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transcribed for TheShipsList by Fraser Morrison of Inverness, who also submitted the Fleet List for McIlwraith MacEacharn / "The Scottish Line".

barque Scottish Hero, 911 tons, Captain James Fraser, from Plymouth, England 19th November 1882, arrived at Moreton Bay (Brisbane), Qld., Australia 24th February 1883.
Round Voyage Liverpool - Plymouth - Brisbane - Lyttleton - Hull, 1882-1883.

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Brisbane Arrival Report and the Captain's Report of the Voyage

     The Boko, tug, left town on Saturday morning for the Scottish Hero and returned about half-past 1 o'clock in the afternoon, with the immigrant vessel in tow. The Scottish Hero had previously been boarded by Dr. Wray, health officer for the port, and admitted to pratique. Upon her arrival in town Mr Horricks, acting immigration agent, went on board.
     The Taldora went alongside to disembark the new arrival and convey them and their luggage round to the depot. The transhipment occupied some time, but the new-comers were all snugly quartered in the depot and their luggage stored before sundown. They are, on the whole, a rather superior class of people, and will, no doubt, procure early employment. They will be open for engagement at 9 o'clock this morning.
     The voyage throughout was pleasant there having been no sickness worthy of note, and the weather during the greater part of the passage was favourable. Good discipline and cleanliness were strictly kept up by those in authority, with the best results; and the usual monotony of a long sea voyage was greatly relieved by various amusements. Six or eight concerts, all well attended and thoroughly appreciated, were given during the passage.
      A comparatively well-stocked library was also provided for the use of the voyagers, and many availed themselves of the opportunity of attending a school, which was regularly held.
     The spacious 'tween deck of the Scottish Hero is well adapted for the use it has been put to, the compartment being lofty and well ventilated. The married people were accommodated in the centre, the single women in the after-part, and the single men in the fore-part.
      The immigration authorities expressed themselves highly satisfied with the perfect condition in which the vessel was found.
      There were five births, the last occurring in the Brisbane roadstead; and the following deaths took place - William Holmes, 30 years old, on the 25th November, from a severe cold and exhaustion from seasickness; Nathaniel Snape, 45 on the 16th January, of consumption (advanced stage); Elizabeth Baulch, 4 1/2 , on the 29th January, of inflammation of the windpipe; and Sarah Sargent, wife of Joseph Sargent, 43, on the 8th February, of dropsy.

     The following is Captain Fraser's report of the voyage. The Scottish Hero left Plymouth on the morning of the 19th November in tow of a steam tug. Experienced a succession of strong westerly gales and heavy seas throughout the first seven days; sighted Start Point light on the evening of the 21st November; at 8 p.m. on the 24th November, sighted St. Agnes and Bishop Rock lights, from which I take my departure.
      Afterwards had a continuation of strong to moderate winds from north-west to north; took north-east trades latitude 27° 40' north, longitude 20° 30' west, which continued fresh until the parallel of 5° 30' north was reached; winds now very light and variable, mostly from the eastern quarter; 12th December crossed equator, longitude 31° 50' west, the south-east trades being now fully established. On the 16th sighted the Brazilian coast, vicinity of Cape St. Roque. We were compelled to make several tacks to the eastward owing to the strong westerly current, which we found to prevail about this locality. The southern portion of south-east trades very light and variable - altogether lost on the parallel of 25° south, longitude 29° 15' west.
      25th December the barque British Duke passed to the northward; the 26th December spoke to the barque Doune Castle, from San Francisco to Cork, eighty days out. 6th January 1883, crossed the meridian of Greenwich, latitude 41° 50' south; the following day sighted numerous icebergs, also a large amount of fragments very dangerous to shipping; compelled to stop this night until daylight; winds light to moderate, from the westward; position of icebergs, &c., latitude 42° 40' south, longitude 7' to 12' east.
     11th January, passed the meridian of Cape Aguilas in latitude 42° 40' south; weather very unsettled, and winds veering and hauling from north to south-west, and mostly overcast, with occasional rain; run casting down on or near the parallel of 44° south; on the meridian 60° east, experienced a strong gale from east-south-east, and thick fogs for several days.
      The wind now getting very unsettled; on two occasions had the wind from all points of the compass inside twenty-four hours; thence to Cape Leewin had moderate and light winds from the north-west to south-west and overcast damp weather.
     February 1st crossed the meridian of 115° east in latitude 44° 10' south, winds light westerly and sea smooth until we reached the meridian of 140° east, being now in latitude 44° 0' south, and intending to pass southward of Tasmania. We encountered a fresh gale from south-south-east to south-east, which compelled us to bear away for Bass's Straits.
     February 10th, sighted Cape Otway; gale still blowing strong from east-south-east, and thick, overcast weather. 11th February, spoke the ship Loch Ryan, form Glasgow to Melbourne. 13th February, passed through Bass's Straits; noon, reported ship at Wilson's Promontory; winds light from the westward; the following noon abreast of Gabo Island, with a light wind from south-east (81 days from Scilly Islands); thence to port experienced very unsettled weather, northerly winds and calms, accompanied with hot, sultry weather. 22nd February, 6 a.m., rounded Cape Moreton; 9.30 a.m., got pilot on board; 10 p.m., came to anchor in Brisbane roadstead after a tedious, but fine, passage of eighty-nine days form Scilly Islands.

