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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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S.S. Aldinga, 291 tons, Captain Hugh McMeikan, from Melbourne April 13th, with passengers ex S.S. Great Britain, 3,200 tons, Lieutenant John Gray from Liverpool 3rd February 1869, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 16th April 1869.

The famous vessel Great Britain never came to Port Adelaide, but sailed / steamed from Liverpool for Hobson's Bay, Victoria.
The passengers listed below came Port Adelaide aboard the steamer Aldinga.
This extract above, from the official passenger list, reads that 55 came on to Port Adelaide in the Steamer "Aldinga."

The Argus, Melbourne, Friday 9 April 1869 p. 4

ARRIVED-April, 8. Great Britain, S.S., 3,200 tons, Lieutenant John Gray, R. N. R., Commander, from Liverpool 3rd February.
Passengers-saloon :— Rev. Chas. Clarke and Mrs. Clarke ; Rev. Thomas Flavell, A.K.C (for Nelson, N.Z.) ; Rev. David Barry, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Meikle, Mr. Ernest Ehlers, Mr. D. Aitkin, Mr. S. McDowall, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bullen, Mr. Arthur Wileman, Mr. Robert Dick, Mr. Farnell Butler, Mr. Wm. Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan M'Leod, Major Thomas Wingate, Mrs. J. Devine, Miss Louisa Hemmons, Captain R. Penfold, Mr. Alex Anderson, Mr. Thomas Mills, Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. George Dale, Mr. Robert S. Scott, Mrs. Chas. Ferguson, Mr. Chas Becker, Mr. Chas. Cruikshanks, Mrs. Helen Heisterson, Miss Fanny Heisterson, Mrs. Wilson, Miss Mary Wilson, Miss Anne Wilson, Mr. Alfred John Wilson, Miss Caroline McNeil and servant, Mr. R. R. Palmer, Mr. J. F. Comber, Mr. W. Russell, Miss Margaret Macalaster, Mr. G. P. Williams, Mr. A. N. Campbell, Captain H. Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Porter, Miss Augustin Porter, Miss Catherine Porter, Mr. Edward Porter, Mr. Alfred Porter, Miss Anderson, Mr. Edward Crace, Mr. R. J. Everett, Mr. James Rankine, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stewart and servant, Miss Gray : and 317 In the second and third cabins.
Dr. Puddicombe, surgeon. Mr. A Unsworth, purser.
Bright Brothers and Co., agents.

The South Australian Register, Saturday 17 April 1869 p. 2

Great Britain passengers per Aldinga, from Liverpool via Hobson's Bay to Adelaide, 1869

Friday 16 April:—
ALDINGA, steamer. 291 tons, H. McMeikan, master, from Melbourne April 13, Guichen Bay April 15. J- Darwent, Town ; J. Newman and So,n Port. agents.
Passengers: Sir James H. Fisher. Mr. C. H. Fisher, Miss Fisher, Mr. C. W. Maxwell, Lieutenant-Colonel Reid, Mr. J. Dale, Mr. Rankine, Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Pitcher, Mrs. and Miss English, Miss Dernith, Miss Phelan, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield, Madame Anna Bishop, Mr. Scultz, Mr. Lascelles, Mr. Wilkie, Mr. Baker, Mr. Magarey, Mr. B. Edwards, Mr. Goldsack, Mr. Campbell, Captain King, Mr. Herman, Mr. Newall.
From Robe: Mrs. Glenn, Mrs. Williams, two children, and servant, Mrs. Goldsmith, two children, and servant, in the cabin ; steerage passengers from Melbourne,72: from Robe. 2. :

