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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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Wreck of the AMOOR | Doctor Douglas April 1866 report | Doctor Douglas June 1866 report | 1866 Immigration report | Dr. Douglas October 1866 Report

ship Peeress, 777 tons, Captain Robert John Cousens Tilmouth, from London 25th July, Plymouth 9th August, 1866 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 7th November 1866.

The South Australian Advertiser, Thursday 08 November 1866 p. 2

Wednesday, November 07:— Peeress, ship, 777 tons, Robert Tilmouth, master, from London July 25 via Plymouth August 9. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Passengers—Dr. John Carroll (Surgeon-Superintendent), in the cabin ; and 312 Government emigrants in the steerage, whose names will be found elsewhere:—

. . . . — 9th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1866 ; —0— births and —-0— deaths on the passage ; Dr. John Carroll, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
The South Australian Register, Thursday 08 November 1866 p. 2
Cargo of the Peeress, from London— l 6 cases, l0brls., H. H. Junes and Co. ; 40 cases, J. Robin and Co. ; 8 bales, Proprietors Telegraph ; 7 do.. Proprietors Advertiser, Chronicle, and Express ; 34 pkgs., Order; 50 bales, D. and W. Murray ; 100 casks cement, J. M. Linklater ; 30 cases. Order; 40 bdls., 1 case, W. W Blyth ; 2 do., J. Witkowsky ; 1 do., G. Kutwel ; 100 brls. cement, 380 bdls wire, 20 cases bathbricks, E. Spicer ; 20 cases, P. Santo ; 5 crates, 1 cask, 14 cases, A. Tilemann and Co. ; 25,200 bricks, 10 tons coke. Proprietors Wallaroo Mines ; 50 tons coals, 12casks, l Case, 12 kegs, J. Gurr ; 14 cases, 14 casks, 48 bars, 389 bdls., 38 do. hoop iron, 95 do. sheet do., 24 plates, 600 bdls. wire, 60 kegs nails, 5 bdls. steel, J. Colton and Co. ; 832 bars, 162 bdls., 12 pkgs. airbricks, 32 do. wheels, 42 sashlifts, 60 pieces iron, 8 boxes tin, 24 kegs nails, 23 casks, 18 pkgs., 50 casks cement, Pearce, Wincey, and Co. ; 263 castings, 3 casks ironbricks, 35 bdls. triangles, 1 box, 86 pkgs., G. P. Harris ; 300 cases gin, J. and G. Wilcox ; 100 do. brandy, Captain Tilmouth.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Peeress arrived on Wednesday after an admirable passage from Plymouth, characterised by light variables from the Madeira to the line, light southeast trades, and light winds generally across the southern parallel, but notwithstanding this she has completed the voyage in about 90 days, bringing her living freight of immigrants in excellent order and condition.
Captain Tilmouth is not a stranger here, having entered an appearance on previous occasions when the Lord Raglan and Trafalgar were trading here. His report of the voyage is destitute of startling incidents. He left Plymouth on August 9 with strong westerly gales, which continued for several days, but afterwards became light and variable. On the 30th day out the line was crossed after being for four days becalmed to the northward of it. The south-east trades were moderate, and fine weather continued till off St. Paul's, where it blew furiously for a while, but she made a capital ran along on the parallel of 40°, having rounded the Cape on October 7, and got to Cape Leuwin on November 3. Mr. Pilot Reid boarded her when off Glenelg, and as soon as she reached the anchorage Captain Tilmouth landed to secure if possible the services of the Eleanor, for the morning's tide. If he is successful she will tow into harbor and moor at once in the stream ; but if unsuccessful she will be taken in on Friday morning, and thus save the relatives of people on board the unpleasant trip from the Semaphore Jetty.
Vessels spoken.—On October 7, in lat 39° 18' S., long. 100° 30' E., the French barque Hugh Matthei, from Chauuse, 86 days out, bound to Melbourne.

The South Australian Register, Thursday 02 November 1866 p. 2

When a vessel comes here a second time with immigrants it may be concluded she is well adapted to the purposes of the Commissioners, and in the case of the Peeress such is most certainly the case, one has ample promenading space on deck, good roomy compartments below, with such regard paid to ventilation and light as to recommend her immediately to the notice of the proper authorities. The upper deck is clean, and the state of the female compartment is highly creditable, not only to the occupants, but to the matron, Miss Dring, whose assiduous attention is most favourably noticed by Dr. Carroll. In late arrivals the superiority of regularly paid matrons has been most evident in the good order of that part of the ship more particularly under their control. The immigrants on board the Peeress are for the most part holders of assisted certificates, and, as a whole, they present a favourable appearance, especially in the hindmost section, where 139 men have found most comfortable quarters, and behaved so decorously as to earn the commendation of the officers over them.

