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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Lincoln, 996 tons, Captain Thomas Leamon, from London 8th September, Plymouth 13th September, 1865 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 3rd December 1865

The South Australian Register, Monday 04 December 1865 p. 2

Sunday 03 December:— John Knox, ship, 298 tons, George Hay, master, from London August 04. Elder, Smith & Co., agents.

Same day:— Lincoln, ship, 996 tons, T.P. Seaman [sic], master, from London September 08 via Plymouth September 13. J. Spence, Town R. amd R. Main, Port, agents.
Passengers—Dr. William Arthur (Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 405 Government emigrants in the steerage, the names of whom will be found elsewhere:

. . . . — 12th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1865 ; —4— births and —-6— deaths on the passage ; Dr. William Arthur, surgeon-superintendent. <stopped>
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
The South Australian Register, Monday 04 December 1865 p. 2
Cargo of the Lincoln, from London:— 21 cases, Harrold Brothers ; 100 casks. H. L. Vosz ; 20 cases. P. Santo ; 200 bdls. Hall and Co. ; 4 cases, P. Falk and Co. ; 23 cases, Order; 12 cases, Philip Levi and Co. : 22 sheets lead, Order ; 4 hhds, 17 pkgs, 90 cases, 17 casks, Jones Brothers ; 307 iron castings, 3 casks, 10 crates. I50 hhds., South Australian Gas Company ; 2 cases, 2 pkgs, W. Morgan and Co. ; 26 cases, 500 bags, 60 casks. J. Robin and Co. ; 2 chests, Order ; 20 bags, Acraman, Main, Lindsay, and Co. ; 1 boiler, 7 pairs wheels, 8 cases, 1 tank, 1 ash box, I frame, Officer Administering the Government ; 49 cases, 36 casks, 24 pkgs, Order ; 50 cases, J. D Solomon ; 2 casks, 21 cases, 3 bales, J. and G. Wilcox ; 58 ingots tin, 17 casks zinc, H. L. Vosz ; 265 bdls, 1,268 iron castings, 12 weighing machines, 36 cases, 3 tanks, 111 casks, 57 coils, 4 pkgs, 416 kegs, G. P. Harris ; 20 brls, 24 cases, 140 kegs, G. A. and H. Bartlett ; 2 cases, 1 pkg. Order.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Lincoln has outstripped her compeers by several days, and when she hove in sight there was scarcely a question but what it was the St. Vincent or the Maori : in fact, any one but the Lincoln, and these ideas were only dispelled on nearing the vessel and reading her name. But it is not extraordinary the voyage has only occupied 80 days for she is a handsome vessel of iron, with every late improvement introduced in construction, and from the appearance and character of the master he is well able to tax her sailing powers. An instance of this is evident when she has averaged 280 miles a day across the Southern Ocean for 35 days ; at any rate, she is equal to our past experience in emigrant vessels. On leaving Plymouth, on September 13 she was subjected to moderate and light winds till passing the Line, on Wednesday, October 11, and afterwards had brisk south-east trades and clear sky. Like another arrival ot the previous day, she corrected chronometers by sighting Gough's Island on the 31st October, when it bore south east, distant 20 miles. Throughout the voyage everything prospered, and she was boarded by pilot Martin on the 79th day out, and anchored ontside the bell buoy to away further orders.
Vessels Spoken. By the Lincoln. On Monday. October 23, the ship Khimgee Odugee, from Liverpool to Calcutta, 45 days out ; on November 08, the ship Strathallen, from London to Sydney, 68 days out.

