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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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Wreck of the AMOOR | Doctor Douglas April 1866 report | Doctor Douglas June 1866 report | 1866 Immigration report | Dr. Douglas October 1866 Report

ship Ernestine, 1,048 tons, Captain Robert W. Sterry, from London 23rd April, Plymouth 8th May, 1866 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 4th September 1866

The South Australian Register, Wednesday 05 September 1866 p. 2

Tuesday 04 September:— Ernestine, ship, 1,048 tons, Robert W. Sterry, master, from London April 23, via Plymouth May 08.
Passengers—Dr. Ambrose Newbold (Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 387 Government and assisted immigrants in the steerage, whose names will be found elsewhere:

. . . . — 6th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1866 ; —4— births and —-3— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Ambrose Newbold, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
ERNESTINE, from London— I80 bdls., 4,200 pieces, 38 cases, 2 pkgs., 1 case, l6 tanks malt, 10 pockets, 1 case, 1 do., 2 casks, 20 cases, 96 bdls.. Order; 30 hhds., 40 cases. 18 tanks. F. Clark and Sons; 20 tons coke,- 98 cases, J. Hill; 3,550 pieces, K.Dodgson ; 2 cases, 20 pkgs., A. Tilemann and Co. ; 740 bdls., 12 cases, Jones Brothers; 40 do., Whyte, Counsell, and Co.; 2 do., J. Howell; 2,908 bars, 323 bdls.. 168 cart arms, 144 grindstones, 19 casks, 21 troughs. 66 wheels, Harrold Brothers; 13 bales, Proprietors Advertiser; 17 cases, 1 hhd., Donaldson, Andrews, and Sharland; 2 cases, W. Spietchka; 56 do., K Spicer: 1 do., H. J. Andrews; 52 pkgs,, Gerke and Rodemann; 40 cases, J. - Grosse; 11 do., Phillips and Hill; 2 do., 2 bales, J. W. Sehierenbeck; 31 cases, D. and J. Fowler; 3 pchns, 1 cask, R. Hutton; 144 arms. 53 Bdls., 58 cases. 14 kegs, 3 cask3, J. Gurr; 35,500 bricks, 1,200 ladles. Proprietors Wallaroo Mines: 10 bales, Proprietors Moonta Mines; 2 cases, H. T. Morris; 5 cases, Elder. Smith, and Co. ; 14 bales, H. Scott; 6 crates, W. and J. Storrie; 6 cases, 7 bags, 1 cask, W. Goddard; 16 casks. Directors South Australian Mining Association; 7 bdls., 1 case, 5 casks, P. C. Greayer; 40 crates, 50 hhds., 125 casks, 500 bdls., 25 bales, 435 cases, C. Jacobs : 4 bales, G. A. and H. Bartleet; 100 cases, Virgoe, Son, and Chapman; 75 pkgs.. W. Morgan and Co. ; 30 do., W. Puplett ; 50 do., J. Robin and Co. ; 44 do., C. Bowen.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The ERNESTINE, a fine ship of over a thousand tons, was sighted from the Semaphore Stations on Tuesday morning, but the wind being from the northward there was little prospect of boarding her until it shifted, and she made a straight course to her anchorage, where she will remain for several days, as her draught of water is too great for the bars. Captain Sterry reports a passage of 114 days from final departure. The early part was marked by very light airs and calms, and on making southing heavy gales set in, which continued till passing Madeira. Indeed, for ten days she was hauled on a taut bowline with S.W. breezes, and subsequently the N.E. trades were scarcely perceptible. But with all those circumstances against her, the Line was crossed on June 19 in long. 27° 3', and from there along the Brazilian coast head winds predominated ; but a shift ensued, and a good run to the eastward was made, especially after passing the Cape, from which point only 32 days elapsed before making Cape Borda. The voyage has passed away without any extraordinary incident of any kind, its monotony being only broken by occasionally speaking vessels, none of which, however, were connected with the colony. Captain Sterry has previously visited Port Adelaide : but it was many years back in the Amazon, and his expectations of the improvements made during his absence will, in all probability, be realized, since his experience extends to the days of holes and creeks throughout the Port streets.