Dr. Carroll was here in the Art Union with Captain Polson and with the Robert Morrison, since which time he has been shipwrecked in the Barbadoes with Coolies, but fortunately all hands were saved. He has been so constantly in the transport service as to be at no loss for an engagement, and it is gratifying to notice his present charge is almost an unprecedented one, having had no births, no deaths, and not even a case of serious illness during the voyage.
This may in a measure be attributed to the capital style of ship selected. Independently of Edmunds's ventilator, with which she is fitted, she has stern and side ports sufficient alone to ensure a continuous current of fresh air. In noticing the appearance of the people it is certain they are superior to many previous ship loads though this may be accounted for by the majority being assisted immigrants.

From the industrial list it is seen that labourers preponderate, the figures being as follows  Miners 3, labourers 74, farm and agricultural labourers 57, ploughmen 4, shepherd 1, carpenters 8, engineer 1, miller 1, policemen 2, shoemaker 1, soldier 1, tailor 1, coachman 1, gardeners 4, butcher 1, painter 1, moulder 1, hammer man 1, domestic servants 66, cooks 6, dressmakers 2, laundress 1, seamstress 1, warehouseman 1, wheelwrights 2, porter 1, quarryman 1, smith 1, dairymaids 3, sawyer 1, mason 1, matron 1.

The sanitary state of the vessel is highly satisfactory, and Dr. Duncan, who made his visit of inspection in the afternoon, could not fail to be pleased with the orderly appearance of the 'tween decks. The following is the official list of immigrants' names, &c : —

English —Ann Andrews, Rachel Barrow, Sam Barrow, James Beckensale, William Callard, Sarah M. Candy, John H. Clarke, Alfred Coles, Florence Davis, Sarah Daring, Jonathan and Ann Fricker, William, Susannah, and Mary E. Harris Eliza and Emma Harvey, Uriah and John Harvey, William Hartley, Thomas Hayden, James Hobbs. James and Lydia Hull, Eliza Hill, John. Eliza, and William H. Hunt, Joseph and Emma Inman, Samuel, Harriet, Elizabeth, Edith, Louisa. Angelina, and Harriet Job, Elizabeth Jones, Elizabeth Judd, Richard, Elizabeth, Alfred, and Wallace Knowley, Sarah Lane, Susan Loveless, John Mayer, Geo., Margaret, and Alexander McMurdy, William Owen, John Powell, Samuel F., Eliza, and Albert Rady, Sarah Roberts, Fred Sibey, Jonathan Slight, Sam Smith, Mary and Elizabeth Snadden, William and John Snell, Jane Stephen, William and Mary Thomas, George Thornton, Andrew, Grace, William, Elizabeth, Robert, and Andrew Walton, Thomas and Elizabeth Williams, William and Jane Williams, Ann Williams, Thos. G. Wright.
Scotch — John Balfour, Margaret Brown, Donald Cameron, Catherine Campbell, William and Jas. Dow, Alexander Dawson, William and Donald Fraser, John Gunn, Richard Jones, Joshua Manson, William Mapattie, Angus Matheson, Charles McCulloch. Robert McFarlane, Mary Mclntyre, Andw. McKenzie, John McGillinwray, Hugh, Margaret, Margaret, and David McCartney, Francis McGinniss, Dugald McNicol, Alexander McPhee, George Milligan, Matilda Milligan, Wm. Morrison, John Munro, John, Mary, Thomas, and Robert Murdock, Margaret and Elizabeth Park, David Ramsey, Richard and Jane Renton, James Riddock. William Russel, Euphemia Stoss, Wm. Smith, George Stephen, John Stewart.