The South Australian Register, Monday 4 December 1865 p. 3

It was rather vexatious that a single case of typhus prevented the usual visit of the Press to this ship, for her external appearance is decidedly favourable, and reflects credit on the selection in England. She embarked 402 souls at Plymouth, for the most part labouring classes, mingled with a few artizans. The Surgeon reports very favourably on their conduct, never having made an entry in his log-book against any individual. As his experience extends to 20 voyages, 17 of which were spent in the charge of Government immigrants, his recommendation is worthy of note. The captain also speaks of his passengers in eulogistic terms, so that the arrival of the Lincoln will add a few good colonists to the population. If an opportunity occurs we shall take advantage of it to visit and report on the economy of the vessel when she moors in harbour. The following is the official list of the names of the immigrants, together with their national and industrial classifications :—

English. — Mary Andrews, Thomas Andrews, William and Emma Arthur, George, Elizabeth, and Mary Arthur, George Atkins, Thomas, Sarah, Thomas, Elizabeth, Laura, Fanny, Herbert, Hamilton, Alice, and Mary Baker, Richard Bartlett, Catherine Beauchamp, Charles Bleedett, William Bone, Elizabeth Bowden, Mary Bowden, John, Harriet, Francis, and John Bowden, William, Ellen, John, and William Brindal, Samuel and Hannah Branet, Samuel, Mary, and Susan Broad, John, Elizabeth, and Stephen Bromsey, Motes, Louisa, Tom, Mary, William, and Louisa Brown, John, Ellen, and Thomas Caple, John and Caroline Chegwidden, James Clifford, George and Elizabeth Cock, William Cogar, John Collins, John Courtney, Fanny Courtney, James Curnow, John and Elizabeth Curnow, William Davey, Edmund Davies, David, Elizabeth, and Mary Davies, David Davies, Thomas Davies, Catherine Davies, George Davies, Michael, Catherine, Anne, and Mary Doherty, John, Lucy, John, and William Draper, John Dunstan, Thomas Eddy, Jane Eddy, John, Catherine, Sophia, William, Harry, and John Elery, Francis and Margaret Elles, William Eustice, Henry Evans, Charlotte Evans, Philip Farse, Alfred Fisher, Rebecca Friend, John Fuller, James and Emily Gilbert, Samuel Gilbert, Joanna Grady, Isabella Gray, Agnes Grant, William, Susannah, Sarah, Henry, William, Samuel, and Annette Green, Alfred, Sarah, and William Griffiths, Edwin and Sarah Haines, Dominick Hamilton, William, Matilda, William, and Thomas Hancock, William, Sarah, and James Hargrave, George, Matilda, and Elizabeth Harris, Joseph Healey, John and Elizabeth Hendra, Edward Hill, John Hillier, Wat Hooglan, Thomas and Mary Hosking, John, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Edith, and Fanny Kennedy, Joseph Hymer, John, Fanny, and Anne Hausford, Mary James, Samuel and Sarah Johnson, James Jolly, John and Philippa Jose, Thomas Kneebour, Fred Kingston, Francis, Constance, Mary, and Francis Ladner, William and Mary Lake, Lash Lashbrook, John Lee, Wm. Lee, Sarah Lewis, James Liddiatt, James, Hannah, and James Littlejohn, John and Sarah Longsland, William Marks, Mary Martin, George and Edith Masters, Kitty Menhennok, Alfred and Emma Moyle, John Nankervis, Henry Neale, Henry Neems, Thomas Nicholls, William and Mary Noal, James Northam, Charles Oats, Richard Olds, William and Jane Olds, William, Elizabeth, John, Ellen, Grace, Edward, Emily, and Jane Olds, John, Susannah, and John Osbourne, John, Sarah, and Richard Osbourne, John Oxman, Fred. Packer, George, Hannah, and Henry Packer, James, Elizabeth, Thomas, William, Ella, Henry, and George Parker, Francis Parrington, Thomas, Ann, and Joseph Parsons, John, Mary, Mary, and Philippa Pascoe, Wm. and Eliza Paull, Richard Pavey, William Peke, Victoria Pemberthy, John and Jane Perran, Samuel Perry, Charles Perry, James, Jane, aud Catherine Peryam, John J. Platt, Jno., Harriet, Mary, and Thos. Polkinghorne, Martin Pollard, David, Agnes, and Llewellan Powell, John Press, Wm., Johanna, Wm. Mary, Hannah, and Elizabeth Quick, James Ralph, Caroline Rawling, William and Louisa Richolls, Thomas, Jane, and Eliza Richolls, Adolphus and Amelia Roach, Richard and Mary Rogers, Wm., Catherine, and Catherine Roy [sic] Noye*, James and Philippa Sarah, Thomas, Mary, and Matilda Sedgman, George Simpson, George, Mary, George, and Mary Smith, Joseph, Susan, and Amelia Spence, Alfred Steer, Catherine Stevens, Hannah Such [sic] Inch, James Symons, Nick, John, and William Tamblyn, Dinah, Elizabeth, and Ellen Tamblyn, John, Adelaide, Elizabeth, Arroal, Agnes, and Emily Tanner, John, Hannah, Ezra, Annette, and Emmeline Tates [sic] Yates, Francis, Elizabeth, and Mary Teagur [sic] Teague, Joseph, Grace, and Alice Thomas, Grace Thomas, Edwin Thomas, Henry, Mary, Harriet, and Henry Thompson, Edwd., Elizabeth, and Mary Tippett, Thomas, Emily, and Alfred Tooze, James Tressear, Martha Tressear, William Trewathan, William Trewatha, Joseph Turner, John Wren, William, Caroline, and Elizabeth Uren, Edmund, Mary J., and Mary J. Veal, Jos. and Margaret Veal, William Warren, James and Elizabeth Waters, Isaac Watts, John, Mary, Alice, and William Watts, James, Sarah, and Arthur Wedlock, Isaac, Elizabeth. John, and Abraham White, Samuel White, Edwin, Elizabeth, John, Elizabeth, Jane, and Edwin Williams, John, Anne, and Margaret A. Williams, Walter Yelland.
