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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Ramillies, 740 tons, Captain Robert Wright, from Plymouth 8th August 1860, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 11th November 1860

. . . . — 2nd ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1860 ; —4— births and —3— deaths on the passage ; Robert Robinson, surgeon-superintendent.
The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 12 November 1860 p. 2

The Ramillies was boarded on Sunday, the 11th instant, and arrived under the command of Captain Robert Wright. She reports leaving the London Docks on July 27, and calling at Plymouth ; embarked all her emigrants, 287 Souls on August 6 tripped anchor from Plymouth Sound on the 8th, standing out to sea with a fresh breeze from W.N.W.

Ten days after sailing sighted and passed the Island of Madeira to the eastward, and on August 25 sighted the island of St. Antonio, one of the Cape de Verde islands. Remarkably light winds were experienced when running down the Atlantic ; and the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was not made until October 9. Strong E.S.E. winds from that time prevailed until nearing the South Australian coast.

The Ramillies has, however, under any circumstances, when her antique build is considered, made a most smart voyage, which has been greatly shortened, as regards its monotony to the emigrants by the kind conduct of the captain, and also the Surgeon-Superintendent, Mr. Robertson, who has previously had charge of emigrants, having arrived here in the ship Hooghley, and also about two years since in the Caucasian. The present charge under him appears a far superior class of persons than we have ever had here previously, and are spoken well of by those who have charge of them, being orderly, clean, and well-behaved.

From the summary there appears of English, 194 adults, children between 1 and 12 years of age, 49, and 6 infants ; Irish, only 3 adults and 3 children ; Scotch, 26 adults and 4 children ; being a total of 249 English, 8 Scotch, and 30 Irish. On boarding the ship on Sunday morning, we could scarcely think those persons stated to be emigrants to be such. Under a spread of Sunday canvass, coupled with their superior behaviour, they vastly differed from those that have previously arrived. The ship throughout was clean, and well ventilated.
The trade classification of the immigrants is as follows:- Printers, 1 ;carpenters, 2 ; errand boy, 1 ; housekeeper, 1 ; tailors, 2 ; bricklayers, 2 ; bullock-drivers, 1 ; labourers, 38 ; miners, 40 ; shoemakers, 2 ; maid servants, 48 ; laundresses, 2 ; cooks, 4 ; dairy women, 6 ; smiths, 3.

During the voyage, the Surgeon Superintendent has been occupied in several cases of measles, but the ship has for some time been clear of sickness. Four births have occurred during the passage, and three deaths. One, an adult female, from delirium tremens through intemperance shortly after embarkation, the other two were infants. On the arrival of the Ramillies she was taken charge of by Mr. Pilot Woolnough, who brought her to anchor for the night, and intimated his determination to get into harbor this morning, Monday. On our reporter boarding, Mr. George Pleydell, who arrived as a passenger, gave the following list of vessels spoken during the voyage: Aug 14, in lat. 41 10'N.,13 15'W., the barque Onnie of Lubeck, port of departure and destination unknown ; August 21st, lat. 26 21 N., long. 20 49' West," signalised the barque Bezaliel, from London, bound to the Cape of Good Hope ; August 26th, lat.14 54' N., long. 25 55' W. signalised the Russian ship Elvinza, from Cardiff, bound to Manilla ; and at 3 p.m. boarded the barque Orient, from Algo Bay, bound for London ; August 27th, lat. 13 39', long. 25 8 W., spoke the Bremen ship Detma Heinrich, from Sutherland, bound to Point de Galle ; September 9th, lat.1 43S., long. 25 51' W., signalised the ship Robert Pulsford, homeward bound ; September 24th, lat. 24 51' S., long. 22 51 W., signalised the Swiftsure, from Melbourne, bound to London, 42 days out ; September 16th, lat. 20 15' S., long. 31 26' W., the barque Gundela, from Callo, bound to Hampton Roads.