Irish — Miles, Elizabeth, and Fanny Adams, Pat and James Angley, Pat Armstrong, Margaret Armstrong, William Beggs, John Bow, John Bowe, Margaret Bourke, John and Pat Britt. Denis and Julia Broaderick, Richard Brophy, Honora Brophy, Elizabeth Byrne, John Byrne, Thomas Cahir, Margaret and Kate Collivan, Ann Carroll, Margaret and Winnifred Cherry Catherine Clements, Michael and John Collins, Pat and Andrew Connell, Thomas Connolly, Anne and Bridget Conlon, Rose Conolly, Thomas John, and Mary Cullinan, Mary and Peter Daly, Thomas and Peter Dagodon. John, Edward Stephen, Andrew, John, Mary, Jeremiah, Pat, and Mary Douglas, Bridget Drowney, John Duffy, Laurence Davidson, Thomas and Mary A. Dunn, Bridget Owing, Timothy and John Dwyer, Margaret Fannin. Pat Fennessy, John Fitzgerald, Margaret Flaherty, Michael Flanagan, James Flynn, Catherine Ford, Simon Gallany, James Gallaher William and Sarah A. Gardiner, Michael Garraby, Thomas Gavin. William Gifney, Ellen Grady, Mary Halloran, Michael Halloran, William Hamilton. Mary Hartigan, William, Margaret, Mary, Johanna, Margaret, Richard, and Ellen Hartigan, Eliza Harwood, Maria Hawkeslaw, Michael Healy. Ellen Healy, Michael Hinety, John and Bridget Hines, Bridget Hogan, Richard Horrigan, Simon and Michael Hurly, Mary Hurly, Pat, Catherine, Mary, and Michael Keane, John Kehoe, Pat Kelly, Margaret and Mary Kelly Michael Kelly, Eliza Kenelly, Pat Kenny, Pat Kildea, Celia King, Thomas Kinselle, Thomas Leary, Pat Lynch, Morty Lyons, Michael and Michael Macnamara, Bernard and Ellen Magillick, George Maher, Catherine Maloney, Roger, Mary, and Johanna Manoughley, Michael Marshall, Maria Marshall, Bridget and Margaret Meehan, Margaret, Ann, and Kate McCormick, Terence McConnor, Thos. and Arthur McGaffery. Pat McGrath, Bridget McGrath, John. Sarah, and John McKenzie. Ann McKeown, Pat McNamara, Mary McMahon, Bridget Moore, John Moroney, Bridget Murphy, Francis Nealon. Richard Noble. John O'Bnen, John and Thomas O'Brien. Mortimer and Bridget O'Connor, Mary O'Halloran, Thomas O'Halloran, John and Simeon O'Neil, Ann O'Neill, Ann O'Sullivan, Mary Power, Catherine Pruder, Catherine Quigly. Margaret Quigly, William Quigly, Thomas Quirke, Timothy Quirke, Pat Rooney. Denis and Pat Ryan, Pat and Andrew Sanders, John, and William Sanders, Pat Sheils, Martin Stackpool, Eliza Stackpoul, Thomas Stanley, Pat Storey, Pat Sullivan, Rody Sullivan, Denis, Bartholomew and Johanna Sullivan, Bridget and Elizabeth Ward. Sarah Whelan, Kyran Whelan, Hannah White, Michael Williams.

English— Adults 62, children between one and twelve 14, infants 2, total 78
Scotch— Adults 41, children between one and twelve 3, infants 1, total 45
Irish— Adults 172, children between one and twelve 14, infants 3, total 189
Grand total 312 equal to 296½ statute adults.    