Scotch — Andrew Armstrong, David and Isabella Collison, William, Mary, and Mary A. Connell, Daniel Durrard, David Hamilton, Jane, Janet and Janet Harkess, James Kellock, Walter Lawson, Dugald McCraig, James and Honora McGrath, George McKay, Lachlan McKinnon, William and Isabella McLeod, Thos. McMurdo, John McMurdo, William, Helen, Catherine, and Mary McKenna, Francis Milne, Jessie Munro, David Shaw, George Shepherd, Eliza Thompson, John Wallace.
Irish — William Beauchamp, Joseph Connor, Peter Johnson, Eliza Johnson, Julia, Mary, and Thomas Luddy, John Mahoney, Richard, Johanna, Michael, and Mary O'Donnell, Margaret and Catherine O'Donnell, Richard Pilian, William Tooney.

Shoemakers 4, copper and other miners 85, farm labourers 12, servants 36, porter 1. Mason's 6, labourers 31, plasterer 1, dressmakers 3, matron's 1, sawyers 6, plumber 1, smiths 4, grooms 4, farmers 4, carpenters 4. Carter's 1, quarryman 1, wheelwright 1, cook 1, tailor 1, ploughman 1, joiner 1.
English— Adults 263, children between one and twelve 75, infants 20, total 358
Scotch— Adults 28, children between one and twelve 3, infants 2, total 33
Irish— Adults 13, children between one and twelve 4, total 17
Grand total 403 equal to 345 statute adults.    

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
    Six deaths at sea, but no official records found  
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
    Three births at sea, but no official records found    

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Arthur George 26 Constable 39/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Ann (Mitchell) 19          
    Mary 1          
GE Arthur William 27 Smith 40/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Emma (Jones) 25          
    Catherine 9          
    William inf          
GE Baker Thomas Brown 33 Labourer 63/1   Askerswell, Dorset  
    Sarah Selina Elizabeth (Downe) 36          
    Thomas Brown 14          
    Elizabeth 11          
    Selina Laura Alberta 9          
    Fanny 7          
    Herbert 6          
    Hamilton 3          
    Alice 2          
    Anna inf          
GE Bowden John 41 Labourer 153/1   Cornwall  
    Harriet 43          
    Frances 8          
    John 5          
GE Branch Samuel 40 Miner 165/1   Cornwall  
    Ann 38          
GE Brindal William Edmund 26 Smith 175/3   Gloucester FreeBMD, marriage, registered Poplar, London
    Ellen (Feltham) 24          
    John 2          
    William inf          
GE Broad Samuel 20 Labourer 177/3   St. Columb, Cornwall  
    Mary (Ley) 19          
    Susan inf          
GE Bromsey / Brownsey John Henry 36 Labourer 180/3   Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset  
    Elizabeth (Banger) 26          
    Stephen inf          
GE Brown Moses 34 Labourer 189/3   Gloucester  
    Louisa 30          
    Tom 10          
    Mary 6          
    William 4          
    Louisa 1          
GE Caple John 22 Miner 236/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Ellen (Francis nee Thomas) 23          
    Thomas 2          
GE Chegwidden John Jenkin 25 Smith 265/3   Redruth, Cornwall to New Zealand before 1876.