. . . . — 1st ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1869 ; —?— births and —-?— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Alfred Puddicombe, surgeon-superintendent of the Great Britain.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
The Argus, Melbourne, Friday 9 April 1869 p. 4
Great Britain, s s.. from Liverpool -2 cases, Geo. G. Blair; 1 case (beading machine), Thomas Hipwood; 1 package, M. B. Marks; 1 case, G L Allport; 3 cases live plants, T. Lang and Go. ; 3 casks, Whitney, Chamber, and Co; 6 casks 1case wine, F. O. Klemm ; 1 quarter cask wine, A. Joske and Son ; 1 case optical Instruments, E. Whitehead and Co ; 4 cases optical and scientific Instruments, Gordon and Gotch ; 5 cases, P. Hayman and Co; 1 case, Emnnuel Myers; 6 cases, 1 cask, 1keg, S. Hoffnung and Co.; 4 cases, 1 case spirits, Wm. Weaver and Co; 1 cased cask whiskey. Geo Andrew Sterling ; 1 case saddlery, H, F. Ross and Co.; 5 bales woollens, 6 cases saddlery, 1 cask, H. Box and Co.; 4 casks, Jas. Ingram and Co.; 29 packages, Bucklcy and Nunn ; 2 cases silver goods, H. Brush; 2 cases drugs, Dr. Alexander ; 6 cases woollens, Robt Smith Wilson; 600 cases bottled Beer, 6, cases flannels, 1 parcel samples, Bright Brothers and Co.; 3 cases, Robert Gray ; 1 case stationery, Harston and Co ; 22 cases, E. and M. Keogh ; 1 box, Alex Alexander ; 4 cases, Berghoff and Touzel; 8 packages. W. and S, Gardiner ; 1 case, L Burmeister; 14 packages, levy Brothers; 2 cases, Feldheim Jacobs, and Co.; 1 case, A. Hawkesworth; 1 case Silver plate, Feldheim, Jacobs, and Co.; 1 box, A. Shaw and Co ; 1 case plants, Bright Brothers and Co ; 1 box, James Ragg; 12 cases, J. Clarke and Co.; 30 cases, 7 bales, 1 case, 1 parcel, King and Parsons ; 1 box earthenware, Thomas Tyson ; Í package Thomas Robinson and Co.; 1 case, Reynolds and English; 2 cases, Moubray, Lush, and Co ; 2 cases,Samuel Mullen; 1 case, Reynolds and English; 98 Packages, M'Naughton Love and Co ; 201 packages, l'Arthur, Sherrard, and Copeland; 21 packages, James M'Ewan and Co; 37 packages, W. Watson and Sons; 10 packages, Laing and Webster, 21 packages, Feldheim, Jacobs, and Co.: 1 case. Perry Brothers; 22 packages, Pyne, Beath, and Co ; 11 packages, W. Watson and Sons; 1 box, Allen Jenkins; 1 case, Feldheim, Jacobs, and Co.; 3 cases, M'Arthur, Sherrard, and Copeland; 133 packages, Thomas Evans ; 9 cases George Robertson; 19 cases, 1 truss samples, Brasch Brothers and Baldiger; 6O trunks boots, J. and R, Callaghan; 6 cases, Jno. Manson; 1 case, Moubray, Lush, and Co ; 7 packages machinery, Bright Brothers and Co.; 1 truss woollens, James Russell; 4 packages, R, Mackay; 5 packages, Virgoe, Son, and Co.; 1 truss, W. and S. Gardiner ; 1 case James M'Ewan and Co. ; 24 packages, 1 case, W. Crosby and Co.; 3 cased, Pyne, Heath, and Co.; 20 packages, Guild, Chapman, and Co.; 2 cases, A Hawkesworth; 7 cases, M'Naughton Love and Co; 1 box. Geo, Fyfo ; 1 case, F. Falk and Co. ; 2 bales woollens, W. H. Sanders; 23 cases cigars, 9 boxes, J, Kronheimer and Co.; 22, trunks 2 Boxes boots, Dalgety, Blackwood, and Co.; 1 package Bright Brothers and Co; 10 cases, David Jones and Co.; 16 cases, 1 parcel, W. Martin and Co.; 28 cases, 1 case samples, Patorson, Bay, Palmer, and Co; 6 cases, 1 parcel, Gill and Thorpe; 4 cases periodicals. Geo. Robertson; 63 packages, Guild, Chapman, and Co; 2 cases, 1 parcel Cranwood and Dickson; 1 case, 1 case samples, King and Parsons; 45 cases, Cochrane and Brien; 87 cases Geo. Robertson; 60 packages, Robertson and Moffat, 14 cases, 1 truss, 1 parcel samples, Dickson Brothers, and Co.; 27 packages, 1 case samples, Lorimer, Marwood, and Rome; 34 cases, 1 box silver plate, 9 packages, 6 trusses, 1 box books, 3 cases mil-linery, Bright Brothers and Co,; 6 cases gloves Farmer, Painter, and Pope; 3 cases periodicals,, G. Nichols; 9 cases woollens, Kidney Brothers; 2 cases, Governor of Perth Prison; l case, Broadbent Brothers; 1 case wearing apparel, Lieut-Colonel G. H. Page; 1 case, Wm, Young and Co. ; 1 case waterproof carriage aprons, Webb Brothors ; 1 case, W. P. Hutchison; 8 packages, J. C. Pease; 1 case, Mr. Meates; 1 case saddlery, H. Ross and Co. ; 1 bag grass seeds, W. A Cowan; 1 case (piano), 1 caw, Sin. Jano Tully ; 2 cases plant«, Bright Brothers and Co.; 1 case, Geo. Wilson Froggart; 1 piano. Alex. Sutherland; 1 case, Jas. Dodgshun and Co. ; 1 case gloves, Francis and M'Pherson ; 4 cases,1 box samples, R. Twentyman ; 1 box, J. B. Wall; 315 packages, 2 cases samples, G. and R. willis and Co; 31 packages. Thom, Lang; 1 box, R. Gibson; 1 box wearing apparel. Venerable Archdeacon Crawford; 1 box, G. Dickinson ; 1 box, Jos. Learoyd;1 case. Cramond and Dickson ; I6 packages, Officer Administering the Government, Melbourne ; 4 cases, Wm. Richards; 5 cases, E. Robinson and Co,; 5 packages, 2 bales periodicals, Gordon and Gotch; 46 packages, Paterson, Ray, Palmer, and Co, 10 trunks boots. &c., Bostock and Co ; 1 cas3 wearing apparel, Boyd; 1 box, H. H. Newenham; 15 packages, Wm, p. Gardner; 82 packages, Alston and Brown; 1 box, F. R. Mitchison; l,case l, case samples, Paterson; Ray, Palmer, and Co; 28 cases,.12 Bales; 1 parcel, 1 case Samples, Bright and, Hitchcock; 1 box earthenware. Sarah Craig.; 1 box (gun). Dickson, Williams, and Co.; 131 packages, L. Stevenson and Sons; 32 packages, 8 cases, Sargood and Son; 1 case samples, Banks Brothers, bell and, Co.; 8 packages, Bright Brothers and Co.; 1 case, Jas. Podgmun and Co.; 6 cases, Andrew Lyell ; 6 cases, Char. Andrews ; 1 box, Mrs. W. Thompson ; 1 box, M K. Hammond; 1 paper parcel, W. Beckwith;, 1 box, J. Collingwood ; 1 covered portmanteau; J. H. Talkurr; 1 box, G. W. H Graus; 1 case, Mrs. Tupper; 1 box, R. F. Spencer; 1 box, R. Midgley; 1 box, Dalgety, Blackwood, and Co.; 1 box, W. Grair, jun.; 1 box, Thos. Foster; 1 parcel, Sargood and Son ; 1 parcel Buckley and Nunn; 1 parcel, Banks Brothers, Bell, and Co.; 1 case, Hon. Captain Cole; 1 parcel, Wiseman Brothers ;1 case, Jas. Gresham ; 1 case, Robt. Holmes ; 1 canvas parcel, G. Robertson ; 29 packages, Order.
The Argus, Melbourne, Friday 9 April 1869 p. 4