Name Age   Name Age   Name Age
Rachael Ackroyd 24   James Adams 27   Jessie Aitkin 28
Samuel Ashley 20   Margaret Aubrey 38   James Bain 19
Joseph Baker 19   George Ball 22   Emma Ball 18
Mary Bant ? 24   Fred. Barnmore 21      
Charles Baulch 35   Ann Baulch 35   Henry Baulch 8
Alice Baulch 6   Eliza Baulch 4   Pricella (Priscilla) Baulch inf
Mary Baut ? 24   Amy Beadman 16   Ellen Beaki 16
Ann Beathie 25   John Beathie 22   Fred. Beathie 19
Joe Beathie 18   Louisa Beathie 13      
Fred. Beattie 43   Ann Beattie 41   James Beattie 9
Edwin Beattie 5            
Samuel Bell 27   Alice Bell 22   William Bell inf
Ellis Birch 25            
William Bird 32   Eliza Bird 27   Annie Bird 14
Lucy Bird 11   Mary Bird 10      
Malcolm Blair 19   Maggie (Margaret) Bogan 14      
Hy. (Henry) Brewer 28 28   Eliza Brewer 29   William Brewer 1
Walter Brooks 18   Charles Brown 25   Alf Brown 18
Annie Browne 23   Thomas Burr 23   William Burr 22
Mary Byran (Bryan ?) 24   Ann Cahill 17   Robert Campbell 18
Katherine Chard 19   James Charles 22      
William Cherry 39   Margaret Cherry 36   Margaret Cherry 8
Eliza Cherry 6            
Margaret Clear 23   Annie Clear 20   Kathleen Ann Clear 19
Miss Collins [matron] 35   Alfred Coomer 18   Margaret Connolly 22
Eliza Connolly 20   James Crozier 31   Cath. Curtin 16
Susan Dalton 28   George Dalton 26   Annie Davis 25
Charles Desforges 19   William Denham 28   Jane Devlin 29
Nancy Dickie 23   Flo. Doherty 20   Jane Doherty 19
Mary Doherty 16   Michael Doherty 14   Pat Doolan 19
Ann Dwyer 52   Cornilus (Cornelius) Dwyer 21   Ann Dwyer 19
James Dwyer 17   Margaret Dwyer 17      
Charles Dyer 36   Jane Dyer 35   Sarah Louisa Dyer 12
Charles H. Dyer 11   Arthur F. Dyer 7   William J. Dyer 5
Alec Alfred Dyer 3   Edith Mary Dyer 2   Ellen Dyer inf
note: the 1881 England census records this family as residing at Plymouth, Charles the Martyr, Devon  
John Findlay 25   Ellen Findlay 26   James Findlay 3
Annie Findlay 1         Captain James Fraser [master] 37
Mary Fry 22   Maria Fry 18   John Fulton 17
Singleton Gardiner 18   Louisa Gardner 26   Emily Gaynor 21
William Gibson 22   William Gill 20   David Goggin 19
Eliza Griffiths 22   Charles Gunne 19   D. Hainsworth 21
Martin Halloran 21   Mary Hanley 23   Maggie Hanley 20
John Harris 25   Caroline Harris 26   Thomas Harris 5
Susan Harris inf            
D. Hart 26   Samuel Hart 21   Walter Hart 18
Ada Hart 19   Lilly Hart inf   Macpherson Lawrie Hero Hart
(born at sea, named after the doctor and the ship)
William A. Hastie 28   Jane H. (Hume) Hastie 26   William Hastie 6
Ralph H. Hastie 4   Arthur Hastie 2   Herbert Hastie inf
note: the 1881 England census records the children in this family as William 5, Ralph H. 3 & Arthur 2, residing at Elswick, Northumberland.
George Hawton 21   John Henry 23      
George Hill 23   Margaret Hill 23   David Hill 2
Eliza Hill inf   John Hilton 25   Esther Hilton 23
Thomas Hiscock 25   Eliza Hiscock 26   Mohaila (Mahalia) Hiscock 3
Mathilda Hiscock 1         William Holmes 27
note: the 1881 England census records the Hiscock family as residing at Walcot, Somerset  
Allen Hume 19   Francis Jeffrey 19   Ben Johnson 21
Isabella Johnson 19   John Jones 23   Walter Jordan 19
William Keegan 22   Mary Keegan 17   Ann Keegan 15
Ellen Kelly 22            
Peter Killam 63   Mrs. (Susan) Killam 60   Levey (Levi) Killam 14
William Killam 27   Emma Killam 29   William (Hainsworth) Killam 3
Alf Killam 2   Worral Killam 1      
note: the 1881 England census records this extended family's surname as Kellam. They resided at Peakirk, Northamptonshire  
Margaret Kinane 20   James Lamb 20   Martha Lancey 18
Kate Lawlor 18            
John Lawrence 46   Mary Lawrence 36   John Lawrence 4
Macpherson Lawrie [doctor]
George Lewis 45   Eliza Lewis 46   Clara Lewis 11
William Lewis 6   Albert Lewis 4   Gertrude Lewis 1
James Leys 28   Martha Leys 30   Macpherson Lawrie Leys
(born at sea, named after the doctor)
Herbert Lilley 25   Frank Lilley 22   Eliza Lilley 22
Kate Lilley 1   Edith Lilley inf      
George Liveradge 24   Mary Lloyd 30   Thomas Lloyd 11
John Lowrey 25            
Charles Luckmann 25   Mary Luckmann 24   Agnes F. Luckmann inf
John Lupton 39   Margaret Lupton 33   Thomas Lupton 13
Robert Lupton 8   Eliza Lupton 3   Eli Male 19