In the Reports by the Emigration Officer, Dr. Duncan, there was often mention made in regard to Nominee's or General Emigrants ; the list below made a special effort to separate those into two lists, so, I have combined these but made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Nominee = N. — Robert
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Jeffery, Sarah 42 September 6th, 1860 Delirium tremens at sea
Holland, Charles 3 September 19th, 1860 Convuslion at sea
Duffield, Martha 12 November 6th, 1860 Diphtheria at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Llewellyn, Jane   September 23rd, 1860 male  
Bailleys (Bailey), Ann   September 23rd, 1860 female  
Tregoweth, Mary   October 4th, 1860 female  
Connolly, Mary   October 7th, 1860 male  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Addson George 47 Constable 9/2 Middlesex Addison ?
    Mary 47        
    Harriet 8        
GE Anniss Arthur 24 Farm Labourer 33/1 Exeter, Devon  
    Mary Harriet (Spiller) 22        
    Mary Jane inf       died at sea ?
GE Bailey John 23 Shoeing Smith 57/2 Cardiff, Monmouth  
    Ann (Jenkins) 20        
    female inf       born at sea, Sept 23
GE Bates Edward 21 Miner 93/3 Crickhowell. Breconshire  
    Caroline (Llewellin) 21        
    John inf        
GE Cameron John 35 Agr. Labourer 230/2 Argyle  
    Christiana 37        
    Mary 9        
    Maria 7        
    Christiana 5        
    Kate 3        
GE Collins Joseph 23 Farm Labourer 301/1 Helston, Cornwall  
    Grace (Semmens) 22        
N Connoly Michael 25 Agr Labourer 307/3 Louth  
    Mary (McDevitt) 20        
    son inf       born at sea, Oct 07
GE Duffield Richard Abbs 37 Agr. Labourer 434/1 Kelling, Norfolk with family
    Sarah 33        
    Martha 12       died at sea, Nov 06
    Richard 10        
    John 8        
    Agnes 5        
    Joseph 2        
GE Holland Walter 42 Agr. Labourer 764/2 Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire  
    Mary (Bacon) 44        
    George 14        
    Charlotte 12        
    John 8        
    James 5        
    Charles 3       died at sea, Sept 19
GE Hopkin / Hopkins David 21 Miner 773/1 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan  
    Lettice (Davies) 21        
GE Jackson Charles 22 Shoemaker 818/1 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Henna) 20        
GE James David 32 Farm Labourer 826/1 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan  
    Catherine (Sullivan) 26        
    Margaret inf        
GE James John 40 Miner 827/1 Llanover, Monmouth  
    Mary 33        
    Leah 12        
    Frances 9        
    William 5        
    Jane 3        
N Jeffery Collingwood Hunt / Hunter 38 Bricklayer 835/1 Chesterton, Cambridge  
    Sarah (Cook or Smith) 42       died at sea, Sept 06 | 1851 census age 42
GE Jenkins Daniel 29 Miner 838/1 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan  
    Margaret (Williams) 29        
    Elizabeth 2        
    Rachel inf        
GE Jeremy Peter 22 Miner 841/2 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan  
    Elizabeth (Price) 23        
GE Jones David 29 Miner 857/1 Glamorgan  
    Elizabeth 29        
    Benjamin 2        
    Thomas inf        
GE Kempe Francis 36 Miner 890/3 Phillack, Cornwall with family
