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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Earl Dalhousie, 1,047 tons, Captain David Jarvis, from London via Plymouth 4th December 1874, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 23rd February 1875

The South Australian Register, Wednesday 24 February 1875, p. 4

Shipping Itelligence
Arrived Tuesday February 23.

Earl Dalhousie, ship, 1,047 tons, David Jarvis from Plymouth Deember 4.
Passengers:— Dr. John Hudson R.N., Surgeon-Superintendent, and 308 Government immigrants, whose names and occupations will be found in another column.

The London Times, Wed, Dec 9, 1874
The Earl Dalhousie, which sailed on Friday for Adelaide, is commanded by Captain D. Jarvis, is 1,047 tons register, chartered by Messrs. Trinder, Anderson, and Co., and is owned by Messrs. Stephens and Co., of Dundee.
She takes out 307 free and assisted emigrants, the whole of whom were embarked at Plymouth. Of these, there are 39 married couples, 71 single men, 96 single women, 52 children under 12 years of age, and 10 infants. England contributes 222, Scotland 24, Ireland 57, while four come from Germany. They consist chiefly of mechanics and agricultural labourers.
This vessel has been fitted with 48 berths for married couples on a newly-patented system. They have a twofold object—to afford privacy and increased ventilation. A plan of the fittings has been open to inspection on board the Earl Dalhousie, and it shows that the part of the vessel apportioned to the married couples is situated amidships, where economy of space is indispensable.
Lloyds Register

EARL DALHOUSIE - 1874/1877
Code letters:  QFSD                   Official Number:  29463
Master:  Captain J. Henderson (1874); Captain David Jarvis (1877)
Rigging:  Ship; sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1874; fastened with copper bolts; roof over deck
Tonnage:  1,047 tons
Dimensions:  191.5 feet long, 34 foot beam and holds 22.2 feet deep
Construction:  1862, Stephen in Dundee; some repairs in 1870 & 1874
Owners:  Stephen & Sons
Port of registry:  Dundee
Port of survey:  London (1874); Sydney (1877)

. . . . — 3rd ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1875 ; —4— births and —-2— deaths on the passage ; Dr. John Hudson, R.N., surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, CPCH = Colonial Passage Certificate Holders ; CFPCH = Colonial Full Paid Passage Holders ; UKA = United Kingdom Assisted Passage regulation ; UKFPPR = United Kingdom Full Paid Passage regulation ; FP = Free Passage. — Robert

per Earl Dalhousie, from London —
For Good, Toms, and Co., 38 pkgs. drapery.
For Messrs. D. and J. Fowler— 222 bales.
For Messrs. Good, Toms, and Co.— 34 cases, 4 bales.
For James Scott and Sons— 1,422 sashweights,17 pkgs. piping, 4 cases brushware, 3 casks,5 pkgs. hardware.

Miscellaneous Shipping The South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail, Saturday 27 February 1875, p.15

The Earl Dalhousie.— A rocket to the westward, about 3 o'clock on Tuesday morning, February 23, attracted the attention of the night watch at the Semaphore Station, and being answered, a muster was made to board her. As the vessel approached she was made out to be a large ship, and was at once set down as the Aurora, whose arrival from London is hourly expected, or the ship British Ambassador, from Melbourne. A start was made with all possible expedition, but as the craft was neared in the moonlight, she was seen to be barque rigged. This somewhat puzzled the boarders until nearly alongside, when she was recognised as the Earl Dalhousie, with emigrants, from London, which on a former visit was a full rigged Ship. The master, who is a stranger, reported a clean bill of health, and the officers at once went on board, when, although the hour was early, they found the majority of the emigrants on deck, who cheered lustily as the anchor was let go. The first enquiry was for the Aurora, and the fact that she bad not arrived was another source of hearty cheering. Captain Jarvis stated that the Aurora entered Plymouth Sound as the Dalhousie took her departure, and was expected to sail two days after.