This renowned old steamship, the arrival of which has been watched and waited for during the last four or five days, was telegraphed yesterday as having passed Cape Otway at nine o'clock in the morning. The information at once gave rise to a feeling of intense satisfaction, and quite justified the opinion expressed by those who know "The Britain" and her commander well, that she would, bar accident, turn up before the sixty-fourth day out. The Heads were entered at four p.m., and about eight p.m. she anchored off Gellibrands Point. On nearing the light ship she fired two guns, and immediately after, the ship, like "a castle of the deep" as she is, and showing quite an array of lights from her cabins, came majestically up. For a long series of years this veteran steamer has served the public faithfully and well, and her career, in so far as the, voyages to this port are concerned, has been an un-qualified and most legitimate success. So distinguished a feature, indeed, in the history of this grand old ship has the reliability of her arrival at anticipated dates become, that her appearance in port has hitherto been calculated on with almost the precision of a railway train. On her present voyage, however, the Great Britain has had to steam a great part of the way, and that, too, under no ordinary disadvantage, the winds being dead against her. By reason of these contrary winds, and the consequent consumption of coal, the steamer had to put into St Vincent's to replenish her stock of fuel, thus adding to the duration of the voyage. Notwithstanding, however, the few days' longer extent of the voyage, the Great Britain has brought fuller details of English intelligence up to date February 3.
The many thousands of passengers of all classes who have voyaged in this ship, and are still resident in the colony, will regret to know that her gallant commander, Captain John Gray, has for a fortnight before entering port, been suffering from a severe attack of jaundice. It is hoped, however, that a week or two's residence on shore will rehabilitate his constitution, and see him once more himself again. A glance at the appended log [not appended here] will show the progress made by the ship on the voyage out.
She left Liverpool on February 3, and, put into St Vincent's at noon on February l8, leaving again at eight a.m. on the following day. The equator was crossed on February 23, in long. 21deg. 35min. W., and the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was passed on March l3, in lat. 42deg. 22min. S. On her present trip the Great Britain has brought out a large number of saloon passengers, amongst whom are clergymen of various denominations. Amongst these are the Rev. Mr. Clark, who comes here from Bristol to take charge of the Albert-street Baptist Church, and the Rev. Mr. Flavell, associate of King's College, London, who proceeds to a sphere of labour in Nelson, N.Z. Mr. Flavell conducted Divine service on board on the voyage out, and the 'tween deck passengers signed an address to him expressive of their great pleasure at his ministrations. The address was neatly engrossed by one of the passengers. There have also come out by the Great Britain a number of warrant passengers, classified as follows :- Married couples, 16 ; single men, 46 ; single women, 22 ; and there are also 21 children. These warrant, passengers are physically and otherwise apparently of a very superior class, and are quite pictures of health and robustness. The arrangements for the accommodation on board of these passengers were not only ample and convenient, but were looked after by themselves, and were kept in scrupulous order and cleanliness.
On the voyage out, and indeed not many days before reaching port, one of the saloon passengers, Mr. Robert Lawson, jumped overboard, and was drowned. The circumstance happened on Saturday the 3rd inst. Mr. Lawson was an old colonist, and one of the earliest principals of the Scotch College, Eastern hill. The Britain has still her old officers, with Mr. Chapman as chief, and Mr. Malden is still supreme in the engine room. The duties of "medicine man" have devolved on Dr. Puddicombe, who has succeeded Dr. Alexander. To Mr. Unsworth, her well known purser, we are indebted for full files of English papers to date February 3. :—

