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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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brig Grasbrook / Grassbroek, 218 tons, Captain H. Bruhns / Bruhne, from Hamburg 25th April 1858, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 15th August 1858

The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 16 August 1858 p. 2
Sunday August 15 - The brig Grassbrook [sic], 282 tons, H. Bruhne, Master, from Hamburg April 25th ; Amsberg & Co., Town ; Mocutta Port, agents.

Passengers:— (verbatim, from the newspaper)
Carl Wilh. Piper, F. Adolph Rasmus, Christine Matern, Alexander Reed, Thomas, Daniel, Marie Dorothea, Eleanore, Frederick W., Aug, Samuel Raschke, Elizabeth Poese, Joh. Beak Muller, Carl Krinert, Pauline Krinert, Gotte Fechner, Rosine, Carl Ernst Louis, Johanne August Fechner, Ludwig Schafer, Wilh., Johanna, Wilhelmine, Johann, Johnr. and Johne Juliane Tamber, Carl Ferd Gerloff, Robert and Louise Polke, Albert, Paul, and Maitz Lous, Robert Polke, Gust and Rud, Droschen, Herm Ischierschky, Maria Beythiien, A. M. C. Pengel, J. F. Giercke, Dorothea Giercke, Louis Diehr, J. L. Tubeil, J. G., A.E., A.D.F., A. E., J.E., G.W., A.R., J.C., J.W.A. Renschke, C.J., P., and M. Schadel, Carl Wachtmann, Carl Muller, C.H. Fust, Carl Krectshmer, Elizabeth, Pauline, H. Hern. Bertha and Bertha Krectschner, M. E. Greyer, A.H. Herrmann, W.H., M.L.A., and M.L. Graber, J.C.A. Brull, A. Kayser, T. Attenkirch, Bertha and Therese Alienkirch, Emile Ansorge, J.G., M.R., C. E. Scheibeben, J.W. Wende, W.C. Shubert, J.E. Kretachner, A., F.F., A. C., and L. Zanker, F. Neimann, Christopher, Christine, Julius Lang, C. Keikebusch, G. Ackermann, Ann Roster, C., and J. Absch, August Otto, C., and H. Otto, G.G.,.J., A.E.H., and H. Gertz, Wilh Materine, A. Roeke, C. Kwaschnicke, J.L.D., M.B., A.E.L., G.A.O., and C.G.E. Gericke, O. Zahr, F. Wig, M. Brockmuller, J. Stayner, J. Schoftalers, G.G. Stephens, and J. Ran.

Miscellaneous Shipping from the SA Advertiser 1868-1889 Tuesday August 17 1858 page 2.

The Hamburg brig Grassbrook, from Hamburg, arrived at the Lightship anchorage on Sunday morning, the 14th instant, having been out at sea 112 days. Light weather is recorded in her log throughout the voyage from north-west until five days prior to her entering harbour ; the wind then shifted to south-west, keeping steady from that quarter up to her arrival at the anchorage ground in the Gulf. Her track on the chart indicates having been as far south as 43° ; no vessels have been spoken during the voyage. She is commanded by Captain H. Bruhne, who arrived at this port in 1849 chief officer of the Victoria. Her draught being only 11 feet 9 Inches, she was towed into harbour without delay.

A MAN LOST OVERBOARD. -The brig Grassbrook reports that, during her voyage, a young man named Joh. Wilh. Kuhne, aged 22 years, was missed from amongst the passenger on May 20th, in latitude 5° 40' north, 22° 33' west. A Most rigid Search throughout the ship was made, but to no purpose ; it was then supposed that he had fallen overboard from the bows of the vessel unnoticed, and drowned. The unfortunate young man was much liked amongst the passengers, and had been suffering from illness some time prior to being missed.