    Caroline (Andrew) 18          
GE Cock George 23 Miner 290/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Banfield) 22          
GE Collison David 29 Smith 302/1   Edinburgh  
    Isabella 22          
GE Davies David 52 Miller 380/3   Llandetty, Breconshire 1861 census, age 56
    Elizabeth 49         1861 census, age 50
    Mary 9          
    David 28          
    Catherine 22          
    Thomas 19          
GE Doherty Michael 24 Labourer 413/2   Cardiff, Glamorgan  
    Catherine (Sullivan) 24          
    Ann 2          
    Mary inf          
GE Draper John 29 Smith 427/3   North Aylesford, Kent  
    Lucy Charlotte (Batchelder) 27          
    John 4          
    William 1          
GE Ellery John 33 Miner 464/1   Wendron, Cornwall  
    Catherine (Reed) 31          
    Sophia Ann 7          
    William J. 5          
    Harry 3          
    John 1          
GE Ellis Francis 23 Miner 466/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Oats) 21          
GE Gilbert James 19 Labourer 567/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Emily (Williams) 18          
GE Green William Gale 33 Labourer 613/2   Devizes, Wiltshire  
    Susannah Jane (Maslen) 31          
    Sarah 14          
    Henry 12          
    William 10          
    Samuel 6          
    Annette 2          
GE Griffith Alfred Ed. 23 Labourer 620/2   Stroud, Gloucester  
    Sarah (Smith) 19          
    William inf          
GE Haines Edwin 20 Baker 640/2   Brighton, Sussex  
    Susannah (Barnard) 20          
GE Hancock William 34 Miner -   Kea, Cornwall  
    Matilda (Geach) 30          
    William J. 7          
    Thomas 2          
GE Hargrave William 22 Labourer 672/2   Atherstone, Warwick  
    Sarah Ann (Cook / Cooke) 21          
    James Alfred inf          
GE Harkes James 39 Shoemaker 672/2   Edinburgh  
    Janet 38          
    Janet 8          
GE Harris George 22 Miner 677/1   Cornwall  
    Matilda 23          
    Elizabeth inf         died at sea, Sept. 30th
GE Hendra John 25 Miner 719/2   St. Columb, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Hubber) 20          
GE Hosking Thomas 20 Miner 779/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary (Nicholas) 23          
GE Hundy John 44 Wheelwright 795/2   Hereford 1861 census, residing Berrow Worcestershire
    Elizabeth (Sivell) 34          
    Hannah Elizabeth 10          
    Edith 6          
    Thomas 3          
GE Johnson Samuel 23 Labourer 850/3   London ?, Middlesex  
    Sarah (Dooley ?) 24          
GE Jose John 22 Labourer 866/2   Truro ?, Cornwall  
    Phillipa Jane (James ?) 29         age ?
GE Ladner Francis 33 Labourer 946/2   Mousehole, Cornwall  
    Constance (Tonkin) 30          
    Mary J. 7          
    Francis 4          
GE Littlejohn James 25 Labourer 979/1   Camborne, Cornwall  
    Hannah (Hambly) 24          
    James 1          
GE Longshaw John 21 Labourer -   Plymouth, Devon  
    Sarah (Saunders) 18          
GE Luke William Henry 30 Miner -   Cornwall  
    Mary 26          
GE Masters George Robert 19 Labourer 1034/3   Langport, Somerset  
    Edith (Burt) 18          
GE McGrath James 24 Servant 1067/3   Lanark  
    Agnes / Amora ? 21         Honora ?