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage" — Nil
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board" — Nil
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
RE Adams Miles 30 Miner 6/3   Ireland  
    Elizabeth (Lathlean) 26          
    Fanny 1          
RE Connor / O'Connor Morty 25 Labourer 308/2   Ireland O'Connor = B-index 12xx/x
    Bridget (Callinan) 19          
RE Cullinan John / Thomas John ? 29 Labourer 355/2   Ireland  
    Mary (Pinn ?) 19          
RE Douglas John 45 Labourer 422/3   Limerick with family
    Mary 42          
    Jeremiah 10          
    Pat 7          
    Mary 4          
GE Fricker Jonathan 22 Mason 534/1   Bristol, Gloucestershire  
    Ann (Matthews) 22          
GE Harris William 26 Gardener 681/2   Lancashire FreeBMD, marriage registered Mar qtr 1861 at Hull, Yorkshire
    Susannah Askham (Webster) 29          
    Mary 1          
RE Hartigan William 36 Ploughman 687/2?   Ireland  
    Margaret (McCarthy / McCarty) 32          
    Mary 11          
    Johanna 7          
    Margaret 5          
    Richard 3          
    Ellen inf          
RE Hines John 47 Agr. Labourer 744/3   Ireland  
    Bridget 48          
GE Hull James 26 Gardener 792/3   Kensington, Middlesex  
    Lydia Saunders (Lambell) 24          
GE Hunt John 32 Warehouseman 797/1   St Benedict, Lincolnshire  
    Eliza 19          
    William Henry 5          
GE Inman Joseph 30 Labourer 812/3   Birkenhead, Cheshire to NSW by 1871
    Hannah Emma (Warren) 25          
RE Job Samuel 35 Carpenter 843/1   St. Mewan, Cornwall  
    Harriet (Cock) 33          
    Edith Beatrice 9          
    Elizabeth Jane 8          
    Louisa 6          
    Angelina Augusta 2          
    Harriet J. inf          
RE Keane Patrick 30 Labourer 878/2   Ireland  
    Catherine 28          
    Mary 5          
    Michael 3          
GE Knowling Richard 35 Wheelwright 929/2   Exeter, Devon  
    Elizabeth (Sutton) 34          
    Alfred 3          
    Wallace 1          
RE Magillick Bernard 26 Labourer 1000/2   Ireland  
    Ellen (Smith) 22          
RE Manoug / Manouge / Manough Roger 29 Labourer 1013/3   Ireland  
    Mary (Stanley) 22          
    Johanna inf          
GE McCartney Hugh 24 Labourer 1054   Wigton  
    Margaret (Cosins ?) 23          
    Margaret 1          
    David 1          
RE McKenzie John 23 Miner 1074/1   Ireland  
    Sarah Ann (Kelly ?) 19          
    John inf          
GE McMurdie George 28 Labourer 1082/2   Suffolk  
    Margaret 33          
    Alexander 8          
GE Murdoch John 23 Labourer 1152/1   Marlefield, Exford, Roxburghshire  
    Mary (Hogg) 23          
    Thomas 1          
    Robert inf          
GE Rady Samuel Tamblyn 28 Shepherd 1326/2   Twywadreath, Cornwall  
    Eliza Jane (Jeffery) 25          
    Albert Edward Tamblyn inf          
GE Renton Robert 19 Shepherd 1345/2   Edinburgh  
    Janet (Murray) 19          
GE Thomas William 22 Moulder 1597/1   England  
    Mary Ann 21          
GE Wooton / Wotton Andrew 36 Labourer 1669/3?   Swansea St. John, Glamorgan born Blackston, Devon
    Grace Harris (Hosking) 35         born St. Erth, Cornwall
    William 11          
    Elizabeth 6          
    Robert 3          
    Andrew 1          
GE Williams Thomas 35 Miner 1721/3   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 36          
GE Williams William 22 Labourer 1722/3   Cornwall  
    Jane 18          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men & children
RE Angley James 21 Labourer 32/2   Clare  
RE Angley Patrick 23 Labourer 32/2   Clare  
RE Armstrong Patrick 23 Labourer 37/2   Cavan  
GE Balfour John 23 Millwright 66/3   Forfarshire  
GE Barron Samuel 16 Labourer 83/2   Cornwall  
GE Beckinsale James 23 Porter -   Monmouth  
RE Beggs William 25 Labourer -   Ireland  
RE Bow John 30 Farm servant -   Ireland  
RE Bowe John 20 Labourer 153/2   Kilkenny  
RE Britt John 19 Labourer 177/1   Tipperary  
RE Britt Patrick 17 Labourer 177/1   Tipperary  
RE Broderick Denis 28 Labourer 179/2   Leix, Ireland Queens county
RE Broderick Julia 2 child 179/2  
RE Brophy Richard 28 Labourer 184/3   Leix, Ireland  
RE Byrne John 23 Labourer 220/2   Kilkenny  
RE Cahir Thomas 30 Labourer 224/3   Clare  
GE Callard William 27 Dairy man 227/3   England  
GE Cameron Donald 19 Labourer 229/3   Ross & Cromarty  
RE Clarke John 20 Engineer -   England  
GE Coles Alfred 26 Carpenter 297/2   Hampshire  
RE Collins John 19 Farm Labourer -   Ireland  
RE Collins Michael 21 Farm Labourer -   Ireland  
RE Connell Andrew 25 Labourer 305/3   Antrim  
RE Connell Patrick 22 Labourer 307/2   Antrim  
RE Connolly Thomas 27 Carpenter -   Ireland  
RE Cullinan Thomas 21 Labourer 355/2   Clare  
RE Daly Peter 20 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Dawson Alexander 27 Labourer 386/3   Ross & Cromarty  
RE Digadon John 18 Labourer 404/2   Clare Peter Degedin ?