The above-named vessel entered our waters on Sunday last, the 15th instant, after a voyage from Hamburg of 112 days, bringing 121 passengers, being comprised as follows: 96 adults, l7 children of both sexes, under eight years of age, and 5 infants. The national classification is — from Prussia 105, Tyrolese 3, Holstein 4, Hanover 3, Mecklenberg 6. The surgeon the reports passengers by the above vessel being in perfect health, which report is fully established by their appearance. This vessel brings no cargo. [sic] "14 rams, Order"

Grasbrook :
The Hamburg brig GRASBROOK was built at Hamburg by Krohn in 1851/53, and was purchased by the Hamburg firm of Joh. Ces. Godeffroy & Sohn on 22 January 1853 [Bielbrief (certificate of registry) 1 April 1853]. 109 Commerzlasten; 102,4 x 27,8 x 15,9 Hamburg Fuß (1 Hamburg Fuß = .28657 meter), length x beam x depth of hold. .. On 5 December 1863, the GRASBROOK stranded near Ameland; her wreck was later sold.
extracted from

An index from the State Library South Australia (SLSA) shows that 121 German migrants should have been on the Grasbrook, I have been able to find 121 as listed below — Regards Robert.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide
BBI Brandenberg Index from Ancestry
AMPI Australian Medical Pioneers Index

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( )