Ed. Marren 35   Margaret Marren 21   Matilda Marren inf
James Macartney 24   James McCartney 23   Eliza McCartney 24
Mary McCartney 20         Thomas Mccoo 27
Alex McCullough 39   Ann McCullough 37   Sarah McCullough 18
Harriet McCullough 15   Eliza McCullough 12   Andrew McCullough 10
Richard McCullough 6   Essie McCullough 4   Andrew McCullough 2
Annie McDonogh 29   Edgar McGee 18      
Peter McNaughton 29   Maggie McNaughton 30   Lizzie McNaughton 1
Jane McNeill 24   Cath. McPartlan 19      
Thomas Mearns 27   Jane Mearns 27   Henry Mearns 4
Jessie Mearns 1   Hero F. L. Mearns
(born at sea, named after the ship)
John Mellow 25   Bridget Miller 16   Kate Moran 21
George Morton 24   Sarah Morton 25   Stanley Morton inf
John S. Mumford 28   Henry Munckton 20      
Thomas Munns (Minns ?) 32   Agnes Munns 30   Agnes Munns 7
Margaret Munns 5   George Munns 1      
Mary Murray 21   Mary Murray 20   William Nation 27
Frank Nation 20   William Newell 23   Hy. (Henry) Nicholson 23
Margaret Nicol 20   Mary O’Brien 23   R. O’Brien 21
James O’Brien 18   Mary O’Connell 24   Maggie O’Connell 20
Michael O’Conner 22   Dan O’Reilly 37   Ellen O’Reilly 35
John Rafferty 22   John Ramage 21   Alf Rix 23
Eliza Roberts 20   Rose Robinson 16   A. Robitson ? 21
George Robson 36   Annie Robson 32   Archi. Robson 23
Mary Robson 3            
William Rowe 21   Robert Ruddick 23      
Joseph Sargant
(Sargent / Sergeant)
41   Sarah Sargant 41   Minnie Sargant 17
Thomas Sargant 15   William Sargant 13   Joseph Sargant 10
Sarah Sargant 6            
Timothy Scannie 22   William Sherratt 30      
Richard Shobbrook 41   Mary Ann Shobbrook 41   Ernest Shobbrook 20*
Mary Shobbrook 12            
note: the 1881 England census records this family as residing at Plymouth, Charles the Martyr, Devon ; * Ernest age 12 on 1881 census
Lizzie Smith 22   Mary Smith 17      
Nathaniel Snape (widower) 45   Samuel Snape 7      
note: the 1881 England census records this family as residing at Aston Warwickshire   John Snell 26
Bessie Snell 22   Ellen Snelling 35   Ed. Snelling 34
Hugh Stevens 25   Jane Stewart 27   Samuel Stonehouse 20
Agnes Studrick 20   James Stringer 26   Michael Sweeny 20
Henry Taylor 28   Eliza Taylor 23   Maud Taylor inf
Mary Thomas 24         Alex Thompson 26
Jane Thompson 24   John Thompson 2   Alex Thompson inf
Hubert / Herbert R. Tipton 33   Margaret Torrance 16      
John Trotter 25   Jane Trotter 29   John Trotter 1
William Tufnell 21            
John Turnbull 43   Jane Turnbull 39   Ralph S. Turnbull 15
Barbara Turnbull 7   James R. Turnbull 5   John R. Turnbull 3
note: the 1881 England census records this family as residing at Gateshead, Durham
William Turner 21   Jane Turtin 21   John Turtin 19
John Ward 41   Emily Ward 32   Henry Ward 13
Henrietta Ward 11   John Ward 9   George Ward 2
Mary Ward inf         John Wareing 26
Eliza Wareing 22   William Watkins 28   Rachel Weir 22
John Wharton 20   George Wheeler 24   William White 30
William Whitehead 25   George Wilson 21   Joseph Wood 13
Died on voyage:
William Holmes, 25th November 1882 from a severe cold and exhaustion from sea sickness
Nathaniel Snape, 16th January 1883 from consumption
Elizabeth Baulch 4, 29th January 1883 from inflamation of the windpipe
Sarah Sargent, 8th February 1883 from dropsy
James Fraser [master] Robert Irvine [1st. mate] James Hardie [2nd. mate]
E. C. Jones [purser] Macpherson Lawrie [doctor] Peter Maclean [carpenter]
F. W. Palmer [steward] William Robinson [engine driver] John Saunders [sails]
Edward Thomas [bosun] John H. Kraft [ab] John Howard [ab]
John Doyle [ab] Thomas Rowland [ab] James P. Taylor [ab]
Andrew Madden [ab] George W. Payne [ab] Robert Wallace [ab]
Edward Thomas [ab] Frederick Rose [ab] Walter H. Abbott [ab]
Benjamin Olsen [ab] Albert Criglington [ab] George —?— [ab]
William Allen [emigrants cook] William Wade [baker] George Tarr [ab]
Edward Bone [ab] D. Charles Hurley [ab] O. George Frank [ab]
Thomas Marr [cook] T. Barratt [assistant steward] Patrick Hudson [ab]
Charles Lace [ab] Dennis Hurley [ab] Richard Hodgson [ab]
Duncan Maguire [ab] James L. Taylor [ab] Frederick Rose [ab]
Charlie Boldt [ab] H. Rhodes [ab] Edwin Denson [ab]
Maurice Miller [apprentice] Robert Burns [apprentice]  
Ship Scottish Hero
on voyage
From Plymouth to Brisbane
To Captain James Fraser