During the first five days after sailing, very severe weather, with strong S. W. gales, was experienced, but was followed by N.E. winds, which were carried to the trader. The equator was crossed, on. the 23rd day in long. 29° 30', and when in 30° S. the S.E. trades were lost. From thence to 40° S. a succession of light variable winds and calms was experienced for 14 days. The easting was run in long. 47° and 48°, westerly winds prevailing until Cape Borda was made on Monday, and the anchor was let go at about 4a.m. on Tuesday morning. Dr. Duncan boarded in the course of tbe morning, and having mustered the passengers, expressed him self highly satisfied with their appearance and that of the vessel. During the passage the utmost good feeling has prevailed, and this is due mainly to the attention bestowed by the captain and officers, Dr. J. Hudson, R N., and the matron, Mrs. Thompson, a lady well qualified for the task entrusted to her. There were three births and two deaths — the latter including one of the children born on the passage, and another infant. On the evening tide the services of the steam-tug Eleanor were called into requisition, and the ship was towed to the Port.

The South Australian Register, Wednesday 24 February1875, p. 5

The following emigrants have embarked from Plymouth for South Australia on board the above ship:—

Married— John W. Brodbridge, jeweller, Sarah A. Brodbridge; W. H. Baker, cabinetmaker, Ellen Baker; George Blaskett, agricultural labourer, Louisa Blaskett; T. Bassford, agricultural labourer, Sarah Bassford, and Laura, child; Gabriel Brown, bricklayer, Catherine Brown, and Catherine, child; John H. Burnell, labourer, Eliza Burnell, and Henry, child; Joseph Clark, tailor, Wynnie Clark, Joshua and Edward, children; John Cain, carpenter, Winnifred Cain, Jonathan and George, children; Albert Cooley, plasterer, Ada M. Cooley, and Ada E., child; Henry Davis, bookmaker, Sarah Davis, Frederick, Harriet, Minnie, and Harry, children; John Glasby, tailor, Anna M. Glasby, and Mabel, child; Henry Gare, gardener, Eliza Gare, Ann and Emma, children; George Gibbons, Carman, Mary Gibbons, and George, child; James Gallon, baker, Mary Gallon, William and John, children; Frederick Hinds, turner, Ellen Hinds, and Alfred, child; John Hercus, labourer, Isabella Hercus, John, Mary Ann, Betsey, and William, children; Frederick Jones, joiner, Mary Jones; John Lynch, labourer, Hannah Lynch, and Hannah, child ; Walter Maine, agricultural labourer, Mary Maine, and Mary, child ; John McDonald, labourer, Margaret McDonald; William Marshall, labourer, Elizabeth Marshall, and Herbert, child; James Miller, bootmaker, Margaret Miller; James Murphy, filer and solderer, Susannah Murphy, Helen, Mary Ann, Herbert, Jessie, Fanny, and Amy, children; Robert Muir, engine-keeper, Charlotte Muir, and Daisy, child; Charles Owen, brushmaker, Ann Owen, Emily and Edith, children; Patrick Quinn, agricultural labourer, Jane Quinn; Wolf Rosemann, agricultural labourer, Sarah Rosemann; Walter Rowe, plumber and zinc-worker, Selina Rowe, Walter and Mary, children; William Smith, mason, Jane Smith, Jeremiah, Lawrence, and William, children; George S. Summerfield, tailor, Catherine Summerfield; Joseph Stevenson, joiner, Mary Stevenson, Joseph, Thomas, and Mary, children; John Taylor, gardener, Martha Taylor, Edward and Mary, children; John Townley, railway porter and agricultural labourer, Mary S. Townley, John and Alfred, children; William Tellam, agricultural labourer, Elizabeth Tellam, Mildred, Ada, Louisa, and Emily, children; John Wheddon, gardener, Elizabeth Wheddon; Charles Walter, tailor, Elizabeth Walter, Maria, Alice, Edward, and Alfred, children; Edward White, tailor, Hester White, and Jemima, child; Chas. England, labourer, Jane England; William T. Gay, Eliza Gay.

