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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Northumberland, 812 tons, Captain David Millar, from London 21st September, Plymouth 26th September 1863, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 9th January 1864

The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 11 January 1864 pp. 2 & 3

Saturday 9th January:— Northumberland, ship, 812 tons, David Millar, master, from London September 14th, Plymouth September 26th. Elder, Smith & Co., agents.
Passengers—Dr. George Gregory (Surgeon-Superin
tendent) and Mrs. Gregory, in the cabin ; and 320 Government emigrants in the steerage:

. . . . — 1st ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1864 ; —7— births and —2— deaths on the passage ; Dr. George Gregory, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Assisted Passage = AP and Remittance Emigrants = RE and Colonial Nominees = CN. — Robert
Miscellaneous Shipping
The Northumberland is a vessel of nearly 900 tons, which arrived from London and Plymouth on Saturday. The voyage out has been over the ordinary duration, from the remarkably fine weather experienced. She left London on September 14, and Plymouth on September 26, but progress southward was much delayed, and in consequence did not pass Madeira till October 9, after which date a course of light variables induced the hope that the wind would freshen In the trades ; but throughout the N.E. and S.E.trades light airs predominated to such an extent that 69 days were passed before rounding the Cape. Indeed, throughout the voyage a gale was one of its most remarkable incidents ; for only one of noteworthy violence occurred, in which the sea made a breach on board, and half filled the Cabin.

The Northumberland, with Government immigrants arrived on Saturday night, being 115 days from Plymouth, where she received on board 315 souls as emigrants. She is a fine roomy craft of rather limited sailing pretensions, though, from capacity and ventilation, well suited to the purpose of the Commissioners, who were probably more inclined to charter her from the fact of her being frequently freighted for the transport of passengers, as she is known to be a most comfortable ship at sea. The commander (Captain Millar) is not a stranger to Port Adelaide, having discharged a cargo here from the Ardencraig some few years back ; and since that period he has been in charge of the Northumberland. The Surgeon-Superintendent has also seen some service in the care of emigrants, having gone last year to Sydney, as well as having taken prior voyages to Melbourne. The number of people who embarked at Plymouth were 315, and after being at sea a short time measles became prevalent amongst them. At one period there were 16 cases, but through judicious treatment only two persons died, and on the 10th November there was no sickness on board. Consequently, on arrival she had been for 60 days without any fresh case ; and as Dr. Duncan was prompt as usual in paying his official visit to muster the people and examine the chip, there will be no obstacle to the emigrants immediately landing. As there is a large proportion of assisted passage certificate holders, they may soon be welcomed by their friends ; and those who have none in the colony will easily find employment. The list of names from which we furnish particulars was courteously supplied by Captain Millar, and the following statistics relative to nationality and industrial pursuits are worthy of interest, though in the latter there is evidently come inaccuracy, for there are two highly skilled engineers on board whose qualification find no place in the description unless they are among those useful artisans the smiths. Certain it is they rendered the captain signal service in assisting to repair the distilling apparatus on board, and one of them was the fabricator of an entire steam-engine prior to leaving England. This is noticed in order to illustrate that the lists are sometimes erroneous in descriptive details, though perhaps sufficient for general purposes. purposes :—
Farm and agricultural labourers, 57 ; servants, 64 ; brickmaker, 1 ; cartmaker, 1 ; coachmen,2 ; farmers, 4 ; smiths, 8 ; weavers, 3 ; housekeeper, I ; midwife, 1 ; farm-worker, 1 ; silk-worker, 1 ; carpenters, 6 ; ploughmen, 2 ; printer, 1 ; matron, 1 ; bootmaker, 1 ; tailor, 1 : collier, 1 ; millwrights, 2 ; miners, 3 ; shoe-binder, 1 ; laundresses, 2 ; plumber, 1 ; gardeners, 5 ; clerk, 1 ; ploughboy, 1 ; groom, 1 ; shoemaker, 1 ; wagoner, 1.
