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Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Lynda Jones, Adelaide, from the South Australian Register.

barque Oaklands, 1,013 G tons (894 NRT), from Plymouth 3rd June 1877, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 9th September 1877. (ship pictures)

South Australian Register ... Monday September 10, 1877


The “Oaklands” arrived on Sunday with 346 immigrants, the report of whose conduct on the passage and their general appearance is decidedly in their favour. The vessel left Plymouth on June 3 with 338 souls on board, but that number was increased to 346 during the passage. No serious cases of sickness occurred throughout the voyage, save except during the passage of the tropics, when there was an outbreak of dysentery, caused in the doctor’s opinion by climatic influences. Three deaths occurred – one an infant 23 days old, the other two being women of mature years. Of the 11 children born, six have had the name of Oaklands bestowed upon them. On the 4th instant the voyagers organised a meeting, at which they presented the doctor with a purse of sovereigns in recognition of his care and attention. Perhaps one thing in favour of the doctor was the fact that he had lived in the colony for a period of almost 30 years previous to visiting England three years back, and he therefore was in a position to give the immigrants a vast amount of useful and reliable information.

The Oaklands is an iron ship, on her second voyage to this port. She is very well suited for the transport of immigrants, having good, lofty ‘tween decks and excellent ventilation from end to end. She is a craft not built for cabin passengers, and a great part of the poop is devoted to the purposes of the immigrants, one part being divided off for single women’s hospital, another for the uses of the married women, and a part of the fore end is fitted as a dispensary. Below this the single women are berthed in the ‘tween decks, they being presided over by Miss Wale and to have her as matron is to know that the girls are well looked after. There are sixty-two in the vessel, but not a great number of them are domestic servants, as several are either coming with or seeking friends here. The compartment was scrupulously clean.
The berths being arranged fore and aft may provide better ventilation; but it is somewhat a mistake to do away with the through gangway round the ship’s side.

The married people’s division has the customary patent berths, and throughout shows the most careful cleanliness. Dry scrubbing has been the order of the day here, and in addition to disinfectant twice a week, occasional fumigation has been adopted. There were lots of healthy-looking children in this part of the vessel.

The single men’s compartment is encumbered with the bunks, which many years ago were condemned in favour of canvas hammocks. Almost every surgeon recorded his dissent from the timber fixings, and Dr. Joyce is one more to condemn the plan. In other respects the compartment was very well kept.