Male— Edward Brown, agricultural labourer; John Brownswood, joiner; Francis Bent, smith; John Cain, agricultural labourer; Frank Crawbrook, George Crawford, and Patrick Connolly, labourers ; Charles Chapman, miner; William Chapman, miner; William Coleman, James Donnelon, Thomas Donovan, and Daniel Duiled, agricultural labourers; Heinrich Dittley, labourer; Henry Eva and Charles Edwards, farm labourers; John Flanagan, general labourer ;Walter Fidler, sawyer ; Charles Fort, farm labourer; Edward Fridd, carman; James Fleetwood and George Freeman, agricultural labourers: Charles Greenwood, carpenter; Joshua Giles and Fredk. J. Harris, agricultural labourers; James Hohnren, tailor; James Hedley, Samuel Hosking, and Robert J. Humphreys, agricultural labourers; Samuel Johnson, labourer; Patrick Joyce and Michael Joyce, agricultural labourers; Christopher Johnstone, labourer; Magnus Lindsehong, tailor; Thomas Lindsay, labourer; Carl F. Iidfoas, tailor; Thos. Moore, labourer; John Muldoon, baker; Alfred M, Miller, labourer; Nadir Merry, Angus Mclnnes, and John McLellan, labourers; William J. Manley, agricultural labourer; John Neilson, tailor; Timothy Neenan, agricultural labourer; Charles Neenan and Michael Neylan, agricultural labourers; Michael O'Kieley and Patriok O'Kieley, labourers; Charles Goarman and John O'Loughlin, agricultural labourers; John Page, joiner; Richard Pyne, agricultural labourer; Nathaniel Richardson, labourer; William Sleigh and Donald Scott, tailors; Richard Fregnor, butcher; Elliott White and William White, grocers; Walter H. Weatherman, builder; Henry Wickes and William Walker, gardeners; John Brown: August Bronkhurst, watchmaker; John Hooley, joiner; Walter McCowbie, labourer; John Smith.

Females — Susan Bickford, housemaid; Mary Boyle, Sarah Bassford, Mary Bassford, Harriet Bassford, Charlotte Bassford, Alice Brownswood, Sarah Burton, Elizabeth Burr, Jane Brown, Mary Chapman, Ellen Connolly, Esther Channon, and Henrietta Clarke, domestic servants; Emily Creek and Charlotte Cockman, housemaids; Susan Carrington, Amy Cain, Annie Drewett, Mary Davey, domestic Servants ; Nanno Dean, dairymaid ; Rose Evans, domestic servant; Susan Eakins, laundress; Elisabeth Eddy, Elisabeth Eva, Margaret Flett, Elizabeth fort, aud Honora Fitzgerald, domestic servants; Mary Fitzgerald, housemaid; Mary Grills, cook; Elizabeth Gay, Helen Gamble, Maria Gare, Alice Gare, Helen Gray, and Mary Gleeson, domestic servants; Martha Harrison, dairymaid; Ellen Hudson, housemaid; Eliza Hunt, servant; Ann Haire, Kate Hogan, Bridget Howard, Ann Howard, Jane Jones, Emma Jenner, and Emma King, domestic servants; Ann Lingard, housemaid; Amy Lewis and Hannah Lawrence, domestic servants; Mary Mclnnes, housemaid; Edith Mason, Elizabeth Merry, Christina Miller, domestic servants; Annie Milne, cook; Ann Mall, Mary McMahon, Bridget McMagh, Margaret Moore, Bridget Murtagh, Johanna Murtagh, Kate Murtagh, Bridget Murtagh (No 2),Eliza Noy, Priscilla Old, Anna Pett, domestic servants; Isabella Peek, nurse; Mary Potter, Eliaa Pow, Fanny Phillips, Ellen Quinn, domestic servants; Sarah Rennison, cook; Kate King, domestic servant; Harriet King, housemaid; Ellen Rafferty, dressmaker; Ellen Rafferty and George Rafferty, children; Annie Richardson, Eliza Richardson, Mary Ronine, Sarah Sanderson, Bridget Sullivan, Sarah J. Stone, domestic servants; Elizabeth Thompson, schoolmistress ; Louisa Thompson, sewing-machinist ; Elizabeth Taylor, domestic servant ; Mary Tucker, cook; Lavinia Travaslds, housekeeper ; Elizabeth Wedlock, Harriet Wickham, domestic servants; Louisa White, teacher; Rebecca Waring, cook; Elisabeth Wotton, Davidina McAndrews, domestic servants ; Elizabeth Thompson, matron; Lizzie Hitchcock, parlourmaid.