From these figures it is seen that there is a fair proportion of mechanics, even omitting those who are often described as labourers, but it becomes rather doubtful when no properly authenticated document is available.
The following is the summary :—English—Adults, 149 : children between 1 and 12, 46 ; infants, 8—total, 203. Scotch —Adults, 10 ; children between 1 and 12, 5 —total 15. Irish—Adults, 94 : children between 1 and 12, 3—total, 97. Grand total, 315, equal to 280 statute adults.
In this classification there is a preponderance of English, but of course the increase of six by births, and decrease of two by deaths, will alter the number as they arrived. subjoined is the classification of the sexes;-Married Males 28, females 31; Single—Males l03, females 91 ; Children—Males 30, females 24 ; Infants—Males 7, females 1.

The general conduct of the passengers on the voyage is favourably spoken of by the captain, and the surgeon adds his testimony to their character, which, if borne out on landing, will prove highly creditable to all parties concerned. The present opportunity demands a passing notice of the excellence of Dr. Normanby's distilling apparatus, the one on board the Northumberland being now on its third trip in full work. It was overhauled and refitted in London by the patentee, and has supplied 250 gallons of pure water daily, except on two occasions, when some derangement in the gear necessitated the employment of the artificers to whom we have previously alluded. On the vessel's arrival she was boarded by a pilot from the cutter Alternative, and shortly afterwards came to anchor off the jetty, where she will most probably remain until Tuesday morning.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Millett, Kate 1 December 30th, 1863 Tabes Mesenterica, post Measles at sea
Williams, Mary 1 November 1-2, 1863 Tubercular Meningitis at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Wilson, Agnes   September 20th, 1863 female  
Loughlan, Mary   November 6th, 1863 male  
Richardson, Margaret   December 11th, 1863 male  
Brown, Jane   December 14th, 1863 male  
Moran, Mary   December 25th, 1863 female  
Hart, Eliza   December 31st, 1863 female  
Andrews, Sarah   January 13th, 1864 female -- record in birth index

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
AP Andrews Charles 34 Labourer 30/2   Bridgwater Somerset to N.S.W
    Sarah Jane (Ainsh) 25          
    Emily Jane inf         born after arrival, January 13th 1864 ; died January 30th 1864
AP Brown William Foster 24 Carpenter 191/1   Middlesex  
    Jane (Cumming) 23          
    Francis 1          
    William Foster inf         born at sea, December 14th 1863
RE Bryant Moses 37 Labourer 195/2   Monmouth with family
    Anna 38          
    George 10          
    John 8          
    Harriet 4          
RE Connors Maurice John 39 Labourer 308/3   Cork  
    Mary 37          
RE Crowley John 42 Bricklayer 351/3   Kent 1861 census, family living at Kensington, Middlesex | age 54
    Catherine 40         1861 census, age 52
    Agnes 14          
    Sebastian 12          
RE Cunliffe James 27 Labourer 357/1   Galway  
    Elizabeth 24          
AP Dredge Robert 22 Wheelwright 428/2   Chippenham Wiltshire  
    Sarah Ann (Pullin) 21          
AP Ford George 40 Wheelwright - M/D Bristol Gloucester with family
    Maria 38          
    Maria 9          
    Alice 2          
AP Green Edward 35 Smith 610/2   St. Mary Nottingham  
    Caroline (Wragg) 34          
    William 10          
    Edith 7          
    Frederick 5          
AP Hannam William 22 Labourer 665/2   Sherborne Dorset  
    Ann Stickley (Parsons) 21          
    William James 1          