The following is the passenger-list:—

Names Age Occupation Family
ADAMS, J. 32 Copper Miner wife & three children
ALLEN, J. 53 Agricultural labourer wife & two children
BAYLEY, G. 21 Carpenter wife
BLACKMORE, W. 33 Quarryman wife & three children
BUZZA, G. 25 Carpenter wife & three children
BUTTERY, G. 38 Carpenter wife & four children
BRISBANE, J. 37 Agricultural labourer wife
BURCHAM, W. 29 Carpenter wife & two children
CAMBRIDGE, A. 38 Plasterer wife & child
CLEWS, R 32 Agricultural labourer wife & child
DAVIS, C. 34 Bricklayer wife & two children
DENNIS, J 19 Agricultural labourer wife & child
DRUMMOND, T. 38 Agricultural labourer wife
EDDY, N. 31 Miner wife & two children
FOLEY, T. 24 Mason's labourer wife
GODWIN, R. 31 Carpenter wife & child
GREEN, W. 23 Carpenter wife
HAMILTON, J. 40 Agricultural labourer wife & four children
A. HODGES, A. 29 Agricultural labourer wife & five children
HICKIN, W. 23 Joiner wife
HOWARD, J. 32 Agricultural labourer wife & four children
HOSKING, E. 20 Miner wife & child
HOSKING, C. 23   wife & two children
JOYCE, M. 28   wife & child
KENDALL, R 27 Carpenter wife & child
LANCASTER, R. 27 Railway labourer wife & child
LAWSON, A. 36 Carpenter wife & child
LEE, E. 35 Agricultural labourer wife & five children
MUNN, W. 38 Navvy wife & two children
OLIVER, J. 35 Carpenter wife & child
PALFREY, T. 21 Bricklayer wife
PERRY, A.   Copper Miner wife & four children
PROWSE, T. 21 Agricultural labourer wife & child
RODDA, M. 29 Copper Miner wife & four children
RUNDLE, J. 36 Smith wife & three children
ROSIE, D. 28 Carpenter wife & child
ROWE, R. 25 Tin Miner wife
Richard James ROWE and Johanna nee DADDOW & son born at sea, William Oaklands ROWE b. 22 Aug 1877
SCOTT, J. 34 Agricultural labourer wife
SENIOR, A. 22 Agricultural labourer wife
SOUTHAM, G. 24 Agricultural labourer wife & child
SLANDEN, L. 29 Agricultural labourer wife
SMITH, J. 31 Carpenter wife
SIMMONS, J. 29 Miner wife & three children
SIMONS, A. 28   wife & two children
STEVENS, J. 28 Miner wife & two children
SUTHERLAND, J. 45 Compositor wife & three children
THORNETT, J. 49 Farmer wife & three children
THOMAS, J. 21 Copper Miner wife
THOMPSON, C. 18 Agricultural labourer wife
WALLEN, J. 28 Agricultural labourer wife & child
WILKINS, S. 21 Miner wife & child
WALKER, H. 29   wife & child
Single Men & boys Single Women & girls
Name Age Occupation   Name Age Occupation
ALLEN, G. 13 Railway Labourer   ALLEN, A. 18 Domestic Servant
ALFORD, R. 22 Railway Labourer   ALLEN, A. 23 Domestic Servant
ARTHUR, J. 17 Copper Miner   ALLEN, J. 16 Domestic Servant
ARTHUR, W. 14 Copper Miner   ALLEN, E. 17 Domestic Servant
ARTHUR, Joseph 18 Copper Miner   ARTHUR, M 46 Charwoman
ARTHUR, John 10 Copper Miner   ARTHUR, E 15 Domestic Servant
ARMSTRONG, J. 20 Copper Miner   BATES, C. 19 Cook
ARMSTRONG, G. 22 Copper Miner   BUTTERY, E. 16 Domestic Servant
BENNETT, W. 35 Carpenter   BUTTERY, E. 14 Domestic Servant
BENNETT, J. 19 Agricultural Labourer   BUTTON, M. 24 Domestic Servant
BENNETT, F. 23 Agricultural Labourer   COLLINS, M. 19 Domestic Servant
BLACKMORE, J. 18 Agricultural Labourer   COWLING, M. 24 Farm Servant
BLACKMORE, I. 12     CRABBER, E.   General Servant
BRANCH, J. 22 Miner   ELLIS, A. 71 Housewife
BRISBANE, J. 14 Tailor   FROST, H. 21 General Servant
BRISBANE, A. 12 Shoemaker   GALLACHER, M. 20 General Servant
CASS, T. 27 Carpenter   GOLDWORTHY, H. 36 Domestic Servant
CAUSE, H. 19 Agricultural Labourer   GRANHAM, E. 25 Domestic Servant
CARKEEK, J. 21 Copper Miner   HALPIN, J. 27 Domestic Servant
DELVIN, J. 22 Agricultural Labourer   HAMILTON, J. 18 Domestic Servant
DAVIES, J. 36 Carpenter   HARTNELL, M. 21 Domestic Servant
DAVEY, H. 21 Agricultural Labourer   HARTNELL, M. 20 Domestic Servant