    Elizabeth 33       Elizabeth (Moyle) or Elizabeth (Phillips)
    Francis Thomas 10        
    Mary Ellen 4        
    William John 1        
GE Llewellyn William 24 Miner 979/2 Neath, Breconshire  
    Jane (Prosser) 21        
    son inf       born at sea, Sept 23
N Marlow William Thomas 26 Tailor 1019/3 Thanet, Kent  
    Mary Jane (Cleveland) 23        
    Henry Alexander 1        
    Eliza Ellen inf        
N McEllister Edward 53 Domestic Servant 1063/1 co. Kerry with family, below
    Frances 50        
    Julia 11        
    Ann 9        
GE Moses William 28 Farm Labourer - Abergavenny, Monmouth  
    Margaret (Jones) 25        
GE Moyle Edward 20 Miner 1141/1 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary (Martin) 21        
GE Parry John 40 Farm Labourer 1241/3 Monmouth with family
    Charlotte 40        
    Alice 12        
    Elizabeth 9        
    Alwine 1        
GE Price George 30 Miner 1309/3 Monmouth  
    Letitia 32        
    John 4        
    George 1        
GE Richards Thomas 42 Blacksmith 1350/3 Monmouth  
    Sarah 40        
GE Sanders John 39 Farm Labourer 1423/1 Aberystruth, Monmouthshire with family
    Martha 40        
    Thomas 10        
    Ann 5        
    John 3        
GE Saver John 48 Sub-constable 1431/1 Kent name spelling ? Laver ?
    Caroline 45        
    Caroline 5        
GE Scott James 38 Miner 1454/3 Kent  
    Mary 35        
GE Scown James 32 Farm Labourer 1456/1 Liskeard, Cornwall  
    Mary (James) 28        
    Richard James 5        
GE Shean / Sheehan Daniel 25 Farm Labourer 1473/1 Glamorgan  
    Mary 25        
    Caroline 4        
GE Smart John 29 Smith 1500/1 Essex  
    Mary 27        
GE Smith William 35 Miner - Brecon  
    Margaret 36        
GE Thomas Evan 35 Miner 1591/2 Glamorgan  
    Ann 37        
    Mary 7        
N Thompson John N. 28 Labourer 1599/3 Surrey  
    Caroline (Brown) 27        
    John N. 2        
GE Tregoweth Thomas 21 Miner 1618/3 St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Mary (Cater) 22        
    John 1        
    daughter inf       born at sea, Oct 04
GE Trevena Edwin 21 Miner - Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary (Luke) 21        
GE Trudgen / Trudgeon William 30 Miner / Smith - Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Foster) 30        
    Emily n/a       name ?
GE Vipon / Vipond Joseph 36 Miner 1649/3 Glamorgan surname ?
    Mary 32        
    William 11        
    Ann 7        
    Sarah 5        
    Richard inf        
GE Williams Edward 40 Miner 1715/3 Monmouth  
    Eliza 40        
    John 13        
    Marian 11        
    Edward 5        
    Enoch 1        
GE Williams George 23 Miner 1716/2 Monmouth  
    Elizabeth 22        
    Elizabeth inf        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men & children
GE Caudle William 21 Agr. Labourer 251/1 Avening, Gloucester  
GE Cawse George 17 Miner 252/3 Cornwall 1851 census, living in Devon?
GE Davies Daniel 22 Agr. Labourer 378/1 Glamorgan  
GE Davis Henry 18 Agr. Labourer 281/2 Kent  
N Dooley John 18 Servant 420/2 Cork  
N Dooley Thomas 16 Servant 420/2 Cork  
GE Duffield Francis Henry 14 Agr. Labourer 434/1 Kelling, Norfolk with parents
GE Fance Abraham 25 Shoemaker 483/2 Madron, Cornwall  