    Albert Edward Alexandria inf          
AP Hart Edward Trayton 22 Carpenter 685/2   Shoreditch Middlesex  
    Eliza Isabel (Card) 22          
    female inf         born at sea, December 31st 1863
RE Hincks Thomas 23 Labourer 720/1   Wolverhampton Staffordshire  
    Caroline (Smith) 23          
    Hannah Maria 1         born December quarter 1861
RE Johnson Louis 38 Coachman 850/1   Westminster Middlesex 1861 census, age 40
    Elizabeth 37         1861 census, age 42
RE Kerr Andrew 28 Labourer 902/1   Ayrshire  
    Margaret 31          
AP Kirby George John 30 Carpenter 915/1   Middlesex 1861 census, living at Nottinghamshire | with sisters
    Ruth (Spencer) 28          
    William 8          
AP Lewis Ebenezer 33 Smith 968/3   Glamorgan  
    Anna 25          
    Sarah 5          
RE McKeown Philip 30 Cart maker 1075/1   Antrim  
    Margaret 34          
RE Millett Bartholomew 31 Farmer 1111/3   Clare  
    Jane 35          
    Michael 3          
    Kate 1         died at sea, December 30th 1863
AP Parkes George 41 Smith 1238/1   Worcestershire 1861 census, family living in Staffordshire | with family
    Ann 42          
    Phoebe E. 12          
    Alfred 8          
    Mary 4          
RE Philpott William 24 Mason 1281/3   Northumberland  
    Ann 35          
    William George inf          
AP Richards George 32 Labourer 1349/2   Mark Somerset  
    Susanna Wilkins (Fisher) 32          
    Lot Fisher 7          
    Janetta 1         born March quarter 1860
RE Richardson John 28 Smith 1352/2   Nottingham  
    Margaret 28          
    John 6          
    Margaret 4          
    Robert 3          
    William 1          
    male inf         born at sea, December 11th 1863
AP Thomas John 24 Labourer 1593/3   Glamorgan  
    Jane 24          
AP Watters Edward 36 Miner 1669/1   St. Ewe (St Austell), Cornwall  
    Christiana (Eustice) 37          
    Edward John 13          
    Eleanor Eustice 11          
    Christiana Aurthor 9          
    William Eustice 8          
    Richard Henry 6          
    Joseph Eustice 4          
    Francis George Eustice inf          
AP Williams Thomas 22 Smith 1721/3   Glamorgan  
    Mary 21          
    Mary 1         died at sea, November 1-2 1863
    William inf          
RE Wilson John 34 Labourer 1728/3   Mochrum Wigtownshire  
    Agnes (Thompson) 32          
    Agnes 14          
    Jane / Jean 12          
    Henry Hugh 10          
    John 8          
    Helen 6          
    Sarah Emilie 5          
    Samuel 2          
    female inf         born at sea, September 20th 1863
AP Wilson William Reed 32 Labourer - B Middlesex  
    Martha (Smith) 27          
AP Wood Henry 29 Farmer 1737/2   Monmouth  
    Sarah 27          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men & children
AP Amesbury John 16 Labourer - M Somerset  
RE Arthur Thomas 14 Labourer 40/1   Somerset  
RE Barry Andrew 24 Carpenter -   Tipperary  
RE Barry John 23 Carpenter 84/2   Tipperary  
AP Baulch George 23 Labourer 97/2   Pitney Somerset  
AP Baulch John 21 Labourer 97/2    
RE Beatty William 21 Labourer 103/1?   Fermanagh  
RE Bell Thomas 18 Labourer 108/2   Meath  
AP Berry James 26 Gardener 118/1   Gloucester  
RE Brady / Broady Philip 21 Labourer 163/3   Cavan  
AP Brooks Richard 22 Miner 183/3   Cornwall  
AP Brown George 18 Gardener -   Somerset  
RE Bryant William 16 Labourer 195/2   Monmouth with parents
RE Byrne Edward 32 Labourer 220/1   Kilkenny  
RE Cahill Thomas 18 Labourer 224/2   Clare  
RE Campbell John 19 Labourer 232/3   Tipperary  
RE Carmody Patrick 27 Labourer 239/3   Kerry  
RE Carroll Patrick 22 Labourer 243/1   Kings co.  
