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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Ohio, 450 tons, Captain Herman Reuges, from Bremen 21st October 1857, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 3rd February 1858

An index from the State Library South Australia (SLSA) shows that 138 German migrants should have been on the barque Ohio, I have been able to find 137 as listed below. — Regards Robert.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide
BBI Brandenberg Index from Ancestry

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( )

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
Last Given
Cabin Passengers
Fischer Mr. n/a   -   -  
  Mrs. n/a          
  child n/a          
  child n/a          
  child n/a          
Ficaler / Fiedler Mr. n/a   -   -  
  Mrs. n/a          
  child n/a          
  child n/a          
Gessner Franz Joseph n/a   562/1   -  
  Mrs. n/a          
Heuzenroeder Carl Jodocus 58 Chemist 729/2 M/D Duderstadt Hannover NAA 16079
  Anna Regina (Kaesehagen) 34 2nd wife        
  Antonie Wilhelmine 4          
  Selmar Theodor 1         b. 23 July 1855 | NAA 14878
  Leopoldine Kaesehagen n/a Nursemaid        
father & son Joseph, also sailed on Steinwaerder 1855 ; son Carl Ferdinand Hugo sailed on Iserbrook 1861
  Single Men & Women  
Conrad Leopold           nephew, A. Heuzenroeder
Doehle Johann     413/1      
Ehlers Mr.            
Linglebach Miss S.            
Listner Mr.            
Lutke Mr.            
Pickenback Mr.            
Steiner Mr.            
Suhling D.            
Von Usler Mr.            
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
Last Given
Intermediate Passengers
Abfalter John 51   3/3      
  Mary 38          
  John Francis inf          
Eckert Georg 27 Farmer 452/3   Tauer Cottbus BBI 57 | listed on BBI 57 as single
  Marie E. (Towk) 27       Jaenischwalde Cottbus BBI 57 | listed on BBI 57 as single
  Martin 4          
Kaesehagen Phillip Carl 18 Butcher 872/1 B/D Duderstadt Hannover GMI
  Charlotte Wilhelmine Friedericke (Holzberger) 18          
Klowss Johann 56 - - M Drewitz Cottbus BBI 57 | GMI | to Victoria
  Maria (Krantz) 56          
  Martin 30          
  Marie S. 21          
  Hanna Anna 16          
  Gottlieb 12          
Klowss Johann Carl 28 - 924/3 B Drewitz Cottbus BBI 57 | GMI | to Victoria
  Liese (Gross) 29          
  Marie 3          
  Anna 1          
Laenger Johann Christian 28 Farmer 946/2 B Prussia GMI | to Victoria
  Johanne Louise (Kroehn) 24          
  Johanne Louise 3          
Matuschka / Mattuschka Christian 46   - M Drewitz Cottbus BBI 57 | GMI
  Marie (Detatz / Petatz) 44          
  Martin 20          
  Louise 17          
  August 16          
  Gottlieb 13          
  Christian 9          
  Friedrich 5          
  Reinhold 3          
Mueller August 32 Weaver - - Grunow Prussia BBI 57
  Anna Elisabeth (Franke) 34          
Mueller Johanne Ernestine (Hirsch / Schulz) 31 widow     Deichow Crossen Prussia BBI 57
Schultz Johann Karl August 8          
Schultz Karoline Wilhelmine 6          
Mueller Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 2          
Riedel Johann August 29       Trebichow Crossen BBI 57
  Wilhelmine (Karrer) 33          
Ruttner 1            
Schorback Martin K. 30 Farmer 1444/3 B Jaenischwalde Cottbus BBI 57 | GMI
  Anna Schorback (Sellenk / Zelling) 28          
  Louisa 8          
  Amelia Emma Maria 7          
  Maria 4          
  Elisabeth / Liese 1          
Schendel / Scheudel 1     -   -  
Sellenk Martin 56 Kolonist -   Jaenischwalde Cottbus BBI 57
  Marie (Britza) 52          
Sellenk Martin 32 son of Martin 56 -   Jaenischwalde Cottbus BBI 57
  Anna (Schorback) 28          
Unverhan Friedrich 37 Photographer 1637/3 B Hannover  
  Sophia (Opperman) n/a          
Watte 1            
  Single Men & Women  
Ansorge Johann Traugott Emil n/a   33/2   Breslau  
Becker Mr.            
Burchard Joseph Patrick 20 Carpenter 202/1   Dudestadt Hannover  
Chinsorgo Mr.            
Conrad Leopold 20 Butcher 308/3 M Dudestadt Hannover  
Ebeling Georg Heinrich 29   451/3 M    
Elsner Mr.            
Gebhardd / Gebhardt Carl 28 Butcher 555/1   Dudestadt Hannover  
Gebhardd / Gebhardt Gustav Adolph 22 Butcher 555/1 M Dudestadt Hannover  
Gebhardd / Gebhardt Ernst L.H. 15 Butcher 555/1   Dudestadt Hannover  
Hartmann August ? 28   687/3 M    
Kroehn Johanne Wilhelmine 19         901/3 | married Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Kernich in 1861
Kroehn Johanne Auguste 15         1309/2 | married Johann Gottlieb Preuss in 1861
Krohn Mr.     938/3      
Kroker Ernst Wilhelm   Farmer 938/3      
Kuhle Ludwig Charles 20   943/1 M    
Mueller Caroline Wilhelmine 17 single     Salkau Zullichau BBI 57
Oppermann Mrs.            
Oppermann Mrs.            
Richler Mr.            
Richler Mr.            
Ruhl Mr.            
Schulter Adolph Hans 19 Publican 1439/3   Hannover  
Sonnemann Franz Heinrich 23 Baker 1517/3 M Kniesed Hannover  
Steinmetz Mr.            
Strobel Mr.            
Theute Mr.            
Walter Mr.            
Wattke Mr.            
Winkel Mr.            
Wunnemberg Hermann Frederick 22 Miller 1750/2 M Bremen  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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