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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Escort, 671 tons, Captain Daniel Smith, from Liverpool 30th April 1859, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 9th August 1859

. . . . — 4th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1859 ; —3— births and —2— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Matthew Moorhouse, surgeon-superintendent.
In the Reports by the Emigration Officer, Dr. Duncan, there was often mention made in regard to Nominee's or General Emigrants ; the list below made a special effort to separate those into two lists, so, I have combined these but made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Nominee = N. — Robert
from the South Australian Advertiser Wednesday August 10 1859
Tuesday August 9:— Escort ship, 671 tons, passengers - Surgeon-superintendent Dr. Moorhouse, Mrs. Moorhouse, Masters James and Washington Moorhouse, Miss Emma J. Moorhouse and Mrs. D. Smith in the cabin.
An excellent reference page for Dr. Moorhouse career.
The ship Escort, from Plymouth, completed her voyage to this port in 100 days. The River Mersey was left on April 30, with light winds prevailing.
On May 27 the Escort signalized the ship Woodbridge, standing to the W.N.W. Could not make out her ports of departure or destination.
June 15 signalized the barque Velox, from Liverpool, bound to Bombay; and on the same day signalized a schooner bound from Rio de Janeiro to the Sychelle Islands. No other vessels were sighted.
On June 4 the equator was crossed, and on the 30th of the same month the meridian of Greenwich was passed, and that of the Cape of Good Hope on July 29. When in the longitude of St Paul's much strong weather was experienced.
The medical superintendence of this vessel is in the hands of that highly respected gentleman. Dr. M. Moorhouse, who has been absent from this colony 2 years, and now returns with his family. He has been very successful in the medical supervision of the persons under him, having had but two deaths, and those infants, whose lives were precarious when sent on board at Liverpool. The 'tween decks of this vessel are of a medium height, and present to the eye of practical sanitary officers a scrupulous and careful cleanliness. The immigrants are, as a body, very healthy, and the single females are reported to have been well-behaved and respectable. Amongst the live stock this ship has brought are some very fine white turkeys, Poland fowls, and remarkably fine ducks. The commander. Captain D. Smith, has now concluded his sixteenth voyage in emigrant vessels, having been in the eastern trade ever since 1840. He was then at Port Adelaide in the Fairley at the same time as the Lallah Rhook and Jarra were lying off Glenelg, previously to the Port being surveyed. The Escort was towed up yesterday afternoon.
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Enright, Patrick inf May17th, 1859 General debility at sea
Davison, William inf June 23rd, 1859 Convulsion from teething at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Austin, Alice   May 1st, 1859 male  
Day, Caroline   July 18th, 1859 male  
Creasy, Elizabeth   July 25th, 1859 female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Austin John 33 Iron Moulder - Surrey to Melbourne
    Alice 33        
    Joseph 1        
    William Richard inf       born at sea, May 01 1859
N Beenham John 31 Constable / Gardener - Windsor, Kent  
    Sarah (Girdler) 27        
    Frances 2        
GE Best Thomas 28 Iron Moulder 120/3 Halifax, Yorkshire Bury
    Emma (Burnett) 25        
    Evelina 6        
GE Black Samuel 28 Agr. Labourer 128/3 Lincoln, Lincolnshire  
    Ann (Stow) 23        
    William 7        
    Joseph 2        
    John inf        
GE Bromley James William 22 Farm Labourer 180/3 Maidstone, Kent  
    Faith (Davies) 21        
GE Brown Morris 34 Agr. Labourer 189/2 Tilshead ?, Wiltshire  
    Hannah M. 25       age ? 35 ?
GE Brown William 24 Agr. Labourer 191/1 Lincoln, Lincolnshire  
    Sarah Ann (Codd) 20        
    Jane 1        
GE Burbridge John 31 Agr. Labourer 202/1 Northampton Dover, Kent ?
    Jane (Cart ?) 23        
GE Chancellor Thomas 22 Quarryman 256/3 Ayrshire  
    Agnes 23        
    Eliza 3        
    Jane inf        
GE Cox David John 28 Drainer 332/2 Cambridge Newark, Lincolnshire
    Anne (Barnes) 28        
    Mary E. 4        
    Thomas 1        
GE Crawford Henry 32 Farm Labourer 339/2 Ayrshire  
    Elizabeth 35        
    Helen 3        
GE Creasey Thomas 26 Farm Labourer 340/3 Lincoln, Lincolnshire  
    Elizabeth (Norton) 28        
    female inf       born at sea, July 25 1859
GE Davison John 27 Shepherd 384/1 North Witchford, Cambridge?  
