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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship George Washington, 461 tons, Captain Matthias Probst, from Hamburg 23rd May 1844 & Bremen 29th May arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 12th September 1844

The South Australian Register, Saturday September 14th, 1844

Thursday September 12.— The ship George Washington, 461 tons, Probst, Master, from Bremen. Passengers Mr. L. Mundil, H.H. Behr, and F.G.H. Harzen, in the cabin and one hundred and eighty-one German Emigrants in the steerage. ....... The George Washington, arrived on Thursday last, brings one hundred and eighty-one steerage, and two cabin passengers. Six deaths occurred on the voyage, viz., three adults and three children. there were also eight births. We understand the passengers present a very clean and respectable appearance. One of them became deranged at an early stage of the passage; and, we are sorry to say, he still continues in that melancholy state.

The Adelaide Observer, Saturday September 14th, 1844

The George Washington from Germany.
This splendid ship, formerly an American Liner, 461 tons register, now commanded by Capt. Probst, arrived on Thursday the 12th instant, from Bremen, under consignment to H.C. Stakemane, Esq., with 3 cabin and 184 steerage passengers, consisting of 52 Adult males, 40 Adults Females, 45 Boys and 50 Girls = 187.
Three adults and three children died during the passage, and eight births occurred. The emigrants are from several different parts of Germany, but the greater part from Mecklenburgh, Bremen, Holstein, East Prussia, and the Polish Frontier. They appear to be very able-bodied and orderly set, and are in excellent spirits. They consist principally of the agricultural classes, with "a sprinkling" of smiths and other hand-craftsmen, and a good proportion of young men and women fit for domestic service.
The passage (a remarkably fine one) was accomplished in great harmony, without any casualty save those above described, and in the short space of 108 days from port to port. The George Washington left Bremen on the 29th May, and not having touched at any port in the British Channel does not bring a direct English Mail; but by the kindness of the consignee we have been furnished with London papers to the 17th May.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Altmann Johann Joseph 45 Mason 22/1 Schloin, Grunberg, Silesia  
  Anna Maria (Baumann) 41        
  Johann Karl August 20        
  Johann Karl Joseph 18        
  Johanne Eleonore 16        
  Johanne Christiane 8        
  Anna Rosina 4        
  Johann Ernst 4        
  Anna Dorothea 18mo.        
Buchwald Johann Siegismund n/a Farmer - Niebusch, Silesia joining family
  Johanna Dorothea 21 daughter      
Dühring 30   435/1 Kottbus, Brandenburg  
  wife n/a        
  daughter 6        
  Hermann 30mo.   435/1    
  Paul 18mo.   435/2    
Fechner Christian 53 Farmer 489/3 Niebusch, Silesia  
  Anna Elisabeth (Apelt) 51        
  Johann Friedrich Ernst 23        
  Karl Gottlieb Friedrich 18        
Fellenberg Gottfried 53 Farmer 490/3 Ober-Siegerdorf  
  Dorothea Elisabeth (Fielder) 45        
  Dorothea Elisabeth 22        
  Karl Gottlieb 18        
  Maria Dorothea 16        
Hensel Johann Gottlieb 35 Gardener 636/2    
  Anna Rosina (Kothe) 32        
  Johanne Christiane 8        
Heppner Heinrich 52 Carpenter 723/2 Silesia Haeppner
  wife (Dickon ?) n/a        
Dickon Johanna Eleonore n/a foster-daughter      
Heppner Gottfried 56   723/2 Silesia  
  Karl 24        
  Hermann 16        
  August 11        
Hoffmann Ernest August 33 Compass-smith 756/2 Freistadt, Silesia  
  Johanne Eleanore (Deckow) n/a        
  Lius 5        
Hoffmann Johann Georg 49 Tailor - Freistadt, Silesia  
  Anna Elisabeth (Jaetner) 42        
  Karl / Carl 18        
  daughter 16        
  Johann Gottlieb 15   757/3    
  Friedrich Ernst 12   757/1    
  Anna Elisabeth 10        
  Johanna Lydia 4        
  Johannes 1        
Irrgang Johann Gottlieb 43 Labourer 814/1 Ober-Siegerdorf, Silesia  
  Johanne Dorothea (Schmidt) 33     Christianstadt, Brandenburg  
  Johanne Auguste 13        
  Emma Pauline 6        
Irrgang Johanne Rosina (Krause) 34 widow 814/1 Ober-Siegerdorf, Silesia  
  Wilhelm Gustav 5        
  Johanne Christiane 4        
Kahl Karl Gottlieb 42 - 872/2 Grünberg, Silesia  
  Maria Elisabeth 44        
  Karl 19        
  Johann Carl 11        
Käthner Johann Gottlieb 43 Teacher 875/2 Schloin, Grünberg, Silesia Kaethner / Kathner
  Johanne Eleonora (Hermann) 36        
  Johanne Juliane Friedrike 15        
  daughter 12        
  Johann Hermann 9        
  Maria Florentine 8        
  Luise Ernestine 5        
Klemm Gottfried 44 Farmer / Butcher 922/1 Kuschten, Posen  
  Maria Rosina 44        
  daughter 20        
  son 16        
  Johann Gottlieb 14        
  daughter 10        
Klose Samuel 42 Farmer 924/3 Schloin, Silesia  