RE Christie James 19 Labourer 272/2   Renfrew  
AP Cole Francis 22 Labourer 295/2   Glamorgan  
RE Connors Maurice 17 Labourer 308/3   Cork  
AP Crook Alfred 18 Labourer 345/3   Somerset  
RE Culliney Daniel 22 Labourer 355/2   Clare  
AP David Frederick 34 Labourer 376/2   Glamorgan  
AP Davis John 29 Labourer 382/1   Glamorgan  
AP Davis Samuel 18 Labourer 383/1   Somerset  
RE Davoren Thomas 21 Labourer 384/2   Clare  
RE Doherty John 21 Labourer 413/2   Tipperary  
AP Emery John 33 Labourer 470/1   Somerset  
AP Evans Morgan 22 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
RE Feehan Patrick 19 Labourer 490/2   Clare  
AP Ford Charles 14 Clerk -   Bristol Gloucestershire with parents
RE Fowler William 20 Labourer - M Fermanagh  
RE Grace Martin 22 Labourer 599/2   Kilkenny  
RE Greig John 42 Labourer 617/3   Lanark  
RE Greig Sarah 11 child 617/3   Lanark  
AP Grove George 14 Labourer 625/2   Somerset  
RE Haggerty William 24 Labourer -   Clare  
AP Hambley Thomas 20 Porter 654/2   Somerset  
AP Harding Joseph 18 Labourer 669/2   Middlesex  
AP Hassam William 20 Plumber 694/1   Glamorgan  
AP Hayes Thomas 21 Engineer 702/2   Somerset  
AP Heavens James 37 Shoemaker 709/2   Middlesex  
RE Hefferman Michael 21 Labourer 710/3   Tipperary  
RE Hennesy Denis 17 Labourer 720/3   Clare Hennessy
RE Hennesy James 14 Labourer -   Clare "
AP Hewitt Edward 29 Labourer 730/3   Tipperary  
RE Hickey Michael 23 Labourer 732/1   Kings co.  
AP Hughes William 18 Labourer 792/1   Glamorgan  
AP Humphries William 19 Labourer 795/1   Somerset  
AP James Henry John 18 Labourer 826/2   Melksham, Wiltshire with mother
AP James Tudor 18 Gardener 828/2   Monmouth  
AP James William 22 Labourer -   Somerset  
AP Jenkins John 27 Servant 838/2   Glamorgan  
RE Knox John 19 Printer / Painter 929/2   Fifeshire  
RE Lanigan John 28 Labourer - M? Kilkenny  
RE Leary Patrick 22 Labourer -   Cork  
RE Lonergan Timothy 24 Farmer -   Cork  
RE Loughlan James 39 Labourer 985/1   Meath  
AP Lowes Thomas 21 Labourer -   Monmouth  
RE Madigan Michael 17 Labourer 999/2   Middlesex  
RE Malony John 21 Labourer 1008/1   Kerry  
RE McGrath John 22 Labourer - M? Limerick  
RE McInerney Lot 24 Labourer -   Cavan  
AP McNally Charles 18 Labourer 1083/1   Tyrone  
AP McNally William 50 Labourer 1083/1   Tyrone  
AP McNally William 22 Labourer 1083/1   Tyrone  
RE Meath David 30 Labourer 1090/1   Cork  
RE Meath Patrick 28 Labourer 1090/1   Cork  
AP Miles John 15 Labourer 1107/1   Glamorgan  
RE Moloney John n/a       n/a  
RE Moore Timothy 23 Labourer -   Limerick  
RE Moore Michael 21 Labourer - M Limerick  
AP Morgan Howell 19 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
RE Morrisey Bryan 31 Bootmaker 1137/1   Tipperary  
RE Nowlan Michael 29 Labourer 1200/1   Kilkenny  
RE O'Connell Austin 21 Labourer 1206/2   Clare  
RE O'Halloran Michael 21 Labourer 1210/1   Clare  
RE O'Neal John 17 Labourer 1212/2   Cork  
AP Owen Samuel 19 Labourer 1225/3   Wiltshire  
AP Parkes Thomas 16 Smith 1238/1   Worcester with parents
RE Quirke John 22 Labourer 1323/3   Kilkenny  
AP Raines George 22 Servant 1327/3   Somerset  
RE Read William Gould 22 Labourer 1335/1   Middlesex  
