balemen's scarfs, ties, hosiery, and outfitting.
For J. H. M. Hawkes— 2 cases chemical apparatus, 10 cases, 4 casks chemicals, 6 cases acids. 
For Joseph Woodman — 1 cases piano fortes.
Ex Aldinga, transhipped from the Somersetshire — For Northmore and Dean— 1 case millinery, 2 cases silks.


The Dunkeld, from London, has brought, in addition to a few regular passengers, about 22 immigrants under the assisted passage regulations. She had light winds on leaving England, which protracted the voyage to the Cape, but thence to the meridian of the Leuwin fine fair breezes gave a prospect of an early termination of the passage. There, however, fresh east and north-east winds having commenced, continued so persistently that the latter stage of the voyage was tedious, and even after making Cape Borda the Gulf was passed through by tack and tack to the roads.
Although the Dunkeld left London on June 16, it was the 19th before she quitted the Downs and the 26th before she passed the Eddystone. On August 2, in long. 27° 30' W., the vessel crossed the line, and on August 29 the meridian of Greenwich in 33° of S. lat. ; on reaching 39° S., 58° 42* E., severe weather so hardly used the ship that she lost the greater part of the bulwark planking. The sea broke over the starboard side, staving the cuddy doors. The cabin was filled with water, and a considerable quantity went below. Loose gear was washed away, and a lot of the main channel plates were broken off short. Fortunately the weather moderated shortly afterwards, and the damages were temporarily repaired. The master of this vessel was here several years back in command of the Alchymist.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
    No records found  
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
    No records found    

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
  Mann A.L. n/a          
  Main Edgar n/a   1073/3      
    Fred. n/a          
    Ellie n/a          
    Kate n/a          
    A.F. n/a          
Steerage - Families
UKAP Bryant Jacob 35 Shoemaker - B St. Mary Magdalene, Sussex  
    Harriet Theresa (Brown) 34          
    Mary A. 12          
    Jacob 10          
    Thomas 7          
    Kate 4          
    Arthur inf          
CPC Malone Michael 45 Agr. Labourer 1007/3 D Ireland  
    Bridget 47          
    Martin 23          
    Bridget 17 Domestic Servant        
    Susan 11          
    Michael 10          
CPC Sampson Trevenen Ruberry 23 Farm Labourer 1420/3 D Ludgvan, Cornwall with half-siblings
    Eliza (Hicks) 30          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
CPC Roscrow William A. 36 Labourer -   England  
CPC Crabb James 22 Miner -   St Austell, Cornwall  
CPC Williams Aaron Martin 20 Farm Labourer 1714/3   Ludgvan, Cornwall half-brothers of Trevenen Sampson
CPC Williams Thomas Henry 22 Farm Labourer -  
UKAP Fitzgerald Thomas 14 Agr. Labourer 506/2   Ireland  
Single Women
UKAP Brody Bridget 19 Domestic Servant     -  
CPCH Williams Mary Maria 29 Domestic Servant     Ludgvan, Cornwall half-sister of Trevenen Sampson

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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