The South Australian Register, Wednesday 05 September 1866 p. 2

The Ernestine entered an appearance on Tuesday morning after a passage of 118 days from Plymouth, or 114 from the land, and a vessel better adapted to the carriage of immigrants could scarcely be selected, except for her draught of water is rather over the regulation at this season of the year ; otherwise everything is faultless— good height between decks, good ventilation, and officers who are very favourably spoken of. Capt Sterry has been constantly engaged in immigrant transport for a long period ; and Dr. Newbold, who was here in the Agincourt many years back, is quite a veteran in the service, equal to every emergency, from the strict enforcement of discipline to the inevitable plot and counterplot, so common where a large number of people are congregated in so small a space. He speaks favourably of the general conduct of the people, and their appearance is still more in their favour. Indeed, during the whole voyage he has had no difficulty whatever in procuring that ready obedience so conducive to the well-being of all. Although in some cases the single men are rather obstreperous, in the Ernestine the contrary has been the case. But perhaps this may be attributed to the preponderance of the assisted passage certificate-holders. At any rate it would be difficult to select 145 single men to surpass the stalwart good-humoured fellows we saw on board in the most of cases they were occupied in burnishing up after the voyage, or, in nautical phraseology “getting the harbour gear rove”-  cleaning boots, brushing clothes, or engaged in matters more commendable than smoking and lounging about on deck.
There are on board 70 single females, whose care has devolved on Mrs. Walters, a matron of experience, whose excellent qualities recommended her to the post.
The midship compartment is occupied by families— 48 married couples and 57 children two of the latter of infantile proportions were shown with more than usual interest from being sea-born. Here also the people seemed to pay attention to appearances, for several would be quite presentable in other spheres ; indeed from stem to stern they looked a superior lot in comparison with some of the late arrivals. Although matters are not very promising in the colony just at present, there are several on board who are sure to make progress in their adopted land. The sanitary state of the vessel was most satisfactory, and as soon as the Health Officer boarded she was open to inspection, and every corner being as clean as possible Dr. Duncan had a very agree able visit.

The number of souls embarked at Plymouth was 369, and having had 2 deaths and 4 births, there arrived 371. viz , 169 English, 45 Scotch, and 155 Irish. Those have been described in the trade columns of the official list as follows : Plough men 9, labourers 98, carpenters 7, weavers 2, compositor 1, porters 3, sawyers 4, servants 38, miners 5, farm servants 3, constable 1, shepherds 2, housekeepers 4, dairymaids 4, shoemakers 4, farmer 1 dressmaker 1, wheelwright 1, widow 1, tinman 1, slate splitter 1, blacksmiths 8, boot makers 4, carter 1, printer 1, grooms 2, baker 1, masons 2, stone mason 1, coachman 1, tailors 2, gardeners 4, fire man 1, matron 1, nurse 1, bricklayer 1, charwoman 1, saleswoman 1.

It will be several days before the' vessel will moor in harbour, and it is supposed Captain Wells will send a steamer down to take the single girls ashore as soon as the Government have means for their reception ; but it is hoped none of the present ship load will be compelled to return to the vessel after landing from want of employment, as in the case of the British Lion. Subjoined is the official list of immigrants' names :—