Occupations of the Emigrants: —
Agricultural labourers 41, bricklayer 1, bootmakers, &c 2, bakers 2, brushmaker 1, butcher 1, builder 1, cabinetmaker 1, carpenters and joiners 7, carmen 2;  servants— domestic 84, cooks 4, dairymaids 2, dressmaker 1, laundress 1, nursery governess 2, sewing-machinist 1; engineer 1, gardeners 5, grocer 1, jeweller 1, labourers (general) 18, mason 1, miners 2, plasterer 1, smith 1, sawyer 1, tailors 11, turner 1, tinplate worker 1, telegraph boy 1, watchmaker 1,
zincworker 1.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Gare, Dalhousie inf December 30th, 1874 Exhustion from premature birth at sea
Clark, Edward 1 January 27th, 1875 Detention, Pulmonary effusion, Suffocation at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Gare, Harriet   December 29th, 1874 male (twin)  
Gare, Harriet   December 29th, 1874 female (twin  
Baker, Ellen   February 17th, 1875 female  
Maine, Mary   February 24th, 1875 female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
UKAP Baker William Henry 25 Cabinet maker 63/3   England  
    Ellen (Ware) 20          
    Elizabeth Selina Adelaide inf         born at sea, February 17th 1875
UKFP Bassford John W. 49 Agr. Labourer 92/1   Bolehall and Glascote, Warwickshire with family
UKAP   Sarah Maria (Jones) 47          
UKAP   Laura Adelaide D. 6          
UKAP Blaskett George 26 Agr. Labourer 131/2   Thanet, Kent  
    Louisa (Smith) 21          
UKAP Broadbridge John William 20 Jeweller 178/2   Brighton, Sussex  
    Sarah Ann (Berry) 18          
UKAP Brown Gabriel Ed. 45 Bricklayer 186/3   St Marylebone, London with family
    Catherine (Daly) 36          
    Catherine 7          
UKAP Burnell John H. 23 Labourer 208/1   England  
    Eliza 24          
    Henry inf          
UKAP Cain John 43 Carpenter 224/3   Chelsea St Luke, London with family
    Winifred (Anstey) 43          
    Jonathan Robert 7          
    George Nelson Percy 5          
FREE Clark Joseph 25 Tailor 277/1   Westminster, London  
    Minnie (Holloway) 23          
    Joshua 3          
    Edward 1         died at sea, Jan. 27th, 1875
UKAP Cooley Albert Charles 24 Plasterer -   Plymouth, Devon  
    Ada Mary (Dowling) 23          
    Ada E. inf          
UKAP Davis Henry 33 Bootmaker 381/2   Street, Somerset  
    Sarah Jackson 30          
    Frederick A. 10          
    Harriet T. 8          
    Minnie Laura 5          
    Harry 3          
CPC England Charles 27 Labourer 471/1   England  
UKAP   Jane 31          
UKAP   William T. Gay 11          
UKAP   Eliza Gay 9          
UKAP Gare George 26 Gardener 549/1   Bramhall, Cheshire  
    Eliza (Ashton) 24          
    Ann 5          
    Emma 1          
UKAP Gare Henry Edward 19 Farm Labourer 549/1   Stockport, Cheshire  
    Harriet (Oldham) 18          
    Dalhousie (male) inf twin       born & died at sea
    Ellen Dalhousie inf twin       born at sea, Dec. 29th, 1874
UKAP Gibbons George 22 Carman 563/3   Islington, London  
    Mary Ann (Cook) 21          
    George inf          
CPC Glasby John 37 Tailor 575/1   England  
    Anna H. ? 31          
    Mabel 1          
UKAP Gullan James 27 Baker 628/2   Scotland  
    Mary Cockburn (Henderson) 25          
    William 2          
    John inf          
UKAP Hercus John Tait 38 Labourer 725/2   Stepney, London parents born Orkney, Scotland
    Isabella (Calder) 37          
    John Calder 7          
    Mary A. 6          
    Betsy Calder 3          
    William 1          
UKAP Hindes Frederick 24 Turner 744/2   London City, London  
    Ellen (Quarendon) 25         Quorunton
    Alfred 1          
UKAP Jones Frederick 45 Joiner 857/3   Castleton, Lancashire?  
    Mary 45          
UKAP Lynch John 35 Labourer -   Ireland  
    Hannah (Faha !) 27          
    Hannah inf          
FP Maine Walter 32 Agr. Labourer 1004/1   Bath, Somerset  
    Mary Caroline (Ballard) 31          
    Herbert 1          
    Selina Rowe Maine inf         born at sea, Feb. 24th, 1875
UKAP Marshall William 32 Labourer -   Wincanton, Somerset  
    Elizabeth (Fowler) 27          