The Argus, Melbourne, Monday 12 April 1869 p. 5
The following letter on the subject of the death of Mr. Lawson, who threw himself overboard from the s.s. Great Britain as she neared the Australian coast, and to save whom no effort appears to have been made by the officer in charge (Mr. Chapman), has been addressed to Messrs. Bright Brothers and Co. by a number of the saloon passengers. We may add that the Marine Board will make an investigation into the circumstances:—
Messrs. Bright Brothers and Co.
Gentlemen, We, the undersigned saloon passengers by the S.S. Great Britain, which left Liverpool on the 3rd of February last, desire to bring before your notice the details of an accident which occurred on the voyage. On Saturday, the 3rd inst., at a quarter to six p.m., Mr. Robert Lawson, a well-known magistrate of this colony, jumped overboard, in a fit of temporary insanity. The ship was going about nine knots, under canvas, with a light wind. Mr. Lawson rose to the surface a few yards from the stern of the ship, and a loose buoy was thrown to him; he did not appear to see it, but floated away on his back in the wake of the ship.
No attempt whatever was made to lower a boat to rescue the unfortunate man. Captain Gray was confined to his room by illness, and the ship was in command of Mr. Chapman, the first officer, who was on deck at the time.
We are of opinion that steps should be taken to compel commanders of ships to attempt to rescue the life of any man falling overboard in fine weather. We are, gentlemen, your obedient servants, (Copy of signatures)
J. Wingate, late major of 2nd Queen's Royal Regiment, J.P., N.S.W.
Edward H. Crace
George Phipps Williams
J. F. Comber, C.E., Royal Mint
Robt. H. Ellis, J.P., West Riding, York
R. R. Palmer, Melbourne
D. Aitken
Arch. N. Campbell
James Rankine, J.P., S.A.
Robt. Dick
Thos. Mills
Robt. S. Scott
John H. Penfold, late capt., 15th King's Hussars
H. Stevenson, Capt., 6th Dragoons
D. D. McLeod, late lieutenant, 74th Highlanders
C. H. Cruickshank, Edinburgh
Robt. John Everett
Robt. Smith, Melbourne
A. Anderson
S. McDowall
J. H. Stewart
W. F. Butler
E. Ehlers
Rev. Thomas Flavell, A.K.C., Bishopsdale, Nelson, N.Z.
The Argus, Melbourne, Wednesday 14 April 1869 p. 4
Aldinga, S.S. 291 tons, Hugh M'Meikan, for Adelaide.
Passengers-cabin : Miss Fisher, Mrs. and Miss English, Mrs. Pitcher, Miss Derrick, Miss Phalon, Madame Anna Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield, Lieut. Colonel Reid, Messrs. C. S. Fisher, Ferguson, C. M. Maxwell, Dale, Rankine, Magarey, Edwards, Goldsack, Newell, W. Campbell, Schultz, Wilkie, Lascelles, and Baker ; and seventy In the steerage. McMeckan, Blackwood, and Co., agents.
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
    no records found  
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
    no records found    

