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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque San Francisco, 800 tons, Captain C.S. Kramer, from Hamburg 23rd June 1850, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 14th October 1850

South Australian Register Wednesday, 16th October 1850
Monday, October 14th.— the barque San Francisco, 800 tons, Kramer, Master, from Hamburg 23rd June, with 240 in the steerage
Passengers.— Dr M. Caplan 236/2, Miss Sophie Richter and J. M. Amsberg in the cabin.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises four sections arranged alphabetically, i intermediate, ii families, iii single men, iv single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Intermediate Passengers
Telemann C.H.   Merchant      
Zirck Dorothea          
Ruthning Frederick Ludwig Eduard 45 Umbrella Maker 1407/2 Paderborn to Queensland, 1857
  Friedricke Marianne Christine 34        
  Charlotte Dorothea Elis. 12        
  Gudtav Hermann Julius n/a        
  Heinrich Ludwig Eduard n/a        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Steerage Families
Arnstein / Ahrenstein Adolph   Merchant 39/1 Hamburg  
Arnstein / Ahrenstein Friedrich   Merchant      
Becker Friedrich August 29 Wheelwright 104/1 Leipzig see Australia 1855
  Dorothea (Wolter) 29        
Braunack Friedrick Wilhelm 62 Clothmaker 166/3 Tirschtiegel  
  Je Beate (Hoffman) 56        
  Carl Heinrich Wilhelm 26        
  Gotthilf Herman 18        
Fischer J. Christian Friedrich 36 Shepherd 501/3 Ostritz / Zuellichau  
  Je Louissa (Petras) 30        
  Wilhelmina Juliana (Roesler) 6        
  Anna Eleanore 4        
  Je Louise 2        
Fromm Gottlob 29 Teacher 535/2 Millostow  
  Auguste Dorothea (Braunack) 27        
Schneider Johann n/a Landmann - Tornow  
  Marie n/a        
  Elisabeth Gassan 19       SA499
  The passenger list from the Register has the following ... J. Gassan, wife and child. After checking the various indexes, the "South Australian" has Elisabeths's parents as Johann and Marie Schneider. Elisabeth married Karl August Lemm in 1854 (Karl arrived on the Leontine 1848). As Gassmann, they are both in the Birth indexes from 1854 onwards. Elisabeth remaried in 1888 as a widow, but I cannot find Karl in the death index.
...Regards Robert.
Gormann Johann 26 Landmann 594/2 Tornow  
  Anna (Gassen)          
Hemmerling J. F. (Johann Friedrich) 36 Landmann 717/1 Muschten  
  Maria Elisabeth (Noack) 38        
  Johanna Louise 10        
  Johanna Karoline 7        
  Johann Wilhelm 2        
Huebner Johann Gottlieb 45 Landmann   Zirchau Heilmamm 712/1
  Anna (Winkler) 49        
Huppatz Johann 34 Shoemaker 800/1 Taver  
  Maria (Sonke) 34        
  Friedrich Richard 12        
  Martin 9        
  Friedrich Wilhelm 6        
  Friedrich August 3        
Irmler J. Friedrich 43 Landmann 813/3 Sawade Prussia  
  Eva Maria (Barrien) 32        
  Ernestine 9        
  Je Pauline 5        
  Je Caroline 1        
Irmler J. Georg 28 Landmann 813/3 Sawade Prussia  
  Anna Dorothea (Neumann) n/a        
Kalckwitz Wilhelm 44 Landmann 873/2 Schmolen Kalkwitz / Kulwitz
  Anna Dorothea 53        
  Je Louise 17        
Killian Christian 33 Landmann 907/1 Tauer Keilian / Kilian
  Maria (Jurban) 34        
  Martin 9        
  John 4        
  Anna 5        