  Maria Elisabeth (Krause) 42        
  Johanna Rosina 14        
  Johanne Eleanore 8        
  Johann Gottlieb 5        
Kroll Johann 37 - 939/1 Gross-Dammer Posen Krollig
  Marianna (Steinkow) 38        
  Julianna 2        
  Mariann Mathilde 6mo.        
Krüger Ernst Sigismund 34 - - Kottbus, Brandenburg Kruger
  Charlotte Friedericke 35        
  Karl 9        
  Gustav 5        
  Theodor 4        
Kutschke Thomas 45 - - Kuschten, Posen  
  wife n/a        
  daughter 20        
  Ludwig 16        
  daughter 10        
Lauterbach Gottfried 48 Coachman - Langhermsdorf, Silesia  
  Eva Rosina (Lauterbach) 48        
  Johann Karl Friedrich 20   956/3    
  Eva Rosina 16        
  Anna Maria n/a        
Leibig Johann Friedrich 45 Farmer 971/2 Freistadt, Silesia  
  Dorothea Elisabeth (Jentsch) 49        
  Johann Gottlob 20        
  Dorothea Elisabeth 12        
Lindner Johann Gottlieb 39 Blacksmith 974/2 Guschau, Brandenburg  
  Dorothea Elisabeth (Schütz) 42        
  Johann Christian 10        
  Karl Traugott 8        
  Johann Gottlieb 5        
  Ernst August 18mo.        
Maywald Carl Gottlieb 35 - - Prussia  
  Johanna Helene (Bartsch) 43        
  Johanna Eleonore 15        
  Anna Rosina 10        
  Carl Friedrich 4        
  Johann Traugott 2        
Modistach Simon 24 Farmer 1123/2 Gross Dammer, Posen Modisdach
  Franziska (Pawelski) n/a        
  Carl August n/a       died at sea
Pfeiffer Johann Friedrich 39 Coachman 1275/3 Langhermsdorf, Silesia  
  Anna Elisabeth (Reiger) n/a        
  Karl Friedrich Ernst 15        
  Johanne Juliane 12        
  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 10        
  Johanne Elisabeth n/a        
  Johann Friedrich 3        
Pryzibilla Mathias 38 - 1315/3 Gross Dammer, Posen Pschybilla
  Constance Regina (Gieniezky) 37        
  Andreas 9        
  Anton 3        
Schenk Wilhelm 40 - - Kottbus, Brandenburg ? Schaeche
  wife n/a        
  Ernst 15        
Schneider Johann Christof 27 Wheelwright 1442/2 Christianstadt, Brandenburg  
  Ernestine Phillipine (Walter) 26        
  Johann Gottlieb 1        
Schrapel Johann Gottlieb 50 Brickmaker 1445/2 Züllichau  
  Maria Dorothea (Schefler) 49        
  Johann Gottlieb 19        
  Johann Friedrich August 17        
  Johann Traugott 14        
  Johanna Eleonore 12        
  Maria Dorothea 9        
Schultz Johann Georg 61 Gardener - Steinborn, Silesia  
  Helena Johanna (Jentsch) n/a        
Schultz Johann Karl Erdmuth 24 Gardener 1449/2 Steinborn, Silesia  
  Johanne Elisabeth (Grossmann) 26        
Seidel Christian Friedrich 46 Share Farmer 1461/1 Schloin, Silesia  
  Anna Elisabeth (Schulz) 46        
  Maria Elisabeth 21        
  Johanne Rosina 18        
  Johann Karl Heinrich 16        
  Johanne Eleonore 13        
  Christian 10        
  Anna Elisabeth 8        
  Johanne Dorothea 4        
  Johanne Auguste 1        
Sporn Johann Friedrich 58 Coachman 1525/1 Seiffersdorf, Silesia  
  Maria Elisabeth (Jentsch) n/a        
  Johanna Helena 27        
  Joahnn Friedrich 19        
Stanetzki Nikolaus 38 Farmer 1533/2 Gross Dammer, Posen Stanitzki
  Rosalie (Oleniczock) n/a        
  Tekla 6        
  Johanne Juliane Auguste 3        
  Anton Friedrich 1        
Stiller Johann Samuel 40 Labourer 1550/1 Nismenau, Züllichau  
  Johanne Karoline (Schrapel) 27        
  Johann Gottlieb 5        
  Johanne Christiane 3        
Stumann 58 - - Kottbus, Züllichau  
  wife n/a        
  daughter 24        
  daughter 22        
  daughter 17        
  son 9        
  son 6        
Ulbricht Johann Friedrich 49 - - Silseia  
  wife n/a        
  daughter n/a        
  daughter n/a        
Wallent Lorenz 46 Farmer 1665/1 Gross Dammer, Posen  
  Petronella (Stanko) 42       (Steinkow)
  Margaretha 18        
  Marianne 16        
  Theresa 10        
  Johan Karl 6        
  Simeon 3        
Walter Henrich Wilhelm Alexander 29 Weaver 1668/3 Christianstadt, Züllichau Violin Maker
  Johanne Ernistine (Schrapel) 23        
  Simeon Nathaniel inf        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men
Deckow Johann 56 widower - - joining family
Dühring Christian 23 - 435/1 Kottbus, Brandenburg Duehring
Fielder Karl August 25 - - Grünberg, Silesia joining family
Gidda Anton 26 - - Gross-Dammer, Posen  
Graetz Johann Friedrich August 16 - - - joining family
Krause Johann Karl 26 - - Seiffersdorf, Silesia  
Mackenzie Ernst Wilhelm 24 Nailsmith - Grünberg. Silesia  
Pfeiffer Samuel 72 Lodger 1276/1 Silesia with daughter
Pinetzki Andreas 20 - - Gross-Dammer, Posen  
Pinetzki Simeon 46 - - Gross-Dammer, Posen  
Shultz Gottfried 40 Gardener - Silesia joining family
Single Women
Graetz Anna Elisabeth 42   - - joining family
Pfeiffer Johanne Eleonore 28   1276/1 Silesia with father
Walter Johanne Christiane 60   - Christianstadt, Züllichau with family

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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