English —Samuel Balson, Edward Bawden, Hannah Beeken. Joseph Bray, Ann M. Brookhouse, Ellen Burge, Susan Cannon, Charles Canter, Albert and Eve Clothier, Ann M. Coad, Emma Collins, Mary A. Cooper, Jasper, Mary A., George, and Walter Cottrell, Edward, Elizabeth, Charity, and Edward Cowland, Thomas, Emma, Thomas and Emma Curyer, David, Mary A., and John Curyer, George Dene, Frank Donsbery, James Dunstan, Eli Eades, Peter, Alice, George, and Margaret Forsyth, Thomas and Millicent Freeman, John, Mary C. and Mary C. Fiveash, Thomas Glen, Richard Gosling, Daniel, Susanna, Kate, and Edgar Griffin, William, Catherine, and Emma Griff, Emma J. Grose, Robert, Sarah A., Annie, Louisa, and Arthur Haste, Thomas and Alice Heath, William and James Haynes, Mary A. and Sarah Heath, Fred Hensley, Thomas and Jane Herring. Philip, Charles, Mary, and William Hill, Thomas and Lina Hodby, James Horsley, Charles Hosken, Thomas, William, Thomas, Jacks, Mary, Richard, James, and Sampson Hosking ; Edward Hughes, William J. Jewell, Robert and John Jobson, Thomas and Sarah A. Kennedy, George Mary, John, Isabella, and Anne King, Josiah, Avis, and Annie Knight, Elizabeth A Knight Thomas Lacey, Mary A. Lake, John Large, Edmund Laver, Charles Laurence, Susanna Line, Michael Malone, Thomas, Jane, Henry, and Annie Martin, George H. and Sarah Martin, George, Sarah, and Rosina Meddlycoatt, Thomas Merson, Sidney Pantler, Isaac and Harriet Parry George Pittard, Joseph and Ellen Redding, Grace Roberts, Elizabeth Rowe, Richard, Cecilia, George, John, and Abel Rowe, Joseph Rundle, Thomas. Jane, Henry, and Margaret Shadrach, Emily Simmons, John Sobery, Joseph, Sarah, Emily and James Stanford, Maria Starling, George H., Ann, Bessie, and John Stephens, Silas Stephens, Ellen Storey, William Steere, Richard and Mary Stephens, Henry Teed, James C. and William C. Truscott, William and Maria Trewerthey, Selina Walford, Ann Ward, Elizabeth White, Thomas Webber, Richard, Hannah, and Ellen Wilcox, William Wilcox, John Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Herbert Withers, William, Ann, John, Eliza, and Mary A. Woodward.
Scotch — John Anderson, John Auchenclose, James Barr, George and Elizabeth Cameron, Fred Cheque, James and Margaret Cook, Robert Davidson, John Durward, James Esson, Thomas Forsyth, John Fraser, John Grant, John Hay, John, Catherine, Robert, and Alexander Jackson, William, Eleanor, Christina, and Charlotte Linklater, Isaac McLaughlan, Alex. McLennan, Thomas McKenzie, John McBain, John McIntyre, William Mclntosh, Alex. and Margaret McLeod, William McPherson, Donald McSporran, Jane Miller, James and Hughina Munro, Robt. Ritch, Robert Sinclair, William Smith, James Snadden, Robert, Rankeiller, Jane, and Rosina Stevenson, George Taylor.
Irish — Thomas Bell, Bridget Bermingham, George Browne, Martin Burke, Maurice Burns, Mary Burns, Theresa Byrne, Margaret Caby, Thos. Caby, Edward Caby, John Carey, James Casey, Catherine and Honor Cleary, Catherine Colwell, Honora and Amy Connors, John Connors, Mary Conway, Edward, David, and William Cooke, Catherine Cunningham, Morty, Bridget, Pat, Martin, Morty, and Dennis Daly, Jane Doherty, Mary Donellen, Bridget Donellan, Pat Donellan, Michael and Bridget Donellan, Michael, Mary, Thomas, Catherine, Andrew, and Anne Donellan, Catherine Doyle, Martin Eagan, Mary Fitzgerald, William Fitzpatrick, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Edward Flood, Michael Fleming, John Frewin, Honora Frewin, Denis, Mary, Mary, Alice, Denis, and Edward Gleeson, Sarah Guerin, William Harkin, Denis Hartwell, Mathew and Cornelius Healy, Thomas and Margaret Hennessy, Daniel Herman, Michael and Timothy Keane, John Kearse, Anne Kennedy, Bridget Kirby, John Kirby, Thomas Leech, Michael Leonard, Mary Leonard, Michael and Maria Lillas, Norah Linnane, Bridget Lyons, Bridget Madden, Margaret Malone, John Malone, Johanna Martin, Pat McCarron, Terry, James, and Terence McGann, Terence McSherman, Martin McLaughlin, Daniel Mclaughlin, John, Michael, James, and Pat McMahon, Pat McNamara, John Murphy, Johanna Murphy, John Neylan, Ellen Neyton, Pat, Catherine, Elizabeth, and James Nolan, James O'Brien, Mary O'Brien, Margaret O'Brien, Alice O'Donnell, Edward O'Donoghue, James, John, and John O'Neil, Mary O'Neil, Honora and Bridget Qualey, Christopher Quinn, Edward Raffery, Cornelius and John Reardon, Pat aud Michael Regan, John, Francis, and James Regan, Elizabeth Regan, Joseph Reid, James, Hannah, Pat, and Thomas Reidy, Martin Reirdon, Bridget Roach, Pat Ryan, John Ryan, Pat Ryan, Thomas Ryan, William Ryan, Pat and Michael Ryan, Catherine and Ellen Ryan, Bridget and Honora Ryan, Bridget Rispin, James Sanders, Michael Shannon, John Shaughnessy, Michael Sheridan, Thomas Tierney, Pat Tierney, Michael Toole, John Torphy, Mary and Bridget Trawdley, William Walsh, Pat and Thomas Whyte, Mary and William Whyte.


GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Griggs, Emma G. inf August 25th, 1866 Debility at sea
Stephens, Mary 27 August 27th, 1866 Anemia at sea
Shadrach, Margaret inf September 5th, 1866 Debility at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Munroe / Munro, Hughina   May 3rd, 1866 Female  
Hill, Mary   July 3rd, 1866 Male  
Coad, Anna   July 27th, 1866 Female  
Hennessy, Margaret   August 13th, 1866 Female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
CN Cameron George Muir 25 Ploughman 230/1   Nigg, Kincardine to Victoria after 1886
    Elizabeth (Miller) 19          
GE Clothier Albert 23 Labourer 287/3   Yeovil, Somerset  
    Eve (Hockey) 27          
    Sarah Jane inf          
GE Cook James 26 Labourer 311/2   Scotland  
    Margaret 27          
GE Cottrell Jasper 39 Builders labourer 325/2   Swindon, Wiltshire  
    Mary Ann (Bartlett) 38          
    George Barlett 5          
    Walter inf          
GE Cowland Edward 31 Blacksmith 330/3   Deptford St Paul, Kent  
    Elizabeth Ann (Day) 34          
    Charity 10          
    Edward 1          
GE Curyer David William Hyne 21 Slate splitter 361/3   Harberton, Devon brother of Thomas
    Mary Ann (Lang) 25          
    John 2          
GE Curyer Thomas Hyne 30 Slate splitter 362/1   Harberton, Devon  
    Emma Ann (Snell) 34          
    Thomas 2          
    Emma inf          
CN Daly Morty 39 Labourer 367/3   Ireland Mortimer
    Bridget 39          
    Patrick 12          
    Martin 8          
    Morty 6          
    Denis 4          
CN Donellan Michael 18 Labourer 418/1   Clare  
    Bridget (Markham) 23          
CN Donellan Michael 43 Carpenter 418/1   Clare  
    Mary (McMahon) 34          
    Thomas 14          
    Catherine 12          
    Andrew 10          
    Anne 5          
GE Fiveash John 22 Agr. Labourer 508/1   Kent Bermondsey, London
    Mary Elizabeth (Berwick) 21          
    Mary Caroline inf          
GE Forsyth Peter 25 Labourer 520/3   South Shields, Durham  
    Alice (Thompson) 23          
    George 3          
    Margaret 1          
CN Freeman Thomas 40 Weaver 532/1   Coventry Holy Trinity, Warwickshire  
    Millicent (Wilson) 41         1861 census, age 45
CN Gleeson Denis 35 Labourer 576/2   Ireland  
    Mary (Ryan) 30          
    Mary 12          
    Alice 10          
    Denis 8          
    Edward 1          
GE Griffin Daniel 41 Bootmaker 619/2   England  
    Susanne 42          
    Kate 2 twin       twins birth registered, Ecclesall Bierlow Yorkshire West, Riding
    Edgar 2 twin      
GE Grigg William 25 Carpenter 621/3   St Austell, Cornwall  
    Catherine (Stephens) 26          
    Emma inf         died at sea, August 25 1866
CN Haste Robert 34 Compositer 694/2   Kent 1861 census, residing Elswick, Northumberland
    Sarah Ann (Wormald) 36          
    Annie 9          
    Louisa 8          
    Arthur 1          
GE Heath Thomas 63 Wheelwright 709/2   Lambeth, Surrey with family
    Alice (Porter) 63         1861 census, age 61
CN Hennessy Thomas 23 Labourer 720/3   Ireland  
    Margaret 25          
    female inf         born at sea, Aug. 13 1866
GE Herring Thomas 21 Carpenter 727/2   Kensington, London  
    Jane (Fishlock) 30          
GE Hill Charles Fuge 21 Carpenter 737/3   Plymouth, Devon  
    Mary Ann (Cooper) 20          
    Charles Ernest inf         born at sea, July 06 1866
GE Hodbey / Hobby Thomas 35 Labourer 752/2   England  
    Selina 24          
GE Hosking Zacharias 40 Miner 779/3   Ludgvan, Cornwall  
    Mary (Semmens) 39          
    Richard 7          
    James 3          
    Sampson inf          
GE Jackson John 28 Carter 819/1   Scotland  
    Catherine (Davidson) 30          
    Robert 2          
    Alexander inf          
GE Kennedy Thomas 28 Groom 895/3   England Bradford, Yorkshire ?