RE Digadon Thomas 20 Labourer 404/2   Clare  
RE Douglas Andrew 13 Labourer -   Limerick  
RE Douglas Edmond 18 Labourer 422/2    
RE Douglas John 20 Labourer 422/3    
RE Douglas Stephen 16 Labourer 423/1    
GE Dow James 22 Shoemaker 423/2   Aberdeen  
GE Dow William 24 Labourer 423/2   Aberdeen  
RE Duffy John 26 Labourer 434/2   Clare  
RE Dundon Laurence 26 Labourer 437/3   Limerick  
RE Dunn Thomas 21 Miller 440/3   Dublin  
RE Dwyer Michael 21 Labourer 446/1   Clare  
RE Dwyer Timothy 36 Labourer 446/1   Tipperary  
RE Fennessy Patrick 30 Labourer 491/3   Clare  
RE Fitzgerald John 25 Labourer 505/2   Clare  
RE Flanagan Michael 24 Labourer 508/3   Clare  
RE Flynn James 23 Policeman 514/3   Armagh county Longford in BISA
GE Fraser Donald 33 Shepherd 529/2   Inverness  
GE Fraser William 23 Ploughman 530/1   Inverness  
RE Gallaher James 25 Labourer 544/1   Clare  
RE Gallary Simon Joseph 21 Tailor 544/1   Dublin  
RE Gardiner William 29 Soldier 547/3   Cavan  
RE Garrahy Michael 20 Labourer 550/1   Clare  
RE Gavin Thomas 28 Labourer 553/3   Clare  
RE Gifney William 24 Labourer 566/2   Wicklow  
GE Gunn John 25 Farm Labourer 629/2   Sutherland  
RE Halloran Michael 19 Labourer 652/3   Clare  
RE Hamilton William 25 Labourer 656/3   county Down  
GE Hartley William 28 Gardener 687/3   Birmingham  
GE Harvey John 22 Labourer 690/3   St. Just, Cornwall to Victoria | with sisters
GE Harvey Uriah Lanyon 16 Labourer 691/3  
GE Hayden Thomas 21 Labourer 701/2   Warwick  
RE Healy Michael 20 Labourer 706/3   Clare  
RE Hinchy Michael 17 Labourer 744/1   Clare  
GE Hobbs James 34 Labourer 749/2   Gloucester  
RE Horrigan Richard 38 Labourer 776/3   Limerick  
RE Hurley Michael 23 Labourer 801/1   Clare  
RE Hurley Simon 19 Labourer 801/1   Clare  
GE Jones Richard John 22 Labourer 861/3   Salop  
RE Kehoe John 26 Labourer 882/2   Carlow  
RE Kelly Michael 23 Labourer 887/3   Ayrshire  
RE Kelly Patrick 24 Labourer 888/1   Tipperary  
RE Kenny Patrick 23 Labourer 898/2   Clare  
RE Kildea Patrick 22 Labourer 906/2   Galway  
RE Kinsella Thomas 21 Labourer 914/3   Carlow  
RE Leary Thomas 20 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Lynch Patrick 25 Coachman -   Clare  
RE Lyons Mortimer 20 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Maher George 22 Agr. Labourer 1001/2   Ireland  
GE Manson Joseph 18 Gardener 1014/3   Orkney  
RE Marshall Michael 25 Farm Labourer 1023/2   Ireland  
GE Matheson Angus 31 Labourer 1035/3   Sutherland  
  Mayer John D. 21 Carpenter 1046/1   Ireland  
RE McCaffery Arthur 29 Farm Labourer 1051/3   Ireland McGaffery
RE McCaffery Thomas 22 Farm Labourer 1051/3   Ireland McGaffery
RE McConnor Terence 36 Farmer -   Ireland  
GE McCulloch Charles 23 Labourer -   Edinburgh  
GE McFarlane Robert 26 Labourer -   Edinburgh  
GE McGillvray John 26 Labourer -   Inverness  
GE McGinnis Francis 27 Farm Labourer -   Ireland  
GE McGrath Patrick 25 Labourer -   Tipperary  
GE McHattie William 20 Labourer -   Banff  
GE McKenzie Andrew 21 Labourer 1073/2   Ross & Cromarty  
RE McMahon John 23 Labourer -   -  
RE McNamara Michael 30 Labourer -   Ireland Macnamara
RE McNamara Michael 20 Labourer -   Ireland  
RE McNamara Patrick 21 Gardener -   Ireland  
GE McNicol Dugald 22 Labourer -   Edinburgh  
