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Miscellaneous Australia Passenger Arrivals 1845-1854

extracted from The Shipping Gazette and Sydney general trade list; from the digitised version of the Sydney Shipping Gazette found at the National Library of Australia website. These lists name each person or family group on board without distinguishing between cabin or steerage passengers. The lists below are just a sampling of what is available on the digitalized SSG, but I hope to add more in the future.

1845 | 1846 | 1847 | 1848 | 1849 | 1850 | 1851 | 1852 | 1853 | 1854

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 2, Number 48 (15 Feb. 1845) p. 42

ship General Hewett, 960 tons, Captain Hart
from the Downs 23rd October / Portsmouth October 24th 1844, arrived Sydney, 9th February 1845

Mr. Brown Mrs. Brown & infant Miss M. Brown
Master R. Brown Mr. Lewis Samuel Mrs. Stewart
Mrs. Miller Mrs. Lintott Miss Lintott
Mr. J.L. Montefiore Mr. T.L. Montefiore Mr. J.L. Montefiore
Mr. W.F. De Salis Mr. Carter Mr. Smith
Mr. Walker Mrs. Walker Mr. J. Walker
Miss C. Walker Miss J. Walker Master J. Walker
Master T. Walker Miss A. Walker Mr. Jones
Mr. Green Mr. Reed Mr. Mclaren
Mr. Clark Mrs. Clark
(died 27th January of consumption)
Master C. Clark
Mr. Elliott Mrs. Elliott Master H. Elliott
Miss E. Elliott Miss L. Elliott  
Mr. Spencer Mrs. Spencer Master J. Spencer
Mr. C.D. Brown    
Mr. George Smith Mrs. Smith Mrs. Blakey
Mary Ann Blakey Jane Blakey William H. Blakey
Lewis Blakey Tom Blakey Mr. Whitney
Mrs. Whitney Charles Whitney John Whitney
Mr. Blanchard Jane Blanchard Mrs. Mary Price
James Steel Henry Hardman J. Bye
G. Basset J. Smith Edward Garland
Servants of Passengers:    
Elizabeth Smith Margaret Espie Eliza Young
Mary Maylon   64 passengers

. . . and the General Hewett will commence taking in the oil per Australian the latter part of next week.
The General Hewett has made the passage out in 107 days, and brings an unusual number of passengers. She will commence loading for London immediately upon the discharge of her inward cargo.

