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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Navarino, 493 tons, Captain Robert William Morgan, from Plymouth 8th April 1857, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 16th July 1857

. . . — 8th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1857 ; —1— birth and —2— deaths on the passage ; Arthur Peter Goullet, surgeon-superintendent.

The South Australian Register Friday July 17 1857 - Miscellaneous section of the shipping intelligence
     The ship Navarino signaled her approach by the discharge of three guns at 7 A.M. yesterday, the 16th instant but in the consequence of a dense fog overhanging the gulf, she was not sighted until near noon then standing to the south making for the lightship anchorage, having owing to the thickness of the weather, overshot that beacon.
     On being boarded by the shipping reporter, she was discovered to be manned by the emigrants, owing to a serious mutiny which had taken place amongst the crew, seven of which were in irons. Three of the ringleaders named Thomas, alias J. Henderson, John Harre and David Strathon, had behaved in a disorderly manner to the Surgeon-Superintendent and the officers of the ship, and towards the single women.
     The original cause of the disturbance was the ill conduct of these three men towards the female emigrants. The doctor found it necessary to complain to the captain ; but the fellows replied with abusive threats, declaring they would take the lives of both the captain and the surgeon, and otherwise acted in a menacing manner.
     On July 9th the sailors were a second time discovered between the decks at 6 P.M. by one of the constables, and on the captain and surgeon going below and requesting them to go on deck they refused, using all the time most threatening language.
     Captain Morgan then collared one and forced him on deck. Here the whole of the starboard watch obstructed his passage aft; but aided by the officers, he made his way through them. They followed him to the quarter-deck, challenging the captain to fight, and threatening to knock his brains out, and appeared so excited that he at once deemed it necessary to call upon the emigrants to aid in working the ship.
     The emigrants unanimously volunteered to do all in their power, and 24 single men were appointed to the two watches, 12 in each. On July 11th the starboard watch having shown a disposition to be again mutinous, and it ascertained that they intended to attach the emigrants who assisted in working the ship, the volunteer sailors were recommended to arm themselves. This step had the effect of preventing the attack.
     On the evening of that day the ringleaders, finding further attempts to cause a disturbance was effectually guarded against, gave themselves up and were placed in irons. They were given into the custody of the police immediately on their arrival.
     The Navarino reports having experienced on June 29th a severe hurricane, during which the lifeboats were stove in and wooden davits smashed.
from the South Australian Government Gazette, 1857 page 797
The Navarino arrived from Plymouth on the 16th of July with 220 immigrants. She was commanded by Mr. Robert William Morgan, ands Mr. Arthur Goullett was the Surgeon-Superintendent.
The cleanliness, good order, and general comfort of the people reflected great credit on the surgeon-superintendent, and the master and officers of the ship.
Two deaths and one birth took place at sea.
Great disturbances among the crew occurred during the voyage. It seemed as if a certain number of these men had engaged on board this ship in order that by combining action they might set naught all control, and hold forced communication with the immigrants. This attempt was successfully resisted ; a few of the ringleaders were put in confinement and handed over to the police on arrival.
The Surgeon-superintendent states that the conduct of the single women was exceedingly meritorious ; not a quarrel occurred amongst them—they were cheerful and industrious, strictly proper in their behavior, and expressed the greatest disgust at the proceedings of a licentious, foulmouthed crew, whose constant attempts to win their attention were treated with indignant contempt.
The conduct of the single men also during these disturbances was entitled to the highest praise ; they voluntarily placed themselves under the direction of the Master of the ship, to keep watch, preserve order, and if necessary, to control the crew.
The difficulties experienced during the voyage by the insubordination of these men might been attended with very serious results, had the immigrants given the sailors slightest countenance. I know not whether the good conduct of the immigrants or the sound judgment of the surgeon-superintendent, the Master, and the officers of the ship, in so acting as to secure the goodwill and co-operation of the immigrants in a very trying emergency, is to be admired.
Dr. Duncan M.D.
Immigration agent for the Hon.