GE McPhee Alexander 21 Labourer -   Aberdeen  
GE Milligan George 20 Labourer 1112/2   Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire with sister
RE Moroney John 23 Ploughman -   Ireland  
GE Morrison William 22 Labourer -   Inverness  
GE Munro John 18 Labourer 1151/2   Ross & Cromarty  
RE Nealon Francis 28 Labourer 1168/3   Ireland  
RE Noble Richard 25 Labourer 1190/3   Ireland  
  O'Brien John 20 Farm Labourer 1204/1   Ireland  
RE O'Brien John 21 Labourer -   Ireland  
RE O'Brien Thomas 20 Labourer 1205/2   Ireland  
RE O'Halloran Thomas 23 Agr. Labourer 1210/2   Ireland  
RE O'Neill John 18 Agr. Labourer 1212/3   Ireland  
RE O'Neill Simon 21 Agr. Labourer 1212/3   Ireland  
GE Owen William 18 Quarryman 1225/3   Shropshire  
GE Powell John 20 Labourer 1304/3   Shropshire  
RE Quigley / Quigly William 18 Labourer 1321/2   Ireland  
RE Quirke Thomas 18 Labourer 1324/1   Ireland  
RE Quirke Timothy 20 Labourer 1324/2   Ireland  
GE Ramsey David 29 Carpenter -   Forfarshire  
GE Riddoch James 25 Carpenter 1355/1   Banff Aberdeen in BISA
RE Rooney Patrick 24 Butcher 1384/1   Ireland  
GE Russell / Russel William 23 Ploughman 1405/3   Lanark  
RE Ryan Denis 22 Labourer 1408/3   Ireland  
RE Ryan Patrick 20 Labourer 1411/3   Ireland  
RE Sanders Andrew 25 Labourer 1422/1   Ireland  
RE Sanders Patrick 28 Labourer 1423/2   Ireland  
RE Saunders John 24 Labourer 1429/3   Ireland  
RE Saunders William 22 Labourer 1430/2   Ireland  
RE Sheils Patrick 26 Labourer 1480/3   Ireland  
GE Sibley Frederick 18 Labourer 1485/2   Hertsford  
GE Slight Johnathan 21 Labourer -   Lincoln  
GE Smith Samuel 39 Hammerman -   England  
GE Smith William 28 Labourer -   Inverness  
GE Snell John 28 Carpenter -   England  
GE Snell William 19 Carpenter -   England  
RE Stackpool Martin 17 Labourer 1530/1   Clare  
RE Stanley Thomas 25 Labourer 1533/3   Ireland  
GE Stephen George 29 Labourer 1542/1   Banff  
GE Stewart John 21 Labourer 1549/1   Banff  
RE Storey Patrick 30 Labourer -   Ireland  
RE Sullivan Bartholomew 6 child 1562/3   Ireland  
RE Sullivan Denis 30 Labourer 1562/3   Ireland  
RE Sullivan Johanna 3 child 1562/3   Ireland  
RE Sullivan Patrick 21 Painter -   Ireland  
RE Sullivan Rody 26 Labourer -   Ireland  
RE Whelan Kyran 18 Labourer -   Ireland  
RE Williams Michael 21 Labourer 1720/1   Ireland  
GE Wright Thomas G. 24 Sawyer -   Middlesex  
Single Women & children
GE Dring Sarah 33 Matron     Middlesex  
GE Andrews Annie 27 Domestic Servant     England  
RE Armstrong Margaret 25 -     Ireland  
GE Barrow Rachel 18 Servant     Cornwall  
RE Bourke Margaret 21 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
RE Brophy Honora 21 Servant     Ireland  
GE Brown Margaret 24 Servant     Elginshire  
RE Byrne Elizabeth 22 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
RE Callinan / Cullinan Kate 12 child     Clare  
RE Callinan / Cullinan Margaret 34 Servant     Clare  
GE Campbell Catherine 19 Servant     Scotland  
GE Candy Sarah 27 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Carroll Anne 25 Servant     Kilkenny  
RE Cherry Mary 34 Dairymaid 266/3   Clare  
RE Cherry Winifred 17 Domestic Servant 266/3   Clare  
RE Clements Catherine 31 Servant     Westmeath  