. idem. . . page 44

Imports: February 10.—General Hewett, ship, 960 tons, Captain Hart, from London : 10 cases Portugal wine, 93 casks bottled beer, 10 hogsheads beer, 250 casks bottled beer, 30 hogsheads beer, 70 kegs, 12 casks, 40 tins, 12 cases Portugal wine, 12 cases Spanish wine, Captain Hart ; 7 casks French wine, 4 cases manufactures, 3 cases soap, 2 cases perfumery, 1 case marble, 1 butt Spanish wine, 2 cases millinery, Thacker, Mason & Co. ; 44 packages tobacco, Gilchrist and Alexander ; 1 case manufactures, 4 cases 5 bales haberdashery, Thomas Perkins ; 16 bales 4 cases manufactures, 1 case bottled beer, 9 bales, 12 cases. Swain, Webb & Co. ; 21 bales 12 cases merchandise, Tom Ray ; 3 cases, Solomon ; 33 bales, 161 cases British goods, 12 pockets and 13 packages British goods, 21 cases glass, 20 casks, 48 bales, 25 cases 1 truss manufactures, 130 cans linseed oil, 70 cans boiled oil, 4 bales sweet almonds, 10 caroteels currants, 10 boxes Jordan almonds, 50 boxes raisins, 110 half-boxes and 204 quarter-boxes raisins, 5 tons rock salt, 267 bags salt, 20 half-hogsheads, 45 casks, 17 cases, 12 bales, J.T. Armitage ; 60 boxes 4 bales manufactures, 25 cases, 49 bales, 18 trunks, Flower, Salting & Co. ; 1 box, 5 bales corks, Joubert & Murphy ; 4 cases, W.J. Reid ; 6 bales, A. Brierley ; 2 boxes, Smith & Campbell ; 52 bales, 27 cases, 92 casks, Griffiths, Gore & Co. ; 69 packages, 28 cases, 10 bales, 6 trusses manufactures, 4 cases port wine, 4 cases sherry, 2 cases paper, 2 cases Marsala wine, 4 cases merchandise, 1 case sauces, 6 cases blankets, 32 hogsheads beer, 3 barrels beer, 10 casks rum, 1 case luccades, 1 case plaster casts, 1 case pictures, 5 caroteels currants, J.L Montefiore ; 2 cases silks, 3 cases cottons, Dreutler & Wagner ; 43 cases glass, 1 case paper, 120 kegs merchandise, 43 cases oilman's stores, 11 casks printing inks, J.S. Willis ; 6 bales merchandise, John Graham ; 1 chest, Tait ; 1 box, Hart ; 2 millstones, 8 cases 7 coils rope, 40 boxes, 10 cases, 1 barrel, 10 bundles, 38 bars iron, 21 kegs, 4 jugs, 2 boiler plates, 505 tram plates, F. Ebsworth ; 5 casks manufactures, A. Macarthur ; 1 cask, 4 cases, 9 trunks, H.M. Blanchard ; 2000 files, 8 sets of oven work, 240 Welsh lamps, 100 bricks, J.S. Duer ; 1 box manufactures, Lincoln ; 1 case, Martyn and Coombes ; 8 octoves 8 quarter-cask 1 butt 2 hogsheads Spanish wine, 27 cases sweetened spirits, 20 cases Portugal wine, Harper, Blundell & Co. ; 5 cases, 2 bales, Melville & Lambert ; 1 box apparel, C.H. Horsley ; 4 cases copper, 1 cask nails, Boyd & Co. ; 15 kegs, 3 tierces tobacco, T. Smith & Co. 1 hogshead Spanish wine, Thomas Iceley ; 20 casks British goods, 8 bales paper, 1 box harp strings, Lamb & Parbury ; 10 packages, 1 cask brushes, 2 casks glue, 10 casks shot, R.M. Robey ; 10 casks manufactures, W. Walker & Co. ; 1 case apparel, Lethbridge ; 6 cases paper, Lyall, Scott & Co. ; 26 cases manufactures, Joseph Thompson & son ; 119 bundles iron hoops, 51 bundles hoop iron, R. Campbell, tertius ; 13 cases plate glass, N. Solomon ; 3 bales manufactures, E. Hamilton ; 1 case books, R.J. Hunt ; 2 cases message cards, W. Ford ; 7 bales news paper, Kemp & Fairfax ; 4 bags guinea grain, James Walker ; 1 case percussion caps, 48 cases, 16 bales, 4 trunks British goods, 1 box sweetmeats, Moses Joseph ; 1 case, Rev.Dr. Ross ; 1 case regimentals, Lieutenant J. Thompson ; 4 bales, 1 case, P. Farmer ; 1 case books, R.T. Ford ; 2 cases lamp cotton, 5 cases 10 bales manufactures, Rowand, McNab & Co. ; 1 bale, 5 casks slops, 75 cases oakum, 29 coils rope, 2 cases slops, Boyd & Co. ; 12 cases apparel, D. Jones & Co. ; 1 case, James Tegg ; 3 cases A. Samuells ; 4 trusses John Giblett ; 1 case books and stationary, Rev.Dr. Polding ; 15 hogsheads brandy, Gilchrist & Alexander ; 1 case, Everett ; 5 casks smelts, J.S. Willis ; 2 bales, 1 case clothing, Gilchrist & Alexander ; 1 box, Egerton Beck ; 2 cases, 2 trunks manufactures, J. Isaacs ; 12 cases, 3 pans, 1 cask, L. Samuell ; 2 bales canvas, Cooper & Holt ; 2 cases, T. Smith & Co. ; 3 cases castor oil, James Walker ; 1 case gold watches, Birnstingl[?] ; 1 case plate glass, 1 case charts, 19 kegs tobacco, T. Smith & Co. ; 17 cases copper, 2 casks copper nails, Donaldson, Dawes & Co. ; 1 parcel books, Australian Subscription Library ; 200 casks bottled beer, J. Johnston ; 3 kegs containing 20,000 sovereigns, Union Bank ; 68 bales, 13 cases, 13 casks and one bath, Ordnance Storekeeper ; 2 cases, 9 bales, 1 box, 54 casks Spanish and 41 casks Portugal wine, 1 case apparel, 9 tireces tobacco, 30 barrels raisins, 9 barrels currants, 100 caks nails, 135 cases, 7 bales, 7 hogsheads beer, 100 casks bottled beer, 120 casks crystal soda, 10 quarter-casks peas, 10 quarter-casks barley, 5 quarter-casks oats, 8 bales woolbagging, 34 casks bottled beer. [to] Order.

