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Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Sir Edward Parry, 575 tons, Captain Gray, from Plymouth 22nd December 1853, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 25th March 1854

South Australian Register Monday 27th March 1854

Saturday March 25th, 1854:- the barque Sir Edward Parry, 575 tons, Gary, Master, from Plymouth 22 December 1853.
Passengers: ..the following Government emigrants in the steerage. . . . — 7th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1854 ; 5 births and 4 deaths on the passage ; H. T. Cornelius, surgeon-superintendent.

The Emigrant Ship Sir Edward Parry :—
This ship arrived on the morning of Saturday, the 25th and as date of final departure was the 25th of December, the voyage from Plymouth has been accomplished in 90 days. The emigrants chiefly from Ireland, and of the class of Agricultural Labourers have arrived in excellent health. The number of souls is 233, calculated as equal to 204˝ statute adults. There were five births during the voyage and four deaths: namely a woman , Bridget Couglan who died in childbirth, and three infants. The classification is as follows:-Married couples 70 ; single men 8 ; single women 100 ; Children under 14 years of age - boys 53 ; girls 2.
Sailed from Plymouth on the 20th December 1853 and arrived here on the 25th March, making the passage 95 days. Four deaths and five births occurred at sea. In nearly all of the ships which arrive, the state of the water closets is a source of constant annoyance and discomfort ; the plumbers work seems to have been executed in a very careless manner. To obviate the continued complaints on this subject, the Commissioners have had manufactured under the directions, and with the professional assistance of an engineer peculiarly versed in such matters, a new description of water closets, which they hope will be free from most of the defects which have hitherto caused complaint. —
I am desirous of calling the attention of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor to the fact that the preserved meat put on board some of the emigrant ships is in many cases of very inferior quality, a very large proportion of the quantity put on board being actually unsound and unfit for human food. This was the case in the Sir Thomas Gresham, at every weekly issue it being necessary to throw many tins overboard ; but there were a sufficient number of tins of sound meat to give to all their full rations during the voyage, but on arrival at Port Adelaide there remained only four tins, which I caused to be opened, and found one out of the four quite putrid. There was no brand or manufacturer’s name on the tins, and I know not from whom they were purchased. I consider an evil of this kind well worthy of the attention of the Commissioners in England. Means may be taken to oblige the owners to purchase food of this description from manufacturers of known character.
The South Australian Government Gazette 1866 p. 85
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Coglan, Bridget
28 February 08 premature labour at sea
Coglan, Mary
19 days February 27 natural causes at sea
Hagerty, John
1 March 03 Diarrhoea at sea
Hagerty, Mary
16mo March 03 Diarrhoea at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Coughlan, Bridget   December 22, 1853 female [Mary] | died Feb. 27, 1854  
      mother Bridget died Feb. 08, 1854  
Burns, Margaret   December 24, 1853 male  
McGrath, Ellen   February 08, 1854 female  
Cleary, Margaret
(single mother)
  February 16, 1854 female  
Hegarty, Ellen   March 13, 1854 male  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-
  Birthplace Remarks
Last Given
Baker William 21 Farm Labourer 63/2   Tipperary  
  Mary 21          
Bowhey John 39 Labourer 155/2   Plymouth Charles The Martyr, Devon  
  Maria (Lapthorne) 35         Lapthorn
  John 11          
  Mary A. 9         Mary A.