    Maria 27        
    Elizabeth 2        
    William Burns inf       died at sea, June 23 1859
N Day John 28 Shoemaker 388/3 Cirencester, Gloucester  
    Caroline (Day) 24        
N Dowde Andrew 26 Labourer 423/3 Cavan with family
    Elizabeth Ann (Smith) 25        
    Daphne 2        
    David W. inf        
N Enright Michael 21 Farm Labourer 471/3 Clare  
    Ann 22        
    Patrick inf       died at sea, May 17 1859
GE Fraser James 29 Coach Builder 529/2 Lanark  
    Margaret 28        
    George 4        
    James 2        
    Jane inf        
GE Fry Robert 42 Quarryman 537/1 Pontypool, Monmouth with family
    Elizabeth 40        
    Ann 12        
    William 9        
    Emily 7        
    Robert 5        
GE Glasscock James 38 Farm Labourer 575/1 Middlesex  
    Eliza 33 Nash   Edmonton  
    James 6        
GE Grindley John 24 Farm Labourer 622/3 Fifeshire  
    Catherine 20        
GE Hancock Richard 37 Farm Labourer 661/3 Barmby On The Moor, Yorkshire  
    Jane (Carrick) 32       Carrack
    Elizabeth 9        
    Margaret 7        
    Sarah 5        
    John 3        
    Mary 1        
N Laming / Lamming George Thomas 31 Farm Labourer 949/1 Eastry, Kent  
    Ann (Garlinge) 29        
    Richard James 6        
    Henry 4        
    Thomas 1        
GE Laxton John 21 Farm Labourer - Lincoln Oundle, Huntingdonshire
    Eliza (King) 22        
N Manuel James 44 Farm Labourer 1015/2 St. Columb, Cornwall with family
    Eliza 48        
    Thomas Osbourn 12        
    John Henry 5        
N McCaffrey Thomas 29 Farm Labourer 1051/3 Cornwall  
    Margaret (McQuiggan) 29        
    Mary Ann 4        
    James 1        
GE McKay John 25 Railway Porter 1072/1 Berwick  
    Helen 27        
    Alexander 2        
    Euphemia 1        
GE Medhurst James 25 Agr. Labourer 1090/1 Steyning, Sussex  
    Susan (Tucker) 26        
    James 3        
    Emily 1        
GE Monkton / Monckton John 32 Agr. Labourer 1128/1 Tunbridge?, Kent Monktow / Manktelow
    Philadelphia 25        
GE Murray Robert 24 Ploughman 1157/3 Ayrshire  
    Janet 17        
    John Escort inf        
GE Pearson John 29 Moulder 1258/3 Halifax, Yorkshire  
    Grace (Sutcliffe) 26        
    Mary Ann 1        
GE Phelps William Albert 20 Gardener 1277/3 Stroud, Gloucester  
    Elizabeth (Davis) 19        
N Richardson William 48 Shoemaker 1353/2 Wicklow with family
    Mary Ann 28       second wife
    Anna 5        
    Edward 4        
    Sarah 2        
    Arthur inf        
GE Roberts Charles 29 Agr. Labourer 1363/1 Maidstone, Kent  
    Rebecca (Allen) 28       FreeBMD married 4th quarter 1852
    Charity 12     Ticehurst, Kent relationship ?
    Harriett inf        
GE Sandry William Thomas 28 Iron Moulder - St. Saviour, Surrey to Melbourne
    Cordelia (Bromage) 30        
    Mary E. inf        
GE Stow Joseph 26 Agr. Labourer - Lincoln, Lincolnshire  
    Mary Ann (Norton) 26        
    Elizabeth 5        
N Smith George 32 Farm Labourer 1504/1 Trevethin, Monmouth  
    Margaret (Williams) 31        
    Margaret 13        
    Eliza 11        
    Mary 10        
    Henry 6        
    Sarah A. 3        
    David inf        
GE Stewart Thomas 27 Wheelwright 1549/2 Lanark  
    Ann 23        
    Thomas 7        
    Ruth 5        
    Agnes 2        
GE Sunderland Pickles 30 Iron Moulder 1564/3 Bingley, Yorkshire  
    Charlotte (Dean) 31        
    Cordelia 8        
    Emma 7        
GE Truman / Trueman Cuthbert 32 Iron Moulder - Middlesex 1841 census, spelling Trueman, living Long Benton, Northumberland
    Margaret 35        
    Margaret 9        
    George 7        
GE White William 24 Iron Moulder - Bermondsey, Surrey  
    Jane (Teague) 21        
    Jane 1        
N Wright Elijah 21 Harness Maker 1747/2 Kensington, Middlesex  
    Mary (Blagrove) 24        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
N Brien John 19 Agr. Labourer - Limerick  
N Brien John 30 Agr. Labourer 174/2 Tipperary  
N Cahill William 19 Carpenter 224/3 Tipperary  
GE Cameron Robert 21 Gardener 230/3 Edinburgh  
GE Coghill James 22 Labourer 294/1 Edinburgh  
N Collins John 23 Farm Servant - Clare  
N Comerford Dennis 15 Labourer 304/1 Tipperary travelling with ?
