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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Emmy, 554 tons, Captain J.H.O. Meyer, from Hamburg 5th [?] September 1849, via Melbourne 4th January 1850, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 16th January 1850

South Australian Register Thursday, 17th January 1850

Wednesday January 16th— The ship Emmy, 554 tons, Meyer, Master, from Hamburg 5th September and Melbourne 4th of January, with 145 passengers. .... the the following day, Passengers from the Emmy, from Hamburg, (arrival reported in our last)

Sydney Shipping Gazette 29th December 1849

Arrived at Melbourne.— December 19th, Emmy, ship, 554 tons, Meyer, from Hamburgh 11th September. Passengers:— Messrs. Mackenthum ; P.R. Bookey ; H. Andressen ; — Lemeke : Miss Pauline Gavin ; J.O. Stiasney, surgeon, and 369 in the intermediate and steerage.
The Emmy, from Hamburgh, brings only cargo for Adelaide. We have seldom seen a larger or more respectable class of passengers arriving at this port — they are mostly all mechanics, and we believe about half of them will land here and the rest go to Adelaide. 7 male and 5 female adults, and 16 children, died during the passage, and two births occurred on board.— Melbourne Daily News

...The Hamburg ship Emmy was built at Stockholm in 1847 ... J. H. O. Meyer, master, arrived Port Adelaide 16 January 1850, from Hamburg 5 September 1849, via Melbourne 4 January, with sundries ; 400 passengers, including 145 for Adelaide; 30 died of dysentery, etc., on the voyage to Melbourne, the vessel appearing to be in good order but overcrowded. .... The Emmy was lost in December 1850 in the Cape Verde Islands.