Dear Sir :-
We the passengers by the above ship, beg to embrace the happy termination of our prosperous voyage, as a fitting opportunity, for tendering this small acknowledgement, in testimony of our thanks for the courtesy and kindness you have displayed, and in deep gratitude to Him, who through you has guided and steered us through the many dangers and difficulties that have surrounded us and we sincerely hope that a continuance of His = mercy may be vouchsafed to you in a speedy return in health and strength to your family and friends; and that in the felicitations of your family circle you will find no dear one absent nor loved voice stilled to mar that happiness with which we pray God ever to bless you.

We are sincerely yours on behalf of the passengers”
W. Bird Mary Fry John S. Mumford
Alex Thompson Jane Tutin James Crosier
Charles Dyer Margaret Powell William Jenkins
Richard Shobbrock Katherine Chard William Watkins
John Snell Maggie Dwyer Hubert R Tipton
Thomas Mearns E. M. J. Roberts Francis Jeffrey
George Dalton Rachel Ackroyd John Henry
J. Lawrence Maggie Bogan William H. Turner
John Findlay Annie Brown Charles G Phelps
Joseph Sargant Annie Davies Edgar McGee
John Turnbull Jane Devlin John P Beattie
Thomas —?— Agnes Studrick David Goggin
Herbert Lilley —?— James Stringer
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