    Herbert 1          
UKAP McDonald John 34 Labourer 1060/3   Ireland  
    Margaret 23          
UKAP Merfield James John 43 Filer / Solderer 1096/3   Bethnal Green, Middlesex  
    Susannah (Cope) 33          
    Helen 11          
    Marion 9          
    Herbert 7          
    Jessie 3          
    Fanny 2          
    Amy 1          
UKAP Miller James 49 Bootmaker 1110/2   Scotland  
    Margaret 48          
UKAP Muir Robert 32 Engine keeper 1145/3   Scotland to Victoria
    Charlotte Mary (Wilkins) 24          
    Darcy 1          
UKAP Owen Charles Arthur 25 Brushmaker 1225/2   Stockport, Cheshire  
    Ann (Rodgers) 26          
    Emily 2          
    Edith inf          
UKAP Quinn Patrick 30 Agr. Labourer 1323/1   Ireland  
    Jane 23          
UKAP Roseman / Rosemann Wolf 26 Agr. Labourer / Baker 1386/2   London City, London to Victoria
    Sarah (Vandersluys) 21          
UKAP Rowe Walter 28 Plumber 1395   Lamberth, London  
    Selina (Tidd) 35          
    Walter 3          
    Mary 1          
FP Smith William 28 Mason -   Lerwick, Scotland  
UKAP   Jane 44          
UKAP   John 12          
UKAP   Jeremiah 10          
UKAP   Laurence 7          
FP   William 4          
UKAP Summerfield George 26 Tailor 1563/2   England  
    Catherine 24          
CPC Stevenson Joseph 28 Joiner 1547/2   Brampton, Derbyshire ?  
CPC   Maria (Shaw ?) 26          
UKAP   Joseph William 3          
FP   Thomas 1          
FP   Mary inf          
UKAP Taylor John Bernard 27 Gardener 1580/2   Gillingham, Kent  
CPC   Martha Mary Frances (McCreanor) 20         her parents and siblings arrived aboard Forfarshire 1874
UKAP   Edward 2          
UKAP   Mary inf          
UKAP Townley John William 34 Railway porter / Agr. Labourer 1615/1   Wretton, Norfolk  
    Mary Simons (Coote) 32          
    John 11          
    Alfred 9          
FP Tellam William 38 Labourer 2586/1   Camborne, Cornwall  
UKAP   Elizabeth Ann (Trevaskis) 27         with mother
UKFP   Mildred 8          
UKAP   Ada 6          
UKAP   Louisa 4          
UKAP   Emily inf          
CPC Walter Charles 30 Tailor 1668/2   Wareham, Dorset  
UKAP   Elizabeth (Card) 31          
UKAP   Maria J. 7          
UKAP   Gertrude Alice 5          
UKAP   Edward 3          
CPC   Alfred 1          
CPC Whiddon John 26 Gardener 1696/2   St. Thomas, Devon  
FP   Elizabeth (Brockington) 27          
FP White Edward 49 Tailor -   Andover, Hampshire with family
UKAP   Hester Elizabeth (Lawes) 55          
FP   Jemima 11          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
UKAP Bent Francis 28 Smith -   England  
CPC Bronkhurst August 26 Watchmaker 180/3   England  
UKAP Brown John 13 - 188/3   St Marylebone, London with parents
FP Brownswood John 23 Joiner 192/1   England  
FP Burr Edward 15 Agr. Labourer 209/3   England  
UKAP Cain John 14 Agr. Labourer 224/3   Chelsea St Luke, London  
FP Cambrook Frank 16 Labourer 229/1   England  
UKAP Chapman Charles 19 Miner 259/1   St Ive, Cornwall with sister
UKAP Chapman William 12 Miner 261/2  
UKAP Coleman William 26 Agr. Labourer 297/2   England  
FP Connolly Patrick 60 Labourer 308/1   Ireland  
FP Crawford George 19 Labourer -   Ireland  
CPC Dittlef Heinrich 31 Labourer 407/2   England  
FP Donnolan James 20 Agr. Labourer 417/2   Clare  
FP Donnolan Thomas 18 Agr. Labourer 418/2   Clare  
CPC Dullea Daniel 24 Agr. Labourer 453/3   Ireland  
FP Edwards Charles 19 Farm Labourer -   England  
CPC Eva Henry 27 Farm Labourer -   England  
UKAP Fidler Walter 17 Sawyer 495/3   England  
UKAP Flanagan John 25 Labourer 508/2   England  
UKAP Fleetwood James 22 Agr. Labourer 510/3   England  
UKAP Fort Charles 18 Farm Labourer -   England  
UKAP Freeman George 47 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
UKAP Fridd Edward 21 Carman -   England  
UKAP Giles Joshua 21 Agr. Labourer 569/1   England  
UKAP Greenwood Charles 22 Carpenter -   England  
UKAP Griffin John 22 Agr. Labourer 620/1   Ireland  
FP Harris Frederick 19 Agr. Labourer 676/3   England  
UKAP Healey James 21 Agr. Labourer 706/2   Ireland  
