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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Peter Goddefroy, 750 tons, Captain S. Johannsen, from Hamburg 11th July 1855, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 18th November 1855 ... departed Adelaide 27th November, arrived Melbourne 14th December 1855

The Argus, Saturday December 15th 1855:—
Arrival: December 14th, the ship Peter Goddefroy, from Hamburg, 750 tons, J. Johansen from Hamburg via Adelaide 27th ult. Passenger in the cabin: Mrs Dresden ; Mrs. Huebner ; Miss Steppens ; Miss Vockner ; Messrs Clauss ; G. Maurice ; and sixty-three in the intermediate...

An index from the State Library South Australia (SLSA) shows that 208 German migrants should have been on the Peter Goddefroy, I have been able to find 213 as listed below. The way the passenger list was recorded in the Register, it appeared to indicate that those listed were destined for South Australia, however, the numbers don't agree with the remainder for Melbourne. — Regards Robert.
The Hamburg ship, later bark, PETER GODDEFROY was built at Stockholm by Joh. Weilbach, for the Hamburg firm of Joh. Ces. Goddefroy & Sohn, and launched on 7 August 1851 [Bielbrief]. 352 Commerzlasten; 137,1 x 35,8 x 19.8 Hamburg Fuß (1 Hamburg Fuß = .28657 meter), length x breadth x depth of hold, im Kiel; rigged originally as a ship, later as a bark. 4 April 1857, sold to HAPAG (Hamburg-America Line) and renamed WESER. Re-rigged as a ship and readmeasured at 742 tons register; 155,1 x 36,9 x 22,1 Hamburg Fuß (length x breadth x depth of hold), zwischen den Steven / 44,3 x 10,5 meters (length x breadth); accommodation for approximately 40 in 1st and 2nd cabin, and 250 in steerage; crew of 20. Master: C. F. C. Fischer. 16 April 1857, first voyage for HAPAG, Hamburg-New York. 1858, stranded and lost on the west coast of Ireland.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide
BBI Brandenberg Index from Ancestry

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( )

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Cabin Passengers
Koch Henrietta 31     Hamburg  
  Elisabeth 11        
  Johannes 8        
  Friedrich 7        
Hubner Carl 46 Teacher   Dittersdorf Preussen  
  Robert 18        
  Otto 15        
  Arthur 8        
Amelung Wilhelm 40 Nail Smith   Saltgitter Hannover  
Clauss Wilhelm 25 Dr., Medicine   Marburg Curhesen  
Dresden Betty 20     Lubeck  
Huebner Caroline 37     Dittersdorf Preussen  
Maurice Gustav 22 Merchant   Hamburg  
Richter August 30 Watchmaker   Saltgitter Hannover  
Schwental Carl 40 Merchant   Saltgitter Hannover  
Steffens Catharina 26     Hamburg Steppens
Zietams Julius 14 Musician   Saltgitter Hannover  
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Brauer Friedrich Wilhelm 40 Landmann 166/3 Ransen Preussen GMI
  Maria Elisabeth (Scholz) 39        
  Johann Carl August 15        
  Johanne Auguste Wilhelmine 13        
  Johanna Auguste Pauline 11        
  J. Auguste Henrietta 6        
  Johann Carl Adolph 3        
Buettner Christian 58 Landmann   Rusdorf Crossen BBI 55
  Dorothea Elisabeth (Stein) 40        
  Anna Elisabeth 15        
  Johann Gottlieb 10        
  Johann Wilhelm 6        
  Johanne Louise 3        
Fiedler Carl 42 Landmann - Berksdorf Preussen  
  Marg. Rosine 37        
  Christiane 14        
  Henriette 8        
  Pauline 2        
  Wilhelm 7        
Fitz Ernst Gottlieb 47 - - Steinau Preussen  
  Johanna Eleanore 29        
Fietz Carl 36 Landmann 498/2 Briesen Preussen GMI | NAA 3170657
  Caroline (Arndt) 34        
  Gottlieb Martin 10        
  Mathilde Paulina 8        
  Heinrich Robert 5        
Hank Carl Christopher 27 Landmann 662/3 Griefswald Preussen NAA 3197049
  Maria Christina (Schultz) 28        
Kirsch Christian 41 Landmann 917/1 Pohlwitz Preussen GMI
  Elisabeth 44        
  Johanne Caroline 17        
  Johanne Christiane 12        
  Louise 3        
Klevesahl Heinrich 35 Landlord / Innkeeper - Neubukow Mecklenberg  
  Agnes 27        
Kolms Gottlieb 54 Carpenter - Lissen Preussen  
  Johanna Eleanore 45        
Kubiah Joseph 36 Landmann 941/3 Bentschen Posen  
  Regina 26        
  Agnes 7        
  Simon 5        
  Casper inf        
Leber Wilhelm 30 Carpenter - Dromsdorf Preussen  
  Caroline 29        
Lemke Gottlieb 68 Landmann - Grabowa Hauland Preussen GMI
  Anna Elisabeth (Huff) 63        
  Daniel Heinrich 23 Teacher 966/1   NAA 829845
  Wilhelmine 18        
Lohe Heinrich 31 Tailor - Greisswald Preussen  
  Friedericke 29        
  Friedrich Martin 7        
  Albert Heinrich 5        
  Franziska 3        
  Caroline Sophia inf        
Malycha Lorenz 38 Wheelwright - Bentschen Preussen  
  Anna 34        
  Lucas 21   1009/?    