RE Reed Thomas 19 Tailor 1337/2   Westmeath  
AP Reeves George 20 Labourer 1338/2?   Gloucester  
RE Russell James 21 Collier 1405/3   Monmouth  
AP Sherratt Thomas n/a Labourer 1479/1   Glamorgan  
RE Smith James 20 Labourer -   Cavan  
RE Sullivan Denis 20 Labourer -   Cork  
RE Sweeney Daniel 26 Labourer 1567/3   Forfarshire  
AP Thomas Louis 22 Labourer 1594/3   Monmouth  
AP Thomas William 23 Labourer 1597/1   Glamorgan  
AP Tucker William 18 Gardener 1625/2   Somerset  
RE Touhy Jeremiah 21 Labourer 1627/3   Cork  
AP Wall John 21 Labourer 1663/2   Somerset  
AP Watkins Thomas 24 Labourer 1680/3   Inverness  
AP White George n/a Labourer -   Gloucester  
AP Williams Joseph 20 Smith - M? Glamorgan  
AP Williams Patrick n/a Labourer -   Cork  
AP Williams Thomas 24 Labourer 1721/3   Glamorgan  
RE Wilson John 25 Labourer -   Cavan  
AP Wyat / Wyatt Henry 25 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
AP Pringle William 22 Carpenter -   Middlesex  
Single Women & children
AP Elliot Mrs. Elizabeth 30 Matron     -  
AP Ash Jane 22 Servant     Somerset  
AP Ashman Emma 18 Servant     Somerset  
RE Brady Margaret 23 Servant 163/2   Cavan  
AP Brain Frances 18 Servant     Somerset  
RE Brennan Margaret 29 Servant     Kilkenny  
AP Caple Elizabeth 16 Servant     Somerset  
RE Carroll Catherine 20 Servant     Kings co.  
AP Cashin Ellen 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Culleney Bridget 15 Servant     Clare  
RE Culleney Honora 17 Servant     Clare  
RE Culleney Mary 39 Servant     Clare  
AP Davies Ann 28 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Day Ellen 18 Servant     Middlesex  
AP Donahy Frances 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Dunn Clarissa 31 Servant     Worcester  
RE Dunn Maria 4 child     Worcester  
RE Ellis Fanny 28 Servant     Sligo  
RE Flaherty Margaret 25 Dressmaker     Galway  
AP Ford Louise 18 Shoe Bender     Bristol Gloucester with parents
AP Gould Jane 17 Servant     Dorset  
RE Gower Arthur inf child 598/1   Michaelston Super Avan, Glamorgan  
RE Gower John 2 child    
RE Gower Mary 31 Servant    
RE Gower Mary 6 child    
RE Gower Richard 9 child    
RE Grace Anastasia 20 Servant     Kilkenny  
RE Grace Margaret 24 Servant     Kilkenny  
AP Grove Ellen 28 Servant     Somerset  
RE Haggerty Catherine 19 Servant     Clare  
RE Hennesy Ellen 5 child     Clare Hennessy
RE Hennesy Margaret 35 Servant     Clare "
RE Hooper Eliza Ann 3 child 1771/3   St. Cleer, Cornwall  
RE Hooper Mrs. Elizabeth 36 Servant    
RE Hooper Elizabeth 18 Servant    
AP Hooper Elizabeth 17 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Hooper Nelly inf child 1771/3   St. Cleer, Cornwall  
RE Hooper Richard 11 child    
RE Hooper Robert John 6 child    
RE Hooper William 8 child    
AP Hopkins Mary 24 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Hughes Jane 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Hughes Mary 19 Servant     Tyrone  
AP Hughes Sarah 24 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Hughes Sophia 20 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Jacobs Mary A. 18 Servant     Hampshire  
AP James Gwenllian 29 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP James Hugh 9 child     Melksham, Wiltshire  