N Fuller John 23 Agr. Labourer 538/1 Devon  
N Gifford William Charles 19 Smith 566/2 Middlesex  
N Glassett Michael 21 Plasterer / Bricklayer 575/2 Surrey  
GE Griffith George 25 Agr. Labourer 620/3 Monmouth  
GE Griffith Simon 24 Agr. Labourer 621/1 Glamorgan  
N Hagen John 25 Farm Servant 637/1 Ayrshire  
N Harding Henry 20 Farm Servant 669/1 Somerset  
N Harris John 14 Labourer 678/3 Cornwall with family, below
N Hart James 31 Labourer 685/3 Sligo  
GE Herbert Uriah 23 Agr. Labourer 725/1 Monmouth  
GE Heydon William 21 Farm Labourer 731/2 Cornwall  
GE Hinton Thomas 22 Agr. Labourer 745/1 Glamorgan  
GE Howells John 26 Miner 786/1 Monmouth  
GE Jones David 27 Miner 757/1 Glamorgan  
GE Jones Ebenezer 26 Miner 857/2 Glamorgan  
GE Jones William 22 Miner 864/1 Monmouth  
GE Kingston Thomas 18 Agr. Labourer 913/3 Somerset  
N Kirkpatrick Andrew 12 Servant 916/3 Sussex with mother Mary, below | 1851 census in Croydon, Surrey
N Kirkpatrick Robert 15 Servant 916/3 Sussex
N Manuel William 21 Smith 1015/2 Kent  
GE Marks John 32 Agr. Labourer 1019/1 Cornwall  
N McCormack Edger 20 Carpenter - Middlesex  
N McEllister Edward 19 Porter 1063/1 Kerry with family, below
N McEllister Thomas 25 Porter 1063/1 Kerry
N McEllister William 26 Porter 1063/1 Kerry
N McNally William 31 Porter - Dublin  
GE Merrifield Richard 19 Miner 1097/2 Cornwall  
GE Minders John 24 Agr. Labourer 1116/3 Llancarvan, Glamorgan Maunders / Monders
GE Mitchell William 21 Farm Labourer 1121/3 Cornwall  
GE Moore John 27 Miner - Cumberland  
GE Morgan Jacob 23 Smith - Glamorgan  
GE Morris Thomas 25 Agr. Labourer - Monmouth  
  Murnane John 43 Engineer 1152/3 Glamorgan  
GE Old William Henry 20 Miner 1219/1 Cornwall  
N Parish Alfred 18 Farm Servant 1236/3 Guernsey  
N Parish Walter Charles 20 Farm Servant 1237/1 Guernsey  
GE Pearce William 22 Labourer 1257/3 Devon  
GE Pellow Edwin 6   1262/2 St Columb Minor, Cornwall with family, below
GE Pellow Henry 53 Miner
GE Pellow Henry 27 Miner
GE Pellow James 13  
GE Pellow Susan 8  
GE Pellow William 24 Miner
GE Rowe Thomas 22 Miner - Cornwall  
GE Rowe William 20 Miner - Cornwall  
GE Rowe William Henry 21 Miner - Cornwall  
N Sedgman Thomas 23 Smith 1460/1 Cornwall  
N Shelton John Rowland 18 Labourer 1476/1 Gloucester  
GE Smith Thomas 15 Miner - Brecon  
GE Stevens Richard 32 Miner - Cornwall  
GE Tippett Thomas 20 Miner - Cornwall  
N Truemans John 23 Engineer - Clare  
GE Wallage Josh 22 Farm Labourer 1664/3 Middlexex  
GE Westerman Bryant 18 Farm Labourer - Somerset name ? B. Waterman ?
N Wilkins James 15 Labourer 1712/1 Monmouth  
GE Williams John 28 Farm Labourer 1718/2 Monmouth  
N Willis Richard 19 Printer - Middlesex  
Single Women & children
GE Allen Ann 20 Servant   Cornwall  
GE Allen Jane 20 Servant   Cornwall  
GE Allman Catherine 16 Servant   Leitrim  
GE Aslatt Emma Jane 16 Servant   Somerset  
GE Ayrer Agnes 19 Servant   Cornwall  
GE Ayrer Elizabeth 23 Servant   Cornwall  
GE Brown Louisa 21 Servant   Surrey  
GE Casey Johanna 18 Servant   Limerick  
N Connoly Bridget 22 Servant   Louth  
GE Cowie Ann 23 Servant 330/2 Middlesex  
GE Daniel Sarah 22 Servant   Glamorgan  
GE Davey Susan 19 Servant   Devon  
GE Davies Elizabeth 22 Servant   Glamorgan  
GE Davies Elizabeth 21 Servant   Glamorgan  
GE Davies Mary 22 Servant   Glamorgan  