RE Conlon Ann 25 Servant     Clare  
RE Conlon Bridget 4 child     Clare  
RE Connolly Rose 28 Servant     Louth  
RE Cullinan Mary n/a Servant     Ireland  
RE Daly Mary 40 Servant     Clare  
GE Davis Florence 18 Servant     Devon  
RE Diving Bridget 21 Servant     Galway  
RE Drowney Bridget 18 Servant     Ireland  
GE Dunn Mary A. 30 Servant     Dublin  
RE Fannin Margaret 20 Servant     Ireland  
RE Flaherty Margaret 22 Servant     Ireland  
RE Ford Catherine 17 Servant     Ireland  
RE Gardiner Sarah A. 27 Servant     Ireland  
RE Grady Ellen 30 Servant 599/2   Ireland  
RE Halloran Mary 18 Cook 652/3   Ireland  
RE Hartigan Mary 33 Servant        
GE Harvey Elizabeth 20 Servant 689/3   St. Just, Cornwall to Victoria | with brothers
GE Harvey Emma 17 Servant   to WA | with brothers
RE Harwood Eliza 18 Servant 692/3   Ireland Margaret Howard from Milltown, county Clare ?
RE Hawkesley Marian 20 Servant     Ireland  
RE Healy Ellen 21 Servant     Ireland  
GE Hill Elizabeth 31 Cook     England  
RE Hogan Bridget 18 Servant     Ireland  
RE Hurley Mary 16 Servant 801/1   Clare  
GE Jones Elizabeth 18 Servant     Lancashire  
GE Judd Elizabeth 21 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Kelly Margaret 26 Servant     Ireland  
RE Kelly Mary 23 Servant     Ireland  
RE Kennelly Eliza 18 Cook     Ireland  
RE King Celia 24 Servant     Ireland  
GE Lane Sarah 19 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Loveless Susan 20 Domestic Servant 985/3   England  
RE Malony Catherine 26 Servant     Ireland  
RE Marshall Marian 19 Servant 1023/2   Ireland  
RE McCormack Ann 20 Servant     Tuam, Galway  
RE McCormack Kate 17 Dressmaker     Delia McCormack ?
RE McCormack Margaret 23 Servant     Ireland sister ?
RE McGrath Bridget 27 Servant     Ireland  
GE McIntyre Mary 25 Servant     Scotland  
RE McKeon Ann 20 Cook     Ireland  
RE McMahon Mary 20 Servant     Ireland  
RE Meehan Bridget 17 Servant     Ireland  
RE Meehan Margaret 22 Servant     Ireland  
GE Milligan Matilda 16 Servant 1112/2   Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire with brother
RE Moore Bridget 19 Servant     Ireland  
RE Murphy Bridget 20 Servant     Ireland  
RE O'Halloran Mary 24 Servant 1210/1   Clare  
RE O'Neill Ann 19 Servant     Ireland  
RE O'Sullivan Annie 18 Servant     Ireland  
GE Park Elizabeth 19 Servant 1237/1   Abbey Burgh, Renfrew  
GE Park Margaret 21 Servant 1237/2    
RE Pinder Catherine 23 Cook     Ireland  
RE Power Mary 20 Servant     Ireland  
RE Quigly / Quigley Catherine 17 Servant 1321/1   Fermanagh  
RE Quigly / Quigley Margaret 21 Servant     Ireland  
GE Roberts Sarah 23 Seamstress     England  
RE Ryan Bridget 19 Laundress     Ireland  
RE Ryan Judy 23 Servant     Ireland  
GE Sloss Euphemia 25 Servant     Jedburgh, Roxburgh  
GE Snadden Elizabeth 3 child     England  
GE Snadden Mary 25 Servant      
RE Stackpool Eliza 34 Servant 1530/1   Clare  
GE Stephen Jane 40 spinster     England  
RE Ward Bridget 19 Servant     Ireland  
RE Ward Elizabeth 17 Servant     Ireland  
RE Whelan Sarah 26 Servant     Ireland  
RE White Hannah 23 Cook     Ireland  
GE Williams Anne 22 Servant     St. Just, Cornwall  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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