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 6, Number 251 (6 Jan. 1849) p. 2

barque Penyard Park, 377 tons, Captain John Weller
from London, the Downs 31st July 1848, arrived Sydney, 4th January 1849

Lord Walter Wandesforde Butler Captain George Duniam & two children Mr. C.H. Ratliff
Miss Meeks Mr. & Mrs. Harrisson & four sons and two daughters Miss Sophia Seton
Miss Isabella Seton Mr. James Emmett Mr. Henry Ingram
Mr. Francis Ingram Mr. John Francis Mr. L. Collier
Mr. Israel Simmons Mr. I.L. Kitchen  
note: spelling differences between this list and the "advertisement" below; Wandesforde above, was corrected from Laudesforde
Sydney, January 6, 1849
Dear Sir,—Having, by the gracious protection of an ever watchful Providence, arrived safely at the end of our voyage from London, we cannot separate without returning you our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the kindness and urbanity of manner which you have invariably shown to us during the time we have been under your care.
The voyage may truely be said to have been a most anxious one to you ; and rendered doubly so, from the death of two of the passengers who left London with you, and whom God in his infinite wisdom thought fit to remove from among us while at sea, and during whose illness your disinterested good nature was manifested by every attention to their wants and wishes, as far as lay in your power.
That the voyage has been a long one we cannot deny ; but during that time we have had opportunities for making an acquaintance, which we trust may be a lasting one ; and we sincerely hope that all passengers who may in future favour the good ship Penyard Park may experience the same considerate treatment which we have always received.
Wishing you every health and happiness, we remain, sir, your sincere friends,
MRS. HARRISON and Children
To Captain John Weller,
Barque Penyard Park

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 6, Number 268 (5 May 1849) p. 129 & Number 271 (26 May 1849) p. 140

barque Coromandel, 639 tons, Captain W.H. Norman
from London, (Deal) 14th December 1848 & Plymouth, arrived Adelaide 31st March, 1849,
departed for Port Phillip 28th April and arrived 8th May 1849, arrived Sydney, 19th May 1849