  William 3          
  George inf          
Burns James 22 Farm Labourer 208/3   Clare  
  Margaret 23          
Cahill James 28 Shepherd 224/1   Clare  
  Margaret 22          
Carey James 34 Farm Labourer 237/1   Tipperary  
  Catherine 32          
  Joanna 10          
Coghlan Luke 37 Farm Servant 294/1   Galway  
  Ellen 34          
  William 18 Farm Servant       with parents
  Ann 16 Farm Servant       with parents
  John 15 Farm Servant       with parents
  James 13          
  Patrick 10          
  Maria 7          
  Catherine 5          
Conners Michael 24 Farm Labourer -   Clare  
  Mary 23          
Conners Michael 35 Farm Labourer 307/2   Tipperary  
  Eliza 33          
Coughlan Patrick 32 Herdsman 326/1   Clare  
  Biddy 28         died at sea
  Mary inf         born & died at sea
Corbett Matthew 43 Farm Servant 317/3   Clare  
  Anne (Donnellan) 37          
  Biddy 10          
  Thomas 8          
  Honora 2          
Cotter Simon 28 Farm Labourer 323/3   Clare  
  Honora 30          
Crosby Thomas 32 Shoemaker 346/3   Westmeath  
  Teresa 24          
  Mary 7          
  Teresa inf          
Doyle James 36 Mason 426/3   Wicklow  
  Catherine (O'Keefe) 25          
Dunn / Dunne John 41 Labourer -   Tipperary  
  Margaret 41          
  Elizabeth 18 Farm Servant        
  Ellen 16 Farm Servant        
  William 14 Tailor 440/3      
  Bridget 12          
  Lawrence 8          
  Catherine 6          
Dwyer Edward 26 Agr. Labourer 445/3   Tipperary  
  Bessy 24          
Farrell Alexander 38 Tailor 485/3   Down  
  Sarah 39          
  Margaret 19 Domestic Servant     Down  
  Susan 18 Domestic Servant     Down  
Foody Michael 22 Farm Labourer 516/2   Clare  
  Margaret (Shannon) 21          
Griffy Thomas 35 Farm Servant 621/2   Clare  
  Catherine 35          
  Mary 12          
  Norry 11          
  Daniel 7          
  Susan 6          
Hall Patrick 38 Farm Servant 648/2   Clare  
  Mary 35          
  Mary 13          
  James 10          
  Thomas 7          
Hegarty James 32 Farm Servant 711/1   Cork  
  Ellen 25          
  Ellen 9          
  John 1         died at sea
Hegarthy Patrick 32 Farm Servant 711/1   Cork  
  Mary 25          
  Mary 1         died at sea
Hogan John 38 Farm Servant 759/1   Tipperary  
  Mary 36          
Joyce Martin 39 Farm Servant 867/3   Cork  
  Catherine 29          
  Catherine 18 House Servant     Cork  
  Edmond 12          
  Philip 9          
  Ellen 7          
McEvoy Peter 40 Farm Servant 1063/3   Cavan  
  Bridget 38          
  Catherine 15          
  Bridget 13          
  Anne 11          
  Phillip 9          
  James 7          
McGrath John 40 Farm Servant 1067/3   Limerick Magrath
  Ellen 34          
  Dennis 9          
  Margaret 6          
McLoughlin Jeremiah 22 Farm Servant 1080/2   Tipperary  
  Mary (D'Arcy) 24          
  Mary 1          
McMahon Mortimer 38 Ploughman 1080/3   Clare  
  Ellen 30          
  Mortimer 17 Ploughman     Clare with parents
  Mary 15 Farm Servant       with parents
  Anne 10          
  Martin 7          
  Margaret 4          
  Jane 1          
McNamara John 40 Farm Servant 1083/2   Clare  
  Sally 38          
  Mary 20 Farm Servant        
  Sally 18 Farm Servant        
O'Brien Daniel 21 Ploughman 1203/1   Clare  
  Margaret 20          
Oppie / Opie John 32 Mason 1221/1   Stoke Damerel, Devon  
  Mary Ann 33          
  Mary Jane 7          
  John 3          
  Elizabeth 1          
Ryan Patrick 40 Farm Labourer 1411/2   Tipperary  
  Eliza 38          
  Michael 12          
  Mary 10          
  Honora 7          
  Thomas 5          
  Margaret 1          
Ryan Thomas 41 Farm Servant 1412/2   Clare  
  Margaret 37          
  Ellen 13          
  Margaret 12          
  Catherine 9          
  Honora 7          
  Mary 5          
Shank James 22 Farm Servant 1468/1   Clare  
  Mary 21          
Slattery Patrick 21 Farm Servant 1497/2   Clare  
  Honora 22          
White Hugh 25 Farm Servant 1701/1   Cavan  
  Catherine 23          
Williams James 24 Farm Servant -   Clare did not sail ?
