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Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 303 (5 Jan. 1850) pp. 5-6

Proclamation on the Passengers' Act
(From a Supplement to the Government Gazette)

By His Excellency Sir Charles Fitz Roy, Knight Companion of the Royal-Hanoverian Guelphic Order, Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of the Territory of New South Wales and its Dependencies, and Vice-Admiral of the same, &c., &c.

Wheras by an Act of the Imperial Parliament of Great Britain and Ireland, passed in the twelth and thirteenth year of Her Majesty's Reign, intituled, "An Act for regulating the Carriage of Passengers in Merchant Vessels," it is amongst other things enacted that that it shall be lawful for the Governor of any of Her Majesty's Possessions abroad, by any Proclamation to be by him from time to time issued for that purpose (which shall take effect from the issuing thereof,) to declare the rule of computation by which the length of the voyage of any ship carrying Passengers from such Possession to any other place whatsoever, shall be computed for the purposes of the said Act, and to substitute for the articles of food and provisions specified in the said Act, such other articles and provisions as shall be a full equivalent or the same ; and also to declare what medicines, medical instruments, and other matters shall be deemed necessary for the medical treatment of the passengers during such colonial voyage : Now, therefore, I, Sir Charles Augustus Fitz Roy, the Governor aforesaid, by this my Proclamation, issued for that purpose, do declare that the following shall be the rule of computation by which the length of the voyage of any ship carrying passengers from New South Wales to the places hereinafter enumerated shall be computed, for the purposes of the said recited Act, that is to say :—
To: New Zealand 20 days
  South Australia 25 "
  Western Australia 40 "
  New Caledonia, New Hebrides, and Fejee Islands 40 "
  Tahiti, Society or Friendly Islands 50 "
  Sandwich Islands 70 "
  Mauritius or Bourbon 70 "
  Batavia or Singapore 70 "
  West Coast of America, south of the Equator 70 "
  West Coast of America, north of the Equator 90 "
  East Coast of America 130 "
  Manila 80 "
  Cape of Good Hope 100 "
  Calcutta, Madras or Bombay 100 "
  Ceylon 100 "
  China 100 "
  Great Britain or France 140 "
And I do hereby futher declare, that in addition to and irrespective of any provisions of their own, which any passengers may have on board, the master of every such ship shall make to each passenger during the voyage, including the time of detention, if any, at any port or place before the termination of such voyage, the following issues of pure water, and sweet and wholesome provisions, being in accordance with the dietary scale fixed in the said recited Act, (that is to say,) of water at least three quarts daily, and of provisions after the rate per week of two and a half pounds of bread or biscuit, not inferior in quality to what is usually called navy biscuit, one pound of wheaten flour, five pounds of oatmeal, two pounds of rice, two ounces of tea, half a pound of sugar, and half a pound of molasses : Provided always that such issues of provisions shall be made in advance, and not less often than twice a week, the first of such issues to be made on the day of embarkation : Provided also, that potatoes, when good and sound, may be substituted for either the oatmeal or rice, in the proportion of five pounds of potatoes to one pound of oatmeal or rice.