Passengers for Adelaide    
Mr. & Mrs. Brick Mr. Wallace, wife & daughter Mr. Wilcox
Mr. Wicks Mr. Godfrey Mr. Burnup
Mr. Strong Mr. King Mr. Gordon
Mr. Shepherd Mr. Peterkin Mr. Lane
Mr. Burton Mr. Hollis Mr. White
Mr. Adewood Mr. Bayleys Mr. Pearce
Mr. Westrup Mr. Leitch Mr. Mills
Mr. Harper Mrs. Bayer Mrs. Campbell & infant
Miss Twelveline    
Passengers for Port Phillip    
Mr. Crawley Mr.& Mrs. McCormack, son & two daughters Mrs. Taylor & two children
Mr. McMahon Mr.& Mrs. Callow Mr.& Mrs. Hall & child
Mr.& Mrs. Judkin & child Mr.& Mrs. Selby Mr. Dare
Mr. Rees Mr. McAlpine Mr. Mount
Mr. Brooks Mr. Chambers Mr. Hewett
Mr. Cropley Mr. Auty Mr. Burrows
Mr. Sheen Mr. Brocklesby, wife & child  
Passengers for Sydney    
Mr. Brown, wife & child Mrs. Jones & four children Mr. McCabe
Mr. Astal Mr. Murray Mr. Stringer
Mr. Bland Mr. Walker Mr. Andrews
Mr. Challis Mr. Jennings Mr. Sheridan
Mr. Brown Mr. Fitzsimmons Mr. Fox
Mr. Marks Mr. Simmond Mr. Turner
Mr. Daunton Mr. Iris Mr. Well
Mrs. Parnsley Miss Guile Mr.& Mrs. Cupp
Mr.& Mrs. Phipps Mrs. Monteith Misses M.J.& E.A. Holberton
Passengers for Sydney, as published at Sydney, May 26th  
Mr. Burgess Mr. Symonds Mr. Scott
Mr. G. Tingcombe Mrs. Monteath Miss M.J. Holburton
Miss E.A. Holburton Mr. Vaulkner Mr. W. Hoyle
Mr.& Mrs. Williams Mr. Lancelot Kerr Mr.& Mrs. McCormack, & two children
Mrs. Taylor & two children Mr. McMahon Mr.& Mrs. Bensley
Mr.& Mrs. Byrne Mr.& Mrs. Gordon & child Miss Joel
Mr. McCabe Mr. Ives Mr.& Mrs. Campbell & child
Mr. Mills Mr. Harper Mr. Fitzsimmons
Mr. Brown Mr. Darnton Mr. Leitch
Mr. Doyle Mr. Andrews Mr. White
Mr. Challis Mr. Murray Mr. Walker
Mr. Beer Mr. Matthews Mr. Adcock

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 307 (2 Feb. 1850) p. 31

ship Condor, 911 tons, Captain Daly
from Liverpool 17th October 1849, arrived Port Phillip, 23rd January 1850

Rev. J. Gardner, lady & family Mr.and Mrs. Melville & family Mr.and Mrs. Box & family
Mr. S. Sheppard Mr. W. Lovely Miss Knox
Mr. J. O'Brien, surgeon in charge Mr. Furnival Mr. Spears
Mr. Newton Mr. Just Mr. Abbis
Mr. Mackay Mr. Haigh Mr. Hurst
Mr. Bray W. Straw Miss Wilson
Miss Clarke C. Wilson, wife & child J. Henry, wife & infant
[Mr.] Parker [Mr.] Lewis [Mr.] Walley
[Mr.] Wreck T. & A. Jones [Mr.] Cameron
[Mr.] Patterson [Mr.] Fielding [Mr.] Boyd
[Mr.] Gougie [Mr.] Wilkinson O. Donell
[Mr.] Kinnister [Mr.] Shannon [Mr.] Lund
J. Clarke, wife & child T. Gawnie, wife & family J. Hadfield & son
J. Cartwright & wife G. Foster & nephew Joseph Hartley & wife
[Mr.] Webster & wife A. Parkinson & son W. Walters & wife
Sarah McAuley Sarah North [Mr.] Owens & wife
[Mr.] Irving, wife & family [Mr.] Atherton, wife & family J. Mathieson & family
Mrs. Turnecliffe & family W. Kermode R. George
T. Shaud D. Laurie T. Brocklebank
[Mr.] Jackson [Mr.] Hartness F. Gattige
T. Sartein & wife J. Owen J. Heven
Miss Gill D. Kerr T. Moclan
W. Christian & wife J. Robinson & family W. Monk
R. Easton Mary A. Dunn [Mr.] Allen
[Mr.] Fisher & family J. Mercer, wife & brother  

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) p. 350

ship Roman Emperor, 793 tons, Captain Champion
from Plymouth, 27th September 1850, arrived Sydney 6th January 1851
Mr.& Mrs. Alexander Young, four children and servant Mr. D. Hill Young Mr.& Mrs. H. Woolley, two children and servant
Mr. A. McKenzie Mr. W.H. Alexander Mr. Wise & three sons
Mr. McFie Mrs. Walters & eight children Mr. Oake
Mrs. Kenny & two children Miss Sands Mr.& Mrs. Everard
Mrs. Tyler Mrs. Parkinson & child Mr.& Mrs. J. Hummel & daughter
Mr. Meers Mr. Skarratt Mr. Lane
Mr. Reid Mr. Austin Mr. Harris
Mr.& Mrs. Prescott Mr. King Mrs. Mullins & two sons
Miss Penrose Miss Shirley Mr. Kane