  wife 21          
Names Age Occupation B-index   Birthplace Remarks
Last Given
Single Men
Fitzpatrick George 24 Agr. Labourer 507/1   Clare  
Ryan John 21 Farm Servant 1409/3   Clare  
Ryan Michael 19 Farm Servant 1410/3   Clare with parents
Ryan Timothy 17 Farm Labourer 1412/3   Tipperary  
Single Women
Bermingham Honora 18 Farm Servant     Limerick  
Brown Catherine 20 Servant     Clare  
Byrne Ellen 28 Servant     Clare  
Callinan Biddy 23 Servant     Clare  
Caren Margaret 22 Housekeeper     Tipperary  
Casey Catherine 22 Dairy Maid     Clare  
Child / Childs Margaret 21 House Maid     Cornwall  
Cleary Margaret 21 Farm Servant     Limerick  
Coghlan Biddy 20 Farm Servant     Kings county  
Corbett Ellen 30 Farm Servant     Tipperary  
Cullins Mary 22 Farm Servant     Clare  
Cummins Ann 22 Farm Servant     Tipperary  
Cunneen Ann 22 Servant     Clare  
Daly Biddy 15 Domestic Servant     Clare  
Daly Julia 19 Domestic Servant     Tipperary  
Donahue Mary 20 Seamstress     Clare  
Dwyer Bridget 24 Servant     Tipperary  
Dwyer Ellen 22 Servant     Tipperary  
Fahy Catherine 24 Servant     Clare  
Fahy Mary 22 Servant     Galway  
Fahy Sabrina 20 Servant     Galway  
Fitzpatrick Betty 26 Farm Servant     Clare  
Fitzpatrick Jane 22 Farm Servant     Clare  
Fitzpatrick Mary 24 Farm Servant     Clare  
Foley Catherine 22 Farm Servant     Clare  
Galvin Catherine 19 Farm Servant     Clare  
Garvey Mary 26 Farm Servant     Clare  
Griffin Ann 18 Servant     Tipperary  
Griffin Mary 19 Domestic Servant     Clare  
Guerin Ann 19 Dairy Servant     Clare  
Hamley Catherine 22 Farm Servant     Clare Hamly ?
Hamley Margaret 24 Farm Servant     Clare  
Healey Margaret 23 Dairy Servant     Clare Hiley ?
Healey Mary 22 Dairy Servant     Clare  
Hehir Biddy 22 Dairy Servant     Clare Heehir ?
Hickey Mary 22 Domestic Servant     Cork  
Higgins Catherine 18 Dairy Servant     Meath  
Hogan Alice 19         died at sea
Howard Mary 16 Nurse Girl     Clare  
Hynes Mary 23 Domestic Servant     Clare  
Irwin Nancy 24 House Servant     Clare  
Kean Biddy 19 Servant     Clare  
Keane Elizabeth 17 Farm Servant     Clare  
Keane Susan 18 Farm Servant     Clare  
Kerin Biddy 20 Servant     Clare  
Keating Ann 22 Dairy Maid     Clare  
Keenan Catherine 26 Domestic Servant     Tipperary Heanan ?
Keene Winnifred 22 House Servant     Clare  
Kelland Priscilla 25 Servant     Devon  
Kenny Honor 20 Servant     Clare  
Keogh Biddy 25 Domestic Servant     Clare  
Lang Ann Fox 28          
Leary Mary 18 Dairy Servant     Clare  
Linanne Katie 20 Servant     Clare  
Lysaght Margaret 18 Domestic Servant     Clare  
Magrath Catherine 20 Farm Servant     Limerick McGrath ? | with family
Magrath Honor 22 Farm Servant     Limerick McGrath ? | with family
McAdam Sarah 30 Domestic Servant     Kent  
McGrath Biddy 22 Servant     Dublin  
McMahon Biddy 30 Farm Servant     Clare with family ?
McMahon Catherine 23 Farm Servant     Clare with family ?
McNamara Margaret 28 Domestic Servant     Devon  
McNeil Esther 28 Housemaid     Cavan  
McNeil Jane 22 Housemaid     Cavan  
Miller Ellen 22 Domestic Servant     Clare  
Morony Jane 23 Dairy Maid     Clare  
Mullins Ellen 23 Farm Servant     Tipperary  
Mullins Johanna 24 Farm Servant     Tipperary  
Mungavin Bridget 21 Farm Servant     Clare  
Mungavin Margaret 22 Farm Servant     Clare  
Neville Sarah 15 Farm Servant     Clare  
O'Conner Bridget 26          
O'Loughlin Kate 20 Servant     Clare  
O'Neal Biddy 20 Servant     Limerick  
O'Neill Catherine 20 Child's Maid     Clare  
Rafferty Catherine 18 Housemaid     Cavan  
Ryan Biddy 18 Farm Servant     Clare with parents
Ryan Biddy 24 House Servant     Tipperary with family
Ryan Ellen 20 Farm Servant     Clare with parents
Ryan Ellen 19 House Servant     Tipperary with parents
Ryan Johanna 14 House Servant     Tipperary with parents
Ryan Johanna 23 Farm Servant     Clare with parents
Ryan Kate 15 House Servant     Tipperary with parents
Ryan Mary 18 Farm Servant     Clare with parents
Ryan Sarah 20 House Servant     Tipperary with family
Slattery Biddy 24 Farm Servant     Clare  
Slattery Biddy 24 Dairy Servant     Clare  
Smith Ann 19 Servant     Cavan  
Stundon Catherine 21 Farm Servant     Limerick  
Tierney Mary 24 Dairy Maid     Tipperary  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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