  Andreas 3        
Matte Carl Wilhelm 37 Joiner 1037/1 Woldenberg Preussen  
  Caroline Wilhelmine (Klttner) sp? 29        
  Charlotte 8        
  Gottlob 2        
Meth Carl Friedrich 30 Wheelwright - Berlin Preussen  
  Ottilie Auguste (Bartels) 24        
  Bertha 3        
  Paul inf        
Panowiez Casmir 30 Landmann 1235/2 Grabowa Hauland Preussen Panowitch ? | GMI
  Antonina (Nowakowska) 29       2nd marriage
  Emilie 8       Emilie Zbierski
  Joseph 5       Jozef Zbierski
  Georg 3        
  Johann inf        
Przybyla Adalbert 33 - - Bentschen Posen  
  Catharina 26        
  Franz 8        
  Marianne 2        
Reichelt Johann Gottlieb 30 Shoemaker 13339/2 Graditzburg Preussen GMI
  Caroline Ernestine (Zahn) 29        
  Friedrich Wilhelm 8        
  Friederich Hermann 1        
Reimann Carl 38 Landmann - Ranse Preussen  
  Anna Rosiana 37        
  Johanna Christ inf        
Ressler Johann Gottlieb 55 Landmann - Dittersdorf NAA 9291933
  Eleanore 45        
  Christiane 22        
  Ernst 8   1345/3    
Sauer August 28 Landmann - Ransen Preussen NAA 3170609
  Anna Elisabeth 27        
Schliebs Johann August 44 Landmann 1439/2 Ransen Preussen GMI
  Johanna Elisabeth (Reuster) 45        
  Christiana 17        
  Johann Carl Friedrich 16       NAA 3185766
  Friedrich Wilhelm 13        
  Ernst August 4        
Schultz Wilhelm 46 Joiner - Steinbach Zuellichau BBI 55
  Julius 26        
  Mathilde 21        
  Auguste 19        
  Emilie 15        
Schultze Johann Christlieb 32 Landlord / Innkeeper - Pusdorf Crossen BBI 55
  Dorothea Elisabeth (Liske) 33        
  Anna Dorothea 11        
  Johanne Auguste 9        
  Johann Carl August 8        
  Christiane Louise 7        
  Johann Christian 5        
  Johann Paul Wilhelm 2        
  Dorothea Elisabeth 1        
Semmler Johann Gottlieb 33 Landmann - Muichow Preussen GMI
  Anna Juliana (Norenberg) 21        
  Christoph n/a        
  Friedrich n/a        
Siewert Hermann 24 Landmann - Stargard Preussen  
  Wilhelmine 23        
  Emilie 3        
  Anna inf        
Springer August 22 Joiner - Merzdorf Preussen  
  Carl 50        
  Margaretha Ros. 46        
  Hermann 15        
Winkler Eduard 42 Smith - Thiendorf Schlesien  
  Henriette 27        
Wittber Friederich August 35 Shoemaker 1734/3 Busdorf Preussen GMI
  Johanna Christiane (Muller) 30        
  Carl August 6        
  Henrietta 2        
  Gustav inf        
Zbierski Valentin 27 Landmann 1759/2 Grabowa Hauland Preussen GMI
  Anna Elisabeth (Leske ) 25        
  Michal 1        
Zbierski see also Panowiez          
Ziebarth Johann Michael C. 30 Landmann - Buthen, Posen, Prussia GMI
  Anna Elisabeth (Russ) 22        
  Johann Eduard inf        
Zippel Johann Gotthilf 32 Carpenter - Bentschen Posen GMI | with family
  Dorothea Elisabeth (Kleindienst) 28        
  Johanna Wilhelmine 3        
