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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Johann Caesar, 400 tons, Captain H.A.G. Möller, from Hamburg 5th October 1854, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 1st January 1855

The South Australian Register, Tuesday January 2nd 1855:—
Arrival: Monday January 1st, the barque Johann Caesar, 400 tons, Moller, Master from Hamburg the 9th October 1854.
Passengers:— F.W.A. Bock, Johannes Harges, Maria Ahrens, and Emele Schoneberg in the cabin.......
An index from the State Library South Australia (SLSA) shows that 268 German migrants should have been on the Johann Caesar, I have been able to find 269 as listed below.— Regards Robert.

The Argus, Monday January 8th 1855
Arrival of the Johan Caesar — After a passage of eighty-four days from Hamburg, this fast-sailing vessel anchored off the lightship yesterday. She has brought out two hunderd and fifty four Germans and Prussian immigrants, which consisted chiefly of mechanics and labourers with their families. During the voyage there were four deaths and one birth.
The Hamburg bark JOHANN CESAR was built at Reiherstieg, Hamburg, by Johann Cesar Godeffroy & Sohn, Hamburg, for their own account, in 1852 ; Bielbrief [certificate of registry] 3 September 1852. 182 Commerzlasten / 390 tons; 37,9 x 8,1 x 5,12 meters (length x beam x depth of hold). In 1867, the JOHANN CESAR was acquired from Goddefroy by her then master, H. D. A. Brück, but was re-acquired by Godeffroy in 1872.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide
BFH Burra family history
BBI Brandenberg Index from Ancestry

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( )

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Altmann Johann Louis n/a - - Crossen, Preussen  
  M. n/a        
  A.G. n/a        
Behrendt Carl 52 Shoemaker - Schippenbien, Preussen NAA 3174989
  Caroline 53        
  Carl Ferdinand 17        
  Henriette Charlotte 11        
Bertram Gottlieb Friedrich n/a Miner - Hannover  
  C. 7 wife      
  W. n/a child      
  J. n/a child      
  B. inf        
Bertram Heinrich Christian 63 Miner 119/3 Hannover Bertran ?
  A. 65 wife      
  Charles Wilhelm 10        
  Louis Charles 10        
  Carl August Wilhelm 9        
Bierwirth Frederick Louis n/a - - Zellerfeldt  
  Friedrich Theodor Otto 13       NAA 5937
  Hubert 10       NAA 5667
  B. 5        
  Wilhelm Carl 3   124/1   NAA as Beerworth
Bock H. August Friedrich 27 Miner 136/2 Hannover GMI
  wife n/a Publican      
  Theodor 20        
  George 17        
  Georg Carl Julius Friedrich 14        
Dienelt / Dienett Johann George Heinrich 48 Shoemaker 404/1 Clausthal NAA 3182047
  Je Marie (Muller) 37        
  Wilhelm 13        
  August Heinrich Ernst Ludwig 7        
  Anna Juliane Henrietta 4        
  J. 3 son      
Domeyer Carl Theodor n/a Cigar Maker - Hannover  
  Emilie Sophia n/a        
  Ida 8        
  Emile Carl Theodor 3       NAA 4849
Domeyer Julius Albert 36 Butcher / Publican 416/1 Clausthal GMI | NAA 829376
  Agnes Dorothea (Mugge) 28        
  Carl J. Heinrich 9        
  Carl Julius Robert Bernhardt 7        
  Gustav inf        
Emmel Christian Friedrich C.H.T. 45 Blacksmith 470/2 Clausthal NAA 3197108
  Phillina Marie ? 43        
  Sophie Friedriche 17        
  Fritz n/a        
  Louis n/a        
  Otto 5        
  E. n/a        
  child inf        
Ey Theodor Friedrich Louis n/a Writer - Hannover  
  wife n/a        
  Johann Martin Rudolph 17   479/1   GMI | NAA 3175018
  son 15        
Eisfelder Carl August 41 Miner 478/2 Clausthal  
  Louisa Elenora (Keidel) 32        
  Ida 10        
  Louisa Elenora 8        
  Wilhelm 8        
  Johanna Caroline Alwine Anna 3        
  Emil 3        
  Maria 2        
Friedrich Karl Wilhelm 22 Carpenter - Hermsdorf, Silesia, Prussia GMI | to Victoria
  Johanne Eleanore (Habel) 28        
  Johann Traugott 5        
Giersch Ernst Gottlieb 32 Mason - Neustadst Preussen GMI | NAA 1057064
  Juliane 25        
  August Ernst 5   585/3   GMI
Giesecke Georg Wilhelm 39 Labourer - Zellerfeldt  
  Caroline Dorothea 34        
  Charles 15        
  Auguste 9        
  Mary Ann Charline 3        
  Elizabeth 3        
  Albert Dietrich inf       GMI ?