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
RE Ash Ruth Elizabeth (Beaumont) 34 wife of a Colonist, George Ash 40/3   Poplar, Middlesex  
    Sophia Matilda 13          
    Alma 12          
    William James Charles Beaumont 9          
    Arthur Lewis 4          
RE Edwards Henry John Rodbard 38 Carpenter 457/1   Shoreditch, Middlesex  
    Caroline (Keyworth) 34          
    Caroline 13          
    Eliza 12          
    Henry 9          
    Frederick 8          
    Albert 6          
    Lavinia 2          
    Alice 1          
    Evelina 1          
RE Fairlie John 36 Gardener / Botonist 482/2   Ayrshire  
    Rebecca (Barton) 40         2nd wife
    Sarah Hamilton 17          
    Isabella 15          
    Thomas 13          
    Jane 4          
    Robert Barton 2          
    Samuel Gibson 1          
RE Hooper Grace (Nicholls) 32 wife of a Colonist, Thomas Hooper 772/1   St Mewan, Cornwall  
    Thomas 13          
    Frederick 11          
    Richard 10          
    Hogan 7         name ?
RE Davidson Thomas 21 Miner 377/1   Scotland  
    Elizabeth (Hogg ?) 20          
    Thomas 1          
RE Kearns Hugh 42 Farm Labourer 879/2   Ireland  
    Ellen 57          
    Patrick 17          
    Henry 13          
    Ellen 6          
RE Simey Samuel George 33 Carman -   Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex  
    Mary Ann (Knight) 35          
    George Bradley 11         age 7 ?
    Alice Emma 6          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
RE Cook Thomas 18 Farm Labourer -      
RE Geall William 27 Labourer 554/2   England  
RE Johns Thomas 32 Blacksmith 846/3      
RE Koen John 25 Labourer -     name spelling ? | not on board, as per the extract above
RE McCormick John 25 Labourer -      
RE McNamara James 24 Labourer -      
RE Mehir John 26 Agr. Labourer 1091/3   Ireland  
RE Moore John 21 Labourer -      
RE Mylan John 24 Labourer 1160/3      
RE O'Callaghan Robert 20 General Mechanic 1206/1   England  
RE Sergeant Frederick 34 Labourer 1464/3   England not on board, as per the extract above
RE Sheahan Daniel 19 Labourer 1473/1   Ireland  
RE Stack Patrick 26 Labourer 1529/3   Ireland  
RE Turbridy Patrick 22 Labourer 1623/2   Ireland not on board, as per the extract above
Single Women & children
RE Cosgrove Mary 17 Daireymaid 322/1   Ireland  
RE McCormick Catherine 20 Servant -      
RE Sainsbury Eliza 41 Housekeeper / widow of Richard James Sainsbury 1417/1   Lambeth, Surrey Elizabeth (Cooper ?)
RE Sainbury Arthur 10 child 1417/1    

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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