GE McKenna William 27 Labourer 1073/1   Edinburgh  
    Helen (Duffy) 22          
    Catherine 2          
    Mary inf          
GE McLeod William 28 Shoemaker 1080/1   Caithness  
    Isabella 27          
GE Moyle Alfred 19 Smith 1141/2   Redruth, Cornwall to Victoria
    Emma (Moffatt) 25          
GE Nicholas William Arthur 23 Miner 1181/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Louisa (Hawken) 24          
GE Nicholls Thomas 41 Miner 1183/2   Hennock, Devon with family
    Jane 47          
    Eliza H. 12          
GE Noal William Henry 23 Labourer 1190/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Ellis) 26          
    child inf         born at sea, Nov. 10th
GE Noye / Noay / Noy William Henry 24 Miner 1200/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Catherine Ann (Curnow) 20          
    Catherine 1          
GE Olds William Henry 23 Miner 1219/1   St. Just, Cornwall with parents
    Jane (Banfield) 21          
GE Olds William 46 Miner 1219/1   St. Just, Cornwall with family
    Elizabeth Grace (Dennis) 44          
    John H. 15          
    Ellen 14          
    Grace Dennis 12          
    Edward Arnold 8          
    Emily 6          
    Jane inf         died at sea, Nov. 11th
GE Osborne John Henry 28 Labourer 1223/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Sarah (Rodgers) 25          
    Richard 3          
    Elizabeth 1          
GE Osborne John T. 23 Miner 1223/1   Cornwall  
    Suzanna 20          
    John inf          
GE O'Donnell Michael 28 Labourer -   Cork  
    Johanna (Dugan / Duggan) 25          
    Michael 5          
    Mary 1          
GE Packer George 45 Labourer 1227/2   Road, Somerset with family
    Hannah (Robinson) 45          
    Henry 7          
RE Parker James 39 Labourer 1238/2   Clutton, Somerset  
    Elizabeth 40          
    Thomas 13          
    William 11          
    Ella 8          
    Henry 5          
    George 2          
    child inf         born at sea, Sept. 22nd
GE Parsons Thomas 23 Labourer 1243/2   Warwick  
    Ann (Sandal ?) 23          
    Joshua 1          
GE Pascoe John Henry 29 Miner 1244/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary (Trezise) 23          
    Mary 3         died at sea, Oct. 28th
    Phillipa inf          
GE Paull William Henry 20 Miner 1250/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Eliza (Harris) 19          
    child inf         born at sea, Oct. 2nd
GE Perren John 42 Labourer 1269/2   Langport, Somerset  
    [Mary] Jane (Perren) 35          
GE Peryam James 25 Smith 1271/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Jane (Stephens) 24          
    Catherine inf          
GE Polkinghorne John 27 Wheelwright 1295/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Harriet (Chegwin) 22          
    Margaret 1          
    Thomas Inf          
GE Powell David 31 Shepherd 1304/1   Brecknock, Breconshire  
    Agnes (Thomas) 29          
GE Quick William 30 Labourer 1321/1   High Bickington, Devon  
    Joanna (Martin) 32          
    William 10          
    Mary Jane 8          
    Hannah 5          
    Elizabeth 3          
GE Roach Adolphus George 23 Shoemaker 1361/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Amelia Jane (Tregaskis) 22          
GE Rogers Nicholas 20 Groom 1379/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Hannah (Murley) 18          
GE Sara / Sarah James Edmund 21 Engineer 1427/2   Falmouth, Cornwall  
    Phillipa (Moyle) 22          
GE Sedgman / Sedgeman Thomas 30 Miner 1460/1   Kea, Cornwall  
    Mary (Geach ?) 36          
    Matilda 12          
GE Smith George 35 Labourer 1503/2   Durham  
    Margaret 28          
    George 4          
    Margaret 2          
GE Spence Joseph 26 Labourer 1521/3   Warwick 1861 census, residing Swannington, Leicestershire
    Sarah Ann (Gent) 24          
    Amelia 1          
GE Tanner John 35 Carpenter 1574/3   Cardiff, Glamorgan  
    Adelaide (Gamblin) 30          
    Elizabeth 13          
    Arrowa Camilla 7          
    Agnes 2          
    Emily 1          
GE Thomas Joseph 25 Labourer 1594/2   Helston, Cornwall  
    Grace (Cark / Carah) 25          
    Alice 1          
GE Thompson Henry 32 Painter 1599/1   Sussex  
    Mary 32          
    Harriet 7          
    Henry 6          
GE Tooze Thomas 24 Miner 1613/1   Falmouth, Cornwall  
    Emily (Dunstan) 21          
    Alfred inf          
GE Tippett Edward Thomas 23 Labourer -   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Eustis / Eustice) 22          
    Mary inf          
GE Teague Francis 27 Miner 1583/2   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Uren) 24          
    Mary 4          
    Ellen 1          
GE Uren William 20 Miner 1639/1   Truro, Cornwall to Victoria
    Caroline (Andrew[s]) 20          
    Mary inf          
GE Veal Edmund 23 Miner 1644/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Matthews) 23          
    Mary inf          
GE Veal Josiah 27 Carpenter 1644/3   Penzance, Cornwall to Victoria
    Margaret (Cornish) 23          
GE Waters James Henry 21 Labourer 1579/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Ellen (Matthews) 21          
GE Watts John Langon 31 Labourer 1684/2   Phillack, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane / Ann (Watts) 31          
    Alice E. 5          
    William 2          
GE Wedlock James Bennetts 23 Smith 1689/2   Helston, Cornwall  
    Sarah Ann (Martin) 25          
    Arthur 1          
GE White Isaac Pearce 27 Miner 1701/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Ann (Hill) 26         died, 26 Aug 1866
    John 3          
    Abraham 1          
GE Williams Edwin 33 Labourer 1715/3   St. Keverne, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Lynes) 32          
    John Henry 10          
    Elizabeth M. 8          
    Jane 5          
    Edwin inf          
GE Williams John 26 Smith 1718/2   Monmouth  
    Ann 25          
    Margaret inf          
AP Yates John 39 Smith 1753/2   St. Mary, Nottinghamshire  
    Hannah (Hallam) 38          
    Ezra 13          
    Annette 11          
    Emmeline 9          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Andrews Thomas 20 Miner 31/2   Cornwall  
GE Armstrong Andrew 20 Shepherd 37/1   Inverness  
GE Atkins George 20 Butcher 42/3   Warwick  
GE Bartlett Richard 23 Mason 87/1   Cornwall  
GE Beauchamp William 20 Labourer -   Kings co.  