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 9, Number 445 (9 Oct. 1852) p. 284 & 286

ship Bank of England, 726 tons, Captain Davison
from the Downs, 3rd July and Lizard 8th July 1852, arrived Sydney 8th October 1852

Mr. & Mrs. Bannatyne & son Mr. Atkinson Mr. Moloy
Mr. Macartney Mrs. Crocker Mr. Bridgman, surgeon
Mr. J. McNunder Mr. W. McNunder W. Sloman, wife & three children
W.G. Davey R. Shaw A.J. Cooke
J. Allan C.S. Rowe J. & W. Dowdall
C. Williams M. Martins, wife & four children Eliza Martins
J. Carroll, wife & four children W. Percy A. Cains
R.W. Sard H.W. King A. Hooper, wife & child
F.C. Young A. Moncrieff W. Holden
J. Prout H. & G. Parsons R. Lee
J. Pickering T. Craig W.L. Barlow, wife & sister
Mary Seguist & child Caroline Powles Mr. & Marion Joyner
H.S. & E. Gibson T. & H. Miskin P. Moore
F.J. Young T. Newson J. Morgan, wife & three children
George & Harriet Gum G. Morgan J. Sims
N.S. Tudor C.G. Purvis H. Harrison
A. Smith W. Marchant, wife & two children B.B. Miles
C. Lysnar G. Herion T. Jackson
N. Corrie J. Portman S. Lugy
T. Mills Henry & Jane White S. Wilcoxson
M. Riley P. Macanly — Sattern, wife & child
W.S. Schultz F.T. Godfrey & wife J. Cains
C. Ladd W.G. Brook J. Wetherall
W. Pickering Amelia Richardson T. Lassen, wife & two children
J. Harland J. Neah J. Tanner
D. Cheny C.F. Dale T. Hubbard
E. Richards, wife & two children D.J. Reddin S. Orford
M. Howe & wife W. & Elizabeth Hillier & child C. Carrington
G. Searth S. Webb R. Prince
H. Milis T.S. Cooke J. Austen & wife
F.A. Watson W. Henderson E. Dewar
J.D. Firman W. Jones, wife & five children T. Harpham
— Crossly — Robinson — Abbot
E. Power T. Panton & wife J. Gay
J.W. White G. Campbell J.M. Cormactrie / Connactrie
A. Lee J. Howard J. Rowling
W. Coles H. Lowe Y. / T. / F. (?) Harman
R. Smith W. Dexter — Dingle
C. Cochrane W. Sewell T. Harrison
G. Giles J. Ingram J. Rerinech & wife
J. Smith A. Edwards H. Howard
D. Beaumont W. Hallett & brother H. Glass
J. Jackson J. Girkie Moses & Isaac Ostrodsrys
R. Hand Jos. Nott Mary Jones
W. Barrett A. Kennett J. Holland
W. Stellard Charles Bryant 196 passengers

The Bank of England has had an excellent passage from the Lizard of 91 days. She brings no report of vessels spoken until after making the land, when she passed the Clarence, steamer, hence for Melbourne, on the 6th inst. off Bateman's Bay ; she brings a large number of passengers, who are unanimous in their approval of the arrangemets made for their comfort during the voyage. Unfortunately an accident occurred which marred the otherwise pleasant passage—on the 5th September, one of the passengers named Castor, fell overboard, but the ship going very fast through the water, it was impossible to save him ; on the following day, another of the passengers named Johnson, was missing, and in all probability he also met the same fate, as there was no trace of him after that date. The Marion, and Lydia, sailed on the 25th and the Kate on the 30th June. The Francis Walker, with Mrs. Chisholm's women, also sailed on the 3rd July, all for Sydney. The Bank of England has £52,000 in specie on board for the banks.