Grummet August W.Christian Julius 41 Miner - Clausthal NAA 3179501
  Ernestine Julie Lissette 35       died 1857
  Louisa 13        
  Adolph 11        
  Helena 6        
  Albertine Ernstine Maria 4        
  Berthold Adolph August 2        
Habel Johann Gottfried 65 Carpenter 633/2 Schoenborn, Brandenburg, Prussia GMI
  Johanna Christine (Frull) 59        
  J. Carl August 22        
Habel Johann Carl August 22 Landmann 633/2 Schonborn, Liegnitz, Silesia GMI
  Johanna Rosalie Emilie (Thiele) 18        
Habel Johann Friedrich August 24 Landmann 633/2 Schoenborn, Brandenburg, Prussia GMI | NAA 3176568
  Johanne Henriette (Siefert) 23        
Heller G. Carl n/a Miner - Clausthal  
  Auguste C. Therese n/a        
Heberle August Friedrich Ludwig 44 Miner 709/3 Clausthal  
  Caroline 38        
  Augusta 18        
  Heinrich Christian Carl 16        
  Harman 9        
  Friedrich August 6        
Keiseger Mrs. 33   882/3 -  
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Klose Carl Gottlieb Heinrich 35 Shoemaker 924/1 Neukirch, Silesia GMI | NAA 3170566
  Johanne Rosina (Lindner) 33        
  Carl Gustav 3        
  August Hermann inf        
Leunig Johann Heinrich August 49 Miner - Clausthal BFH
  Julia 44        
  Juliane Augustine Louise 12        
  Johanne Caroline Wilhelmine 11        
  Georg Heinrich Karl August 9        
Luenert / Lünert Carl Christian Leopold 50 Miner - Clausthal  
  Friederika 40        
  Johann Heinrich Gustav 16        
  Johanne 11        
  E.A. Robert 9        
  Mina 6        
Lott Adolph August Wilhelm 37 Miner 984/3 Clausthal  
  Auguste Julia (Heberle) 33        
  Carl Hugo Wilhelm inf        
  Henrietta n/a Mother      
Molle Louis n/a Shoemaker - Clausthal  
  D. n/a        
  E. 8 daughter      
  A. 6 daughter      
Muller Johann Diedrich 42 Tailor - Oeste Hannover  
  A. n/a        
  M. 12        
Muller Carl August n/a Miner - Clausthal  
  Julia (Fink) ? n/a        
  L. 14        
  R. 11        
  A. 9        
  J. n/a        
  Augusta Marie 3        
Muller Georg August Christian 39 Miner 1147/2 Zellerfeldt GMI
  Lisette Auguste (Bartholomaeus) 38        
  Rudolph August Julius 11        
  Albert August Friedrich 9        
  Johanne Matilda Caroline 8        
  Augusta Caroline Julie Elise 6        
  Christian inf        
Pahl Freidrich F.A. n/a Labourer - Bockswiese Hannover  
  Wilhelmine (Polle) 28        
  F.T. inf       born at sea ?
Pfeiffer Ernst G. Fr. n/a Miner - Clausthal  
  Johanne Auguste W. 22        
Richter Carl n/a Miner - Clausthal  
  wife n/a        
  child 3        
  child inf        
Schier Carl Friedrich n/a Miner - Clausthal  
  Mina n/a        
  Hermann 3        
  Emil inf        
Schindler George H. Friedrich 53 Miner - Clausthal  
  Friedericke Scharlotte 52        
  Dorothea 8        
Schoell Georg Carl [Charles George] 37 Miner 1443/1 Clausthal Schöll, Georg H. Chr. ?
  Johanne Catherine Henriette (Schunke) 32        
  Ernst 10       age 8 ?
  Julia Anna Wilhelmine 8       age 7?
Schunke Christiane Wilhelmine (Christoph) 57 widow 1451/1 Clausthal GMI
  Caroline Juliane Henrietta 24 daughter      
Schultze / Shutze Georg Wilhelm 44 Miner - Laurenthal NAA 3170850
  C. n/a wife      
  C. 12 child      
  A. n/a        
  W. n/a        
  C. 6        
Sommer / Sommers Heinrich Adolph (Henri) 38 Miner 1517/2 Clausthal  
  Augusta (Schenellbeck) 35        
  Christian 13        
  Louise n/a        
  Sophia 8        
  Carl 7        
  Johanne 4        
Spehr / Spoer Christ. Heinrich 44 Miner 1521/1 Zellerfeldt GMI | NAA 33363 as Spohr
  Johanne Friederike (Robbel) 43        
  Wilhelm August Julius 17        
  Christian August Ludwig 16        
  Carl August 14       NAA 34334
  Andreas Heinrich Ludwig 12        
  Heinrich Ludwig Hermann 10        
  Christian Heinrich 8        
  Caroline Auguste Minna 7        
  Auguste Caroline Mathilde 5        
  August George 2        
Steinwedel / Steinwedd August Wilhelm n/a Miner - Clasuthal NAA 3170852 | Christ. And. ?