UKAP Holingren James 33 Tailor -   England  
UKAP Hooley John 38 Joiner -   England  
UKAP Hosking Samuel 24 Agr. Labourer -   England  
UKAP Humphries Robert John 21 Labourer 794/1   Armagh  
UKAP Johnson Samuel 19 Labourer 850/3   England  
FP Johnston Christopher 18 Labourer 852/1   Ireland  
UKAP Joyce Michael 28 Agr. Labourer 867/3   Ireland  
UKAP Joyce Patrick 30 Agr. Labourer 867/3   Ireland  
UKAP Lidford Carl F. 24 Tailor -   not stated Carl Frederick Lehfeldt ?
UKFP Lindechong Magnus 29 Tailor -   England Erick Magnus Lindquist ?
UKFP Lindsay Thomas 21 Labourer -   Ireland  
n/stated Manley William J. 29 Agr. Labourer -   England  
n/stated Maxwell William 22 Labourer 1043/3   Scotland  
UKAP McCombie Walter 37 Labourer 1055/3   England  
n/stated McInnes Angus 36 Labourer -   Scotland  
n/stated McLennan John 23 Labourer -   Scotland  
n/stated Merry Nadar William Malcolm 12 child -   Croydon, Surrey with mother
UKAP Miller Alfred M. 28 Labourer -   Scotland  
UKAP Moore Thomas 19 Labourer -   Ireland  
UKAP Muldoon John 23 Baker 1146/2   Ireland  
n/stated Neylan Michael 20 Agr. Labourer 1180/2   Ireland  
n/stated Nielson John 31 Tailor 1186/2   England  
n/stated Nunan Martin 20 Agr. Labourer 1200/3   Ireland  
n/stated Nunan Timothy 22 Agr. Labourer 1200/3   Ireland  
UKAP O'Loughlin John 21 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
UKAP O'Gorman Charles 25 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
n/stated O'Reilly Michael 29 Labourer 1214/1   England  
n/stated O'Reilly Patrick 20 Labourer 1214/1   England  
UKAP Page John 24 Joiner 1231/1   England  
UKAP Pyne Richard 25 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
FP Richardson Nathaniel 21 Agr. Labourer -   England  
UKAP Ritchie William 19 Agr. Labourer 1360/2   Scotland  
UKAP Rod Edward 28 Labourer 1374/1   England  
FP Scott Donald 28 Tailor -   England  
FP Sleigh William 23 Tailor -   England  
UKAP Traynor Richard 18 Butcher -   Ireland  
UKAP Walker William 24 Gardener -   England  
UKAP Weatherman Walter 19 Builder -   England  
UKAP White Elliott 14 Grocer -   Andover, Hampshire with parents
UKAP White William 12 Grocer -  
UKAP Wicks Henry 34 Gardener 1708/1   England  
Single Women & children
FP Thompson Elizabeth 47 Matron     England  
UKAP Bassford Charlotte Maria 15 Domestic Servant 92/1   Bolehall and Glascote, Warwickshire with parents
FP Bassford Harriet Edith 18 Domestic Servant  
FP Bassford Mary Elizabeth 19 Domestic Servant  
FP Bassford Sarah Ann 21 Domestic Servant  
FP Bickford Susan 24 Housemaid     England  
FP Boyle Mary 21 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Brown Jane 16 Domestic Servant     St Marylebone, London with parents
FP Brownwood Alice 20 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Burr Elizabeth 27 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Burton Sarah 29 Domestic Servant     England  
UKAP Cain Amy 12 Domestic Servant     Chelsea St Luke, London with parents
FP Cain Catherine Elizabeth 16 Domestic Servant    
FP Cain Winifred Anstey 18 Domestic Servant    
FP Carrington Susan 29 Domestic Servant     England  
CPC Chapman Mary 21 Domestic Servant     St. Ive, Cornwall with brothers
FP Charmon Esther 17 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Clarke Henrietta 27 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Cockman Charlotte 23 Housemaid     England  
FP Connolly Ellen 31 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Creek Emily Harriet Hemming 21 Housemaid     Cambridgeshire related to Elizabeth (Creek) Merry ?
CPC Davey Mary 17 Domestic Servant     England  
CPC Dean Nannie 22 Dairymaid     Ireland  
FP Drewett Annie 17 Domestic Servant     England  
CPC Dutton Elizabeth 33 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Eakins Susan 24 Launderess     Ireland  
CPC Eddy Elizabeth 37 Domestic Servant     England  
UKAP Eva Elizabeth 42 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Evans Rose 19 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Fitzgerald Honora 18 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Fitzgerald Mary 26 Housemaid     Ireland  