Commission of Crown Land and Immigration
from Lloyd's Register 1851
Master: Captain R. Paige
Rigging: Barque; sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1851; partly fastened with iron bolts
Tonnage: 493 tons
Construction: 1808 in Cochin using Teak; rebuilt in 1835; major repairs in 1848
Owners: G. Marshall
Port of registry: London
Port of survey: London
Voyage: sailed for Australia
from the Emigration Commisioner's Report for 1857
... The lowest contract price for each adult's passage was that of the Royal Albert, at 12 19s. per head ; the total cost of this vessel to the colony for 231 statute adults embarked being 3,068. The higher prices are found as the year advanced, the Sumner receiving 17 8s. per head, and costing the colony for 235 statute adults 4,138. The largest outlay incurred on account of any one ship was in connection with the Henry Moore, the largest ship of the year, which brought us 382 statute adults (equal to 450 souls) at 16 per head; the total passage-money amounting to 6,104, and the total charge to 6,309. The aggregate charge to the colonial fund for the year's emigration was 51,799 ; of which 50,340 was for passage-money at contract rate. The amount of gratuities to surgeons, officers, &c., during the year is set down at 3,697 ; the lowest amount being 201 to the Navarino, and the highest amount 451 to the Henry Moore. ...
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Ivey, Alfred inf April 11th, 1857 Bronchitis at sea
Nicholas, Gregory 18 mo June 22nd, 1857 Croup at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Weldon, Alice   July 12th, 1857 female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Campion Patrick 44 Farm Labourer 234/1 Kilkenny with family
  Ann 42        
Darwin Mr. William Henry 25 Schoolmaster 374/1 Middlesex Lambeth, Surrey
  Jane Bethia (Harris) 26        
Donnelly Joseph 35 Miner 418/3 Lanark  
  Ann 30        
  Bernard 11        
  Peter 7        
  Francis 2        
  Joseph inf        
Farrel Thomas 38 Farm Labourer 486/2 Kings county with family
  Mary 36        
  Martin 11        
  Anne 9        
  Thomas 8        
  John 7        
  James 3        
Ford Michael 21 Farm Labourer 515/1 Galway Foard
  Margaret (Lyons) 18        
Goldsworthy John 23 Farm Labourer 585/1 Penzance ?, Cornwall  
  Catherine (White ?) 19        
  William inf       died at the depot before sailing
Hartney Patrick 36 Farm Labourer 688/2 Clare  
  Mary 24        
  Mary 4        
Ivey Alfred n/a Miner 816/2 Redruth, Cornwall born about 1828
  Mary Ann (Jeffrey) 25        
  Alfred inf       died at sea, April 13th 1857
Johns Peter 29 Miner 846/2 Cornwall  
  Hannah (Giles) 29       FreeBMD, married 4th quarter 1849, Stoke Damerel, Devon
  William 4        
  Ellen 1        
Kelly Timothy 43 Farm Labourer 889/1 Clare with family
  Mary 40        
  Winifred 12        
Kitch Robert 32 Farm Labourer 917/2 Ely, Cambridge note: surname Hitch
  Amelia (Levitt) 33       FreeBMD married 4th quarter 1854 | Mary Ann (Fenn), 1st wife
  William 10        
  James 7        
Levitt ? Joanna Levell 9        
Lowery / Lowry Patrick 30 Farm Labourer - East Stonehouse, Devon  
  Mary (Brian) 28        
  Bridget 1        
  Catherine inf        
Metcalfe John 39 Farm Labourer 1099/2 Bethnal Green, Middlesex  
  Ann (Payne) 30        
Newson Thomas 39 Tailor 1179/2 Middlesex 1851 census living Northwood, Hampshire
  Mary 43       Mary (Corbett) or Mary (Cribb)
  Thomas William 12        
  James 9        
  Elizabeth 7        
Nicholas Gregory 26 Miner 1181/1 St. Austell, Cornwall  
  Ann (Johns) 26        
  William Henry 2        
  Gregory 1       died at sea, June 22nd 1857
Robertson Sarah 39 Servant 1368/3 Shoreditch, Middlesex single parent | with family
  Sarah 14        
  Edward 12 Servant      
  Henry 9        
  Mary 7        
  Ellen 5        
Stapleton Michael 38 Shoemaker 1535/1 Clare with family
  Mary 34        
  Michael John 13        
  Honora 9        
  Austin M. 5        
Trembath Thomas 20 Miner - Penzance, Cornwall  
  Elizabeth Jane (Richards) 20        
  George 1       FreeBMD born 1st quarter 1855
Trainor Patrick 33 Miner - Wicklow with family
  Esther 24        
  Anne 5        
  Margaret 1        
Tuohy Denis 40 Farm Labourer 1627/3 Galway  
  Anne (McEwen) 40        
  John 12        
  Mary A. 11        
  Michael 10        
  Thomas 8        
  Teresa 6        
  Mary A. 2        
Wainwright Thomas 35 Miner 1656/3 Sherburn, Durham  
  Ann 35        
  Joseph 12        
  Benjamin 7        
  Thomas 5        
Walsh John 37 Farm Labourer 1666/3 Tipperary  
  Mary 36        
  Mary 6        
  Edmund 4        
  Patrick 2        
  William inf        
Walsh Michael 24 Shoemaker 1667/1 Middlesex  
  Margaret (Doody) 24       (Daley ?)