  Julia 43 Mother 1541/2    
  Caroline Friedrike Luise 16        
  Herman Walter 12       NAA 3180081
  Johann Caroline Louise n/a        
  F. 7        
Stopp August Friedrich n/a Miner - Clausthal  
  Charlotte n/a        
  Lina 3        
  Carl inf        
Weiland / Weyland Johann Ernst Frriedrich 34 Miner - Clausthal GMI | NAA 3172133
  Johanna (Hammel) 29        
  Johann Carl Heinrich Christian 8       NAA 3177393
  Ernst Philip 5       NAA 3177390
  child n/a        
  Carl August Wilhelm inf       NAA 33903
Weiland / Weyland Johann August n/a Shoemaker - Clausthal  
  J.F. n/a wife      
  T. 19 daughter      
Wimmer Heinrich Aaron Wilhelm 45 Miner - Clausthal NAA 3175091
  Caroline Marie Henriette 39        
  Henriette 19       GMI Marie Henriette Charlotte
  Ernst Julius 17        
  Elvina 11        
  child 8        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men & Women
Bahr Heinrich Carl Friedrich   Miner   Clausthal  
Bahr Wilhelm   Carpenter   Zellerfeldt  
Bartholomaeus Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 21 -   Zellerfeldt GMI
Bartholomaeus Johann Heinrich August Ludwig 24 Teacher   Zellerfeldt GMI
Beckmann George   Saddler   Oeste Hannover  
Bock Fr.       -  
Diener August   Miner   Polsterthal Hannover  
Eisfelder Johann H. Friedrich   Miner   Clausthal  
Fahrenholz J.C.       -  
Fuchs Adolph W.J.   Miner   Clausthal  
Geier Julius Hermann 29 Master Butcher 555/3 Schreiberau Preussen GMI
Habel Adolph     633/1 -  
Habel Ferdinand     633/2 -  
Habel Gustav     633/2 -  
Habich Carl Julius 17   634/1 Hannover  
Habuh C.     634/2 -  
Hansen Clause Hinr. C.K.   Landmann   Tating Schlewig  
Hoops Dorothea 23     Oeste Hannover  
Jahn Carl   Miner   Clausthal  
Jahn Friedrich August   Miner   Altenau  
Jurgens Johann Heinr.   Butcher   Clausthal  
Keidel Mathilda 26     Clausthal  
Klapproth H.F. Herm.   Miner   Zellerfeldt  
Kolle August   Merchant   Clausthal  
Kuhnpast Wilhelm   Landmann 943/3 Striegau Preussen Kinchnpast
Kuhlemann Heinrich Christoph E.   Miner 944/3 Clausthal Kuglemann
Lange Edward   Miner   Zellerfeldt  
Leunig Carl Herman Julius 22 Miner   Clausthal BFH
Monch Adolph   Joiner   Osterrode Hannover  
Monch August   Joiner   Osterrode Hannover  
Muhlhau / Muhlan Georg C. August   Miner   Clausthal Mulham
Muller / Möller Marie       Hamburg  
Muller / Möller S.C.       -  
Munich / Munnich Marie Marg. A.H.       Clausthal  
Oppermann Georg Christian Carl 27 Miner 1221/1 Clausthal  
Pforter Lina 8     Osterrode Hannover  
Pforter Minna n/a     Osterrode Hannover  
Porschbeyer Lina H. Beck       Clausthal Proschberger
Reck Hermine       Clausthal  
Schader Ernst Ludwig   Miner 1434/3 Clausthal  
Schierenbeck Wilhelm   Bookbinder   Bremen  
Schonberger Emilie     1444/2 -  
Schreyer Johanna Sophia       Clausthal  
Schumm C. A. Fr.   Miner   Zellerfeldt  
Sebbes Friedrich   Miner   Clausthal  
Seeger Carl Wilhelm Julius   Miner   Clausthal GMI
Therese A.C.       -  
Tiedemann Carl   Merchant   Bremen  
Wilken / Wilhen Phil. Ad. T.   Miner   Clausthal  
Zeitz August Friedrich Wilhelm   Miner   Clausthal  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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