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 9, Number 446 (16 Oct. 1852) p. 289

Chebucto in ballast
from Halifax, Nova Scotia 3rd July 1852, arrived Port Phillip, 9th October 1852

from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mr. & Mrs. C. Davidson Mr. & Mrs. A. McCulloch Mr. Thomas A. Murgesan
Mr. J.T. Caldwell Mr. A. McKenzie Mr. H. McKenzie
Mr. R.J. Reid Mr. D.D. Davidson Mr. — Sharp
Mr. A. Gladwin Mr. F. Gladwin Mr. R.E.M. Connabell
Mr. P. Doull Mr. J. McNab Mr. W. Henry
Mr. E. Soloman Mr. J. Pernetta Mr. T.J. Cole
Mr. J. Ferguson Mr. J. Simpson Mr. W. Burns
Mr. T. Miller Mr. R. Putnam Mr. W. Carter
Mr. A. Coaker Mr. W. Tupper Mr. R. Fulton
Mr. A. Hill Mr. E. Garrot Mr. J. Mooney
Mr. W. Merrick Mr. S.P. McLeod Mr. L. Paysant
Mr. W. Grove Mr. C.R. Allen Mr. W. Irish
Mr. F. Shaw Mr. H.H. Musgrave Mr. A. Rose
Mr. D. Fraser Delia Torre J. McDonnell
W. Burnham M. Burnham W. Taylor
P. Rickards R. Mills J. Wilcox
J. Johnson W. Fulton  
from St. John's [sic], New Brunswick
H.N. Scoutter J.C. Daniell T. Fotherby
W. Barker S. Bayard T.P. Taylor
J.S. Harrison J. Gilbert E.M. Bill
J.E. Bill J.S. Verner L. Shaw
R. Burpee J.H. Robillard J. Doherty
L.C. Heussis J.C. Cougle Thomas Masson
W.R. Robertson   78 passengers

The Chebucto—Another instance of the wide-spreading attractiveness of our gold fields shows itself in the arrival of this vessel from Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a large number of passengers, all anxious to turn gold diggers. The Chebucto was to be followed in a few days after leaving by the brig Sebim, with passengers for this port direct. — Argus

barque Prince Regent, 529 tons, Captain W. Jago, from London / Plymouth 12th July 1852, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 15th October 1852. (passenger list)

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 11, Numbers 538 & 539 (21 & 28 August, 1854) pp. 154 & 158