N Considine Cornelius 21 Farm Servant 309/2 Clare  
N Cormack John 31 Farm Servant - Tipperary  
N Daniel John 20 Labourer - Tipperary  
N Darcy John 26 Labourer - Clare  
N Devereux Thomas 27 Farm Servant 401/1 Tipperary with family ?
N Dobbin Hugh 23 Ploughman 409/3 Carlow  
N Donovan Matthew 21 Labourer 419/3 Tipperary  
GE Dowde David 57 Farm Labourer 423/3 Cavan with family
N Dowde Patrick 15 Labourer 423/3 Cavan with family
N Dwyer Martin 26 Labourer 445/3 Tipperary  
N Flaherty John 21 Farm Labourer 508/2 Clare  
N Flaherty Patrick 23 Farm Labourer 508/2 Clare  
N Flynn John 20 Farm Labourer 514/3 Clare  
N Fogarty Thomas 22 Farm Labourer 515/1 Clare  
N Hanrahan John 22 Farm Labourer 666/2 Limerick  
GE Hasting Joseph 27 Boiler Maker 694/2 Lincoln  
N Healy Thomas 22 Farm Labourer 706/2 Clare  
GE Heath Thomas 16 Cowherd 709/1 Middlesex travelling with ?
N Henebry Edmond 20 Farm Labourer 719/3 Kilkenny  
N Hogan Patrick 39 Farm Labourer 759/3 Clare  
N Hogan Thomas 14 Farm Labourer 760/2 Clare  
N Hogan William 27 Farm Labourer 760/2 Tipperary  
N Howard Stephen 23 Farm Labourer 783/3 Clare  
N Jones John 49 Farm Labourer 860/1 Clare  
N Jones Richard 23 Farm Labourer 861/3 Monmouth  
N Keane Michael 24 Farm Labourer 878/2 Clare  
N Kenna John 28 Farm Labourer 893/1 Tipperary  
N Kerby Cornelius 26 Farm Labourer 900/3 Limerick  
GE Kitchen John 22 Agr. Labourer 917/3 Limerick  
N Leary Edmond 19 Farm Labourer - Kilkenny  
N Lynch Patrick 24 Farm Labourer - Cavan  
N Lynch Peter 20 Farm Labourer - Cavan  
N Mahedy James 26 Labourer 1001/2 co. Mayo  
N Mahedy Patrick 23 Labourer 1001/2 co. Mayo  
N May Hugh Christian 18 Hair Dresser 1044/2 Middlesex  
GE McColl John 27 Farm Labourer - Lanark  
N McGregor James 23 Blacksmith - Stirling  
N McLennan Murdoch 21 Shepherd 1078/3 Banff  
N McMahon Patrick 22 Farm Labourer - Clare  
N McNamara Michael 22 Farm Labourer - Clare  
N Merritt John 25 Labourer 1098/1 Clare married, in BISA
N Moloney Patrick 22 Farm Labourer 1126/1 Clare  
N Moore Thomas 28 Farm Labourer - Leicester  
GE Moreton John 23 Ground (Groundsman?) - Middlesex  
GE Muirhead Thomas 22 Ploughman 1146/1 Lanark  
N Mullins James 15 Farm Labourer - Lancashire with sister
N O'Brien Dennis 25 Farm Labourer 1203/2 Clare  
N O'Connell Michael 26 Farm Labourer - Clare  
N O'Neil Michael 26 Farm Labourer 1212/3 Clare  
GE Parker Samuel 18 Farm Labourer 1239/1 Somerset  
N Richardson Nathaniel 23 Shoemaker 1352/3 Wicklow with parents
N Richardson Thomas 21 Shoemaker 1353/1 Wicklow with parents
N Ryme Michael 15 Farm Labourer 1413/3 Lancashire travelling with ? | Rynne 1414/1
N Sheedy George 18 Farm Labourer 1474/2 Clare  
GE Sim George 22 Farm Labourer 1487/2 Aberdeen with sister
N Sutton Richard 22 Baker - Dublin  
N Sutton Thomas Mills 18 Farm Labourer 1566/3 Wicklow  
N Tims Edward George 14 Labourer - Galway  
N Tims George 39 Labourer - Galway  
N Tomlinson Julius 22 Mechanic 1610/1 Gloucester  
N Trussey Marcus 21 Labourer - Galway  
GE Tyler Joseph 21 Farm Labourer 1635/1 Middlesex  
GE Williams Thomas 26 Labourer - Monmouth died about 10 days after arrival
GE Wilson David 21 Labourer - Lanark  
N Wilson William 20 Farm Labourer - Cavan  
N Woods Thomas 25 Farm Labourer 1742/2 Carlow  
GE Wright Hugo John / Hugh John 18 Labourer - Lancashire  
Single Women & children
GE Allan Margaret 18 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
GE Ashwith Elizabeth 20 Dress Maker   Lincoln  
GE Auld Marian 23 Dairy Maid   Lanark  
GE Bell Mary 27 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Bourke Catherine 24 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
N Brien Judith 24 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
N Brown Mary 19 Domestic Servant   Dumfries  
N Carer Anty 25 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny Anthony Carew
N Carey / Carley Catherine 20 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
N Carney Ann 16 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Casey Bridget 20 Domestic Servant   Carlow  
GE Coghill Mary 24 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
GE Crelly Margaret 26 Domestic Servant   Ayrshire  
N Cunningham Margaret 34 Dairy Maid   Clare  
N Davies Mary 20 Domestic Servant   Montgomery?  