    Sarah A. 22         Sarah (Crossley ?)
GE King George 23 Blacksmith 910/1   Northumberland  
    Mary 32          
GE King John 25 Blacksmirh 911/1   Newburn, Northumberland  
    Isabella Maria (Croft) 29          
    Annie 4          
GE Knight Josiah 25 Coachman 927/2   Newton Abbot, Devon  
    Avis (Hayman) 24          
    Annie 1          
GE Linklater William Robertson 26 Baker 977/1   Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney  
    Eleanor Weyms (Fea) 24          
    Christina 1          
    Charlotte inf          
CN Lillis Michael 23 Labourer - B Ireland  
    Maria (Blake) 17          
GE Martin Thomas James 25 Smith 1030/1   Brighton, Sussex  
    Jane Ann (Harris) 23          
    Henry 3          
    Anne 1          
GE McLeod Alexander 27 Farm Servant 1079/1   Scotland  
    Margaret (Ross) 28          
GE Medlycott George Steavens 31 Smith 1090/2   St. Pancras, London  
    Sarah (Westcott) 30          
    Rosina 1          
GE Munro James 25 Ploughman 1151/2   Scotland  
    Hughina (Ross) 24          
CN Nolan Patrick 25 Labourer 1192/1   Ireland  
    Catherine 24          
    Elizabeth 3          
    James 1          
GE Parry Isaac 23 Labourer 1241/2   Pontypool, Monmouth  
    Harriett (Hughes) 23          
GE Redding / Reading Joseph Richard 28 Gardener 1336/1   Worcester, Worcestershire  
    Ellen Maria (Dowdeswell) 25          
CN Reidy James 27 Labourer 1342/1   Ireland  
    Hannah (Cunningham) 25          
    Patrick 3          
    Thomas 1          
GE Rowe Richard 29 Miner 1395/2   Widecombe, Devon  
    Cecilia (Warren) 32          
    George 9          
    John 4          
    Abel 1          
GE Shadrach Thomas 29 Labourer 1467/1   Narberth, Carmarthen  
    Jane (Hall) 27          
    Henry 2          
    Margaret inf         died at sea, Sept. 05 1866
GE Stanford Joseph Henry 30 Labourer 1532/3   Winchcomb, Gloucester  
    Sarah (Gwillim) 23          
    Emily 1          
    James Charles inf          
GE Steere George Henry 31 Mason 1539/3   St Andrew, Devon  
    Ann (Beare) 34          
    Bessie Ann 6          
    William George 4          
GE Stephens Richard 23 Sawyer 1543/3   England  
    Mary 27         died at sea, Aug. 27 1866
GE Stevenson Robert 30 Agr. Labourer 1547/2   Scotland  
    Rankeiller / Rankilla (Craigie) 32          
    Jane 15          
    Rosina 1          
CN Trethewey William 27 Sawyer -   Penzance, Corwnall  
    Maria 24         Mary Ann Beard (Dunstan)?