Names Age Occupation B-index BDM Residence Remarks
Last Given
Wahnes Wilhelm Heinrich 26 Ships Doctor -   Eisenach Weimar  
Steerage - Families
Absch Carl Friedrich 50 Gardener - D Steinau Prussia  
  Johanna Friedrich 50          
Altenkirch(en) Thomas 29 Storeman 21/2 B/D Lorch Gross Hazrt Hess NAA 1062942
  Bertha (Dingeldy) 25          
  Theresa Catharina inf          
Fechner Johann Gottlieb 40 Landmann 490/1 D Alt Boroy  
  Rosina Dorothea (Starr) 41          
  Carl Ernst Louis 15          
  Johanne Juliane 12          
  Johanne Auguste 5          
Gericke Johann Leberecht 38 Carpenter 560/2 B Berlin Prussia GMI | NAA 3178282 ?
  Maria Dorothea (Kiekebusch) 34          
  Mathilda Bertha 8          
  Anna Emilie Lisette 6          
  Gustav Adolph Otto 3          
  Carl Gustav Hermann 1          
Gertic / Gertig Johann Gottfried 58 Labourer 562/1 D Ransen Prussia GMI
  Johanne Elisabeth 56          
  Johann August 19          
  Johann Hermann Eduard 15          
  Johann Hermann Heinrich 8         NAA 12939
Gierke Johann Friedrich 28 Landmann 565/3 M/D Glosgen Prussia GMI
  Alma Dorothea (Kuehn) 22          
Graeber Wilhelm 25 Blacksmith 599/3 B/D Grimmitz Prussia  
  Henrietta (Brull) 22          
  Marie Louise Auguste 1          
  Marie Louise inf          
Kretschmer Johann Carl Friedrich 34 Master Smith 937/1 D Langenols Prussia GMI | NAA 3180921
  Johanne Elisabeth (Greger) 28          
  Pauline 5          
  Heinrich Hermann 2          
  Bertha inf          
Kroenert Carl 26 Storeman 939/1 D Neutomyls Possen Prussia NAA 3170806
  Pauline 25          
Lange Christoph Johann Heinrich 53 Carpenter - D Telfsmannsdorf Mecklenburg Schwerin NAA 3197051
  Christine 47          
  Julius 15          
Otto Johann August 29 Labourer - B/D Ransen Prussia GMI
  Johanne Christine (Gertig) 28          
  Henrietta 4          
Polke Franz Robert 36 Shoemaker 1294/3 B/D Zullichau Prussia BBI 58 | GMI
  Anna Louise (Kuchel) 39          
  Albertine Pauline 3          
  Moritz Louis Robert inf          
Raschke (Thomas?) Daniel 39 Landmann - - Neu Boroy Prussia  
  Marie Dorothea 40          
  Eleanore 13          
  Friedericke Wilhelmine Auguste 4          
Reschke Johann Gottfried 44 Landmann - M/D Messow Crossen Prussia BBI 58 | GMI
  Anna Elisabeth (Jockisch) 48          
  Anna Dorothea Friedericke 17          
  Anna Elisabeth 13          
  Julius Eduard 10   1345/2     NAA 31076
Reschke Gottlieb Werner 55 Brick Maker -   Gross Tinz Prussia  
  Anna Rosina 55          
  Johanne Charlotte 30          
  Johann Wilhelm August 4          
Schaedel Charlotte Juliette 35   - M? Steinau Prussia  
  Pauline 7          
  Mathilde 3          
Scheibchen Johann Carl Gottlieb 45 Landmann 1436/1 D Uberschaer Silesia Prussia GMI | NAA 3172122
  Maria Rosina 47          
  Charlotte Ernestine 14          
Taubner Wilhelm 44 Shoemaker 1577/2? D Alttommysl Prussia  
  Johanne Wilhelmine 42          
  Johann Dienegott 17          
  Johann Juliane 8          
Taubner Johann Friedrich 38 Tailor - D Glinau Prussia  
  Johanne Louise 33          
  Johanne Wilhelmine 5          
Thomas Oscar Rudolph 26 Master Tailor - B Neutomyse Prussia GMI | NAA 3172043
  Anna Eleanore (Heller) 27          
  Marie Emilie inf          
Zanker Johann Andreas 52 Landmann 1759/1 D Tuchheim Prussia GMI
  Marie Friederike (Welsche / Welscke) 51          
  Johann Friedrich 24         NAA 3185976
  Johann Friedrick August 20          
  Johann Friedrich Carl 18          
  Charlotte Louise 14          
Names Age Occupation B-index BDM Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men & Women
Ackermann Johann Carl Gottlob 20 Shoemaker 4/2 M Steinau Prussia NAA 3172884
Ansorge Emil 26 Farmer -   Liegnitz Prussia  
Beythien Maria 32       Travewmunde Lubuck  
Brockmuller Maria 20       Granzin Mecklenburg  
Brull Johanne Caroline Auguste 23   193/3   Cuschern Prussia  
Diehr Louise 30       Glogsen Prussia  
Droscher Gustav Rudolph 26 Smith -   Tangermunde Prussia  
Gerloff Carl Ferdinand 25 Carpenter 560/3 M Hamburg  
Greger Maria Elisabeth 61       Langenols Prussia with Kretschmer family ?
Hermann Albert Heinrich 28 Landmann -   Rotenhagen Prussia  
Just Carl Heinrich 22 Journeyman Miller 871/2 M Schadewinkel Prussia  
Kayser Johann August Ludwig 22   877/1? M? Lautenthall Hannover NAA 3172982
Kiekebusch Christiane 58       Berlin Prussia  
Kretschmar Johann Ernst 24   937/1   Droskau Prussia with Wilhelmine Christiane Schubert
Kuehn / Kuhne Johann Wilhelm 23 Wheelwright -   Glogsin Prussia BBI 58 | drowned at sea, May 20
Kwaschnik Christiane 19   945/3   Karge Prussia  
Matern Christian 34 Labourer 1035/1   Dickstrauch Prussia  
Materne Johann Wilhelm 24 Mason 1035/2   Ostritz Prussia GMI
Muller Carl 24 Butcher -   Budingen  
Muller Johanne Beate 28       Albertoske Prussia  
Niemann Friedrich 19   - M? Tuchheim Prussia  
Nitschke Friedrich Wilhelm 29 Carpenter - M Glogsen Prussia  
Pingel August Matthew Carl 23 Butcher - M? Lubech  
Piper Carl Wilhelm 20 Landmann -   Heilighafen Hostein  
Poese Elisabeth 79       Koekolewo Prussia  
Raschke Samuel 76 Landmann -   Neu Boroy with family
Rasmus Johann Adolph 20 Landmann 1331/2 M Heilighafen Hostein  
Rau Julius 19 Journeyman Miller -   Chwalin Tyrol  
Rocke Gottlieb 22 Landmann -   Ostritz Prussia  
Rosler Anna 19       Salzburnn Hannover  
Schafer Ludwig 46 Baker -   Neutomyd Prussia  
Schofthaller Joseph 41 Landmann -   Rietz Tyrol  
Schubert Wilhelmine Christiane 55 widow     Droskau Prussia with Johann Ernst Kretschmar
Stanger Johann 29 Tanner -   Rietz Tyrol  
Stephan Gottlieb Gustav 23 Butcher -   Vetschau Tyrol  
Tschierschky Hermann 24 Merchant / Clerk -   Malmitz Prussia  
Wachtmann Carl 33 Merchant / Clerk 1654/1   Hannover NAA 506908?
Wende Johanne Rosina 39   -   Panthenau Prussia  
Wieg Franz Friedrich Heinrich 26 Shepherd - M Banzin Mecklenburg  
Zahr Otto 19 Merchant -   Coeslin Prussia  
Zubeil Johanne Louise 35       Glogsen Prussia  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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