screw steamer Lady Jocelyn, 1,850 tons, Captain G.E. Bird
from Southampton, 4th June 1854, arrived at St. Vincents 16th June, sailed 17th June,
arrived at Melbourne August 12th, sailed 19th and arrived at Sydney 22nd August 1854
Melbourne :— The Lady Jocelyn (ship picture) came up the Bay in the forenoon of Saturday. She sailed from Southampton on the 4th June, at 4pm., and arrived at St. Vincent on the 16th at 6.40am., and sailed on the following morning at half-past ten. She reports that on the 17th June, at 10am. the G.S.S. steamer Calcutta, Captain Goodall, arrived at St. Vincent from Calcutta, bound to Southampton ; at 10am., on the 21st June, spoke the British barque Electric, from Liverpool to Calcutta, out twenty-five days, latitude 6.27 N., Longitude 18.49 W. On the 14th July she passed and exchanged colours with a Dutch barque in latitude 39.29 S., longitude 17.40 E., standing to the eastward. July 28th, passed and exchanged signals with the British barque Pons Ælii, in latitude 40-15 S., longitude 80 E., standing to the eastward.
The Lady Jocelyn has met with heavy and variable weather to the latitude of the Cape, as well as adverse winds to the south of Cape Leeuwin, at wich time she sprang her fore-yard, and some detention occured in the repairs. The loss of the ship's surgeon on the 2nd August, of pleurisy, appears to have given great pain to the passengers, by whom the deceased was much esteemed. After this, the passengers and crew were indebted to a Mr. Squarey, one of the cabin passengers, who gave his professional services gratuitously,— a kindeness fully appreciated by all on board. The fact of the Lady Jocelyn being overdue is attributable to the south-east trades having driven her far over to the coast of South America, and to the continuance of adverse winds. She brings a very large mail, and is one of the finest steamships that has anchored in our Bay. Her saloon is very spacious, and magnificently fitted up, and the passengers speak in terms of the highest commendation of Captain Bird, as a gentleman and an able seaman.
Melbourne List
Passengers for Port Phillip   82 passengers
Mr.& Mrs. Hammond & female servant Miss Cohen Mr.& Mrs. Gollan
Miss Hawkins Mr. H.B. Henriques Miss Cooper
Miss Levy Mr. Bell Mr. Dugard
Mr.& Mrs. Beswick, three children & servant Mrs. Forsyth Mrs. Elger & infant (see Sydney list)
Mrs. Douglas, two children & servant Mr. Stodart (Stoddart) Mr. J.B. Hodge
Mr. I. Cheeseborough Mr. J. Gibson Mr. B. Isaacs (or V.)
Master G. Kalesky Mr. G. Brooks Mr. E.S. Paine
Mr. J.B. French Mr. C. Bial (Byle) Mr. J. Jones
Mr. H. Leigh Mr. T. Lebatt Mr. W.L. Pearson
Mr. J. Summers Mr. Thompson Mr. S. Davidson
Mr. E.J. Morris Mr. R. Hardy Mr. R.J. Fotheringham
Mr.& Mrs Phillips, three children & infant Mrs. Walters (see Sydney list) Mrs. Thomas & infant
Mr. J. Isaacs Mr. Lachman Mr. P. Hayman
Mr. R. Lade Mr. R. Clarke Mr. S. Pelling
Mr. T. Clarke Miss Trood Mrs. Owen
Miss E. Fillan Mr. T. Atkinson Mr. C. Sandland (Sandiland)
Mr. G. Freeman Mr. F. Leonard Mr. A. Lowe
Mr.& Mrs. Freeman, five children & infant Mr. J. Williams Mr. Joseph
Mr. Myerber (Myerbier) Mr. A. Lachman Mr. W. Poill (Poite ?)
Passengers for Adelaide   23 passengers
Mr.& Mrs. Hall Mr. H. Duncan Mr. R. Gladstone
Mr. W. Marriott Mr. H. Robertson Mr. N.V. Squarey
Mr. G. Whitehead Miss Duval Mr. Watts
Mr. Taylor Miss Taylor Mr. E. Cooper
Mr. Mannelle Mr. Caliste Mr. J. Lachman
Mr. J. Hamblin Mr. J. Williams Mr. J. North
Mr. H. Jackson Mr. F. Smith Mr. J. Harfield
Mr. J. Light    
Passengers for Sydney   11 passengers
Mr. E. Hickey Mr. R. Walton Mr.& Mrs. Harbottle
Mr. C.W. Lloyd Mr.& Mrs. Bird Miss H. Trouchett
Mr. J. Whitelow Mr. G. Coleman Mr. S. Brandt
Sydney List
some duplication & name spelling variations compared to Melbourne list
Mr. E. Hickey Mr. R. Walton Mr.& Mrs. Harbottle
Mr. C.W. Soyd (Lloyd) Mr.& Mrs. Bird Mrs. Elger & infant (see Melbourne list)
Mrs. Walters (see Melbourne list) Miss H. Tronchett Mr. Whitelong
Mr. Coleman Mr. Brandt Mr. Watts
Passengers from Melbourne    
Mr. J.S. Phelps Mr. J. Gilchrist Mr. Tootall
Mr. Challis Mr. Peter Mr. Wilson
Mr. Taylor Dr. Schemarda Mr. Horton
Mr. Williams Mr. Warsle Mr. R. Porter
Mr. Easey Mr. Hancock Miss Andrews
Mr. J. Thomas Mr. Ravenscroft Mr. Sweet
Mr. Ward Mr. McSelland (McLelland ?) Mr.& Mrs. Kellott
Mr. Whelan Mr. Whillett Mr. Costella
Mr. Ullingan Mr. Woolf Mr. Kay
Mr. L. Mandell Mr. Browne Mr. Wright
Miss Jaffray Mr.& Mrs. Williams & two children Mr.& Mrs. Hurley & two Natives
Mr. Callaghan Mr. Humphry Donaldson & Co., agents


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