GE Wilcox Richard 32 Blacksmith 1710/3   Bromyard, Herefordshire  
    Hannah (Andrews) 26          
    Ellen inf          
GE Woodward William 35 Agr. Labourer 1743/3   Falmouth, Cornwall  
    Ann (Mitchell) 28          
    John 12          
    Eliza 6          
    Mary A. inf          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Anderson John 22 Labourer 27/1   Scotland  
GE Aychenclose / Auchincloss John 21 Shoemaker -   Glasgow, Lanark  
GE Balsom Samuel 19 Labourer 68/2   England  
CN Bawden Edward 25 Stonemason 98/2   England  
CN Bell Thomas 25 Labourer 108/2   Ireland  
GE Bray Joseph 25 Tailor 168/1   England  
CN Brown George 17 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Burke Martin 23 Agr. Labourer 206/2   Ireland  
CN Burns Maurice 20 Agr. Labourer 209/1   Ireland  
GE Burr James 19 Ploughman 209/3   Scotland  
CN Cabey Thomas 24 Agr. Labourer 223/1   Ireland  
CN Cady Edward 24 Agr. Labourer 223/2   Ireland  
CN Carey John 24 Agr. Labourer 237/2   Ireland  
CN Casey James 17 Agr. Labourer 247/2   Ireland  
GE Caunter Charles 30 Sawyer 251/1   England  
GE Cheyne Frederick 28 Tailor 268/1   Scotland  
CN Connors John 20 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Cooke David 23 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Cooke Edward 25 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Cooke William 20 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
GE Davidson Robert 18 Labourer -   Scotland  
GE Dean George 21 Bootmaker 391/3   England  
CN Donellan Patrick 18 Agr. Labourer 418/1   Clare  
GE Douseberry Frank 19 Porter 423/1   England  
GE Dunstan James 21 mason 442/1   England  
GE Durward John 25 Labourer 442/2   Scotland  
GE Eades John 18 Porter 448/1   England  
CN Eagan Martin 22 Agr. Labourer 448/1   Ireland  
GE Esson James 21 Labourer 473/2   Scotland  
CN Fitzpatrick William 24 Agr. Labourer 507/3   Ireland  
CN Fleming Michael 31 Agr. Labourer 511/1   Ireland  
CN Flood Edward 22 Agr. Labourer 513/1   Ireland  
GE Forsyth Thomas 28 Labourer 520/3   Scotland  
GE Fraser John 24 Labourer 529/3   Scotland  
CN Frewin John 24 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Glen Thomas 33 Agr. labourer 576/3   England  
GE Gosling Richard 30 Shepherd 595/2   England  
GE Grant John 21 Ploughman 604/2   Scotland  
CN Harkin William 19 Labourer 672/2   Ireland  
CN Hartnell Denis 22 Agr. Labourer 688/1   Ireland  
GE Hasken / Hosken Charles 20 Labourer 693/2   England  
GE Hay John 20 Gardener 701/1   Scotland  
GE Hayns James 18 Labourer 704/1   England  
GE Haynes William 23 Smith 704/1   England  
CN Healy Cornelius 26 Agr. Labourer 706/2   Ireland  
CN Healy Matthew 30 Agr. Labourer 706/3   Ireland  
GE Hensley Frederick 21 Ironstone mason 722/3   England  
CN Hernan Daniel 32 Ploughman 726/1   Ireland  
GE Hill Philip 22 Bricklayer 739/3   England  
CN Horsley James 22 Weaver 777/2   England  
GE Hosking William 22 Labourer 779/2   England  
GE Hosking Thomas 31 Labourer 779/2   England  
GE Hosking William 27 Labourer 779/3   Devon  
GE Hughes Edward 22 Carpenter 798/2   England  
GE Jewell William 19 Labourer 842/3   England  
GE Jobson John 20 Fireman 843/2   Deptford, King  
GE Jobson Richard 19 Porter 843/2    
CN Keane Michael 22 Farm Labourer 878/2   Ireland  
CN Keane Timothy 20 Farm Labourer 878/3   Ireland  
CN Kearse John 20 Farm Labourer 879/3   Ireland  
CN Kirby John 22 Farm Labourer 915/2   Ireland  
GE Lacey Thomas 19 Smith -   England  
GE Large John 21 Bootmaker -   England  
GE Laver Edmund 23 Labourer -   England  