DUNN, A. 31 Agricultural Labourer   HOLLOW, E. 43 Charwoman
DUNN, J. 28 Agricultural Labourer   HORNBY, M. 18 Nurse
DUNN, D. 19 Agricultural Labourer   JAMES, E. 16 Domestic Servant
DUNCAN, A. 18 Carpenter   JAMES, A. 18 Domestic Servant
EDDY, J. 22 Agricultural Labourer   JOHNS, M. 23 Domestic Servant
EDDY, N. 27 Agricultural Labourer   JULYAN, S. 22 Domestic Servant
ELLIS, C. 22 Agricultural Labourer   KEW, K. 27 Domestic Servant
FOLEY, J. 22 Butcher   LAWRENCE, E. 17 Nurse
FRANKLYN, C. 20 Pick & shovel labourer   LAWRENCE, F. 22 Domestic Servant
FORNETT, A. 12 Agricultural Labourer   MARKHAM, E. 20 Nurse
FORNETT, E. 18 Agricultural Labourer   MAUNDER, E. 20 Nurse
GILPIN, W. 26 Agricultural Labourer   MATHEWS, G. 32 Nurse
GOLDWORTHY, D. 18 Copper Miner   McCULLOCH, Ann 30 and three children
GRABBS, F. 20     McCULLOCH, B. 15 Domestic Servant
HAMILTON, H. 16     McDONOUGH, E. 12 Domestic Servant
HAMILTON, W. 12     McLEOD, A. 23 Domestic Servant
HAMILTON, J. 20     OARTON, A. 26 Domestic Servant
HAWKEY, W. 21 Agricultural Labourer   OLD, S. 26 Domestic Servant
HORSBUY, R. 18 Plasterer   OLIVER, S. 26 Domestic Servant
HOLLOW, J. 16 Mason   O’CONNER, C. 18 Domestic Servant
HUGHES, W. 34 Pick & shovel labourer   PACKHAM, J. 25 Domestic Servant
JAMES, M. 26 Agricultural Labourer   PASCOE, E. 35 Domestic Servant
JAGO, J. 21 Copper Miner   PETIT, E. 24 Housemaid
JOHNSTON, W. 33 Navvy   PAYSON, M. 21 Nursemaid
MARTIN, C. 19 Miner   ROOK, M. 21 Domestic Servant
MARSHALL, J. 22 Agricultural Labourer   ROGERS, E. 18 Domestic Servant
MARSHALL, G. 21 Agricultural Labourer   ROWE, E. 24 Domestic Servant
McDONOUGH, M. 18 Agricultural Labourer   SHAW, J. 18 Domestic Servant
McKAY, S. 22 Agricultural Labourer   SHILCOCK, J. 21 Domestic Servant
McNIGHT, T. 32 Carpenter   SUTHERLAND, E. 22 Dressmaker
NICHOLAS, M. 21 Miner   SYMONS, M. 38 Cook
O’DEA, J. 22 Agricultural Labourer   TALLACK, M.   Cook
O’LOUGHLIN, T. 19 Agricultural Labourer   TREVAIL, M. 30 Cook
PETERS, W. 24 Mason   VICARS, M. 19 Cook
PERROW, C. 20 Carpenter   WATSON, S. 55 Nurse
PELL, J. 20 Miner   WELLS, E. 23 Domestic Servant
POLMEER, C. 23 Agricultural Labourer   WINDOW, A. 6  
POLMEER, J. 19 Agricultural Labourer   WINKUP, C. 36 Domestic Servant
PRIDEAUX, T. 17 Agricultural Labourer   WATSON, C. 22 Nurse
ROGERS, W. 14     WILLCOCKS, S. 26 and child
ROBERTSON, B. 22 Warehouseman   WALE, C. 45 Matron
SANDOW, J.   Railway Labourer        
SPARGO, F.C. 26 Stonemason        
SUTHERLAND, J. 19 Die-Sinker   Classification :– Married Couples – 53; Single Men – 79; Single Women – 62; Children from 1 – 12 – Boys – 42; Girls – 39; Children under 1 – 10; Total – 338 Souls
SIMONS, T. 23 Agricultural Labourer  
THOMAS, W.J. 20 Agricultural Labourer  
TINK, J. 26 Agricultural Labourer        
TOMS, W. 19 Carpenter        
TORRAN, S. 27 Miner   Occupations :- Agricultural Labourers – 55, Bricklayers – 2, Butcher – 1, Copper Miners – 23, Carpenters & Joiners – 21, Compositor – 1, Cabinetmaker – 1, Charwomen – 2, Cooks – 5, Dressmaker – 1, Nurses – 4, Die-Sinker – 1, Masons' Labourers – 1, Railway Labourers – 3, Pick and Shovel labourers – 2, Masons – 3, Navvys – 2, Plasterers – 3, Quarryman – 1, Smith – 1, Shoemaker – 1, Tailors – 2, Warehouseman – 1
TREGONING, T. 19 Agricultural Labourer  
TREGONING, J. 22 Agricultural Labourer  
TUCKER, W. 26 Agricultural Labourer  
TUCKER, W. 20 Tailor  
WESTCOTT, H. 19 Agricultural Labourer  
WILLS, S. 28 Agricultural Labourer        
WHITE, J. 23 Agricultural Labourer        
oaklands   oaklands
Oaklands was a 3-masted steel barque, 1,013 GRT (894 NRT), built by Gourlay Bros. at Dundee, Scotland in 1876.
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