N Devereux Elizabeth 22 Labourer   Tipperary with family ?
N Dillon Alice J. 10     Carlow  
N Dillon Elizabeth 40 Laundress   Carlow  
N Dillon Sarah 19 Laundress   Carlow  
GE Dixon Elizabeth 22 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Dobson Elizabeth 22 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
GE Farnham Jane 26 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
GE Fletcher Mary 20 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Flynn Ellen 18 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Flynn Honor 16 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Fraser Elizabeth 21 Domestic Servant   Gloucester  
GE Fry Mary 16 Domestic Servant   Pontypool, Monmouth with parents
GE Fry Sarah 14 Domestic Servant   Pontypool, Monmouth with parents
N Ganely Bridget 12 Domestic Servant   Clare travelling with ?
N Gavan Bridget 22 Domestic Servant   co. Mayo  
GE Golding Jane 23 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
N Hallinan Bridget 19 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Hanahan Mary 20 Farm Servant 666/2 Limerick  
GE Hannah Elizabeth 22 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Hayes Eliza A. 21 Domestic Servant   Galway  
N Hayes Margaret 16 Domestic Servant   Galway  
N Healy Catherine 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Healy Mary 24 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Hehir Bridget 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Hehir Margaret 17 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Hehir Mary 27 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Heney James 5   720/1 Tipperary  
N Heney Margaret 36 Labourer 720/1 Tipperary  
N Hewitt Margaret 22 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Humbleton Sarah 30 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
GE Irington Emma 15 Domestic Servant   Middlesex Errington / Kingston
GE Irington Mary A. 20 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
N Jones Bridget 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N King Ann 12 Farm Servant 911/2 Clare  
N King Bridget 16 Farm Servant 911/2 Clare  
N King Hannah 46 Farm Servant 911/2 Clare  
N Knox Margaret 23 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
N Leader Catherine 18 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Levy Julia 18 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
N Madigan Mary 22 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Manuel Mary J. 14 Domestic Servant   Cornwell with parents
GE Marchane Martha 19 Laundress   Oxford  
GE Martin Ruth 30 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N McAllan Diana 18 Domestic Servant   Caithness  
N McAllan Helen 28 Domestic Servant   Caithness  
GE McAlly Mary 18 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE McBride Grace 35 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE McBride Margaret Welch 16 Domestic Servant 1050/3 Lanark  
GE McCormick Margaret 20 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N McInnerney Mary 22 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Molony Anne 27 Domestic Servant   Clare  
N Mullins Mary 22 Dairy Maid   Lancashire with brother
N O'Connor Susan 22 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Painter Charlotte 26 Domestic Servant   Gloucester  
GE Plumb Emma Frances 15 Domestic Servant   Kent travelling with ?
GE Richards Hannah 25 Domestic Servant   Oxford  
N Richardson Mary Ann 19 Spinster 1353/2 Wicklow with parents
N Richardson Rebecca 16 Spinster 1353/2 Wicklow with parents
GE Riddle Elizabeth 17 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
N Ross Maria 24 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
GE Ross Mary Ann 30 Domestic Servant   Gloucester  
N Rougham Catherine 21 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
N Rougham Ellen 18 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
N Ryan Mary 22 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
GE Scotney Sarah 21 Domestic Servant   Northampton  
GE Scott Edith 20 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
GE Shaw Jane 23 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
GE Shearer Amelia 21 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
N Sheedy Margaret 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
GE Sim Janet 15 Domestic Servant   Aberdeen with brother
GE Smith Eliza 19 Domestic Servant   Edinburgh  
GE Smith Elizabeth 24 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Tannahill Margaret 18 Domestic Servant   Renfrew  
N Treasy Catherine 23 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
GE Walsh Julia 20 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Willett Alice 18 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
GE Wilson Ann 23 Domestic Servant   Lanark  
GE Woolner Emma 29 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
GE Woolner Sarah 32 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
GE Young Ida 21 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research) ; FreeBMD ; 1851 UK census'

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