And, lastly, I do hereby further declare, that the medicines, medical instruments, and other matters necessary for the medical treatment of the passengers during any such voyage, shall be as follows, namely :—
For every fifty statute adults, and in like
proportion for any greater or less number
Instruments &c.
  lbs. ozs.
Acet. Colchici 0
Acid, Acet. Concent 0 4
Acid Citric 0 1
Acid Hydrocyanic
(Ph Lond.) (carefully marked Poison)
Acid Nitric 0 2
Acid Muriat. 0 2
Acid Sulphur 0 4
Acid Tartar 0 6
Ammon. Carb. 0 1
Ammon. Muriat. 0 8
Amylum 1 0
Antimon. Tart. 0
Argenti Nitras. 0
Bals. Copaiba 0 4
Calx Recens 0 8
Camphor 0 3
Cerat. Alb. 1 0
Cerat. Calamine 0 4
Cerat. Resinæ 0 4
Conf. Sennæ 0 8
Cupr. Sulph. 0
Emplas Lyttæ 0 3
Emplas Plumbi 0
Emplas Resinæ 0 1
Ext. Coloc. Comp. 0 2
Ext. Conii 0
Ext. Hyoscyam 0
Ext. Opii. Colat. 0
Ferri Sulph. 0 1
Gentian. Rad. Incis. 0 2
Hydrarg. Submur. 0
Hydrarg. Oxmuriat. 0
Hodriodate Potass. 0
Liniment. Saponis 0 4
Liquor. Ammon. Pur. 0 4
Liquor. Arsenical 0
Liquor. Plumbi Acet. 0 2
Magnesiæ Sulph. 21 0
Magnesiæ Ustæ 0 2
Morphii Acetat. 0
Ol. Lini. Sem. 0 4
Ol. Menth. Pip. 0
Ol. Olivæ 0 0
Ol. Ricini Opt. 0 0
Ol. Terebinth 0 4
Ol. Tiglium Croton 0
  lbs. ozs.
Pil. Hydrg. 0
Pil. Submur. Comp. 0
Plumbi Superacet. 0 1
Pulv. Acaciæ Gummi 0 10
Pulv. Aloes Socot. 0
Pulv. Aluminis 0 4
Pulv. Antimonialis 0
Pulv. Cretæ Comp. 0
Pulv. Cretæ Prep. 0 4
Pulv. Gambogiæ 0
Pulv. Ipacac. Comp. 0 2
Pulv. Jalapæ 0 8
Pulv. Ipecac. 0 2
Pulvi. Kino. Comp. 0
Pulvi. Opii 0
Pulvi. Potassæ Nitrat. 0 2
Pulvi. Potassæ Supertart. 0 8
Pulvi. Rhæi Ind 0 4
Pulvi. Scammonii 0
Pulvi. Scillæ 0
Pulvi. Secale Cornutum 0
Pulvi. Sodæ Baracis 0
Quininæ Sulph. 0
Saponia Dur. 0
Sennæ Fol. 0 6
Sodæ Carbon 0 8
Sodæ Tart. 0 4
Sp. Ether Comp. 0 2
Sp. Ether Nit. 0 2
Sp. Ammon. Arom. 0 2
Sp. Vini Rect. 0 4
Sulph. Sublim 1 8
Tinct. Digitalis 0 1
Tinct. Ferri Muriat. 0
Tinct. Hyosciam 0 2
Tinct. Opii 0 2
Tinct. Rhæi 0 8
Tinct. Sennæ 0 8
Unguent Hyd. 0 2
Unguent Hyd. 0
Unguent Sulphur ½ 0
Vin. Sem. Colchici 0 1
Zinci Sulphat. Purif. 0 1
Lard 0 8
Linseed Meal 4 0
Lint, best 1 0
Tow, common 0
Tow, fine 0
1 Yd. Emp. Resinæ Exten.
1 Male Syringe
1 Female Syringe
1 Minum Measure
! 2 oz. Graduate Glass Measure
1 Bolus Knife
Doz. Assorted Phials
½ Gross Phial Corks
3 Yds.Flannel
3 Yds. Calico
Two Sets only of these articles
(above) for each ship.
2 Sponges
1 Bed Pan
1 Paper of Pins
2 Pieces of Filliting for Bandages (Bleeding)
2 Trusses for Hernia (right and left)
1 Paper Pill Boxes
3 Gallipots
Two Sets only of these articles
(above) for each ship.
1 Set of Splints
1 Enema Apparatus
1 Bleeding Porringer
1 Set Copper Scales & Weights
1 Mortar
1 Funnel
1 Spatula
1 Pair of Scissors
2 Skins of Leather
1 Tin Bath for children
1 Pill Tile
One Set only of these articles
(above) for each ship.
A Case of Amputating Instruments
1 Case of Lancets, six in number
1 Pocket Surgical Dressing Case
Medical Comforts
For every fifty statute adults,
and in like proportion for any
greater or less number
Oatmeal 34
Arrowroot 14
Scotch Barley 28
Sago 75
Preserved Meat, in Tins 15
Preserved Mutton, in Tins 15
Lime Juice 200 pints
Sugar 150 lbs
Port Wine 12 bottles
Sherry 6 bottles
Porter 20 dozen
Brandy 2½ gallons
Rum 2½ gallons
Vinegar 5 gallons
Preserved Milk 60 Tins
Sir William Burnett's Chloride of Zinc 2 gallons
Chloride of Lime 28 lbs
Marine Soap 112 lbs

Given under my hand and the seal of the colony, at Government House, Sydney this twenty-fourth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, and in the thirteenth year of her Majesty's reign.
By His Excellency's command

God Save the Queen !


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