  child n/a        
Klocke J. Gottlieb 35 Wheelwright 923/2 Kay / Zullichau  
  Johanne Louise (Steicke) 39        
  Johanna Auguste 5        
  Johanna Dorothea
  Johann Wilhelm 2        
Kurtz / Kurtze Johann Samuel 40 Carpenter 945/1 Brausendorf  
  Anna Dorothea 45        
  Johann Wilhelm 5        
  child n/a        
  child inf        
Kurtz / Kurtze J. Wilhelm 32 Landmann 945/1 Brausendorf  
  J. Dorothea Elisabeth (Goy / Geing) 24        
  Je Louise inf        
Kurtze Wilhelm n/a   945/1 -  
  Louisa (Schiller) n/a        
Lehmann J. Gottlieb (Johann Gottlob) 29   965/1 Muschten  
  Je Eleanore (Rothe) 30        
  Je Eleanore 1        
Mattner J. Gottfried 38 Landmann 1041/3 Mohsow / Zullichau SA533
  Anna Marie (Zucker) 34        
  J. Gottlieb 9        
  Je Louise 6        
  Friedrich Wilhelm 5        
  J. Friedrich 2        
Muller / Mueller Johann Samuel 47 Tailor 1144/2 Tirschtiegel  
  Julianne Eleanore (Braunack) 29        
  Anna Maria 17        
  Karl Samuel 10        
  Karl Eduard Andreas 7        
Miethke Carl Gustav Adolf 45 Landmann 1159/3 Schmolen Prussia  
  Louisa (Gaster) 49        
  Rudolf Carl Alexander 16        
  Augusta Mathilde Amalie 15        
  Carl Emil Miethke 9        
Nagel Heinrich Wilhelm 36 Tailor 1162/1 Bowitz  
  Louise Maria 45        
Noack Johann 35 Landmann 1190/1 -  
  Anna (formerly Hondow) 41        
  Anna Hondow n/a        
  Martin Hondow 12   769/2    
  Maria Nowsch 11        
  Friedrich 2        
Noack Ann / Elizabeth 36     Tauer SA673 | married J. G. Purmann
  Maria Anna Hennig 7 adopted      
Patzel / Paetzel Jes Gottlob 56 Shepherd 1249/2 Silesia Prussia  
  Anna Rosina (Neugebauer) 48        
  J. Carl August 24       per Australia 1849
  J.Wilherm Ernst 24        
  Ja. Helena 18        
  Anna Dorothea 16        
  Maria Pauline 16        
  Christine 13        
  Ja Helena [!] 19        
other ... Mrs. Fruttig n/a        
Peach Johann Gottlieb 30 Landmann - Kay Pache / Paech
  Johanna Marie Elis. 34        
  Johnann Friedrich Wilhelm 7        
  Johann Gottlieb 2        
Ramm / Romm J. Daniel 41 Landmann 1328/3 Gutabschied Posen Prussia  
  Juliane (Stossel) 32        
  Ernestine Wilhelmine 11        
  Julian 8        
  Je Bertha Louise 6        
  Carl August 2        
Reimann Johann Gotlob 56 Shepherd - Muschten  
  Elisabeth Anne (Wenzel) 51        
  Anna Elisabeth 24        
  Friedrich Wilhelm 18        
Richsteig J. Georg n/a Landmann 1354/1 Kuschten  
  J. Louise (Lenken) n/a        
  child 13        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  Wilhelmine inf        
Roediger Amelia Friedricke (Redslob) 51   1376/2 Straussfurth Thuringen  
  J. Wilhelmine Bertha 22        
  Clara Charlotte August. 15        
  Emilie Wilhelmine Pauline 12        
  J. Gottfried Hermann 10        
  A note about the Roediger family:— The father, J. Gottfried is on the passenger list for Wilhelmina Maria 1849. The BISA indicates him on that ship with his whole family. One version of this list has his wife and children on it. I believe the father and two sons travelled on the W.M. in 1849 and that wife Friedricke travelled this ship with four children, their three daughters together with the youngest son. Their remaining child Carl August Julius, travelled on the Dockenhuden in 1851.