RE James Jane 18 Servant     Somerset  
AP James Joseph 4 child     Melksham, Wiltshire  
AP James Mrs. Mary 40   827/3   with son
AP James Richard 11 child 828/1   in the 1861 census, this Wiltshire James family was living in Marshfield, Gloucestershire
AP James Sarah 18      
AP James Stephen 7 child    
AP James Walter 6 child    
RE Jasper Mrs. Elizabeth 30 Servant 833/3   South Petherwin Cornwall  
RE Jasper Elizabeth 2 child   age 2 in 1861 census
RE Jasper Emma 6 child    
AP Jenkins Mary 21 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Kain Margaret 20 Servant 872/3   Clare  
RE Kelley Margaret 23 Servant     Cork  
AP Kirby Ann 22 Servant     St. Paul, Nottinghamshire with brother George
AP Kirby Charlotte 26 Servant    
AP Kirby Emma 24 Servant    
AP Kirby Henrietta 20 Servant    
RE Koen Jane 27 Servant     Fermanagh  
RE Laurenson Margaret 27 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Leonard Honor 20 Servant     Clare  
RE Little Mary 21 Servant     Armagh  
RE McCain Anne 23 Servant     Fermanagh  
AP Maddox Louise 17 Servant     Wiltshire  
RE Martin Anne 15 Servant     Meath  
AP Martin Blanche 20 Servant     Chedzoy Somerset  
RE McCaffrey Elizabeth 25 Servant     Fermanagh  
RE McDougall Maria 22 Servant     Argyl  
RE McMinheney Mary 16 Servant     Clare  
RE McMinheney Susan 19 Servant     Clare  
AP McNally Ann 20 Servant     Tyrone  
RE Meath Julia 32 Servant     Cork  
RE Meath Mary 18 Servant     Cavan  
AP Milward Anne 23 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Moran Mary 21 Servant     Clare  
  Moran female inf         born at sea, December 25th 1863
AP Morgan Margaret 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Morrisey Margaret 20 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Murray Catherine 18 Servant     Clare  
RE O'Brien Mary 18 Servant     Clare  
RE O'Loughlan Mary 20 Servant     Meath  
AP Owen Mary 20 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Parkes Maria / Mariah 17 Servant 1238/1   Worcester with parents
AP Parsons Betsy 16 Servant     Meare Somerset  
AP Parsons Jane 20 Servant      
AP Parsons Susannah 29 Servant     Dorset  
RE Pilkington Catherine 20 Servant     Clare  
RE Pilkington Jane 23 Servant     Clare  
RE Pitman Mary A. 21 Servant     Somerset  
AP Poole Anne 27 Servant     Surrey  
AP Price Eliza 18 Servant     Monmouth  
AP Puddy Anna 18 Servant     Somerset  
AP Reilly Margaret 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Senior Caroline 19 Servant     Monmouth  
AP Sims Susan 19 Servant     Gloucester  
AP Snelling Emma 22 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Sullivan Julia 21 Servant     Cork  
RE Thomas Anne 28 Servant     Michaelston Super Avan, Glamorgan  
RE Thomas Daniel 4 child      
RE Thomas Gwenllian 2 child      
RE Thomas Mary 8 child      
RE Thomas Owen inf child      
AP Thomas Mary 22 Servant     Somerset  
RE Touhy Mary 45 Servant     Cork  
AP Warr Ellen 25 Servant     Somerset  
RE Warrall Elizabeth 34 Servant     Nottingham  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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