  John 1        
  Elizabeth McDonald 7        
Warren Richard 37 Labourer 1677/2 Penzance, Cornwall  
  Elizabeth (Richards) 37        
  Richard Henry 4        
  John 3        
  Alfred Thomas inf        
Warrick John 22 Miner 1677/3 St. Austell, Cornwall  
  Sarah (Bennallack ? ) 22        
Weldon Elijah 24 Carpenter - Sunderland, Durham  
  Alice (Maddison) 24        
  John 6        
  George 4        
  Stephen 1        
  female inf       born at sea, July 12th 1857
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men & children
Airey Michael 20 Farm Labourer 11/3 Clare  
Buckley James 19 Farm Labourer 197/3 Clare married in BISA
Cannan James 31 Farm Labourer 235/1 Galway  
Carley William 18 Farm Labourer 237/3 Kilkenny with mother
Carrig James 35 Farm Labourer 242/1 Clare  
Carrig Patrick 25 Farm Labourer 242/1 Clare  
Cavanan Bartholomew 22 Farm Labourer 234/2 Galway BISA number ?
Cavanan Patrick 11 child 234/2 Galway "
Cavanan Robert 18 Farm Labourer 234/2 Galway "
Cleggett Michael 20 Farm Labourer 283/3 Cork  
Connell John 22 Farm Labourer 307/1 Clare with sister
Connor John 36 Farm Labourer 308/1 Middlesex  
Considine Michael 16 Farm Labourer - Clare with mother
Considine Patrick 25 Farm Labourer - Clare with mother
Considine Thomas 14 Farm Labourer - Clare with mother
Corbett Patrick 19 Farm Labourer - Clare  
Cosgrove Thomas 31 Farm Labourer 321/3 Wicklow  
Crowan Thomas 24 Farm Labourer 350/1 Clare  
Curran Thomas 24 Farm Labourer 359/3 Cork  
Driscoll James 22 Farm Labourer 430/2 Limerick  
Driscoll John 23 Farm Labourer - Limerick  
Duffy John 18 Farm Labourer 434/2 Tyrone  
Farrow George W. 26 Bootmaker 487/2 Middlesex  
Fiddick William 30 Miner - Cornwall to Melbourne ?
Finaughty Peter 22 Farm Labourer - Galway  
Fitzgerald Maurice 30 Farm Labourer 505/3 Cork  
Fougerthy Michael 26 Farm Labourer - Kings county  
Furley John 22 Farm Labourer - Galway  
Ginnan John 22 Farm Labourer 573/3 Clare  
Gray James 22 Farm Labourer 607/3 Surrey  
Griffin John 18 Farm Labourer 619/3 Clare  
Hartnell Cornelius 25 Farm Labourer 688/1 Cork Hastwell 694/3
Healy Lawrence 33 Farm Labourer 706/3 Clare  
Hickey Patrick 25 Farm Labourer 732/1 Cork  
Hopkins William 24 Carpenter 773/3 -  
Hoskin John 23 Farm Labourer 778/2 Cornwall  
Howe Charles 23 Farm Labourer 784/2 Clare  
Hyland James 20 Farm Labourer 807/1 Cork  
Kelly Michael 20 Farm Labourer 887/3 Clare with parents
Kelly Thomas 22 Farm Labourer 889/1 Clare with parents
Kelly Timothy 15 Farm Labourer 889/1 Clare with parents
Leany Patrick 21 Farm Labourer - Clare  
Levett / Levitt John 16 Farm Labourer - Cambridge sister of Amelia (Levitt) Hitch ?