note.— for the Held and Seppelt entries. The BISA has an entry indicating the Seppelt family to be aboard the Emmy, but there is no such entry on the only record, The South Australia Register. There is however, an entry for "C. Held." Ja Charlotte Clementine (Held) was the wife of J. Ernst. There is no official record or newspaper account of this family arriving, other than the information on the Seppelt website .... Four hundred and eleven boarded the vessel in Silesia Poland, only three hundred and sixty disembarked in Adelaide.... from this information and information from the State Library South Australia (SLSA), no German ship sailed for Adelaide with such a great number of emigrants. Information above however would support this number with a stop in Melbourne and the great number of death at sea.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Burgemeister Johann Gottlob 49 Landmann 204/3 Gersdorf Brandenberg  
  Dorothea Elisabeth (Geister) 34       died at sea
  Dorothea Elisabeth 14        
  J. Wilhelm 12       age 9 ?
  Ernestine Wilhelmine 11       age 8 ?
  Anna Elisabeth 9       age 6 ?
  Anna Dorothea 6       age 2 ?
  J. Gottlieb 5       age 4 ?
Dienhoff Andreas Mathias 20 Landmann 404/1 -  
  Catherine Margaretha (Bohm) 20        
Elix J.C. (J. Christian) 43 Cooper 463/1 Kossar Brandenberg  
  Anna Elisabeth (Ruediger) n/a        
Elix J. Georg 35 Landmann 463/2 Kossar Brandenberg  
  Anna Dorothea (Ruediger) 33        
  Friedrich Wilhelm August 12       married Johanne Eleanora Marschner (below) in 1861
  Dorothea Elis. 9        
  Je. Pauline 7        
  Ja. Auguste 5        
Fiedler G. (J. Gottlieb) 30? - 496/3 Marrued ?  
  wife n/a        
  Miss n/a        
Fietz Johann Friedrich 56 Tailor 490/3 Possen Prussia  
  Je Auguste Caroline (Weigart) 39        
  Carl Gottlieb Friedrich 7        
  J. Matthias Benjamin 3        
  Nathaniel Paul n/a        
  J. Gottlieb n/a        
Gehling W. (Friedrich Wilhelm) 36 Blacksmith 555/3 Germany  
  Friedricke Caroline (Gerlach) 37        
  daughter n/a        
Geissler F.W. (Mrs.) n/a widow - -  
  mother n/a        
  brother n/a        
Gerigch C. n/a - - - Gerlach 560/2 ?
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
Gregor Mr. n/a - - -  
  Mrs. n/a        
Grunwald Johann Christian 54 - - -  
  Maria Theodora 57        
  son n/a        
  son n/a        
  daughter n/a        
  daughter n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Hartmann M. n/a - 688/1 -  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
Hartman J. Gottfried 35 Landmann 688/1 Germany  
  Dorothea Elisabeth (Abraham) 32        
  Anna Maria Elisabeth inf        
Held C. n/a - - -  
  & family -        
  & three servants -        
Hohn W. n/a - - -  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Kruger C. (Karl Wilhelm) 39 - 939/3 -  
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Lange Mr. n/a - - -  
  wife n/a        
  son n/a        
  son n/a        
  daughter n/a        
Marschner G. (J.Gottfried) n/a Labourer 1021/2 Klemig Bradenberg Germany  
  Maria Elisabeth (Franke) 36        
  Je Eleanora 11       married Friedrich Wilhelm August Elix (above) in 1861
  Je Christina 7        
  Je Luise 9        
Rau F. n/a - - -  
  wife n/a        
Reese T. C. A. (Conrad Friedrich Anton) 32 Mason - Holtzminden Germany SA 683
  Caroline Alwina Cathincka (Hencke) 28        
  Augusta Wilhelmine Christine 4        
  Caroline Wilhelmie Emmy inf       born at sea
Reimann E. (Carl Friedrich Eduard) 34 Landmann 1343/2 Schmolln Prussia  
  Leontine Bertha (Schroeder) 31        
Rosensweig G. (Gottfried) 51 Confectioner 1387/2 Bomst Possen Prussia  
  Ja Dorothea (Faesler) 38        
  J. Gottlieb 10        
  Julius Hermann 5        
Rudiger A.E. (Christian) 60 - 1400/3 Plau Crossen Brandenberg  
  Anne Elisabeth (Nitschke) 53        
  Anne Dorothea 33        
  Anne Elisabeth 28        
  Dorothea Elisabeth 19        
Ruediger Gottfried 26 Landmann 1401/1 Crossen Brandenberg Prussia  
  Anna Rosina (Ruediger) 27        
  J. August 4        
  Friedrich Wilhelm inf        
Russack G. (Karl Gottlieb) 59 Windmill Mechanic 1405/1 Germany  
  Emilie Ernestine (Karge) 44        
  Wilhelmina Ernestine Juliane 19       dob 1 May 1831, married Jack Haar and moved to Victoria
  Friedriche Henriette Mathilda 15       died at sea
  Friedrich Wilhelm 9        
  August Julius Hermann 7        
  Carl Gustav Adolph 2       died at sea
Seppelt Joseph Ernst 37 Vigneron 1464/2 Wustewaldterdorf Silesia  
  Ja Charlotte Clemetine (Held) 43        
  Ottilie Clementine 10        
  Oscar Benno Pedro 4        
  Victor Hugo 2        
Schroder E. (Eduard Wilhelm) 29 - - -  
  Johanna Auguste (Schapel) 26        
Sommer G. (Johann Gottlieb) 41 - - -  
  Eleanore 40        
  J. Gottlieb n/a        
  Heinrich Hermann 12        
  Johanne Luise 17        
  Ernestine Caroline 15        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Storch H. (Carl August Heinrich) 48 Tanner 1554/3 Unruhstadt Germany first intended to sail on Princess Louise 1849 ?
  Je Juliane (Laube) 38        
  Gotthard Ferdinand Julius 12        
  Natalie Emilie HuldA 8        
  Carl Samuel Hermann 2        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men
Andresen H. (Georg Christian Heinrich) 31   -    
Borcher W. (Heinrich Conrad Wilhelm) n/a   -    
Brickner C.W. n/a   -    
Francke S. n/a   -    
Goldenburg S. n/a   582/1    
Heinbach C n/a   -    
Hocker W. n/a   -    
Hombel J n/a   -    
Kavern P. n/a   -    
Kohn I. n/a   932/3    
Lindenschmidt T. n/a   -    
Maraun Ludwig 32 Coachbuilder 1016/1    
Milich C. (Carl Christian) 23   -   brothers | parents are supposed to be Christian Benjamin & Berta (Gerke) Milich
Milich W. (Ernst Wilhelm) 21   -  
Orth T. n/a   -    
Piltz Charles August Hermann n/a   1285/3 Prussia  
Richter Georg Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm 28   1354/1    
Roth A. n/a   -    
Roth S. n/a   -    
Schiller E. n/a   -    
Schroder H.T. n/a   -    
Starck L. n/a   -    
Voges C. n/a   -    
Wagenkneckt W. (Johann Wilhelm) 25 Landmann 1656/1    
Walter A. n/a   -    
Single Women
Berthohl Miss n/a        
Gerhling ? Augusta Louise Amelia 31        
Kohn n/a        
Kohn n/a        
Kohn n/a        
Macklethun Miss n/a        
from Melbourne
Family websites

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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