GE Lawrence Charles 20 Gardener 957/2   England  
CN Leach Thomas 26 Farm Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Leonard Michael 18 Servant -   Ireland  
CN Malone John 25 Labourer 1007.2   Ireland  
CN Malone Michael 39 Miner 1007/3   England  
GE McBain John 18 Farm Servant 1050/1   Scotland  
CN McCann James 26 Labourer 1052/3   Ireland  
CN McCarron Patrick 21 Labourer 1053/3   Ireland  
CN McGann Terence 24 Labourer 1065/3   Clare  
CN McGann Terry 24 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN McIntosh William 29 Labourer -   Scotland  
GE McIntyre John 20 Shepherd -   Scotland  
GE McKenzie Thomas 21 Ploughman -   Scotland  
CN McKernan Terence 24 Labourer -   Ireland  
GE McLaughlan Isaac 23 Farm Labourer -   Scotland  
CN McLaughlin Daniel 23 Carpenter -   Ireland  
CN McLaughlin Martin 27 Labourer -   Ireland  
GE McLennan Alexander 21 Ploughman -   Scotland  
CN McMahon James 20 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN McMahon John 24 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN McMahon Michael 22 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN McMahon Patrick 17 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN McNamara Patrick 18 Labourer -   Irleand  
GE McPherson William 24 Labourer -   Scotland  
GE McSporran Donald 19 Ploughman -   Scotland  
GE Merson Thomas 19 Bootmaker 1098/1   England  
CN Murphy John 23 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Neylon John 18 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN O'Brien James 23 Labourer 1203/3   Ireland  
CN O'Donoghue Edward 21 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN O'Neil James 26 Labourer 1212/3   Ireland  
CN O'Neil John 24 Labourer 1212/3   Ireland  
CN O'Neil John 8 child -   Ireland  
GE Panther Sidney 21 Tinman 1235/2   England  
GE Pittard George 18 Labourer -   England  
CN Quinn Christopher 24 Farm Labourer 1322/2   Ireland  
CN Rafferty Edward 33 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Reardon Cornelius 20 Labourer 1335/2   Ireland  
CN Reardon John 17 Labourer 1335/2   Ireland  
CN Reardon Martin 22 Labourer 1335/2   Clare  
CN Regan Francis 22 Shoemaker 1338/3   Wicklow  
CN Regan James 19 Shoemaker 1338/3   Wicklow  
CN Regan John 25 Constable 1338/3   Wicklow  
CN Reid Joseph 16 Labourer 1341/1   Ireland  
GE Ritch Robert 20 Labourer 1360/1   Orkney  
GE Rowe Abel 17 Miner 1393/1   England  
GE Rundle Joseph 19 Labourer 1403/2   England  
CN Ryan John 18 Labourer 1410/1   Ireland  
CN Ryan Michael 24 Labourer 1411/1   Ireland  
CN Ryan Patrick 28 Labourer 1411/3   Ireland  
CN Ryan Patrick 25 Labourer 1411/3   Ireland  
CN Ryan Patrick 26 Labourer 1411/3   Ireland  
CN Ryan Thomas 27 Labourer 1412/3   Ireland  
CN Ryan Wlliam 22 Labourer 1413/1   Ireland  
CN Sanders James 21 Labourer 1423/1   Ireland  
CN Shannon Michael 26 Labourer 1469/1   Ireland  
CN Shaughnessy John 22 Farmer 1471/3   Ireland  
CN Sheridan Michael 22 Labourer 1479/1   Ireland  
GE Sinclair Robert 22 Labourer 1493/1   Scotland  
GE Smith William 23 Labourer -   Scotland  
GE Snadden James 23 Labourer 1514/1   Scotland  
GE Sobey John 29 Shoemaker 1543/1   England  
GE Stephens Silas 21 Carpenter 1543/3   England  
CN Stephens John 18 Sawyer -   England  
GE Taylor George 19 Labourer 1579/1   Scotland  
GE Teed Henry 23 Printer 1585/1   England  
CN Tierney Patrick 21 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Tierney Thomas 18 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Toole Michael 24 Labourer 1612/3   Ireland  
CN Torpy John 25 Labourer 1613/3   Ireland  