Lowden William 40 Shepherd - Cornwall  
Lowery / Lowry Henry 20 Miner - Cornwall  
Mack Myley 21 Labourer - Clare  
Macle Bernard 26 Farm Labourer - Fermanagh  
Macle Cornelius 21 Farm Labourer - Fermanagh  
Macle Henry 26 Farm Labourer - Fermanagh  
Macle John 19 Farm Labourer - Fermanagh  
Maher James 24 Farm Labourer - Tipperary with sister
Malone Michael 25 Farm Labourer 1007/3 Clare  
Malone Patrick 23 Farm Labourer 1007/3 Clare  
Manning James 21 Farm Labourer 1013/1 Clare  
Manning John 19 Farm Labourer 1013/1 Clare  
McMahon James 23 Farm Labourer - Clare with sisters
McMahon Patrick n/a Farm Labourer - Clare with sisters
Meany John 21 Farm Labourer 1089/2 Clare  
Meer Thomas 24 Farm Labourer 1091/1 Clare  
Mullins Hugh 22 Farm Labourer 1148/3 Tyrone  
Mulvihill Michael 26 Farm Labourer 1149/3 Galway  
Nugent Edward 20 Farm Labourer 1200/2 Tyrone  
O'Brien James 16 Farm Labourer 1203/3 Clare  
O'Brien Matthew 27 Farm Labourer 1204/3 Tipperary  
O'Brien Michael 25 Farm Labourer 1204/3 Tipperary  
O'Brien William 23 Farm Labourer 1205/3 Tipperary  
O'Loughlin Thomas 20 Farm Labourer - Tipperary  
O'Neil John 26 Farm Labourer 1212/3 Clare ? Arthur 1212/3
Podger George 30 Farm Labourer - Kent  
Quirk Patrick 18 Farm Labourer - Galway  
Ready Timothy 26 Farm Labourer 1335/2 Clare  
Reilly Patrick 25 Farm Labourer 1343/2 Kildare with mother
Robertson George 21 Shoemaker 1368/1 Shoreditch, Middlesex with family
Ryan Henry 24 Farm Labourer 1409/1 Cork  
Ryan Henry 2 child - Cork  
Ryan Jeremiah 16 Farm Labourer 1409/2 Tipperary with parents
Ryan John 17 Farm Labourer 1409/3 Tipperary with parents
Ryan Michael 25 Farm Labourer 1410/3 Tipperary with parents
Seery Thomas 23 Farm Labourer - Kings county with sister
Stapleton John 16 Shoemaker - Clare with parents
Torpy John 21 Labourer 1613/3 Lancashire  
Trainor Thomas 20 Labourer 1617/2 Wicklow with family
Tuohy Patrick 14 Labourer 1628/1 Galway with parents
Walsh David H. 21 Labourer 1666/2 Galway  
Single Women & children
Buckley Anne 16 Servant   Clare  
Campion Catherine 15 Servant 234/1 Kilkenny with parents
Carley Alice 25 Servant   Kilkenny with son
Carley Johanna 10 child   Kilkenny  
Carrig Catherine 29 Servant   Clare  
Cavanan Margaret 16 Servant   Galway M = John Francis 526/3
Cavanan Mary 15 Servant   Galway  
Connell Mary 20 Servant   Clare with brother
Considine Honora 40 Servant   Clare with family
Considine John 12 child   Clare  
Considine Mary 18 Servant   Clare  
Coogan Mary 19 Servant   Kilkenny  
Cunningham Alice 22 Servant   Limerick  
Cunningham Mary 24 Servant   Limerick  
Daly Mary 24 Servant   Kings county  
Farrel Mary 14 Servant   Kings county with parents
Kennedy Mary 28 Servant 895/1 Cork  
Maher Margaret 22 Servant   Tipperary with brother
Martin Mary 16 Servant   Westmeath travelling with ?
McGraff / McGraft Bridget 16 Servant   Clare travelling with ?
McMahon Bridget 18 Servant   Clare with brothers
McMahon Margaret 20 Servant   Clare with brothers
McMahon Winifred 30 Servant   Clare with brother
O'Brien Bridget 20 Servant   Clare  
Reilly Bridget 45 Servant   Kildare with son
Ryan Mrs. Alice (Dwyer) 40 Servant 1413/1 Tipperary with family
Ryan Margaret 21 Servant   Tipperary  
Seaman Christiana 33 Servant   Norfolk  
Seery Catherine 27 Servant 1460/2 Kings county with brother
Walsh Anne 23 Servant   Galway  
Walsh Bridget 20 Servant   Weastmeath  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research) ; FreeBMD ; 1851 UK census'

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