....Regards Robert
Roesler / Rossler Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 41 Landmann - Neu-borui  
  wife n/a        
  Wilhelm August Diengott 12   1376/3    
  Friedrich Wilhelm 11   1376/3    
  Johann Dienegott 9        
  Wilhelmine Juliane 6        
  Ernst Heinrich 3   1376/3    
  Auguste 1        
Roy J. Carl Ferdinand 35 Shoemaker - Tirschtiegel SA720
  Johannah Julia (Kahl) 42        
  Christian Lydia 2        
Ruge Christian 46 - 1401/2 Muschten  
  Leanore 43        
  J. Wilhelm 14        
Schaepe J. Christian 45 Landmann 1435/1 Sawade Schnepe / Schape
  Je Rosine (Kowald) 39        
  Je Elisabeth 13        
  Je Rosina 10        
  Je Louise 7        
  Je Helena 3        
Schmerl J. Gottfried 30 Landmann 1440/2 Deutsch Kessel  
  Helena (Nitschke) 32        
  Anna Augusta inf        
Schroder or Schtoler J.G or T.G.   Joiner - Mockern  
Schultz / Schultze Johann Fredrick 30 Landmann - Muschten  
  Johanne Louise (Pade / Tade) 23        
  Gottlob August inf        
Schultz Gottlob 48 Shepherd - Muschten  
  Marie Dorothea (Jackel) 50        
  Louise (Wenske) 21        
  son 19        
  son 17        
  Wilhelm 13        
Semmler / Semler J. Georg 42 Farmer 1464/1 Harthe Zuellichau husband was NOT on this voyage
  Anna Maria (Zarnack) 44        
  J. Carl August 13        
  Johann Gottlieb 10        
  Johanne Louise 7        
  Johann Friedrich 4        
Stenke / Steike? Gottfried n/a Miller - Kay  
  wife n/a        
  child 15        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child 5        
Vorwerk Johann Gottfried 41 Shoemaker - Langheinersdorf  
  Johanna Eleanore (Wilksch) 40        
  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 13        
  Johanne Louise 11        
  Anna Dorothea 5        
  Johanna Eleanore 3        
  Johanna Pauline 1        
Wenske / Wentschke Johann Gottlob 25 Landmann - Muschten  
  Johanne Louisa (Schulz) 21        
  Wilhelm 1        
  Johann Ernst inf       born at sea | SA900
Wolf Johann Christoph 62 Shepherd 1736/1 Osreritz Prussia  
  Maria Elisabeth (Petras) 37        
  Johann Christoph 16        
  Gottlieb 8        
  Marie Elisabeth 6        
Wundersitz J. Friedrich Carl 33 Farmer 1749/3 Ritschutz  
  Je Friedricke (Schubert) 39        
  Hermann Reinholdt 14        
  Gustav Ferdinand 11        
  Augusta Bertha 7        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men
Amsberg J.M. (Julius ?) 31 Merchant - Hamburg  
Andriske J. Friedrich 25 Landmann 31/3 Schloellen  
Bandholz Friedrich n/a Carpenter 69/2 Kiel  
Binder J. Carl August 25 Mason 125/1 Graetitz  
Findeisen Christian Moritz n/a Sawyer 499/3 Markkleeberg  
Gomalla Math— n/a Landmann 586/1 Ganrow  
Hanel / Habel Carl n/a Saddler - Libau  
Koch Michael 18 Shoemaker - Kracau  
Koopman Gottlieb n/a Tailor - Wismar  
Lewers Carl Johan n/a Distiller - Hamburg  
Meincke Johann n/a Landmann 1091/3 Boltzenberg  
Minge J. August n/a Landmann 1117/1 Mullenhausen  
Meyer Wilhelm 19 Joiner - Zagejewitzky Prussia  
Parde August n/a Wheelwright - Muschten  
Richter E.G. n/a Shepherd - Cottbus  
Saegenschnitter Gottlieb 27 Landmann 1416/2 Nekla Hauland Possen  
Schaefer Johann Christian 12 Landmann 1435/1 Nekla Possen  
Schultz Mathias n/a Landmann - Bobitz  
Sturzel Carl n/a Landmann - Schmollen  
Tilemann C.H. n/a Merchant - Neustadt  
Unlegger J.E.G. n/a Landmann - Neu Treptow  
Voight Robert O. n/a Carpenter - Ehrenburg  
Zahnleiter Phillip n/a Mason - Kaferthal  
Single Women
Erichsen Johanna 32     Altona  
Grabasch Louise n/a     Muschten  
Mathies Catherina M. n/a     Hamburg  
Richter Agatha Sophie Eleanore 31     Hamburg  
Zirck Dorothea n/a     Hamburg  
Zirck James n/a child ?   Hamburg  
Wenske widow Zeunert 70     Kay / Zullichau with family

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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