GE Blewett Charles 18 Smith -   Cornwall  
GE Bone William Henry 19 Labourer 141/3   Cornwall  
GE Cagar William 20 Labourer 223/3   Cornwall  
GE Clifford James 18 Porter 285/3   Sussex  
GE Collins John 24 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Connor Joseph 19 Servant 308/2   Kings co.  
GE Courtney John 16 Shoemaker 327/3   Devon  
GE Curnow James 21 Miner 358/3   Cornwall  
GE Davey William John 21 Joiner 376/2   Cornwall  
GE Davies Edmund 21 Labourer 378/2   Glamorgan  
GE Davies George 21 Carpenter 378/2   Hereford  
RE Dorward David 20 Labourer 422/1   Forfarshire  
GE Dunstan John 20 Mason 442/2   Cornwall  
GE Eustice William Henry 18 Labourer 474/1   Cornwall  
GE Evans Henry 22 Labourer 475/1   Gloucester  
GE Fisher Alfred 21 Labourer -   Somerset  
GE Fuller John E. 23 Labourer -   Devon  
GE Furse Phillip 22 Mason 540/1   Cornwall  
GE Gilbert Samuel 20 Miner 567/3   Cornwall  
GE Hamilton David 34 Labourer 655/2   Fifeshire  
GE Hamilton Dominick 30 Smith -   Cork  
GE Hansford John 14 Labourer -   Askerswell, Dorset with mother
AP Healy John E. 17 Labourer -   Middlesex  
AP Healy Joseph 22 Labourer 706/3   Middlesex  
GE Hill Edward 21 Labourer 737/2   Cornwall  
GE Hillier John 21 Smith 742/3   Middlesex  
GE Hooglan Pat 17 Shoemaker -   Middlesex  
GE Hopwood Henry 17 Shoemaker 774/1   Middlesex  
GE Hymer Joseph 24 Groom 807/1   Middlesex  
GE Johnson Peter Barton 27 Labourer 850/3   Kings co.  
GE Jolly James 28 Labourer 855/1   Cornwall  
GE Kellock James 28 Groom 884/2   Fifeshire  
GE Kneebone Thomas 21 Labourer 925/3   Cornwall  
GE Knighton Frederick 20 Labourer 928/1   Monmouth  
GE Lapham Hugh 19 Labourer -   Somerset  
GE Lashbrook Joseph 19 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Lawson Walter 22 Shoemaker -   Forfarshire  
GE Lee John 18 Labourer 962/3   Cornwall  
GE Lee William 21 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Liddiatt James 33 Tailor -   Monmouth  
GE Malony John 30 Labourer 1008/1   Cork  
GE Marks William Henry 19 Labourer 1019/2   Cornwall  
GE McCraig Dugald 23 Labourer -   Argyle  
GE McKay George 25 Labourer -   Orkney  
GE McKinnon Lachlan 26 Wright 1075/3   Lanarkshire  
GE McMurdo John 20 Quarryman 1082/2   Stirlingshire  
GE McMurdo Thomas 21 Quarryman -   Stirlingshire  
GE Milne Francis 29 Labourer 1114/3   Aberdeen  
GE Nankervis John 19 Miner 1163/3   Cornwall  
GE Neale Henry 16 Shoe Black 1168/2   Middlesex  
GE Neems Henry 22 Labourer 1169/2   Gloucester  
GE Nicholls Thomas 16 Miner 1183/2   Hennock, Devon with parents
GE Northam James 18 Labourer 1196/3   Cornwall  
GE Oats Charles 24 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Olds Richard 19 Miner 1219/1   St. Just, Cornwall with parents
GE Oxham John 21 Miner 1226/3   Cornwall  
GE Packer Frederick 13 Miner 1227/1   Road, Somerset with parents
GE Parrington Francis 20 Labourer 1241/2   Middlesex  
GE Pavey Richard 21 Gardener 1250/2   Somerset  
GE Perry Samuel 22 Labourer 1271/1   Somerset  
GE Pike William 18 Labourer 1284/3   Devon  
RE Pilion Richard 31 Cabinet Maker 1285/3   Cork  
  Platt John C. 17 Labourer -   Middlesex  
GE Pollard Martin 19 Miner 1296/1   Cornwall  