GE Dent Elizabeth 22 Servant   Somerset  
N Dooley Ellen 14 Servant   Cork  
N Dooley Johanna 47 Servant   Cork  
GE Downing Sarah 20 Servant   Middlesex  
GE Evans Ellen 23 Cook   Monmouth  
GE Fitzgerald Ellen 26 Servant   Middlesex  
N Fulkes Mary A. 25 Servant   Middlesex  
GE Garrick Isabella 25 Servant   Devon  
GE Gibbons Elizabeth 22 Servant   Sussex  
GE Green Anne 27 Servant   Leitrim  
N Harris Elizabeth 19 Servant   Cornwall with family, above
N Harris Frances 8     Cornwall
N Harris Grace 39 Servant   Cornwall
N Healy Mary 21 Servant   Limerick  
GE Humphries Frances 20 Servant   Wiltshire  
GE Jenkins Margaret 22 Servant   Glamorgan  
GE Jones Hannah 19 Domestic Servant   Monmouth  
GE Jones Mary 19 Cook   Glamorgan  
GE Kempe Elizabeth Ann 14 Servant   Phillack, Cornwall with parents
N Kirkpatrick     Servant 916/3 Sussex with sons, above | 1851 census in Croydon, Surrey
GE Landers Isabella 26 Servant   Middlesex  
GE Maps Ann 14 Servant 1016/1 Monmouth  
GE Maps Elizabeth 18 Servant 1016/1 Monmouth  
GE Maguire Catherine 19 Servant   Derry  
GE March Leah 16 Servant   Monmouth  
N McEllister Alice 21 Servant 1063/1 Kerry with family, above
N McEllister Frances 23 Servant
N McEllister Margaret 17 Servant
N McEllister Mary 13 Servant
GE Mills Harriet 21 Servant      
N Murphy Anne 1     Clare with family ?
N Murphy Bridget 6     Clare
N Murphy Sally 27 Servant 1155/2 Clare
GE Newell Jane 30 Domestic Servant 1177/1 Monmouth  
GE Parry Florall (name ?) 14 Servant 1241/2 Monmouth with family
N Paynter / Painter Catherine 17 Servant   Gwennap, Cornwall  
N Paynter / Painter Emily 14 Servant    
N Paynter / Painter George 2 Domestic Servant    
N Paynter / Painter John W. 11      
N Paynter / Painter Samuel 9      
N Paynter / Painter Sophia 39 Servant    
N Paynter / Painter William 7      
GE Pellow Emily 20 Domestic Servant 1162/2 St Columb Minor, Cornwall with family, above
GE Pellow Louisa 17 Domestic Servant
GE Pellow / Pellew Martha 28 Cook Devon ?
GE Price Ann 18 Servant   Monmouth  
GE Rickett Caroline 16 Domestic Servant   Somerset  
GE Rowe Eliza 20 Domestic Servant   Middlesex  
GE Sanders Emma 14 Domestic Servant 1423/1 Aberystruth, Monmouth born Somerset | with parents
GE Sanders Elizabeth 16 Domestic Servant
GE Sanders Mary A. 17 Domestic Servant
  Saunders Isabella 26 Domestic Servant   England  
N Speer Elizabeth 51 Servant   Donegal  
N Speer Jane 21 Servant   Donegal  
GE Thomas Postume [!] 22 Domestic Servant   Glamorgan  
GE Walsh Margaret 20 Domestic Servant   Surrey  
N Ward Rose 14 Servant   Monaghan  
GE Webb Emily 16 Domestic Servant   Somerset  
N Wilkins Emma 17 Servant   Monmouth  
GE Williams Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant   Monmouth  
GE Williams Jane 21 Domestic Servant   Glamorgan  
GE Williams Margaret 21 Domestic Servant   Glamorgan  
GE Williams Mary 15 Domestic Servant   Monmouth  
GE Williams Rachel 23 Domestic Servant   Glamorgan  
N Wishett Jane 18 Servant   Derry  
N Woodland Sarah 11   1740/2 Surrey travelling with ?
N Woodward George 3     Cornwall this county ?
N Woodward Richard 7    
N Woodward Susan 32 Servant  
N Woodward William 10    

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research) ; FreeBMD ; 1851 UK census'

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