  Carl August inf        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men & Women
Anderson Andreas 30 Seaman   Gothenburg Sweden  
Birckner Johanna 24 -   Crossen Preussen  
Bootger Carl 20 Tanner   Luneburg Hannover  
Brasch August 3     Sapel Mecklenburg  
Brasch Lucia Sophie 31     Schwerin Meckleburg  
Brondam Johann J. 28 Landmann   Copengagen Denmark  
Bruchner Wilhelm 27 Landmann   Cottbus Preussen  
Dancker Hermann 28 Machine maker   Frankfurt  
Dennert Heinrich August 28 Joiner   Lauschstadt Preussen  
Dreesen Ferdinand 28 Chimney Sweep   Kiel  
Eymer Julie 35     Cassel Hessen  
Fuhrmann August 20 Landmann   Gutschdorf Preussen  
Geyer Dorothea Charlotte Wilhelmine 27     Hardigen Hannover  
Gregor Heinrich 20 Landmann   Pohlwitz Preussen  
Guntermann Anna Martha 27     Cassel Hessen  
Gurms Anna Elisabeth 24     Grabowa Preussen  
Hubner Caroline 20     Dittersdorf Preussen  
Hunt Carl 30 Locksmith   Saltzgitter Hannover  
Jaeger Adolph 15 Landmann   Cassel Hessen  
Krescler Anna Rosina 23   937/1 Harpersdorf Peussen  
Kleindienst Anna Rosina 61     Bentschen Posen with Zippel family
Koncke Maria 26     Elmshorn Holstein  
Kort Wilhelm 27 Merchant   Wilsnach Preussen  
Kort Wilhelm 26 Miller   Cross Luben Preussen  
Krimm Johannes 35 Joiner   Michelbach Nassua  
Laubsch Wilhelm 25 Smith   Wollstein Preussen  
Merkert Ernst 37 Landmann   Damsdorf Preussen  
Meyerburg Friederich 19 Miller   Carthan Preussen  
Miebus Gottfried 26 Landmann   Brusen Preussen  
Olsen Hans 27 Seaman   Brevig Norway  
Otto Charles 23 Bookbinder   Lubeck  
Pavel Anton 28 Shoemaker 1230/2 Thiendorf Schlesien  
Peltz Wilhelm 30 Landmann   Ransen Preussen  
Phillipi Franz 23 Locksmith   Usingen Nassau  
Pohl Carl 31 Wine Grower   Kinheim Preussen  
Reinmuth Heinrich 23 Student   Waldstadt Baden  
Renzow Ernst 18 Farmer   Gr. Wockern Mecklenburg  
Rohreit Carl Gustav Aug. 21 Merchant   Hamburg  
Schaef Gustav 25 Joiner   Grunhainichen Sachen  
Scheer Friedrich 17 Merchant   Cassel Hessen  
Scheer Theodor 20 Merchant   Cassel Hessen  
Schleicher Peter 25 Miller   Blassdorf Preussen  
Schonknecht Paul 23 Farmer   Deatsch Rasselwitz Preussen  
Schroder Dorethe 22     Luneburg Hannover  
Schulz Heinrich 36 Joiner   Steinbach Preussen  
Schulz Maria Elisabeth 39     Crossen Preussen  
Schulz Pauline 3     Crossen Preussen  
Seemann Friedrich 31 Merchant   Bremen  
Semler Christoph 22 Smith   Neckla Hayuland  
Semler Friedrich 28 Landmann   Neckla Hayuland  
Simon Kevin 38 Pump maker   Neubukow Meckleburg  
Stein Christian 36 Landmann   Crossen Preussen  
Sweighofer Heinrich Lud. T. 23 Joiner   Frankfurt  
Wendland Georg Friedrich 33 Beer Brewer   Uelzen Hannover  
Wilcken Friedrich 26 Tailor   Sapel Mecklenburg  
Zickermann Christian 27 Landmann   Greifswald Preussen  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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