GE Truscott James Crowle 23 Labourer 1623/1   St Austell, Cornwall  
GE Truscott William Crowle 21 Labourer -    
CN Walsh William 20 Labourer -   Ireland  
GE Webber Thomas 25 Groom -   England  
CN Whyte Patrick 18 Labourer -   Ireland  
CN Whyte Thomas 16 Labourer -   Ireland  
GE Wilcox William 26 Gardener 1710/3   England  
GE Williams John 18 Blacksmith -   England  
GE Withers Herbert 24 Labourer -   England  
Single Women & children
  Walford Selina 47 Matron     England  
CN Beakem Hannah 22 Servant     England  
CN Bermingham Bridget 23 Servant     Ireland  
GE Brookhouse Ann M. 21 Servant     England  
GE Burge Ellen 19 Servant     England  
CN Burns Mary 22 Servant     Ireland  
CN Byrne Theresa 24 Servant     Ireland  
CN Caby Margaret 26 Servant     Ireland  
GE Cannon Susan 23 Nurse 235/2   England  
CN Cleary Catherine 22 Servant     Ireland  
CN Cleary Honor 20 Servant     Ireland  
GE Coad Ann M. 21 Servant     England  
  Coad female inf       - born at sea, July 27 1866
GE Collins Emma 19 Servant     England  
CN Colwell Catherine 21 Servant     Ireland  
CN Connors Amy 19 Servant     Ireland  
CN Connors Honora 39 Housekeeper     Ireland  
CN Conway Mary 22 Servant     Ireland  
GE Cooper mary A. 18 Servant     England  
CN Cunningham Catherine 18 Servant     Ireland  
CN Doherty Jane 17 Servant     Ireland  
CN Donellen Bridget 34 Dairymaid     Ireland  
CN Donellen Mary 16 Servant     Ireland  
CN Doyle Catherine 30 Servant     Ireland  
CN Fitzgerald Mary 21 Servant     Ireland  
CN Fitzpatrick Hannah 26 Servant     Ireland  
CN Frewin Honora 19 Servant     Ireland  
GE Grose Emma J. 22 Servant     England  
GE Heath Mary A. 31 Servant     Lambeth Surrey with parents
GE Heath Sarah 24 Servant    
CN Kennedy Anne 19 Servant 893/2   Ireland  
CN Kirby Bridget 25 Dairymaid 915/1   Ireland  
GE Knight Elizabeth A. 17 Servant 926/2   England  
GE Lake Mary A. 26 Servant     England  
CN Leonard Mary 20 Servant     Ireland  
GE Lines Susanna 26 Servant     England  
CN Linnane Norah 19 Servant     Ireland  
CN Lyons Bridget 18 Servant     Ireland  
GE Madden Bridget 18 Servant     Ireland  
CN Malone Margaret 21 Servant     Ireland  
CN Martin Johanna 23 Servant     Ireland  
CN Miller Jane 65 Houskeeper     Scotland  
CN Murphy Johanna 28 Servant     Ireland  
CN Neylon Ellen 17 Servant 1180/2   Ireland  
CN O'Brien Margaret 22 Servant 1204/1   Ireland  
CN O'Brien Mary 18 Servant 1204/3   Ireland  
GE O'Donnell Alice 29 Housekeeper     Ireland  
CN O'Neil Mary 55 widow     Ireland  
CN Qualey Bridget 10 child     Ireland  
CN Qualey Honora 15 Servant     Ireland  
CN Guerin Sarah 23 Dressmaker     Ireland  
CN Regan Elizabeth 26 Servant     Ireland  
GE Rispen Bridget 29 Servant     Ireland  
CN Roach Bridget 22 Labourer     Ireland  
GE Roberts Grace 20 Charwoman     England  
GE Rowe Elizabeth 21 Servant     England  
CN Ryan Bridget 29 Dairymaid     Ireland  
CN Ryan Catherine 25 Servant     Ireland  
CN Ryan Ellen 23 Servant     Ireland  
CN Ryan Honora 27 Dairymaid 1409/1   Ireland  
GE Simmons Emily 20 Servant     England  
GE Starling Maria 25 Saleswoman 1536/2   England  
GE Story Ellen 24 Servant     England  
CN Trawley Bridget 17 Servant     Ireland  
CN Trawley Mary 19 Servant     Ireland  
GE Ward Ann 25 Servant     England  
GE White Elizabeth 27 Servant     England  
CN Whyte Margaret 16 Servant     Ireland  
CN Whyte William 11 child     Ireland  
GE Williams Elizabeth 35 Housekeeper     English  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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