GE Press John 23 Mason -   Lancashire  
GE Ralph James Ralph 20 Mason -   Cornwall  
GE Shaw David 22 Labourer 1471/3   Lanark  
GE Shepherd George 19 Miner 1476/3   Fifeshire  
GE Simons James 18 Labourer 1489/3   Cornwall  
GE Simpson George 16 Shoe Black 1490/3   Middlesex  
GE Steer Alfred 17 Shoe Black 1539/1   Middlesex  
GE Tamblyn John 13 Miner 1574/1   Illogan, Cornwall with sisters
GE Tamblyn Nicholas 21 Miner 1547/1  
GE Tamblyn William Gill 11 child -  
GE Thomson Edwin 19 Labourer 1591/1   Cornwall  
GE Toomey William 32 Labourer 1612/3   Cork  
GE Tregear James 22 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Trevethan William 16 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Trewatha William 23 Miner 1622/1   Cornwall  
GE Turner Joseph 19 Butcher 1631/2   Warwick  
GE Uren John 20 Smith 1638/3   Cornwall  
GE Wallace John 22 Smith 1664/2   Forfarshire  
GE Watts Isaac 21 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE White Samuel John 17 Labourer 1702/1   Somerset  
GE Yelland Walter 20 Labourer -   Cornwall  
Single Women & children
GE Inch Miss Hannah 36 Matron     Cornwall  
GE Andrews Mary 33 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Beauchamp Catherine 25 Servant     Kings co.  
GE Bowden Elizabeth 18 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Bowden Mary 15 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Courteny Fanny 26 Servant     Devon  
GE Eddy Thomas 10 child     Cornwall  
GE Eddy Jane 26 Servant 453/2   Cornwall  
GE Evans Charlotte 17 Servant     Gloucester  
GE Friend Rebecca 23 Servant     Berkshire  
GE Grady Johanna 28 Servant 599/2   Cork  
GE Grant Agnes 17 Servant 603/3   Middlesex  
GE Gray Isabella 19 Servant     Devon  
GE Hansford Anna 15 Servant     Askersell, Dorset  
GE Hansford Mrs. Fanny 48 widow / Servant 667/1   with son
GE Huntley Martha 16 Servant 799/3   Lanark  
GE James Mary 19 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Johnson Eliza 20 Servant     King co.  
GE Lewis Sarah 19 Servant     Monmouth  
GE Luddy Julia 22 Servant     Cork  
GE Luddy Mary 3 child     Cork  
GE Luddy Thomas 1 child     Cork died at sea, Oct. 8th
GE Martin Mary 18 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Menhenett Kitty 18 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Munro Jessie 25 Servant     Inverness  
GE O'Donnell Catherine 22 Servant     Cork  
GE O'Donnell Margaret 24 Servant     Cork  
GE Olds Mary Ann 17 Servant     St. Just, Corwall with parents
GE Pemberthy Victoria 23 Servant 1263/1   Cornwall  
GE Rawlings Caroline 32 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Stevens Catherine 18 Servant     Corwall  
GE Tamblyn Dinah 26 Servant 1574/1   Illogan, Cornwall with brothers | Eliza Jane died at sea, Oct. 8th
GE Tamblyn Elizabeth Jane 22 Servant    
GE Tamblyn Ellen Frances 20 Servant 1574/1  
GE Thomas Grace 21 Servant     Cornwall  
  Thompson Eliza n/a -     Scotland  
GE Tregear Martha 18 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Watts Martha 18 Servant     Cornwall  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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