CPC Flett Margaret 26 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
FP Fort Elizabeth 16 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Gamble Helen 29 Domestic Servant     England  
UKAP Gare Alice 1 child     Stockport, Cheshire  
UKAP Gare Maria (Harrison) 31 -     wife of Edwin Gare
UKAP Gay Elizabeth 15 Domestic Servant     England  
CPC Gleeson Mary 18 Servant     Ireland  
FP Grey Ellen 19 Servant     England  
FP Grills Mary 26 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Haire Annie 21 Servant     Ireland  
UKAP Harrison Martha 18 Dairy maid     England  
FP Hitchcock Lizzie 18 Parlour maid     England  
FP Hogan Kate 19 Servant     Ireland  
CPC Howard Annie 14 Servant     Ireland  
CPC Howard Bridget 22 Servant     Ireland  
FP Hudson Ellen 48 Housemaid     England  
FP Hunt Eliza 15 Servant     England  
FP Jenner Emma 22 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Jones Jane 16 Domestic Servant     England  
FP King Emma 22 Servant     England  
FP Lawrence Hannah 19 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Lewis Amy 21 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Lingard Annie 22 Housemaid     Ireland  
FP Mall Anna 21 Servant     England  
FP Mason Edith 21 Domestic Servant     England  
FP McAndrews Davidina 26 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
FP McInnes Mary 20 Housemaid     Scotland  
CPC McMagh Bridget 18 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
CPC McMahon Mary 22 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
UKAP Merry Elizabeth M. (Creek) 34 Domestic Servant / widow     Croyden, Surrey with son
FP Miller Christina 16 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
FP Milne Annie 21 Cook 1114/3   England  
CPC Moore Margaret 25 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Murtagh Bridget (Fitzpatrick) 37 Domestic Servant 1158/3   county Clare, Ireland  
FP Murtagh Bridget 14 Domestic Servant    
FP Murtagh Honora 18 Domestic Servant    
FP Murtagh Johanna 12 Domestic Servant    
FP Murtagh Kate 10 child    
FP Murtagh Mary 16 Domestic Servant    
FP Noy Elna 18 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Old Priscilla 26 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Peek Isabella 33 Nurse     England  
UKAP Pett Anna 21 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Phillips Fanny 17 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Potter Mary 16 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Pow Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant     England  
UKAP Quinn Ellen 20 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
UKAP Rafferty Ellen 40 Dressmaker     England  
UKAP Rafferty Ellen 5 child      
UKAP Rafferty George 3 child      
FP Rennison Sarah 24 Cook     England  
FP Richardson Annie 21 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Richardson Eliza 18 Domestic Servant     ireland  
FP Ring Harriet 36 Housemaid     England  
FP Ring Kate 19 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Ronine Mary 18 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
CPC Sanderson Sarah 27 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
CPC Stone Sarah J. 18 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Sullivan Bridget 19 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Taylor Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Thompson Elizabeth 23 School Mistress     England  
UKAP Thompson Louisa 19 Machinist     Ireland  
UKAP Trevaskis Lavinia 48 Housekeeper     Camborne, Cornwall mother of Elizabeth Ann (Trevaskis) Tellam
FP Tucker Mary 19 Cook     England  
FP Waring Rebecca 20 Cook     England  
FP Wedlock Elizabeth 27 Domestic Servant     England  
UKAP White Louisa 17 Teacher     Andover, Hampshire with parents
FP Wickham Harriet 22 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Wotton Elizabeth 21 Domestic Servant     England  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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